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Mmmm I'm in Shibuya
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Who wants to see me stick my sword up Tatsuya
Psst, you're supposed to be dead.
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OwO No not you. I couldn't care about you. Psst, you're supposed to be dead. TF you mean B, this is a meme thread.
But you're me ;__; it's not gay if I'm you!
Oh shit, u right. Sorry fam.
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Who said I wasn't gay.
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No Prob B
@Naked_Tatsuya @Danksuya I think you're both super gay, you just scream of it to me for some reason. And speaking as someone who's gay, I should have pretty good gaydar don't ya think?
It's only gay if you want it to be ;)
Gah, I shiver at how stereotypical you sound. It's like if my entire character were just being gay for Madoka, which is granted important yes, but not the whole thing. Freaking memes always memeing it up with their one dimensionalness.
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Something wrong about that Gaymura? Besides,
Dick is good.
Kk bb, meet me at night in Shibuya Square. I'll show you my crooked Excalibur.
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Wow. Fuc- wait a second, you aren't the right one. Where's the old one?
I'm not the right one? You should clean your sunglasses then, because I'm as right as it gets, that's why I'm the "new one". Dank~
Dick is good
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Wow, and I used to be the new one. Well what's your opinion on the old one? As long as you wanna kill and replace the old one your cool with me.
He's old, his prime is now long gone. I'll just leave him alone and let nature decide, after all, this isn't a country for old men.
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Hmm.. Close enough. All hail Newsuya!
Heroes rise again
Isn't a country for old men eh? I'll kick your ass six ways to Sunday ya damned brat! I may be old, but that just means I've got experience and far more resources than you.
Mmmmmm Donuts....
You losing it so quickly shows I already have an advantage.
"Losing it", heh okay kid. Keep telling yourself that if it helps ya sleep at night.
Is that you talking from experience?
I can talk from Experience. I once was in the army, a hippie. A vigilante, Then became pieman, A father which I am to this day. And then an assassin. And then oh I was Angry Dad!
Oh right, you exist. Sorry, I meant the outdated me.
I will kick your ass to next month when I get off work and a trip to Moe's
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