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Mmmmm Im dead
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Who wants to see me raid a rp?
Go ahead and f*ck up Shadowgear's "Phansite Apocalypse 3" thread. I'll get you a cameo in an RP series I'm GMing if you do it.
Yes, come to my totally not evil café.
Aww, how thoughtful! You'll let him cameo if he does something he has no reason to! So sweet of you.
I'll have you know that Tatsuya and a few others have been giving me advice on how to GM properly on my most recent thread. I'll practice on Reddit over the summer, and when my series starts on the Phansite, you WILL be surprised.
Couldn't he just cameo by showing up?
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My style of GMing falls in line with that of directing a theater or TV/film production: it's structured, and all parties involved are pre-informed of their roles in the RP to some extent. But considering that I'm a novice at online GMing thanks to several factors, folks like Shad have accused me of godmodding.
Tatsuya gave you advice? I'm sorry to say, but that guy is a diehard troll
How would you know? You only joined a few hours ago (unless you're telling me this from a new alt)
Can't stop him from showing up anyway...
True, true.
How would you know? You only joined a few hours ago (unless you're telling me this from a new alt) He is infamous on Tumbler
Yeah, he's a troll, it's written on the secret wiki so it's true. There's proof. Titanium evidence. http://secretphansite.wikia.com/wiki/Tatsuya
Oh no.
Can confirm that Tatsu is a troll, from personal experience
Wait but which one?
Oh shit, I know a guy named Tatsuya. I better warn him about this other Tatsuya guy running around.
Yes, I'll be on the lookout for this dangerous imposter.
Even if the Tatsuya who gave me advice turns out to be a troll, there are others who echoed his sentiments about my GMing methods.

Can confirm, Tatsuya is a troll.
Who is Tatsuya? What did I miss?
Tatsuya is an absent person who ocassionally does stuff here on phansite. He was one of the first users and tbh, no, he aint a troll
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Though I hate myself for posting on a day old thread, this was supposed to be a joke / meme how did this happen Also this wasn''t a request, this is practically a shitpost.
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...So you're not gonna do it?
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I hate myself to responding to a day old reply, but... No, I won't, swat_squad will be dead and will forever be dead and never used as a account to troll and just not attack rps.
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