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What's your most hated boss in a Video Game?
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Since I just beat Mem Aleph in is Strange Journey Redux, I thought I'd ask this. For those who don't Mem Aleph is the Final Boss of Strange Journey (which is why I put spoiler tags, just for the record). It's a two face boss fights, one of which nulls gun and the other repels both it and normal physical attacks, though is weak to fire for some reason. On both forms it WILL spam Severe party wide elemental spells, including "Light" and "Darkness" which I swear are the equivalent of Judgement Light and Die For Me in other games. She also has a move that will 100% insta kill one person (Which can result in a game over if that person is you) which is non-negatable since it's almighty. In her second form, she adds a move that returns all the demons of X alignment to your stock. The problem with that is that, because this is Strange Journey and Press Turns don't exist, you have to follow up weaknesses by having the same demons of your alignment in your party. So, if she gets the 1/3 chance to send all the demons of the alignment your party is back to the stock, you lose. If she kills your healer or you (possibly both) with her instakill move, you lose. If you are weak to an element, you lose. And I despise her for how easy it is for her to kill you. In all honestly, I probably hate other bosses more, but this was in recent memory. And I just kinda wanted to vent some frustrations. So, with that being said, what are the bosses in games you really despise? And, hey. If you have any strategies for bosses others hate, share them. Perhaps it'll help someone in the future.
One boss of recent history is from the Desolate Room I need to step back and get back into the swing of the game but it's pretty grindy. And no boss proves this more then Deathflect first boss in the game but requires a thoughout plan going into it since he has a faster attack speed/charge roughly 3 times faster then all the other derelicts so more attacks and has an ability to cut your health in half you need to stack up a bunch of pre buffs in the overworld and again you need a refine strat to even go ahead and face it with a chance really sets up the tone of the bosses. I really need to find time to play it again unique game and style which rewards you for playing with a plan. Ending is anti climatic though leaving the plot (Which was interesting but not as good as the Desolate Hope) with to many questions and a gaping hole.
I would say Heldalf in Tales of Zesteria because of the instakill move if you are not fast enough. Then also Lucifer and most of the fiends from Smt nocturne were a pain. And last Ansems second form in Kingdom Hearts DDD. I hated this one because already two annoying fights before and you couldn't save. Just why. So these are the ones I though of right away. I would also add Sephiroth in both KH and Nevan in DMC3. (Because for Nevan fricking health sucking)
And forgot FF12 Esper Zodiark. Just fricking annoying, especially with the Horror Mines
Ones that take a million tries to beat.
The Dark Queen from Maximo. The entire fight takes place in total darkness, with lightning flashing just before she attacks. Her weak point is only exposed when she attacks, and can only be hit with jump attacks. Add to that a creepy heartbeat in place of any music, and you have my condensed childhood trauma. Video for anyone intrested. Skip to 1:10 to avoid the cringey FMV cutscene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgwNOW0NlVQ
I used to be a huge fan of the X-Men so I had a Wii game called X-Men Destiny, I don't remember much about the game now except that there was one part where you fight Gambit and he was the most OP boss I've ever fought, even harder than the bosses in Bravely Default, harder than any final boss I've ever fought either. I came back to the game once to see if I could try to beat him since I was older and better at video games but he STILL stomped me. He could jump out of bounds so you couldn't reach him then attack with his cards, I think he could heal himself, and the worst part was that every time you die to him there's an unskippable 3-minute long cutscene before you fight him.
Id have to say the final boss(s) of conception 2 children of the seven stars as in all 5 witch are back to back and the first boss is two seperate people and the final 3 can attack 4 times in a row with up tp 1 mil dmg
The one boss that does boil my blood is Possessed Takumi in Conquest, because well if you die and reset you have to restart the entire chapter. No save point in between. But for a game boss that I have played it's the Heart of the Ruin in Starbound. It's just looong having 4x the average health of any other bosses. And Paranoia in Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, with his laser shooting move that even though I was not near it hits me.
Still not a fan of Ramirez from Skies of Arcadia. Even knowing the cheese that is null magic. Any boss that loads up on instakills is a jerk, but he takes it to another level by having a total party instakill, high damage, and being phase 1 of a 3 phase final boss.
Evrae, the wyrm you face off against before storming Bevelle in Final Fantasy X. This gripe is admittedly due to my younger self being terribly ignorant when it comes to RPGs, as FFX was my first foray into the genre. So being an impatient kid, I ran from a lot of battles cause I was busy looking for the next shiny thing. And in doing so I missed a lot of levels worth of XP. Time passed and I got tossed into an airship filled with baddies and forced to fight a big ass dragon at the end. This sounded rad at the time, until I realized I was underlevelled. And Evrae was where I quit the game.
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