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GYM: A Swing and a Miss!
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The inside of the GYM was silent. Not even a single person, including the owner, Kalib, who usually sits behind the juice bar from time to time, was not present inside the building. It almost felt like the interior was a miniature ghost town in a sense... Just then, the silence of the GYM was interrupted by a loud bang at the door of the building followed by the door flying off of it’s hinges, crashing into the opposite wall with another loud bang. Just after that, a blue tracksuit wearing man with a wooden baseball bat in hand, which was most likely used by the man to destroy the door, steps into the building, scanning the area for any other people. The expression on his face told that he was itching for a fight since he hasn’t had a “real battle” since the battle with that cowboy and his “pet” at that sawmill. Walking over to a wall to lean on it, the man would wait for a worthy opponent to enter through the doorway.
A young woman walks through the doors, black armor covering her whole body and a mask with insect-like lenses over her head. On her waist, one can see an electric stun baton. Along with some pepper spray. After a moment of looking around, she'd glance at the man in blue. "Hmm, you here to train? If so I guess I'm game for a bit of a fight... Been a while since I've gone up against anyone worth fighting, so let's hope there's a remedy for that eh?" She'd stare at him with her arms crossed, a smirk on her face below her mask. And the tone of her voice might reveal that. Of course, she's itching for a good win as always... Termite's hungry, as per usual.
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Looking over to the woman that just entered the building, The Scout would grow a bit frightened after inspecting her bug-like costume. Preventing his fear from overcoming his confidence, he pushes himself off of the wall with a smile on his face, twirling his bat around. You bet I am! I haven’t had a fight in a while too, so we’re kinda even, I guess... Stopping at the end of one of the sparring arenas, The Scout would throw his bat up in the air once before resting it on his shoulder, waiting for Taylor.
Soon after the entrance of the two, a teenager wearing glasses and a red jacket enters the GYM, holding a large paper bag full of groceries. Despite seeing the ruins of the door, he only sighed and left the items on the counter of the juice bar. "And there go my dreams of making a sandwich in peace..." He sighs again and absentmindedly makes sure the bandages covering his hands are secure. Placing the multitude of weapons strapped to his belt under the counter, he yawns and walks up to the two but doesn't say anything.
The girl walks over to the ring Scout had entered, as she does so various bugs would begin rushing in the building through the door the man had broken. Wasps and other flies above Taylor's head, various things on the ground both in and around the arena... All in all, a minefield of a swarm. "Well then, let's see how you handle a basic attack. I'll just leave it up to my swarm for now!" Mosquitos, in this case, they're not going to do too much damage but... The few dozens of them aiming to land on his arms, back, and legs then begin sucking away at his blood would do quite a bit to distract the man if they're able to land on him. Despite doing all that, she'd wave cheerfully at Eito without even missing a beat.
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The confident and cocky expression on The Scout’s face swaps to a more serious face as he glances around the arena, looking at the many insects scattered around. Did his opponent call all of these insects in to aid her? He’s never seen anyone with such a unique ability like this one. Bugs huh? Never expected her to use those As the first swarm of mosquitoes closed in on him, The Scout would dash diagonally to the right with a speed that can be mistaken for teleporting, bypassing the incoming mosquitoes. Putting his baseball bat on his back, which is being held in place by the strap on his backpack, The Scout would reach inside his pockets, whipping out two pistols, one being black and the other being grey, aiming them at Taylor and unloading the bullets on her while jogging to the right.
Eito would smile tiredly and wave back before turning around and going to the juice bar to make his goddamn sandwich. "Hey, since you two have already invited yourselves in, want a sandwich?" Regardless of the answer, he would start the delicate process of creating his lunch while humming some weird tune.
*Nero walks into the GYM, surprisingly without the companionship of one of his robots for once. * This place looks new. Hmm? *Nero notices Eito and smirks before walking over to him, clearing his throat.* You there. Red... guy? Are you serving things?
Geez this guy is fast, annoyingly so in fact... Despite that, the bugs keep after him, some coming from behind, others the front. Even his sides. And beyond that, fire ants begin crawling along the ground, aiming to get onto the man's legs. "Question, any allergies I should know about? I'd hate to cause a death because of something like that. Also, yes that would be nice Eito I could go for one!" The girl's conversation is cut short, however, by the string of bullets rushing at her... Now, those bugs aren't just minions, of course, she can, in fact, see through them. Naturally, they'd noted the guns drawing before she did. By the time Scout's firing Taylor is in motion, some would simply fly past her, a couple bullets, however, slam into the girl's right side as she dashes as fast as she can. Finally, a black hammer with a pair of beady red eyes takes shape in her hands as all of her bugs begin to descend on the man. She'd weave through the ones on the ground easily, somehow not stepping on any even as she charges forward with the hammer held in front of herself. Aiming to slam it right into Scout's chest if she reaches him, of course, he'd also have a swarm attacking him to worry with. The things aiming to bite and sting whatever they can.

"I'm making lunch, since we'd be closed at this time but since you people have decided now is a good time to fight regardless of what I say, i've graciously offered my cooking skills." Eito doesn't even turn to face Nero, focusing intensely on placing the perfect amount of lettuce on his creation. "Want one?"
*Nero shrugs.* Αλλά φυσικά. I mean, um, of course. I'm hungry.

Feeling the need to interject, Eito's eyes turn green as he turns around to face Nero, speaking in vaguely european accent. "Τότε μπες στην γραμμή." This of course, distracts him from the sandwich, adding more cheese than necessary. After hitting himself in the head and returning to normal, Eito apologizes briefly only to turn around and face what he created, staring at it as if he was in a funeral. "No..." After a bit of whining, he just removes all cheese and starts over. It has to be perfect, since he's going to be the one eating it.
Damn, now that's just cold. Though, I wouldn't say there's a line. Everyone else is a bit busy, I do believe. *Nero chuckles to himself.* ανόητος. You should learn to pay more attention.
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Aknowledging Eito’s offer while still jogging, The Scout glances over to him, shaking his head. Save it for later kid. I’m in the middle of a fight! And about any allergies, The Scout never got any of those checked with one of The Medics and doesn’t believe that he has any. As a response to Taylor, he shakes his head once again, not even realizing the fire ants crawling up his pants which don’t really bother him that much. Looking up at the bugs descending towards him, The Scout would start jogging towards Taylor to attack her before the bugs attack him before realizing that Taylor’s charging straight towards him with a black hammer in her hands. To counter her attack, The Scout would put his pistols in his pockets and simply slide feet first towards his opponent to prevent getting hit, attempting to sweep one of her legs once he gets close just to get her on the ground for just a moment.

"You may know greek but you certainly can't speak in Sarcasm." Eito takes a brief moment to stare at Nero, thoroughly unimpressed, before turning back and placing the finishing touches on his magnificent creation. "Ah, perfect." He then places it under the counter and gets to making more sandwiches, not placing quite as much care in them as he did in his own. After finishing one, he shouts at Scout. "While throwing sandwiches at you as you fight sounds entertaining, it'd be a bit of a waste, really."
The fire ants that had gotten onto Scout's leg would quickly begin stinging him. Hopefully that'll stun him a bit. "Huh, most people don't deal with the swarm so well. What kind of powers have you got?" The girl is in fact knocked down by her foe. Of course being swept off doesn't stop her bugs. Nor does it stop her from aiming the hammer downward, trying to smash it into Scout as he passes by her.
Hey, it was good advice, Red. Heh. Do you believe that? *Nero chuckles.*
(from the ground, a small rumble can be heard, mostly from the middle part of the gym, then, a weird, purple like snake like head, appers from right bout the middle of the gym) ...ah god...the memorys....

"I need not pay attention to anything other than my craft at the moment. While this coversation is certainly..." His hands tense as his eyes shift through colors. He mouths various insults in many accents and languages before getting back to his senses and shaking his head. "Stimulating...I'm not one to listen to your advice." Staring at the head coming out of the ground, Eito immediately abandons the sandwich and goes around the counter to grab a pistol, aiming it at the person. "And what the fuck are you doing here?"
(he Casually looks up to eito, not scared of the gun) Ay eito....been a while mate...
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*Nero rolls his eyes, and mutters something under his breath* This guy is so slo... *Nero stares at Rep. His eyes start twitching. Slowly, he pulls out a staff out of thin air, points its rounded end at Rep and fires a lightning bolt at him.* Back to Hades with you, serpent!
(the lighting bolt does nothing, as he plumps his head back into his hole) WHOA, HOLD UP!
Ugh, please don't. He's not one of mine, nor do I want him anywhere near me.
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Seeing the hammer coming down on him, The Scout attempts to stand up but can’t due to the fire ants preventing his legs from moving. The majority of his body avoids the hammer, the only part getting hit being his left arm. The Scout winces in pain as he tries to free his arm out from under the hammer. Rrrgh! H-Heheh, I’ll explain my “powers” after this fight is over...

"Certainly has been. How much shit have you done since, huh?" Eito doesn't even bother attempting to stop Nero, simply rolling his eyes and going back to the final of his glorious creations. "How many other people have you sold your soul to?"
(he goes back up, and looks very weary) ...well, that's a very nice how do ya do
*Nero growls at the snake* Allow me to put this simply. I... *Smoke starts forming around him. Nero's voice turns more feminine* Hate...
*When the smoke clears from around Nero, Circe has replaced him where he was sitting..* Snakes. *Before she can fire again, Circe hears Hades and yells back at him.* No-one asked you, Fake Hades. I mean the ACTUAL Hades. Y'know. The Underworld that people, me included, sometimes refer to as Hades. I mean, I think it's co-owned now... Well, that doesn't matter at all.
(he puts his head back into his hole, shaking like crazy* ....uh oh...

Taking a moment to stare at Circe, Eito just shakes his head. "I'm not even gonna ask. Do you want the food?" He offers the sandwich to her while absentmindedly shooting at Rep.
(his head was in the hole, making the shots miss) ...why must this happen...
... *Circe sighs, leaning her staff against her chair and folding her legs. She takes the offered sandwich.* Thank you.

"Fantastic." He walks over to the hole and shoots a couple times inside it before returning to the counter and grabbing his food, starting to eat it silently.
A kimono wearing figure smiled as she was tidying the gym. They seemed cheerful. They make their way up towards where the barspace is. Oh, Eito-san. Is business going well this evening?
(the shots make a loud ting sound) ALRIGHT, I GET IT, IM A FUCK UP, IM SORRY!
Excuse me, did you just call me a fake? Hah! How cute. Do I need to send down my forces to show you just how real I am?
*Circe finishes her sandwich and looks up at Eito.* So, I guess you and that... ergh... serpent have some history then, Red. *Circe yells at Hades* You're a knockoff of the real god of the underworld from my lands, so yeah, you're a fake. Get over yourself, Jackass.
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"Oh, I don't know if you can call this business..." After finishing the sentence, he stares at Luka with an expression that said he should remember her but doesn't. Not that this was uncommon for him these days, he had a couple problems with identity and memory later. Shrugging it off, he turns to the hole, walking over and spitting in it for good measure. "Calling you just a fuck up would be a compliment." And with that, he turns to face Circe once again and sighs. "History...I suppose you could call it that..."
U-Umm... If you have to fight, please take it to the ring or outside...? Luka tries to mediate the situation between Hades and Circe, but might be too quiet to have any real effect. She blinks at Eito and bows apologetically. My apologies... I was informed you worked the bar here. Sorry if I was mistaken. My name is Luka Urushibara. I'm from a Tokyo of another world, and I work here as a maid and I close up if Kalib-san is absent... if the place doesn't burn down first... I hope we get along, Eito-san.
The girl's hammer would leave acid on Scout's arm, thanks to the girl hold her "weapon" back it's not enough to eat through his skin. But it'll sure as hell leave him feeling a burn. As for getting out from under the hammer, he'd be able to do that... But not before Taylor is able to land about 20 waps on his chest. Toss them stinging at his chest, in with the fire ants, and the fact that Taylor''s gotten back up as removes her hammer, followed by trying to slam her foot down into his left knee, this could be painful. "Explaining later is fine with me, I'd be happy to answer anything if you've got questions on my own... Rather strange skillset."
"Oh please, where would you even get that idea from? Frankly, it seems to me you know more than you're letting on about. Most people would assume it's just another Hades from an alternate universe, but no, you're so certain I'm a "knockoff"! It's funny, actually. Kinda reminds me of how people are back home..." Hades lets out a long sigh, before finally breaking his silence with laughing. "Well, whatever. If I'm a fake to you, then I suppose I shouldn't bother with some "silly knockoff" of the real enchantress from my realm, and frankly I couldn't give a damn anyways. I'll just leave you a little parting gift and be off, I suppose..." Hades' presence fades, but off in the corner of GYM, a large blue treasure box poofs into existence. Its gold trim almost begs for it to be opened.

Eito nods to Luka, yawning. "Alright then, welcome to the team, I guess. Let's hope we both go through our careers without going insane in this place." He extends his hand towards her for a handshake, smiling casually.
Tch. Ass. *Circe sighs deeply.* "I'm the god of the underworld. I'm too important to fight by myself. Let me hide behind my hordes of cannon fodder. Ho Ho Ho.* Tch. What a mockery. I feel sorry for the denizens of the worlds that guy is their Hades. Pah. *Circe leans back on her chair and looks at Luka and Eito.* By the by, did someone try to say something to me while I was yelling at that guy? Thought I heard something. Might have been my imagination though.
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Trying to ignore the burning sensation on his arm, Scout attempts to stand up right before he gets pinned back down by the wasps causing him to wince in pain once more. Through all the pain, he quickly notices Taylor attempting to stomp on his knee which causes him to instantly react by pulling out his bat from out of the strap of his backpack with his right arm and swinging it at Taylor’s leg, attempting to knock her off balance again.
Don't worry. I can handle it. I've seen a lot of things, after all. Luka gently shakes Eito's hand with a smile. Compared to the things she's seen with Reading Steiner, this kind of mayhem was normal. Luka seemed a little bit intimidated by Circe after her outburst. She looked a little uncomfortable. Um... It was nothing. That man is gone now, so...

"Great. Now, since you're here, i'll take the opportunity for a nap." Eito happily gets off his stool behind the counter and starts walking to a back room. "I trust that you know where all the food is and how to entertain yourself. If you don't know either, i'll trust that you will figure it out. Good luck." And with a wink, he's gone.
Oh, I see. So, it was... hmm? *Circe walks over to the chest Hades left behind. She looks over to Luka.* Hey. Girl person. Open this for me, would ya?
The young woman smirks under her mask, well this plan is working out so far. Of course, the baseball bat slamming into her leg would toss off balance quite well. What Scout might not expect is for her to tumble herself forward, reaching down for a can of pepper spray on her belt as she falls closer to his face. "This one is a cheap trick, but it seems to work decently enough most of the time." Her right arm's trying to grab onto the man, aiming to hold him down as best she can. Her left, however, would quickly take the can of pepper spray and place it near Scout's face, pulling back on the trigger and blasting noxious eye-burning fumes at his head. Despite the brawl, however, she's got a few bugs wandering about and listening in... She'd shout toward Luka and Circe. "Oi! If you want to open obvious ambushes lady then do it yourself! I'm not about to tolerate you trying to use others as shields."
Luka smiles and bows to Eito. Enjoy your nap, Eito-san? Luka is a little caught off guard as Circe asks her to do something... not so safe. She was conflicted. She knew that this probably wasn't a good idea, it could contain a spirit she couldn't exorcise without the proper tools. But, she had a duty to serve the patrons of the GYM... so... Y-Yes ma'am... Luka braces herself, taking a deep breath before muttering a phase she heard countless times before from someone special, as a good luck charm. El...psy...congroo... With that, Luka opens the chest.
As Luka touches the chest, she finds she's unable to actually open the lid. The chest then begins to shake, before it moves upwards. Below it are now two shapely legs coming out of the bottom of the chest, wearing red heels. For the moment, it would simply stand there, its large chest body swaying from side to side as it shifted its weight between the two legs.
Huh. Well, I expected a trap, but that ones new. Thanks for the help, girl person. Now then, what's it do? *Circe pokes the chest with legs with her staff.*
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As The Scout gets sprayed in the eyes by the pepper spray, he attempts to cover his eyes but ultimately fails, causing him to feel yet another burning sensation. It doesn’t bother him too much though since he’s been in worse pain. D-Damn... *Sigh* Do ya mind s-stoppin’ this match here?
The young woman curses and suddenly stops spraying Scout, in fact, he'd note all the bugs have left him and that his foe is now standing up and staring at the walking chest. "Right then, guess I'd better go deal with that now. Thanks for the fight, but it seems there are things that are a bit more dangerous around here now." Taylor's doubtful that bugs will do much to it, but she'll go ahead and try anyway. A swarm of wasps rushes for the thing's legs, aiming to land and quickly begin stinging them more so to see if it even has any effect than out of an attempt to do damage. "Gah, I can't believe you, lady. Opening obvious traps in the middle of someone's building, making some random person do it for you? What the heck would you have done if she died from it?" Despite speaking at Circe, the girl's still focused on her new foe as the black hammer takes shape in her hands once more. She's simply watching for now, standing between the thing and Luka with an annoyed look under her mask.
Luka jumps and let's out a scream as the chest becomes sentient. She maintains a distance from it as she watches its movements. Umm... A-A shapeshifter...? I've never seen anything like it before... Luka draws a wooden sword from her robes sheath and holds it firmly. It was her responsibility, as she opened it. I-I'll do my best... Evil spirit of the chest... Be cleansed and eliminated from this realm! Return to Yomi! Luka announces before swinging the wooden sword in an arch, trying to hit the roof of the chest and hopefully exorcise it.
As soon as its leg is touched, it responds with a swift kick with its heel right at Circe. Now awakened, the chest begins to run around, circling the group. It then lowers its stance and begins to spin around while moving, kicking around the area begins moving in towards Taylor and Luka.
So it does want to fight then? Fine, thing seems annoying as hell to deal with using her usual weapons... Should be fun to show off a bit, Taylor reaches for a tiny capsule and a bottle of water. After tossing said capsule into the bottle, it'd begin to shake and rumble for a moment before a massive insect burst out of the bottle and glares at the Mimic. To be exact, a giant preying mantis about twice the size of an SUV, wicked sharp blades gleaming as it stares down its foe. "Well then, I really hate to waste my pets like this. But it should be fun watching the thing tear this little monster to shreds so... Not really a waste, wouldn't you say?" Taylor would keep in front of Luka, hammer simply aimed to try and block if needed. Her mantis, on the other hand, rushes forward in a blur, the beast moves with inhuman speed and aims to swing one of its blades across the room and straight into the chest. The other would go up, trying to slash downward and strike into the top of the lid as an attempt to knock it down.
Gah. *Circe flies up into the air, barely dodging the kick.* Not entirely unexpected. Welp, good luck with that you guys. Imma gonna leave now. *In a puff of smoke, Circe turns into a bird.* Eh, I'll one hit in. Then, it'a all you and you're... stick and bugs and stuff, I guess. Ciao. *The smoke summoned from Circe's transformation becomes dense and concentrated, forming into a spear. As Circe flies out of the front door, the spear fires at the chest with legs, aiming to pierce one of its legs.*
Luka stayed behind Taylor, holding her wooden sword with a disheartened expression... If her exorcism failed, there was nothing else she could do. She wasn't a figher, she was a shrine maiden. She lamented her own uselessness. Just like before... I'm... sorry.
After a slash across the "torso" and a smash into the ground, the chest part of the monster have deep gashes on its front and top, although it seems to act completely unaffected by them. With the spear flying right at it, the chest masterfully kicks the tip of the spear, causing it to change direction and fly right into the ceiling. The chest then blazes its way towards the mantis creature, moving at a slower pace than it, but much faster than a normal human, before unleashing a flurry of hefty kicks with its heeled legs.
The young woman would turn to Luka, a smile spreading across her face as she shrugs. Of course, the bug-like mask would prevent the other girl from seeing Taylor's face. "Don't be sorry, saving people's kinda my thing. I know the costume isn't very heroic or anything, but I am trying to be a superhero despite my looks!" Taylor would heft her hammer over her shoulder with her right hand, shooting Luka a thumbs up for a moment before she rushes forward and takes the weapon in both hands. She smirks as it focuses on her bug, the giant beast simply soaking up the damage for now and feeling the strong kicks slam into it. Of course, after a bit Taylor would close in. "Termite, melt it down, partner!" The beady red eyes on the top of her weapon shift a bit, acid pools up from inside the thing for a moment before she points it toward her foe and congeals the acid into a large ball. With that, it would blast toward the back of the chest, quickly burning into the thing if it struck. Assuming said acid stunned her foe, the giant Mantis would dart off to the side in a blur and aim to swing its blades into the legs of the hopefully distracted foe.
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Sitting up, Scout rubs his eyes to regain his vision a bit before looking over to the strange treasure chest with legs flailing around the GYM. He stared at the creature in confusion as he didn’t know what it was, and probably doesn’t want to know what it is. But whatever it is, everyone wants the thing dead. Hmph... The Scout jumps up, drawing both of his pistols once again, aiming them at the creature and shoot two bullets from each gun at it.
The wandering man with his camera arrives at GYM, the busted door kind of saddening him. He's very disappointed that someone beat him to the punch, and after missing out on the gathering at the station, his patience must certainly be running thin. The absurd sight of the chest dancing about doesn't help. "At least I made it before the whole kerfuffle ended this time..." No reason to interject now, after all, fights like this apparently happen all the time, it is a gym first and foremost. The homeless shelter residing upstairs currently an afterthought. At present, the goal was survey things, so, may as well sit on the sidelines. "So they need to gang up to take down a box with legs...? Maybe my job'll be easy this time."
The chest oddly doesn't halt it's movement as its struck from behind the acid, simply continuing to run around almost aimlessly. It manages to avoid the slice at its legs, only giving the right a deep cut, but still the chest remains undeterred. Even after being shot twice, the chest simply runs towards the mantis once again, this time leaping high into the air and kicking it in the jaw, or whatever mantises have. When it lands on the ground, it takes a while for it to pick itself back up, most likely due to the slash at its legs, leaving it open.
Taylor's slightly annoyed by the thing shrugging her attack off, but whatever it'll work. As for her bug, the beast is harmed a bit and stunned for a moment by being kicked in the head, but a Demon Beast isn't so easily killed. Taylor rushes around back, aiming to slam her hammer into the left kneecap with incredible force. Her Mantis holds it in place, using one blade to curve over it and hold it from moving back, the other pressed to the front to try and bind it in place entirely. "Come on, would you just die already? I haven't got all night for this fight!"
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The Scout pulls the triggers of his guns once more to get another round of shots on the chest before two loud “click” sounds come from both guns, indicating that they’re out of ammo. Groaning he puts his guns back in his pockets just before reaching inside his backpack, pulling out a gold colored shotgun. The Scout jogs a bit closer to the creature to make his shotgun shots effective, shooting a whole round of bullets (which is exactly six bullets) at it.
The chest suddenly bursts open as it takes both a full shotgun blast as well as a bash to the kneecap. It lets out a horrifying feminine screech as the legs begin to crumble to dust, leaving the chest to fall to the ground with a hard metal clank. Looking inside the chest there appears to be... hearts? Little cartoon heart-shaped things rest inside, pulsing with a soft red glow. Next to them is a small yellow orb with a metal band wrapped around it. After these items are taken, the chest simply fades away into black and purple smoke.
Taylor would take the oddball items, she hasn't got a clue what they do but no reason not to grab loot! That being said, Termite vanishes back into his host feeling just a bit fuller after that "meal". If it can be called such. The girl would then look around, various bugs rushing through the GYM and searching for any sign of more issues. "What the heck was that thing? And just what am I getting mixed up in by picking a fight with a guy who can summons monsters from nowhere..."
Off to the side, a man with tanned skin and white hair appeared, analytically scanning the room as he stood, feet apart, hands open, magic circuits thrumming as the proverbial hammer in his head cocked, readying to launch weapons into existence...
Of course, being the hero that he is, Tsukasa lies relaxed on the couch, watching in some sort of bored grimace. "Guess I was rooting for the wrong group here... That box had some fighting spirit." He stretches and yawns, kicking his feet up on the couch.
The girl in armor looks toward the man yawning on a couch. Fighting spirit from the box, well this guy seems like a real comedian. Termite would mutter something to her about wanting to break his face in, but she simply shrugs it off and casually glances toward the man. "Well then, enjoyed the show from over there? Then again, that look tells me the answer is no. Still, I'm curious who the heck you are." Something about him gives her a bad feeling, but for now there's no need to let that show.
The yawning man leans back into his hands. "No, I found it quite entertaining, just I was really hoping that box would win, you know?" The man chuckles to himself, comedy gold. "As for who I am? Well, let's just say I'm passing through. Probably better for you that you remember it."
Oh, so he really was rooting for the box. She can't even really blame him, was kinda lame having others get into that on top of the demon beast. "Fair enough, it was a pretty impressive box so I won't hold that against ya." She'd smirk under her mask, putting a hand on her chin as she hears the man say he's simply passing through. Huh, does this guy actually know a way to leave this "Nexus" or whatever we're calling it today? "A dimensional traveler? Getting through here isn't that easy to most people, but I guess if crossing space and time isn't an issue it'd be simple enough. Hmm, wouldn't expect to find someone like that around."
"Crossing space and time? Now that's something I don't recall ever saying... Like I said, I'm just passing through, but somewhere in my gut I get the feeling it won't be so easy." Tsukasa sighs at the presumptions of the masked lady. "Seriously, is this place so messed up that you people would assume by 'passing through' someone means 'travelling through time and space'?"
Yes, it is exactly that messed up here. "Entirely so, lots of names running around for it but some call it "The Nexus". It's an utter madhouse that draws in people and even places from across the freaking multiverse, you didn't know?" The woman's voice sounds entirely amused, clearly this person is all too new around here. Well, in that case, might as well give him a basic rundown right? "So judging from being unused to our little home's nature of not letting anyone or anything leave, I'm guessing you're new around here? All I can think, if you haven't run into beasts of myth mixed with future tech that can't even exist yet and who knows what else, consider it luck of some kind. Good or bad is arguable at best, but in short, this world is madness."
Tsukasa laughs aloud, half mocking, half from the genuine humor of the situation. "I got that part. I even knew about this jumble of worlds. If I were a betting man, I'd wager I know more about this place than you. " Tsukasa holds his arms behind himself and a loud popping noise is heard, as he cracks his back, sighing in relief as it comes to an end. "Call me cleverer than I let on, but all this helps me do my job. I have a reputation to uphold, after all."
Hmm, so his job does, in fact, involve crossing between worlds then. Well, that's something to keep in mind from now on... Is he trying to get a rise? Or maybe just an asshole by nature, but dealing with assholes isn't anything new. "Hmm, sounds like a fair bet. I don't claim to be some expert or anything ya know? I just live here." A reputation to uphold huh... Something tells her that rep of his isn't going to be about helping people and fighting the good fight. "Well, hopefully, that'll go well for you then. It'd be a shame if ya got held up too long Mr. Passing Through."
Really? No curiosity? More secrets for him then. "Well, if this place really is an amalgamation of worlds, I suppose I'll be sticking around longer than I'm used to. Maybe I'll find some new things." Tsukasa leans into the couch snugly. "One thing I bet you didn't know is that this place has some weird tendency to house the homeless. I intend to fully take advantage of this, this couch is QUITE comfortable."
Housing... Hmm. Well, she can't help wondering, seeing as how he says he's planning to stick around who knows if he'll be an issue? Besides, asking won't hurt. Unless he tries to kill her because he thinks she might know too much. "Huh, does it? That's pretty curious..." There's a slight pause, the woman shrugging before moving on to the question that's stuck in her mind. "So, what kinda reputation is that anyways? Somehow you don't seem the type to go through places for no reason."
Bingo. He stretches, closing his eyes in relaxation. He opens one eye toward the masked woman, and pops the most straight face. "Well you already know I'm a traveller. Uh, what else...? Photographer, Destroyer of Worlds, and resident cutie. I think that covers it?" He opens the box around his neck, checking through the film inside it. "Nothing too important I guess."
Huh... Nothing too important at all. Despite the growing concern, she's feeling right now, he doesn't seem likely to do anything as of now. Some might write that off as a simple joke, but... Eh, he seems too sketchy not to be careful with. She'd respond in a cold voice. "I see then, well I'm sure I'll see you around Mr. Destroyer. Enjoy your stay at GYM, and try not to break anything except the door yeah? Doubt the owner would be too happy with that." She'd walk off, leaving through the broken door with a curious look under her mask. That man... He's something to be sure, and what he seems to know, it's all too odd for her to just write off his claims. But, she's not about to attack him out of a few suspicions or anything.
Nacci gives a smile and wave to a familiar face, Taylor, as she walks into GYM while the other girl walks out. However, it doesn't take long before she simply sighs, seeing the broken-down door, shaking her head as she looks over at the poor sight of it. "I wonder how many door have faced this pain... Does it truly bring humankind happiness to destroy property..?" She shrugs off the question before noticing Tsukasa, laying down on the couch. It's an abnormal sight to be sure, but nothing too weird. She walks over to the couch and taps him on the shoulder. "Excuse me, homeless sir? Are you okay?"
Tsukasa waves his hand over his shoulder. He seems to be visibly awake, but yawns nonetheless. "I... another yawn would prefer you didn't just assume I'm homeless. I guess that's a running theme here, big assumptions." He opens his eyes, turns over, and takes in the sight of the broken door. "Some day, I'll get my chance at that."
A familiar dragon flied into the area, she quckly landed in front of the door, she went inside easily because the door was broken, thay made her think. I can't understand why the entrance is always broken... maybe I should break it too... I think I shouldn't, for now. She walked to Nacci and taylor, making sure she is not be seen as an enemy, she spoke while she lied down to not scare anyone. Greetings little humans, how are you today?
The girl laughs, before taking a seat on the armrest of the couch at Tsukasa's feet. She then looks over to Kushala with a confused look, but fixes it with a smile and friendly wave, deciding not to correct her mistake. "So, um, I suppose it's only right to introduce myself first. My name is-" She pauses for a moment, seeming to be deep in thought, before she returns to focus. "Feebo." She almost sounds uncertain saying her "own name", but she plays it off with a little laugh and an extension of her hand to him. "Erm, how about you, sir?"
Tsukasa whistles at the silly name. "The name's..." Tsukasa pauses, in a copying manner. "Yusuke Onodera." He says it with such a stone faced expression, even some hard-boiled detectives might not see through it. Of course, he flicks his hand off his eyebrow, in a quick gesture of greeting. "Guess I don't get much in terms of greetings here, then. That's okay, I like my OWN dragon more anyway." Tsukasa crosses his arms in mock grumpiness.
As he gives a name to himself, Nacci's eyes flash between their regular grey and pure white, before stopping once she blinks. Noticing he has no intent to shake her hand, she withdraws it. "Well, it's a... pleasure to meet you, Mr. Onodera. So, aside from finding a place to stay the night, is there any particular reason you're here? This is a place where regular sparring takes place, you could've easily been drawn here by that like so many others are."
The Kushala lowered her head to perform some kind of reverence. The pleasure is mine feebo, I don't have a name but you can call me as you humans do, a Kushala Daora, I hope my presence doesn't disturb anything. Now she turned to Tsukasa and she repeated the reverence. Greetings Yusuke Onodera, I'm glad to see you are another dragon owner. With that done, the Kushala looked to both, she was moving her eyes turning to each one per moments, she was feeling something strange, but it was easy to tell what. You are lying to me, aren't you? Is not that I care about, since most humans doesn't trust anything and are selfish, but if you are going to lie, try to do it better. When she ended her speech she looked to her left wing and she began to clean it.
Tsukasa holds his chin in thought, almost genuinely struggling to remember. "Well I first came here to witness the fabled door smashing, missed that, thought I'd stick around to watch a fight, was disappointed, then got a bit sleepy, so I took a nap! Any other questions? Or are you one of the patrons itching to pick a fight... hmm?" Tsukasa sighs a deep sigh, not making any real effort to sound genuine. "Personally, I thought I'd see some grandiose 1 on 1 fighting." Tsukasa doesn't even bother to turn toward the dragon this time. "Sounds like you're the untrusting one, who's to say I DON'T have a dragon? He's bright red you know."
The lady sighs, holding her head for a moment, realizing how terrible of a liar she is, before looking back at Tsukasa. "Well, you'll certainly be able to see some if you hang around the arena for long enough. Although, I will admit I am in need of a bit of a sparring partner right now. I've got diagnostics to run, but little aid in doing so. Besides that, it's an enjoyable experience." She stands up, facing towards him now and extending her hand once again, this time trying to help him stand up. "Are you okay with being that? You don't seem like the type to lack a capable power."
The Kushala continued cleaning her wing, she looked at Tsukasa with the corner of her eye. I'm not used to some humans terms yet, but I could say yes, I've come here to see if I can fight against someone, I have to be stronger for reasons I can't tell, and because I have to be the strongest Kushala if I want to survive as well. She stopped cleaning her wing and now she turned to Tsukasa. I wanted to ask, I've been here a few times and that door is always destroyed, is some kind of human traiditon? Because I've destroyed doors and humans had tried to attack me, with a sword, a gun, a spoon.
Tsukasa takes her hand, hopping up to his feet. "'Diagnostics' huh? Update your system recently?" While this could be taken as a joke, there is half the humor that is expected behind his words. "I suppose I don't have any choice really, SOMEONE really just can't believe I have a dragon, and that's just downright rude." Tsukasa pulls a card from his coat, and taps against it, making a tick tick noise as he does so. "You prefer the inside, or are we feeling outdoorsy today?" Tsukasa simply chooses to wave his hand dismissively toward the dragon. "Might Shmight. The door there just has a curse on it or something."
She rolls her eyes at the comment, before beginning to walk towards the indoors arena. "I happen to prefer a roof over my head while I fight, if that's fine with you." She takes her place on one side of the ring, standing at the ready. "Please, make the first move."
The Kushala walked a few steps away and then she lied down again on a good spot to watch the battle. I'll remain here, good luck on your trainning.
Tsukasa bows, though it's hard to tell if he's serious, or just joking. "I'd say chivalry isn't dead, but the man here is making the first move. Not that I'm complaining, just stating obvious fact." Tsukasa retrieves what looks like a porcelain camera from within his coat, placing it on his waist. A metallic ring attaches it like a belt, and an odd book materializes on the side. He pulls the two sides of the belt apart, and the lense turns sideways. He holds the card he had taken out prior, and now the image is a tad clearer. It's an image of a strange mask with bars running down the face. He holds it aloft, high above his head. "Transform!" He places the card into an open slot on the camera, and an odd deep voice echoes from within it. KAMEN RIDE The belt makes a sound similar to a mechanical buildup of energy, or even a small siren. He pushes the two ends together once more, and the lense snaps back to its original position. A ring of barcodes forms around the aperture of the lense, disappearing once he clasps it shut. DECADE Suddenly, nine transparent figures, each with their own symbol floating inside them, form a circle, with Tsukasa at the center. They wrap around, merging into each other, before landing on Tsukasa himself. Nine crimson panels appear above him, flying down rapidly into his mask. With a yellow glow on the center panel, the sides of the suit begin to turn magenta. Once the magenta reaches his feet, Tsukasa's eyes flash green, and stay that way. Tsukasa takes the book thing from the side of his belt, and unfolds a sword from it. He wipes his hand along the blade, in a gesture that seems like he's cleaning it. "I'm used to making people wait with that one. Now, for the attack." Tsukasa walks forward with his sword hanging from his hand beside him. He wanders as close as he can get before he's interrupted, and strikes with a forward lunge.
"Ah, so you're a transformational fighter... interesting." Nacci simply begins to approach Tsukasa as he approaches him, readying herself as he closes in. As he strikes, she moves to the side and slams her wrist area into the side of the blade. The clang of metal reverberated throughout her for a while before settling down. "By the way, I wouldn't say you'd be wrong to say chivalry isn't dead. I'm not exactly a male nor a female, so it wouldn't be a factor." A faint clicking can be heard from her as she swings her right leg around to hit him in the side. Should it hit, the feeling would be easily more than what a regular human would be capable of, and would be followed up with a quick push away using her foot, before using the push to spin herself around and regain her footing.
As Tsukasa is struck away, he slides on the floor, maintaining his footing. "Sorry lady, but I'm a very shallow person, who only judges based on looks, so any way you slice it, you're a girl. Not that I intend to slice, I'm more of a slash kind of person." Tsukasa pulls a card from the inside of the book, replacing it with his current one in the belt. KAMEN RIDE RYUKI Two mirror images of a greyscale knight fly inward toward Tsukasa, replacing his suit with a red base, and steely helmet. The strongest feature is the vent-esque helmet. "If you don't mind, I'd rather get the showing off bit out of the way rather quickly." He retrieves another card, tapping it twice. He repeats his actions from before. ATTACK RIDE ADVENT From the door, a slender serpentine dragon flies in, wrapping itself defensively around Tsukasa. Tsukasa begins to levitate, but acts with nothing for now. The dragon's roar shakes the building
"Oh, so this is the alleged dragon you were speaking of then? Most intriguing... I suppose it's my time to get to the 'showing off' myself." And clicking finally halts from within her, and she closes her eyes. Her hair then begins to slowly fade from grey to a light green, the same color as her eyes once she finally opens them. "Now, you face the element of wind!" Nacci brings her hand back behind herself before thrusting it forwards towards Tsukasa, sending a blast of force towards him. It wasn't the strongest, but it would certainly push him back.
Being guarded by the dragon as he is, Tsukasa barely feels any of the wind. "You'll have to forgive me if I don't let my hair down to enjoy this pleasant breeze." The dragon spirals up behind Tsukasa, beginning to blast his rear with fire. This serves to send Tsukasa flying at... Feebo. Tsukasa assumes the position of a forward kick, with considerable force backing him.
"Wh-what?! How-" Before she can finish her thought, Nacci puts her hands up, small holes now visible in the middle of her palms. Small burst of wind would come forward, attempting to slow his descent, before she puts up her forearms to attempt to block the attack, which only partially works. She still ends up getting thrown back, catching her fall with her right hand and bringing herself back to her feet. "A strong technique. Excellent. But, fortunately for me, I'm quite resilient to such attacks. Now, let's run a test." The lady brings her forearm level to her chest, and a small slit opens up on its back. Air begins to rush out of it, quicker and quicker, before becoming a blade of wind that runs across the back of her forearms. She waves her arm around and watches its reaction to the motion, which is that it generally retains its shape as it moves. She then focuses, extending the blade out into a larger shape, more suitable for attacking. "Hurricane Cutter!" Nacci simply stands there for the moment, admiring the new tool at her disposal, although she's certainly keeping an eye on Tsukasa.
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