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How do I seduce a door?
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Asking for a friend.... as usual.... heh....
Knock on him/her.
not be a gay retard
Offer that door training then take them to Tartarus!
- - - Well first you have to touch it in the sweet spot, the one that makes it open up. Give it a little twist. Then it will truly open up to you. And that's when you can enter the door, become one in the most sensual of ways. - - -
To truly seduce a door, you must firmly grasp the handle, and jiggle it.
Depends on the door. I can confidently say that, from personal experience, doors that close when you let go of them are assholes. One of them almost took my left heel off. All the other times, I have to make sure they don't slam into me too fast and cut my heel again. And yes, I got my ass kicked by a door. I'm not happy with my accomplishments in life, but I can definitely say that I'm one of very few people who have gotten their ass kicked, and we're seriously injured, by a door.
Hang out with it after school about 9 times.
Pour some water on it Make it wet
not be a gay retard so, don't be me is what I'm getting from this
I would KNOB do that if I were you, it's too much to HANDLE
I would KNOB do that if I were you, it's too much to HANDLE Dont knock it til youve tried it. Sounds like an open and shut case. Make sure ahead of time what way they swing also check if they prefer to pull or push mostly it hinges on your skills at communication
Look adoorable for them
Open and close it or repeatedly switch or press the lock on and off.
Sorry, Jill. I just don't swing that way because of how often they shut me out of their lives, but I try to be open to them. I'll keyp your suggestions in mind if they ever come out of their doormant state...
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Kick the door down and prove your dominance. Dominance is sexy.
Give it some cleaning products, so they won't get dirty.
Open the door Get on the floor EVERYBODY WALK TGE DINOSAUR
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