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Supers and Overdrives
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Hello again! Because of Yu’s recent post, I was once again thinking of the Phighting Game concept. I know there’s a thread dedicated to special moves, but I would like to go more in depth about certain game elements, specifically, super moves and even Overdrives. Supers are exactly what they sound like: Strong combos/special attacks that are used when a meter is built up. (Though I shouldn’t even explain that) Overdrives are basically enhancements or extra effects to your normal move set. What would yours be?
My supers would probably include a lot of weapons being used at once, breaking reality to an extent, and for a finishing move, either a sweet guitar solo while all manner of things fall from the sky ending with a huge meteor crashing down being forced faster by space lasers, or a fast-paced series of sword slashes ending with a giant holy laser forcing the opponent into space. As for overdrive attacks, I'd probably use heavier weapons, shoot more bullets, and have a bigger hitbox.
Supers -Frozen Mine Creates some Ice spikes on the ground, that can be detonated into shards. The weaker the button press for the detonation, the more shards are thrown. -Frozen Guillotine A Bufu-enhanced Slash that changes direction based on the button press (Weak, it goes horizontal, Mid, it goes diagonal, and Strong goes upwards). -Overdrive: Judge Mode A drastic boost in power and speed, but Life is drained at a quick rate. All moves have maximum efficiency (Frozen Mine uses the maximum number of shards no matter the button press, and Frozen Guillotine goes in all three directions at once, for example).
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Also, keep in mind that you can have multiple supers to choose from. Rom’s Super I: Brain Freeze Used as a frame trap, it starts out as a counter hit, stunning the opponent. Many more copies of Rom show up, summoning a swarm of dragons made of ice, and unleashing them at the enemy, doing about a third of damage while doing it. The drawback is that the counter hit has short range, and is very unsafe on block. Rom’s Super II: Trinity Finish Rom’s Persona Anansi, and demon Perl would appear beside Rom. They combine their energy to create a tornado slowly moving towards the opponent, like Urien’s Aegis Reflector. If the opponent fires a projectile, it will join the tornado and do an extra hit of damage. Overdrive: Sinnesloschen Every hit and/or combo would cause a different ailment to the enemy such as Poison, paralyze, etc., but to a more destructive extent. The most rare being blindness, covering Rom’s side of the screen, making him less predictable. This also leads to a new Super in this mode: Rom’s Super III: Polybius Square A big cube would slowly creep up to the opponent with a counter on it. The more Rom hits it, the more damage it does when it makes contact, thought he can’t do too much damage to it in one combo, otherwise it would explode prematurely. One strategy that can be used could be that he hits it a few times, lets it hit them, and immediately hit it once again, doing a lot of continuous damage until the cube’s timer runs out.
Supers Katana Flurry A flurry of attacks and stabs, finished off with a well-aimed sniper bullet. Aim and Fire A rain of bullets, targeting the legs. Overdrive: Full Edge Overpowers melee and Katana Flurry damage, but lowers ranged and Aim and Fire damage. More damage is taken from all attacks. Super Quotes: Katana Flurry "Welp, sorry." "This is gonna hurt." "You asked for it!" "Katana Flurry!" During Full On Edge "maniacal screaming" "DIE, YOU PILE OF TRASH!" Aim and Fire "Sorry, this'll hurt!" "Bang, bang, bang!" "You've asked for it." After Katana Flurry "Wow, again? Jesus, keel over already!" During Full on Edge "This'll do nothing, but DIE!" "Why have you made me do this?!" Full on Edge Full on Edge triggered "TIME TO DIE!" "THIS'LL BE FUN!" Hit during Full on Edge "SHIT!" "DAMN YOU!" Hit to low health during Full on Edge "You little... I'LL KILL YOU!" "DIE ALREADY!" KO'd during Full on Edge "Why... Won't... You... Die..." "I'll come back, you little..." KO's during Full on Edge "maniacal laughing" "Awww... You're no fun when you're dead!"
Okay, so, since I can't edit my thing, I'll just do another thing. Super 1: Item Crasher! Throw a bunch of weapons at the opponent, ending with a bomb that causes knock back. Super 2: Reality Breaker! Touch the opponent and cut them in half for a brief moment, before they suddenly get put back together somehow. Super 3: Heavy Metal Gear Titan Fall River Meteor SUPREME!!! Hit the opponent with a guitar to start, and then have hell rain down upon them as a sick guitar solo is being played that's summoning everything, with the ending being a massive meteor being summoned in, only to be pushed into the opponent by the iconic space lasers from that one thing. Star drives away in an old hot rod while rocking out with lighting in the background. Super 3 alt: Shattering End, Power Between Life and Death. Hit the opponent with a sword to start. An extremely fast sword combo is made, sending them skyhigh as Star charges up a huge laser. As the opponent is about to hit the ground, the laser is shot, destroying anything in it's path as it blasts the opponent into space. Star just pulls out a small cinnamon apple pie and eats it as she looks at what's she's done, not seeming to care all that much. Overdrive: Heavy Artillery! Star gains a bigger hitbox, but she pulls out stronger weapons, shoots more bullets, and does more damage. Simple, yet effective, especially since it doesn't slow her down. She also get a rainbow aura around her, so you know she isn't fucking around.
I live bois Supers 1. Paws and Claws Cait binds his opponent with Black Cat's claws and leash, then unleashes a flurry of sword strikes. Acts as a grab. 2. Tasmeownian Devil Cait surrounds himself with a Garudyne and pulls in the opponent, damaging them then launching them across the field. 3. Schrödinger's Demon Black Cat creates a Mudo shadow to blind the opponent (making the screen black), then the two of them strike many times for a large amount of damage. Cait is in a random position on the field once the screen returns to normal. Overdrive Full-Out Masukukaja! Upgraded version of regular Masukukaja. Cait gains even more speed, higher jumps, and immunity when dashing backwards.
Quintus (Yggdrasil Prime): Super I (Earthly Roots): Up to four roots can be grown out of the ground at once that slowly move towards the opponent unless blocked or dodged for a certain period of time. If they hit then the opponent will also be stunned for a certain period on top of taking minor damage. Super II (Tears of the World Tree): Up to six leaves at once fall from Yggdrasil and can then be flung in different directions to deal a small amount of piercing damage each. Super III (Life's Bounty): Yggdrasil flings up to three small golden fruits across the field. The fruit can either be tapped lightly to restore a small amount of health or a moderate amount of health can be gained through spending extra time actually eat the fruit. Either method will consume the fruit. Another method of the fruit being used up is if any fire-based attack impacts one of them. This will cause the fruit to explode causing a moderate amount of damage in a certain area. Overdrive (Resonance Mode: Roots of Hell): In this form, Yggdrasil and Hookworm become synced causing Yggdrasil to be covered in thorns as well as giving it a red hue. All Super attacks now drain a small amount of health from the enemy as well as a small boost to defense. Another added bonus is that rather than four roots, six can now be summoned and they move slightly faster. Eight leaves are dropped as well and Yggdrasils fruits are now only offensive, bursting into a flurry of thorns upon the enemy stepping over them. Ultimate (Roots of Hell: Exsanguinate): The opponent is first bound in all four roots at once. The roots begin extending around them over and over again until they're trapped in a cocoon of roots. Hookworm becomes infused within the roots causing them to pulsate with a red energy. Finally, they would burst in a flurry of thorns that continue extending. Each time a thorn pierces the enemy they would be absorbing their blood while passing through their skin. The roots withdraw back into the ground leaving the opponent absolutely bloodless. Added the ultimate because I don't think I've written one with this character. As far as specifying the Persona, well, I might write up something a little different later but these descriptions took me a while.

Super 1: Star Slammer Ina jumps up, fires a bunch of fireballs at each other to create a gigantic fireball, then slams it on the floor, doing major damage and may burn. Super 2: Kitsune Change Ina will change her form, which allows for different attacks. Kitsune Palm: Slightly slower, but attacks deal more damage Kitsune Feet: Slightly faster, but attacks deal less damage. Kitsune Palm special move: Burst hand Kinda similar to SSB Mario's side smash, but more powerful and with more damage frames. Kitsune Feet special move: X-kick Ina will kquicky kick the other person twice, dealing alot of fire damage and being extremely fast Overdrive: Flame mode Ina becomes covered in fire. Her attacks deal more damage and she becomes extremely fast. Finisher: Sun Drop Ina jumps up extremely high and creates a HUGE fireball. Like, the size of Mt. Fuji. She then drops it on the opponent.
Ooh, I should detail the "Fatality"/Finisher. Finisher 1: "Thievery Special" A simple disappearance by Jason, and then stealing all of the opponent's items before shoving his katana through the opponents chest, and shooting them in the head. Finisher 2: "Shinigami Blessing" Jason turns into his Shinigami form and absolutely OBLITERATES the opponent. Claws the vital organs, rips their arms off, ultimately torturing them, all while they're STILL alive, watching themselves die.
Time for something completely excess and unnecessary, yay! Now, in no particular order... Super I: Dark Core Sophia chants a spell in an ancient language before giving the foe "a glimpse of Ragnarök". The foe then gets bombarded constantly by many powerful dark spells, but that's only in a nightmare, as in reality they've been turned to stone. They can't be damaged and get out of this state after one minute. Super II: Blessed Facade Sophia again chants a spell in an ancient language, before setting up a magical barrier that covers her as she casts her spell on her opponent. The foe then gets smited repetitively by beams of light as they soon drain the soul out of the foe, draining HP and SP, while also leaving them poisoned. Super III: Growing Anima Note: This spell is an RNG spell, and can use up all her meter to cast all three spells. Sophia, once more, chants a spell in an ancient language, as she forms the Trinity of Magic and stores it in a ritual circle which appears in front of her. The circle then revolves before (possibly) stopping on the Thunder sign, which engulfs the foe in a cage of lightning, which then gets hit by a giant bolt of lightning, making the cage and anything inside it explode. The circle then revolves before (possibly) stopping on the Fire sign, which bombards the target with meteors of fire and finally encases the foe in magnanimous lava where they are met with a large meteor to crash into the lava and on the foe, making the lava violently combust. The circle then revolves before (possibly) stopping on the Wind sign, which then pushes back the foe with an intense gust of wind, before they then get entraped in a glacier, as it then shatters into enormous ice shards, which gets pushed by the strong gust of wind to plunge themselves into the foe. Overdrive Mode: Promotion Sophia closes her eyes, as a Heaven Seal approaches in front of her, which then shines in front of her as she gets an attire change and a direct upgrade. This changes her from a Druid to a Geomancer, and all her spells are more powerful, accurate, and they have a bigger hitbox. Even her staff is better, as it heals more and is better for melee. Finisher: Revenge...At Last As she is a Geomancer, she engulfs the target in light, before setting a giant orb of corrupted light upon the foe, leaving that set upon them as she then charges up for another spell. The foe sees a light shining above them, one that pierces the heavens, which is one that levitates them a small distance off the ground. Though, the image is corrupted, since in reality, the foe is being held up in the air by the ritual circle below them, engulfing them and binding them in chains. After a moment has passed, they then see their soul depart them, but the scene changes for a split second once again, turning into a dark orb of a dying ember purging itself into the foe. What they see in their eyes is a rainbow sphere with pink light revolving around it, bursting into a beautiful display of color. As if on cue however, their eyes finally revert back to reality, as another burst, this time of darkness, dissipates the foe, absorbing their soul and getting fully recovered if hurt. If the foe somehow survives, they get poisoned.
so, with snakipede rep, he would be a ''glass cannon" mixed with ''controler" and what i mean by that is that most of his specials would be really counterable, but will most stop ther combos and such, now to his specials: 1: Centi-pedo: Rep runs backwards, and rams into the other fighter in a drill position, doing really good chip damage, and he can either hit them on the ground, or in the air, and when in the air, the do a small wallbounce 2: Snakipede coil: here comes the interesting part of rep. Rep coils around the opponent, it acts like a grab, so it will work on block, but can only be done on the ground, and when ya coil around them, ya got 3 options: 1: bite them and give them poison, only knocking them back away form ya only a little bit 2: slamming them into the ground, and makes them flying into the air, allowing ya to combo for free and 3: throwing them into the wall, and making them wallbouce infront of ya 3: Angles demise: Rep stabs his long tail into the air, automaticly grabbing anyone in the air, giving them poison, and this attack is basicly a anti air. and 4: Drill: and another multi choice one, this one makes rep drill under ground, and allows ya to 3 things: 1: rise under the other fighter, launching them into the air 2: send rocks there way. wallbouncing them 3: making a small pillar of lava out of the ground, on ground this cripples them and in air it works a anti air Overdrive: Venom rush: all of his attack become much faster and all moves cause poison, and the poison can stack
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Aki: Supers: Whirlwind Dance: Aki sits on the shoulder of Chicot/Dagonet, Dagonet pulls out the diffrent arms with swords and they both spin to create wind which cuts the enemy and land in a cool pose. Solarsystem Chicot juggles with his planets and each of them becomes like a meteor rolling down to the enemy. Overdrive- Pay Day Aki earns some speed and her attacks have a wider range than before. She also leaves golden powder while walking. Finisher- Illusionary Puppet Show Aki creates a Illusion where the enemy is surround by diffrent puppets looking like her. They each slash the enemy till Aki finishes the enemy with her last strike.

Supers World On Fire Eito, crimson eyed, starts shooting Fire Dust enhanced bullets all around the stage before stepping back and charging his opponent with his knives, all while laughing like a maniac. A Stroll Eito's eyes turn green as he starts stabbing and slashing everything around him while walking through the stage at walking speed. Should he get any hits, he will regenerate a little HP. Overdrive Beautiful Day/Horrible Day One of Eito's personalities take over. Crimson eyes provide increased Damage and Range. Green eyes provide increased Speed and Damage Resistance. His eyes are effectively overtaken by green or crimson and leave trails of light behind him as he walks. Finisher Not So Weak Now, Am I? Eito throws one of his knives into his opponent, stunning them if it hits. He then leaps into the air and backflips away, all while shooting. Upon landing, he sprints towards his opponent, the screen turning black as a white line appears where the final slash would have hit.
(edited by Eito)

Supers *Keraunos System: Seeker* Sam shoots a steel bolt at an enemy before launching a number of electrical beams into the air. These beams would target and launch at the enemy. *Heavens Bolt* Sam calls upon his contract with Raijin before taking out a few wristbow bolts and stabbing his enemies, stunning them enough for a powerful lightning bolt to strike. Overdrive *Keraunos System: Field* Sam activates a field of electricity using his metal arm. Doing this increases Sam's attack and agility while lowering an enemies attack and agility. Also, all of Sam's attacks pierce all resistances. Finisher *Mjolnir* With a chuckle, Sam pulls out his bow and jumps into the air. Raijin fires an extremely lightning bolt down on Sam's bow. Sam then redirects the Lightning bolt at the enemy, blasting them away. Sam then lands, collapsing his bow and replacing it in his arm.
(Still Shadowgear) I thought of some additions: In Judge Mode, Kamui gets two new Supers and has access to his finisher. Judge A grab that slams the opponent against a wall and then throws them up for further juggle. Jury The opponent is tackled and Judge!Kamui starts meditating. While meditating, he regains a small ammount of health and Super meter, but if he's interrupted while meditating, he will be exhausted. Finisher: Executionner Judge!Kamui unleashes the full power of Judge Mode and launches a flurry of attacks with both his Katana and his Persona.
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Oh yeah, guess I forgot to include a finisher for Sinnesloschen (Polybius Square was an unlocked Super) Rom's Finisher: Theater of the Mind Rom's persona pops out momentarily, ensnaring the opponent in a mysterious glowing field (The range of the attack can be varied with the different strength of attack buttons during the inputs for some mixups), making them losing control of their body. Rom approaches them with a blank stare in his eyes, a huge slew of images flooding the opponent's head, making their eyes become Cyan as well. The opponent regains some control, but their ability to feel pain is skyrocketed, so Rom unleashes a brutal fury of lance attacks, Ice, light, and psychokinesis attacks, killing the opponent rather painfully.
Well I have one that HAS to go in. I'll try to make a new one now however. Supers -Lightspeed Slash. Kazuya places his hand on the grip of his sword, be it unsheathed or not. As time quickly slows down around Kazuya (Or so it appears to be the case), a magical aura of color green covers his body as he leaps forward with a single slash that is unable to seen, as it's so fast it cuts through both Light and Dark. All you are able to see is a flash of light as Kazuya appears behind the opponent and takes a battle stance once more. -Illusory Moon. This can only work from a crouching position or while jumping. Counter-attack. Kazuya hugs his sheathed sword as he awaits for anything to make contact with him for a small amount of time. After getting hit, his body dissipates as it was a simple illusion that momentarily limits the opponent's movement. He reappears above of the opponent, hitting their head with a force enough to make them bounce on the ground. Ovedrive -Persona: Musashi Kazuya summons Musashi, a humanoid Persona. Physically a perfect clone of Kazuya, its body is completely metallic, his face covered by a mask of black and white. His armor is one of a samurai, but its design is similar to a cyberpunk style. Certain parts of his body appear to have remnants of a leather jacket, and a longcoat. Using two Katanas with certain similarities to his previous form, Kusanagi, it copies Kazuya's movements perfectly, enhancing his damage output greatly. Exceed Accel (Special only accessible in Overdrive mode) -Mechanized Sword: Kusanagi. Kazuya rushes forward with a quick slide kick, making the opponent fall to the ground if it hits. Then, Musashi duplicates its own size and quickly folds in on itself, taking its initial form as Kusanagi; A Sword-like Persona twice the size of its user; right above Kazuya. He would then take the sword with both hands on its massive grip, and it would then fall on the opponent making the ground shake for a bit, as well as making a loud "klank" as the sword thrusts itself in the ground before disappearing from view. Finisher -Seven Heavens as One. Now, in RP this finisher is supposed to be different, it depends on the character. Size and powers of the opponent make the chain of attacks is always different, but this is a fighting game so I will keep the basic. Kazuya makes the magic aura around his body explode, and the shock wave (It hits if not guarding) leaves the opponent dizzy. They don't stay in that state for much however, when they go back to normal they find themselves in a dark, empty area. They are then struck but a lightning fast strike, or multiple. So many and so fast, it seemed liek Kazuya jumping from side to side as he slashes down at the opponent before making quick a quick jumping upwards slash. Now the camera is the opponent's POV trying to see where Kazuya is now. It locates him, but the young man is a few meters above holding Kusanagi with both hands, and as soon as he is noticed, he falls foward, making a quick spin in the air before cutting the screen in two, with both sides then separting as Kazuya turns around, slowly sheathing his sword. The camera was cut in two as well, one showing Kazuya's back and his hair being moved by the wind. And the other shows his feet moving, showing he was walking away without looking back again.
i forgot to do human rep: human rep or "Zane Thomas Mayhew" would be simple, a rush down. countinuesly hitting the enemy with powerful blows one after the other, now, the moves: 1: Bull ram this one is either a combo starter or finisher, basicly, he shoulder rams into the enemy like a bull and hits full screen, and if the move hits them into the wall, he back hands slaps them, causing them to wall bounce 2: Swing of gods Rep charges up a powerful swing from his 7'2 ckaymore, the longer he charges, the more power is has: and there are 3 levels of charge's 1: normal swing: basic powerful hit 1: Power swing: a more powerful swing with a big chance of cripple and 3: earth slicer: it its extremely powerful move that causes bleed, gives rep super armor, and wallbounce to the enemy 3: Haymaker: a punch that sends the enemy in a diagonal way in the air, and thats all to this move and 4: shield crusher: a swing from his claymore then a dropkick, the swing is used to make the enemy block, and the dropkick is used to destroy the shield overdrive: mad mans fury: this makes rep really, slow, but his moves gain way more power, and he has super armor for 3 seconds
Since I'm on a roll already, I shall do this too. Supers 1. Devour: Mot'Aru grabs the opponent with a shadowy hand from their mouth, then pulls them in. Once this mental damage is done, the opponent is roughly spat out. If this does enough damage to KO, the "spitting-out" part of the move won't occur. 2. Crushing Despair: Mot'Aru flies high into the sky, then slams down, creating a shadowy shockwave. The shockwave does less damage than if the opponent was crushed under Mot'Aru, but it has a sizable radius. 3. Frozen with Fear: Mot'Aru lets out a screech, paralyzing the opponent long enough for them to repeatedly slam the opponent into the ground. Overdrive Soul Link: Mot'Aru cannot deal damage until the Overdrive is cancelled or timed out. However, their blocks cannot be broken through, their grabs cannot be escaped, and their hitstun lasts slightly longer. Finisher Heart of Mot'Aru: Much like Devour, Mot'Aru drags in the opponent, but with multiple hands. A crystal heart-like structure is revealed in a pitch-black area, with the opponent wrapped nearby in a black-and-white "cocoon." The Heart then pulses and sends out a bright flash of light, cutting back to Mot'Aru once it clears. Alone.
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