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What is the nexus
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as being new to this place, I'm confused about this "nexus" that is constantly being mentioned, so could someone help?
"Nexus" Is a fancy excuse for why characters from all sorts of different places are able to interact, it kinda never went anywhere and as far as I know very few people actually go to the trouble of mentioning it. It basically just refers to the world as a whole and is kinda just a handwave tbh
The Nexus is the setting for Phansite RP, you can think of it as a singularity point that pulls in people and places across time, space and dimensions to one point.
Last I heard, we did away with the Nexus while I wasn't around. Dunno what happened, but it's a bit less confusing than everyone seeming to have the ability to teleport into different realities for one reason or another. That was sarcasm by the way.
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Thanks ! and for starwaddle check your dungeon in progress thread
From what I was told, it is basically a AU Earth where almost everyone from everything exists together.
So its a multiverse convergence plot device?
It's a thing.
Basically, yeah Dini. Its not really much of a plot device though, almost never goes mentioned at this point
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