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To Return to One’s Roots
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Quintus would be sitting at a campfire in front of a familiar forest. The day was bright and still seemingly young as he fiddled with a strange object in his hands. The object in question was a curious looking doorknob that he looked at with curiosity and aprehension. He would sigh as he looks back into the forest as if greeting an old friend. “Why is that masked guy always so focused on me...can’t he give other people things like this?”
Walking through the forest,making as much noise as possible while clumsily moving about and complaining about the conditions,Eito,wearing a large backpack,happens upon Quintus. "Huh,didn't expect anyone else to be camping here." "Do you mind if I sit with you for a while?"
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Quintus’ attention would finally be pulled from the knob with the noise Eito makes. He would look over with a bit of surprise at another’s presence before smiling in a calm manner. “I don’t mind and I’m not camping. This is just where I usually come to think. It reminds me of home...”
[Kamui is walking, alone, carrying a duffle bag and his wooden Katana, clearly looking for someone] "Goddamnit, where the fuck are the others?! Urgh... Wow, who are these guys?" [He goes to the others] "Hoy, have you guys seen a bunch of guys in white highschool uniforms? I lost 'em."
After her last visit here Sayaka went out of her way to walk by the forest daily. She would briefly stop to talk to an old man, listen to his stories, before heading on her way. Today however, she caught sight of a familiar boy sitting by the forest. With a wide smile she moves to greet him and Eito/i] Glad to see you’re handlin’ things a bit better now eh Quintus? Oh, and nice to see you too Eito... I guess. [i]The young girl shrugs and looks at the doorknob in Quintus’s hand, Odd, but nothing too strange for here Spare knobs at the door factory? I sure hope you didn’t steal that thing.
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“High school uniforms? Haven’t seen any people like that. Sure you’re at the right woods? These ones have a lot of disturbing rumors around them so most don’t bother entering. Of course, those rumors are mostly baseless as these woods are relatively ordinary.” Upon noticing Sayaka Quintus would smile warmly before holding up the knob with one hand. “This thing? I woke up with it in my hand after having a weird dream about a man in a mask. Not sure what it is but it doesn’t feel quite normal...”
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"Cool." "Well,if you don't mind,then i'm gonna set up shop here." Eito takes off his backpack and grabs some wood out of it before using it to feed the fire,enlarging it. Upon seeing Sayaka,he'd awkwardly wave at her. "Heya Sayaka." "What brings you to these parts?"
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"Shit... Well, guess I'll have to look for 'em..." [Kamui goes somewhere.] [After a few minutes, Kamui comes back to the group from another way.] "Wh- What the fuck?! How'd I get back here?!"
Sayaka nods to Quintus, if it’s anything like the masked weirdo she met here the dream was probably filled with vague hints about destiny or something. First she looks to Eito with a grin There’s this old guy who lives around here and likes tellin’ this story. I’ve heard it a billion times by now, but he always seemed so happy sharing it I still visit ‘im Her explanation done, Sayaka would lean in to look more closely at the doorknob. The young girl looks at Quintus out the corner of her eye and grins as she remarks You tried holdin’ it in the air and twisting? That’s how doors usually work after all
(Suddenly, a 7'3 man walks by where everyone is, playing his banjo) god hope today'll be decent
Inside Zane's head,The Note Man speaks,as snarky as ever. "You know,this is exactly like a horror movie." "This innocent group of people around a campfire out in the woods when suddenly,some gigantic,ugly asshole with the biggest sword they have seen in their lives walks in,playing shitty music with a banjo."
Ya know what paper man...I could do it...but that means I gotta kill someone...and I ain't doing that today.... Maybe
"This is why everyone hates you and especially why you've gone to jail 8 times so far." The Note Man laughs at him.
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Quintus would look at the doorknob once more with hesitation before standing up and doing the motion Sayaka suggested. Upon twisting the knob a noise could be heard before a door would materialize in front of him. The doors front would simply say memory in gold letters while the rest of the door was a solid white. Quintus would simply stares at the door surprised. “I...didn’t think that’d actually work...” Sorry if I am slow. In the airport.
Yeah yeah whatever, so...should I join em or just stalk em like a weird person would

Eito sits down and pulls out a water bottle,taking a swig before looking back at Sayaka. "Sounds nice..." Upon the door appearing,Eito grins,his eyes turning orange. "Called it." "Anyway,that's pretty weird."
[Kamui looks at the door] "... Whoa..." [He then notices Zane] "You again?! Are you fuckin' following me or something?!"
Oh..um..ayyyyy, person...
"Well,if you go talk to them,they're probably gonna beat your ass." "And if you don't,then you'll freak them out enough that they'll come to you specifically to beat your ass." "Lose-Lose situation." "For you,I mean,it's a definite Win-Win situation for me." Once Zane is noticed,The Note Man giggles. "And here we fucking go..."
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Oh "ha ha" very funny paper man
Sayaka just stares at the door, dumbfounded. She takes a deep breath and returns to her usual grin I was bein' sarcastic, but.... ok then.... Is this like, normal for here? Sayaka catches Zane and Kamui out of the corner of her eye, oh great, the gang's all back together, she gives a frustrated sigh before glaring at the two You two better not start anything again. You've got a habit of arguin' at REALLY bad times.
Jiyu enters the forest with his hands in his pockets while looking from left to right, checking if he's alone. Luckily, he was nowhere near any of the other people in the forest. "Good, I'm alone... Now then, it's time to train." Jiyu would then pull out his two silver brass knuckles and put them on while walking over to a dead tree. He would then punch it a few times, making thumping sounds echo throughout the forest.
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Ah, don't worry sayaka, ive "changed"...maybe
[Kamui is intimidated by Sayaka's threat] "U- Understood, Madam!"
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Quintus would sigh before simply sitting back down. He would glare at the door a bit as if deciding what to do. He would then stand up and try to open it. The door would slowly creek open as he pulled. Whatever secrets may lay inside this door soon to be revealed. “Please don’t be a monster...I can’t deal with anymore of those...”

Staring at Sayaka,Kamui and Zane,Eito motions between them and himself. "Is there some history i've missed?" Upon hearing those noises in another part of the woods,Eito starts shifting around,his eyes turning yellow. "And what the fuck is that sound?"
"Move from forward?" "How much of a retard can you be?" "Anyway,don't start another fight cus i'm not saving your ass from now on."
Aaaaaaaand we got some sortta spooky scary thing trying to kill....maybe...but I bet it will!
With a huff, Sayaka would glare at Zane, just to be sure he gets the message You better have, just remember I'm keepin' an eye on you, got that? Satisfied, she gives Kamui a thumbs up before looking at the opening door, hands on her hips, flashing Quin a confident grin Don't worry, that's what ya got me here for remember? I mean, its probably nothin' but if it is I'm more than able to handle it
And paper man, I've changed...... I hope, so do not worry
"I'm gonna worry."
Yeah, makes sense

Eito stares at the door. "I swear,if you bring some sort of eldritch abomination upon us,i'm gonna..." Eito seems to think intensely before shrugging. "Be mad."
[Kamui looks back at the door] "Okay, so... What now?"
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The door would finally open fully to reveal that the mystery behind the door was.... Nothing. The door wouldn’t open to reveal anything and what’s more it would immediately slam shut as the words on the front began to glean with a golden light. It seems the door won’t reveal anything to anyone without proper intent. Quintus somewhat confused would just sit back down once more. “You were right, it is nothing. I’m honestly suprised there isn’t some kind of monster like with everything else in this place.”
oh wow, movie logic failed me...
"... That's, uh... Disappointing."

"Well then,that was anticlimactic." Eito shrugs once again and starts fiddling with his glasses.
"That was the single most dissapointing climax since your dad fucked your mom."
"... Hoy, anyone knows why the big guy's talkin' to himself?"
Sayaka breathes a sigh of relief, all things considered, she had come to expect much worse. She sits on the other side of Quintus's tree, and starts talking you're tellin' me. Honestly, I'm kinda startin' to get sick of this place. Everything's always so weird, and, well, nothin' against you Quin, but I'm kinda startin' to miss my old friends. How about you? You able to remember anything about your home? Before you wound up in this weird city place.
The thumping sound stops... Jiyu stops punching the tree to cracks his knuckles. "Alright, I was just getting warmed up!" The thumping sound gets louder just as Jiyu punches the tree harder.
So...who's gonna go in first?, cuz I sure as hell ain't gonna die first
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“No idea, but they say talking to yourself is a sign of insanity.... Oh, shut up, Hook. I don’t talk to myself that often.” The parasite residing within Quintus would be teasing him about talking to himself. A habit he would at times break into when completely alone. “Memory though? I do wonder what the words on the door refer to...I feel like...someone told me something about this but that was in my dream. I can’t recall what was said.”
The Note Man speaks out loud,with everyone able to hear him. "Oh,don't worry,I haven't driven him insane yet,though I intend to." Soon after,Jiyu would hear The Note Man speak to him. Loudly. Right in front of one of his ears. 'WOULD YOU FUCKING STOP THAT?'
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Sigh....everyone, this is the note god..I know, a god..of notes...ya get used to it

Eito puts his hands up in fake surrender. "It's gonna have to be a no for me." "If anyone's getting eaten,throw Zane in."
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Quintus would look back to Sayaka and think back on all his friends and family. There weren’t many people back home as the town he was in was small but he did miss his family. He knew though that it wouldn’t matte regardless as he had no way of returning. Suddenly the door would begin to creep open on its own. Quintus wouldn’t even notice this while he was deep in thought. “I remember everything. For better or worse my memories always been good but since coming here certain things have gotten foggy. Nothing about home ever left me though. Oh, I went and started reminiscing. That kind of thing always makes me too nostalgic and I’d rather avoid nostalgia if I can...”
A couple of yellow notes fly around Quintus,forming a hand pointing towards the door. "Yo,tree hugger,look."
Jiyu stops punching the tree once he hears the note god's voice. "Huh?! Why the hell are you here?!?"
*A vine comes down from the tree and slaps Jiyu across the face* Yeah, don't do that. I don't like it when people punch trees. *The voice seems to come from the trees, but on closer inspection Rose is able to be seen sitting in a tree branch, playing with a leaf.* It's really annoying.
Sayaka looking back around the tree, chuckles a little, that Quintus guy has always been a little bit of an airhead, but hey, that's part of what makes hi.... Did the door just move? Hey, think you could tell me a little more? Sorry if I'm bein' a bit nosy, but I just realized I dunno much about you, just that one story you may have heard. Hard to think of ya as a friend like that. Sayaka remains calm and watches the door to see if it opens further as Quintus talks, perhaps reminiscing does something to it?
Oh..shit son we got a tree goddess
Many notes start appearing out of nowhere,as usual,to create The Note Man's body,leaning up against the dead tree Jiyu was punching. "There's a bunch of people a little ways away and the big retard is among them." "Where he goes,I go." "Anyway,you're being annoying." "So fucking stop."
"... So. I say we vote to see who goes in first." "I vote for the big guy that needs an exorcism."
More notes come out of nowhere,forming a second body for The Note Man. "Try as you might,no excorcist can get rid of me." "Mostly cus i'm not a demon but whatever." "Anyway,I vote for Zane to go in."
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“Why is paper telling me to look at a door? Weird...” He would be suprised at Sayaka’s curiosity but decided to keep going. He didn’t much like talking about the past but if it ment keeping a friend then he would do so. “There isn’t too much to tell. It was a pretty ordinary life in my own mind. My dad was often away on business in the city I guess and my mom was a bit carefree. I had a younger sister but she would usually be off doing her own thing so we weren’t very close. Other than that I’d mostly be out in the forest nearby or using our family computer. Well, we called it the family computer but I was the only one who was on it most of the time.” As Quintus speaks the door would begin opening fully to reveal a blinding white light.
"You keep shoutin', and it's gettin' on my fuckin' nerves."
Sayaka looks at the boys around her and sighs, she flashes a grin at Zane before saying For once, I think Kamui's onto somethin'. You go "changed" boy. I'll be right behind you if anything happens. Sayaka would listen to Quintus intently, living in a country town is so different from her time in the city, regardless, she watches the door open, shining, and decides to point Quintus to it If this is what I think it is, why don't we see it? Looks like it might be a chance to visit home again, even if just for a little while.
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"You're big,tanky and everyone hates you." "Everything you'd ever need to get picked to go first." "So I vote for Zane to go first." Eito's eyes change to a light green as he shrugs. Unapologetically in Zane's direction.
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Sigh...whatever fuck you guys (and with that, he walks in, and probably not coming back)
A ghostly brown gloved left hand comes from out of Jiyu's chest and grabs the vine after it slaps his face. "Fine, I'll stop. It's not because I don't want to get involved with two gods at once, but I was actually getting pretty bored." "Now then, I shall make my way to that group that you mentioned." The ghostly hand would let go of the vine just as Jiyu walks towards the group.
Aww. You think I can be a god? Thank you. *Rose smiles as she lowers herself to the group.* So, what are you guys doing here anyhow? Fucking with doors? Shiny, light holding doors... OK, what's up with that.
"This chick? A Goddess?" Motioning to Rose,The Note Man shrugs. "Nah,she's just a hippy."
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Quintus would look back to see the door open. He wasn’t sure what to make of the light and he wasn’t sure if he should really enter. “I think I get the memory part then...I guess, I should see for myself but...I’m not hopeful of this...” With his feelings out in the open Quintus would enter through the door way as well. Beyond the doorway would be what everyone might have expected. Any who entered would arrive in a countryside town set up next to a forest. Children would be running throughout the town as a warm and natural scent wafted through the air. Once arriving Quintus would look around with a deep longing in his eyes as if soaking up the moment as much as he could. “I-it really is home but...I didn’t think I could go back...”
Oh, wow, this is interesting.... Maybe they'll be demons in disguise?
Wait...why did i say that
Sayaka follows Quintus inside, waving to Jiyu and Rose as she goes by. Once she enters, the girl glances around the town, eyes following the kids as they run on their way. She smiles at Quintus.... But, rather than saying anything, her smile turns to a much more straight, serious face as she thinks about the situation
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Entering the door behind Quintus,Eito would look all around him in wonder. "This is fucking sweet..." Upon hearing Quintus say it was his home,he'd put a hand up to his chin. "Either you have some problems and this is gonna help you solve 'em,or this is a trap."
*Rose glances at the note god.* You're made of paper, dear, and I control trees. Even worse, we're in a forest. You may want to avoid annoying me before I scatter you to the winds. Regardless, this looks like a trap.
I was never good with kids, and y'all are gonna say "I wonder why"
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Jiyu would eventually make it to the group's location looking at everyone going through the wooden door. "A door? What are these guys even doing?" Jiyu shrugs and follows the group through the door, looking around at the scenery when he gets inside. "Woah, was that door like a portal to another world or something?"
"Try me bitch." The Note Man stares at Rose,unimpressed,despite not really having an expression. "You may control trees but I am a literal God." "Not just one of paper either." "As for the last part,you don't fucking say,huh?"
Sayaka's thnking is interrupted by the constant chatter from the others... She takes a deep breath, slowly building up, until finally shouting at Rose, Eito, Jiyu, and Zane CAN'T YOU GUYS JUST ACCEPT IT? If its a trap, its a trap, but for now, just let him enjoy it ok? We deal with enough crap constantly without having to look at everything expecting it to kill us. Maybe, just maybe, this one time its actually something good? Magic can be used to help people you know.
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Quintus would look around as he slowly steps forward. He would walk towards a nearby store and walk inside as if trying to confirm that everything is the same. The interior of the store would sell a variety of food that seemed to have been collected from the community. A variety of natural products would be on display. This was a store Quintus recognized as he knew the shopkeeper here would sometimes buy things he found in the woods as well though this was uncommon and only if he actually found something of use. However, rather than a happy reunion Quintus would simply wave to the unresponsive shop clerk. It was as though they could see him. “Hello? ... I should have expected something like this...”
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Sigh..fine, let em have his fun..
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Suddenly the world around everyone would fade and return them to the front of the door. A voice would ring out that would be familiar to Sayaka. “I apologize but this is far too cruel... I’m ending it early.” Running out of battery so I have to end that memory early. If you want to continue this thread then I believe I’ve shown enough of how it works but I must depart for now.
*Rose smirks as she follows* I like her. As for you being a god... *Rose bursts out laughing as she walks off*

"Well then..." Eito seems vaguely dissapointed,before shrugging it off,packing up his things and starting to walk off. "Well,it was fun,I guess,see y'all later."
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That's a shame, but oh well. Burn the forest down and I'll hunt you down and kill you. Wickerman style. Night all. *Rose walks into the nearest tree and vanishes.*
"You can laugh all you want but I ain't gonna be the one to inflate your ego." The Note Man snaps his fingers,a tree being ignited. "Hmm..." "Nah." He snaps his fingers again,the fire dissapearing and leaving only a charred surface on the tree. Soon enough,the notes making up his body separate and he dissapears alongside them.
*Sigh* "Another waste of my time... Well, see ya guys." Jiyu exits the forest with his hands in his pockets.
Ay, on the bright side, no fights?
Sayaka looks around as the voice rings out, the voice of that masked weirdo she remembers from last visit... Unfortunate that the memory had to end so soon.... But.... Maybe.... Sayaka approaches the door, uncaring whether or not anyone else is left around and, like Quintus before her, begins to reminisce Back home, man, its only been what, three weeks now? I had a wonderful childhood friend, he was about my age, average-height with grey hair and eyes. His name was Kyosuke, Kyosuke Kamijo. He was an excellent violinist, and always loved every chance he had to play. Of course, I always supported him, just being able to sit there, listening to him play..... It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.... But.... One day he had an accident, his arm was shattered and it.... Sayaka pauses before going any further... Probably not the best idea to say everything in front of a bunch of people who may or may not care. She takes a deep breath and keeps going as the door slowly inches open He was in the hospital for a few months, but... That day he recovered, the doctors let him go to the roof, with just them, his parents.... And me there.... Sayaka's eyes start tearing up, its been so long, hasn't it.... But.... Even if it doesn't last long.... At that moment, she didn't really care what else happened Listening to him play again, for the first time in months.... It was the happiest day of my life. So... However this works.... Can I see it again? As if answering her question, the same, memory door slowly creaks open, revealing a blinding, pure white light within. Without further hesitation, the young girl runs inside
Ah screw it I'll join (he runs into the door to with sayaka)
Sayaka and Zane enter the doorway, and, in a moment, they emerge through the door just inside a black iron fence surrounding the top of a hospital rooftop. Nearby, they see two rings of pink flowers, with a garden pathway between them. In the middle is a small, quaint fountain, giving the garden the shape of a target. Near the garden is a small gathering of seven people, three nurses, two doctors, a tall, gray-haired man wearing glasses to go with his black suit and tie, and finally, a shorter, brown-haired woman wearing a long, plain green skirt and a matching button up shirt. The nurse directly to the tall man's right is holding some kind of case, the whole group eagerly looks at the closed doors to an elevator across the rooftop. Looking through the fence, the group can see the city skyline in the distance across a river, the sun is setting, giving the whole scene a pleasant, orange glow. Sayaka smiles and, without bothering to wait, runs over near the group. Of course, none of them can seem to see her, but that's unimportant. With tears in her eyes, she stares at the elevator doors, waiting
(He also walks by the elevator doors) so...ya gonna meet this "Kyo" guy, huh?
*Rose approaches the other two from behind silently.* This is a nice place. Plenty of flowers. I like it.
Oh ayyyy, plant person
Sayaka puts her fingers to her lips in a shhhing motion as she looks back over to Zane Look, I never asked you to come... I just.... I wanted to see this again, ok? We should be coming out of the elevator any secon... As if on cue, the elevator doors open, revealing its occupants. In front is a young, gray-haired boy in a wheelchair. He's still wearing a patient's gown, and looks back at his companion curiously. His companion, wheeling him out onto the rooftop, is none other than Sayaka Miki herself. Like all the others, the two pay no heed to Sayaka or Zane's presence. Instead, the other Sayaka wheels the gray-haired boy forward, to the applause of the gathered crowd, including our very own Sayaka. The boy looks over to the small crowd by the garden, his eyes go wide and he lets out a small gasp in surprise while the other Sayaka simply smiles, apparently satisfied with herself as they approach the others. Having recovered from his surprise, the boy asks B:"What's going on?" The other Sayaka wheels the boy a short distance in front of the other, then steps around his wheelchair, to the boy's left, in order to face him, putting both arms behind her back OS:"We were going to have a party when you got out of the hospital, but we figured, since your hand's all better." The older man looks over to the nurse on his right, she's carrying some sort of small, black case, and hands it over to the tall man out front, who then begins walking over to the gray-haired boy
Quiet. I think she needs this memory in peace.
Oh...k then
our Sayaka looks over at Zane, eyebrow raised, all things considered. S: This seems really normal compared to what you're used to, doe.... Sayaka shuts up as the taller man steps towards the gray-haired boy, case in hand. The boy leans forward in his wheelchair, eyes wide in disbelief. His voice is quiet, almost a whisper when he asks B:"I.... Is that?" The taller gentleman smiles to the boy as he continues walking forward, he breathes a slight sigh and says TM:"I know you told me to get rid of it. But.... I just couldn't throw it away" The man stops a few feet in front of the boy and opens up the case to reveal a small, wooden violin, bow and all. After giving the boy a moment to lay eyes upon it, the older man's smile goes flat and he makes a simple request TM:"Take it son." The boy slowly recovers from his surprise, and nods to his father, giving a grunt of agreement he wheels himself over to his father, who bends down to bring the case closer to him. The boy slowly, gingerly extracts the violin from the case and, after staring at it for a few seconds, memory flooding back, he slowly lowers his head, just a little. By now his father has stepped back, closer to the rest of the group. With an approving smile he says F:"Go ahead, play something. You don't have to be afraid." The other Sayaka steps to the right of the boy's father, eyes focused on the gray-haired boy, and pust both arms behind her back in anticipation. Meanwhile, our Sayaka steps to the left of the boy's father, mirroring the memory her in position, but not impression. The young girl's eyes tear up, and she starts to sniffle, thinking back on how the rest of this went.. She briefly turns to nod at Rose, before our Sayaka focuses back on the gray-haired boy
Looking up at his father, the gray-haired boy pauses for a moment, before nodding, and with no more than an "ok", he begins setting the violin up, holding it between his chin and his shoulder as he gingerly places the bow across its strings. His hands start off shaking, uncertainty and lack of practice showing across the first notes, but in moments the boy picks up his playing, fingers dancing across the instrument almost as though they were born to do it. The memory Sayaka looks up towards the sky, almost as though searching for someone, while our own glances at the ground. They both close their eyes, listening to the boy play, wanting to let as little as possible break their focus. It only lasts a few minutes, but to them, it felt like an eternity before the boy lets off his playing. The boy breathes out a sigh as he lowers his instrument, to the applause of all present, the nurses, the doctors, both parents, and both Sayakas. The boy smiles and nods to his parents, satisfied with having been able to play again, after such a long time. Our Sayaka wipes a few tears from her eyes SM: I wish.... More than anything, to be able to hear it again, not just as a memory, not just.... Not just in a dream.... I... I don't have anything against you guys, or against this place but.... Finally, as though a dam had burst open, Sayaka Miki begins to cry. She does her best to wipe away the tears with her shirt, to little avail. Being here again, seeing it all flood back..... SM: More than anything, I just... I just want to go home.... With those words, the boy's parents step forwards, smiling, to congratulate him, and the memory fades away, being replaced by the forest's edge once more
Oh.....wow.....um..ya alright sayaka?

Of she's not, you idiot. Geez. Here. *Rose crouches down next to Sayaka* Hey. It'll be alright. You'll get back home soon, I'm sure of it. Do you want a hug or a shoulder to cry on or something?
Um...I'll just leave this to rose...
brb gonna eat dinner
Sayaka coughs a few times, tears flowing freely, the younger girl crouches down for a moment.... It was great to be able to see everything again, even if just for a moment, but still.... I.... I'll be fine.... I don't even know how I got here, let alone how to get back... But... *sniffle* I... The girl wipes a few tears from her eyes, slowly calming down. She's still sniffling as she slowly gets to her feet. I'm sorry... Y... You shouldn't need to comfort me. I... Well..... For every bit I suffer... Someone else gets to be happy... So.... Even if I never get to go home... Even if I never see him, or my parents.... Hitomi.... If I never see anyone of them again.... At least.... Sayaka's crying worsens again, in spite of her tough words, the pain is written across her face. Between pouts, she manages to finish At least I can take comfort.... Knowing that he's happier for it.... For now.... That's all that matters.

What sort of sick bastard would get happier with the pain of a poor girl like you? Well, regardless, I'm not a wordsmith. I'd love to tell you exactly what to say to calm you down but I can't. If you think someone's happy because you're in pain, I'd love to tell you that you're wrong for thinking he's worth something. But, I don't think that's what you want to hear right now. That boy means a lot to you, I can tell. So, instead, how about this. *A Black rose grows out of Rose's dress. She picks it and offers it to Sayaka* I'll just look out for you until your feeling better or until you can leave this place or as long as you want as a friend. That sound good to you?
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back wow....she does wayyyyyyyyyyy better then I would
Sayaka's eyes open wide... Did she say something wrong... It... Its definitely not like that at least... She takes a deep breath, and tries to calm herself down as she accepts Rose's, well, Rose. T... That's not it at all... Its just.... Its something my teacher, Mami told me. "For every bit of happiness you wish someone, someone else is cursed with equal misery." T... What that means is... In life, these sorts of things always balance out... it.... I think she wanted to warn me, that just by making someone happy, doesn't mean something good will happen... But... That works the other way around too, right? If... If someone's miserable, then someone else must be just as happy. Sayaka twirls the rose between her fingers, pricking herself on its thorns, though, she never seems to bleed from it. And.... That boy, Kyosuke.... Well, we've been friends since childhood. In fact, we practically grew up together, even though his family's kinda rich and mine's more... Middle class. So.... I guess you could say we're close...
Hm....that's cute....not in a bad way

*Rose sighs, turning to Zane* You aren't good at this at all. Your right about that. *She then turns back to Sayaka, letting her tone of voice soften* Is that so? Heh. Sorry, I misunderstood. I must have caused someone in the multiverse a lot of happiness then... Well, anyway, I take it you love Kyosoke then, right?
Sayaka's face turns a bright red as soon as Rose accuses her.... I.... In love with him? I.... I wouldn't say I love him or anything... It... Its just.... Y'know.... I... We're just good friends. I'm just... Well, I hope he's still fine of course..... I... Well.... I haven't been able to see much of anyone in... Gee.... Three weeks now isn't it? O... Of course I'd miss him... J.. Just a little. Sayaka looks at the rose between her fingers, wasn't giving flowers kinda a traditional expression or something? She's never been too interested in that stuff anyways... She looks at the rose again before smiling at Rose I... Well, you already saw all that, so, long as you don't mind, I think I'm cool with bein' friends..... You can call me Sayaka Miki, I'm not sure if we've met before, but its a pleasure to see ya now Sayaka holds the rose in her left hand and extends her right towards Rose for a handshake

*Rose smiles at Sayaka's flustered behaviour before shaking her hand.* I'm Rose. I have a laundry list of titles, but for now, I'll just call myself a guardian of Nature and leave it at that. It's nice to meet you, Sayaka.
Sigh....who else wants to try this memory door?
Sayaka takes a deep breath and calms herself, face soon losing that red glow, she waves to Rose and Zane and begins to walk off It was wonderful to meet you Rose, sorry to say its gettin' kinda late.... Sayaka turns back, looking directly at Rose, she scratches the back of her head with her left hand, smiling at the other girl before saying Oh, and I'd like it if you didn't... Talk about this with anyone. Its all.... A little embarassing... Is that alright?
Well, see ya then mate

No problem. See you, Sayaka. *Rose waves after her. She then turns to Zane* No. I'm good for now. Don't burn the forest or I'll show you my Wickerman style execution. See you around, Giant dude. *Rose then, once again, walks into a tree and vanishes.*
Sayaka smiles at Rose as she walks off, before running into the night herself. It is getting rather late, but there's no school tomorrow at least. In fact, all she needs to get ready for is the New Year
Well...everyone's gone, so that means I should to (and with that, we walks away, remembering this so he can do it later)
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