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GYM: Out With a Bang!
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Kalib finally gets back to his business after running around all day. The goal of his errand was to deliver invitations and put up posters for an event he was planning later that very same evening. Exhausted, he collapses in a chair near the entrance. "Why... is the Nexus.. so damn expansive? Fweh..." With his breathing finally returning to normal, he looks around the building with a smile. "It hasn't even been a full year, but I have so many memories thanks to this place. For good or bad. And I've made so many friends while running GYM, so even though it hurt at times, I know I have people who have my back through thick and thin." Fragmented memories begin to come together as the man's eyes start to well up with tears. In surprise he brings up a hand to his face and wipes away the tears. He frowns slightly but shakes it off as he finishes wiping away the tears and stands. "Heh. Enough of that! I can't run this show without a happy face!" A quick slap to the sides of his face and his smiles again, cheeks red. He heads out into the large arena behind the building. Light flurries dusting the ground with powder as the sun begins to set. Kalib sets off to clear off some bleachers for the show to come. Everyone would have received an invitation at their home address, but if they were out on the streets, Kalib made sure to cover the Nexus in advertisements. All of which read: "Come one, come all to the year end extravaganza at GYM! Instead of testing your might in the ring or training with our equipment, we offer you the chance to come display your abilities in a grand fire works display! And for those without the means to participate, we have sparklers and firecrackers for you to enjoy on top of the performances! Let's end this year with a bang!"
*Hunter marches in happy as ever* Heeeeey mah boi Kalib!
Eito walks in from outside,wearing a party hat. "Hey Boss,you ready for the Big Bang?"
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"And done!" Finishing his sweeping he turns to greet the men. "Hunter! Happy New Year! And you bet I'm ready Eito! This ain't my first rodeo either, so I need to pull out all the stops." He laughs softly. "First time I did something like this, I was still a fledgling persona user. I ended up almost passing out from exertion."
The young man known as Quintus would enter the GYM with a passive expression. He wasn't exactly the type to get easily excited over something but that didn't mean he would pass a celebration up. Even in his short time in the Nexus he felt as though he had entered this place on a multitude of occasions. A strange thing considering back in his ordinary life he wouldn't have even taken a single step into a GYM. Regardless he was here once again for this glorious occasion. "It's almost kind of weird that I'll be spending the New Year in this world but I guess that's something I should get used to."
(The 7'3 man walks in, trying to avoid kalib) mumbles: from alllll the people that had ta come right now....he had to
Jiyu strolls in the GYM with his blue heavy jacket tied around his waist. "I saw that advertisement on my way home, and I decided to participate in that fireworks thing."
*he begins to talk sarcastically but his skins shifts to normal to a worrying pale purple* Let's hope the swat isn't here to RUIN the day! And also I made fireworks.
Quintus would look at Zane with a very confused expression. He almost seemed annoyed before blurting out the cold, hard facts. "He literally owns this place!"
Withing Reperzel's head,The Note Man speaks. "Of course he came,he fucking works and lives here!" "What kind of imbecile are you?"
On god fireworks... I remember when I was like nine...I used to shoot these little colored smoke bombs everywhere and annoying everyone I knew...good times
Also paper man, I didn't k now....soooo
Emerson rips a flier off a nearby wall, noticing it as he takes a leisurely stroll through town. Reading it over, he sighs before stuffing it into his pocket and heading his way over to GYM. He quietly opens the door, walking in and taking a seat at the counter, then turning his chair toward Kalib and giving a two-fingered salute. Yo, what's happenin'?

Sighing at Reperzel's appearance,Eito decides not to comment on his complaint about Kalib. "Hey Rep..." He scratches the back of his head. "Look,this may sound needlessly aggresive but if you try anything,ANYTHING,I will not hesitate to shoot you."
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Fireworks, hmm? This doesn't sound like something you'd use a gym for. Oh well, I suppose I can set up shop here for now.
Sigh...look I'll try my best..k?, ok.
"I'm pretty sure you would have figured it out when he came down the stairs and Eito called him Sensei last time." *Sigh* "Anyway,don't do any stupid shit this time,okay?"
Paper man, its alright, as long as I don't talk to him, I'll be fine
Nana walks in the door, looking around Huh... this place wasn't here when I was little.... But it looks like fun! After eyeing all the people, she notices Klib Hey! It's the nice guy! She runs up to him with a broad grin Heyo! Mister Nice Guy! Remember me? The little one who gave chocolate to everyone?
Jiyu mumbles, "What a dumbass..." to himself while walking over to a wall and leaning on it. "So, now what?"
I know a place that sell firecrackers... That go boom...and they may be illegal

"Then why are you telling us about it?" Eito sighs once again and walks into a back room. Fumbling can be heard from inside.
Maybe cuz...just think of the things we can do with them
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Kalib returns Em's salute with a wave and a smile. "We're gonna blow stuff up! Sounds fun, no?" Kalib turns to Nana with a hand on his chin. "Hmmm....who are you again?" He winks at her before ruffling her hair. "Of course I know who you are Nana. Welcome! And do have fun!" He then turns to face the majority of the group and claps his hands together. "Now then! Shall we get this underway? Who'd like to start?"
Quintus would take a look at his own hand before remembering the details of the event that was advertised. “I guess I’ll just be watching. I don’t think my persona has any use in an event like this. All I can do is summon roots, branches, and fruit. Doubt that has any use in fireworks. Oh, I guess I also have some wind magic but I can barely control that. Last time I used it I nearly knocked myself over doing it.”
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Just god hope 2018 ain't as bad as 2016! Ba dum crash....that was a joke btw

"You don't say." Eito returns from a back room with a box full of party hats. "Who wants a hat?"
Upon hearing Klib, Jiyu raises his right hand high "I'll go first, just because I just want to get this over with."
*a very familiar gundam enters in holding a bag of drinks* Greetings Everyone. I have drinks to celebrate the end of the year of 2017.
Em lets out a short burst of quiet laughter, before raising an eyebrow at Kalib. Is that really the way you're going phrase it? Don't tempt me to cave that arena in on purpose for once. I doubt that's something you'd want to deal with for the new year, eh? Anyways, I'll take my time, I suppose. Emerson leans back onto the counter and lifts up his hand, a ball of light now spinning on the palm of his hand, with a smaller ball of flames spinning beneath.
(Thanks to his freakishly long hands he grabs one of the hat and puts it on) ......yay
She's slightly embarrassed by the headpat Ehehe~ Oh, yeah! Fireworks! Umm..... I'm not sure if I can do them myself.... I only have one flashy spell.... And it takes too long to charge.... But I could probably help someone else!
The strange girl looks at the freakishly tall man... You reek of bad decisions and bad endings...
A large shadow passes over the entrance of GYM as Delta descends from Beelzebub. The Persona vanishes soon after as he enters GYM. Hanging back he simply observes those that have already arrived before doing anything else. It's been a while since I've been here. Looks like I made it just in time too. I'll see if any of these young pups can put on a good show before showing them how it's done. With a soft chuckle, Delta would wait and see what the start would be like while making his way over to the group.
Ay, women, shhhhh, don't talk about it
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Kalib beams at Jiyu and steps away from the center of the arena and allows her center stage. "All yours! Give it your all!"
Emerson gives Delta a wave and a smile, dissipating the manipulated magic as well. Yo, Delta! Been a while, eh? How's it been going? Here to watch the show?

"Wow,you guys have managed to make a New Year's party with magic fireworks boring." Eito shrugs and sits down.
*he gives Kalib the bag* Happy New Year my friend.
Wait...I have a idea (he runs out and the door, and suddenly he kicks the door open, and with bags and bags of beer and voldka) LETS GET WASTED!!!!
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She would just deadpan stare at reperzel... Like I said, bad decisions. She'd then look in the direction of Kalib, since he was the one giving orders.

"No thanks,i'm a sad drunk." Eito looks at Rep in the way a parent might look at the child that dissapointed them.
Been a while it has, Em. I've been doing well, mostly training in various locales. I'm here to see what you all have to show before taking the spotlight for myself. We should all see what this one (Jiyu) has in store, no?
*the gundam scans at Reperzel* Blood alcohol level is zero point twenty four.
The Note Man speaks in Reperzel's head once again. "First of all,you bought it with yen." "Second of all,why did you buy over 20000 yen worth of alcohol for a New Year's party?"
Jiyu gets off of the wall and casually walks to the center of the GYM with his hands in his pockets. *Sigh* "You guys might want to stay away from me, because things are about to get hot... PERSONA!!" Jiyu's horse riding persona, Washington, manifests behind him with his orange glowing sword raised in the air. Just then, an orange beam would come out of the sword and shoot at the ground four times in a line making flames raise up in the shape of the numbers 2, 0, 1, and 8. The flaming numbers would then explode, causing black ashes to rain down from the roof. "How was that?"
PAPER MAN, I DID IT CUZ I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE, OH WELL, TIME TO START (and with that, he open the first of many beer bottles, and drinks it down, and he keeps on doing it)

Eito ignores Reperzel's obvious bad life decisions and focuses on Jiyu's display. He claps softly. "Nice." "Alright,who's next?" Eito puts another party hat over the one he was already wearing.
(Well, he's only drank 10 and he's already slightly drunk, just think if he drank alll of it) WOOOOOOOO...IM A GOOD MOOD....
Nana claps for Jiyu, then stands up I think I can do something after all!
*he look at Eito* Further prediction he will achieve a blood alcohol level of one point five.
Izumi watches the display, applauding at its conclusion. Mostly ignoring the now drunken giant. Impressive, such a high level of control to make that.
Quintus would take a moment to form his thoughts on Joyu’s performance. Finally he would state his thought in a quiet tone. “Wouldn’t 2017 have made more sense? Its not 2018 yet...”
(The poor fuckers already at 30, and now he's wobbling around) WOOOO, 18 TIME...GOOREAT TIME
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"Eito looks at Verde and shrugs before sighing. "Bet you 1000 yen he'll have over 2.0 before the third firework."
(How the hell, he's already at 40) OHHHHHH, ME...FUCK.....BEER...18...OHH
*he gives Eito 10k yen* He achieved a blood alcohol level of forty. His liver is probably dead at this point.

Eito hands Verde 9000 yen back. "Bet was only a thousand pal." "As for his liver..." "All i'm gonna say is that whatever happens to him,we win."
Indeed. *he turns to Kalib and waves* Hello there. Have you seen A.S.S.W unit Aigis?
The Note Man,clearly irritated,speaks out loud this time. "Just when I thought you couldn't dissapoint me more..." Notes come from out of nowhere to form his body. He smacks a beer out of Reperzel's hands and dissapears. "Stop."
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Jiyu and Washington would then bow right before his persona would fade away. "Thanks everyone!" As he stands up straight, he turns to Quintus and shrugs. "I figured that if we were going to do this for the New Year, then I'd might as well make the number of the year we're going into."
Quintus would take a deep breath before looking at the stage. “I think I thought of something...not sure if it’ll workout the way I want it to though. Is anyone else going next? Or is the stage open?”

"Rep." "I have a knife." "Stop."
Upon watching Jiyu's display Delta would clap with everyone else, but wish for something more. Quintus being willing to give it a go brings a smile to his face. By all means Quintus, show us what you can do. I believe you'll even surprise yourself.

"Yes." "I am going to cut your testicles apart and shove each one up a different nostril." Eito looks completely tired of Reperzel's shit.
Jiyu would then walk over to Rep and Eito with his hands in his pockets "What's this about cutting Rep's balls off?"

"Either shut the fuck up,spontaneously become sober or get the fuck out." Eito has discarded his glasses as his eyes turn crimson. "Nobody here wants to deal with you and each and every one of us could throw you out." "So fucking stop." Eito then turns to face Jiyu. "You think he's bad when he's normal?" "Try him when he's drunk." "At this point,i'm hoping his poor liver is put out of it's misery so we can finally have some peace."
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ADND FU-(and suddenly he falls down, face flat, knocked cuz I think we all know)....

Eito sighs in satisfaction. "Finally." He pulls out one of his knives and stares at it... "Not today..." "One day,but not today..." He puts the knife back.
On her way back home after delivering packages around the city, Sayaka Miki can't help but notice all the fliers. Its been quite a while since she's seen fireworks, so, although there's little she can do to make any herself, she finds her way to the somewhat familiar GYM and peeks her head in the door, smiling and waving at those inside Hey, I heard you guys were having a bit of a New Years party, and figured I might wanna stop by. i hope ya don't mind. Sayaka looks over to the corner with Zane and sighs, shaking her head as she makes her way past the boys to the show Think you could ever calm down a little? Here I thought you were turning over a new leaf.
Jiyu just blankly stares at Rep on the ground. "Is he drunk or something?"
(Suddenly. A note not by e note comes from his pocket and says: FUCK YOU. I DID SURGERY TO HAVE TWO LIVERS BEFORE I GOT DRUNK, SO SUCK IT, I AINT GONNA DIE TODAY)
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"He is." "Massively." "I'm surprised his liver survived this far." Seeing the note,Eito snorts. "Well shit." "Didn't expect that."
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Ah, Miki-chan. Good to see a face that isn't.... them.
“Alright...uh, I’ll just ignore the fighting and drunks then...” Without another word Quintus would step up onto the stage. “Um, okay...no problem. Yggdrasil Prime! Time for us to take another step forward!” With Quintus’ command Yggdrasil would spout out of the ground behind him with its ash colored branches and golden leaves. However, this time the branches would grow off to the side and in a bundle. They would for a cage of sorts above Quintus where a bundle of leaves and fruit would form. The fruit would fall from the branch cage’s interior and fill it as much as it could. “Alright...now the hard part. Yggdrasil Prime! Let your leaves flow!” The branches would grow a few particularly glimmering leaves that would drop toward Quintus a moment later. Around only four would be floating as Quintus looked toward them nervously. With a swift motion he’d attempt to launch the leaves at the bundle of fruit. Three of them would begin perfectly going where he wanted. He would smile knowing this would be enough to pull of his trick but then he accidentally touched the final lead the wrong way and his once confidant smile became a nervous one as his eyes widened. The three leaves would be wrapped in wind as they traveled upwards towards the bundle. Upon making impact there would be a flash of golden light before slices of golden healing fruit would fly outwards in every direction. The last leaf however would head direactly for Quintus’ head as the force of the wind infused leave would cause him to fall to the ground face first. The trick has worked as intended but a minor slip up had caused his own attack to hit him as well. “That was...better...ow...”
In Reperzel's drunk,passed out state,he can hear The Note Man. "Now you're stealing my ideas too,you little shit?" "I taught you too well."
Sayaka chuckles and looks back over to the area where Zane and the others are fighting Nice to see ya too Izumi, I'm also happy to not be Zane. Poor guy can barely contain himself With that, Sayaka looks over to watch Quintus's performance. She jumps up to catch one piece of Yggdrasil's fruit, and begins eating it, only to spit it out laughing at Quintus's fall Don't worry about it Quin... I'm sure.. Haha... Sure it happens to everyone. And hey, at least there's plenty of fruit around for that bump on your head.

Upon Quintus' trick,Eito claps once again. "Real nice,pal!" "You need any help?" Eito starts laughing at Quintus' misfortune only to get hit in the head by a piece of fruit. "I deserved that."
(edited by Eito)
Hahaha, a brilliant attempt Qunitus. It was quite the display. Going over to help him stand up, Delta would look at those left and ask; Any other takers at this fireworks show, or shall I take charge and show you all how it's done.
Jiyu would clap as well at Quintus's trick. "You made a small mistake, but good job!"
With Delta’s help Quintus would leave the stage rubbing his head. “That was better then when I used it in a fight at least. Most of the leaves actually went in the direction I wanted them to go in. I don’t quit get how they move yet though...”
I'll try it! Nana stands as she claps, then raises her hand
Jiyu silently watches Nana do her trick. "..."
It just takes practice to fully understand everything you can do. Don't be afraid to experiment often. I'll help you learn control in time. Escorting Quintus off the stage he smiles at Nana and responds to her. By all means, give it your best shot.

Eito,not really paying much attention,looks over to Nana. "Good luck."
Nana trots up to the stage, then sets up a massive magic circle behind the stage There we go.... She'd then turn around and bow to the crowd Hello! My name is 7. Pronounced Nana. I don't really have much, but I think I can do this! She turns back to the circle and activites it, turning the field to ice And now... We begin! As she speaks, she raises her hand to another magic circle in the sky, which immediately begins raining down a Barrage of light shots onto the frozen surface. When the beams hit the floor, chunks of ice crystal fly up into the air, and a second set of light beams target those. As the light hits the the crystals, beams of color shine throughout the room, coating the building in a rainbow sheen before a single lightning bolt strikes the field, shattering the frozen floor and showering the audience in soft white snow Tadaa! Nana would bow, then stumble off the stage, clearly exhausted

Eito would clap,as always. He'd then get up and walk into another room. "Unfortunately,I have business to attend to,so I can't stay any longer. Before leaving,he would motion go Reperzel. "If he wakes up then kick him in the head so he stays down."
Zzzz...fuck you....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Sayaka watches the light show with anticipation, "ooh"ing and "aah"ing as the room is filled with a prismatic glow. The girl leans back, kicking her feet into the air beneath her and, while these shows are impressive.... Come to think of it, weren't there supposed to be fireworks? This is pretty and all, but I was kinda expecting something more.... In the sky!! Sayaka spreads her arms towards the roof, before overhearing Eito and waving to him With pleasure, don't you worry about it Eito, Sayaka Miki's on the case.
Homura wanders into the GYM, looking around curiously at the rather large group... And the small girl who's just gotten done tossing around magic, isn't this place for training?[ She looks around before deciding that Delta seems most likely to know what's going on, or hopefully based on his position in the room. "Um, what's going on around here right now? Seems a bit different from normal... I'm guessing this isn't the time for training? Kinda just ran over here without thinking honestly." She'd then walk up to the bar, simply taking a seat and absently toying with her hair while looking around. Oh, Sayaka's here too, Quin as well... Huh, quite the gathering isn't it?
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She blushes at Sayaka's comment Ehehe~ I don't really have any "in the sky" spells. Most of them just affect the field. That's the only thing I could think of.

They may not be fireworks, but they are beautiful displays of magic. Izumi applauds loudly at Nana's performance. I don't know how you get Nana out of 7, but I'll take it with a performance like that. A sudden tenseness enters the air of the building upon Homura's arrival, Izumi turning toward the door. Ah, a feeling of great power.
(edited by Izumi)
Zzzz...I like sleep......,zzzzzz
Delta would smile at the display and give Nana her deserved applause. The light show was a bit unexpected, but not unwelcome. Wonderful. That was an excellent display. I believe that now is the time I take to the stage. One fireworks show coming up. I hope you're all prepared to be amazed. I've been practicing since the last time I did this. Taking to the stage, he would bow before realizing that being inside wouldn't make for the best environment. Follow me to the outside training area. There's enough space out there for me to light up the night. With that, he would make his way outside and summon Beelzebub. Jumping onto the Lord of the Flies he would wait for most to come outside before starting.
Homura turns toward Izumi and tilts her head in confusion, great power? She's nothing that great, better than some people sure... But not very special, unless you're asking Madoka or something. "Great power? Um, I wouldn't say that about myself really. I've got some neat tricks, but I'm just Homura Akemi and it's nice to meet you!" She'd smile and wave at Izumi before standing up, she follows Delta outside and stares up at the... Giant fly, is that thing a Persona? Geez, Homulilly doesn't seem so bad right now. Either way, she watches the man with an excited grin on her face, that Persona feels... Strong, much stronger than hers. He's probably got something cool planned!
Ooc: Sorry, I was too busy eating and listening to high quality video game rips. Jiyu claps his hands just as he brushes the snow off of his shoulders "That was awesome!" He then goes outside to watch Delta do his thing, but stares at the thing he summoned "This should be interesting."
(edited by Jiyu-Hatanaka)
Nana heads outside for the show, blushing from the applause, but practically skipping in excitement Nana is 7 in the Japanese language.

Your type of power is easy to tell. You distort time just by existing. But your fate is still the same.... She starts walking outside as well. My, is that a Persona? It seems rather... dark....
Senri walks into the GYM in her uniform. Too lazy to change after school. Things were blowing up already, so a good start. Senri claps. Well, I know that wasn't for me, but that's a hella cool way to enter! She heads towards the bar, strategically taking a seat next to Homura and tapping her shoulder. Oi, Homura-chan! Miki and friends and Spider-kun too? isn't it early for the new years party?
Sayaka quickly turns back to Izumi as she begins walking outside to the training area I wasn't sayin' I disliked it, just wasn't exactly what I expe.... Sayaka can't help but follow Izumi's eyes all the way over to Homura... "Great Power"? Izumi's usually sayin' some weird stuff, so its probably nothin' to worry about I take it you're here for the fireworks too Homura Akemi? Looks like you're just in time, that guy over there was about to get us sta.... As the girl looks over to Delta, she notices Beelzebub around him, some kinda weird fly demon? She takes a deep breath, obviously its nothing too weird here, but she still feels the need to ask What the heck is that thing? Some kinda pet of yours or somethin'?
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ZZZZ-HUH?!?, WHAT DID I MISS!! (he jumps up)
Homura smirks at the woman, her fate is still the same? Hasn't been for quite a while actually. In contrast to her cheerful introduction, Homura now sounds serious as she looks in the woman's eyes. "So very wrong, heh. My fate hasn't been the same since I got here lady, as for distorting time... Haven't done much of that either, life will change, eventually. Anyway, been nice meeting you, but I see one of my friends." She'd turn toward Senri and grin happily, geez she doesn't see that girl nearly enough! By this point, her voice is back to it's usual high and cheerful tone as she runs toward the older girl and gives her a hug for a moment. "Geez Senri-chan seems like I don't see you nearly often enough! And I dunno if it's for that or something else, but who's to complain about seeing cool explosions!?" Finally she turns toward Sayaka with a shrug, still sounding fairly friendly, but not near as much as she did when speaking to Senri. "Honestly I just happened to be coming out to train, hadn't heard anything about this going on till now... Was it being advertised or something."
Ayyyyyyyyyyy I'm not drunk
Quintis would remain quiet as he followed. It seemed he was still trying to recover from hitting himself in the head with wind magic. He would find a good place to watch the display Delta was surely going to present one outside.
Glancing down at Sayaka, Delta gives her an answer. This, is a Persona. One of four that I have access to. Don't worry, it's not anything to be afraid of. Once those interested had gathered outside, Beelzebub would take to the sky without warning and take Delta high into the sky. With a simple wave of his staff, the Persona summoned a myriad of dark spheres of energy. Ramses, lend me your strength for this! Delta's hand would begin to glow red as in the center of each orb of darkness a small flame flickered to light. Beelzebub would direct one of the orbs downward as Delta suddenly increased the output of the flame contain within. The result of this clashing of energies caused the sphere to explode in a shower of red light, the embers mimicking normal fireworks wonderfully. With the test our of the way the rest of the orbs would be directed downward and manipulated to form various shapes in the sky. Stars, candles, a few music notes and more would light up the sky in brief intervals before fading and being replaced with the next one. When the last orb exploded Delta would jump off of Beelzebub and start falling to the ground, before being caught by a giant Snow Zord that materialized as Beelzebub disappears. The show's only just beginning, so I hope they're ready for the second round!
Senri giggles and hugs Homura-chan back before, patting her head playfully. Woah there sister, I think our waifus would be mad if they saw us like this~ unless you're down for a quadruple date. She smiles as she teases the younger girl, watching the battle play out. Well whatever's happening, any time a good time to blow shit up! maybe I should get into making homemade grenades. I'm probably on a terrorist watch list already so why not?
Sayaka raises an eyebrow and takes the invite she received out of her schoolbag. Kinda odd considering she's never even met the owner, and shows it to Homura. Her manner is cheerful and eager, if nothing else it seems she making an effort to be friendly I kinda assumed he sent these all over town. Plus I saw a TON of posters while I was heading around today, how on Earth did ya miss it? Second thought, I don't wanna know speaking of the fireworks show, it seems Delta has begun. After hearing his response to her question. Persona? She's heard the term a few times, but it doesn't really mean much. Instead she watches Delta's show, eyes going wide with childlike wonder as he manages to shape his blasts perfectly. Times like this make this "Nexus" place feel a little more like home, if only for the moment. She applauds at Delta's pause and cheers! Well then come on, We're all waiting. I wanna see a show unlike anything I've ever seen before, heck, try to make it the best one ever!!! Sayaka pumps her fist in the air and continues to cheer on this helpful stranger.... Come to think of it, didn't she see him in that cathedral yesterday? No matter, he's much cooler now

So unfortunate, she isn't open to these things like Miki-chan is. Her ruminations are interrupted by a dazzling fireworks display, oohing and ahhing with her mouth slightly agape. Oh my, the "fireworks" here keep getting better it seems.
Sorry, I was eating (he walks where everyone is) ayyyyy
Oooh! So pretty! Kotori saw the first bit of the show and came running, waving to Sayaka and Homura before glomping Senri Hi guys!
*Nero and Kairi enter the GYM* Well, this place seems lively. So good to see human nature in it's purest and most interesting form: Joy. I shall have to study it. *Nero sits down and pulls out a notebook. Kairi sitting next to him*
Homura giggles and blushes a bit, geez it's not that big a deal, is it? "I'm sure they'd understand! I'm just being friendly Senri-chan, besides, if you were around more often I wouldn't get so excited... So if Madoka asks, I'm totally blaming you!" She smirks at Senri for a moment, looking entirely too smug to actually be smug... Until she hears the older girl talking about making explosives, at which point a more normal smile appears on Homura's face. "Um, if you'd like I can teach you about that actually. I know how to build some simple bombs myself. I'm always happy to help!" She then turns back to Sayaka for a moment, how'd she miss it... Well, running along rooftops and hunting Witches doesn't exactly lead to knowing what's going on in the city. Regardless, Sayaka's at least trying to be nice so she'll do the same. "Oh you know, just got busy with things and all! Anyway, I guess I am here for this now so that's a thing." Finally she looks up at Delta as his little show starts... He cast its magic without even summoning it, and geez some magic that is too. Could Homulilly get that impressive eventually? Seeing someone do so much with a Persona, makes her wonder about her own really.
Oh, wait, I forgot I had something (out of his other pocket, he pulls out these little smoke bombs, he lights them up with his lighter, and throws them, and multi colerd smoke fly's everywhere)
With a command from Delta, the newly summoned Persona would increase the propulsion in it's snow thrusters and rise higher in the sky to reach an optimal height. In one quick motion, Snowxodia would clap its hands and dozens of large ice molds would surround Persona and user. Standing tall atop his Persona's head, Delta raises his hand to the sky and down come bolts of lightning from the sky. Each bolt strikes one of the ice shapes in the sky and they explode into large groups of tiny ice shards. The electricity would arc along each bundle of shards in such a way that it would fill the sky with yellows and blues as the ice would melt into harmless flakes of snow dust to sprinkle the audience. Each ice mold would explode and form a more complex shape than the dark orbs with the aid of the lightning. From different types of animals, to various weapons and even the owner of the GYM himself. There's only one way I should end this. I suppose I should let the year end with a bang.
You're pretty energetic today, Homura-chan. Did something good happen? regardless, I accept full responsibility for my actions, so blame me all you want. Not like I'm totally opposed. Senri winks at Homura. You make bombs? I'm surprised, you didn't seem the type. I could probably use some if you show me your tricks though! for uhh, treasure hunting, of course. Senri chuckles and pets Kotori as she's pounced, holding the girl like a plushie. Hey Kotori-chan! tasted any exotic drinks lately? hope you share with me.
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Quintus would stare eyes wide at this result. He had never seen magic used with such precision. Most feet’s of magic had seemed to be more or less giant waves of energy but the way the electricity ran through the ice and the sheer mastery of the art amazed him. “Is this what it looks like when a master performs? I’ve never seen anything like this...”
(Then, he pulls out his banjo and plays it beautifully)

Such mastery of magic, this man is clearly a master. She watches the display with awe, though near the end her gaze drifts onto one Kotori. Hmm, another newcomer. And one with a critical junction nearing.
Hmm... Something good huh? Well, not dying horribly is always a good thing really, so if anything that Witch hunt kinda has put her in a good mood! "Just things going as planned for once really, you'd be shocked at how happy not dying can make someone at times!" She'd start to go into more detail about her weapons, before seeing the vast display of... How much magic is that? She'd pass out from it to be sure, what the heck is this guy? Regardless, the various shapes the molds form are beyond impressive. Could do the same with darkness perhaps, but not now. Still, it's interesting seeing someone do something outside the usual for a change. Homura claps for a moment before turning back to Senri... Where was she? Right, bombs. "Wow, that was something else, huh Senri-chan? I didn't even know you could do stuff like this! And as for bombs, well my magic's not so great for doing damage, so uh back when I started out I needed them to finish the job. I've got a Persona now, but I became accustomed to using weapons so, just kinda kept with it really."
*As Nero is jotting down notes, the little girl next to him tugs his jacket* What is it, Kairi? Kairi: I'm hungry. *Nero sighs and shakes his head.* You are annoying, you know that.
Snowxodia would throw Delta higher into the air before vanishing from sight. Delta would summon Ramses, to catch him at the height of his ascent. Together, they would point towards the empty space in front of them and lightning would leave their hands to form the words
Delta and Ramses would continue falling to the ground. With a loud thud and fierce impact, the Pharaoh would land, taking the brunt of the fall for Delta as he jumped down from a much safer height. Phew. That was a bit of work.
Nupe, I'm staying away from strange drinks.... But I did make some new stuff with my plants! Wanna see? She continues to hang on the older girl as she claps for the show
(edited by Kotori_K)
I believe you're asking for a miracle with that request. But, there's always hope. Let's play it by ear. *Nero hands Kairi a biscuit*
Yeah, it's impressive. I need to keep getting stronger too, so I can make this a better world... Sounds swell, Homura-chan! I mean, I can make lockpicks at home. Morgana taught me... But if you can show me what goes in a bomb that would be fucking cool. I'd love to see what you came up with with those plants too, Kotori-chan. Never enough knowledge and wisdom to go around after all~ Senri smiles and claps at the performance. It's an impressive display. ...However, she glares over at the one called Nero for some reason. There was a coldness in her eyes, a farcry from her usual attitude. She hated that person... Oh how she wanted to kill him... But she knew it would be useless...
Jiyu loudly applauds for Delta's preformance. "Woo! That was amazing!"
Ok! Here ya go! Kotori pops a red pill in Senri's hand
Emerson gives a round of applause for Delta's performance. Bravo, bravo! Nice work, Delta! Man, I hope I can get as good as you with magic manipulation some day... Not that I'd be able to put it to good use, heh!
*Nero applauds, chuckling slightly. Kairi tugs his jacket again* Hmm? Kairi: That lady's looking at you. Oh? Is she now? *Nero looks over to Senri and waves at her with a warm smile.*
He keeps on playing his banjo)
Delta would take a bow, Ramses following suite before disappearing. I'm glad you all enjoyed the show. I eagerly await the next time I can produce a feast for your eyes. With that, a blue and purple mask appears on his face as a wall of darkness obscures him from view. When it dissipates, he's gone. Taking a look at the sky would reveal him flying away on Beelzebub. Not much for conversation at this time it seems
Senri turns away from Nero as he looks back, avoiding his gaze. Turning back to Kotori, she puts the red pill in her mouth and swallows it without hesitation. So, what happens when it kicks in?
Homura shrugs dismissively, it's not like she's all that impressive, just mix some chemicals in the right container and set up a trigger? Easy really. Despite that, she blushes at Senri's praise and rubs the back of her head. "Well I wouldn't call it very impressive Senri-chan, I'd be happy to show you what I know! It's actually quite simple when you get down to it, just have to be careful with how much you mix in an-" Upon seeing the girl look to Nero she'd cut herself off... What the hell did he do? That's the kinda face most people would only give their worst enemies really. She'd lean up and whisper into Senri's ear. "Hey, what's the deal with that guy over there? It's uh kinda clear you've got something against him... What did he do?"
Quintus would walk toward Nero not knowing anything about his nature. He would look at the girl with him before a golden aura would form around his hand. A small branch would form out of the ground with a single golden fruit on the end. "She said she was hungry, right? She can have this if that's okay."
Sigh....now I'm bored

Hmm... it seems he's decided to turn in for the night. Well, I suppose if this is meant to be some sort of New Year's festival, I can always provide some extra value. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a deck of cards, idly shuffling them as she looks for a somewhat less crowded part of the GYM.
I dunno! I just know it doesn't hurt you, which means it does something that doesn't work for me! OOC: the red pill increases strength for 3 turns, then decreases it for 3
*Kairi looks from Quintus to Nero. Nero simply nods and Kairi takes the fruit* Thank the nice man, Kairi Kairi: T-thank you.
Jiyu slowly walks back into the GYM, and goes over to a stool at the bar to take a seat *Sigh* "I'm fucking bored..."
Welp, I'm out. That was fun, though. Toodles, GYM folk! Em gives a parting wave and walks out of GYM.
Quintus would simply smile back at the girl before walking back to a nearby bench. "No problem. I'm always happy to help." This wasn't exactly true but helping a child was always something he tried to make an effort to do. Not to mention he still felt a little guilty for almost leaving Kotori to die back when he thought this world was some kind of dream.
Yeah, I'm bored to...ugh
Jiyu reaches inside his pocket and pulls out a small Bluetooth speaker. "Music requests anyone?"
(edited by Jiyu-Hatanaka)
I know, how bout: the devil went down to goergia
Uhh..... How about something jazzy?
Or: RUDE eternal yougth
Huh, for some reason I feel stronger. Not the high I was expecting though... Maybe this would be useful for when on a mission. Bring more next time, eh Kotori-chan? I'll pay you. She nods to Kotori. She then glances at Nero as Homura inquires. That guys a piece of shit mad scientist or something. He creates androids, basically; or "tools" as he calls them. They have wills, they can think for themselves, but this fucker controls them and then kills them as soon as they gain any self awareness. He treats that little girl like shit... I can't stand seeing it... We've tried killing him. He just comes back. According to one of his creations, there's a "core". But... I can't find it yet. Senri pulls out a bolt and puts it on the counter in front of herself and Homura. This was from the Kairi I tried to save... He killed her... The Kairi over there is a new copy. If you try to save her, that fucker will just blow her up... I love science, but that guy uses it in all the wrong ways... I wish I could stop him. Ugh, I need a drink. She sighs, clearly discouraged. She glances at Jiyu. Umm... Do you have Nutshell by Alice In Chains?
(edited by Senri_Suzuko)
That makes.... sense..... Zzzzzzzz Kotori falls asleep on Senri
"I'll take Kotori's request first, and then I'll do everyone else's. Now let's see..." Jiyu looks for Jazzy songs on his phone and eventually finds one and clicks on it, making the music start playing from his speaker. Ooc: Here's the music. https://youtu.be/4Z8ztmQaqtY
Kairi: She's looking at you again. Yes. I noticed. I wonder why that is? Do you know her, Kairi? Kairi: No. I've never seen her before. Oh! Maybe, she fancies you, father! *Nero laughs.* Well, she's a bit too young for me if she does. Ha ha ha!
Also, that's called going to jail for 20 years
Homura's eyes water a bit as she holds her arms out to the older girl... Jesus, who'd even do something like that... A growl escapes Homura's lips as she hears the man speaking, tch, things should stay dead when they die, like that dammed Incubator. "I see, if you need anything um please let me know Senri, I'm not always there or anything, but I'll do what I can for you and... I'm sure there's something you can do for that girl." She smiles a bit, despite the anger she's feeling... Getting mad and doing something stupid won't help anybody, instead, she'd simply offer the elder girl a reassuring smile and a hug. Hopefully, she can at least make Senri feel a little better.
A man wearing wearing a white coat and a long purple sweater comes into the gym and saw the fight happening. He says to himself: Hmph... everyone here looks like third rate fighters with fourth rate skills. I'll show all of them who's the true fighter here. He then brought out his dueling disk attached to his right arm. He then proceeded to normal summon his trusty Blue Eyes White Dragon by normal summoning it onto the duel disk, and then the dragon has spawned in front him. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/31/6b/f0/316bf09b0110868f2979d0f551693a70.jpg

Izumi would look up at the dragon with only marginal interest. There is no fighting here, only a party.
That white coated guy looks like someone with a lot of money and who disregards the rule a lot because of it *Kairi giggles*
Yeah, sorry mate, if just wanna hang out, that's fine, but we ain't gonna fight today
Thanks, Homura-chan... I wish I knew what it was... Senri was disheartened, but she couldn't help but smile at the cute Kotori sleeping on her lap and Homura's reassurance. She hugged Homura with one arm and petted the sleeping Kotori with the other. I'll find a way, somehow. That's what a Phantom Thief would do, right? do whatever it takes? maybe I could use those pills and bombs that you and Kotori-chan are helping me with. Heh. Maybe we can be the next generation or something. She smiles, feeling better. Eyes widening at the dragon that appeared. That's hella cool. Would probably bite my head off though.
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Kaiba looks at Izumi and says to Izumi: Ok then, if no one here has the guts to challenge me, then I'll be leaving then. Come on, lets not waste our time with these losers. Kaiba then returned his Blues Eyes Whtie Dragon and started to leave the GYM.
Jiyu stares at the dragon just as the jazzy song fades out. "Whoa, that's a pretty cool looking dragon, it also looks dangerous... But I've seen better." He then pulls out his phone and searches for another song to put on his speaker.
Ooc: Well shit, I made a late post.
Homura sighs and breaks away from Senri, she was about to say a few words to that dragon man, but then he vanished into the night so guess that's done with. "Well, he was... Really rude and I don't think I like him, would it kill that guy to have some common human decency?" She grins at the mention of "Phantom Thieves", heh... She's always kinda liked that style really, sounds like a neat idea to her! "Maybe we could Senri-chan! I guess I might be able to help out with something like that, though uh I'm not entirely sure what we'd do anyways."
We could go hunt another witch. The last one was pretty fun. Kotori is woke, and enjoys the head pats
I don't think it's worth getting caught up over his type. Seems like a prick. And leave it to me; I learned from the best! it's as easy as bringing about a stronger world, step by step. Witches? erm... Wouldn't it be best to just leave them be? Senri, of course, was thinking of a different kind of witch than Homura was thinking.
Nah, the last one we fought was pretty scary. It was fun. Lots of fun.
*With Nero ignoring her, Kairi wanders over to Senri's group and stands there, listening.*

A man wearing a brown trench coat and a brown hat walks in and saw the group having some sort of party. He looks at one of them and says: Sorry to barge in like this, but do you guys happen to have any water?
To everyone I hate: (singing voice:) FUCK YOU
Homura grimaces, fun? Granted nobody died but... She came entirely too close for comfort. Of Haruko and Kotori had gone without her? Hah, they'd be more victims of that thing for sure. She then turns to Senri in shock, geez has that never come up? "Not like that, think of them as very nasty shadows that feed on human despair. They live inside of pocket dimensions called barriers, and the one thing all of them have in common is the random murder of humans." She pauses for a moment, taking a breath and considering exactly how much to explain. Might as well do the whole thing, if only to be safe. "Beyond that, Witches tend to kill people in two ways, one is by sending their minions out into the world to devour humans, and if those eat enough... They'll become a copy of that Witch. The other is a "Witch's Kiss", those have a wide range of effects at times, but a common one is causing the victim to kill themself..." Her faces goes a bit dark as the girl holds up her Soul Gem Ring. "There's another way they're made too, well... If a Magical Girl's gem goes entirely dark, from using too much magic or um emotional problems, then they'd become a witch... Don't tell Sayaka Miki that please, not sure how she'd take it." She then sighs and looks around, oh no the kid... Well, not like the poor girl has great prospects anyways at this point. Despite that, she'd smile at Kari and wave down at the young girl. "Um, sorry about all that, I guess you didn't really wanna hear it right? But um, I'm Homura Akemi and it's nice to meet you."
Jiyu looks up from his phone and says "Do you guys mind if I ironically play a song made by this terrible rapper from America?"
(edited by Jiyu-Hatanaka)
Do it.

Eden glances at Homura and says: Oh no, your fine. Just wanted to stop by and check out the place. Anyway, I'm Eden. Do you happened to have water lying around here? I'm real thirsty right now after walking to get to my house for about 3 hours.

Izumi takes in this conversation from a distance.... watching the ring and looking at Kotori.... after watching for a bit she sits down by a table and spreads out her card set before speaking up toward Kotori. You lead the life of a warrior, hmm? You lack a ring, I notice.
*Still looking at his notebook, Nero calls out* Don't do it *Meanwhile, Kairi just stares blankly at Homura before smiling* I'm Kairi Nero and I have no idea what you just said, miss.
Yeah. I dun got one. Not a magical girl yet. Why do you ask? She just stares into the sky as she answers
Jiyu looks over to Nero and nods. "You're right, it's probably for the best." Jiyu then goes back to his phone to search for another song.
Ah god dammit, me throat hurts from saying fuck to much

Oh no immediate reason. Tell me, would you be interested in a... fortune?
Hm... I see. So witches are a demon of sort? Sounds like you got quite a responsibility. As long as they don't come after me or people I care about, I don't have a reason to fight them, myself. Though, perhaps... Do they carry valuables? Senri probably sounds incredibly cold, but she talks with a neutral expression. Huh, so actual magical girls have it kinda rough. Not like the ones in manga... I'm hardly a hero of justice; I prefer going after targets that make a difference. But if you and Kotori-chan need help, I can oblige. I'm probably too old to wear your cute outfits though. She smiles, looking to Eden. We have water. The counter guy seems out, so help yourself. Say I stole it if you get in trouble, yeah? Senri chuckles, now looking to Kairi with a regretful expression. She holds a bolt close to her heart, saying nothing.
Homura nods at the older man, she'd walk off to grab a glass of water from the GYM and hand it off to him. "I see then, well I don't mind helping with that Eden-san. Heh, it'd be a pretty sad gym if we couldn't even keep water around." She then turns back to Kari and giggles, geez guess the kid didn't hear anything about Witches huh? "Well, then that's fine! It's nice meeting you Kari-chan. And don't worry about what I was saying, it's stuff you don't wanna be involved in." She then turns back to Senri and giggles. Senri as a Magical Girl huh? That sounds... like the kinda thing that she'd kill to see if Madoka weren't around. "I'm not so sure Senri-chan! I think you'd look pretty good in one, but that's just me ya know?" Upon hearing the words valuables she sighs, well they do carry something Homura needes quite badly in fact, yes. "As for them carrying things... Witches have "Grief Seeds", those are the only thing that can make a soul gem grow less dark, so yeah we're kinda just stuck hunting them."
(edited by Homura-Akemi)
Oh, ok. Father says all sorts of stuff like that about his work. He's a robot...person. It's super cool. *Kairi looks over at Senri with a confused look* Are you OK miss? You look sad.
Sure, Why not? I don't really believe in that stuff, but I'll take it. She rubs her cheek on the open thigh between her skirt and her socks Uuuuu~ Sen-chan's legs are soft and warm~

He then grabs the water from Homura and started to drink it. he placed the glass on a nearby and table and told Homura: Thank you. He then went to the counter and grabbed some water and started drinking. He looked at Senri and told her: Don't worry about me. Anyway, did I hear you guys just say "magic"? Like, the kind of magic that turns you into frogs like in the fairy tales, make you turn invisible, and other weird things you can do with it?
Oh... But, you need those to not turn into a witch, right? I wouldn't feel right about taking and selling those if you need them, Homura-chan. She acts strangely as Kairi talks to her. She tries to remain composed. The fact that this Kairi didn't know her was hurting her heart. Erm, hello, K-- little one... I'm okay. You just remind me of a friend that I lost, that's all. Senri doesn't technically lie, though averts the truth. She blushes at Kotori's cuddly antics and pets her. H-Hey, that's kind of embarrassing, you know? Kotori was too cute. Senri had to repress her yuri thoughts for now. She looked to Eden to shake off the thoughts. Well, our magic is a bit more complicated than that. It's total nerd-stuff come to life; you have to see it to believe it. Unlike Homura-chan here though, I can only use the magic that my Persona has.
(edited by Senri_Suzuko)
As Jiyu is scrolling away on his phone, a transparent left hand appears next to Jiyu's left hand. Upon seeing the transparent hand, Jiyu almost drops his phone out of shock. "H-Huh? What the hell?!"
Oh, I see. Don't worry, miss. I'm sure you'll find her soon. I can help you look if you want. Father is super smart. I'm sure he knows a ton of hiding places you haven't checked yet. *Kairi smiles at Senri."

Eden looked at Senri with a confused expression and said: A Persona? Oh jeez, this might be too much for me to understand right now but anyway, I've been looking for something that can "cure" me but I've tried lots of things like blood transfusions, vaccines, and I even tried to go back in time but I cannot seem to get this "thing" out of me. Sorry for rambling like this, but I just want to know if there is some "magic" that can fix "this" for me?
(edited by Eden)
Really? Why's it so embarrassing? It's nice~ Soft~ Uuuuu~ She continues rubbing

Well, in your case, there's a rather intriguing choice facing you. Your friends have a unique power you lack, and you will be tempted by it. These events I like to call Junctions in your fate. On the one hand, you may reject the offer and find.... She would flip over one card, and find a most mysterious result. A Magician, reversed. Izumi's mouth would hand open as she just mouths something. Without saying another word she quickly flips another card. The tower. Tower is the disaster awaiting all girls who contract.... but then the Magician.... Infinite possibilities, turned into empty promises? How is it possible for both options at this Junction to lead to some tragedy? She'd look closer at Kotori. But no one is truly fated for a bad ending... the trouble must be elsewhere.... tell me, how do you feel about yourself?
"Does anyone know what the hell this is?" Jiyu raises his left hand, showing everyone the transparent brown gloved left hand next to his.
Right now? Uhhmmm...... Kinda confused.... I wanna fight and have fun. But I gotta get stronger or I'll never be worth my name. Hmm..... But I'm told power is worthless without a goal. And I don't really know what kinda goal i should work towards.....

She would lean back a bit and think.... I think power can be useful without a goal. Though.... developing power usually requires some kind of goal. I believe the reason your future is two bad endings is.... as you are right now, you won't be satisfied with either route you take. You desire power, and not taking the deal would leave you powerless. Yet taking the deal would consign you to a terrible fate. Am I wrong?
Yeah.... Unless I find a way around the magical girl problem.... Well, I'd rather regret doing something than regret not. Snuggles
*With a stretch and a yawn, Nero closes his notebook and heads for the GYM exit* Kairi! We're leaving! Kairi: Ok, Father. Well, it was nice meeting you all. Bye. *Kairi runs out of the GYM after Nero.*

I see.... tell me, what is it you dislike about yourself that you feel you need to become a Puella Magi just to be happy?
I'm not becoming one to fix anything. It's just a stepping stone to a better me.

Ah I see, this is the only way to better yourself, hm? Yet something must be inadequate if you need to better yourself. She folds her hands in front of her, ring glittering in the light. But what? Think hard, nobody would take such a drastic action to improve themself if it was something a book could solve.
Just my low natural mana level ... That's really the only wall I can see in my way right now.
Jiyu puts his left hand down, and just stares at the strange hand next to it. "Could this be my persona? I've never seen a persona summon itself though..."

I see! So magic comes with difficulty for you? Well that's nothing to feel so terrible about.
It is when you're the kid of people who could singlehandedly destroy the world....

Destroy the world!? There was definite surprise in Izumi's voice and expression, though she quickly composes herself. Your parents sound like... outliers, honestly. And even then, let me tell you a story, if you have the time to listen.
Sure, but yeah They're outliers, but I still have their blood. I should be strong too.

What if you're strong in different ways? Anyway, story time. There once was a girl who came from a town full of strange and special people. But she had no special ability. So what did she do? She created something special for herself. Through hard work and a little something nobody else thought of. She fiddles with her ring a bit as she stumbles through that story, at one point realizing it's maybe not the most relevant. Er.... look, what I'm getting at is if you're not gifted in Magic maybe you need to try finding something you're more adept in. Like... how do you feel about technology? Or just melee combat? I suppose you don't know what you want to do for a living yet?
Technology is for quitters. And you can't get anywhere with JUST combat. As for what I want to do? Fighting.

What makes Technology for quitters, hm? And fighting's okay, that can work. Around here that's probably a lucrative career. Doesn't really work back home but this isn't home.
Because, you don't work hard for the power technology gives you.

If you create it yourself, from scratch, isn't it a suitable investment?
Most people don't create it themselves. They just buy it from someone who did.

Well that's true. She'd reach into her bag and pull out a smaller deck of cards, and a pair of gems. The gems look like they were Soul Gems, without the top and bottom decorations, and cut in half. And the cards are a few Tarot cards. But I made all of my own stuff. And I'm sure if you applied yourself you could, too.
You probably need magic to create that stuff. Magic I don't have the luxury of wasting.

Well... why not consider it different from wasting. You could say you're using it now, to save magic later? Or work with someone who has more magic to spare.
UnlIke some people, mana isn't a renewable resource for me. So I need all the Mana I can get on a day to day basis. And what's the difference between that and using someone else's gun? There's none..

But is it day-to-day? In which case what's one day worth of trouble for never having to worry again? I mean... you know what becomes of Puella Magi. Isn't a few days discomfort better than that?
Not really. A day of trouble is a day filled with hopelessness. A future of Magi is a future I'm gonna live anyway.

Hopelessness? Are.... are you really that fragile? Izumi was equal parts concerned... and disturbed. Someone with so little regard for living and so much stubborn pride that they can't see any future other than becoming a Magi? It was becoming clear why the reading went the way it did.
Yup. You try laying around all day because you aren't able to even move, then tell me how much "trouble" a single day is worth.

Not even able to move...? Everything was suddenly coming into terrible focus. This is truly the most desperate of people.
Yeah. Well. That's why I wanna get stronger. And why I NEED to.

Magus jumps from the shadows and lands in front of the GYM door's, he opens it and goes inside. Greetings.

I suppose all I can say right now is at least consider other options. It's not worth throwing your life away when there are people willing to help you.
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