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Good Ol' GYM
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The sign on the GYM's door was changed from 'Closed But Not Like It Matters' to 'Open So Please Don't Break The Door' as Eito started another day of work, sitting behind the counter of drink bar and cleaning an already clean glass out of habit. "Another day of seeing people beat each other up and getting paid for it. Truly, this is the best job ever." With his little speech to himself over, he sits back and waits.
"Don't hate me for this, just getting it out of the way early." She ignores the sign, pulling out a laser cutter to just remove the door from the frame, and flies away as it topples over.
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"As expected." Eito doesn't even move from his chair, only sighing lightly.
A Purple armored Boba-fett lookalike walks to the already removed front door, and sees the sign it had. "Pfft, whoever just removed the door from the door frame is weak! This is how you destroy a fucking door!" With no regard of whether the door was actually there or not, Vile called upon his ride armor and jumped on it, "I'll show everyone how it's done!" He said as he smashed the door frame as it caused a bit more of a hole and collateral damage on where the door was supposed to be...
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"Edgy." Once again, Eito does not bother moving.
Another door appears in the GYM, this time a blue one appearing from the sea of thy soul, however it is quickly kicked in by a valiant knight before disappearing into the void

Well, that seemed... over the top. *Gin steps into the Gym, looking at the remains of the poor door with a look of sympathy and confusion.* An unfortunate turn of events, I guess. Well, whatever. How's it going, Eito? Been a while.
*Soon the door opens as a girl enters the GYM, the kid would look around already can tell this place was meant for fighting and training*
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Eito makes a point of ignoring the blue door for his own sanity and looks to Gin, smiling for once. "It really has. Would you believe me if it felt like I aged 10 years? Because that's how I feel." The teenager sighs tiredly and runs a hand over his other arm, feeling all the little scars on it.
A familiar teenage girl walks in. She looks particularly motivated today. "Hey Eito! I'm ready to train!"
all of a sudden a drunk steps in you can see his intoxication by how he slurs his speach "how arre yooou?" he says.

Well, you don't look much older, if that helps. *Gin sits down on the first seat he can, yawning slightly. He looks over at Eito.* But ya do look slightly more beat up. Been training hard or something?
he then walks to the teenage girl and says "Do I know ye young lass?" and then colapses
*Hat Kid walks around before going to a chair, and sits on it, soon starts gently moving her feet while waiting*
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Eito spares a look at the kid with the hat before turning to the drunk guy, closing his eyes and sighing before ultimately choosing to ignore him for now. He then looks at Gin, extending his hands so he can see. "I mean, technically speaking, I did do most of it to myself, but i'm not sure it counts as training." He shrugs, taking off his glasses and running a hand through his hair, which looks to be a lighter shade of black than usual, for some reason. Finally, he faces Camziez, draws his black pistol, Ash, and shoots at her casually. "Training, eh? I suppose i'm up for it."

Hmm. Well, whatever you did, you're alive at least. That's good to see. *Gin looks over to Camziez as Eito shoots at her.' Training new blood, I see. I could give you a hand if you want it.
OOC: Didn't expect that ;-;
the drunk gets up and immediately sobers up "sorry for earlier, I must have hit the town too hard. My name's 6 by the way." after seeing the teen being shot he (tries to) tackle Eito.
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"You're welcome to help if you want to. You know how it is." Eito motions freely towards Camziez before shooting again. "The surprise attack, Cam. You will feel it's sting until you know how to dodge!" He did warn you about his surprise attacks. Plus, he's not a fan of murdering innocents. Those are rubber bullets.
"You don't go around shooting people!" the man yells
"Guess I'll die." Camziez stares at Eito in misery. "Just kidding." She quickly dashes up to Eito and kicks the gun out of his hand into hers.

*Gin draws his sword, Elementa, from its scabbard but rest it against his chair.* Then perhaps I'll cut in at some point. I'll stay here for now. Good luck with the kid, Eito.
...Wow. A blue tracksuit wearing man stands motionless at the front of the GYM, staring at the giant hole in the wall. Huh, it looks like someone went all out with the destruction this time around. Walking through the literal hole, the man looks around the GYM floor, hoping to see someone who’s free for a spar.
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Eito only raises an eyebrow and grins at 6, rather amused at his attempts to stop him as he rolls backwards and avoids the tackle. He then shoots at Camziez a third time. "I do. How else is she gonna train her reflexes?" The short distraction allows Camziez to steal the gun momentarily, only for Eito to rush forward quickly and attempt to grab and twist her wrist with one hand, meanwhile drawing his second gun with the other and shooting at her twice, all while grinning like a madman, his eyes having changed to a blood-red color. "That's the spirit!" That's a little bit godmoddy. It's fine since Eito was distracted, but you should usually state your intent and attempt to do something and let the other person decide if you managed it. Feel free to call bullshit if you feel i'm being unfair though.

A short, serious looking man walks into the GYM, he was rather tired by the fights he won against the titans so he went there to spectate more than battle. He notices the place being filthy and makes a subtle sigh, he then looks over to and spots Eito which he didn't see since his only and last training. Levi walks closer to him and speaks up. Oh i remember you cadet, are you keeping up on living? Did you train more with the ODM gear? I won't fight today but there is something that i need to ask Why is this place dirtier than the back of a titan? Someone should clean every corner After having said that, he looks around to see all the dirt hanging around on the ceiling and the walls.
*Hat Kid looks at the Blu Scout and just waves to him*
(6 hits the ground since he missed) 6 then looks toward the entrance seeing the blu man and reading his thoughts he says, "Lets do this." looking for a fight.
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Kweh. A giant green snake serpent thing flies in, curling up in mid-air near the intoxicated man with a yawn.
"Well you are insane. Nice." She actually has pretty strong hands for typing and drawing so much, so she uses her other hand to grab Eito's hand out of her non-free hand.
Kweh. A giant green snake serpent thing flies in, curling up in mid-air near the intoxicated man with a yawn. he ain't drunk no more
The Scout looks over to the girl in the hat, waving back to her with a warm smile. After doing so, he’d walk over to the juice bar, with him now not wanting to fight anyone at the moment for some reason, and takes a seat on one of the chairs, silently watching Eito and Camziez brawl it out.
OOC: dangit! I was looking for a fight
The snek dragon, realizing the man is not drunk, yawns again.
6 notices the big snek and gapes, suprised and bewildered

While she passed by the area a few times before, the young, blonde girl had never seen the door so thoroughly destroyed. Concerned, she perks inside to find a few people fighting... And even... She stares at the Rayquaza for a moment, as though deep in thought, before shaking her head and piping up “E... Excuse me. Is this a bad time?”
The dragon just stares back at the two with a tired glare. Its tail twitches as it notices the fight going on.
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Eito nods to Gin, yawning as he lets Camziez grab him before jumping up and back extremely quickly, either bringing the girl down with him if she's not strong enough to hold his weight or pushing his back up against the counter and kicking her in the chest before dropping down if she is. Either way, he looks to Levi with vague rememberance before the memories come back to him, making him smile easily. "I may or may not have forgotten that thing somewhere deep in a storage room. Also, i'm a bit too busy to clean and all the fighting makes a mess."
*Hat Kid smiles as she looks around the room, maybe she could get into a friendly fight. She has not been in a fight for awhile now*
"can I get a coffee?" the man asks Eito, not caring that she is in conflict
So the human child is eager to fight? Adorable. Quaaa... Rayquaza lashes its tail again, giving the top hat-wearing child a challenging look.
after seeing this look(tho it was not for him), 6 decides to return the gaze towards the "snek," readying for a fight
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The big snek seems perfectly fine with this as it uncoils. Two on one isn't a challenge.
6 pulls out his trusty sawn-off and fires, yelling "BEGONE, THOT! "in a memey fashion
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Eito takes a moment to glare at the trio ready to battle "Oi! If you're gonna fight, do it in one of the arenas, not here!" He motions to another area of the GYM filled with large, circular arenas. He particularly glares at 6. "This isn't a goddamn cafe, buddy." All the while, he's still dealing with his student.
...That hurt. Quite a bit. Rayquaza stares at the wound for a moment, then roars something comparable to a "BEGONE THOT" of its own as it fires a purple laser at the man.
6 got obliterated, but put himself back together saying under his breath "Crit hit. That hurt."
OOC: kicking her in the chestDon't know how I feel about this... At this point, Camziez is very exhausted. She already knows that she is super weak compared to Eito, so she asks: "Can I take a break?"

He gives Eito and Camz a cold stare, judging them both. Tsk, the ODM gear is useful. Using it to it's fullest can save your life but if you feel like other methods will work too go on, just remember it exists for big enemies like titans. I won't say anything on how you're handling this training you, it's best that i don't. Getting even more nervous over the state of the GYM he gets out of it for a while and returns with his cleaning outfit and supplies. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/27/07/57/270757c9fe7155c0d5e54abdcc62b796.jpg I can't let this place like this, i will clean it until i am able to.
*Hat Kid smiles as the snek wanted to fight her, so she soon puts on three badges on her hat before going to the Ring* (Badges equiped. Projectile Badge, Fast Hatter Badge, Hookshot Badge)
6 left to get a bullet-proof vest, some more guns, and his trusty can of THOT, BEGONE! then travels to the fight with the snek
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Rayquaza, with the thot begone, follows the child into the ring.
"HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A THOT!!" screams 6 simultaneously shooting all his guns, downing a pint of jack, and spraying the thot, begone all around at the snek
Umm.... The Scout glances over to Levi, confused as ever. Wouldn’t it be smarter for him to start cleaning once all of the fights are over for the day? Or is he just a germaphobe who needs to clean a dirty thing the second he sees one? Either way, he should still wait until later.
*Hat Kid looks at Rayquaza with a happy smile* "Good luck" *Hat Kid would say as she fixes the position of her hat*
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What's the problem? Dropping down, he chuckles and looks at Levi, smirking all the while. "Whatever you say, Boss-Man." He even looks a little bit impressed as Levi starts cleaning. He then turns to face Camziez, the intense red in his eyes being replaced by a glowing yellow. "Hmmm...Fine. You get 20 minutes and not a second more and then we start with the laps."

*Gin rocks back in his chair, looking over at Levi.* Um, were you... hired? Or did you just decide to do this? Either way, Eito should pay you. But that's just my opinion.
Rayquaza flies into the air then comes down with Dragon Ascent, yeeting the defininite troll out of this christian GYM. It then flies back down and nods to the girl.
"Welp I suck at laps. See you later." She leaves the arena peacefully. C H E S T
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lives XX<3 "ok I lost I'll just watch.," says the newly dead soul of 6 moving to the side
*Hat Kid gets ready for Rayquaza to attack*

Levi glares at one by one to everyone who looked at him. Don't bother me, i need to do this i can't stand dirt around me. Instead everyone who's not doing anything should help, i will give some guidelines on how to do so if you do. With that said he keeps cleaning the same spot until it shines then goes to the next.
The serpent dashes forward, swinging its tail in a wide arc to knock her down. Not its full power, since this is just a friendly match with a literal child.
the ghost of 6 follows da snek for the dragon ascent
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Technically speaking, he only shot at you to test reflexes, you started grappling and in his less than fully sane mind, that meant it was time to fight practically. The voices in his head which egged him on didn't really care that you had mounds of flesh on your chest, only that kicking it would be a tactically sound decision to escape the grapple. Eito stares at Camziez, his eyes having turned pure black. "You're giving up already? Oh God help me if i'm going to bring you to a competent level..." He shakes his head and returns to the counter, stopping to listen to Gin before shrugging. "I'm not sure if i'm even allowed to pay him. I'm not really the boss here."

Well, so much for your student, huh Eito. Still, if you're still interested in a duel, I could step in. Up to you of course. I'm happy just watch fights. *Gin picks up Elementa from were he left it, making sure it isn't blunted, before returning it to its sheath.*
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*Hat kick would dive out of the way before doing a midair flip to land on her feet. Hat Kid would take out her Umbrella and swings at Rayquaza three times* The Umbrella dose do damage
"Go hat kid!!" 6 yells, trying to indirectly help her
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Hat kid Is a girl
Rayquaza is mildly impressed by this. It begins circling around the child, then stops to fire a weak Dragon Pulse down at her.
there I edited it
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"Some student. Anyways, sorry but i'm not really feeling like doing an actualy fight. I need a goddamn drink." Eito reaches under the counter and grabs a bottle of yellow liquid he technically wasn't old enough to drink along with two shot glasses. "Want some?"
"Yes!!"said the ghost as he materialized into human form (I live!!!)
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*Hat Kid waits for Rayquaza to attack* (Heres some music) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM92pf2KiK4&t=89s
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*Gin laughs, shaking his head.* I don't drink alcohol, I'm afraid. I don't like the idea of losing control over what I'm doing in a drunken stupor. That being said, are you even 18 yet? Or maybe I should say 21. Depends on where you're from really, doesn't it?
post 73# Nice!
"Me? Oh I have come from many places and different existences, so I don't know 77(1*X)"
He did. Weak purple laser. Pew.
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"Sounds like a good idea. I usually don't listen to good ideas." He pours the liquid, into the shot glass and downed it, grumbling about getting a bigger glass. "Anyways, this is apple juice, so I don't think i'm gonna need to be 18 or 21. And yes, I know it's in a whiskey bottle. That is my fault on account of actually drinking too much and then buying a lot of apple juice which, in my drunken mind, looked better in an alcohol bottle." He shrugs and pours some in a second glass, pushing it to Gin. "It's actually pretty good."
"can I have one?" said now human 6 "Plz?"
*Hat Kid charges her Umbrella before shooting out a laser at the other laser to stop the attack. Soon Hat Kid had a different hat (Time Stop Hat). Soon smiling as she Stops time* (THE WORLD. I had too ok) *Soon Hat Kid would run to Rayquaza and swings three times at him before time returned*
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*Gin looks conflicted, looking at the glass with suspicion before sighing.* You better not be lying, Eito. *Gin takes the glass and downs it.*
Stopping time was the only explanation Ray Quay Quay could think of. Is that a power like Dialga's? Rayquaza rushes past in a blur to slam into the child, a bit rougher than its last attacks.
6 just takes the bottle
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"Me? Lie to you? Never! Though it would make for a good practical joke..." He leans under the counter and writes something down before nodding and looking back up at Gin as he drinks. Surprisingly, it's actual apple juice! Not half bad either. "Now-Hey!" 6 manages to grab the bottle before Eito riddles him with rubber bullets until he lets go or falls. "Rude!"
"oof" *Hat Kid would get hurt, she falls down but quickly gets up. Hat Kid would jump and soon lunches herself into Rayquaza (Homing attack), after doing the attack she bounced off of Ray and lands on her feet before looking at Rayquaza*
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The attacks are surprisingly strong, but nothing a legendary can't handle. Rayquaza flies up, then circles around while firing a steady purple beam at the ground, moving it to follow Hat Kid.
I'ma turn this juice into vodka and dive for my life
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Hmm. I suppose I can trust you. Well, this time at least. *Gin puts the glass back on the table before sliding back to Eito.* So, how's life been treating you then Eito? Still Persona hunting, I take it?
Being bored to death, The Scout gets up from his seat and leaves the GYM.
6 drinks the newly created vodka and waves goodbye to the scout (hes drunk now)
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"Life's been having a grand time kicking me in the balls, but other than that, pretty good!" At the mention of a Persona, Eito face palms but smiles. "Damnit, I keep forgetting to tell people!" He extends his hand and curls it around the blue card that appears over it. "Persona!" Large blue flames coalesce into a figure near 6. It's a large set of bronze armor with a hellenic style, wearing a red cloak that covered most of it's body. It carried a long spear made out of the same material and stared at Eito despite having nk face under it's helmet. "This is Odysseus! Speaking of which, why don't you help us with the drunk idiot?" The Persona creates a wall of fire around 6 and closes in, ready to grab him.
*Hat Kid's hat would soon change (Sprint Hat) and she would soon start running around the ring to make sure she did not get hit by the attack*
"Fuck this shit im out" yells 6 as he decides to use the full extent of his powers, forcing Odysseus(hes cool) back into Eito
Rayquaza closes its jaws, then thinks for a moment. Does it want to defeat a little kid? ...Its honor says yes. Its body glows a bright green and it swoops down with a (relatively weak) Dragon Ascent, hoping to end this fight here and now.
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I use the full extent of my powers to call bullshit on this action. Also, Magician.
better add some battle music (Master of Puppets plays in background)

Oddyseus, the king of Ithaka. KNown from his exploits in his 10-year journey back to his homeland in Homer's Odyssey. Very interesting. A fine warrior of the soul. Oh good. I must sound like I'm 50 or something. *Gin shakes his head, sighing.* Well, at least ya finally got one, right? Though, I wish more people would keep me informed of this stuff. I'd usually leave it up to Sam, but the idiot is either in his lab with Mayu or bugging the prince of some country, I think it was. Eh. Maybe I should just pay more attention to things going on around here. *Gin scratches the back of his head.*
Bwerp. I'm dead </3 </3 </3
With the mention of a Persona, Camziez runs back to the arena to see Eito's other self.
WiSh I hAd A pErSoNa(srsly)
(edited by the6thFool)
*Hat Kid wanted to end this fight as well, so her hat changed (Brewing Hat). She took out a vial and threw it at Rayquaza. If it hitted then it would explosive on contact*
The dragon growls, the explosion causing it to miss. With an annoyed huff, and some notable damage, it's almost invisible as its Extreme Speed attack is performed.
"Eito, your Persona is so coooooooooooooooool! And your costume is amazing too!" The annoying girl starts to fangirl over seeing a Persona in person for the first time.
6 returns to the GYM looking lit AF (just smoking) and decides to just get stronger & (possibly) get a persona
"wait, how did I die if I was going to be grabbed?"
*Hat Kid would get hit by the attack, Hat Kid would get up and brush herself off before putting away her Umbrella and smiles* "Good fight" *Hat Kid would soon leave the ring, ending the fight* *Hat Kid would walk over to a chair, sit down and plays some games on her phone*
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"I have spent entirely too much time reading the Odyssey. Trust me, it's fine." As the Persona decided to ignore the possibly high guy and the overly interested in Personas girl in the middle of the GYM, it turned around and walked to Gin and Eito, kneeling down in front of them. "I've been going out into the TV World a lot to train with him and I think he's pretty strong now!"
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But bruh, Eito uses P4 Persona logic. He doesn't have an outfit.
"I ain't high!" said 6, eying the tv while on a treadmill
Rayquaza makes a sound that probably means "good fight" as well, then breaks through the roof to take a nap in the ozone layer.

Is that so? Heh. Maybe we can duel some day. I may not have one of these Personas you guys value so much, but I'm confident I can take you... Hmm? *Gin looks over at Camziez.* Well, it seems your student came back.
Camz looked at the Persona in awe. She started wondering what types of moves and skills it had. "Does it specialize in curse, fire, shock, ice, wind, nuclear, bless, or physic attacks? And what is the lore behind it?" She then realizes she hasn't played Persona 4 or seen the Persona 4 anime.
(edited by Camziez)
"Excuse me please," said 6 as he walked towards the bar "but could you move aside, Eito?"
"is the midnight chanel on?"
6 decides to charge into the nearest TV by the bar, regardless if there was anyone in his way
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"Back in the day, i'd have been sure you could kick my ass, but these days I think i've gotten damn better. Maybe we should test how much i've improved sometime later!" He chuckles before looking at 6 and scowling. "Does it look like it's midnight, buddy?" It does not. Either way, Eito and Odysseus then turn to look at Camziez, the Persona towering over her. "Odysseus is pretty good at setting things on fire, and you have seen this multiple times anyways. As for lore, set aside a day or two and read the Odyssey, i'm too bored to tell you the whole story."
I read the odyssey in 2nd grade
I also hit the bar so i'm just spread eagled on the table
6 decides to make a cocktail behind the bar and asks Eito to light the top on fire PLZ
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Time itself suddenly would begin to slow but for only a mere moment. Everyone would feel the slowing down and somehow be aware of it but would be powerless to do anything bit wait for it to pass. As time once again returned to its normal pace a door constructed of a shiny bronze metal would take shape where a door once would be within the GYM. A man with black hair and yellow eyes would walk in through the newly constructed door. Tiny gear-like pupils would spin slowly in his eyes as he looked around. The air around him would seem to grow still as if even though time had returned to normal for everyone else, the time around the man was still very much frozen. He walked over to a spot next to the bar and seemed to try and sit down in mid-air. A chair would seem to form under him made of copper gears and other components one might see within a clock.
Camz has a fear of slowmo so she runs back home at the speed of light and cuts off her ears so she can't hear anything. What a plot twist!
(edited by Camziez)
*sits in Chair*
''Hey new guy!" says 6 " ya want something? its on the house!"
Just kidding, Camziez never went back home and cut her ears. She just chugged 5 helium balloons.
be carful chiren das alot of helim

*Gin looks over at the man with gears in his eyes with a smile.* TIme manipulation and matter control, right? Either way, I can respect the party trick. Pretty neat.
"THAT is a roast!" says 6 the (drunk?) bartender
"Well good bye guys & gals" said 6 as he jumped over the counter one last time and left the GYM leaving a note which said: "Be sure to close the joint when you leave."
The man would look back to Gin. His expression lacked any emotion bit there was a slight smile on his face. "Less of a party trick and more of a way to ensure that this place is...clean. If there was any kind of temporal anomaly it would've stood out as time was slowed. Even if I'm taking time off I still try to keep up with my work and I can't ignore something when it's right in front of me. That would be irresponsible."
*Hat Kid looks up from her phone and looks around*

Ah hah. Right. Well, I can respect your tenacity. Unfortunately, I think whatever door is in that doorway is destined to be destroyed one way or another and I think we had a guy cleaning here earlier, but still. Respect the tenacity.
does time travel count as an anomaly?
The man would look over at the odd individual who asked the question. The gears in his eyes would turn rhythmicly as if counting out the seconds as they pass. "Time travel? Traveling through time is an atrocious crime. Each time someone travels through time it opens up a leak of sorts within time itself. Those leaks are difficult to fix without the use of much of my power. The easiest way to fix a leak in time though is to simply erase its source. Such a task involves tracking the individual down and then simply removing them from time. They would vanish from both the minds of those they've met and from existence itself. How curious though, why would you ask such a question? Is there perhaps something you'd be keen on hiding?"
I meant dimention travel "want a beer, friend?"
(edited by the6thFool)
"No alcohol on the premises please. Last thing I need is drunken toddlers with super powers running amok." A large man steps off the last step of the stairs and heads for the drink counter. "Granted you seem the type to run amok anyways. So do me a favor and don't."
so make it virgin?

Fight me, Foolish child.
Im also currently in charge of this 'stablisment
ok (fires shotgun at Nexus)
"Only virgin here is you kiddo." Grabs the Lance of Longinus and stabs the Fool. "Get bent."

Erases the shotgun from existence.
*delets nexus* & i'm not gay
Stabs the Fool again with the spear that leaves wounds that never heal. "The fool doth protest too much."
if I could get help from say, a CLOCKWORK GOD it would really help
the klib does use old english mor than I "protest" *pulls out pistol, shoots klib*
(edited by the6thFool)
"Ur mum gay"
Suddenly, the Clockwork God has a cup of tea in his hands. He looks over at the others as he sips the tea. "I'd prefer not to get involved in anything not relating to the flow of time."
"Ur mum gay" I say nay
does deletion from existance count
Jiyu walks in and points at The Fool. “You are motherfucker.” He then walks out.
checks THOT alert (Got triggered)

He deals with time. Matters of space fall under my jurisdiction.
rule#1 Nobody destroy the doors
He deals with time. Matters of space fall under my jurisdiction.okey
"But srsly, does anyone want something?"
"I will take something from you, Jackass!" A metal pipe strikes the fool as the patriotic homeless man being a former US navy seal does his duty once more and keep the peace
ow pls stop I was trying to keep the peace as well
this thread is now dead X_X

With no one present currently in the GYM, Levi finishes to clean and starts to polish his cleaning equipment and sits on a chair. I will have to speak with the owner of this place and teach them some lessons. Tsk. Since he was kinda tired after thr whole thing he decides to relax in there and see if anyone would come in.
Soon enough, a young woman entered the GYM, taking a moment to stare at the remains of the entryway in amusement before casually waking to the counter and sitting down. "Well, hey there pretty boy. What happened to this place? I mean, most businesses don't normally let their buildings look this...Destroyed. Pretty clean though!" She flutters her eyes and smiles before turning to examine the rest of the GYM.
*Hat Kid was seemingly asleep until she heard some people talking. she opened her eyes, and got up*
(edited by Hat_Kid)

In the meantime, Levi was trying to sleep when a voice made him give up on the thought. Hhhhm? I don't know who and why someone did this. I just cleaned what i could because all of it was a mess. Who are you? Any chance you know who owns this place? He then would glare at yang with a cold expression on his face.
The girl looked at Levi with a smile, resting her head on her hands, on which are some rather nice golden bracelets. "The name's Yang! What's yours, buddy?" She would solidly ignore the glare, as she bent her head back as if to think before shaking it. "Sorry, don't know who the owner is. Why do you want to know?"
*Hat Kid looks at Yang and Levi then waves to them* "Hello*

I am Levi, you will call me captain and not buddy. I need to talk some sense to that person and tell them how to not make this place look worse than a pig's farm. Tsk. Still in his cleaning outfit he gets up from the chair and goes near where the door was supposed to be. I can't fight dressed like this, i'll be back in a few minutes. He then picks up all the cleaning equipment too and for a bit gets out of the GYM to change his clothes and get back his ODM gear.
"I think buddy fits you, though!" Yang chuckles as Levi leaves, waving a bit at Hat Kid with her ever present smile before she lowers her head and starts reading something on her Scroll. Gotta go, sorry.
*Hat Kid smiles as she goes back to the chair and sits down*
A man would pull up outside of the popular training spot on his trusted bike. Kicking down the stands and allowing his bike to rest against the building, he proceeds to enter. Pardon the intrusion! The man shyly calls out into the quiet building and receives no immediate response. He walks towards the drink counter as he begins digging through his apron pockets. After a moment he produces a fairly sized device along with some smaller trinkets. He sets them out in front of him as he carefully inspects them one by one. I can feel it. Another blend is beginning to take shape in my mind... what a rush! Soon I will possess enough power to take the fight to them! Although the man was smiling, there was a distinct sadness in his voice. Hard to tell where exactly it was coming from, but it was certainly there.
The man with the odd presence would finally seem to move after remaining motionless for hours in his seat next to the bar. The gears in his eyes would've been ticking steadily all along as he would begin blinking before looking towards Ryoma. "Is there activity again? I have been busy monitoring time within my own subconscious. This place has an oddly calming atmosphere. I'm not even sure why that is."
A young man in a hoodie walks up to the building, he'd dart into an alleyway and smirk to himself. "Right then, just gotta command the neural uplink right? Same as Mr. Stark's new armor... What's that thing they say in those shows? Oh right. HENSHIN!" As he says that, the boy would suddenly be covered in a mass of red and blue. Nanobots shaping themselves wildly for a moment before settling as a suit of armor around him, Peter smirks under his newly made mask and walks out of the alleyway. Walking into the GYM and looking around before spotting Ryoma. "Yo! So you here to train or something? If so then I'm more than game to go a round with ya pal, name's Spider-Man and I've gotta break in this new suit of mine so what do ya say?" His voice would come off confident and full of energy, even with the mask one could simply feel the smirk on his face as he stares at Ryoma.
Ryoma would fumble the trinkets in his hands as the once barely noticeable man begins to move. Ryoma catches the trinkets in the air and turns to meet the gaze of clockwork. A chill ran down his spine as he stared, but he quickly looked away with a shy smile. A-Ah! Sorry, I hadn't noticed your presence. I must suffer from the same drawback as the T-Rex... haha... Ryoma stops talking for a moment as he realized what the man said. Sorry, you mentioned monitoring time? Like being able to tell what time it is while you sleep? That is an interesting skill. As for the calmness of this place... perhaps it is the owner's will? Much of a cafe's atmosphere is dependent on those who work towards providing good service! He laughs softly before turning back to CG. Ah, I seem to be rambling about cafes again. Nasty habit... He'd be suddenly pulled into a conversation with the young hero as he made his energetic appearance. Ryoma would be somewhat thrown off guard by the childish excitement speaking from beyond the mask. However he slowly stands and faces Spiderman with a smile. I was thinking the same thing. If you'll have me as an opponent then it would be my honor, Spider-Man!
Watching over time... Spidey would turn toward CG for a moment, eying the man curiously. Oh well, no sense in asking about that for now. He shrugs and turns back to Ryoma. "Alright then! Uh, quick question Mr. How many tons of force can your body withstand, I'm pretty good at pulling my punches but I'd guess you have some kinda powers if you're here... Heck, you might be even stronger than I am for all I can guess!" He'd leap over to a fighting ring, looking around the area for anything he could use... And the lights are by the door, nice. He'll save it for later though, for now, the boy just drops into a fighting stance and faces the other side of the ring. "I'll let you go first, I'm pretty good at dodging so moving second usually works out in my case. Oh and what's your name anyways!"

A red armored man with flowing blond hair walks into the GYM, leaning against a wall, crossing his arms, "...Well that's new...a guy in a spider suit...though, it looks somewhat familiar...did I see him from somewhere before...?" He asks himself, unsure about Peter, who looks very familiar to him, but he can't just grasp the memory...
How many tons of... I beg your pardon? Ryoma's jaw would've crashed through the floor if he hadn't caught himself. The question was certainly not one he'd expected, but it clearly shows that this kid was either new to his powers or the powers were just that terrifying. He shakes his head before grabbing his gear, putting the trinkets in his apron and holding the odd device in his hand. He turns around and follows Spidey into the ring with a smile. I cannot remember a time where an opponent, friend or foe, has ever given me the courtesy of asking how much it would take to break me. That being said, I haven't found the answer myself. He lifts the Keurig machine looking device and lowers it to his waist, this causes a belt to shoot out around him and fasten it tightly. I suppose I should enlighten you. My name is Ryoma Sakamichi, the Wandering Barista! And this device here, is the Caffeine Driver. He presses a red button on the device and it lets out a sharp yell. PREHEATING! STANDBY! A few seconds later and the button flashes green alongside a yell. READY! Now for the fun part. He presses a button on the Driver to have the top open and reveal a slot for something to go into it. Ryoma smiles as he reaches into his apron and pulls out one of the small trinkets, placing it into the slot and closing it. EARL OF GREY! So once again, my name is Ryoma Sakamichi. But in our bout you can refer to me as...henshin! He slams his hand down on the green button once more as he shouts. The central part of the device would fill with a reddish colored liquid before dripping out the bottom and splashing up to cover Ryoma. His body meets the steaming red liquid as it becomes a simple bodysuit. However, his attire would begin to change as his body dons a simple suit of armor from head to toe. The old fashioned knight's helm would have the visor pushed up to reveal a green gem on his brow and two yellow compound eyes. As the transformation finishes, an elegant shortsword would manifest itself in Ryoma's right hand as the Driver yells once more. EARL OF GREY! THE SOOTHING SWORDSMAN! I am Kamen Rider C. Let's get brewing shall we? C would begin his assault by changing his stance, offering Spidey right side alone. His style was similar to that of a fencer as he steps forward for a simple stab at the chest.
A young woman in dark clothes and a red hood had found her way into the GYM just in time to witness the coffee mans strange transformation and found herself dumbfounded. "I-Is this a bad time?"

Zero noticed the transformation, yet he's unfazed by it...He's been up against worse... He then addresses the young lady with dark clothes, "Nah, it's always like this...nothing unusual..."
He just stands there, eyes wide under his mask as the man transforms... Holy crap, that is awesome! "That is incredible like I've seen a lot of crazy stuff here but dude! It's like straight outta one of those shows... Uh, not Power Rangers or Sentai, geez the name escapes me for some reason but they had suits tons like yours dude! Heck, they even said henshin!" His babble would be cut off by the fact that oh yeah, this is a match, isn't it? Ryoma's halfway across the field by the time Spidey has recalled this little fact, so the boy would simply do his best to dodge for the moment, blade scraping against his arm as he rushes away with his own inhuman speed. "Right gotta focus, standard webbing for now." The blade would do a bit, but this suit's clearly made of pretty stern stuff. As for the kid, he's quickly leaping up into the air and onto the roof, he'd aim his wrists down Ryoma and fire a pair of webs toward the man's weapon, aiming to rip it away from his foe's grasp with a quick tug of both hands. Of course, if he'd hit somewhere else the man would most likely just be carried up, or he could miss given the small target. "Side note, the powers are in fact spider related, yes, but the webbing is just my handy work and not a superpower. Pretty neat stuff though!"
Alice floats through the door out of interest and catches site of the mans weird transformation. Finding this entertaining she gently levitates into the air to get a better view of the match ignoring the gaze of the anyone nearby who noticed she wasn't touching the ground.
Spidey would hit his mark and the blade would be pulled up and away from C. However he just laughs as he watches the webslinger move around. You aren't the first spider I've squashed. Er, apologies. I didn't mean for that to come out so terse. Battle gets me riled up something fierce. He awkwardly scratches his head before getting back into the groove. He places his left hand right beside his hip and his right hand in front of the Driver. Sweetener Shooter and Bean Sword, to arms! From the Driver would come a strange black liquid that C grabs and pulls out. The liquid he pulled out would coalesce into a simple saber that was adorned with a coffee bean styled handle. As for his other weapon, a torrent of white particles would float around his left hand before manifesting as a large six shooter. Your first mistake was letting me know that the webs aren't your own. Let's hope it doesn't bite you by the end. C would take his time to lock in his sights on Spiderman before pulling the trigger twice. Sending two large chunks of "sugar" at the hero.
Heh, not that big a deal really. The webbing is more of a fun fact than anything else, and besides... "Eh no big deal, I like mocking people mid-battle too Coffee Man!" He'd quickly toss the sword against the roof, webbing blasting from his wrists and tying it up there. As for the ranged attacks aimed towards him, let's see... Waldoes? Nah, save them for a trump card. Instead, he'd hold back a bit. Leaping slowly enough that he's only able to dodge one of the shots, the other he'd have to block with his arm and wince a bit from the impact. "Now then, hope you don't mind a rain of spiders!" Despite the blow he's taken, the boy would quickly aim a pair of web lines down behind Ryoma and pull himself toward the man at max speed, aiming both of his legs out and attempting to slam himself right into C's armor.
A sigh of relief escapes his lips as Spidey assauged his concerns. However, the current situation didn't look too desirable. His opponent was way too mobile for any of his attacks to deal the damage he needed. And then it started raining spiders. They should call you Mothman... He quickly taps the pommel of the Bean Sword three times. As he does this it would cry out as the blade begins to change its shape into that of a coffee grinder. BEAN GRINDER! He'd thrust the weapon up in an attempt to meet Spidey's kick while bracing himself as much as possible. The teeth of the grinder spinning defiantly at the attacker. ...because you're too eager to get burned!
Too eager to get burned eh? His Spider-Sense told him that'd be coming, but he can't quite stop his movements. Instead, he'd shout out. "Gimme the waldoes now!" As he comes to meet with the grinder, he'd push his legs down while 4 metal limbs rush out of his suit's back. Rather than his body slamming into it, Ryoma would find his weapon's teeth being slammed into by the set of sharp-ended limbs, each one trying to lodge itself into the weapon and aiming to pull it away from the foe. As for Spidey, he'd be down on the ground now, crouched with his back arched up to allow the waldoes a shot. "I won't lie, I wanted to keep them hidden a bit longer. But hey sometimes you've gotta show off more than you planned, and geez I hope they don't break! Mr. Stark would not be happy if my suit needed repairs that fast!" Of course, he can't just let the waldoes do all the work. He'd aim to lunge his body forward, hoping to grab onto Ryoma's leg armor and stick with an open palm, assuming he hit the boy would then yank back with his spider grip.

"...That guy is good..." Zero observes Spidey's battle against the Kamen rider, "Though...his techniques are more of hand to hand, and they focus on his abilities...maybe this will be a good time to learn new techniques..." He said to himself, as he patiently waited for the battle to end.
The Bean Grinder would continue to struggle against the Waldoes as they try to rip the weapon from C's hand. However he had no intentions of giving in that easily. C would continue to fight back for control which gave Spidey a chance to grab onto him. Excellent. Damn it. There you go again, trying to get in close to someone who excels in that field. No matter how nimble you are... point blank range is the great equalizer. He lets go of the Bean Grinder in order to initiate a risky procedure. He brings the Sweetener Shooter up to Spidey's face and spins the chamber with his right hand. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! The end of the barrel would begin pulsing with a white light as the gun yells. A lot of yelling gear, odd design choice. At least it doesn't play music. ORDER UP! FOUR SHOT SURGE! He pulls the trigger and unleashes a massive blast of light directly at Spidey's head. Not anywhere near lethal, but it'd sting in the morning.
He's right, this clearly wasn't the right fight to rely on close range tricks... The blast of light slamming into his face would hurt, it stuns Spidey a bit even, but not enough to break his electromagnetic grip on the man's legs. "Gah... Hurts, but you didn't account for how my powers work... taser web." As spidey flies through the air, Ryoma would no doubt be dragged along with him by the boy's inhuman grip upon his leg. Naturally, he'd fly into the wall back first, and that hurts a good bit as well. Despite it though he'd let go of C's leg and drop down. "Like you said Ryoma, no matter how nimble you are dodging at point blank isn't quite possible!" He'd move his shooters up with incredible speed, aiming to almost press them both into the man's helmet before firing off a pair of taser webs. Each one not only attaching to the man, but pumping amps into him with a crackle of electrical energy. During that, the metal limbs would begin attempting to take C's weapon once again, this time with two going for the weapon directly, and the others aiming to pry open his hands. "Now then, let's see how well my little bug zapper ploy works shall we? I don't use them often, but that suit seems it'd be less electric resistant than impact resistant!"
Ryoma would be in too much pain inside his mask to even consider fighting back as the Sweetener Shooter is torn from his hand. He stumbles backwards and trips only to land on his back. He desperately clawed at his face as he let out pained cries, or rather whatever he could manage through his clenched teeth. After a moment he goes silent. The electricity still pulsing through the webbing on his mask, but he seemed unfazed. His right hand slowly made its way to the now red button on the Caffeine Driver, and push it five times.
The air around Ryoma would begin to heat up as pieces of his armor begin flying off and turning into puddles where they land. The core suit Ryoma wears would have searing red lines appear up his legs and torso, down his arms, and up the sides of his face. The base color of the suit would change to a color blacker than pitch, making the red all the more vibrant. Along with the discarded armor, the webbing would be attached to the helmet and seemingly melted. RAAAAAAAARGH! My blood has finally reached a fever pitch! The fight begins now! With a new level of speed, C closes the gap between him and Spiderman before attempting to toss him up with a meaty uppercut.
Oh sh- The boy can't even finish cursing to himself before Ryoma's hand slams into him, he'd be sent flying up into the roof... And quickly stick to it using his powers. "Ouch, that was a lot faster than before... Not bad at all, how's your night vision though?" A web flies toward the light switch he'd glanced toward earlier, and with a quick flick of his wrist Spidey would shut down the lights across the GYM. As they shut off, Spidey would flick his suit over to infrared mode to continue tracking Ryoma. He'd begin speaking in a whisper as he crawls along the roof and moves away from his foe. "Alright come on Spidey think, is he still hot enough to burn webs? And if so, how much time. Gotta figure out a way to trap him." Web lines fly, aiming from the ground up to the roof and creating various bits across the field. To be exact, they'd lead halfway to Spidey, before then veering away from him with a sharp right turn. In theory, Ryoma might chase the webbing hoping to find his foe.
Steam continues to rise off of C as his suit offers light from the burning red lines. AAAARGH! HAAAAH! HAAAARGH! You think that'd be enough to stop me? The question would mostly be for Ryoma. He was in incredible pain and wouldn't be thinking clearly in the slightest. His feral desires were beginning to surface due to his desperate maneuver. However the shots of webbing brought about one sensible question in the sea of discord, why? Why weren't the shots hitting him? He was a sitting duck and Spiderman made it sound like he could see... A trap... Ryoma grins beneath his mask. His plan was coming together and it just needed to be put into motion. He slowly inches towards the webbing and follows it to about the halfway point before looking around. He'd remain at the halfway point instead of proceeding further, as he does this he'd have a hand on the lever of the Caffeine Driver.
Darn, looks like he's seen through the trap. Oh well... There's one last cheap trick Pete can use here, the shots would begin hitting Ryoma, or at least aiming to. Despite that the boy keeps moving away at a high pace. "Web grenade." Ryoma might note that he's now got two odd-looking webs near his feet, which would in moments explode outwards and hopefully give the man a jolt. Along with releasing two larger web nets that rush towards Ryoma, as for Spidey, he'd likely have reached his destination, the backdoor of GYM. He'd aim to open said door as quietly as possible, tossing another web grenade down in the doorway as he tries to move out and leap onto the wall above the door. Assuming Ryoma came out, he'd find Spidey pressing the detonator of his grenade and another net rushing out to try and trap him.
The heavier thuds from the grenades gave C a start. Even with his current level of speed he wasn't able to make it away from the blast before it went off. The webs didn't even give him a moment of trouble as they sizzled and dripped off of him. GRAAAAAGH! ARRGH! HAAAH! HAAAH... Clever sneak. I definitely pegged you as a prankster, but that's a low blow. Hm? Noticing a light in the darkness, Ryoma hedges his bets on one final move. He charges towards the door at top speed and dives through. Spidey would definitely be quick enough to hit the detonator and launch C upwards with the explosion. The net would also have a more pronounced effect as the heat started to dwindle, but in that same moment C opened and closed the top of the Caffeine Driver. EARL OF GREY! THE FINISHER! CONTENTS ARE HOT! C's eyes flash red as steam begins to rise all around him, carrying him up into the sky. The webbing on him would also begin to melt slowly. Ryoma's leg would begin to glow with a red light as he reaches the peak of his ascent. With a rebellious yell, he'd orient himself towards Spiderman and crash towards him with a kick. Rider Kick! Whether or not he connects doesn't matter, as his armor would break apart as he falls out of his transformation as soon as the attack finishes.
Spider-Sense! He likely can't dodge, and while web-slinging to a nearby building might be an option. But nah. "Heh, I'm not the strongest guy around back home, and I can't count on being fastest or anything... Even with powers, a guy like me has to fight smart!" As Ryoma rushes toward Spidey, the hero would begin blasting webbing from his shooters. He'd spin the webbing into one big ball placed between himself. Even so, the heat and raw force would be enough to break through despite being slowed down. Of course, his waldoes have something to say about being hit dead on too, the man's attack would now find the 4 metal limbs in its path as the push back against him for a while. Eventually, however, he'd send them out of his way by slamming through. Which would smash into Peter with a decent bit of force, enough to slam the boy back through the wall and cause him to groan as he stands back up. Shooters aimed toward Ryoma, only to see the man untransformed. "Oh, so uh I won...? Or at least I'd call it a win if this were serious, still, that was a good fight man! I'd have probably lost if I just tried to outmatch you in raw force. But well that's never been my style." Despite having slammed through a wall, the boy would still walk over to Ryoma and look to see if his foe is doing alright. Clearly more concerned with others than himself.
Relatively beat up, in no small part due to his own actions. Ryoma sits up from where he landed and looks himself over. O-Ouch.... the longer I get that to last, the more severe the burns it seems... His face and arms were covered with several burn marks that would normally warrant immediate medical attention. However Ryoma seemed more disgruntled at his loss than any sort of pain he'd be in. You won fair and square, Spider-Man. I lost to my hot head in the middle of combat and that sealed my fate. I typically lile to wrap things up before my terribly impulsive side takes over. He laughs in embarrassment as he looks at his burned hands. It's going to take a lot of time to heal up properly. I shouldn't have let myself get carried away. I have something only I can do after all...
Something only he can do... There's a feeling Peter can understand. "With great power, there must also come great responsibility. I get what you're saying about something only you can do, but even so..." He'd grin a bit under his mask. "We're just people, even with the fancy tech or radioactive spider bites we're still not so different from anybody else. And no one can do everything alone Ryoma, so hey if you need a hand in this thing then I'll do my best! Anyway, seems like you know what you're doing with that suit so I'll catch you later!" The young man leaps up, web line rushing from his wrist as he grapples onto a nearby building. He'd swing off into the night, moving away from the GYM and casually waving to Ryoma as he fades from sight.
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