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GYM: Phantoms of the Past
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A furious typing comes from behind the juice bar of GYM. The source? A rotund man looking down at a laptop with a furrowed brow. "Ahh... next time I'm hiring an accountant to do these damn taxes." A defeated sigh escapes his lips as the sun begins to dip in the sky. A warm orange hue stains the rest of the facility while the din of pedestrians outside gets louder. "That time already, huh?" The man sits back in his seat and closes his eyes for just a moment. Or maybe a minute? The light was warm as the man relaxed further.
The peace doesn't last long, as a motorcycle revving to a stop is heard outside. A clearly distraught young man walks through the door hesitantly. His eyes carry hefty bags of exhaustion. He stumbles over to the round man and leans on the juice bar with his whole weight. This... is a gym, right? I want to train. I want to become stronger. There was a stalwart honestly to his words, but his eyes told a more painful story. He looks to have not slept in days, maybe weeks, but he stands up tall, clutching his fist. I do not have to pay do I?
A man in a black coat wanders into the GYM, he'd be carrying a wooden staff in one hand and a rod inscribed with some sort of mystic runes in the other. And a series of silver rings on each of his fingers. He'd open the door like a normal human being, rather than blasting it down... For some reason, he feels compelled to destroy it, however, almost like an enchantment on the door? Either way, he greets Kalib with a smile on his face as he walks through the doors. "So, GYM eh? Odd name for a place and your door is strangely appealing to blow up for some reason pal! If I didn't have as much self control, I might have turned it to dust. Is that intentional on your part, or just a weird quirk? Anyway, name's Harry Dresden and I'm kinda... Getting a lay of the land, so to speak." He'd then look over toward Makoto, hmm guy looks pretty young too. And he seems like he's barely gotten any sleep... Can't be good for one's health, but who's Harry to speak about worrying over health? "As for training, I might just be talked into a bit of it. We talking magic here, or just plain old fighting? I can do either... Though I must warn you, I'm much better at the former."
(Suddenly, from. The ground, a 7'3 snake centipede hybrid comes from the ground, with dirt everywhere) ....oh ssssweet lord, how long have I been diggin'?
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A younger man, shrouded by a long black cloak adorns the establishment... The door's still there... Weird. Confused, the man briefly scans the door... There's something wrong with it. Though he's not entirely sure what exactly. Though the enchantment doesn't seem particularly weak... It might be a trap, so, without further ado, Luard steps off to the side, incribing one of his runic circles on the GYM wall, before thrusting his palm into the center Flare burst And so the circle explodes, sending a small section of the wall bursting inward for Luard to step through after adjusting his coat and announcing Whoever the proprioter of this establishment is, it seems someone has placed a trap on your door. Unfortunately I was unable to discern the exact nature of this trap, and thus had to do a small amount of damage in order to avoid it. You may thank me for the warning later, first we must discover the culprit
*Behind Rep, Shade is standing against a wall.* I thought you were banned from this place, serpent.
(He jumps back into the hole when he hears the explosion) OH SSSSSWEET JESSSSUSSSS!, AT LESSST GIVE A WARNING FIRSST! (He pops his up from the hole, this time at shade) Well, I'm here, so no I guess?
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Makoto's tired eyes lay themselves on Harry, but they don't seem to have the look of someone who just got what they wanted. There seems to be a void in them, a place where the spark of life would once fill. Makoto seems to be a husk of a man in all regards. Fight...? You wish to... prove my strength? I-I might need something like that... but... let me finish... with this man... first... Makoto motions with a tired hand toward Kalib. He seems to be oblivious to the havoc occurring behind him.
*Shade shrugs* We'll see when Kalib notices you, I suppose. *Shade starts walking away from Rep* And hope for your sake Lord Hades doesn't appear without me summoning him
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The man's voice rouses Kalib from his sleep with ease. He panics slightly and almost falls off his chair before gripping the counter and steadying himself. "Um... hello! Welcome to GYM! I'm Kalib, the owner of this fine establishment!" Kalib turns to the second stranger with a curious expression. "My door makes you want to destroy it? I should probably look into th-" The wall explodes and so too do Kalib's expectations for a quiet night. "Well that's new. Wait. More importantly, don't blow up any of GYM!" He hangs his head in defeat before looking to Makoto. "As for you, if you want to avoid the cost then let's make a wager. Best me in battle and you get a month for free. Sound good?"
Oh Lord all-mighty, is he still wanting me dead?, he, from all the people/gods, should know I can't die...sigh (He then puts his head back into the hole) ....besides...I have a hole....
A light smile curls up the end of Makoto's lips, but his eyes remain lacking in the depth department. He leans himself upon the juice bar and gives a halfhearted thumbs up. I... accept your challenge. Be warned, I'm... quite strong... Makoto stumbles to the arena, barely managing to keep upright. Upon reaching the arena, he stares blankly at the floor.
Harry would just stare at Luard, what kinda wizard randomly blows up... Did this guy not realize what the enchantment did? He seems pretty young, so maybe the guy just didn't have that much experience? "I can actually tell you what it did, it's uh just a simple thing to make people want to blow up the door... Kinda an obscure thing though I will admit, and I guess at first glance it isn't too different from a trap of some sort." He'd look toward Shade with a curious glance, Hades? A decent guy last Harry met him, though he might not be the same Hades... Forging a summoning contract with some mortal? Sounds very out of character, though he did only meet the guy for a brief moment. "Hades hmm? Well, that sounds odd. Didn't know gods were in the habit of coming when mortals call, is it some new trend of gods?" A fight hmm? He kinda wanted to see how strong the locals are for himself, but he's not a huge fighter... Hmm, maybe just observe in that case? Or perhaps fight someone else... Hmm, he'll look around in a moment, but not for now. "Have fun with that kids! I'll just be over here seeing how things play out for now. I wonder what kinda fighting you guys do around here? Well, should be fun to see!"
(He pops his head up time to time, just in case if hades come) ...ummmmm...still not here...
Luard glances back at the hole he blew, the building should still be structurally stable, so it is not like there's any real danger there. But the door.... Apologies. I was merely trying to warn you that your door was potentially trapped or cursed. Better to lose a wall than your life after all. Name's Luard, a researcher of sorts. And I take it you're the owner here. Luard turns and looks at Kalib out the corner of his eye, truly there are all sorts of people. I hope you don't mind if I linger and watch. Not much of a fighter myself, only when its necessary. Luard glances over to Dresden, a quick look at the man, especially the age lets him no they're no wizard. Or rather, different type of magic if any. After all, Luard's already seen several kinds already, perhaps his is also on the flexible side Altering people's perception to make them see the door as an object of distaste? That's in the illusion field, not my area of work. In my society we specialize from an early age, unfortunately that can lead to some... Confusions it seems
Still not here. Good luck escaping the King of Shadows through a hole in the ground, by the way. If anything, you're closer to his domain down there than up here.
Yeah, didn't think if that (Suddenly, he jumps up onto the wall, and hangs on it with his centipede claws) Theeeerrrrreee we go
A tiny bird flies in and lands on Rep's head. It gives the centipede a curious peck before deciding this is an acceptable perch.
Well this i-ow, what was th-oh that's just a bird..eh
Illusions indeed, Harry's no master of them to be sure, but he knows enough to spot one when he sees it. Still, just how young did this guy start training? Most people would be late teens by the time they go into wizardry... Unless things aren't like that where Luard is from? "I see, I'm more at the end of finding things, shields, and fire myself. But I had a student who did a lot of illusions at one time, had to pick up a few of em just to train her. Not exactly my best work to be sure, but I've learned enough to spot em where I see em. Anyway, you said you were young when ya started? Not exactly how things are done back home, teaching kids magic isn't exactly considered safe..." They're prone to not really getting the weight of what they do, not to mention following the damn laws of magic is something some adults have an issue with, let alone kids who don't even get why they need to be followed.
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Kalib does a few stretches as he gets up from his seat. He tosses Harry a grin and a thumbs up. "You're in for a treat then, newbie!" Kalib grabs a training sword from a chest under the counter and quickly catches up to Makoto. His behavior was enough to cause Kalib some concern. "Hey! You okay pal?" He hops into the arena across from Makoto and waves his hand to try and get the man's attention. "Yoo hoo? Are you sure you can fight?"
The bird tilts its head at Rep. It then yawns and flaps its wings to settle down and watch everything.
A young man walks his way into GYM, whistling at the sight of the blasted down door of GYM. Man, nice work on this one. Although, I've gotta say, I kinda miss breaking it down myself... I guess that's incentive to show up earlier. He chuckles before walking over to Kalib and putting an arm over his shoulder, along with giving a big smile. Hey there, ol' buddy ol' pal of mine! How's business? Get any luck lately with the ladies? Got any crazy new attack ideas? What's up, generally? He looks over to Makoto and Harry as well, giving them a smile.
Hehe...this is a cute little bird...hehe
Makoto waves his hand dismissively. His expression one of minor frustration, he holds his fists up. Do not... worry about me... let's get going! Makoto then abruptly rushes at Kalib with a fist raised for a right hook. As he gets close, he winds back further, and let's it loose with what little power he can muster.
Breaking... Can people just, ignore the compulsion to break down the door? Geez, why's that gotta be done? Oh well, the older man would return Em's smile... Huh, everyone around here seems to be a teenager or so, what's up with that? "So, you here to train then? I'm curious enough about you guys around here to fight. I can hand to hand or fight with magic... Though uh, on the off chance you'd consider a duel to the death, I will say those are right out for me. I'm not some kinda Klingon who kills for fun or anything." He'd smirk over toward Em, leaning on the staff in his right hand with a casual look on his face as he sizes the boy up.
Luard sighs and puts his hand on his chin, all things considered, Harry here is a mage from another school of magic, and therefore a rival at best. Usually its best not to share any secrets, yet he's never had any before, so why begin now? After a few moments of thinking. Luard opens his eyes and looks up to Harry It doesn't begin with actual spells, if that's what you mean. I was adopted at four and started actual training at six. According to my master it is important to start while they're young, as ordinary people have a difficult time thinking in the avenues necessary. That way, they can shape our way of thinking in order to allow the real practice to come more easily. Though I take it your type hardly works that way Of course, Luard knows better than to tell everything to some guy he's just met.
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Kalib grins at Em before focusing on the fight before him. Seeing the attack a second too late, he has little time to dodge so he puts his arms up in defence. However, the punch seemed lacking. "Are you sure you're okay pal? I can't fight knowing that you're not at one hundred percent." Kalib pushes the man back before placing his sword on his back.
Makoto seems to grow further frustrated. I'm... FINE! Do NOT go... EASY on me! The life in his eyes seems to spark, if only a little. It fades once again as he winds up to strike once more. It still lacks, but there's something different about it. His fist seems cold.
(He watches makoto and kalib, and sighs) ...well, that's a boring fight
No one was sure quite how it got in, but a Sylveon looms over the GYM from the rafters before scampering quickly towards the juice bar and sitting down. Hmm, so this is where a bunch of sweaty fighters gathered. Kind of like wrestling, only free~ The Sylveon sits content as it glances over at the battle already in progress with interest. Hmmm~ isn't this an interesting place~? a colosseum where fighters gather and engage in combat... All without the confines of armor. A battle between powers and flesh... Much like a place in my own world~ of course, I could always work off my meals here... And perhaps crash here when nobody is around...
Welp, have fun Kalib! Knock 'em outta the park, or something. Emerson quickly hops away from Kalib as he begins fighting with Makoto, moving away to the edge of the battlefield, and over towards Harry. I don't think I've heard of any duels to the death even happening here, but either way I wouldn't be up for anything like that anyways. Anyways, I guess I'd be fine with going a round. I've been a bit busy with work, but I think I'm fit enough for a duel. Magic is all fine and cool with me, if you're fine with a little bit of my own power. You game?
The bird pecks Rep again, then flies onto the back of a chair next to the Sylveon. Probably to get a better view.
Hehe...by then lii' bird...
The Sylveon notices the birb fly to the chair next to it and looks at it with interest. Hmm, I see I'm not the only unlawful entrant~
Thinking the right way... Something about that statement gives Harry the creeps, almost like he's talking about doing things that would be completely insane. This Luard seems like a possible Warlock if anything, but he won't be too quick to act on that... Still, taking kids in that young is a thought which scares him. "I see... No, our magic doesn't quite work like that at all. There is a mindset I'd call required, but in reality, that's just to keep oneself from abusing the power and causing problems for people. Well, that and believing that your power will work, magic is nothing without belief. But I'm not sure if yours works that way. Regardless, I'm sure as fellow wizards we can get along." He'd then look toward Em and nod, walking toward a sparing ring with and bringing his right up to his face. For a moment, if Em were watching he'd seen a copper bracelet on the man's hand as his arm rushes up. "Alright then, Name's Harry Dresden, and yourself? As for magic, I'm perfectly fine with seeing some of your own power... Kinda the point in this, in fact, I'm curious about you guys."
(He then quickly flicks his head everywhere, looking for hades) .....hmmm

(Appears out of nowhere) Curious you say?
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Kalib smirks as the man begins to show signs of something coming to life. "Alright then. I'll be going all out!" Kalib meets the man blow for blow and fists collide. The chill was certainly new to him, and in fact causes him to flinch slightly. "Come on! Don't stop there! You've got more just below the surface, don't you?"
The Sylveon eyes Blu from its chair with a come hither look and flashes him a wink. Something about him felt powerful... It would definitely like to know that person more~
He follows Harry to the sparring ring, taking his place on the opposing end of the field. Emerson, nice to meetcha. Let's have fun with this, all right? He puts his arm out with his hand up, and a shimmering card bursts into the middle of it. If you're ready, let's rock and roll!
...oh god dammit, now I'm bored

(Notices sylveon)
Sylveon changes its expression to a friendly, albeit cute one. Why hello there~ you come here often, tall dark and handsome?

I don’t know about that, I happen to travel a lot
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Very well then sir Dresden, I look forward to watching. Luard leans against a nearby wall, sighing while slowly drawing a tablet out from under his cloak, dutifully preparing to take notes, yet as soon as Em brings forth his card, Luard's eyes spring to life, a previously unknown energy bursting into them. Almost immediately, the young man draws a rather large pair of circles in the air, indiscernable runes filling the space between them. And begin observation. After taking a deep breath, Luard would begin analyzing the fighters more deeply, he's primarily interested in Emerson and their abilities, but since they are both in the same area may as well detect some about Dresden as well
How quaint. I consider myself quite well traveled too~ I was an entertainer in my day before I ended up here. Adjusting to life here has been... Different, but I am slowly working my way around things~
.....but imma stay here...just cuz

Well nice to meet you I’m Blu a shadow investigator
The Sylveon curtsies with its ribbons and bows its head with a cute wink. Pleased to meet you, Sir Blu~ I am Sylveon. I am, well... A Sylveon. I work a few odd jobs here and there~ perhaps I would like to be an entertainer again, like in my homeland.

I hope that works out for you then
Oh god...a Pokémon stripper......
Makoto winds up for a large attack, but stops short, freezing in place. His once tired eyes now go entirely blank. A light blue flame comes from his chest above his heart. It spreads and his blank eyes spark to life. The life they're given is full of pain. Makoto begins to scream in agony as the fire spreads. I... I! I won't... surrender! The flames engulf his entire body, and they show no signs of stopping. With a mighty roar of pure wrath, a sphere floats out of the blaze. It is soon followed by three similar spheres. They revolve rapidly about Makoto, causing the azure fire to spiral upward toward the roof. The spheres stop revolving, and the fire bursts away to reveal a Makoto bursting with life. He reaches out to the first sphere that left the fire, and grasps it. He stares intensely at it, with a passion in his eyes. This... I remember now. This was the way of life I chose. It's obvious now. I abandoned it somehow, and that sin of mine caused me to lose myself. Now, I'll never stray from this path again. Makoto glares at Kalib. You. Let me show you my way of life! Makoto clenches his fist about the sphere, which appears to be some sort of mechanical eye, and presses into a button on the left side of the sphere. A circle with the letter S on it briefly emanates from the core of the eye. The blue fire that once consumed him now blazes on his wrist, and it fades to reveal a black vambrace. He places the eye into a hole on it. Awaken. SPECTER! He presses into a button on the vambrace, which makes the eye give off a blue light. A phantasmal being exits the device, and floats about Makoto before settling on his shoulders. His entire body is covered in an ominous black fog, which clears after the spectral being lands, revealing a full suit that covers Makoto from head to toe. There is a blank face-plate which a blue face-plate flips out of the chest of the suit onto. Makoto lowers the hood that the being had left on him, revealing what looks to be a mask of a glaring man, with two horns coming out of the forehead. You made the mistake of underestimating me, and for that I will correct your false assumptions. Now, come at me! Makoto, now donning Specter's soul, rushes to meet Kalib with a punch.
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The Sylveon raises a lash towards the rude Rep in the corner. Excuse me? I am an exotic dancer. What would I have to take off? one shouldn't be so rude to assume things about others... What kind of Pokemon arst thou supposed to be, anyway?
For now, he's not going to bother with a spell. Instead, he'd reach under his coat and pull out a revolver. The gun blurs toward's Em's chest and fires off a set of 3 rubber bullets, they'd rush through the air and toward the boy as Harry gazes toward him... Heh, few people expect the Wizard holding a staff to just pull out a gun, of course, his aim isn't exactly the best, but it'll do for testing this guy and seeing how he reacts... As he looks back at Luard, Harry would eye the runes curiously, if he had the time he'd try to figure them out, but now he just turns back to Em. "Alright then, I guess I'll start off pretty simple. Not using live ammo or anything, so you aren't in too much danger." OOC: As for Luard, he'd find that Harry has quite a bit of raw magical power, if control over it is something Luard can see, Harry's is decent, but not by any means perfect. Beyond that, there's some sort of power associated with winter attached him as well, that happens bto be a solid source of his magical power, and makes him a great deal tougher and stronger than most people would be. And something of another nature, which is mostly used for shaping magic, by taking a bit of the caster's soul.

Oh god...a Pokémon stripper...... I suggest you stop don’t say that, it’s offensive
Ah shut up. I say thingssss like that all the time mate.
See? at least someone knows how to be a gentleman. Sylveon snubs Rep and crosses its ribbons.

(Grabs shadowblade) you want to try me
Nah, to lazy
Emerson smashes the card with his hand as he sees the flash of a revolver, causing a orb of light to surround himself, barely deflecting two of the bullets, but letting one through which hits Em in the side of his torso. The ball forms a body and a head, turning the upper half of itself into a humanoid shape. Tsk, rubber or not, I ain't quick enough to get past it, am I? Oh well, it was worth a shot. Now, for a retaliation! Following Em's own arm movements from inside, the both of them build up Light between their hands, before each flinging discs of light which harden into having a blunt outer edge towards Harry. The Persona throws a larger one aiming for his head, while Emerson throws two smaller ones, both going to Harry's sides at about torso height. OOC: Luard can feel that it's a Persona. Go figure. Specializes in Light and Dark magics, and is more of a support than a fighter. The light being flung around can be solidified at will, and with each piece he throws, a small string of light can be felt between it and Emerson. Welcome to the world of Magic Manipulation.
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Kalib crosses his arms and whistles at the spectacle happening before his very eyes. His lips curl into a smile as the man transforms. "Underestimate? Now don't get me wrong, I just have a habit of worrying too much. But I always, always, overestimate my opponents!" A blue card begins to descend in front of Kalib's face as Specter rushes him down. "Everyone loves an underdog story, pal! Come, Roland!" Kalib crushes the card in his right hand as a sea of blue fire bursts out from his fist. The flames coalesce in front of him and take the shape of the phantasmal paladin, Roland. "Now then. Let's dance!" Kalib points forward and Roland rushes forth to meet Makoto's fist, however... "INFERNO!" Roland's right fist would erupt into brilliant red flames before striking Makoto's fist.
But, if ya wanna, sure mate
The Sylveon stares deviously at Rep. What's wrong, big boy? scared Sir Blu will kick your ugly ass?

(Draws shadow blade) if you want to come at me
Nah, ya go first
Dresden actually served to surprise Luard, if only a little. He seems rather old for someone whose magic is tied in such a way. Though, ultimately the source is different, that combined with his late starting time likely explains the discrepancy. As for Emerson, its almost exactly what he hoped for, another Persona, one completely different from the ones he's scanned so far. In some ways its refreshing, in others, annoying. Yet the most important details are all ones he's observed so far. Definitely annoying. For now, Luard will silently continue observing, though his hopes are somewhat lowered by the whole event OOC: Btw, you don't actually need to do any description, I'm simply observing for future use, no real need to describe how your individual abilities work, though I guess its good practice if you want to

Very well then (runs toward you with my blade also ready to dodge incoming attacks)
Um, mate, I'm on the wall?
Makoto would meet the fist with his own, with his free hand, he'd press into the button on his vambrace. The vambrace calls out in a mechanical voice. [GRAND AWAKENING! SPECTER! OMEGA DRIVE!] A ghostly blue eye symbol would appear behind Specter, gradually the inner ring or iris of the eye would fill out with eldritch symbols. An eye with two fiery prongs coming off of it would coalesce beneath Specter, and his foot would begin to glow. He would swing his foot against Roland, with whom his fist was locked with.
"Morgana" steps out of the shadows and brings a handpawthingy up to wherever a chin would be. An "exotic dancer" huh? He smirks, the smugness is pretty much radiating from him.

(Disappears..... and reappears beside you after a few minutes) I know
(He blankly stares at blu) ...ay
Sylveon swoons as it cheers on its champion with a feminine squee and a typical "Sivi~" Pokenoise. Sylveon heard a familar voice next to it and glances towards Morgana. Indeed~ are you curious~?

(Points blade at rep) I’ll give you a chance to give up now
"Morgana"'s smirk turns into a smile, he's still smug as fuck currently though. Hmm, I think I might be just a bit... He shrugs. But then again, curiosity killed the cat.
The man raises his right hand up, and the bracelet Em had seen before would begin to flash with light from under his coat. Magical power flows around Harry, and a shout erupts from his throat. "RIFFLETTUM!" Harry smirks as the magic takes shape into a large glowing shield in front of his whole body. Now, he isn't entirely sure he can block those attacks... But as the slam into the man's defense, the orbs of hard light would splatter against it. The shield ripples and shimmers, but it only disappears as the man dismisses it and begins rushing toward Em, he'd dart from side to side in a weave and try to close in on the boy. "Huh, I was half expecting those to go through, but they're just normal physical force rather than some weird energy? Interesting indeed, and it works out well for me!"
Sylveon giggles playfully. Are you hiring, or inquiring a personal performance? I can arrange either.

I’ll give you time to think about it (prepares for a incoming attack)
Once again...don't care
"Mona" chuckles as well. I don't run that sort of business, nor do I run one at all. So I think you may or may not be able to assume.

Fine then I’ll just leave you be hops down from wall and lands perfectly
Well then, we can discuss terms somewhere more private... I hope you look forward to my performance, handsome~ Sylveon winks at Morgana. Obviously, Mona would see some incredibly awesome breakdance moves later. Or so we assume.
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Roland is knocked away by the kick and begins to fade. Kalib on the other hand was already on the offensive. With the training sword drawn off his back, he charges towards Makoto and slides past his left while striking at his leg. "You're fighting me and myself! This is the power of Persona! How do you like it pal?" Kalib would scramble to his feet after getting past the man.
Well that was a big waste of time...
"Mona" doesn't say a word, he moves over to a corner, hides his face in his hat and drops the act. "HolyfuckIcan'tbelieveIjustdidthat." It just sounds like muffled screaming to those who are not near him.
Emerson would quickly dismiss his Persona and unsheathe a longsword from his waist, holding it up inbetween himself and the approaching Harry. Well, that's certainly something... Kinda reminds me of how my power works, although I bet yours is a lot more durable. Em brings left hand across to his right, building up light for a second before flinging small sharp pieces of hardlight towards Harry as he approaches, the aim being a bit scattered.

(Is leaning on the wall watching some of the battles)
(He casually falls to ground) ....ow
Makoto kicks at the sword, but it doesn't do much good. He holds his fist clenched in front of him. Persona... so you cower behind a mask!? This is the power of my soul. This soul will not waver! As Makoto says that, an eye similar to his Specter device would fly from somewhere within the room right into Makoto's hand. He depresses the switch and swaps it out for the device that came to him. This soul... is a soul that felled legions of its enemies, and I shall command it! Awaken! Nobunaga! Makoto depresses the button on the brace and the Specter Soul fades away leaving him in a transient state. A purple phantasm flies out from the brace, and it charges straight at Kalib. If it hits, it flies straight back to Makoto and settles on his shoulders. The parka he had prior is now purple. The brace gives a strange light that didn't follow the Specter soul. The light brings a strange long device not unlike a rifle. He holds it to his shoulder, and he takes a pot shot at Kalib.

(Smiles a bit after seeing that)
Oh haha, fuck you to (He jumps back up, and silently Hiss's at him)
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The man attempts to leap backward and get out of the way, of course, the ones which had started closer to him would still fly into the man, a turn to the side send them flying into his coat, thick leather enchanted to stand up to most force... Of course, it's still a blunt impact on his side. "Not bad, so how's that working anyway? I doubt you've met any Angels, but it seems a bit like Soulfire. Oh and... Hope ya don't mind it getting breezy. VENTAS SERVITAS! " The man swings the staff in his right hands toward Em, gusts of wind rushing off it and slamming toward the boy. Moreover, any of the projectiles which hadn't already slammed into Harry would be sent flying back toward Em. Hopefully forcing the boy on the defense.
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"Commanding a soul, huh? Our powers aren't so different!" Kalib strikes at the flying figure before taking a step back. "You are sorely mistaken however..." Kalib is struck by the blast sent from the weapon and he staggers backwards, slightly winded. "Heh...he...as I was saying, I don't cower beneath a mask. My Persona is every facet of my being. Roland, a warrior who puts his friends before himself. A hero who made himself a martyr to protect everything important to him and give his allies a chance to escape. This is who I am, who I want to be. Just as you fight using your soul, I use every ounce of my being!" The same blue card floats down before Kalib and he crushes it. Roland appears once again, however he stands with his blade at the ready. "If you still think I'm cowering behind a mask... then let me educate you further!" Kalib and Roland begin charging towards Makoto, Kalib on the left and Roland on the right. "BRAVE BLADE DOUBLE XROSS!" Swerving at the last second, the pair cross paths and slash at Makoto's chest with their now brilliantly white blades. The pair slide to a halt a few feet away from the man. A brilliant white X glowing in Makoto's chest should the strikes hit their mark. "X marks the spot!"
Hit by a gust of wind, Emerson flies back a bit before jabbing his sword into the floor. Seeing a few pieces of hardlight flying back at him, Emerson quickly thrusts his hand out, forming a ball of hard light in his hand which the shards gravitate towards and join with. Em laughs a bit afterwards. I was quick enough that time, eh? This is the power of my Persona, Saul. He's actually made to be a navigator, scanning enemies and giving power increases to allies, but I managed to make 'im work as a fighter. Power over Light... it's pretty useful, and versatile! Almost squishing the ball of light between his hands, Em absorbs the light back into his body, and then unsheathes his second longsword. Pulling the other out of the ground, he gives himself a boost through a push forward with a block of hard light on the ground, aiming to close the gap between him and Harry, with his swords at the ready.
...well, I'm super bored
hello super bored, I'm Luard. Nice to meet you
(He turns around to lucard, and sighs) .....just stop
The attack does land, but as Makoto gasps in pain, he begins to laugh heartily. Our powers... are NOTHING alike! I do not simply command souls. I understand them. I learned long ago that I can't use force of will to win. That lesson will connect our lives to the future! You choose to idolize one who would sacrifice oneself, but I idolize one who would protect his friends without the need to risk his life! Makoto presses in the button on the brace. [GRAND AWAKENING! NOBUNAGA! OMEGA SHOT! A group of rifles similar to the one in Makoto's hands appear in a blue flash behind him. They all fire a direct blast toward Kalib and Roland. Don't speak of courage when you'd so readily throw down your life for others!
Hehe...I love ppl trash talking kalib....feels nice man
The man darts backward a bit, raising the rod in his left hand up and looking over at Em with a smirk on his face... Swords huh? Sword users can be damn good, he's met some nasty ones, Nicklehead, Wardens, Knights of the Cross, but somehow he doubts that this kid is that good. "A sword user huh? I wonder how you compare to the others I've met over the years. Some of those types have been pretty good ones. Oh and by the way, FUEGO!" The rune inscribed rod in his left-hand lights up, waves of hot flames rushing from it and soaring toward Em as Harry turns way. Bringing his staff in front of himself as the flames rush, and preparing to block the blades with it if Em isn't stopped by by the blasting rod attack.
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"Again. You couldn't be more wrong. I was just explaining who this man is. I fight to become strong enough so that I can protect and fight alongside my friends without me risking my life." Kalib swallows hard as the myriad guns appear behind Makoto. He quickly darts in front of Makoto, as does Roland. And the pair stand perfectly still as the energy begins to gather for the blast. "You might think someone willing to throw away their life is a coward...but those who would sacrifice themselves to protect others are plenty courageous. They acknowledge their weakness and do what they can in that moment! Nobody wants to die, but if one death can avoid hundreds? That's real courage. Not every battle can be won the first time around." The air begins to crackle with heat as the blast is launched towards Kalib and it seems as though there's no way he can avoid it. But just as the blast is about to make contact, a large explosion would take place with Kalib at the epicenter. "BURST!" As the smoke settles, a slightly battered Kalib and Roland stand tall. "You're one tough customer...gah... didn't think I'd have to use that much energy. But I'm still standing!"
Emerson can barely stop himself running as he ends up deep inside the flames, letting out a cry as it hit him. A small flash of light can barely be seen from inside. When the flames die down, Em simply stands there, his eyes closed behind a fiery mask resting on his face, which quickly open and look at Harry, a cocky smile now on his face. Despite the various minor burn marks on his clothing and a little on his face, he seems generally unfazed by the flames. Surprise! I've got a little more up my sleeve! Samson, God's Hand! Em quickly rips the mask off his face, and a large, strongly built man appears in front of him, who quickly throws a sturdy punch at Harry.
The smoke clears to reveal Makoto holding a cyan Eye with his right hand. A mechanical cobra slithers about Makoto's feet. Do not twist my words! I show no disdain to those who sacrifice themselves! My contempt lies on those who throw their life away without cause! A life is something to be cherished! A hundred deaths may stop millions, but does that excuse it!? I fight so that others don't have to! I risk my life to protect them! My burden for living my OWN way of life is being sent here! This unknown place! I know that those I protected are strong enough on their own, but I'm not strong enough without them! My family, my friends... they are the reason I can stand tall with pride! That pride is my sin, but sins are to be corrected! I fight to bring lives to tomorrow! AWAKEN! TUTANKHAMEN! The parka fades once again and a phantom floats about Specter, staring deeply at him. It rests on his shoulders, and the faceplate shifts to that of two scythes. The cobra slithers across the gun to become a blade mounted on the edge, making it into a mechanical scythe. The fact you entertain the idea of losing is proof of your weakness! The strong who claim to protect the weak must never give themselves any ounce of doubt! I know... I know that my way of life brings peril with it, but for the ones I love, and the ones who love me, I MUST NEVER LOSE!.
...now I wanna fight..
*Hello super bored, I'm Mariko. And I just walked into GYM.* Oh hey, the fighting arena again.
(He turns around, and looks at mariko) ...oh, ello new person.
New? I'm not new, and you're that snake... thing from the other day.
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"And doing what you can even if it results in failure is sacrifice without cause?" The heat begins to rise once more as Kalib speaks. "And all this talk about fighting so other's don't have to. You're preaching to the choir. But that isn't necessary if you have friends and people who will help you. But like you said, pride is your sin. Best not let your hubris get the better of you." Kalib slows his breathing as the air around him begins to glow with a blue light. "I am thou, thou art I. Victory is within our grasp, however our fight will not be easy. I need your help now more than ever, and in return I will see to it that we are victorious. This is our oath! PALADIN'S OATH!" Roland lets out a mighty cry as the flames stick to Kalib's body, with a now red glow instead of the previous blue. "This is where our fight truly begins. You think I'm weak for acknowledging the fact that I can lose. But not once did I say that I planned to lose. Just the opposite in fact. No matter the obstacle, be it man or god, I will fight with every ounce of my strength!" Kalib strikes an open defensive position with Roland at his back. His eyes were sharp and calculating.
The man would stare at the large figured which had just taken shape in front of him, so it's another of these Persona things huh? They seem common around here, so he'll have to get used to it... Too bad for him, Harry wasn't ready to react to something like that, he'd toss his coat into the way of it but still ultimately be sent flying back and land on the ground with a thud. Despite that, however, the man would still stagger up with his staff and dust himself off. Before quickly rushing back toward Em, displaying inhuman speed as he does so. "Huh, my fire didn't work as well as I had expected... I could use more, lots more, but that would burn down the whole building and then some. So instead, let's try something a little different. INFRIGA!" Harry would slam his staff down into the ground, ice jetting from the bottom of his tool and spreading out across an area of about 40 feet all around them. Despite the fact that he's standing on ice, his footing is still perfect. With that, he'd show Em a feral smirk and try to smack the boy straight in the chest with his staff, aiming to slam the heavy wooden object into his foe with incredible force. "I've got a neat little trick for fighting on ice, but I wonder how your footwork does hmm? Likely not too good, if you're anything like most people."
Wait, ya know me?...I have no bloody clue who ya are
Not expecting the sudden change of flooring, Emerson immediately slips and falls on the ice, landing flat on his face. Sh-Shamshon! As he lays on his face, mostly defenseless, his muffled voice calls Samson into action, who puts himself in front of him, meeting Harry's staff with his open palm, and attempting to grab hold of it. At the same time, Emerson finally picks himself up, finally getting his footing on the ice. He snaps his fingers, and fire begins to burst out from his feet, melting the ice beneath his feet, letting him walk normally. I call this one Hotfooting! Er, the name's kind of a work in progress... But I think the result speaks for itself!
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You dug out of the street and went right back into it. I don't have a clue who you are besides that, though. *She goes over to the arena and looks at the battle in it.* Oooh, an ice arena. Not quite the right season for that, though.
Oh yeah that.... (He then looks over at arena to) ...ugh, I hate winter...
Huh, who's that lady talking over there? Wrong season... Heh, it's always Winter when he's around if he wants it to be. "Ah that might be, but I like to keep things more lively ya know! Winter is full of great stuff, like Christmas, and backstabbing Fae who I kinda sorta work for... In hindsight, the latter isn't so great." As for Em's little trick, while Harry could constantly output more power into the ice, he's got bigger fish to fry right now and would focus on getting the staff from Samson's hands. A quick swap of blasting rod for magnum, and he's struggling to hold onto the staff with his right hand. As he presses the rubber loaded gun to Samson's skull and quickly hammers out the remaining 3 rounds inside it, at point blank, they shouldn't really be able to miss. "As for you Em... I can't really talk about naming sense, I mean my fire spell is just Spanish for fire man, so what ground do I have to stand on? Still, maybe just name it "Hotfooting in Latin"? Latin always adds a magic kinda feel to your names ya know?"
It's not that bad. Snow is nice, hot springs are nice, ski trips are awesome. And without winters you wouldn't have your cherry blossoms. *For talking to a giant snake, she was being surprisingly calm about it. She seemed like a well-adjusted adult for a moment there rather than her usual antisocial, angry self.*
I know what ya trying to say, its just that...I hate being cold, it makes me feel miserable and yes, ya are right, cheery trees are nice...so its a 50/50
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Samson's head reels back a bit when hit by the rubber bullets, and he loses his grip on the staff. The Persona backs off by a step, before it suddenly bursts into flames and retreats back into Emerson as the teen sprints towards Harry at breakneck speed, the flames on his feet flaring up and giving him a speed boost every time they hit the ground. Passibus Pedum Calcitrant! He quickly brings his right foot up and around, blazing as the flames hasten it's travel directly towards Harry's side. You think I didn't try Latin? Passibus Pedum just kinda sounded too long, y'know? Hotfooting honestly sounds a bit better than that, and it sort of has a certain charm to it, y'know?
sorry. I must go
A man with gray short hair and a composed expression would enter the GYM. He wore a black jacket with a lighter shirt underneath. On his side was a katana that almost looked natural, as if he had, had it there for quite a while. He'd look around seeing the familiar face of Em in the arena fighting someone he's never seen before. It had been a while since he had visited GYM or seen anyone for that matter but the place still seemed mostly the same besides all the repairs that the door of the GYM had noticeably been through. "Same as usual I see. Good to know that some things never change, though the amount of unfamiliar faces seems to have increased."
A swat van drives by, dropping off a single swat member, looks like a fresh recruit, straight outta the oven. The recruit begins walking towards the GYM very carefully.
Harry stares at Samson for a moment... Preparing to block an attack from the Persona, when he's suddenly left stunned for a moment by Em flying toward him. He'd attempt to duck under the kick, but it still slams into his left shoulder, leaving the man wincing as he goes flying back a few feet and burns smolder on his jacket. The man would stand up and grin at Em, not a bad trick at all, but if he knew how those Personas worked he'd a seen it coming. "Nifty there kid, so you can get rid of the spirit too huh? I'll keep it in mind from now on, glad I found out here instead of meeting it in the field against someone who wants me dead. As for the name... I dunno, Passibus Pedum ain't bad, but yeah kinda long. Could always try mental chants, but those are dangerous, at least for me. Not sure on yo- LAQUEUS!" As Harry mouths off, he'd suddenly break his speech and shout out a spell name. Magic rushing from his hands and taking shape of a glowing and flashing rope, normally this spell would have sharp bits and be designed to cut into the target. Em would simply find a cord of force wrapping around him, however, made with a tiny bit of the man's soul. Either way, he rips back on it with inhuman force and aims to pull the boy toward him. If he succeeded in tearing Em off the ground and pulling him through the air, Harry would quickly take hold of his staff and shout out Forzare, the staff rushing toward Em as a blast of powerful force magic shoots from it, aiming to send the boy flying backward as the forces of his pull collide with his forward blast. If he failed to get Em to him, he'd just keep pulling on the cord for now and duck down, aiming to instead drop the boy to the ground.
Huh? *She turns to look at the person who had just entered.* Yu!?
The recruit lightly kicks open the door walking in with his hands in his pockets. "So, what is this? Modern day arenas?"

Luard breaks his focus off the fight, unsure of why he bothered watching for so long anyways. No matter, Luard looks up at the grey-haired boy. A friend of Emerson's then? Not that it particularly matters Indeed, new arrivals appear all the time, I take it you two are companions of sorts? Nevermind that, silly question that hardly matters anyways. Luard pauses for a moment, idly straightening his long, dark cloak, as though trying to think of something to say. Oh, right, new person Anyways, you may call me Luard for what time we are to be acquainted. Would you care to share your own?
Yu would look back at the girl who had just exclaimed his name with a blank and confused expression for a moment. It would take him a solid minute before he realized who the girl was. "Marie? What are you doing here?" He would be a bit surprised to see the girl here but considering he knew Izanami already existed in this world he shouldn't have been too surprised that Marie would end up here too. That definitely left the question though in regards to whether this was the Marie he knew or not. He would then look towards Luard who he had also never seen before. He looked somewhat suspicious with the coat he was wearing but then again, Yu himself had the same sense of style for the most part. "My name's Yu Narukami. I've actually been in this world for quite a while. I guess I should also say I'm a Persona user and a Wild Card as well."

Luard nods along, it makes sense that he would have an ability similar to Em's, though as all the others it likely takes a different shape. As Yu gave an identification, its only proper for Luard to give his own I'm more of a researcher myself. Been looking into Personas recently, whenever I had the chance anyways. I take it the phrase "Wild Card" is a sort of title, such as that given to commanders, used to indicate your general competency. You're the first I have encountered, so I truly do not know too much. Luard sighs and leans back against the nearest wall, glancing disinterestedly back at the fight. Perhaps it would be best to leave soon? Lingering too long may result in being challenged after all, a prospect which might be a hassle
What am I doing here? I should try asking what you're doing here. Probably some "truth" thing again, huh? *There was some definite familiarity in her tone. Though any Marie dressed like that must have met a Yu at some point. Otherwise, well, you know how her story ends.*
Pulled by an crazy amount of force by the magical rope, Emerson struggles against it as he begins to fly through the air towards Harry. The mask flashes onto his face, but with his arms restrained, he's unable to resummon Samson. Luckily, he manages to crush the blue card which forms in his hand, although Saul fails to manifest thanks to the ropes. Still, Emerson uses Saul's power by extending out a large dark tendril from his left foot, which hits the ground and forms around a hardlight pillar that attaches itself to the ground, holding Em in place away from Harry. Dang, that was a good move man. Restraining me like that after seeing how my power works is pret- Em is then blasted by a force, sending him flying once again. The tendril snaps under the force after being flung away, along with the pillar which dissipates, and although it prevents him from slamming into the wall, he still hits the ground hard. Picking himself up, he has a clear smirk below his deep breaths, despite the obvious pain he's in. W-well, ain't that a strat. I'm good to keep going if you are. Emerson gives Harry a double finger gun before getting back in a fighting stance, both swords sheathed. If Harry payed really, REALLY close attention, he could see the faint sparkle of a piece of hardlight fly from his fingers as they gesture, landing about halfway between the two.
That... Looks like enough from where Harry's standing, it's a simple bit of training right? And between the being slammed around, and getting hit by shards of "Metal". He's not exactly feeling great himself, the man would let the power of his Mantle drop and begin leaning on his staff. "I can keep going if you insist. But I'd be alright just dropping it here and calling a tie honestly. Things like this don't need to go on till someone is about to pass out, god forbid die. So, I'll admit I'm pretty impressed..." He'd stow the blasting rod away in his coat, no need to keep his weapons openly out any longer. But he's got one question here. "How exactly do those Personas work? I've seen two today now, and that white hair guy said he has one too. They seem common, far more so than magic is back home, unless I'm just in a random hotspot... Speaking of that, I oughta get started on going back home soon here. Though, expect to see me around a bit if this place is as supernatural as I'm starting to think, I am quite curious about the place now. Oh and one last, what's with that little stance of yours? I can't quite tell what exactly, but it's clearly some clever trick or another which involves putting your swords down."
Emerson sighs, before laughing and putting his hand out towards where he tossed the piece of hard light. In a moment, the place burst into a large pillar of large light, easily holding enough force to send someone flying. Just a little trap, that's all. There're easier and more discreet ways to set them, that method was a tad obvious I guess. Anyways, if you want a clear explanation on Personas, go ask Yu or something. Grey hair guy, I saw him come in, and I'm pretty sure you did too. He's a bit more well-versed on the subject. Em stretches his arms and legs, then walks way towards the exit. Welp, that was a fun time. See ya!
A pillar of light huh? Not half bad, the spell itself wasn't too obvious... But the standing in place, blades not drawn? It screams trap. "It's how you put your swords away and just stood there, I couldn't sense the magic without doing something a bit risky, and I didn't notice any chants or hand motions either. Still, I've been in a lot of fights before despite not really loving them... As for Yu, I'll try to have a chat with him sometime, but for now, I really should get going as well." Harry would begin walking off toward the exit, only rather than going through the door the wizard shrugs to himself and stares at it for a moment, debating something to himself before uttering a single word as he makes a motion of pulling something open across the doorframe. "Aparturum." A shimmering portal takes form in the broken doorway of GYM, the man would walk through it and take note of where exactly he ends up... The Nevernever is connected to everywhere after all, and for now he'll just head on back home, halfway around the world doesn't take so long when you know the proper ways. Regardless, the portal vanishes as soon as Dresden walks through, leaving behind not even a trace of the gateway to another world that stood moments before.
Makoto holds the scythe over his brace, a blue line connecting the two. So you'd put your friends in danger to ease your struggle!? And you DARE lecture me about preaching!? If I am enough to protect my friends, for what purpose would I let them come in harms way!? You speak of friendship, but your words come from half a man! Your criticisms fall on deaf ears! GRAND AWAKENING! TUTANKHAMEN! OMEGA FANG! A golden pyramid materializes behind Kalib, and the blade on Makoto's scythe charges with an electrical energy. You speak of overcoming obstacles, but I've faced my own death more times than I can count! You speak to challenge a god, but was it not a god that gave you this life!? I don't have this luxury! My creator was a misguided shell of the man he should have been! I wasn't given a world that valued friendship! I was given a world in which I either fought to protect those I loved or we both died! I've seen what happens when you allow loved ones to stand with you, and I won't let that tragedy befall anyone else! The energy builds to a climax and the pyramid begins to suck Kalib in with an amazing force. The scythe is charged and ready to swing.
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Kalib clenches his teeth for a moment as Makoto speaks. "Okay pal... I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here. But you'll come to realize that my friends are the most important thing to me. They taught me that I don't need to do it all alone. They trust me and I trust them!" He looks behind him briefly as the pyramid begins to materialize. Hearing the mention of facing his death over and over again, he can't help but lower his head. "Heh. So a god created me? I've never been one for creationism, but whatever floats your boat. I'm talking about defeating any who would impose their unjust will on humanity. And I'm not sure what ass backwards world you come from, but here? I'd never think of letting my friends stand alone, and I know they would give me Hell if I tried to do it myself." The pyramid pulls Kalib inside with little resistance as the man finally lifts his head. His eyes glowing with a fierce determination from within the pyramid walls. His skin crackles with the brilliant red from before. "It sounds to me like your nothing but a scared little kid. You want power because you don't want to see your friends get hurt? Have you ever once considered their feelings? Do they want you to bear that burden all alone? Have you ever asked? Or are you just running from that in pursuit of strength? Your solitude versus my trust. Which is absolute?" Kalib raises his blade in a defensive stance.
Beneath his mask, Makoto glares with an unholy rage. Not ONCE did I say having friends is a crutch! I've only made it this far because of the friends I've made, but I would not have made those friends if I couldn't stand on my own! The crackling reaches a piercing level of volume. Makoto pivots on his heel and sends the burst of energy at the pyramid. I wouldn't allow my friends to stand alone either! I don't want them risking themselves on my behalf either! You speak of solitude, but I have friends that TRULY believe in me! They have the faith that I would NEVER lose for them! The pyramid overflows with electrical energy, and shatters freeing Kalib. If I'm a scared child afraid of losing those he loves, so be it! I can fight knowing my friends believe in my path, the very same path I've chosen for myself! The strength I desire is so I can travel my path and defeat the obstacles that stand between my and my peace! That peace is my destination, and I will take help getting there, but not before I give it my damnedest to carve a route through! The sound of a motorcycle revving begins to emanate from outside GYM.
A groan could be heard from behind the counter, as Lowe sat up. His cot from when he was living here was still there, but his reasoning for using it over his own apartment is a tad...complicated. Ugh, what's with all the yelling? Oh? His attention turned to one particular fight going on. Oh, Kalib's fighting? That's not too common. His grogginess seemed to simply fade away, as he bounced up to watch the fight earnestly.
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The electrical explosion sends Kalib flying backwards, laying him out just outside of the arena's edge. "Heh...there we go...that one actually felt like it had some... proper force to it!" Kalib slowly rises from the ground with a smile upon his face. Not filled with anything other than respect. He might not understand this man right now, but his words resonated within him. "I think...it's about time we bring this to a close! Show me that their trust wasn't misplaced and break out of your shell!" The red glow rises off Kalib's body as if the embers of his very soul were set ablaze. That same blue card appeared before him again, however, the red glow around Kalib would begin to stream into the card. "I am thou, thou art I. The end is in sight, our obstacle stands ahead of us. Take up your mighty blade and bring down our fury! DURENDAL'S FURY!" As Kalib crushes the card, his weapon grows in size to become a fearsome piece of steel as Roland appears behind him. Taking up his own weapon, it was clear to see Roland and Kalib now held the same blade. "I hope you don't mind if I up the ante now? Here comes a new attack, and my final assault!" Kalib bounds forward alongside Roland as they rush Makoto similar to before. However, something was different, he was quicker than last time. "DURENDAL'S FURY OMEGA XROSS!!" With the same swerving motion, the pair slash at Makoto with their glowing blades. But it didn't stop at one, they slid behind and performed another slash to the man's back. Each slash seemingly rending reality, and then... "X marks the...wait I already said that." As Kalib comes to a halt, the seemingly broken reality snaps back and all that energy is sent straight to the source. The slashes on Makoto's body.
Makoto is knocked back, and seemingly out of breath. The final sphere from the pillar flies to him, and he catches it with an exhausted hand. Always so stubborn... Awaken! HOUDINI! The Tutankhamen Soul fades from Makoto and his motorcycle comes revving through the broken door. It unfolds to reveal a much more complex phantom than the three he had summoned prior. Upon the Houdini Soul becoming one with Makoto, the faceplate changes to that of two chains meeting at a lock in the center. The two wheels seem to form turbines, blasting at Kalib with a strange air. Witness the strength of the path I've chosen! The strange turbine based cowl flies away from Makoto, and hovers above Kalib. Makoto depresses the button on the brace hopefully for the last time. GRAND AWAKENING! HOUDINI! OMEGA DRIVE! From the turbines a barrage of chains falls to entangle Kalib. If he finds himself caught up in them, Makoto would disappear from sight. In a burst of rainbow confetti, Makoto appears beneath the turbines and kicks with a blazing foot into the trapped Kalib.
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After getting blasted with air, Kalib can't help but laugh. "Wow. I knew Tatsu and his bike were close, but this is something else!" Kalib is caught by the sudden chains and struggles against them violently in what would be a vain attempt to escape. He quickly looks over to where Makoto was only to find he was gone. "This is checkmate then. Looks like you're finally starting to get back to business, pal!" Kalib tenses in the brief seconds leading up to the surprise kick from below and is forcefully ejected from the arena. He lands unceremoniously a few meters away in a crumpled mass of man. "Ouch..." Lifting his face from the floor, he sits up and grins at Makoto. "Looks like the first month is free, huh?"
Makoto removes the sphere from the brace, and depresses the button. The suit he had on vanishes, and now his normal face is revealed covered in bruises. A small dribble of blood comes from his lip, which he wipes off. I can see why your friends worry about you. Makoto offers a hand to the battered man. I recommend you do some training so they'll live a much more relaxed life. You run this place yes? Two bottles of water, if you'd be so kind.
Lowe smiles, that's his cue. Coming right up! He calls from behind the counter, producing two bottles from the fridge and placing them on the bar for Makoto. He has another pair set apart from it, assumedly for Kalib. If I may, you did pretty well man. Is it cliche to say you can learn a lot about someone by fighting them? At risk of sounding like that, I want to go a round with you sometime. I see a bit of myself amidst all of that yelling.
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He happily takes the man's hand and stands up. "Unfortunately, I don't think I'm getting any stronger without outside forces. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop trying!" Kalib grins happily as he dusts himself off and walks back to the counter, his eyes lighting up as he sees Lowe. "Well I'll be! Howdy Lowe! And wait, you don't fight people to get to know them better? Isn't that what a man is supposed to do?" He laughs softly as he grabs one of his bottles and downs it in one go.
I'll take you up on that offer, but be warned... He takes a brief sip from his water. ...once I get fired up there's little that can stop me. Try and do it within the month, as I'd like to make the most of this deal.
Lowe chuckles a bit, tugging on his collar. Hehe, well I can't quite say I've been able to throw down with anyone new in some time. Last time I did I sorta...lost my...head. Were the statement any less painful to say, he might have laughed at his own joke. He rebounds quickly though, and flashes a grin at Makoto. Got trouble stopping, eh? Yeah, I can relate to that, I'm working on it too. both figuratively, and very literally. Don't worry though, even if it isn't within the month, I'll foot your hospital bill for ya.
A big talker, hm? I believe your boss will agree when I say I'm not one to be messed with. Makoto finishes his first bottle, throwing it away, and cracks open the second. For some reason I don't think he even saw the height of my power, but it's been a blur since arriving in this place. I'll see to it I don't leave you in too bad a state.
Heh, boss ain't the right word. I only help out here because I like the guy; and because I owe him more than a few favors. Lowe leans back in his seat, bringing his right arm up to his chest and stares at a black, cloth accessory wrapped around his wrist. It was long, draping down to about his thigh from where it was currently. Your whole thing about wanting to get stronger to protect the ones you love? I get that. Trust is great and all, but I can't help them if I'm always depending on others. It's a two way street, yeah? Your friends give you strength, you give it right back. You need a good mix of power of your own, and power from others. So I really do hope you weren't going all out back there, if you were then you'll be just who I need to make me stronger. For myself, and the ones I love.

"Quite the interesting philosophy you have there, brown haired guy with the eyes of a young man. " Having heard the last part, such a magnificent speech, he made clear he was there. Kazuo looked around the GYM, if only to know his surroundings, trying to see if there was anything of interest or use. Curiously enough he found that this place seemed like much more than a simple gym, but rather a...fight club, at least from what he heard of. "However I have to disagree on one point, and that was that you claim you need yourself and others to really move forward in the best mix possible. However that would imply that people are equals to one another. Your power will usually be greater or the weaker, rarely equal, doesn't matter the reason of why that's the case." With a dismissive smile, Kazuo stepped forward with both hands pressed against his hip. "I see your point though, it all depends on how you may want to see things. More importantly, my name is Kazuo, may I ask yours?"
(Suddenly, a 7'3 snake centipede hybrid comes back from his hole he made yesterday) ....ayyyyy
(Suddenly a 7'3 man with a large sword strapped to his back enters into the GYM. The sword would be coated with what appeared to be a dark energy that stuck to it like grime. The man's eyes glowed with a red light.) Ayyyyyy...
(He pokes his up head up from he hole, and notices the 7'3 man) ....ayyyyy.....human me?
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Luard glances up from his position against the wall, it feels like forever since his earlier conversation, yet that is of no consequence. Though of course, it seems a rather... Heated discussion is taking place. For now, Luard simply watches with interest. If nothing else its a group he hadn't met before
(The man almost looks excited upon seeing Rep. He smiles sinisterly in a face Rep would recognize.) How's it going, mate? It's me, Zane, the new Zane. I've been lookin for ya...
(He jumps up from the hole, and slowly slithers to him) .......mate...how are ya here?...and the new Zane?...what?
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Naoya walks into GYM, deciding he might as well see the place as is, instead of the usual Karaoke he goes to...but the moment he walks in, he feels the sudden urge to walk out. Two people that look the same, yet, he felt like something was wrong. His face frowned, "...Don't tell me one of you is a shadow self." He said, keeping his hand on his sword, yet not drawing it yet.
(He'd look down to Rep and pull out the large sword off his back.) The crawling chaos gave me a life of my own but I want more than that. I still lack a soul but that's where you come in. I'm gonna kill you for good and take your soul for myself. (Zane would hold the sword and point it towards Rep. His eyes would glow brighter than before as his killer intentions could be seen plainly.)
(He simply stare's at him, and sighs) ....and thissss is what I get for making to many dealssss...sigh...look, mate, I don't wanna hurt ya...sense ya me...so ya better piss off, before I cut ya down a few Inches
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"I did expect this place to be a bit more...reasonable, at the very least." Slightly confused at the...group of people that suddenly showed up, he decides to do something as simple as staring. But the thing is he isn't staring at the group, but at a nearby wall. "If I don't see them they don't exist."
(Zane would laugh at Rep's comment before raising the sword up high.) I think your confused, mate. I won't be the one being cut down. That'll be you... (Zane would swing the giant sword down directly at Rep. It would travel at a moderate speed allowing him to possibly dodge of he was fast enough.)
"Yep, its a shadow self..." Naoya said as he took out his sword and jumped next to Rep, "You may need some help with this one, this is a shadow of you, don't take him too lightly..." He said as he jumped back before Zane's blow
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(He would slightly laughs to himself, drills underground, doughing the attack, and appears right behind him, and then speaks in a very serious voice) ....listen here mate, you and I both know that no one loves us, where just freaks to everyone, just using us for there sinister needs, I know there using you because where oh-so despret for a chance to be normal...to live a normal life....but unfortunately... That ain't gonna happen. (He then turns to naoya) ..mate, lemme handle this, just help when I'm close to death...please?
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Naoya sighs, and puts his sword back, "Yeah, alright, just don't get yourself killed, ok?" He sighs and leans against the wall, near where Luard is at.
Lowe arches an eyebrow. Kazuo, huh? Name's Lowe. I see your point Mr. Philosopher, but how much power you have in comparison to others doesn't change what you can do for them, or what you mean to them. As long as we all keep improving, than the gaps between us shouldn't matter. This was an odd turn of events, but Lowe won't change his stance because of some stranger.
(Zane would turn around. His expression almost seemed troubled but the glow in his eyes wouldn't fade.) And what exactly have you been doing about that? Are you really just gonna accept that? You think a life with no one to love is even worth living? This is why you don't deserve that soul of yours... You've been living all wrong! (Zane would attempt to strike once again, swinging the sword in a vertical arc towards Rep.)
(Thanks to his little to no bone structure, he puts his head backwards, where any normal human would have there back broken by it) ...maybe cause...unlike you, I live with it, just another day...
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"This wall looks really sturdy, I wonder if-" Quickly turning around to face Lowe, he closes both eyes and scratches his right cheek with his index finger. "Maybe they shouldn't but they actually do matter, very much so." He stops scratching his cheek to instead point at himself with his thumb. He opens both eyes and stares at Lowe with a bit more of attention. "In this world, status and property are among the greatest of valuables, you could call them basic powers if you want. With these things, there is almost nothing you cannot do as long as it is bound to reality, the more you have, the more freedom you gain, the ultimate power. Then one thing leads to another, fame which gives you a mean to reach most people and time to address them." He slowly opens his right hand and places his palm on his chest with delicacy. "What you can do doesn't change, but it becomes easier and more effective. If you are at the top, what can you not do? Perhaps miracles, but who knows?" After this, his hand leaves his chest. Instead, he just keeps it in front of it, closed. "In the universe, almost anything is possible."
(Zane would simply back away before taking one hand off the sword and turning it towards Rep.) Just another day. Ya see, this is exactly why you'll never change. If people don't like ya, you just have to try harder. Either do something or I will. I'll force them to accept me even if they have to die to do so. Reverse Omukade! Crush them! (A red aura quickly washes over Zane as in a burst of red light A giant centipede would emerge but it was different from the one Rep would be used to. It looked blue in color and it's eyes were glaring with red light. It would rush forward before attempting to pin Rep down to the floor with its pincers.)
Hehe...I don't think trying to kill ppl to like ya will help ya cause... (He then stares at the what seems like blue omukade) ...hm, ya have one to?...well then, let's see which ones better..hehe (He then snaps his claws, and another burst of light happens, and this time, it's a giant centipede, a lot like Zane's) ....omukade...show 'em who's the better one (With that, omukade straight up bull rams into blue-kade)
What makes you think you can win? I'm superior to you in every way! (Blue-kade would lock it's ponders with Omukade's as it struggle to try and match it's strength. Zane wouldn't just stand around though. He'd once again go after Rep attempting to lunge with the blade in an attempt to stab Rep directly. Even if he missed He'd continue charging forward until he was a little behind where Rep was standing.)
"superior" ya say ay?....well, superior except for the brain department (He says as he drills underground, and appears right under Zane, and grabs his leg, and bites his leg with neurotoxin) ....mmmm..
Zane would fall to the ground. The poison began spreading through his body as his breathing grew heavier. The sword would drop to the ground as well. The grime that surrounded it would seem to slowly clear up. Blue-kade soon would vanish into thin air as Zane began to lose his power. Damn! Why? What makes you think you can do any better? Why do you keep fighting? What are you going to do with that soul of yours anyway?
(He would climb back up from the ground, and omukade follows him, ready to strike, and he also picks up the sword, and throws it into omuakdes mouth) ...look, mate, I know that ppl hate me, and I don't care, so what, I ain't gonna kill people so ppl think I'm cool...just...look, I'll let ya live.....if ya just don't do any crazy shit like i used to do...
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(Zane would seem to laugh as if letting him live was a joke.) No, I have no soul. If ya don't kill me here I'll just dissapear anyway. That's how things go. The crawling chaos has no use for failures so I'll just be thrown out like you were before. If you kill me here through you can reclaim your body and unlock your true power. Just remember though, even if I vanish, I'll always be a part of you. I'll always be watching. So just remember that the next time you turn away from the path you've chosen. I'll return, just as shadows always seprate from those that cast them when their world darkens. (Zane would begin laughing sinisterly as tears also began to fall from his eyes. The tears were black like the grime that was once on the sword but upon Rep touching it, it seemed to return to its former glory.)
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(Omukade would spit out the claymore, looking like brand new, and rep would simply slither to Zane, and bite into him once more, sucking up the neurotoxin) .....sigh...look, mate, how bout this: we split my soul, you get half. And I keep another half?
(Zane would look at Rep suprised by his offer.) Are you sure? You know I still work for the crawling chaos, right? I won't turn down the offer but it's not too late to change your mind.
Eh, I'll just be watching then (He gives Zane a smile, trying to be nice)
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Okay, deal. (Zane would then get up and attempt to reach out towards Rep. Except instead of his hand hitting him it'd reach into him instead passing through his flesh harmlessly is it reached. The hand would quickly tear something off from within Rep. The sensation would feel like Rep was getting torn in half but the process would actually be painless. The hand would recoil revealing half of a strange object glowing with a blue light. Zane would absorb the object if he had succeeded in doing this. I'm a whole person now! Ayyyyyyyyyyyy! Thank ya! Now I'm gonna go return to the crawling chaos! Ayyyyy! (Zane would turn into a black pile of slush before melting into the ground.)
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Lowe stands slowly, his expression a bit more on the grim side this time. Status, property? Maybe things like that can enable you to be stronger for others, maybe it can let you get somewhere; but that's not what I care about. Where you start, where you end, those don't matter to me. What matters is what you do with what you have, and how you move forward. I don't care to hear about what you think makes strength, I don't care to hear how you plan to get it. That's all on you. What I want is action. He makes his way to where Kazuo is, with one arm raised in a closed fist. I don't care about status or property, I care about being stronger for those that need me. Things like that aren't strength to me, but that's just how it goes. We may define strength differently, but at the end of the day it's still strength we're after. So let's not bother talking about ideals and strength, let's just go after it. Lowe smirks, lowering his raised arm; and it's now in prime fist bumping position.
(His eyes would widen with him putting his body) ...whoa.. (Then, seeing Zane putting a blue thing in his body, and suddenly dissapering, and sighs) ....sigh...god have mercy on his half-soul...

"You are too noisy, but you didn't fight me. As long as you accept the way reality works, I won't care. Just know that to me, strenght and power are many, many different things." Kazuo places his hand on Lowe's fist for a moment and looks at it quietly for a second or two, as if wondering about something. "I'm sorry, this must be a bit awkward, but I was wondering seeing as this is a very...unique fight club." Releasing the fist of the brown haired young man with passionate eyes, places both his index finger and thumb on his hat. "I want to know and see how it is that you fight. What makes you different?" He chuckles, almost embarrassed. "I saw some very weird and bizarre things just now so I want to know if you are as bizarre as them. I'm a passionate student, so I want to learn all I can in one life. Just a quick demonstration will do, I'm not very fond of duels...unless you need one. I don't mind."
Sigh....well....hope he doesn't turn absolutely bat-shit crazy...
Lowe scratched his face awkwardly, and glanced back at the shitstorm with the snake guy going on behind him. Yeah, "unique" is one word, I guess. Sure, I can show you what I got. He motions for the man to follow him outside, and once the pair is standing outside, he smirks. He points one arm forward, his palm open. The black accessory wrapped around his wrist began to flutter around on its own, the lines of the stitching that trailed along the cloth began to glow faintly. Power and strength are different things? Maybe; but you can't have one without the other. So, let me show you my power! As-if on cue, a full-sized bullet train sped down the street after zooming out of a large, runic magic circle that had appeared just slightly behind and to the side of the boy. It sped down the street, continuing for some ways before it entered another magic circle some hundred meters or so away, and faded as-if nothing had ever happened.

The ambitious young man claps at the sight of such display of power mildly amused. His eyes were shining brightly. "Impressive, really impressive! I didn't think doing something like that was really possible, but then again that's the nature of the supernatural and even magic. Maybe this is more like...technological magic? Would something like that even exist?" Kazuo then takes a few steps ahead and points at the sky with his right hand. He closes his left eye and focuses on a single point in the clouds, in the middle of this sunset. "Let me try next." His body is then covered by a white aura, calm flames of gray and silver seemed to be burning wildly. Blue sparks seemed to cover his body as his entire right arm transforms into a mess of flesh and bone before taking the form of Lowe's arm. Then, a vortex of pure dark appears behind him, a bit to the right as well. Soon after, pieces of metal come out of it at full speed, only for them to quickly desintegrate. "Worth the shot..." His arm goes back to normal very quickly. "That takes much more energy than I thought it would. Very strong indeed, I can see from where you are coming from." His eerie aura and vicious flames quickly die out.
Lowe watches intently. New powers were always intriguing for him to watch, and this was no exception. That ability actually almost seemed like something Lowe usually does, but that's not really the point right now. I wouldn't describe it as technology magic. It's linked to my fear, from what I've gathered and been told. I was given it by...someone, so they could see how I'd deal with it. It's my deepest fears given form in a violent way, and as I get a handle no my fears, I get control over my power. I guess that's a good way to describe it. Fear magic.

"Fear magic, I understand." Looking at the palm of his right hand with intensity, Kazuo decides that all this information was enough for him to use. Lowe seemed like a good kid, young, but good anyways. Returning both hands inside of his pockets, he looks around and wonder a bit more. "I'm guessing your ability is exactly unique? Or rather...are there more people capable of things or moves such as these? I'm interested in knowing them, of learning all I can here." He returns his gaze back at Lowe. "I would really appreciate it if you could show me around at some point, or uh...well, introduce me to such people if they do exist."
Lowe rubbed the back of his head, looking down. Er, I don't quite know. I've never heard there being others with the power, but it comes from this. Since it's an object, I imagine he could make more? I dunno really, the guy who gave it to me's enigmatic at best. At least to me. I've never met him myself. Sorry. He touches his chin for a minute, before looking up at Kazuo. Well, there's the possibility that one of the people I know who have seen him could point ya in the right direction. There's Alice, fairly petite girl, dirty blonde hair down to her neck. Tatsuya, older dude, brown hair, usually wears a red tracksuit. Lastly there's the owner of this place, GYM. Kalib, pretty big guy who hangs around here a lot. Any of them could tell you what he's like, but other than that I don't have any leads for you.

"While meeting such person would be amazing, I was actually referring to anyone with bizarre powers. But judging by the mention of them, and speculating that the weird attracts weird rule works in reality...I'm guessing they either know or have such abilities." Kazuo laughs at his sudden weird thought, but seeing a train fly in front of his face, he had no reason NOT to think this. "I'll take these names into account then, as long as I learn something new then I don't mind waiting of just walking around aimlessly."
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