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Persona Awakening Service: Misophobia
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OOC: Setting this up now, be back in 30 minutes. The TV that resides within an abandoned lot stays stuck to the ground. The screen is black and it appears as if the TV is inactive. Suddenly, a figure cloaked in black would approach the TV and stare intently at it. As they got closer the screen would flicker on with static. They would pause at this for a moment before without a second thought jumping into the TV. The TV is now on, a dark hue covers it's screen as the static rages on. It almost seems silent with how loud it is like a quiet rage slowly building up.
Coming across the TV, Eito stops in his tracks to stare at it. "What the hell is a goddamn TV doing here?" Walking over, the teenager would start feeling the Television, as if trying to find a hidden switch or something. He also pushes his hand against the screen...
Something felt off in the air as Kalib walked out of GYM and into the streets. The feeling nagged at him in the back of his head for sometime as anxiety began to set in. He couldn't place what the sensation was, but it was all too familiar. The answer danced on the end of his tongue as his legs moved of their own accord. "Huh?" Minutes passed and he eventually came across a familiar television in an otherwise empty lot. The odd display it had on would only confirm his suspicions. "So that's how it is? But where's Yu? Typically he has a sixth sense for this type of thing...wait a second..." Doing a double take, he finally notices Eito pressing his hand against the screen. Fear bubbles over inside of Kalib's mind as he shouts out to his apprentice. "NO! DON'T TOUCH THAT, EITO!" His legs already started to move, but he already knew he would be too late.
Magus jumped from the shadows, concerned about Klib's yell, he quckly ran towards Klib an Eito, with a serious face. What is wrong with you? Magus looked the static TV, the moment he did it he felt something... some kind of presence at the other side? That box... is something wrong with it...
Izumi had been trying to crowd dodge today. Amazing what a little bit of perceived security can do to the layman of the city. Her efforts ultimately led her into an abandoned lot that seemed mighty suspicious given that she was still in the city. Well, that and there being a TV sitting in the middle of it. And a very loud Kalib. Why do I feel like I've just stumbled into something bad?
*walks on to the scene* Hmm? What's going on here? Why are there so many people? And what's with the TV?

*Sam walks onto the scene, walking up to the others.* Well. We have quite the congregation here today. What's going on? Fighting over a broken TV or something? *Sam leans on his cane* Is it really that special?
Jiyu, who has also heard Kalib's scream, quickly enters the scene, carrying a backpack on his back. "What the hell is going on he-" Jiyu's sentence gets interrupted as he looks over to Eito near a strange TV that he recognizes. "..Well shit."
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As soon as Eito's hand touches the screen it would pass straight through. The inside of the TV would feel cold like water and the screen itself would seem to part like a liquid. It was almost a calming sensation until Eito felt some kind of force grab hold of his hand. It felt colder than usual, to the point of being discomforting. He could feel a voice speaking into his head as the strange force tried to pull him in. The voice would be that of a distorted woman's. "Do you wish to face the truth? Do you believe you have what it takes?"
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"Where the hell did you come from, Sensei, what's wro-" Eito's question is both interrupted and answered as his hand goes inside the TV, his eyes widening in surprise. TVs shouldn't be able to do that, what the hell was happening? As he tried to pull his hand out, with it only being held back by the cold force. "What's happening, what the hell is this thing?" At the voice's question, he briefly stops panicking to stare at the TV once again, thinking. "I...Suppose so, yes."
Magus managed to reach Eito, he noticed his hand, but It didn't surprise him (he doesn't know how a TV works). What are you doing? You shouldn't use things like that as if nothing were happening, there could be something at the other side. Magus carefully touched the box.
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*Sam watches Eito's hand vanish through the screen and raises an eyebrow.* Huh. I guess there was something different about this TV after all. How neat.
Woah! That doesn't look good! Or maybe it is? That big guy is saying that it's bad, I think, but...maybe this is different? Kinda starting to wish I had gotten more information out of father, and I know I'm probably going to regret this later...but if I'm going to get stronger, I need to rise up to any challenge! *Marisa sticks her hand on the TV screen*
"It's a long story Eito. But this isn't something you should've approached alone." Kalib catches up to Eito just in time to see his hand already deep inside. The shock draining from his face ever so slightly. Kalib goes to reach out to the man, but his sudden reply to a question baffled him. "Who are you talking to?" Kalib turns to the others with a growl. "Why the hell are all of you so eager to stick your hand into something you don't understand!? This isn't a game!" He calms himself and looks back to Eito with concern in his eyes. "I should've told you about all of this sooner."
With Eito's answer the TV would begin pulling harder trying to drag the rest of his body inside. As for everyone else who stuck their hands in. They would be able to pass through the screen but it seemed as though the same cold force pulling Eito in would be blocking them from reaching too far inside, for the moment. The voice would once again ring in Eito's ears like a queer of people speaking all at once. "Very well, then prepare to face the truth..."
"I need to get a closer look at this." Jiyu runs over to the TV staring at Eito's hand through the its screen. Yep, this is the same TV that he went into a few months ago. He stays silent, waiting for the others to do something.
Woah.... Izumi stared at the TV for a moment as all of this was going down, people going into TVs! It's like the rumors! Though... someone was going to fall in! Izumi would rush over and grab onto Eito, trying to pull him out! Suction be damned!
Just as I thought... I don't know why I even touched the TV... Magus thought about what the voice said. The truth? What kind of truth?
Because I want to understand it! If there's anything my father taught me, it's that I need to always step up to challenges! I feel like this TV is a challenge, so I'm going to step up to it's challenge! Or at least I would...if I could just...stick myself in... further... *Marisa struggles to put herself into the TV.*

"Guys, what's going on?" Eito puts one of his feet on top of the TV and pushes trying to get himself out as he starts being sucked inside, panic clear in his voice. "Wha-What the hell is happening?"

This is getting dangerous. Someone pull that kid out of that TV before he's sucked in fully.
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Finally, the suction ability of the TV would increase fully dragging Eito inside completely. He would be unable to resist it's pull, as would anyone trying to assist him. As he's pulled into the TV his body would be embraced by a cold air and a deep white fog. For a moment it felt as if he was floating...Until he fell down to a stage about 10 feet below him. As for the others, the TV would finally allow them to enter as Eto's face would come into focus through the Static.
Woah gods! *Marisa get herself launched into the TV due to her struggling to get into it.*
Magus landed on the stage, he looked around but it was pointless, the fog didn't let him see through it. Congratulations, you fell on another trap... And I followed you again... that was very stupid from me...

"Ow..." Pushing himself off the ground and shaking his head, Eito then starts grabbing at his body to make sure his weapons were there while staring out at his surroundings in panic, fear and a bit of anger. "Where am I?" "Who the hell are you and what did you do to me?"
Jiyu quickly tries to grab Eito's other hand to pull him out of the TV, but he was too late, he already got sucked in. "God damnit! We have to get him out of there!" He then takes off his backpack, setting it on the ground, before hopping into the TV.
The resulting suction of losing Eito would unbalance Izumi and send her into the TV as well. Who lands unceremoniously on her ass on the stage. Ugh... I think I broke my butt... I thought magic suction TVs were just a myth....
"They're awful forceful this time." Kalib looks at the screen with fury in his eyes. "Alright, my turn! I won't leave you alone, Eito! Hold on!" After a few quick stretches, Kalib looks right through the TV screen and dives right in. Carefully maneuvering his descent into the TV World as to not land on his ass...again.

*With an eye roll, Sam grasps his cane tightly and follows everyone into the TV* How do I get myself into these situations? Seriously, Am I magnetized to trouble or something?
As everyone looks around the stage the thick fog would begin to thin out a little. The stage would be a deep shade of purple with what looked like white chalk in the shape of human bodies all over the place. Off to the left would be a small staircase leading down off the stage and off to the right was a thin corridor that would lead off the stage as well. The corridor was...calling to Eito as if something important was there... OOC: Did you ever come up with a Persona idea?

Ye. Want me to send you a message in PMs to not spoil the surprise? Eito stood in calmness and glared at the area around him, massively intrigued by the corridor, feeling somehow...Drawn to it. "Huh..." Without even really thinking about it or looking at the others, Eito starts walking towards the corridor.
*Marisa falls on to the stage* Ow...hmm...oh, is this that one thing father said? About the TVs and the ghosts and the glasses? It... certainly looks like what she said...creepy and foggy as all hell...yeah, I knew I would regret this. Still, I guess I might be able to get that one power that father has? What did she call it again? Stands? Floats? Uhh...I can't remember...but that hall looks important! *Marisa walks down the hall with a curious look on her face*
As he approaches the stage, Jiyu moves his body so that he can fall feet first. A few seconds later, he does a perfect landing right before posing. "Yeah!" Going back to getting serious, Jiyu looks around at the new area. He stops looking around at the sight of Marisa and Eito going down a corridor before following them.

*Sam falls onto the stage, feet first. He then uses his cane to regain a stance that didn't look like he may have broken his ankles, he looks around.* Interesting place. Looks like someone broke a fig machine or 16. Well, give or take 1 or 2. Hey Mayu. You there? *Sam is met with silence.* Cut off from the lab, is it? Well, that's not fun. Not at all.
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OOC: Actually, I hate to do this but I'm about to lose all internet. It's been messed up for a while so I've been relying on phone data but now I'm running out I guess. So I'm going to completely lose connection soon.
Kalib looks over to Eito but sees he's got a fair chunk of backup with him. He silently steps away from the group and towards the staircase. He could wager a guess as to who was behind this, but he had to be sure.
Magus remains silent and he follows them, he has the feeling is a bad idea, but is a worse idea to go alone around a place you don't know. OOC: it's alright, if you want we can continue this later (If I'm around, but I don't mind)
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Persona Blue Balled yet again.
damn. Meh, oh well. If you want to continue, I can wait. I can wait for a long time.

I need sleep, so unless this continues in-at the latest- an hour or two, then i'm going off to the sweet embrace of my bed. Whether we continue with this thread, get another or I just resign myself to my fate of never getting a goddamn Persona, I dunno.
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I'm still here, of course.
I'm here. Quick question, say there are multiple people who need a Persona, what would happen?
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OOC: Uh, order they came in unless enough people join. Then I'd do split paths but if you want me to narrate a proper shadow then I need some info on the character and persona that will be awakened.
I could explain on discord?
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OOC: Alright, resume. Uh, restate your last posts from the stage I guess since decisions might've changed based on player amounts. IC: The stage would hold a purple coloration which would have decorated upon it patterns of chalk detailing what looked to be bodies like something one would see at a crime scene. To the left of the stage would be a narrow corridor that almost seemed to be calling out to Eito as if something be was searching for was in that direction. To the right of the stage was a staircase leading down towards what seemed to be a more rural and forest area.
Ooc: I might not join this one.
*Marisa falls on to the stage* Ow...hmm...oh, is this that one thing father said? About the TVs and the ghosts and the glasses? It... certainly looks like what she said...creepy and foggy as all hell...yeah, I knew I would regret this. Still, I guess I might be able to get that one power that father has? What did she call it again? Stands? Floats? Uhh...I can't remember...but that hall looks important! *Marisa walks down the hall with a curious look on her face*

Eito stood in calmness and glared at the area around him, massively intrigued by the corridor, feeling somehow...Drawn to it. "Huh..." Without even really thinking about it or looking at the others, Eito starts walking towards the corridor. "This is all so...Surreal..."
Kalib takes stock of his surroundings quickly. His eyes dart with feral speed as fear grips him for a moment. The coast seemed to be clear for the time being, and he let out a sigj of relief in response. "Eito, be careful he-....Eito?" Looking over at the man walking towards the door in a bit of a daze, Kalib whistles at him loudly. "OI! Keep your wits about you! I'm going to check something real quick, but just call and I'll be there in a flash!" After he finishes yelling after the man, Kalib moges towards the stairs and sets off towards the wooded area.
Suddenly Magus looks behind him, he sensed something following him. Who is there? But there is no response... but, Magus is feeling something following him, but he doesn't know what. Be carefull, I think something is following us.

*Sam follows on, eyeing the area, limping slightly from his hard landing* A forest, hmm? Where are we, exactly? This place doesn't seem natural at all.

(After being a bit too curious Ene lands on the stage with a soft thud.) Oww that actually hurt~ (Rubbing her knees to get some feeling back she carefully looks around. The area itself gives her the creeps and she can't help the shiver that comes out. Noticing some familiar faces she does feel a bit assured, but not by much.) What exactly is this place? (She runs her way over to Kalib as she asks this.)
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Geeze.... wait, isn't this stage supposed to be yellow? Izumi, everyone is concerned about the forest actually...
Eito and Marisa would travel down the narrow corridor. As they wandered through the fog would begin to clear but it appeared to be growing darker by the moment. They could feel eyes watching them almost as if waiting to see they would do. Constantly judging them, trying to size them up. Kalib, Ene, and Izumi on the other hand would find that as they descended the stairs the woods would grow thicker as the sky took on a much redder hue. Small buildings one might see in a town would begin popping up as well. They would all be wrecked and ruined, burn marks spread about their surfaces. Sam and Magnus would be on the stage still as I have no idea which direction they were heading in or who they intended to follow.

*Sam starts heading off, following Eito and Marisa.* So, boy and girl. What's the game plan? Wandering around this place aimlessly seems like a bad idea, after all.
Hearing a familiar voice, Kalib turns around and greets the girl with a smile. "Fancy meeting you here, Ene! And did nobody explain what the TV world was when you were here last time?" He brings his right hand up and covers his mouth for a moment. He removes it after a few moments. "No. It makes sense, last time was a bit hectic and I can see how it slipped our minds. Speaking of which..." Kalib takes note of the state the buildings are in as he walks further into the town. He pokes his head into whatever would pass for a window in their current states.
Magus looked around to check if anyone was following him, but he didn't see anything only fog. I'm sure is not my imagination... what could be following me? I should move to see if it follows me. Magus left the stage, to going to the corridor Eito and Marisa went.

"What the hell is all of this..." Eito starts walking faster, ignoring Marisa and Sam in favor of staring all around him, trying to discover where that strange feeling of being watched came from. "Ragh, this is too weird..." Moving even faster now, trying to pass through the corridor quickly, Eito sighs.
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Uhh...hey, red wearing guy, you feel that constant judging? I don't exactly like what's going on, but I feel like we should keep going...I mean, maybe there's something at the end of this hall? I don't know what this is, and I'm getting flashbacks to that time I was stuck in the closet for a few hours... except this time, I don't think there's a door to break down...and maybe we should introduce ourselves at some point? I don't think we've done that yet. Hey, where are you going? *Marisa continues down the corridor, following after Eito*

(Kalib's smile easily puts End at ease and she finds that she can reciprocate with one of her own.) It's awesome seeing you again Kalib~ (However as she looks around her smile quickly diminishes. The wreckage around them brings back some bad memories and the burns marks are a sign of something awful.) So this is another world different from ours... (Looking up at the sky Ene finds no relief either since the red hue of it makes her feel sick. She stands there staring at the sky as if frozen by it.)
A certain person had decided to investigate this odd TV, in such an empty location. Like that one time many weeks ago, their hand passes straight through. What even is this? Curiosity might kill the cat, but they can probably handle whatever's hiding in that foggy world, if this is anything like that other TV. Taking a deep breath, they jump in... ...and only save themselves from a hard landing by spinning the blades on their back, stopping just inches above the ground. They land softly and look around. It's hard to see even a few feet in front of them. Their glowing red eyes narrow as they begin to walk... somewhere. They're not sure where, exactly, but they'll follow any unusual sounds.
Wow.... this is starting to look like some kind of horror set.... Izumi would look between Ene and Kalib, unsure which one was really the cause of this. It couldn't be her, could it? Nah.... this wasn't school enough to be her.
The corridor would continue to extend forward through the darkness. It almost seemed to never end. As Eito tried to run forward he would begin to notice that glowing eyes lined the walls. They all seemed to watch him. Words would be scrawled out in between the many judging eyes: "Loser", "You'll never catch up to everyone else.", "What, you have to rely on a gun?, "Do your eyes turn brown when you're shitting yourself?" Voices would begin to be heard speaking allowed. All of them sounded like Eito's. The staircase would finally lead to an empty and cracked street in the middle of several buildings all of which were in a similar state to the ones before. Through the window of one Kalib might be able to see that the interiors of the buildings were covered with scribbled drawings and word but they would be illegible from the outside. Back on the stage Painwheel would only see two directions. A narrow hallway to the left and a set of stairs going downwards into a forest to the right.
A forest? Here? Painwheel looks between the staircase and the hall, then turns to head down the stairs. She tries to figure out what kind of trees these are... although she's always been better at telling flowers apart than trees.
Kalib looks back and notices Ene standing in place. He approaches her with a soft smile. He knew how terrifying this place was, hell, he could barely function with the fear eating away at him. "It's another world, yes. One that I want to understand more of... I know this isn't somewhere you probably want to be, but I won't let anything happen to you. We'll all be okay!" Kalib musters enough courage to flash a grin before looking around again for a door this time, he was going to find out was scribbled within. "I saw something I want to check out inside the building over here. Stay close and if something happens, let me know."
You want to go into one of these places? What could be in there, they're all ruined. Well, either way, probably best not to split up the group in a place like this... A monster could pop out of the walls for all we know....
Magus walks to Eito. Ignore them, they just want to hurt you and they only can use the words, they are cowards, because they didn't try to talk directly to you. After saying that Magus walked ahead. Come on. Magus took out his scythe. Say something now, and it will be your last words.

O-okay! (Ene nods her head putting a bit of force into her voice as she says this. She wants to believe in Kalib yet the fear is prominent in her. When thinking of other worlds she had a lot more in mind then this.) I'll just stick and ... and ... Act as lookout! (Even if she wanted to just rely on the others for protection her pride refused to let her be useless. She needed something to do lest this place get to her.) Yeah I'll make sure no baddies get us from behind. (Turning around she walks backward in following Kalib.)
*Marisa runs faster down the corridor* Why does this hall feel so judgmental!? I don't like it! It's like it's staring into my soul! Stop looking! My soul is for my eyes only!

What's the matter? You guys can't take some judgemental comments? Heh. Not exactly painful, especially for a scientist like myself. Come on, Kids. After the moody reaper. *Sam casually walks through the corridor after Magus.*

"Wha-What the fuck?" Eito stops, walking in a circle to stare at all the insults and eyes. "That's bullshit!" The teenager starts breathing heavily, despite not being exhausted at all as his eyes flit from eye to eye. He then starts rushing forwards, intently listening to hear the voices without giving any attention to the others.
(edited by Eito)
(Suddenly, 7'3 snake centipede hybrid is at the corridors)..ayyyy
Kalib would search for a door and indeed find it but upon opening said door he would end up knocking it down in its state of disrepair. Inside the drawings and scribbles would depict images of people being killed in all sorts of brutal ways. They'd look as if they were drawn by a child but they'd be disturbing none the less. The word hate would be written over and over again between the drawings. Up ahead in the rural town one might see a shadowy figure enter one of the buildings. Within the corridor, Eito and the others would continue moving forward as the voices grew more insistent in Eito's ears. Voices: "You'll never catch up, no matter how much you run. You can't even hope to win. You're just a dissapointment." Painwheel would soon catch up with the others in the small town.
(edited by Izanami-no-Okami)
Kalib smiles as he hears Ene take up the role of lookout. Entering the building, he is taken off guard by the disturbing imagery scrawled across the walls. He swallows hard as he takes a step back. "Well...I found my answer. Ene, we should go. There's a bunch of...unpleasant art on the walls. It seems like someone was filled with hate, if the writing is to be believed." He attempts to usher Ene and Izumi out of the building in an attempt to protect their mental wellbeing. "Shouldn't stay here too much longer."
There's other people here, but are they friendly? And with her appearance, Painwheel isn't exactly willing to test that. She darts behind a building, peeking out at the shadowy shapes obscured by the fog. Unfortunately, having glowing red eyes doesn't make this idea that effective for stealth...
(He casually slithers foward in the corridor)......what the fuck is happening?
(edited by Reperzel)

"No, no, no..." Eito sprints ahead without regard for anything other than getting out of the corridor. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" The teenager covers his ears as he runs in a vague hope it'll shut the voices up.
Why this guy has to be that impulsive? That's what they want... I don't know why I always try to help him Magus kept walking. I don't feel it now... but I know something was following me... what could be...? I shouldn't overthink it, for now I'll see what happens.
Now..wonder what this place is?
*Marisa keeps running, trying as hard as she can to get out of the corridor* Stop looking at my soul!

(Ene catches sight of the shadowy figure and tenses up a bit. Once she blinks the apparition is gone, but she can't get the image of it out of her head. For better of worse she then gets distracted by Kalib's herding and asks.) If the art really that bad? (She allows herself to be moves out the way yet her curiosity feeds images off what the art could possibly depict. Nothing good comes forth.)

*Sam shakes his head at Marisa and Eito* God. You too don’t do criticism, do you? We’re almost out kids. I think. Don’t worry.
(He then slithers to Sam)...if ya me, criticism is something that happens 24/7
Hateful art, huh? Well I know people tend to be hateful but... why in a ruined house like this? Izumi fails a spot check for the shadowy Painwheel, better hope she's friendly...
...I have no fuckin' clue what's going on....
Eito would continue running until...a mirror? Suddenly There's be a mirror at the end of the corridor with a reflection him in its surface. The reflection would stare back at him but something was off. The reflections eyes were gleaming with a yellow light. The reflection would begin speaking to him on its own. Eito?: "You think you can ever reach the end of our maze? Hate to break it to you but you're here forever." Kalib, Ene, Izumi, and even Painwheel hiding from the others would all suddenly hear a banging from a few houses down.
Oh..shit...THATS A SHADOW!,......of eito...wait..what if the yellow was one of his eye colors?
(edited by Reperzel)

"You..." Eito raises his fist, before hesitating for a moment and stepping back. "Who the hell are you? What in the fuck is going on here!?" Eito stares intently into the mirror, particularly focusing on his other's eyes. "Why...Why am I here?"
Magus kept walking until he reached the reflection A doppelanger? I can understand now why he was trying to annoy you, be carefull, the doppelangers are smart. Magus prepared his cythe and he aimed it to Eito?
Painwheel steps out from behind the building and begins to run towards the banging noise, although she still keeps her distance from the others. Whatever that sound is, it's probably from something very loud and strong if she could hear it from here.
"Trust me, Ene. They got real creative in all the wrong ways." He swallows hard. "A lot of death. It wasn't easy to look at..." He turns his attention to Izumi with a pensive look on his face. "Well, I could be taking a shot in the dark...but what if the images were there since before the damage was done to the buildings? Hm?" However, the sudden banging would give Kalib a start and distract him. His breathing quickens for a moment and it stays that way as he charges towards the sound. "Both of you be careful! I don't know what made that noise, but I'm going to find out. I need you two to cover me..." He turns his head to face Ene with a smile. "Zap the bad guys real good, okay?"
Umm...I really don't like what's happening... *Marisa pulls out a shiny sword and a tome, ready to defend herself if she had to*
What was that!? Izumi practically lept into the air from the shock, did a house collapse? Was there someone else there? Maybe we should just keep moving.... this place doesn't seem safe...
FUCK IT (he then runs into the window, trying to destroy it) YOLLLLLOOOOOOOO

What the heck!? (Ene jumps at the sound and turns her head around so fast that she almost gives herself whiplash. Her face is almost frightened as her body begins to tremble slightly.) I got you. (She tries to reply to Kalib in her usual tone, but it comes out a subdued murmur. In spite of this she still runs after Kalib toward the noise since he is relying on her.)
(edited by Ene)

Well, that’s new. Evil mirror. Heard they exsisted, but never ran into one. Interesting. *Sam seems more interested on the mirror than the evil Eito itself.*
(He then gets to the mirror, and rams into it with a powerful amount of force) I REGRET NOTHIIIIIIING!!!!
The Eito in the mirror would seem to smile twistedly reacting to Eito's suprised and confusion. He would begin speaking again in a almost condescending tone. Eito?: "I'm you and you are me. Shouldn't it be obvious where we are? It's where we've always been, behind everyone else. No magic to speak of without relying on some fancy gun. Isn't that sad? We might act tough to try and fool everyone around us but we'd be long past dead without their help. I know this well because we are one in the same." Rep impacting the mirror would serve to do nothing besides giving the strange snake/centipede hybrid a concussion. Meanwhile, in the woods the banging noise would lead to another ruined building but this with a large whole in the wall. A figure in a black overcoat would stand their breathing heavily while a woman in white stood behind him with pale skin and red eyes. She would speak to him but her voice held the tone of many others. Mysterious Woman: "Why do you run from your feelings? It is only natural to hate. Embrace that hatred and then you will truly be set free."
(edited by Izanami-no-Okami)
Ohhhhhh...ohh, my head...I...dont...feel..(he then falls down, unconscious, and is right by the window).....
Painwheel stops a few meters away from the two, panting a little. Who that woman was... she didn't know, but she had a bad feeling about this. And she would bet her life that this person had bad intentions. She glares at the two, and the blades of the Buer Drive on her back start to spin slowly...
*Marisa just stays where she is and looks around for anything that could try to attack her*

*Sam shakes his head at Rep* That was stupid. Even for you.

(Ene arrives on the scene a bit behind the others out of personal choice. Her breaths come out on short gasps due to the added exertion yet nothing else really hints at exhaustion. Immediately noticing the red eyes of the woman Ene shivers in full force as she mentally goes back to a different time filled with red eyes. She barely pays attention to little else as her mind continues to play with the past.)
(He's still unconscious by the mirror) . . .
Kalib holds out his left arm in an attempt to stop the group before getting too close to the new people. His eyes narrow as he hears the woman speak. "We interrupting something? Sounds like you're having quite the chat over there. Although, your message seems a bit extreme." His knees begin to shake ever so slightly, but he continues his front. "Mind if I cut in?" Kalib looks behind him quickly and notices Ene's current state. He couldn't blame her, but he turns back to the pair and swallows hard.

"Shut. Up." Eito clenches his right fist as he steps forward suddenly, staring with burning intensity at his reflection's eyes. "Who do you think you are?" "Because there is no way in hell you're me!" He steps back, before thrusting his fist at the mirror in an attempt to shatter it and make the reflection shut up. "LIAR!"

Magus turns to Sam. Just leave him be, he will regret it some day. Magus turns now to the Two Eitos. What kind of doppelanger is this one? He is facing Eito like nothing... I don't like that.
. . . . . . .???

Izumi stops behind Kalib's arm, looking at the duo.... some kind of ransackers? In this place? Um.... why are there two of them...?
Through the shattered mirror the Eito on the other side would grab hold of Eito's fist. He would begin laughing wildly still clutching the other's fist. His smile grew as a shadow mist began enveloping him. "You're right, I'm no where as weak as you! I don't have to be you anymore! I can finally be me!" Eito could feel the size of the shadow grow larger as the grip around his fist would tighten as well. From the shadowy mist emerged a giant suit of armor with a red cloak worn around. It was the color of bronze with a mask similar in design to Eito's own face. On it's chest was a strange door locked with a screw. The corridor began opening up into a large round room like that of an arena. Shadow Eito: "I am the shadow, the true self. Now come and see how weak you really are before me." The shadow would begin trying to crush Eito's fist with its giant bronze hand. Meanwhile, the group in the forest area would see the woman and figure over by the ruined building. The woman would glare at them each before finally settling on Kalib. The figure meanwhile would finally fall to the ground shaking and grabbing their head through their hood. "I was just about done with this one. It isn't often that I find one who without a proper shadow. Instead his shadow is already ingrained in him ready to take over as he accepts his true feelings. Do you wish for the same fate? I could great you that peace if you desire it. The liberation of emotion is rather invigorating."
(edited by Izanami-no-Okami)
Oh shit. Uhh...hiyah! *Marisa aims for the wrist of the hand holding Eito, planning to chop it with her sword so it would release him.*
(edited by Marisa_Sakura)

Magus turned even more serious and he charged his scythe with fire. So he just wanted to be negated by Eito, now he can unleash his true power. Eito could be an idiot who acts before thinking, but I won't let you kill him, no mather what you are! Magus dashed towards the bronze and and Slashed it with his scythe unleashing an heavy fire burst to the hand.
"I'm more of a feel first, think later kinda guy. Typically to my detriment mind you." He grins as loosens his stance into one more suited for combat. His arms rest at the ready, is legs spread apart with one behind the other, and he eyes up the two figures once more. "But even though my emotions can cause me grief...I wouldn't trade them for the world. Too much good in the world to just get rid of them like that." He steps forward towards the pair as he continues speaking. His attention focused mainly on the hooded figure, if he didn't do something...no...it might be too late already. "Who are you and why are you doing this?"

Izumi watches the tall figure drop, she'd practically tuned the woman's words out. A hand drifting into her bag, reaching for something... W-what the big man said. Who are you, and why are you doing this?

(Ene forcibly drags herself out of her memories as the red eyed woman begins to talk. The entire time she keeps her eyes on the ground until the woman begins to speak directly to Kalib.) Yeah! You leave Kalib alone! (She grabs at one of Kalib's arms and raises her head to glare at the woman. The same sense of inner turmoil hits her upon seeing the red eyes once again, but she bear it even sticking out her tongue. As if this were any normal situation for her while her body continues to tremble.)

Eito's eyes immediately turn Crimson as he tenses the muscles in his hand, resisting the crushing power of the Shadow. "Don't be so confident, asshole!" His free hand goes to uncheathe the sword on his right sheath, revealing Murgleis, it's dark blade shining as it slices through the air and stabs at the Shadow's chest with a black fire burning on it. Murgleis is Curse, BTW.

Well, this started to get heated suddenly. Time to party. Activated the Keraunos System. *A field of sparks spreads throughout the battlefield. All of Sam's allies felt invigorated whilst Shadow Eito felt weaker. All allies attack and evasion up. All enemies attack and evasion down. All allies attacks pierce all enemy defences.*
OI, MATE, IMMA HELP YA (he then coils around him self like like a spring, and lunloads, launching himself into shadow eito like a torpedo)
The woman would simply seem to laugh as if she expected such words from the group. Mysterious Woman: "I have no intention of fighting you here. I'd rather see what this newly born shadow can do." The woman would twist her wrist towards the figure as they began stretching in pain. Within the cloak a yellow glow could be observed as the figure rises. ???: "Per-so-na..." A entity made of pure black smoke would arise from behind the figure. The entity immediately upon being released would begin spreading the thick black smoke across the area as it slowly seems to drip down onto the floor in a tar like substance. The swords blade would simply bounce of the hardened bronze shell of the shadow. "Weak!" The fire would fly over the shadow causing it to become a glowing red. "Pathetic..." From out of its fist a burning steam would abrupt attempting to burn Eito and cover the area in a thick steam. "How does it feel to be so useless?" As if empowered by Eito's remark the shadow would grab the blade with its other hand. The curse energy was in fact hurting it but it almost didn't seem to care. It was as if it was too confident in its own power to care. "I have the right to confidence as I am not weak like you." Sam's boosts would be taking effect but the shadows power seemed to keep rising as if to keep up with it. Rep's attack would seem at first to hold some effect as it even knocked the shadow back a bit but it simply retaliated by takings it's heavy fist and propelling it at rep with a fiery burst. "Is this all you and your friends can offer? I actually feel bad for them, being held back by you."

"Wow, am I truly this annoying even as a normal person? Sheesh, sorry. Eito seems nonchallant, thought his held fist can be seen trembling incredibly, feeling the full pain of the steam. He leaves his sword in the Shadow's fingers as he goes to it's fist, trying to open it with his inhuman might. "Just open up already, this is getting real painful!"
(edited by Eito)
Kalib looks down at Ene grabbing his arm and standing up to the woman. He can't help but smile at her actions. Even though she seemed scared, she was doing something this courageous. He whispers softly. "Thank you, Ene. I knew I could count on you!" He looks back to the woman with newfound confidence as his grin appears again. Even as the hooded figure summons a persona, he stands tall. "I would've preferred if we could've avoided a fight. But I guess this gives me a chance to show you the power of emotions and why I'd never give them up!" A blue card appears before Kalib and he promptly crushes it. A wave of blue flames would emerge from the fragments and form a large paladin, albeit with a phantom like image to him. "You still never answered my first question...who are you?" Kalib glares at the woman before issuing his order. "Roland, Hero's Olifant. Blast away the smoke!" The paladin would reach for a horn on his waist and bring it to his wispy black face. He would proceed to blow into it and cause a sonorous blast to come forth in an attempt to strike the plumes of smoke away. "Careful you two...I don't like that ooze one bit..."

Eito do something! Don't let him get you. Magus creates a magic circle behind him it unleashed a black wind going violently to the shadow. You are better than you think!

(Ene grimaces as the figure contorts only for her expression to mold into one of disgust. She can only imagine what the disgusting looking entity behind the figure is made of.) Why can't we ever face something cute like a bunny ... Or I dunno a flower! (She moves a bit back and her body shifts forward in preparation for what might come.) It's always the gross stuff.
(The punch send him knocking him back, and anyone can hear a small crack in his skull)...owwwwwww.......fuck...me head...ohhh

No, let's not fight rabbits. That ends even worse.... She notes the ooze, guessing it'd suck you in if you land in it. But doesn't make a move yet. Best to start on the defensive when death is on the line.
Uhh...fire! *Marisa uses her tome and tries to shoot a fireball at the shadow Eito, only for the spell to violently hit her, breaking her sword and shattering her dragon stone* ...oww... *Marisa falls onto her back, but is still conscious. She's just in a lot of pain is all*
Ohhhhhh, I don't feel gooood

Only sometimes. *Sam fires a piercing beam at Shadow Eito.*
The shadow's fist would finally open as if it almost did so intentionally. It would take Eito's sword from earlier and throw it hard into the ground embedding it there. The shadow would put it's hand up to guard against the wind being pushed back but mostly unscathed as Eito's words continue empowering it. Though for a moment it would almost seem tired. As if Eito's complaints of pain drained it for a moment. Despite the piercing beams effects it would seem to merely scratch the armor of the shadow. It would recover a moment later as it charged towards Eito with a fiery fist aimed right at his stomach. The shadow would also step on Rep while charging Eito. Shadow Eito: "You think a little pain is all it takes to stop me? I'm the strongest one here!" Meanwhile, as the smoke begins to clear away the ground would be covered with a thick tar like substance that the party's feet would sink into before becoming trapped. The more they moved around the deeper the sunk into the substance. The figure would look at them with yellow eyes. It was less like they was looking at them for who they were though and more they was staring at them as if they were just more people in their way. ???: "Out of my way! You're all just liabilities causing more suffering in the world! Hate...hate...I hate everyone!" The shadowy figure almost looked humanoid but it's body was too warped and distorted to be clearly viewed. "Mangatsu Enenra! Divine Torment!" The persona seemed to just stare forward with dead eyes as the tar like substances seemed to try to cling to the group's bodies in large clumps.
(edited by Izanami-no-Okami)
(The step then crushes some of his inner body) GRAHAHAH..OHHH, FUCK!
The blue card appears before Kalib again. "I won't let you! If you wanna get rid of me, you damn well better look me in the eye! Roland, Brave Blade!" Again the paladin bursts forth in a blue flash, however, this time he readies his blade and floats towards the shadowy persona. He lifts his blade above his head and brings it down vertically. "Ene, hang in there! Throw anything you can at this guy, okay? And that goes for you too!" Kalib shouts over to Izumi before taking a look at his feet. The tar was making its way up.

Staring at the Shadow somewhat tire, Eito stops for a moment before his eyes widen. "Ooooooh..." He starts moving his burned hand in the air, as if to let it cool. "That hurt a lot, you asshole!" The teenager sighs dramatically, not really noticing the tar-like substance collecting at his feet. "Guess i'm not as good as I thou-" He is interrupted by his Shadow's attack, which sends him flying and crashing int ot ground behind him. "Ouch..." Staggering up, Eito shakes his head and loads his pistol, a light blue appearing on a slot to the side. He then shoots at his Shadow 5 times with Ice Dust enhanced bullets. "Get some!"
Painwheel growls and tries to charge towards the so-called "Shadow," but she only gets stuck in the black substance. Trying again only makes things worse. With the tar-stuff practically tugging at her body, Painwheel's Buer Drive begins spinning at high speeds, trying to fly her out of the substance while slashing any black goo that comes near her back. Come on...

Magus begins to charge as he is surrounded by dark energy.
Ngg... *Marisa gets up slowly, holding her tome close to her* Gah...f-fireball. *Marisa tosses a fireball at Shadow Eito's head.*

Everything I've got, huh? Let's see if I can get this to work, then. She pulls a card from her bag, The Aeon. But nothing happens.... Come on, why do these cards not work!? She quickly puts it back and grabs another one, The Magician. Which glows in front of her and launches a flame breath attack at the approaching sludge.
(He just lays down, hurt really bad)...ohhhh

Fire based, hmm? Let's see here. *Sam activates his barrier module, changing his resistances to nullify fire damage.* Now we'll what else you can do, Brass Balls. That is... not a good nickname. Never mind.

(As she finds herself sinking Ene freaks out a bit and finds that the tar-like substance is around her knees. At this point her disgust is gone and replaced with slight fear. Her entire body lights up with blue sparks as she feels this.) Lemme go! (Heeding Kalib's words she quickly takes off her blue sweatshirt and rolls it up into a ball. Left with only a panda t-shirt she then tosses the cloth ball toward the figure.)
(edited by Ene)
Kalib's brave blade eould fly right into the figure but it almost seemed as if the attack phased through them like a sword through smoke, actually, exactly like that analogy. The same could be said for the rolled up sweat shirt as it just passes straight through. The fire, however, would cause the tar like substance to burn back into the Smokey substance from before. The physical attack would certainly break apart the tar but it would simply reform and attempt to stick onto everyone as it did before. ???: "Hate...I'll break it all...until There's nothing left to suffer...because I hate it all." The figure however would began grabbing at their head once more as they seem to be in pain. Izanami would finally dissapear in a cloud of fog satisfied by her work. Meanwhile, the remarks would cause the shadow to stutter in movement as it seemed to be contemplating Eito's words. Only to be interuppted by the ice bullets. With each hot of a bullet it seemed as though the screw on its front department would begin to become looser. S. Eito: "You think such half hearted words can sway my will? I'll make you realize your weakness until it kills you." The fireball would simply hit the shadow causing it to glow bright red once more. Steam would begin to build up inside it before being released in a massive burst that would spread across the room at scalding temperatures.
Nnn-oh, it's actually not that bad. Huh...guess dragons get heat resistance or something. Maybe it's because they're cold blooded? I should study dragons at some point. But, if that's how you want to play, then I'll just have to cool you down! Blizzard! *Marisa casts a...large snowball at Shadow Eito.* Uhh...I don't think that's what the book says should happen...umm... *Marisa looks at her book, finding a note on its cover* "Hey, it's me, the creator of you. Listen, you've got to grow up, so I took some pages out of the book. Think of this like special training. Happy dieing! Love, OC Star" ...shit...

"How...How hot can you make this place? It's too hot for me!" Eito then starts dashing towards his Shadow, emptying the remaining 10 bullets in his clip as he moves. "Almost there!" He then skids on the ground and starts pulling Murgleis out of the ground with surprising speed. "Come on, come on..."

(Ene attempts to jump out of the way of the tar while sending stray blue sparks from her feet as a sort of keep away device.) Your not getting hold of me again! (Noticing her blue sweatshirt lying crumpled on the floor her face falls.) Aww and I was hoping it's sacrifice wouldn't be in vain.
Painwheel's attempts to fly out are fruitless, but she notices how the attack broke the tar, if only for a second. Maybe... Let... ME OUT! With a roar, spikes portrude from her arms (and submerged feet) as she tries to slash at the substance inching up her legs. As soon as the blows connect, she wildly spins the blades on her back in an attempt to fly upwards.

Suddenly Magus opened his eyes. Dark matter!! Magus opened his arms, and a little blakc triangle appeared with another white one inside, the triangle quckly flied to the shadow and exploded unleashing a burst of dark energy.

Insta kill? Lame.
Black Hole's the instant kill, I think

Fuck if I remember. I'm just saying what comes to my very sleepy mind right now, so please excuse any big mistakes as i'm basically ready to fall unconscious right now.

You are a pain in the ass, you know that? Have another. *Sam fires another piercing beam of lightning through Shadow Eito.*
With the final barrage of attacks upon the shadow the latch on the front would finally come undone as it's armor began to crack. Inside was a tiny shadowy creature operating the bigger shadow from within. S. Eito: "Do you accept it? Will you accept the truth?" The sparks of electricity would begin evaporating the tar as well as the smokey persona begins growing closer to the hooded figure. It would begin enveloping the figure as they dissapear in a cloud of smoke. The tar would begin to dry up as the user and persona were now gone.
(edited by Izanami-no-Okami)

(Ene sits down cross legged and breathes a sigh of relief.) Well that takes care of that~ Phew things got a bit too intense for me hehe~
Painwheel shoots into the air with the tar gone. With a growl of frustration, she begins to fly away... Stupid Shadow... I didn't even get to...

"I..." Eito falls to his knees and sighs, thinking intently about his decisions so far before nodding in resolve. Using his sword to get up, he smiles. "I have." "I may be on the weaker side, but it's not going to stop me!" He thrusts himself towards the Shadow. "Tell me! How can I become stronger?"
With The thrust of the sword the shadow would burst into a shower of fiery sparks. The would spin around the area before all the remains from the mass is Eito's shadow back to its original form. S. Eito: "True strength lies in...realizing ones own weakness. Didn't you realize during that fight? Everytime you pointed out your weakness you grew stronger just by a little..." The shadow beaten and dejected would look at the ground as if waiting for Eito to say something.

The smallest voice whispers the most profound wisdom. Find it and listen. You always have something left to learn. There is, after all, a season for all things. A time to live. To Die. To Accept. You understand I trust Eito? *Sam chuckles slightly after his philosophical speech*

"I understand!" "I'm weak but I think i'm more powerful than I really am!" "I-I..." Eito sighs and leans on his sword. "I never really try hard enough to give back to those most important to me, despite how much they do for me..." Eito then walks over to the bronze shell of his Shadow and looks it in the eyes. "I want strength to be able to matter, but most importantly, to protect others around me." "I'm willing to fight for what I desire so please tell me..." "How may I gain the strength to help both myself and others?"
Eito's shadow would just smile in a knowing way. "You've already had that strength all along..." In A flash of blue light the shadow would become a blue card with the spectral image of a warrior in full bronze armor. Unlike the shadow it was more lean and humanoid in appearance as if it was no longer overcompensatong for something. Persona: "I am Odyssues. I have heard your plea noe please use my strength and courage as thy own, my other self...and may your body burn with the strength you kindle within yourself." The card would fly towards Eito and land in his hand.

"Heh..." Eito smiles at the Shadow's words and and leans back, as if to relax after a tense moment. Hearing Odysseus, he stops and stares at the card in his hand. "Hmm..." Almost instinctively, he balls his hand into a fiat around the blue card, a strange confidence clear in his eyes. "This is...Amazing."
(edited by Eito)

*Sam amiles at Eito as he gets Odysseus* So. No more complaining about being weak anymore, eh? With those swords of yours and the King of Ithaca at your side, I'm sure you'll actually stand a chance on your own now, eh? Good show, Eito. Now. Shall we meet up with the others and get outta here?

"Let's." Eito nods to Sam and turns around, walking out of the chamber.
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