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GYM: A Good Day to Die Hard
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Silence. The moment's reprieve was a welcome change of pace from all the hustle and bustle that GYM usually sees. However, the silence is quickly broken by a long sigh coming from the owner sitting at the juice bar. The large man shifts slightly behind the counter as he looks upon a long sword resting on the counter. He runs his left hand along the blade before leaning against the counter. "Well no use worrying about it. I'll deal with it when I get there." The large man stands up proudly as he looks towards the door. "Well then, let's see what we got on the menu today! Eheh!"
A gust of wind flows into the main room where Kalib takes his well deserved break. The source comes from the arena, where a few feathers fall to the ground as a darkly-clad man rises from a kneeling position. He gazes around the arena for a second before walking to the counter and taking a seat, sitting tall in his chair. "This place seems a pleasant state of being, wouldn't you say? Yet all that walks this realm tonight... is Death itself. So perhaps all is not so pleasant."
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Kalib is taken aback by the wind and the sudden appearance of the unknown man. Certainly not the weirdest entrance, but still pretty curious. At least the door is intact! He gives a welcoming smile to the stranger before speaking. "Um, hello there! The name's Kalib, and I'm the owner of this place! Welcome to GYM!" He poses with outstretched arms as he tries to hype up his workplace. A moment later he stops with a grin. "And not to rustle your feathers pal, but what are you on about? You aren't one of those Nyx fanatics are you? Cause I ain't buyin' what you're sellin'!"
"Ah, a name I have not heard in some time. No, I do not relate directly to Nyx. While we share a common position, we do not associate with each other very often. I am also to be considered an Avatar of Death, although my purpose is more... targeted. I retrieve souls of those who have surpassed Death once before, beyond the will of the Gods. I am, as one may put it, the Grim Reaper. I am Death." Death begins to float upwards, now looking down at Kalib from above. He extends his right arm out, reaching with his hand before closing it, a long-handled black scythe appearing in a burst of blue flames.
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Kalib shakes quickly grabs the blade on the counter and readies it in his right hand. A little wobbly, but that's probably just the adrenaline kicking in. A blue card begins to float down towards Kalib's left hand as he speaks. "Things I planned on doing today did not include getting threatened in my own workplace. I take it talking is out of the question?" Kalib clenches his teeth as he stares up at the looming presence. "Come on then. Or would you rather we play the fiddle?"
Gently spinning the scythe, he shifts it to brush up against the right side of Kalib's blade. "A natural reaction to Death. I do not blame you. However, I am not so dishonorable as to take your life from you without a fair test of might. A duel. My conditions are as follows:
One, should your flesh be struck by the blade of my scythe, your soul is forfeit. Two, should you become unable to fight, your soul is forfeit. Three, should you become unwilling to fight, you soul is forfeit.
Should you find these terms acceptable, and as this is a fight for your own soul... you may have the first move.
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"My soul has been on the line before. And if I don't stand and fight now...my decision to save her would've been in vain!" Kalib closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. "Alright. I accept!" He throws open his eyes with a grin. "Everyone loves an underdog story! Come on out Roland, Hero's Olifant!" He crushes the card in his left hand causing a torrent of blue flames to appear. Inside the torrent comes a large phantasmal paladin holding a horn in his left hand and a blade, much like Kalib's, in his right. The paladin brings the horn to where his mouth should be and lets out a mighty blow. A wave of energy would be blasted directly at Death in an effort to make space.
Death raises his scythe to chest level and grips it with both hands, bracing himself against the attack. He ends up being pushed back a good distance, more than enough to get Kalib out of direct slashing range. "An opening as expected of a warrior of your talent, Kalib. Perhaps this will be more fun than the last... Not that it would be too difficult to surpass." He takes his left hand back off his weapon, leaving it at his side and choked up on his right hand, then raises his free hand up. In another burst of blue flame, four blazing skulls float in a circle around him, keeping about 2 feet away from him. He then begins to quickly head back towards Kalib, placing his left hand back on the scythe and bringing the weapon above his head for a downwards slash that would hit both Roland and Kalib with it's wide swing. The skulls now float around his midsection in an attempt to take any hits aimed at his now open torso.
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Roland and Kalib both react to the downward strike by quickly sidestepping out of immediate danger. Kalib eyed the skulls for a moment before moving to action. "Roland! Brave Blade Double Xross!" The mighty Persona let out an affirmative huff as his blade and Kalib's blade both began to shine a bright red. Roland to Death's right, and Kalib to the left, they were perfectly aligned for a pincer attack. Skulls or not, they had to try. "Take this!" The pair leapt towards Death with their blades at the ready. Each of them aimed a large slash at the skull infested midsection, resulting in a glowing red X to appear on whatever was struck. They'd land behind Death and on opposite sides after their attack. "X marks the spot! How's that?"
As Kalib and his Persona come in from either side, the skulls move to cover Death, causing each of their blades to collide with a different skull, which puts force against them before dispersing into a small of smoke. Death using this opportunity to move backwards slightly, blocking with his scythe to prevent Kalib or Roland from dealing any major damage as they trade sides through their attack. As the remaining two skulls continue their circle around him, Death pounds the butt end of his scythe on the ground, causing a small rumble below where Kalib ended up after the attack. The ground begins to crumble and a large gravestone suddenly bursts out from below Kalib's feet, throwing him upwards and away from Death at a slight angle. While Kalib is airborne, he grips his scythe with both hands once more and rushes down Roland with a horizontal slash of his scythe.
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Kalib crashes to the ground a fair distance away from the action due to the unexpected attack. He lifts his head just in time to see Roland being targeted. "Roland! Block!" Kalib slowly begins to pick himself up off the ground as Roland prepares for the incoming attack. He holds his blade with both hands and moves towards Death as he slashes. He does so in an attempt to bring his blade up to block the scythe from further down. Should he succeed he'd attempt to hold Death in a bladelock.
Death grips his scythe firmly, pushing hard against Roland's blade as they clash and lock together. Death stares Roland down for a moment before making a motion with his head towards him. The two skulls then stop revolving around him and suddenly begin to head towards Roland, aiming to collide with him and explode in a burst of energy. Should they successfully connect, Death would quickly take his scythe away from Roland and turn it around, bashing him in the chest with it's butt end before making a quick movement away from both of them to gain distance.
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Roland has little time to react as the skulls collide with him and explode. The paladin is launched backwards before bursting into blue flames and vanishing. "Tch. Damn it! This doesn't look good." Kalib slams his fist on the ground before he stands back up. His eyes are trained on Death who stands on the other side of the room. "So how many more tricks do you got up your sleeve? Cause I can still take you on!" Whether the words were for Death or himself, Kalib readies his blade once more as he stares Death down.
"Oh? Well, if you insist, I'll begin to tap further into my strength." The scythe dispersing into dwindling flames, Death puts his arms out to the side. Behind him, and multitude of lit candles float in the air. He thrusts his arms forward, sending the candles up and then back down like a rain. As they fall towards Kalib, Death resummons his scythe in his right hand and spins it before hitting the ground again, this time even harder than before. Gravestones begin to pop up around Kalib as he tries to dodge or block, making it even harder for him. And with a snap of the fingers on his free left hand, a length of thick chain begins to float in an x pattern around his torso, being prepared for action.
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"Me and my big mouth..." The candles were the absolute least of Kalib's worries at the moment. So he didn't make an effort to avoid them much, taking more damage from the candle itself than the flame considering his affinity to fire. The reappearance of the scythe warranted some concern as it struck the ground. This forced Kalib onto the defensive as he brings his blade against the tombstones, cleaving a few before tripping and falling flat on his face. He stands albeit on shaking legs as he looks towards Death again. "This is the worst. Not only does death come knocking on my door, but he was hiding his power? Talk about insult to injury."
OOC: This is both a continuing of this fight as well as a bump in order to keep the thread available. "Please, take it as a compliment to your strength. No mortal man has pushed me to this limit in some time. Now, for the final act!" Grabbing the chains floating around him, he flings them at Kalib, aiming to wrap them around his torso and entangle him. Should they hit, the chains would tighten around him, before beginning to be pulled back in towards Death. His scythe dispersing again, Death waves his hand in front of himself, a trail of purple smoke following it, before a large area is covered in it. It quickly vanishes, revealing a large open coffin, which the chain restricting Kalib now travels through. "Now, come! Meet despair from your conflict with Death!"
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The chains meet their mark and bind Kalib much to his dismay. He clenches his teeth hard as they begin pulling him through the air towards the coffin. "Despair?" He speaks calmly as he tries to struggle inside the chain's grasp. "Now why would I go and do something like that? Sure, it's a bummer that I'll probably never be able to beat you. But do you know why I could stand and fight knowing the consequences?" He orients his head so that he can stare Death in the eyes. Behind his glasses there was an unwavering fire in his eyes. "It's because I believe in my friends, and they believe in my power! I wouldn't have made it this far if it weren't for them always pushing me to become who I am now. Even the circumstances that led up to this were due to my friends, but I will never regret my decisions." A red aura would begin to rise off Kalib's body as he is slammed into the coffin. The air around the coffin would also begin crackling as the air heats up slowly. "They would never accept a Kalib that lost faith and gave up. So I'm going to fight until you do me in. That's what it means to be an underdog. I'll go down swinging!"
"Unfortunately, Kalib, you've already sealed your fate... Thanatophobia!" Death moves himself to the front of the coffin and grabs the the door of the coffin, slamming it shut with Kalib inside. He then places his hands on the door, and begins to expel a dark energy into the coffin. Kalib can feel his every hope shattering, as feelings of despair leak in from the outside and fill his body and mind until he can think of nothing else. "This is the power that Death holds, the power to tear down individuals, not just physically, but mentally. For the final act of our duel, I shall give you the sweet release you've deserved for so long...
The long black scythe reappears in the hands of Death, which he brings back behind himself for a heavy swing straight across the center of the coffin. The fear and despair instilled in Kalib explodes all at once, leaving his mind filled with nothing but negativity. When Kalib finally comes to his sense, no longer under the harsh effects of despair, he's lying on the ground. Oddly, he feels little pain, and any wounds he once had have vanished. If he looks up, all he can see is Death standing above him, holding a brightly glowing green wisp in his hands. "Ah, it's as wonderful as I was told... you have such a powerful soul, Kalib. A valuable one..."
The door opens, a familiar face to the GYM can be seen from the open door, a man with flowing, blond hair and red armor walks in, "Huh, I thought that it would be more full today...yet here I am, being the third person here..." He said to himself as he leaned against the wall of the GYM
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Kalib's mind begins to break as nothing but despair would flow through him. The fiery aura around his body would slowly fade inside the coffin, and the air outside would begin to cool. "So this is... Death? Cold. I hate it... make it stop. End it." Kalib's pleas were met swiftly by Death's next strike. The next thing he knew, he looking up from the floor. His body felt fine, but he couldn't be bothered to move. "What?" He looked up at Death and the green wisp through blank eyes. "What do you mean? Someone who can't fight isn't valuable." Tears slowly begin to well in the corners of his eyes as he speaks. "Why am I alive? Why didn't you finish it?"
Death turns around towards Kalib, dismissing the wisp with a flick of his wrist. "Kalib, you need not fret. You have indeed been severed from your soul. However, you will continue to live, for a time. However, in the next passing years, you'll feel yourself begin to... change. Your natural instincts will grow stronger, yet you'll lack the composure to use them effectively. In time, you'll become nothing but a husk, reacting primally to anything and everything you come across. It is... Life in Death." Death begins to hover over towards the battlefield, continuing to face Kalib. "As for why you're valuable, well... It's simply a vigorous, and powerful soul. You've got a strong will, Kalib, and would you not have met my criteria, I would've never wished to have taken your soul as I have." As he reaches the center of the battlefield, black wings rush out from his back and stretch out, long black feathers falling out and drifting through the air. They begin to move, flapping slowly before lifting high, then back down with massive force, blowing him upwards into the night's sky. "Please use your remaining time wisely, Kalib..."
Zero sees the Strange man fly away as he went to Kalib, fully curious of what the man had did to him, "Hey, are you alive?" Zero said, waving his hand over Kalib's face, wondering what the man had said to Kalib...
A girl with lavender hair, peculiar flint-and-steel bangles, and a naginata sheathed across her back pushes the door open, then gently closes it. She had a feeling one of her client's buddies was about to do something stupid today of all days, but it seems she got there too late. Whatever this Reaper Avatar did to Kalib had left him scarred. She knows that feeling all too well, so she pushes past Zero to examine Kalib. "Thank God, the effects of Despair haven't been in his system for long," she says. "Simple fix if I cast Amrita Drop." She strikes the bangles together, and the sparks envelop her body in a blue fire. From those flames emerges the translucent figure of a woman with short, red hair and a slotted butterfly mask. "Fix him up, Natalia," Rosie commands. Natalia hovers over Kalib and surrounds him in a healing aura with the flick of her wrist before disappearing as the blue embers die down. "You good, man?"
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But it seems there’s lingering effects, even he technically doesn’t have the ailment. Blame my ignorance on reading too deeply into the plot if you want.
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Ah, I see. Perhaps I was applying game logic to this situation.
Blanc slowly pushes open the door to GYM, looking around the inside for anyone inside. She breathes a sigh of relief; no one was home. She quickly goes inside, sitting down in one of the seats and cracking open a book from her bag. "Ah, it feels good to finally find a secluded place to read... Now to find out what happens next." She begins to get engrossed into her book, not paying any particular attention to the world around her.
Applause! Excitement! Revelry of all sorts! These were all to be expected whenever the self proclaimed savior of Earth appears! However, not a soul was clapping as Hercule muscled his way into GYM, almost knocking the door of its hinges as he entered. "Bwahahaha! The Savior has come! Bwaha..ha..hmmm..." Same result as last time. A strong start and a shallow finish. But before his attitude soured any further, Hercule spotted a young girl sitting and reading a book. Curious, he approached. "Uh? Excuse me lil' missy, does your daddy work here? It seems as though you're the only one around!" The Champ flashes his winning smile as he speaks, maybe she's a fan of his? Who knows. "Hm? Whatcha reading?"
Blanc glances over at Hercule, keeping a neutral expression on her face. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just came in here to read. And I'm not really familiar with anyone around here, and I'm on my own." Blanc looks back to her book, bringing her face closer into it. Looking at the book, Hercule can probably tell it's some sort of novel involving royalty, based on it's thickness and the name on the cover, "The White Swan Prince".
"Y-You came to a gym to read?" Hercule grumbles to himself as he looks at the thickness of the book. This ain't a picture book either, the girl was clearly well read despite what her age would say. He composes himself with a quick cough. "Well surely it'd be a waste to come here just for that." He snaps his fingers with a grin. "That's it! Why don't I show you some martial arts! I have my own school and I'm pretty proud of my style. Whatdya say?" He beams expectantly at the young girl. Most would do anything for the chance to train with the Champ himself! Or so his ego says.
The girl tilts her head at the suggestion and stops reading. "I just came here to read since it's quiet. Why would I need to learn martial arts? It wouldn't be bad to spar a little I suppose... but I'm reading." Blanc returns to her reading, although her face is already showing signs of frustration.
The Champ was flabbergasted. Someone put a book before a chance to spar with him...must be foreign. "Hmph. Fine, I'll be over here training if you don't want to put down the book yet." Hercule quickly removes his cloak to reveal a simple white gi and a thick black belt around his waist. He kicks off his shoes and places his clothing in the corner. With a final glance back at the girl, he'd approach one of the punching bags and begin striking it with a considerable amount of force. Each strike getting progressively louder. "Heh. Let's see how long you can read like this. Bwahaha!"
With each punch, Blanc's right eye twitches, until finally, it's too much. Blanc finally snaps, slamming her book down on her chair and stomping over to Hercule. "You think you're being funny, asshat!? You think I'm gonna take your dumb training just because you're being a pain in the ass!? Well, let's see what's gonna happen to you if you keep it up!" Blanc then winds up a punch and throws it straight into the punching bag, hitting it so hard it ends up slamming into the ceiling with a loud thud. Blanc simply stands there, staring down Satan, still steaming and the punching bag continues to swing back and forth after the punch.
Bingo! Underneath his calm exterior, Hercule was ecstatic that he won that quick. The girl may be smart, but her patience were still what you'd expect from a kid. "Whew! Look at that! The lil' missy can throw a punch!" Hercule throws another punch at his bag and it too hits the ceiling, however his burst upon impact. Stepping back from the new pile of sand, he grins at the girl. "Heh. So you're gonna take a swing at the World Martial Arts Champion if I keep it up, hm? You got talent kid, let's see it first hand!" Hercule walks over to the main ring and positions himself in the far corner. He begins doing some brief stretches as he waits for his opponent to join him. Need be he could taunt her. She doesn't seem too stable.
Blanc smirks as she sees Hercule's punch decimate the punching bag. She follows him out into the ring, tossing aside her coat. "Heh, didn't expect it of you. Suppose that's that they mean by not judging books by their cover. All right, I'm pumped now! I'll beat the shit outta you!" Blanc puts up her arms, taking on a wide fighting stance, something a bit odd for her small body type. But, she seems ready enough.
"That's more like it! Don't hold back!" Hercule finishes his stretches before getting into a stance of his own. Legs spread an equal distance from each other, knees bent, elbows at 45° angles, and fists ready to beat the snot out of whatever they strike. "This'll be a good warm-up." As the last grain of sand falls from the limp punching bag, Hercule slides his right leg forward and begins charging towards Blanc. His speed was impressive for a human as each stride left a faint afterimage. As soon as he closed the gap he drops to his left knee and attempts to sweep Blanc with his right leg. "Kya!"
Blanc prepares herself for whatever strike may come her way, and Hercule beings her a sweep. As it connects with her leg, she begins to fall to her right. Quickly, she grabs Hercule by the head and swings around behind him, before attempting to unleash straight left kick to his back. "Really? Such an obvious move. I know I'm light and easily swept off my feet by bigger fighters, so I plan around that. Unfortunately for you, I know what I'm doing!" Blanc then tries to follow up her previous kick with a right elbow to his left side of his back.
"Fast! She's fast!" Hercule having no idea of her true strength was completely blindsided by her counter. Her size and speed were definitely going to cause trouble. Then her kick landed. "Gah!" Propelled forward by the strike, Hercule struggles to quickly regain his balance as her second strike lands. Sent into a spin, he quickly orients himself with a firm stance and comes to a halt. "Heheh! Impressive! You pack a punch! What's yer name lil' missy?" He began his next move as he spoke. A sidestep that began slow at first, but eventually picked up the pace more and more. At first it would be easy to follow him, but with speed came afterimages. One, then two, then three. It was a ring of Champs all around Blanc.
Blanc's eyes dart around as Hercule circles her at such speeds. She balls her hands up into fists, and watches him as he moves. "Blanc! I'm the CPU of Lowee, although people here don't seem to know what that even means." Blanc quickly pounds her fists together, before outstretching them to either side of her. "Eiskreis!" In a moment, a blast of ice bursts out from Blanc in a circle around her, attempting to hit Hercule no matter where he is.
"Pleased to meetcha Blanc of Lowee! I'm Hercule Satan, Savior of Earth! Bwahaha!" The voice is carried by all the afterimages in stereo as they circle faster and faster. However, their momentum is halted by the burst of ice launched towards them. A single Hercule leaps out of the way as the afterimages fade. "Ki!? No. Something else..." He lands a few meters away and stares down the girl. "Cool trick. Heh. A bit different than what I'm used to..." He gets into his initial stance again, however something is different. Dust begins to rise off the floor, and the ice in the ring begins to crack slightly. "Guess it's no holds barred now, huh? I'm still kinda rusty when it comes to this stuff, never bothered to learn anything past the physical arts for a long time. Regardless..." The fractured ice shatters as more dust is tossed up around Hercule, a small ring of energy would extend about a foot from his body. "This is all I can muster for now. Oh well, quality over quantity." The colorless aura would spike once more as Hercule leaps towards Blanc, however he'd seem to take flight at the last second and roll into a ball. He'd increase his speed before emerging from the ball with a strong kick towards Blanc's right side. "ROLLING DYNAMITE KICK! HYA!!" Should the kick collide, a strong wave of energy would seemingly erupt from Hercule's kick to add some extra force to it.
"All right, bring it on, you-" Before she can finish her sentence, Hercule launches towards her, kicking her straight in the side with a burst of energy pushing her even farther. She ends up getting sent flying, but she quickly orients herself to land on her feet, keeping her right hand on the ground to keep her balance as she slides across the arena's floor. She picks herself up once she stops moving, looking over at Satan. "Not bad! But if we're really kickin' this up a notch..." Blanc holds her left arm out to the side, and in a flash of light, a large mallet bursts into existence. She takes hold of it with both hands, keeping the head of it towards the ground. "I'll start showing off more of my power! Tanzerin Trombe!" As she shouts, Blanc begins to rush at Satan with her hammer, oddly fast for someone carrying such a large weapon. Beginning with a swing left, Blanc follows up with another hit from the left side, and another, eventually turning into almost a tornado of hammer strikes. She finishes with final hard swing to the left, trying to send Hercule flying.
"Impressive! She's keeping up with me. This place might not be that bad after all!" Hercule lands back on the ground in a more defensive stance as the girl recovers from the previous attack. His eyes are glued on Blanc as she rises and begins to speak. "She still has another trick up he sleeve, huh?" As the girl summons her weapon, Hercule's face sinks a bit and a cartoonishly long strand of snot begins to fall from his nose. "U-Uh....that's also a neat trick... how are you doing that?" The Champ quickly shakes his head to regain his poker face. He throws up his arms defensively as Blanc makes her approach. Her swings beating hard on Hercule's left arm until she unleashes the last one and sends him flying. The Champ would quickly regain his balance midair as he begins to float again. "You're one tough customer, Blanc. I'll give you that." Looking down at his left arm, he winces. The strikes did quite a bit of damage. "Try this then..." Hercule begins to move through the air quickly, forming fewer afterimages than he had on the ground but still enough to attempt to disorient Blanc.
Blanc tries to trace Satan's movement as she had before, eventually deciding to attack. "You won't be trying that again, Gefahrlichtern!" She waves her hand in front of herself, summoning multiple small orbs which then rush out towards Hercule like bullets. They try to home in on his location before turning into a flurry of movement, as each bullet crossing with another to strike in an X pattern. "The weapon summoning is actually fairly standard back home, but the magic's all mine! But you're pretty impressive for a human, y'know? How'd you get to be so strong?"
As the fight inside the GYM was still occurring, a blue tracksuit wearing man with a golden shotgun and wooden baseball bat on his back opens the door to the building, closing it behind him as he enters. He calmly walks over to a seat at the juice bar with the brim of his black cap covering his eyes. Taking a seat, he leans on the counter, not even taking the time to watch the fight happening behind him. ...
Unable to outrun the projectiles while airborne, Hercule has little choice but to block as the orbs strike him one after the other. He is sent crashing down to the ring but manages to land relatively well by taking a knee. "So that's magic then? Not the Majin variety, but still impressive. Alright...time for a counterattack!" Hercule gets up from kneeling and bounds quickly towards Blanc. He raises his right arm and cocks it back as he gets within range of Blanc. But then he vanishes. Similar to when his afterimages would fade he just faded from sight. "Heh. Hercule Punch!" Blanc would feel a spike in pressure from behind her as Hercule attempts to slam his aura covered fist into her back.
Blanc gasps as she feels Hercule's fist slam her back, sending her toppling forward. She eventually regains her composure, once again catching herself as she skids to a halt. "Damn it, that was a cheap trick, asshole! One more like that, and I swear I'll pound your face into the dirt!" Blanc readies her hammer again, running to Satan once again. She begins with a heavy vertical slam with her hammer, before quickly following up with a flurry of quick bashes with the top of the head, before finishing by backing up and thrusting her left arm out at Hercule, which causes a large vortex of ice to swirl around him before the energy bursts outwards.
"You say cheap, I say tactical. Using your opponent's blind spots by disorienting their senses is a standard practice where I come from." Hercule grins as Blanc's anger spikes again. Her assault was easier to read this time, so he spread his legs and prepared for the coming strikes. Each vertical hit was met with an opposing punch, still dealing a fair bit of damage but not enough to raise any red flags. That is to say, before she used magic. The torrent of ice magic pushes Hercule back a few meters as patches of his body begin to freeze. "Tch. She just keeps getting better and better. I wonder how many other strong folks they got in her world!" Again, Hercule's aura spikes as his skin begins to slowly thaw. However, that wasn't his only goal as he slowly raised his hands to his forehead, palms facing outwards. "Now you see me..." He slams his eyes shut quickly! "SOLAR FLARE!" The entire building is engulfed in a blinding light coming from Hercule's hands. "Now ya don't..."
"Wh-what?!" The blinding light hits her eyes, although only for a moment before she instinctively closes them. She brings her right arm over her face, allowing her to barely open her eyes. "Tch, a blinding technique..? All right, I'm through playing games! You're so dead! ... Once I can see again." Blanc keeps her hammer in front of herself, trying her best to be prepared for an attack as much as she can despite the blinding light.
Sighing, The Scout reaches inside his pants, pulling out a well hidden black colored pistol. Pressing a small button on the side of the pistol, it releases a magazine from out of the bottom of the handle of the gun. Thankfully, the man catches the magazine before it hit the floor, bringing it up to inspect how many bullets were in it. After about two seconds, the man would spin his black pistol, put the magazine back inside of it, and repeatedly lightly tap it on the counter as if he's bored. The Scout would ignore Hercule's blinding light, because he's too focused on tapping his gun against the counter.
Hercule takes flight after confirming his opponent's sight was significantly hindered. He slowly moves through the air to position himself on the ceiling. He stands looking down at the girl with a grin. "She's gonna see red as soon as her vision comes back... I need to make my move then. If those guys taught me anything, it's to be willing to risk it all!" Hercule's aura spikes again as the very air around the room begins to shake. He tenses up as the power begins to well inside of him, slowly at first but he has time to wait.
Blanc tries to look around as the ground begins to rumble, but she can't make our where Satan is. "Damn it, that's it! Time to get serious! Time to show the true power of a CPU!" Blanc closes her eyes, dropping her hammer to the ground, where it disappears in the same manner it appeared. She reaches her hand upwards, and a small circular crystal with a section facing inward falls into her hand. She brings it down, before plunging it into her chest. In a flash of light, Blanc's clothes and hat burn away into light, being replaced with a white body suit. Her hair follows suit, turning from dirty blonde to a light blue. Pieces of armor begin to materialize around her body, first her feet, then hips, shoulders and head. Finally, she thrusts her chest forward, causing geometrical wings to burst from light on her back. She then opens her eyes, now able to see clearly, and turns her attention to Hercule on the ceiling. "All right, time to cut a bastard in half! Get your ass ready!" She once again reaches out to the side, as she has done previously with her hammer, this time materializing a large white and blue axe with a laser-like blade. She swings the axe with ease, warming up her right arm, before grabbing the lower half of the weapon with her left hand and readying for Hercule's attack.
Hercule whistles at the transformation. It wasn't the most impressive show of power, but who is he to complain. He gets to fight someone strong! "Here I come!" Relying on his afterimages once again, Hercule drops to the floor and begins circling Blanc. However, he doesn't give her room to breathe. On top of the ring of Hercules, some would begin leaping out and attempting to strike Blanc at her blind spots, but each one was a feint. One to her left, one to her right, and one behind. Should she react to the feints, the real Hercule would charge forward and deliver a right hook to her jaw.
Striking at each of the feints, Blanc pays for her mistake with a punch to the jaw. As it sends her upwards, she slowly comes to a halt while in the air. "I'm able to fuckin' fly too! Quit hittin' me with your lousy punches and lose already!" Blanc takes her axe back into her hands, bringing it back over her head before blasting down towards Hercule. She brings the axe back down onto him, aiming to smash him as hard as possible straight into the ground. "Getter Ravine!" As it collides with something, and burst of ice comes from the axe, coating anything it hits with a layer of ice.
Hercule tenses as he feels her bloodlust ripple through the air towards him. "Okay. Don't panic Hercule, ya poked the bear. Just try not to die." Not having any time to waste, Hercule quickly sends his ki to form a cushion on his back as the axe is dropped on him. He's dropped swiftly to the ground, creating a crater from the sheer force. Hercule's insides had seen better days as he coughs up a bit of blood, however his face would be home to a wide grin. "I'll... lose when you beat me! You think strikes like these are enough to keep me down?" That's when the ice came in and covered most of Hercule's back. But the cushion of ki gave Hercule a bit of wiggle room as he powers up once again and dives out from under the axe. He slides across the ground before landing on his injured left arm. "So it comes down to that move, huh? Well... it's all or nothing!" Hercule slowly stands up as he wipes the blood from his lip. His left arm was basically useless, so he opened his right hand and took a deep breath. "Kame..." His aura would surge again, however this time it would all be channeled towards his right hand. "..hame..." The energy would create a small blue orb that would begin growing larger and larger with each passing second. Hercule looks over to Blanc with a cocky smile as he continues to charge.
Blanc grits her teeth as he begins to charge up an attack. For a moment, she looks as if she's about to charge right at him, but she stops herself. "Damn it, this is no time to lose control... Gotta take this seriously." She takes a deep breath, and finally returns to her normal, less explosive self, with a much more serious expression on her face. "Andis Support." Blanc snaps her fingers, and a burst of energy swirls around her. Her muscles seem to bulge a little as the energy flows into her body. "Preparing EXE Drive: CPU Breaker." Next, a burst of blue energy comes from Blanc's body, and she then grips her axe with both hands and readies it behind herself.
"I didn't come this far playing it safe. It's all or nothing!" Hercule clenches his teeth as he slams his right hand into a fist, crushing the orb of energy and surrounding his fist with it. He leaps towards Blanc as the energy continues to charge around his fist. The power surges and it begins to leave long wispy tails from Hercule's fist. He closes the gap and readies his fist... "KEN!" A final burst of energy comes as he throws the punch towards Blanc. As soon as his fist connects with something, a large fist shaped ki blast would be unleashed with destructive force.
Despite her previously cool demeanor, Blanc can't help but get riled up as she meets Hercule's strike. "Grrr, all right, BATTER UP!" The axe whizzes through the air as Blanc swings it with all her enhanced might, colliding it with Hercule's fist. As the attacks clash, the blast of ki would send Blanc's axe flying, eventually colliding with the outer wall and sticking into it, leaving Blanc, who's still holding on, slamming into the wall. Conversely, Blanc's axe bursts into a large explosion of ice as it hits Hercule's fist, possibly enveloping his entire arm along with the area around it. Before he has time to react to it, it then explodes itself into an explosion of force, most likely sending him flying the opposite direction of Blanc. "H-heh, strike three. I'm out..." Blanc coughs up a bit of blood before going limp, her appearance returning to normal. The axe fades as well, leaving her to fall to the ground, although she's well enough to land in a kneel.
"You're all washed up! Bwahah- aiyeeh... ouch..." Hercule's gloating is met with the harsh realization that both of his arms are completely out of commission. But it gets worse as the large ice structure explodes further. The force propels Hercule across the room and into an inconveniently placed fuse box. He wasn't quick enough to block his back with ki and ended up being knocked out by the force. However things were only getting worse. The fuse box began to short out and sparks began to fly everywhere until they finally started a small fire. Said small fire would then begin to spread slowly towards the walls and begin burning everything in the room.

A young man wanders into the building, business suit, and tie black hair... And a slightly panicked look on his face as he spots a fire starting. "Gah! What the heck were you guys doing around here anyway!? Geez, that fuse box is a major fire hazard don't ya think... I'll need to talk the owner of this place apparently, but for now." The man grins to himself, in his right hands is a briefcase, and he'd quickly open it then pull a strange belt out. The belt is shaped like a flask of some kind, even having a cork at the top. After securing it around his waist he'd smirk and place a hand on the cap. An excited tone can be heard from him, despite the flames. "Time to put out the fire! HENSHIN!" He uncorks the flask, water begins rushing out of it at a rapid pace. Floating in the air for a moment before suddenly attaching itself to the man, the water would begin to take on a gel form for a while before suddenly becoming entirely solid. After it clears away, he can be seen standing in a suit of dark blue armor, bits of black around the edges, the whole suit almost seems made for movement in the water as much as land. Having something like a sleeker version of an old style diver's helmet upon his head. "Rushing to the rescue, Kamen Rider H2O." He'd dash forward, a blue glow taking shape in the man's hands as he points them toward the source of the fire. After a few moments water would leap from them, a burst of it rushing out to slam into the fire and quickly smother it. The stream continues onward as H2O begins spraying all around, the blast of water picking up greater speed. Finally, after a while of doing this he'd have things back to normal, sans being soaking wet, and assuming nothing else happened to make it worse. "Well then, it seems that something happened here tonight... I don't guess anyone can help me figure that out? Hopefully, this was just a mistake, and not something worse like say, Arson."
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