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15 days until we all die
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Thanks, nyx
We need Door-kun.
Oh shit.
Oh shit. Good luck. Make sure to be back for Dancing Moon Night.
Wait what? That happens in December no?
No, PK you dolt. The Fall first comes into focus around December, but the event itself occurs, and is stopped, at the end of January.
This thread has summoned me.
Ooh right, my P3 knowledge is incredibly rusty. Gotta apply some syrup to those brain gears to make em move again.
Ahh but I know why PK thought that, it's because the Nyx of our site didn't feel the need to put things off like in the game. Thankfully for us, The Fall is quite averted already for now.
thank you nyx-kun
That's a nice act Nyx-chan
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