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Ninjago RP 2
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aha, I am evil Scarce now. Prepare for the world to be destroyed! Ninja-GO! Scarce transforms into an evil version of himself
Sensing the coming danger, the keyblade wielder runs forwards, his weapon at the ready. " This again?! "
Stop right there criminal scum This is my fucking apple stand
Noticing the strange colorful horse, Terra turns and readies for battle. It looks like nothing natural, it must be an enemy! Without hesitating, he charges forwards and swings his keyblade at the creature.
Oi what yall doin Applebloom hides behind the apple stand and uses it as a shield Evil Scarce is the enemy criminal scum Besides I have insurance I'll totes sue you
" You can't sue someone who can simply escape to another world! " He continues the attack, the hefty keyblade easily tearing through the apple stand.
Hey hey hey, Terra is gay! Fat Albert summons six keyblades.
His attention is immediately drawn to the new arrival, a blush clear on his face. " H-hey! How did you know?! "
Emu dabs and then backflips in order to face Terra Wait, why fight when we can play videogames instead?
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Scarce laughs intently and double dabs You morons think that playing video games is good? BEGONE Scarce shoots a laser at everyone they must dodge or die
aw shit. Momkey runs onto the scene. scarce, my boi, why did you turn against us?!?
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Because it’s the way it’s supposed to me Momkey. I will end you next. Scarce winks a laser of subscribers to flame Momkey Try to dodge this!
A woman teleports in behind Scarce and slices his torso in half with a scythe. Edgy laughter rings through the air as she speaks/chuckles. "Hahaha, I am the Witch of Destruction and I'll kill you all!"
oh i will. Momkey jumps high into the air, avoiding the attack. we're supposed to be fighting those snake niggas, not each other!
I can’t even begin to know where I fit in all this chaos.
HNNNNNG MIGHTY CRITICAL FINISH Emu punches Terra and he explodes
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Scarce keks as the blade goes through him. He knew this would happen and then immediately transforms into a robot I can only godmod this time! you cannot defeat my robot form. I am totally invincible! Scarce looks a momkey Ha ha ha! Those snakes aren’t the biggest issue. The biggest one was you! If i defeat you then the world is mine! Scarce takes his handgun and starts shooting in the direction of Momkey, hitting him in the shoulder with a bullet
HNNNNNG MIGHTY CRITICAL FINISH Emu punches Terra and he explodes https://i.imgur.com/cdes1t1.jpg
Momkey winces in pain as the bullet hit him in his shoulder. we'll see about that, b. Momkey starts rushing towards Scarce, until he gets knocked back by the force of the explosion. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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Scarce staggers back What is this explosion?! It’s insane! Scarce recalls destroying evil snek dude and thinks about what he needs to do. To protect his friend, Momkey, he shields Momkey from the full blast, sacrificing himself I realize the error of my ways. I’m sorry... Momkey
sc-scarce!! Momkey makes an attempt to reach out towards Scarce, but gets blown back even farther. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! He gets knocked unconscious once he hits the ground.
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