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Leblanc Finale: The End of the Road
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So. It has finally come. I am near the end of my spiritual life, and I can't help anyone anymore. So, I decided to open Leblanc for the last time. After I close the cafe for the final time, I will finally rest in piece. The auto-coffee maker is over at the end of the counter. The Polybius Machine is over in the corner. Just... walk over the body on the floor, keep the fighting down, leave your worries outside, and relax.
N u k e L e b l a nc
(edited by Golden_Yu)
The third nuking of Japan was to destroy a coffee shop.
Thread Creator

May you be cursed with life after death.
(edited by MonoDj)
fuck you all who nuked leblanc
God has erred in permitting your continued life. Wretched cafe, please return that life to god.
Thread Creator

Goodbye, Old Friends.
Yu am the Golden void. Yu am the cold steel. Yu am the jYust sword. With blade in hand shall Yu reap the sins of this world and cleanse them in the fires of destruction! Yu am NarYukami! The end has come!
(edited by Golden_Yu)
And thus, the OC died to a bunch of low quality shitposts, nukings, and the B I G G A Y, ending his story.
Twas a story for the ages. A story of tragedy, comedy and coffee. One day, this man will be reborn in the tales of humanity. The tale of wonder we wrought under the mightiness of his watch shall be spread far and why. It shall be a tale of wonder that will be returned to the stage where it should be told to the great masses of man. Twill be my greatest work yet. Ya ha ha ha!!!
dunt nook lelbac
"Hello, what did I miss?" Sees nuked Leblanc. Backs away slowly.
drives car into Leblanc "Who wants candy?"

"......Welp, that's a strange ending. BACK TO MAKING CAFES!"
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