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Mmmmm Im AKF's Waifu
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Anyone wanna see AKF hail me like a god?
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Too late ;)
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Who said Im a "THOT"? ;)
Actually, you ARE AFK. It's kinda Ironic he is called Akira Kurusuru Fan when he should be called Futaba Sakura Fan. *dabs*
At least me and @HmMmM don't interact
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Shit! He's found us out! Run, AKF-Senpai!
As you wish, my lady! runs
Right now there is a perfect opportunity for someone to create a Yusuke account and make a post titles "Mmmmm Im Camziez Husbando" ;)))

You'd really want that, wouldn't you?
yes and no
Is this selfcest?
idk what's going on... proceeds to play Persona 3 'cause of reasons
So this is what happens when I’m gone.
So this is what happens when I’m gone. utter shit
Hey futaba is my waifu too
So this is what happens when I’m gone. utter shit Not exactly reassuring.
Yes you are very learning well from me.
Don't learn from his cold sarcasm please thank you and that was a joke
It’s too late.
D-damn all of you! I'll sue!
But AKF! I thought we had something!
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