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An Interesting Day At The GYM
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Eito unlocks the now reinforced door of the GYM and changes the sign from 'Closed' to 'Open' as usual. He then walks behind the shake bar and relaxes. "Another wonderful day to see people beat each other up."
(A greenish 7'3 half snake half man slithers in).....Ayyyy
*Wakui would open the door to the GYM before entering and goes to Eito* Hey Eito... hows your day been? OOC: *is currently downloading beta metal gear survive*
Magus Jumps from the shadows and lands outside, he tales out his cape and walks to the GYM's doors, he opens them and goes inside. Greetings. Magus talked in an agressive way, but he wasn't trying to scare anyone.
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Eito raises an eyebrow at Rep's new appearance. "Hey..." He also waves at Wakui. "I've been fine, just another lazy day."
Ya probably wondering why I'm half snake aren't ya?, idk either, but what I do know is that inzami did it...I think...probably
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Magus walks towards Eito. Have you discovered something about her?
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A dripping wet Jiyu enters the GYM with two railroad spikes stuck in his back. "Hey guys..." Ooc: I almost typed this with my Joseph Joestar alt...
Wow...jiyu...the fuck happened to ya?
Kokichi walks to the GYM and the first thing he notices is the door that for some reason seems reinforced. Ooh, why would a door like this be here? It's just a normal GYM or maybe it has more secrets? I wonder how much damage it can suffer before breaking. Knowing that could help see if this really could be something to cover a secret organization or not. After placing 5 bombs at bottom of the door he runs inside and far from it, he then takes out the bomb trigger (this time it seems to work) and makes the door blow up. in order to not get caught he quickly shift the blame to someone by hiding the bomb trigger on them. Ah ha! I know who broke the door! It was that tall green guy over there!
*Wakui was about to talk until he saw Jiyu and soon being to heal Jiyu... also when healing him, Wakui hand's glow when he heals him*
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Eito tilts his head to the side at Rep. "Told you not to trust her." He sighs and turns towards Magus, a weirded out look on his face. "I, uh, I don't know what you're talking about..." Eito then takes a moment to stare at Jiyu. "What the fuck happened to you?" At the sight of the GYM's door blowing up, Eito gets a weird, blank look on his face as his eyes start twitching.
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Think he'sssssss talkin' bout aki mate, (he says as his snake tounge flickers out, and then back again into his mouth)
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Magus ignored for now what Kokichi did, but he was keeping an eye on him. When Eito gave him that response he looked away, completelly annoyed, not with Eito, just annoyed. Nevermind Eito... Suddenly his amber gem starts to shine.
As Jiyu gets healed, he pulls out both of the railroad spikes with blood covering both of their tips from his back and puts them in his pocket. "Thanks kid, I needed that." Jiyu then looks over to Eito. "I had a fight at the tournament, that's all."
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I can't help but get the feeling someone is making things up...
Anywaysssss....what ta do now (his snake tounge flickers out once more)
Magus looked his bad for a second. Did... nah, maybe it is just my imagination... By the way, who destroyed the door? after asking that Magus closed his eyes, to hear the dark winds.
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"Sorry." There is a completely neutral expression on Eito's face as he crouches down, grabs his pistol and walks around the bar. "Excuse me for a minute." He loads the gun and walks into a back room. Multiple screams, insults, gunshots, more insults and furniture being knocked around can be heard.
Oh, ssswet Jesus...thatsssss.....thatssss one ssssssside of eito ive yet to ssssssee
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It doesn’t take long for a newcomer to arrive. A tall, black creature whose form seems almost wisplike. They have few features aside from their startling blue eyes, each like a roaring pig of fire. The being glides through the open doorway, wearing some sort of ancient, grey musketeer’s uniform with a lengthy blue cape. On their back is an old-fashioned musket. If one didn’t know better, they might think it a ghost. The creature looks over towards the back room and chuckles, amusedly, at the sounds.
The patrons can notice a goldenlight shine down upom the Nexus, eventually focusing on one point as a silver haired man drops down from the sky slowly in the golden light, crushing part of the roof Yu has arrived. Yu hopes Yu all have all have a Golden daYu.
... *Wakui keeps healing Jiyu*
Woah, wisssssp guy, nota good idea, and know we got gold yu..cool
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Magus opens his eyes What happens? Is a comedy show going to be performed here?
Jiyu looks at the newcomers and sighs a bit. He then walks over to the bar while looking at Wakui. "Uhh, you can stop healing me."
Ok *Wakui stops*
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Eito walks out again, his gun noticeably empty. He takes his place behind the bar with a smile. "Now, what can I do for all of you?"
(He just gives eito a "what the fuck" stare).....
Magus then turned to Zane. Do you have a moment? I would like to talk to you about what you said the other day to that Aki.
Hm?, ah sure, why not
G.Yu laughs lightly as he procures a golden card, looking around the GYM before shouting for all to hear Now now, this is a GYM no? Who will challenge the Yuniverse? It would be an Yunfair fight to challenge me. So Yu will summon another being to fight. Who is Yup to the challenge? Yu will gladlYu give the victor a reward.
Magus' look turned into a angrilly looks, he slowly walked to Zane. She was talking with a friend, and you were all the time saying stupid thing about her body and hers... anyways, you are strating to annoy me and you are annoying the others, so, I' ve decided to punish and teach you some lessons. Magus stops close to Zane and grabs him in the neck with his left hand. Do you understand what i'm meaning, right?
Ha...ahhahaha....oh, you are funny, IMMA just come back, and everyone here knows it
Why is someone using terrible Yu puns in their statements? Izumi rubs her head at everything that's going on today... Why is this suddenly my life?
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"Hey, if you're gonna kill him, do it outside." Eito is still smiling sweetly.
Jiyu leans on the bar counter and looks up at Eito, with his hair still dripping. "Do you have any iced tea?"
The ghostly figure looks at Yu, eyes burning silently. He hasn’t tried the rifle in a while, and they don’t look as strong as his normal targets, he briefly wonders what they might summon. So the creature steps forth Send out ze anomaly, and I shall... How do zu say it? “Suppress” Zem.
So what if I die, I'm just gonna come back, like I always do, so this is pretty much use less
*Ya boy Shaq drives his car into the GYM and rolls down his window when he gets to Eito* Hello, food?
Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you, I hate persons like you... so I've decided to give you a better form. Magus throws Zane and casts a thunder over him. Enjoy your new life, little frog. the thunder slowly turned Zane into a frog
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"I have iced tea." He crouches down and searches through a mini fridge under the counter. He grabs a bottle and throws it to Jiyu. He then turns to face Rep. "It won't matter but it'll be satisfying!"
Jiyu catches the bottle of iced tea with his left hand and sets it down on the counter. "Thanks."
"...did I hear...something...about...the Yuniverse?" A quiet voice said from outside the GYM. {A purple-cloaked figure poked their head through the door before going inside the GYM. They walked slowly towards G.Yu, looking at others as they went along. Long purple hair went down the sides of her hood, and her cloak had a gray braided chain that revolved around it. "I'll..." She briefly paused to gaze at DerFreis for a quick second before continuing. "see...what they can do...first. Do you...mind...if I could wait?..."
I'll think what I'll do with you, but for now you will remain as a frog. Magus turns back and walks towards the counter. If he does something strange or something idiot say it to me, i can even turn him into an ant if I want.
*Wakui look watch everyone... not knowing what to do now*
G.Yu observes the ghastly figure and smiles, lifting his Golden card into the air before crushing it in his hand, a brilliant light flashes and what is left is a copy of a Yu, however it seems a little more sinister, holding onto a revolver vs a sword as he points the gun at his opponent MYu Myu.. This is Reverse Yu, Yu didn't expect Yu to show up. Be careful my blue friend. Yu may be taken by surprise how powerfYul mYu followers are. G.Yu then walks out of the vicinity of the combat and moved to Izumi, looking at her with a bit of disgust Yu pYuns are not Yu's intention. This is simplYu how Yu is The quiet voice that enters the GYM is met G.Yu's stare, as he places his hand on his chin, thinking as to who it was Hmm? Do Yu reqYuire something? Yu woYuld be glad to help. For a price.
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Magus quickly turned to the frog, piercing him with the look. Do you want to suffer? Because I know better ways to do it... I could torture you in ways you can't even imagine. Magus dashes and grabs him with his right arm. You could ending begging me to kill you, do you want that?
The figure’s cold, soulless eyes bore into its opponent as it slowly brings the rifle off of its back. The creature points his gun almost lazily, not at his opponent, but at Rep I wonder just how accurate zis is? I vas told it could never miss... Thr figure pulls the trigger, sending one black musket ball towards Rep. moments before striking, the ball would curve away from him, towards the Reverse Yu instead. The ball passes harmlessly through any and all attempts to block, and damages not only body, but also soul of anything it hits
*Wakui would look away at the people about to fight...* *Wakui coughs for a bit before sighing*
Honestly the real Yu was cooler. Which is saying a lot because he never talked anyway.
Jiyu opens his bottle of iced tea and takes a sip of it, ignoring everything that's going on. "Wow, it sure is boring around here..."
Magus gives a creepy smile to the frog... it is realy a scary smile. I'm going to enjoy this. Magus throws him away and turns back. I don't remember the last time I did this... oh right... Gleen... Magus walks to the counter and tales a seat.
{The hooded figure sighed before taking a light step back.} "I...what I want...is to learn more...about...what you call...the "Yuniverse"...so I hope to observe..." {Their head then turns to stare at DerFreis' rifle shot directed at Reverse Yu.} "I...wonder...are they...acquaintances of yours?..." {They then go about to look around the GYM, gazing at it's inhabitants.} "...they don't seem...to be having...much fun...don't you agree?...I guess...that's just human emotion..." {The hooded figure winces a bit at Rep and Magus' feud. Though disinterested, they still think that it's bothersome. "...how come...they're...so loud...are they...always like this?..."
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Seeing the bullet not aimed at him, R.Yu originally puts down his weapon for a second, before seeing it curve and strike him in the gut, falling to his knees and bleeding a bit. Taking a deep breath he gets back up and crushes a crimson card Magatsu Izanagi.. Destroy him.. With the breaking of the tarot, Magatsu Izanagi appears behind him, filling the room with a red fog, R.Yu then runs up and tries to give the figure a round house kick before firing. Izanagi floating over and using it's glaive to slash at their backside with a downward strike Give them a taste of our fury...
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Eito walks up to Frog-Rep and grabs him, arrying him as he goes back to his station. "Shut up, already."
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You to mate...I now wanna eat fly's....
*Wakui would take out some candy and beings to eat them with a smile on his face*
Magus noticed the strange girl walking around the GYM. That girl... she is strange, maybe... After thinking that Magus walked towards the girl, he couldn't help to give her a piercing look. Who are you?
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"Whatever, now what?" Eito lets Frog-Rep roam free. But only on the counter.
A note comes in from nowhere and rests near Rep.
Jiyu looks over to the frog on the counter but then looks back to his iced tea. "It's still boring here..."
(He jumps around).....I'm bored....croak
Kokichi slowly gets closer to Eito with smile and a playful like look on his eyes and begins to poke him. Hey, hey! Can you explain me what this place is? Is it the headquarters of a secret organization? Does it have any secrets? Is it a secret goverment facility? Or just a plain GYM? Even so, i don't think it's just a normal place, am i right? Otherwise explain that! Kokichi points to the remains of the door, that he surely did not made blow up with his bombs. That door was reinforced, i'm sure it was some kind of protection from someone but who? Can you tell me who?
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Eito once again loads his gun at the mention of a door, an angry expression on his face. "No." "This is just a NORMAL FUCKING GYM!" The armed teenager quickly calms down with a few deep breaths. "The reason it is reinforced is because people keep destroying it." "Quite like what you just did."
Normal gym with a fighting arena, anyway.
Almost as soon as it struck Yu, the bullet would seem to vanish, leaving him only with the impact wound. The rifleman himself simply drifts back silently, almost as though he were trying to buy time. He narrowly leans back in order for Yu’s kick to scrape by his face, leaving behind some feeling of dread, and hardly reacts as they fire a bulletproof into his uniform at point-black. There’s a clear hole in it, through which more of the creature’s wispy form can be seen. When M. Izanagai aims a blow at the creature’s back, the rifleman brings out a crooked, antique knife and slashed to meet the blow, if only for a moment Try to touch my rifle again, I dare you. What he was waiting for would soon become clear as the bullet whizzes back into existence, phasing through the Gym wall behind Yu. This time, it would aim to tear through his left shoulder, narrowly missing the rifleman’s own, before curving back aimed for Yu’s right
{The figure turned itself to Magus' direction, but then ended up ignoring their question as they looked at Eito and Kokichi's quarrel.} "Hmmm..." {They then gazed at the frog jumping around the GYM.} "...I wonder...what might that be...it's anatomy is...interesting..."
Ay, the fuck you want girl?
Magus looks at he frog and then turns to the girl. If you want to open him do it, I don't mind.
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*Wakui would keep eating his candy for a bit until he puts them away and looks around before stopping to cough for 2 minutes straight*
Wha Oh, what a disappointment. I really thought things could be interesting around here that's why i decided to stay but it seems like i was wrong. By the way, how do you know it was ME that blow up your door? After all that tall and greenish guy had the trigger on him! I'm offended you would make baseless assumptions without any evidence, that's....so......mean! He suddendly burst into tears even tho they're most probably fake. WAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAA! I don't like that! he quickly stops and returns calm, like if nothing had happened but has an upset expression on his face. Still, until you present me real evidence, i didn't break your door.
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"You were the only guy who came up to me, poking me and overactively questioning me about the door, it's purpose and what this place was about like a stupid child!" Eito flicks Frog-Rep. "Plus, this guy may be stupid as fuck but he wouldn't do that under any circumstance." "I also saw you fucking around with his pockets, not to mention the fact that you were the only one to say and insist he had the detonator." He aims his gun at Kokichi. "Congrats, you played yourself."
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Tch! Seeing the man be bullet proof annoyed R.Yu, he obviously couldn't use his revolver, as he gets torn to shreds by the bullet he decides to try another tactic, commanding M.Izanagi to fly back a bit and cast a tornado surrounding R.Yu and Der. Lets see your fancy bullet get through a windstorm. As for Yu's action though he decides to fire a bullet at the rifle, aiming for the muzzle to lodge a shot in there. But the stock worked as well. Perhaps damaging the weapon stopped the bullet was his thinking.
Yep, that's true, croak
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So you destroyed the door. Magus walks towards Kokichi. Do you want to be a frog like he is? Answer me. Magus eyes turned even more red. Answer me, now.
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Alright, you got me that was a lie. I did blow up that door because after all i'm Kokichi Oma, the ultimate supreme leader, i have a secret evil organization. I do many evil things and stuff. Even thinking about that there might be an another one around fueled my curiosity. You should fix that door with something more strong than that, it's not too difficult. I'm going to give you something as a sign of peace, you can have a bottle of my panta. Kokichi hands to Eito a bottle of Panta, little did he know that Kokichi drank it all before and replaced it with normal water. He then notices Magus coming closer to him, he's soon a bit scared from it but, hides it into a brave stance and face. You! Don't come any closer, i'm just about to make peace with that guy! If you try to get a hand on me all of my fri- i mean subordinates will come and kill you so stay away!
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Eito grabs the bottle and throws it into the backround, making it hit a wall. "Fuck you." Eito puts his gun back under the bar and sits down. "Normal procedure says that I should kick you out, but your pure ability to be hammy convinced me to let you stay." "So don't do anymore bullshit." Eito, grumbling, crouches down and pulls a protein shake out of his mini fridge, opening the bottle and starting to drink. "Oh yeah, you also have to apologize to the frog." He turns to Magus. "Let him go." "For now."
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Jiyu looks over to Kokichi with a blank expression on his face. "I'm sorry to interrupt your 'peace' thing, but can you be, you know, a little less annoying?"
Rather than push the bullet through the windstorm, the man would look at Magatsu Izanagi instead. After exiting Yu’s shoulder, the bullet would aim straight for Magatsu Izanagi’s heart. His focus shifts long enough for R. Yu to strike his rifle’s stock, chipping it...... There’s a short pause as the man just stands there, in utter disbelief that someone might try to harm it, the one thing he traded his life for. Then his eyes turn from a careless blue to a blazing, passionate red as he glares at Yu I vas going to let zu live, but Zis insult... Zis.... I have no further Vords for you pest. The man brings out his dagger again, now coated in the same wispy black substance as the rest of him, and lunges to stab Yu in the chest underhanded while his bullet keeps its course towards M. Izanagi’s heart. Both objects would harm not only the body, but the soul of any they struck, and thus are likely capable of harming personas. In addition, the bullet would harmlessly pass through anything out up to block it, such as M. Izanagi’s weapon
Magus looks to kokichi and stops. This kid is idiot... the black winds tells me when you lie... dealing with him is a waste of time... Pathetic. Magus walks away, after a few steps he stops. But don't forget, I'll keep an eye on you, so don't try anything stupid. Magus continues walking.
Pushing open the door, Em walks into GYM, looking around the inside. Huh, did no one lock up yesterday, or did I just miss everyone? Oh well. Em shrugs before walking over to the regular Gym area of GYM and standing behind a punching bag. He begins to punch away at it, gradually getting faster with his pattern of punches.
Kicking the door open, Yang enters the GYM quickly. "Hello, world!" Getting no response, she sags and walks over to a punching bag, starting to hit it before seeing Emerson. "Oh, hey there!"
Em stops punching and turns to face the voice, only to see a familiar face. Yang? Is that you? Sheesh, it's been... a long time. How's it been? Still hangin' around Leblanc?
*With a hearty laugh, Shakespeare enters the GYM.* Huzzah and forsooth. It has been long since I emerged into this domain, but now I, the great William Shakespeare, have arrived to write about the splendorous wonders of the world for my plays so I may immortalize them for all time. Like the great Tower of Nyx that I have been writing for viewers of my Globe soon enough. But, patience is a virtue, as the muses shall tell you. So, to you fighters, I say this! Show me a battle worthy of the gods themselves! Ya haha!
"Uh..." Yang stops punching and tilts her head to the side, fluttering her eyes. "What?"
*Shakespeare perks up and looks over at Yang before striking a dramatic pose* Oh? A question from yonder maiden, is it? Well, I am always one to speak to a lady in need. So, to you fair maid I ask, what is the question that you would ask of the great play write, William Shakespeare? Why I may be a limitless fountain of wisdom from my expertise, I shall try to answer you to the best of my abilities. Of that, you have my word. Ya haha!
Em tilts his head as well, before his eyes light up and he bursts out laughing. S-seriously!? Another? I swear, this place is getting crazier every day! Okay, okay, lemme explain. This place is sort of a... melting pot of the multiverse. A ton of people come through here, and occasionally we get multiple of the same person. It's... sort of hard to explain, but you'll understand in time. Basically, I know another version of you. A-anyways, I suppose what I SHOULD say is nice to meet you. My name is Emerson. He extends his hand to Yang, smiling.
"Hello..." Yang slowly extends her hand to shake Emerson's. "Yang Xiao Long."
Em shakes her hand, then shifts his hand to the back of his neck. W-well, uh... He looks around the room for a bit, thinking of something to make the conversation less... awkward. He looks down to the arena, before looking back to Yang. Would... you be up for a sparring match? I've honestly always wanted to have one with you. Er, I guess with the other you, who's still technically you, just... uh, y'know what, nevermind. But, uh, not the offer, though. That wasn't part of the nevermind, just... everything else.
"Please just shut up." Yang's face is completely serious as she grabs Em and drags him into a fighting ring. "Come on then, if you want to fight, let's do it!" Having gotten over the previous awkwardness and entered a more comfortable topic, fighting, Yang seems to have gone back to her normal happy demeanor.
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A young woman in black and white would wander into the place, a black sword resting on her back as she looks around curiously for a moment... Upon taking a second look, however, she'd notice Yang, a grin crosses Blake's face as she walks toward the blonde, slowly and quietly in an effort to get behind Yang, she'd then tap the girl's shoulder and smirk. "Hey there, man am I glad to see you! I was beginning to get worried I'd be stuck with just the Heiress forever, can you even imagine how that was working? Constant bickering with nobody to break it up Yang, the horror." She'd then tilt her head at Em, other Yang? Huh... Maybe what the crazy lady who claims to be a goddess said has some weight to it? Wonder if there's been another of her around this place too, either way, she'll be polite to the guy. "Another of Yang? I can barely manage one of her, two sounds like utter madness. Anyways, Blake Belladonna nice to meet you and all that." Rather than lingering near her friend at this point, Blake would dart away in a rush. So she's gonna beat this poor guy up? Well, maybe he stands a chance no telling with this place. "I'll just be over here though, uh... Kick his ass I guess, I dunno, just good luck Yang."
A shibe in a bright orange jacket trots into GYM. He shakes his body, getting some snow off it, then immediately trots over to the closest person to greet them: Black-And-White Girl. Arf!
Em composes himself after being forcefully brought into the arena. He thinks for a moment, before he reaches to a long blue object on his back. He looks over to Blake, smirking. I see that look, Black Cat. You don't think I've got a chance, do you? Anyways, if it's all right with you, Yang, I'm gonna test this thing out. I've been tweaking it a bit. Er, not to say I'll be using this match any differently than another. I'll still be giving my all. Pushing down on a button, the object whirs to life, folding apart and elongating, before a large block on the top half expands, becoming a scythe blade. the bottom half has another, smaller box. You, uh, might recognize the design a little. Anyways, ready to go when you are.
"OH GOD, YANG HELP!" A very uneasy look appears on Blake's face, even as the girl speaks she'd be dashing away from the four-legged fiend in terror, hands reaching up to the blade on her back as she moves, she'd then quickly wrap a cord on the weapon's end around her right arm and snap the sword into a form akin to a small scythe, from there Blake flings her scythe by the cord and into the roof of GYM, pulling herself upward and looking down at the dog from a safe range. "Um, I'll just be up here where it's safe everyone, please don't mind me..."
Woof? The shibe pads under where Black-And-White Girl is hanging and looks up at her with confusion in his red eyes. He does a small hop that isn't nearly enough to get up to her. Is she stuck?
Yang, upon seeing Blake, Yang smiles and waves. "Oh Blake, I can truly imagine your immeasurable pain!" She snickers a bit. "For real though, it's great to see you again!" "We can talk some more after i'm done beating down this guy!" She's about to turn and face Emerson before seeing Blake's incident. She breaks out in laughter at her partner's fear. "Haha! You're still afraid-Snort-Hahaha-Still afraid of dogs?" Without waiting for a response, Yang takes a minute to calm down before turning back to face Emerson, a smile on her face as he talks. That smile is soon wiped away by his unveiling of his weapon. "Is-Is that Crescent Rose?" "Where the hell did you get that?!"
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OH GOD IT'S TRYING TO GET TO HER, OH HELL WHAT DOES SHE DO!? AHHHHH! "YES, THEY HAVE BIG TEETH AND THEY LIKE CHASING CATS! I..." Didn't she just give a big speech about not running away anymore? The girl sighs and takes a deep breath, she's gonna kick Yang's ass if this somehow injures her, but Blake would with much discomfort yank her blade out from the roof and fall downward, landing gracefully and stowing the weapon away as she looks down at the d-dog. "Um, hi there... Random dog, I uh, hopefully, we can get along? And pleasedon'tchaseme." Despite the attempt at actually dealing with this, she's still shivering where she stands and sounds utterly terrified... Not to mention acting like it can understand her.
Relax, it's not Crescent Rose. Well, I-I mean, it used to be. I made a replica based on some blueprints of it I received a long while back, and eventually I decided to make it my own instead of just copying it entirely. It just felt kinda wrong to copy it, especially once I actually met her... Em presses another button on the handle, and the bottom half extends into a second scythe blade, following the same direction and curvature as the first, which ends up making them into a circular shape. I just... really like scythes, okay? They're cool! He spins the weapon before slamming one end into the ground, a clear gun barrel able to be seen out of the top of the weapon. He loads a purple cartridge into it. Are you ready now?
Kokichi slams open the door, this time he wouldn't interfere with it as long as he didn't want to. Helloooooo! I'm back. Now where isi my good pal from yesterday? I gotta ask him something. Also i'll watch you guys fighting, i could after see if the winner wants to make a pact with me. He begins to look for Eito all over the GYM even in places he was not supposed to go and in the meantime he also steals takes some things as he finds them.
The shiba inu steps back so Black-And-White Girl can land, then takes a few steps forward. Arf, arf! His tail wags excitedly as he pants.
(Suddenly a 7'3 greenish man with a snake body to the waist down slithers behind yang) ssssssssss.....
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He finds Eito in a back room, scribbling on his notepad. Upon seeing Kokichi, Eito's eyes narrow as he grabs his gun. "First of all, why are you here?" "Second of all, what do you want?"
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"U-um... Alright then, nice meeting you uh, dog." She'd wince and reach down a bit, right hand patting the dog's head for a moment before Blake quickly takes it away. "Is uh that what you wanted? I haven't got food or anything so I can't help there, geez I wonder if you've got a name anyway." She's starting to feel... Not good, but a bit calmer despite the dog, he doesn't seem like he's gonna hurt her, maybe everyone's been right the whole time about dogs being harmless, yeah...
Woof! The doggo wags his tail at the pats. He tilts his head up to look at Black-And-White Girl's face. The gleam of a dog tag can be seen now. "Koromaru," with an address. Grr... Koromaru suddenly growls at the snake-man behind Yellow Girl, getting into a fighting stance.
"Well, alright..." Yang sighs before regaining her confident smirk once again. "Get ready!" Yang thrusts her hands to her sides as her bracelets extend into her comabt gauntlets-Ember Celica. She gets into a combat stance. "Set!" Rep's hiss surprises her quite a lot. "Ah!" She panics and instinctively turns around and punches Rep eight in the face, shooting her shotgun at the same time, resulting in an explosive punch that throws Yang back a bit by recoil alone.

Magus junps from the shadows and lands outside the GYM, he walks to the doors and opens them. Greetings.
"U-um it's good seeing you Yang, oh you should come by where Weiss and I have been hanging around! But I've gotten head out for now, I'll leave directions on the counter for you!" She'd rather quickly do just that, a scrap of paper having been placed there for Yang... And the girl would then quickly run out, geez she can't believe she let all those people see her freaking out. She'll have to come back sometime soon, maybe try her luck in a fight?
As soon as he finds Eito he starts walking near to him and says. Oh Hey! It's good to see you again! First of all, you never told me your name even tho i did! Other than that i see you have quite the arsenal here. Would you like to join my secret organization? The more we are the better and i could invite all of my frien i mean subordinates and do some things too. This place seems perfect! We could make alot of cash too! He eagerly awaits for an answer looking at Eito with light in his eyes and a very playful like stance.
Em puts his face in his palm as Yang punches Rep. Well, that was... certainly something. Come at me when you're ready, Bombshell. He leans down onto his weapon, waiting for Yang to make the first move.
*Wakui enter the GYM and sits down on a seat, he soon began watching the others*
Ah-(the blast send him flying into a wall) OWWWW FUCKING HELL MATE
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Magus ignores what is happening around the GYM and walks directlu to the counter. Eito, do you have a moment? If you can.
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Eito sighs as he puts down his gun, instead choosing to twirl one of his now underused knives in his hand. "My name is Eito." "As for your offer, i'm not sure what to say." "Despite your childlike intelligence, you're asking me to join what very much sounds like a criminal organization." He walks out to the main room of the GYM and sits behind the counter, turning to face Magus. "What do you need?"
(edited by Eito)
AY, FUCK YOU (he then coils around himself like a spring, and uncoils, launching him into yang, allowing him to coil around her)
"Sorry!" Yang shouts out to Rep before turning back to Emerson. "Now...Back to our fi-" She's interrupted by Rep's attack and nearly falls down from his weight as he coils around her. Her eyes turn red as she grabs him by his shirt and starts punching/shooting him in the torso again and again. "Get! Off! Of! Me!"

Magus remained silent for a few seconds, then he looked at Eito and he began to speak. Yesterday, this gem reacted to you for a second. Magus took out a litte bag with a few gems, he took the amber gem, the moment he did it the gem began to shine. Do you know something about those gems?
AHHH, SHIT (he may shot, but his snake part is still coiled, tighter and tighter)
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"Not in the slightest, unfortunately." "Feel free to enlighten me though."
(edited by Eito)
Arf, arf! Doggo to the rescue! Koromaru dashes forward, attempting to stab the snake-man's tail with a knife from his jacket.
*Wakui would sigh as he watches everyone*
(He then bites her in the chest with his short poisonous fangs) THIS IS WHAT YA GET FOR SHOOTING ME WITH FUCKING SHOTGUN GLOVES
(Shell on his snake tail on his skin is to hard to be stabbed)
(edited by Reperzel)
As Yang gets crushed and bitten her punches are getting stronger and stronger. Her hair is seemingly on fire as she grabs Rep by the hair and starts punching him straight in the teeth. "Get off before I force you, you creep!"
That does it. Koromaru howls, summoning a three-headed canine creature. Its sharp-toothed jaws grin creepily, trying to strike fear into the snake-man with Evil Smile.
Aaw man, don't you like the thrill of adventure and things like that? My secret organization has 10,000 people in i'm sure you won't get bored easily! But if you don't want to i can't force you, after all i'm the ultimate supreme leader not the ultimate pushover. Also i think someone broke the door once again. He stops talking for a bit to see if Eito had any reactiom but then shouts. That was a lie! Ah ha! he then leaves the backdoor and sits on the ground near the people that are fighting, in order to spectate the match.

suddenly the gem send Eito and Magus a picture, they are performing some kind of attack with another two shadowy figures. One has some kind of strange serrated sword and the other is a smaller figure from a young girl, they are fighting a shadowy figure, it looks like a fat monster. After a few seconds Magus and Eito returned and the gem stopped shining. W-what?
AHHHHH FUCKKK (the shots from yang send him flying, but, he springs around, slashes her with his bites, over and over again) C'MON MATE (he nearly avoids the dog)
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Eito stands there for a moment with wide eyes. "What the hell was that?" Eito shakes his head, sighs, grabs his gun and walks over next to Kokichi, motioning for Magus to follow him. He starts taking potshots at Rep. "Fuck off." He then looks back at Kokichi, his eyes narrowing again. "Tell me, what do you plan on doing with this place if I join you?"
(edited by Eito)
*suddenly appears* ...what did I just suddenly appear to?
OOC: I’m just here for a brief reminder that snakes have scales, not shells. You’re welcome
A darkness begins swirling in Zane's mind as the familiar voice of Nyarlathotep would begin speaking in an annoyed tone. "Have you still not done as I've commanded? I told you to pick a fight with Tatsuya Suou, not some random girl. Do I have to do this myself?"
(edited by Persona)
Yang dodges a couple of the strikes, punching Rep in the head again before running out of shells. She huffs, crouches and attempts to grab Rep from the underside when he goes to attack her again. "Come on!"

Maus remains silent and follows Eito.
From his sitting position he looks up to Eito and after thinking a bit about it he starts to talk once again. Hhhm Some little adjustments here and there and increase security, We could train some of the people in my organization too or hide the things we take from the authorities things like those. Maybe throw one or two parties too. I'm sure i won't be able to get everyone there since my organization is big and all that but it doesn't really matter. His eyes go over to the people fighting once again.
(Thanks to his snake like agility, he is able to get out of the grab, and slithers around her body, biting her in different areas) NOW THIS IS FUN!
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"So it IS a criminal organisation!" Eito frowns as he looks down at Kokichi. "While my reaction might depend entirely on what exactly you steal or do, in the end it's not really my decision on whether or not to let you do your thing in here as i'm not the boss." He turns around to face Magus, sitting down next to Kokichi in the meanwhile. "What...Was that?" "Who were those other people?"
"Then accept me into your being and I shall grant you the power you need..." A dark feeling would form around Zane's chest as if waiting to be invited in. Should he choose to let it in then there's no telling what might happen next.
(edited by Persona)
Ryuji was observing the GYM at a distance with his binoculars. He started pointing his binoculars at Eito, then Reprerzel, next was Magus, then it was Wakui, then he slowly looked towards Emerson. From there, he started observing Yang, then Kokichi, and then he started to observe the others but there was nothing to report. He brought his walkie talkie and said: Nothing to see here. Prolly going back now. He then preceded to walk away from the GYM, disappearing into the day.
Jiyu, who's asleep at the bar, "accidentally" pulls out his flintlock revolver and shoots Rep in the head in his sleep. "Zzzz...."
Did somebody say criminal organization? If so, what do I get if I join? Dental plan, cash, info? Seriously, a goddess has to have a pretty big network, even in the underground.
Umm...fuck it why not (that's to him slithering around Yang's body, he shot misses, and allows e darkness to do whatever)
Along with Nyarlathotep's voice, another appears in Reperzel's head, sounding very annoyed. "You're an asshole." The voice disappears, leaving the snake-man with a headache.
Aroo! Sensing something terrible about to happen, Koromaru forms a Mudo spell around Snake Man for a possible instant takedown.

Magus closed his eyes to think, after a few seconds he opened them. The girls and the man, I know them... probably Hunter and that girl with blue hair, I think it was Sayaka, but i don't know what is the fat shadowy figure, it can be a lot of things, but i'm sure it is a monster. The other point is, what the hell are those gems?
But the musket ball ricochets off of the wall and hits him in the head anyway. "Zzzz..."
Yang shouts out in pain and rage, grabbing Rep by the throat and pinning him to the floor using her immense strength gained from being so damaged. "RAGH!" She punches him in the chest hard enough to destroy the floor underneath them.
The darkness would first enter into his body but the quickly it would grow and grow until it seemed to be consuming him. Zane would begin turning into his snakepede form once more as his human form would split off now restored to its previous state with glowing red eyes. Nyarly Zane: "Mwahahaha! Now I'll finish Tatsuya Suou off myself!" Zane's human form now possessed by Nyarly would run out of the GYM laughing about his evil.
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"I don't know a Hunter but i'm well acquainted with Sayaka. Unfortunately, we're not on especially friendly terms." He sighs as he replays the move in his head. "Also, don't ask me about the gems, you were the one to bring them."
Grr... Koromaru waits patiently, feeling the vibrations under his paws. Cerberus growls as dark energy flows around its body.
...and that's Nyarly again? I thought he was done by now. Guess not. Fucker just don't know when to quit.
... *Wakui would heal Yang seeing that the fight was over* Wakui's hands would glow as he heals yang
Kokichi smirks at Eito before drammaticaly stepping on the bench he sat to before in order to seem more taller and speaks. What we do really depends on the circumstances, i can't tell you too much until you're a member because, if i do and you don't join you would have to pay the ultimate price. That means that i'll cover you in panta and put you into a tank full of sharks after. Nah that was a lie of course one of my subordinates would be sent from me to kill you. He then puts a finger on his mouth before jumping off the bench and sit once again.
Em sighs in relief, smiling as Rep leaves GYM. Finally, he's gone... He looks over to Yang, raising an eyebrow as Wakui heals her. You okay? Still up for the match?

Magus looks away. I don't even know why i have them, in my tower when I was channeling i didn't have them, but whe- Magus suddenly stops, he noticed what he talked too much. Nevermind, I just don't know from where that gems comes from...
(edited by Magus)
"I need a minute..." Yang sits on her knees and lets Wakui heal her. Her eyes no longer red, she looks up at Em. "What the hell was wrong with that guy?"
...well, that was a fun fight. Now I wanna do a fight.
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Eito looks up at Magus with suspicion in his eyes but doesn't push the issue. He then turns to Kokichi. "What the hell is up with you and panta?" "Also...Sure, it's something to do, so i'll join." "Very reluctantly."
He sighs again, before picking his weapon out of the ground and putting the butt end back down, leaning against it. Everything is wrong with him, to be honest. I don't know much about him, but what I do know isn't exactly flattering in any sense of the word. He looks over to Star, chuckling. I don't think anyone here is really capable of holding their own against you. At least, not many. Certainly not me.
Hey...I can go easy, you know. Hell, I've been going easy for most of my adventures. I like to think that if I give it my all, it'll be too much and all the Joy will be gone.

Magus turns back. I'll talk to Sayaka and Hunter, if I discover something I'll tell you. Magus walks away and returns to the counter.
*Wakui would keep healing yang until shes fully healed* *Wakui would sigh, knowing that he's pretty much useless besides healing*
"I can tell..." Yang sighs and gets up, looking at Wakui. "Thanks for the heal." She then looks up at Em. "Well, before we fight, let s gal fix her hair, yeah?" She smiles as she starts doing exactly that. I have to do something real quick. Be back soon.
So... anyone want to fight? I kinda need to practice my spearing, and it would be nice to fight someone again.
(A 7'3 snake centipede hybrid slithers in)....ayy
He takes out from somewhere a bottle of panta and starts to drink it infront of Eito. Panta is good and this is not a lie i promise. After finishing his drink he tosses the bottle in the middle of the GYM not caring about anyone else in the meantime. It seems like you're not too boring in the end, from now on you're my 11 i mean 10,001 member welcome to DICE. I'll tell everyone else about you, so that means that for today i have to go. I'll give you some tasks to prove your worth in the future but for now this is it! Kokichi gets up and sprints out of the GYM waving goodbye to Eito.
(edited by Kokichi)
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Eito waves to both Magus and Kokichi. "See ya." He then turns to look at Star, motioning to Rep. "You could fight the snakepede." He then walks off into a back room.
Koromaru growls and bites the centipede. Cerberus casts Mudoon to help, possibly taking down the creature in one shot.
I'm back. After finishing with fixing her hair and reloading Ember Celica, Yang gets into a fighting stance once again, facing Emerson. "Alright, let's do this."
The bite and Mudoon do little to nothing, and he picks up the dog with his snake tail, not trying ta hurt it)...sigh...not today, not now
ooc: boi, you're immune to fire, not dark. just let koro do his thing.
[A man wearing cowboy clothes rolls into the arena and points his stand, 「The Emperor」, at Star.] "I finally found ya, goddamn Joestar!"
fine (the attack just bout kills him, one more hit should do it)...plea...se..no..oo
Rruff. Koromaru pads out of the GYM, leaving the unconscious snakipede on the floor.
... I'm sorry, who are you? And no, I'm not a Joestar, my name is Star.
Fu...ck you...ugh
Em twirls his scythe again, holding it horizontally beside himself. A'ight, let's go! Pulling down on the trigger, a purple and black explosion leaves the barrel at the back of the weapon, sending him flying forwards towards Yang. He spins the scythes, performing a solitary slash when he reaches Yang, before hitting and ground and following up with another shot, this time towards her, sending him flying away from her and out of her punching range. He stops his movement again, standing his ground a ways away from Yang.
"The name's Hol Horse, and ya better stop tryin' to play dumb with me, Joestar." [Hol Horse does the pose that he's doing in the pfp.] "Now prepare to die by me!"
...but I'm immortal...meh, whatever. *Pulls a fancy looking spear out of nowhere* If you want to fight, then I'll be glad to oblige!
"Heh, let's do it then!" [Hol Horse does a roll to the right and shoots two bullets at Star.] Ooc: I'll be back in about 10 minutes.
Yang flips backwards, dodging the slash but failing to counter attack before Em escapes and shoots. Guarding herself with her arms, she lets her Aura protect her, taking the shot with minimal complaint before shooting twice at Emerson from range and sprinting towards him, shooting the ground below her and sending her skywards, above her opponent as she angles herself down, accelerating by shooting into the air above her. "Come on..."
(edited by Yang-Xiao-Long)
*spins her spear around to deflect the bullets before rushing at Hol Horse with her spear*
Imma...rematch...yang....later...or.....ya know.... If she dosnt still hate me
"Why don't ya use your stand to fight, huh Joestar?" [Hol Horse fires two more bullets at Star.]
Spinning his weapon to block the two shots, Em angles his weapon at the same angle Yang's coming down from, and fires at the ground, flinging himself directly towards her. He readies the scythe, slashing at her once again as they collide. Come on, Slugger, you've got more than this!
*Wakui eye's would glow and he could see everyone's health and what they are currently feeling* Please tell me what the person you are rping as, current feelings and health
*deflects the bullets with her spear again* Well, if you insist! Come out, Star Double! *Summons another Star behind her, but with purple hair and a red hoodie* Get him. *Sends her double after Hol Horse to knock his light out*
Wamui can't really feel Star that well, but he can tell she's perfectly fine
Wakui can sense that Yang is perfectly healthy thanks to his healing and that she's feeling very excited currently. "Don't count me out yet!" Yang shoots into the air behind her once again, boosting just beyond Emerson's scythe. Not willing to give him the chance to try again, she grabs the scythe by the length and pulls, shooting at Emerson with a free hand while trying to drag him to her.
[Hol Horse runs around the arena to avoid Star Double.] "Shitshitshitshitshit!!" [In the refelection of one of the windows in the GYM, Star can see a strange looking man approaching her from behind.]
Ooc: Wakui can sense that Hol Horse is feeling quite energetic with his adrenaline high.
Hmm? You do know I can sense you, right? *Star turns around, spear raised at whoever was trying to sneak up on her. Meanwhile, Star Double is still chasing Hol Horse around, punching the air while doing so*
[When Star turned around, the man shown in the reflection could not be seen.] [Meanwhile, Hol Horse is still running around the arena, shooting Star Double a few times.] "Damn this thing is fast!"
...huh...weird... *Star Double is forced to retreat back behind Star as she runs for Hol Horse, spear raised and ready to stab*
Em blocks the shot with his arm, a faint white glow appearing as it hits him. Heh, nice catch! But I've got a bit of a surprise! Em then swings himself around his weapon, attempting to kick Yang in the stomach, before pulling a trigger closer to the side Yang's holding onto, firing the same purple and black shot as before. It possibly flings him back towards the ground, assuming Yang doesn't somehow hold on. Two gun barrels, one on each side. Makes this time of situation a bit more remediable, eh? Wakui can feel that Em's feeling very excited, as well as very confidant.
[Before she could get away, Star can feel a sharp pain in her back, as if she has been stabbed.] [And Hol Horse keeps running away.]
waiku could feel rep being really hurt, feeling miserable
...ow...who the fuck did that? Wait, is the guy invisible? He's definitely invisible. Star Double, see what you can sense. *Star Double scans the room, looking for what stabbed her user, while Star keeps running after Hol Horse* I get that you have a gun, and that guns are bad at close range, but this is kinda bullshit!
I know this sucks for you but i'm ready to fall unconscious at this point. I'd usually try to go on but at this point I can neither understand what the hell you're actually doing nor can I think on what to do in response so i'm gonna have to let merciful sleep overtake me for now. Sorry.
It's all right, take care, and also take a damn nap. We can finish this some other time.
[Star Double can see that strange man in the window's reflection heading towards star again.] "Don't underestimate my stand!" [Hol horse pulls out a glass bottle from out of his pocket, throws it in the air and shoots it sending shards of glass flying.] [The man in the refection turns into a beam of light that can be seen out of the mirror and goes into the reflection of one of the shards.]
And you shouldn't underestimate mine! *Star Double flys up to the shard and grabs it, careful not to prick her finger on it. Meanwhile, Star is still running at Hol Horse. At the very least, it's a good workout*
*Wakui would sigh and heal Rep both in mental and physical*
"Do you ever quit?!" [Hol Horse fires a bullet in the air.] [The man turns into a beam of light again and flies to another shard.]
No! Because if I do then you'll shoot at me more! *Star Double notices this, and decides to just start tossing all the shards out a window nearby. one by one, the shards go out the window*
"Heh, well this'll slow ya down." [The bullet that Hol Horse shot magically flies back to Star's left leg, trying to make her fall.] [Another beam of light goes into one of the glasses at the bar.]
*star barely dodges it by running to the right while still chasing Hol Horse* Okay, so you can do that. That's actually pretty cool, going to admit. *Star Double floats over to the bar with the glass and watches it like a hawk, ready to punch the bean of light the next time it decides to jump out*
I'm back motherfuckers.

Mono walks in with his new metallic body. What is this place? It looks like a fighting club. Are robots allowed?
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