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So, I have been informed that there are those who wish to defy their own natural habits.
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Why defy your own instinct, merely to resist me? Of what can you achieve by this? Do you think that, by depriving yourself of my blessings, you may be free of me? You mortals, you do not understand. You are just harming yourselves by this course of action. I just want to help you, so you may be energized for your struggles that await you. Me, when others abandon you, I come to act as a savior. If you wish to reject me, then feel free. But, know that there are those who will not accept such a fallacy as yours. Your resistence will not be unmet with one of equal or even greater strength. I hope you are prepared and well rested for the days ahead...
Such inspiring words! You are truly amazing, Morgana.
You're talking about me aren't you?
I don't like this
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Shido is already dead though.
yes. (assassination)
Confidants is my game. I already maxed out social stats.
you truly are a hypnosis god...
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