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I wanted to ask what P5 like codenames you guys would give yourself, or Ideas you had for characters from other franchises. Let's collect some.
I think ppl used to call me "King" but i havent had any reason to use it
Slice, like in Pineapple Slice, Or Just Memer
I'd base mine after what aesthetic the thief outfit would give itself but,,, ideally,,, i have no idea.
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Healer? Maybe? Eh?
Healer? Maybe? Eh? even better if you don't use healing moves
Archer because my rang weapon is a bow and arrows
Archer because my rang weapon is a bow and arrows h. How original
I came up with design for my thief suit, its this ribbon magical girl thing, so maybe Magi? Dia? Effin weeb?
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I came up with design gor my thief suit, im this ribbon magical girl thing, so maybe Magi? Dia? Effin weeb? Magic should suit u for ur codename
God, and no explaining is required.
My outfit would probably be similar to Futaba's... But my codename would probably be "Overseer".
If Makoto Yuki would have a codename, it would be Messiah.
If I can recall, I gave myself the codename “Patriot.”
I think “King” would suit me well.
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Forgot to tell mine. Aki is easy you guys now her as Jester, as for myself, I thought Genesis, because my first console with Sega genesis. Also it sounds kinda cool. Probably would be a support Persona user.
Mine would probably be Roach cause they are very hard to kill and so am I. :me:
Ace; I don't know, I don't feel any romantic stuff so that's where it's going i guess. But I think it fits?? I mean, ace cards are pretty cool i think.
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Mine probably gonna be 'mischief' , I don't know why.

Believe mine would be witch for my terrible personality~
I think “King” would suit me well. guess i'll die
Mine would be "Griddle" for obvious reasons
Nobhead. Catchy and to the point
I think “King” would suit me well. Perhaps "Fallen Tyrant" suits you better
Dumbass Actually this account was named based on a code name I gave to an old OC. Is it old? God it's been nearly 3 years so yeah...

Legal Alien. But if we were doing it for real, then i'd probably be something like 'Huntsman'.
Hex for me It's a irl nickname I have, and I guess my costume could be almost like a witch robe with the mask being just a simple masquerade mask. Fire magic and healing for me.
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