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King of Nexus Round 1 Fight 2
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Alright ladies and gentleman we are back!!! After an explosive first match, we’ve got another one coming at you!! Give a warm welcome to our next contestants, Star and Rosie!!! (As they both approach the machine, the crowd erupts with cheers, however it is also mixed with a few boos and heckling)
The Benefactor sits one again in his untainted throne in the crowd, a sly smile spreads across his face. "Hopefully this farce will be more fulfilling. Now, which of these two False Gods will best the other?"
Star suddenly appears in a puff of smoke, dressed in light blue robes and carrying a large sword made of plant hangers. Well, let's get this fight underway. May the best fighter win! Star steps into the machine, looking calm.
Lowe lounges in his seat lazily, blowing a tuft of his bangs up as he exhales. He had heard of Star from Tatsuya, and how...unstable she could be. The other girls was an enigma as far as he could tell. He was INTERESTED in the fight, but not nearly as much as he'd have been if someone he actually knew was fighting.
Rosie steps into the arena and waits for the map to load. She knows people hate her for her ill-obtained reputation for godmodding, but she doesn't care. As soon as this goddess is out of her way, the rest will just be stepping stones. Once Star steps into the arena, Rosie would take another sip out of her water bottle and put it away. "You better not disappoint, bitch," she deadpans, adjusting her glasses. "Otherwise..." She stares down Star and readies one of her three weapons. Upon closer inspection, Rosie's eyes would all but be consumed by her pupils, yet her vision would be perfectly normal aside from her need to wear corrective lenses. What could be the cause of it?
QP is too busy stuffing her face with popcorn to cheer, but she's here. She sees absolutely nothing wrong with this matchup so far.
"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Lola is heard yelling along with the boos that came. She mainly is just doing it for Rosie, whom she heard has always been hated for...pretty arbitrary reasons. "Lola, we aren't here to join the crowd, we're here for research..." Copen said slightly embarrassed, a sweat mark can be seen on the side of his head... "I know boss, but can't we have some fun in the mean time?" Lola asked, her orb-shaped structure still bouncing up and down with excitement. "Sure, go on ahead...I may end up having to face either of them later, so make sure to analyze them too." He said, looking back at the arena, seeing the next contestants get up in the arena

*Gin takes a seat in the seating area of the arena to watch the fight.* It's nice to be in the seating area this time around. Sam (Comms): You definitely showed what our group can do with that win. We're sufficiently avenged. Still, what do you think these two have? Star's an unpreditable maniac, so god knows what she'll pull. As for Rosie, she seems like a garden variety mook. Star's got this. Sam (Comms): If you say so, Boss.
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Alright here we go!! This outta be a hell of a match!! AI: VIRTUAL WORLD READY...NEXT LOCATION...GATES OF HELL Hikaru: Alright fighters, get ready!! ENERGIZE (Hikaru slams the button on the console, teleporting the two to the Gates of Hell. The entire room is empty besides the giant gates standing to their side, which leads to a realm of unimaginable suffering) https://cdn.suwalls.com/wallpapers/fantasy/gates-of-hell-43722-2880x1800.jpg ARE YOU READY?! FIGHT IT OUT!! (Battle theme: https://youtu.be/pNkQMtZAMAw)

Eito is already seated at the stands looking at the two fighters with an unnerving grin, his eyes being nothing but black. "Now, who's gonna win? The insane one or the bitchy one?" Whispers sound off in his head. "My bet's on the goddess!", "Look, the purple one is obviously the more serious combatant. She'll win.", "Maybe some freak accident will happen and they'll both die!", "If only!" "Shut up. Let us watch and decide." The voices grumble but agree.
The first thing Rosie would do is break for the door in a Naruto run and climb onto the chains holding the seal in place. If Star doesn't interfere, she would begin to try and break the seal either by lockpicking or hacking away at the chains.
...really? Going to try to break the hell gate? All right then. Ice Pillar. Star jams Black Ice into the ground, and two seconds later a Pillar made of ice would spring up from the gate at Rosie to knock her down. Even if you resist ice, the force of the attack will be annoying.
A large purple robot steps into the area, upon noting how small the area is he'd quickly begin shrinking down to the size of a human. From there, the Con walks toward a seat and simply takes it. His single red eye lighting up as he begins running scans on the fighters. "Hmm, humans here have... Strange powers, I must say that I am curious to see what these can do. Organic lifeforms with power that can compete against Cybertronians, what a strange world I find myself in." He'd glance toward Lowe, Eito, QP... All of them have energy readings of some kind as well, he can't tell what they are exactly. Yet they clearly possess power. Either way, for now, Shockwave focuses on the battle.
Rosie would doge the pillar springing up from the ground, then use it as cover for her next move. "Natalia, melt the chains!" she shouts, summoning her Persona. "You're gonna need more than that to take me down!" As Natalia concentrates Inferno on the chains, Rosie would provoke Star to summon more pillars to buy Natalia enough time to destroy all of the chains.
... alright then. Again, Ice Pillars. Star summons Ice Pillars all around the door to distract Rosie before springing up off one herself and aiming to hit Natalia with Black Ice.
Copen just stares at Rosie as she tries to break the chains, "...it's a virtual world, why in the world would you try to break it..." He wondered to himself, but then also looked at the other entity that Rosie summoned, "What's that though...it doesn't look like a Septima...but it's abnormal..." "Boss, I'm getting a strange reading from that girl I booed..." Lola said as she examined Rosie...this different reading she got was different from any other Septima that she analyzed, it seemed to be something within Rosie herself... "It seems to be not within any of the charts of the Septima readings, but in a completely different level!" Lola said, as she analyzed Rosie further. "A new species of Adepts...?" Copen wondered to himself...
Rosie recalls Natalia just before Star can get a hit in. Natalia successfully broke one of the chains, but the ice wall halted any progress made on the second and possibly cemented the door in place. "Clever," says Rosie to herself. "But I only need two of them to break. Come forth, Trumpeter!" She strikes her bangles again, and a floating skeleton playing a horn emerges from the blue, flame-like aura surrounding Rosie's body. She then orders the demon to cast Debilitate on Star. With that, Star would feel herself get weaker.
A Giant humanoid robot walks into the stands and sits down at one of the seats spectating the battle. He saw the ad for the battle to be there and decided to watch it for his own satisfaction, as it is boring sitting in a warehouse with only Swoop at his side. He looks on, looking in excitement "Damn right, go whichever one of you are winning! Prove all of your might!"
This fight is frankly stupid, the purple haired human... Trying to open a gate of a VR sim? Absurd beyond belief, not to mention the idiocy of her run at the start. That being she called forth, however, is worth watching. "Organics are so foolhardy, not that bots are immune... But it simply stuns how much they can get wrong no matter how much else they might get right." He'd overhear a bit of Copen's musing, however, that one has greater tech than most here seem to... And what praytell is an adept, the bot stands up and walks toward him. Scanning Copen with his large eye and speaking in a cold voice. "Adepts, I inquire as to what exactly those might be. I have never met humans with powers such as these here before, but you seem to have an idea as to how they work yes? I am curious as to what you might be willing to share on such beings." [i]Grimlock, he'd know that voice anywhere... In this Mass Displaced smaller form he'd lose a fight easily, however, he would prefer to evade a battle for now. And if one must happen, make the Dinobot look like the aggressor. For now Shockwave simply keeps an eye on Grim's energy signs and aims to stay low./i]
...you really that that'll stop me? Earthen Buff. Star suddenly cancles out the debuff with her own buff before landing on one of her pillars. Now, would you please get down so we can fight like normal people? And besides, what makes you think breaking down the door will help you? What if it totally backfires? What if nothing happens? Really, what I'm saying is that you should fight me for real instead of going for this door. Star jumps up to Rosie and tries to hit her with Black Ice.
Copen looks at Shock wave with his usual cold demenour, "Adepts are the blights to wipe out of the planet, demons with powers they shouldn't have..." He said, staring at Shockwave with slight hostility, "What buisness do you have with me anyway?" "What do you have to do with Boss right now?!" Lola yelled, floating in front of Copen being protective of him...
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Demons with powers they shouldn't have? How interesting, such people will require research to be sure. "I am a simple researcher, I overheard you mention these Adepts and could not help being curious. At any rate, I have no further business beyond that." Hmmp, some human-made AI? Below organics, machines are not meant to serve humankind and yet this one does. Disgusting, but either way Shockwave would walk away from the two without another word toward them. Returning to watching the match with curiosity.
Rosie whips out her Dapple Dualies and opens fire on Star in the blink of an eye. However, ion charges are dispensed from the barrels instead on ink. The precise shots would force Star's weapon out of her hand, pierce her shoulder twice, and graze her temple. "Way ahead of you," says Rosie, unsheathing her naginata and rushing Star down at blazing speeds. "Hyaagh!" "Fuck," Rosie thinks, slashing at Star. "I'll have to catch her off-guard before I can go to town on her with Yoshitsune."

Eito spares a look at Shockwave and Copen, before huffing and shaking his head, turning to continue watching the fight. "Trying to break open the Gates of Hell in a simulation? I'm starting to lean towards the goddess winning." His eyes become gold as he turns to look over the others viewing the match, silently analysing each one.

"I dunno why you guys are getting all weird and sciency and stuff. This is just a fun match!" QP noms some more popcorn, Copen and the robot's conversation too complicated for her.
Star manages to keep her weapon in her hand thanks to her strength and is able to block the shots aimed at her shoulders with it but takes the one to her temple. She equips Crash Bomber to her left hand and clashes it with the naginata, causing a small explosion to force them both back. You know, I've gotten used to being shot at. At this point, I always expect people to have a gun somewhere on them. Still, not bad. Now then, come at me! Star dequips Crash Bomber and holds Black Ice in a blocking position.
Another man watches the tournament from a distance away, leaning on a wall as he notices the other people around. 1 billion dollars could quite easily let him do anything he wanted, but from a glace at the last match he didn't stand a chance. Running his hand through his hair he parts the strands of black and occasional red accent. Mumbling to himself as he blows smoke from a cigarette. "A so called persona user and a self proclaimed goddess. This will be interesting. Even if it isn't I've got these with me. At least Clan Akashi is good for something." Finishing the rest of the fag, the man drops it and snubs it out with his foot before coughing a little and watching..
A simple researcher? How does a robot become a simple researcher over time...whatever the case...this one has an advanced AI that is beyond human reach at the moment, "Is he going to experiment on them like those Sumeragi dogs?" he muttered to himself as Lola temproarily changed into P-doll mode again and blew raspberries at Shockwave while pulling one of her eyelids down in a mocking manner before reverting back. "Boss, whoever he is...I don't like him." Lola said to him as she looked back at the match. "Me neither..." He said as he eyed the big humanoid robot who looked similar to Shockwave, but is different in external looks and such...
"Fine then," says Rosie, disengaging Star and throwing down a smoke grenade. "Try to catch me first!" The smoke cloud disperses across a wide area, removing Star's divine ability to see through it and markedly reducing her visibility. If Star uses a wind spell to remove the smoke, she would find it difficult to do so. The smoke itself is made of a particulate that defies the laws of physics and is highly resistant to magic.
Fact check! Star re-equip Crash Bomber and tosses it at Rosie, launching her with a small explosion. Sorry, my glasses say no to smoking! One hundred percent blindness resistance! That's the magic of armor!
"So, these Crash Bombs are nothing more than the Impulse Grenades you'd find in Fortnite," Rosie thinks. "I can work with that." She positions herself just above the explosion and uses the height gained to drop down on Star to swipe her glasses and crush them before detonationg another smoke grenade. "Give my regards to Teddie, will ya?" she says.
Star jumps at Rosie, seeing what she's planning, and kicks at her while shielding her face. She drops down to pick up the Bomber before it explodes again. Really, this is getting annoying. We obviously counter each other, so let's get to the good stuff, yeah?
Rosie casts Heat Riser on herself with another Persona, then brings out Natalia once more to cast Megidola on the ceiling. With luck, the rocks above will fall down from the impact, restricting Star's movement. "You want chaos, well here it is," she says. "Grab her, Natalia." Natalia suddenly picks Star off the ground as if she were a ragdoll and flies around the stage with her in hand. Star has no means of escape as Rosie leaves her partner to finish removing the second chain on the door. She changes the clip in her Dualies to shoot fire Dust bullets. Once the second chain is weakened, Rosie slashes at the hot metal once with her naginata to sever the chain. "Now!" she cries. Natalia slams Star against the ice wall as the doors of Hell fling open, creating a vacuum that tries to pull both combatants in.
Star let's herself be caught, a plan forming in her head. Just as soon as she's flung into the wall, she pulls out a toaster and points it at hell. Heh, I thought you might try something like this. Well then, I'll give you a show. F.U.L., full power! Fuck U Laser!!! Star gets flung into the wall opposite of Hell by her massive beam of destructive friendship coming from her toaster. She then aims it at Rosie while it's still going. This is my ultimate! Generic, but it gets the job done! Plus, the recoil will stop me from going into hell! Hahahahahah!
to grimlock 6 walked back in to show him a wikipedia article explaning Fortnite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortnite. he also explains the weapons used in fortnite
(edited by the6thFool)
The beam has no effect on Rosie, or rather a decoy she secretly planted while she was hopping on the ice pillars; the goose chase earlier was actually a diversion for both Star and the audience! But wherever the recoil takes Star, Rosie would be waiting, rapier in hand, positioned to skewer Star.
However, Star runs into the wall right next to Rosie. ...okay, I'm starting to call haxs. Seriously. Oh well, Celeste, take care of her. Star pops her summon and calls her own Persona, Celeste, to grab her and fly her straight into the beam into hell.
6 decided to sneak back into the ring into the seat opposite of grimlock
High up in the stands, hanging near the corner of the roof, a small machine keeps watch, observing both crowd and combat equally. Its dark metal helps it to blend in with the shadows of the stadium, combining with its antage point to allow it to observe largely unimpeded
"Never underestimate a Wild Card's potential," says Rosie from somewhere with a sinister chuckle. "Even when I'm not using a Persona." Again, Rosie used a holo-projector to trick Star into thinking she was waiting in the open, so all Celeste grabs is thin air. However, Natalia would phase in and knock Celeste away before bludgeoning Star. Once Star's had enough, Rosie would recall Natalia and cut open her chest, removing her heart. "In the words of the Demi-Fiend," deadpans Rosie, staring Star in the eyes and severing her aorta. "That's one more god rejected." A large spurt of blood coats Rosie from head to toe as she discards the heart, destroys the toaster with several shots from her Dualies, and walks straight into Hell itself, which is actually the tunnel Rosie used to enter the arena. Before she disappears... "Natalia," she says. "Ziodyne. Eviscerate this weakling. Leave no particle behind." The Persona electrocutes the corpse to the point where Star is charred beyond recognition before being recalled.

"Hm. For some reason, I felt a faint disturbance in the universe..." She yawns and leans back to fall asleep. "Eh, probably nothing! ...zz..."
Rosie is just to the exit when she hears Star call a time-out. "What now?" she thinks.
Swoop would show up and perch in the stands in his ptrenodon from next to Grimlock after some field work "Yo Grimlock, Who's winning?"
Swoop as well... There's no point staying here, instead, the Con would begin walking away. That whole fight was full of idiocy, but at least being here has told him something mission critical. Two Dinobots minium are present and unknown numbers of other foes. He needs to gather forces, even if it means resorting to the humans with odd powers. Finally, he'd simply walk away at this human size without transforming, aiming to keep a low profile and evade Dinobot notice for now.
OOC: Fuck this, I'm out of here.
Battle over? Star wins by default? I guess so.
(edited by the6thFool)
a careful eye kept to the crowd, the small machine seems to take particular interest in the inorganic lifeforms before it. Seeing one of these beings make for the exit, the small, humanoid thing takes the chance to maneuver itself above the entrance, and drop from the ceiling a little ahead of Shockwave. Even at human size, the creature likely wouldn't come up to his knees, and once it is in the entryway, it scurries up a nearby wall to continue observing from the roof of the alcove, its eyes let off a soft, metallic glow as though intentionally giving off its position
The Scout, accompanied by his mask wearing friend, The Spy, and his larger friend, The Heavy, are sitting in the same seats in the stands they sat in yesterday. Both The Scout and Spy are closely observing the fight with expressions of boredom on their faces, but The Heavy on the other hand is too focused on eating his sandwich. Sighing, The Scout looks over to his masked friend. Scout: Hey Spy, ya mind tellin’ me the time? The masked man looks down at his left wrist, checking the time on his watch. He makes eye contact with The Scout, speaking to him in a noticeable French accent. Spy: It’s 7 o’ clock. What, do you have another date with Pauling that’s coming up? Scout: G-Gah! N-No! I just have this fight that’s comin’ up soon, and I don’t wanna be let’s for it! Spy: Hmm, I see... They both look towards the projector in unison.
...I guess I win...? That...that was annoying...but it will probably be the only one that was annoying. The rest will be fair and balanced hopefully!
How do these work? I would love to participate in one!
"Tch." Stepping away from the stadium once more, the man seems less than pleased with the results. "I hoped for a more fulfilling experience, but what that delusional bitch provided could hardly be called entertainment." His cigarette falls to the ground in front of him, as his first step outside crushes it, wiping it into ground.
"Oh, sup Swoop..." Grimlock said as he greeted his fellow dinobot. "The Rock Girl won...let's go now that the fight is over..." He said as he got up and started to walk out of the arena, wandering back to the factory where they are hiding out in
Star takes a bow and does a small dance. Thank you, thank you! I'll be looking forward to what is next in this tournament! Star strolls out of the arena with a smile on her face. heheheheh...and I only showed off two weapons and my glasses...and my ultimate and a summon of mine, but that's besides the point. I do wonder who I'll be fighting next. I hope it's that Copen guy. He seems like a fun challenge. Oh, underlined thoughts, never leave me.
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