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A Jolly Nyxmas: The Return of Tartarus
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OOC: I was asked to make this thread and GM it as Nyx_avatar is busy today. I'll really start it when enough people joined as this is more a side thread to establish a few things. That being said I'll try to have at least one fight in it and if needed or if there is additional time maybe a second fight as well. Its a silent night. One full of stilleness. Not a creature is stirring yet something is turning. Out from the found the tower will rise. The halls of Tatarus will give you a fright. Ok, no more trying to rhyme, sorry. The earth would shake as the tower once again rises from the ground. The many meshes of wall and building sticking together unnatural as a ominous aura pours out of it all. Above the tower a moon can be seen in full light almost as if it acts as the eyes of the tower staring down on anyone below. The young man known as Quintus would be observing nearby as if he knew the tower would arrive in location. He would step into the tower as it forms dragging him high up near the halfway point of the construct. There was no fear in his eye's. The only thing he seemed to have left was absolution as his skin almost shined from how pale it had gotten and his usual emotion was replaced with absolute apathy. The tower would finish rising as the entrance would once again open for all to enter.
*Haruko was on her way home after eating when she came upon the tower of power.* Oh... no.... And I left my weapon at home. Well, I guess I've got this book, it's gotta be good for bashing stuff at least. *She looks about, is she alone?*
As soon as the tower begins to rise a young, blue-haired girl's attention is drawn to it. She watches the rising tower, only to catch sight of... Quintus was it? That boy from the forest, he seemed to be acting strange, and walking into a probably dangerous area.... That can't be anything good. I might have only met him once. The schoolgirl checks her left hand for a familiar silver ring, before beginning to run towards the tower But I won't let anything happen to him or my name isn't Sayaka Miki!!! with a small jump and that exclamation, Sayaka heads to the tower at full speed, if she's lucky, maybe it'll be good training too!!
Tatsuya wanders the streets, hmm... Been a while since he's hit Tartarus hasn't it? Last time was months ago, back when Mitsuru had led that little expedition. "Well, guess it's about time for the show to start yeah?" He'd smirk as the ground begins shaking, looking up the moon for a moment with a wild grin on his face. "Ah man, I've been taking it easy for a while... Bout time to get back in the swing of things!" With that, the man walks into the tower. He'd catch sight of Quin for a moment while doing so, but pay him little mind. Haruko, however, he simply sighs upon seeing go in, with no weapons? What a dumbass. "Really? I give you free weapons and you wander into danger without even bring them? Come on Haruko, get your head in the damm game!" Finally, he'd move ahead of her, a silver revolver forming in his hands as he looks about curiously. Knowing here, it'll have shadows.
Thinking about the strange group of people that were at the bar. He is relatively close to his new apartment, but then, Tartarus raises from the ground. Tatsuya had never seen anything like this, and he was sure that Nyarlathotep was gone forever. Despite this, he couldn't bring himself to ignore it, and decided to take a closer look. "I have no idea what this thing is but...I will find out sooner than later." Tatsuya bravely decides to go straight to the point, move towards the entrance and into the ominous tower, without really paying attention to anything or anyone else.
*A flash of blue bolts past Haruko, and she's just barely able to make it out.* Sayaka-chan! *She would call out as she tries to keep pace with the Mahou Shoujo.*
The return of a tower has called one of the members of SEES. A warrior who had faced many Shadows and fought Nyx herself. A wielder of the mask of the true self, a Persona... Grr... Woof, woof! A shiba inu in a bright orange jacket runs up to the tower.
A fog bank rolls in around the entrance of Tartarus. It soon dissipates and reveals an annoyed looking man. He simply looks up at the building before turning his head and spitting in disgust. "Tch. I hate stairs." He sighs heavily before looking around and spotting Quintus looking pretty out of it. He rolls his eyes before walking towards the young man. "Yo! Earth to Quintus!" His meeting is cut short as he notices not one, but two Tatsuyas. His blood begins to boil at the sight but he calms himself. "You going to be okay, Quintus? I don't make it my business to worry about others but you're kinda important."
[Kamui just left the Student Council Meeting at Byakusogen Institute, and was on his way home when he came across the tower and the people gathering in front] The fuck's up with that tower? And the fuck's up with you guys?... Eh. Guess climbing stairs is as good a workout as any. C'mon, let's get our asses movin'!
(A 7'3 man walks in ) the hell is this place?
Kotori climbs the stairs to catch up to the others, surprisingly unarmed I'm late!
(He glances over kotori) ay k, how ya doing?
*A man was gliding down to the tower with his parachute out only to let it go only a few feet in the air and lands feet first on the ground* *The man soon run up to the tower with his pistol out, this man name was Marco*
Now....what the hell is this place?...anyone knows?
I'm late! That's how! As she passes by Zane, she snatches his claymore and runs ahead I need this! Sorry!
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As everyone begins to enter the tower the doors would shut behind them signaling that they'd be unable to leave for the moment and any who tried to enter too late would be unable to as well. The interior would be coated in a strange golden light as a staircase led up further along the way. There was a dial off to the side as well and a dark presence could be felt throughout the area. As long as the group was in Tartarus they'd feel as if they were being watched but they'd never be completly sure by what. The boy from before was probably already well on his way to the top as he had started halfway through the tower.
AY, THE HELL YA DOING (he runs to kotori) GIMME IT BACK
A man in red, with hair that would blend with snow descends slowly from the boundless sky, a somewhat creepy, but genuinely caring smile in his face as he watches everyone enter. My, this is quite a showing. Everyone has their own parts to play, every messiah a masses to rescue. He floats into the entrance of the tower leisurely. I have my own part to play as well.
Arf! Recognizing the dial and hoping it had saved the progress of SEES from years ago, the shiba inu runs over to it and bops it with his nose.
... Fuck, this place is weird as shit. ... C'mon, let's get movin'.
[He glares at "Zane"] Dude, just shut up. She took yer sword, so stop shoutin', dammit. You have fuckin' fists.
Yeah still...ya don't grabs someone's weapon like that mate!
Sayaka briefly looks around, alright, there's Haruko, Kotori, that old guy from the city.... Tatsuya I believe? Someone who looks oddly like the old guy. Marco, who helped out a while back. Zane, who seems to be trying to help (we hope) and finally someone she's never.... Wait, is that a dog?There is a dog here too. Ok then. In full uniform, the girl turns to her fellow dungeoneers and holds her sword high to keep some kinda order Alright, not sure what this place is, but just be cautious, and stick together. Oh, and stay pretty close to the old guy and I, we should be able to keep you safe for the most part. Speaking of old guy, Sayaka briefly looks over to Tatsuya So.... You been in this kinda thing before? I mean, you HAVE bee..... She would have continued, but caught sight of the dog checking out a dial.... Interesting, the dog actually seems to know what he's doing... And what's with the vest. Just to be safe, she shouts out to the dog Hey, can you talk? I mean, animals normally don't, but all things considered.... Anyways, you know what you're doin?
Um.... I-I think we're stuck....
Idk where the hell we are....
*Marco looked at the other before sighing* *He clearly wanted to find out what was going on and take out the person or thing that cause this*
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Who's planning on going back? We all came here willingly. Kotori enchants the claymore with wind, making it lighter and possibleto swing This thing is heavy.. But it's all I got!
So.....how y'all doing?
Eh... If there's ennemies in this place, we're not stuck with them. They're stuck here with ME!
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Woof! The dog wags his tail and paces excitedly in front of the dial.
Well it's not like I have anything to fight with. Just this book I can't even read.
Oh wait (he pulls out his compound bow) forgot I had this
*Shakespeare approaches the group.* My giant friend. I thought you were talking about how you were going to be nicer to people. Has that thought escaped you?
Books can be a pretty fuckin' effective weapon. I can confirm it... [shudder]
Tatsuya looks around... Kotori, Haruko, a few he doesn't know, and... What in the fuck. Himself? But much younger, he'd glance at the other Tatsuya. If one were to look at both, they'd note the one in red's face has far more lines on it, a few battle scars covering it as well. The tattoo of a hand stands out quite a bit as well, he'd sigh and decide to introduce himself. "Tatsuya Suou, as I'm sure you know. Please tell me you've at least got Vulcanus Prime. Last time another "me" showed up, the guy had no Persona and made a deal with Nyarlathotep." He'd then turn and respond to Sayaka, nodding slightly at her question, not a ton. But, it's not so divorced from the TV or Mementos, or the old demon infestations back home. "This exact building only once, but I've been around places like it quite a bit. Pretty much, if there's a dungeon around then you can count on me to have a decent idea!" He then looks at Kotori with a sigh, light would glow around his hands before taking shape as a 2 and a half foot "long sword". To him, it seems too short, but should be about right for Kotori. He'd hold the hard light weapon out to her with a smile. "Here, this should work a bit better for you. I'd offer a gun, but I don't think you've used any right Kotori?"
Look, will, its gonna be difficult, and I can't do it in a instant
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I have edited my last post now Marco is not running up the stairs
Ah. But you must work to immediately better yourself, my giant friend. As such, politeness is the first step to being as much as a gentleman as I. So, what is this place? I saw the tower infront of the moon and thought it would be a grand place to gain inspiration.
Yeah, sure, useful. *she opens it and attempts to read through it a bit as everyone gets their bearings and decides what to do.*
Sure! Thanks! Kotori Tosses the claymore and takes the charges back, taking the Shortsword Ahh! So much better!
Yeah...ya right
Talkin' about the big dude, why the fuck do you need a sword that's as freakin' tall as you? You got fuckin' compensation to make?
He'd turn over to Shakespeare curiously, huh... Odd aura about that one, not quite normal, but he can't pin what exactly that is either. "It's called Tartarus, not the Greek Underworld... Most likely, but, Nyx is connected to it. Word on the street is Miss Goddess of Death is gonna end the world, if so? She'll appear on the top of this freaking tower."
*Shakespeare turns to Kamui* I believe my giant friend here is lacking in more areas than his lack of etiquette and manners. His sword is as large as he because he is small below the belt. A true tragedy for him, but it's not like he needs a Spartan walking stick when no woman would be attracted to his repulsive behaviour. As for the truth of this land, I shall write your story as you traverse it like modern day Heracles venturing to capture the dread Cerberus. Or, as you claim, Nyx, yes? Your deaths will make a fine tragedy. Ya ha ha!
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Wow, a goddess? Freakin'... This is gonna be awesome!
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The panel would light up subtley with a blue glow. It seemed it wasn't at full power but perhaps it could help the group along their way to reach the upper floors more quickly. Of course this would only work if everyone went along with it as cooperation would be nessecary to progress this way.
Sayaka looks around at all the cursing people older than her and sighs, burying her face in her palm Can you guys have your little measuring contest AFTER we get out of here? If there's some kinda death goddess at the top, we DO NOT need more bickering. For crying out loud, at least the dog is doing something. speaking of the dog's action, Sayaka looks over at the glowing panel and walks near it, trying to mimic the dog's action to see what happens Well, what do ya know? He really is a good boy. Aren't you puppy, aren't you a good boy? Sayaka would try to scratch the back of Koromaru's ear, such a good little pupper
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Woah!? It's glowing now? *She'd rush over to the panel and try looking at it, or poking at it. Assuming she isn't stopped, of course.*
Arf, arf! The dog seems to understand something about this, although he can't communicate it. After a happy tail wag from the stritches, he pads up the stairs, leading the way for everyone else!
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Tatsuya shrugs and walks up to the dial, dammed kid has actually got a point for once. So he begins looking it over to try and figure out exactly how it works... If it's a machine, he should be able to get a pretty clear read on it. Upon the dog walking off, however, he'd follow. He's curious about this place, but no sense playing around with machines when he's got work to do.
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(He walks past everyone)
... Holy shit, God is Dog backwards... Anyway, let's fuckin' climb those fuckin' stairs. If that... Goddess of Death or whatever is really up that tower, it REALLY makes me want to take a stab at it.
(He walks up the stairs first, wishing he had his claymore)
Fakelib takes note of his surroundings as the doors slam shut. Not wanting to draw too much attention from the others, he quickly chases the feeling of Hook nearby. "Damn kid going off and being reckless. Whatever, I don't have time to stand around." With an odd determination in his eyes, he charges towards the stairs.
Kotori touches the panel with everyone else, then continues up the stairs Let's go! To victory!
*Shakespeare follows, jotting notes in his book for his upcoming tragedy when everyone dies to Nyx. He stops for a moment because of Kamui's comment before shaking his head and continuing* A true scholar we have here. Who would have thought that dog is god backwards? It must surely be important. Perhaps this beast is the divine leader himself, eh? Ya haha!
HEY, Where are you going? With a shout, Sayaka would leave the panel behind in order to follow Koromaru. He seemed pretty intelligent, but here he is running off at seemingly random... Whatever happened, clearly he no longer had interest in the panel. She waves for anyone left to follow her Remember, stay behind the old guy and I, we're here to keep you safe. Try not to get in the way too much, ok?
*Marco was just going to follow Sayaka*
(He gets allll the way up first) wooo
*Haruko, who was looking at the panel, suddenly sees everyone run off.* Hey! What about this thing? It's glowing so it must be important somehow!
Get your ass moving, Book-girl! We got a tower to climb!
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*She sighs and heads up the stairs.* Why do I get the feeling we're passing up an easy route to instead explore a dungeon...?
The easy route's the boring one!
*Shakespeare looks over to Haruko.* Ah, but the story is not the destination. NO, it is the journey. The hardships. The happy times spent with travellers. It is the bonds made, never to be broken til the harsh hand of death brings you harshly and brutally from this life. It will make my audience sympathise and root for you heroes. And then, when you fall fighting death itself to save your values companion, it will hurt the audience more that their heroes have failed. And they will applaud my genius in your name and memory. Ya ha ha! Now come! Adventure and adversity awaits you!
However, a certain entity's sleep schedule isn't very forgiving, so a slight change in fate shall happen. Koromaru pauses, thinking for a minute, then runs back the way he came. He sits in front of the dial and paws at it. And with that, I need sleep.
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The door at the top of the stairs would begin to open into a massive hallway with many twist and turns. The aura of a nearby dark presence would linger in the air. It was plain that someone or something didn't want anyone here yet there was nothing. The halls were strangely quiet. It's up to everyone wether they would like to proceed along the halls or do something else.
*Sees the dog turn around and, with their excuse to use the stairs now gone, Haruko turns around and returns to the dial.*
(He into where the doors open) YOLOOOOO
... Hoy, y'all can keep climbin'. I'll be with the dog. Don't wanna leave 'em alone. OOC: Also I need to go sleep because it's 3:30 AM in France
Kotori also turns tail to the dial, the doggo obviously knows what it's doing more than people
Tatsuya glares at the playwright, flames burning in his eyes as he begins speaking in a harsh tone. "Don't act like life's some foregone conclusion like one of your plays, she got sealed away once and it can damm well be done again. You may underestimate the will of Mankind, but I sure as hell don't intend to let that come true..." He'd dart after the dog, freaking messing with the dial again huh? Well, he gets back to check the device out once more. This time focusing on it properly, after he shouts a few words. "Alright, I'm gonna figure out this dial now. If you guys don't want to know, that's fine. But, I know for a fact the dog's been through here before. So, if he's curious then I am too."
*Shakespeare smiles at Tatsuya's comment.* Yes! That is the flame I love to write about, my red friend. And if it came to pass that you all survived, my play turns into a group of friends who struggled against death and came out on top of it all. It would give my audience hope and the applause would be thunderous. As for life being a foregone conclusion, it is of course not. The world is a stage and if the ending were known by the players, how boring life would be, no?
With both the dog and Tatsuya, the only other people who seemed to know what they're doing turning back around, Sayaka breathes a sigh of frustration and follows after the two, joining them near the dial Alright alright, I'm coming. Sheesh. Can't leave you guys behind after all, can I? Having no idea what to actually do here, Sayaka simply taps her foot impatiently and looks around the area, of course nothing's happening right now, but the way it feels like she's being watched.... All too familiar Just remember, we don't have forever. Who knows what might happen to that guy we saw coming in?
So...how yall doing
That... Guy? Who're ya talkin' about?
*Marco keeps following Sayaka* I have a bad feeling about this place.... there should be enemies around but I cant seem to see any
(He keeps walking into the strange room, with the weird mist)
Fakelib grins as the doors open. The oppressive force was exhilarating to him. Was something hiding just past the doors? He takes a step in before reaching into his pocket and grabbing a small black orb. "Alright. Let's continue, Anomalocaris. Be ready for anything." Beady red eyes poke out of the orb and look to the man as he walks deeper down the halls.
OOC: Going to sleep for real now. For the record, I'm following the Dog.
k mate see ya
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Upon investigating the panel everyone would discover that standing directly on it would cause them to vanish in a flash of blue light. It was hard to determine where exactly they would end up but a dial seemd to be almost completely turned. As for those who would continue into the halls. They'd find that nothing eventful would teanspire. It almost seemed as if something was supposed to be attacking by nothing ever came. All there would be is a light moans and the feeling that something was breathing down their necks.
Ohhhh...this place creeps me out
OOC: I too shall write myself from this story as well. Just assume Shakespeare is just lost in his own world, following the group through the halls, writing notes for his play or whatever.
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Aaagh!! Kotori bends over after the warp, and begins expelling her lunch Uuuuuuuuuuu~
OOC: im not going to sleep but just going to another rp for now... so Marco is just following sayaka
Fakelib hangs his head in a disappointment. "Well that's lame. Whatever, onwards." Fakelib continues down the halls in an attempt to find the next staircase.
(He runs past everyone, and runs through everyone in the hall way)
What? K-K-Kotori! Gross! *She'd jump back before taking stock of wherever the warp had taken them (since apparently Kotori has made it that we already warped?)*
Having entered the light, Sayaka immediately checks the surrounding area, to find Kotori puking alongside whatever else is there. Sayaka runs over to Kotori and stands over the other girl You gonna be alright there? I get this is sudden, but surely its not THAT bad... Just to be safe, Sayaka draws her sword and checks their immediate area for anything of note
Uugh...... Warping sickness...... I hate this crap...... I'll be ok in a second..... Uuuugh.....
(He quickly runs back to grab his claymore) MINE
Tatsuya looks around casually, barely even noting the effect of the sudden movement. The look on his face says he's done this all too often. "Chin up Kotori, do that often enough and one day you'll stop even caring when you warp! Heh, maybe one day I'll train you in that?" Snarky comments aside, the man does raise his gun up and search their area as well. He may enjoy messing with people, but he knows damm well not to take things too lightly.
(Now with his 7'2 claymore, he puts it back in his beautiful wooden sheath, and walks by tatsuya) so..how ya doing
Uuu..... Wiping her face, Kotori steps away from the mess and draws the shortsword, Though her legs wobble as she walks around, also searching
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The people who teleported ahead would find themselves in a large red room. The hostile aura from before would be gone here. Instead there would be a light sound of something being torn apart. It would almost sound like wood crumbling and tearing. Other than that the room was empty with cold stone walls of an eerier red color. A doorway would be on the far end of the room. The door had suddenly just closed as everyone teleported in. On the other hand, the group of Fakelib and Rep who is no where near Tatsuya or the others would find themselves having wandered through multiple empty hallways and stairways. The only thing that had increased as they traveled was the oppressive aura and the sounds of heavy breathing. They've now reached the 25th floor and now stand before a giant door. A intense pressure could be felt coming off the door as the breathing would grow louder.
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Er... do you think this tower is able to support itself? Could that sound be the place falling apart? *She looks toward the sound, and then away from it, then tries to find an exit from the room....*
Oh..Jesus...it feels like we've been walking foreverrrrrrrrrr...
Fakelid....do ya know....where..we are
If this place is anything like what I'm used to, they don't fall apart for no reason. And even if it did, we'd probably end up perfectly fine. Sayaka immediately runs towards the recently closed door and tries to open it, by force if need be, but considering these magic areas who knows how that would work out Besides, I'm around remember? Anything tries to attack and I'll be able to keep you guys safe. That's part of my job remember?
Door spotted! Kotori walks over to the door Should we knock? or kick it down?

Yeah, your job.... *quietly mentions "but who'll protect you if you bite of more than you can chew?"*
(As he walks more and mores he feels the pressure on his back) oh god.....why does it...feel...so..bad
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Fakelib grins at the door as he gathers his stamina, however he finally notices he wasn't alone. The heavy pressure must have distracted him enough for Zane to go unnoticed. Odd. And what is that breathing? He shakes his head and turns to the man. "Oh. Aren't you...nevermind. And nope, not a clue. But I feel that we might be getting answers soon! You're up Anomalocaris!" The orb in his right hand unfurls before wrapping itself around his hand. The creature takes the form of a gauntlet with two mandibles on the front and the armor plating extends past the gauntlet and up the man's arm. He then walks up to the door and attempts to open it. "Open sesame!"
(He just trys to kick the door open)
"Hmm... Lemme see if there's a lock or something, no need to go right for the brute force Kotori!" Tatsuya walks over to the door, he's no expert locksmith, but he's decent enough to at least give a shot at cracking the thing. If he found nothing to work with, however, the man would begin searching the rest of the room, more exactly, he'd search for any weak points in the walls or perhaps a passage.
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With the group higher up in the tower they'd find that door wouldn't budge by normal means. It didn't seem to be locked but strange mask like patterns would be inscribed above a description. "First comes the light of day, The day passes into the night, There is silence as the night fades." There would only be three mask patterns that seemed to stick out of the wall. Anyone who looked around would notice shadowy puddle in the corner of the rooms. Back to the lower group in the tower. The door would open easily for them. In fact it would swing open rapidly as if the pressure was finally being set free. The smell of the room was that of twisted and burned flesh and the interior was too dark too see anything besides moving in the middle and walls of the room. The breathing could be heard in full volume as eyes could be felt glaring from the room.

A puzzle, huh? *She looks from the door's mask patterns, to the wall's mask patterns....* So we need to grab masks and put the correct three in the door? Heh, that doesn't seem hard.
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OOC: Lower is the one your in. The ones who didn't teleport and walked into the hall instead.
Oh..sweet lord...this...just fucking creepy
k thanks
Tatsuya's smirks as he spots the puddle on the ground, he'd pull a block of C4 from his coat and quickly toss the thing by the puddle. "Tch, those puddles are the form shadows take for movement here. Means a fight is coming up so look alive, and remember everyone, if it's not dead, you need more bombs!" He eyes the puddle curiously, a detonator in his right hand prepared to go off in a second. As soon as he saw a solid form, Tatsu would slam down on the button and set off his C4, aiming to get a decent first strike on their foe.
Kotori ready's her blade for battle

*Haruko steps back. Better hope they aren't coming from all corners...*
Fakelib pinches his nose as the door is thrown open. "Gah! That's putrid, even by my standards! Let's get this over with then." The man cautiously moves inwards and towards the movement in the center of the room. His weapon at the ready. "If you got a light pal, that'd be swell."
Sayaka can't help but notice Tatsuya throwing explosives around, great, just what she needs, for the moment, she decides to follow his lead, standing a fair distance away from the creatures. We really need to talk about this whole "explosion" thing. All I really have are these swords, so I'd REALLY appreciate it if you DIDN'T blow me up, alright? Just remember to stay behind me and not hit me by accident, ok? Sayaka glances over to Haruko, who seems to be checking out the puzzles, and keeps an eye on each of the shadows, ready to dash towards them in case they ever made a move. Well, you know, dash towards one of the ones NOT about to be blown up. Because explosions hurt people. Sayaka grins and looks at Haruko for a moment As for you Haruko, you can't fight so well, so try to figure out this room and fast. I've got your back like always.
Wait, I have something (he grabs his lighter, and lights it up) it ain't the best...but its something
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Ay...fakelib...ya got a weapon I can use?

F-figure it out? Well.... *she changes her direction of movement, heading toward one of the mask pattern on the walls...*
I would use me claymore, but someone took it from me...
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The puddles would remain stagnant as if waiting for something...or perhaps they weren't alive in the first place? Regardless from 4 puddles masks would surface. Each seemed to be a different color as there was a black, white, black/white, and gray one. Perhaps these were the masks needed to open the door? On the other hand with the lower group, Jane's light would in fact eliminate the center mass in the room. When the light flicked on a mask with a singular human eye above a carved out mouth would be staring at the pair. The breathing seemed to be coming from the mouth as it's body pulses with every breath. The rest of it was shrouded in the dark but it's eyes began bleeding as it noticed the presence of light. Suddenly from the wall of the room a dark tendrils would lash out and strike at Fakelib. It was hard to tell exactly what the tendril was shaped like but it could be felt like a sharp blade.
White, Black/white, Black and gray? In that order? Kotori lets down her guard

*She notices the masks surface and something clicks!* Ah ha! They're the masks we need! Day, Night, and Silence. So.... *she runs and tries grabbing the white mask* This must be first!
Hey, you’ve gotta be careful, what if it’s a monster? Sayaka would run to Haruko’s side side, sword drawn in case the puddle made any sudden movements, she’d be ready to strike it at any moment Let me approach the things, just in case. After all, I’ll just recover if it’s some kinda trap. You could get seriously hurt y’know?

*Groans...* Come on, I can handle myself. You don't need to babysit me!
Fakelib was too caught up in inspecting the strange creature that his back was open for attack. The blade leaves quite a mark across his back as he lets out a pained cry. "Shit! You, Zane or whatever your name is, try and light this place up! I don't care how, but light it up!" Fakelib staggers slightly as the mandibles on his gauntlet glow with a holy light and they extend like a blade. He rushes towards the figure and attempts to slash the mask as he uses his free hand to rummage through his pocket in search of something. "This is the part where you die."
Hmm, maybe Miki has a head for this kinda thing after all? She's not wrong about that threat after all. "Sayaka's got a point actually, letting your guard down in a place like this is foolhardy so keep that sword up Kotori. As for not babysitting you, I don't see you tossing around any magic right? Even if you know how to fight, supernatural foes are a whole nother ball game." He'd aim his gun at the puddle he tossed C4 at, holding the detonator in his left hand, and blasting a couple rounds into the thing with his right. If it's a trap, that might get the bastard moving quick.
Is that seriously what she thinks? Sayaka remains ready by the masked creature as she continues talking to Haruko How many times do I have to tell you? I'm here to protect everyone, you included. What kinda hero would I be if I just stood there and let a friend of mine get hurt? Sure.... This place is definitely.... Different, but that doesn't mean my job has changed. I'd have preferred for you to stay out of this place, but that clearly isn't an option now, so just do your best to let me protect you, alright? Sayaka grins, her usual confident voice returning, and gives Haruko a thumbs up
gtg, gotta do our family Christmas eve traditions....boi

I could sling spells around, you know... *looks first at Sayaka's ring, and then down at the book...* Wait! I might have a way! But first, we need the masks.
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Upon picking up the white mask the puddle beneath it would begin sinking into the ground before fading away. The other masks would bop up and down slightly in the black liquid but wouldn't show any true signs of life. As for the other group, Fakelib would rush at the mask to slash it just as another strange tendrils moves into the light to block the mask. Upon seeing it in full light he would see a blade affixed to a large blob like creature with a mask representing pain. It would be covered in blood as the holy light from the gauntlet reduces it to ash causing it to fade away.

Hmm.... see? It was safe after all. Now go get the other ones. *She seems to not assume that one shadow is a trap.... could one be?*
Haruko checks Sayaka's left hand, where the ring would normally be, and just finds her white gloves. After all, it vanishes whenever she turns to her Magical Girl outfit. Sayaka tilts her head to Haruko Alright, that one was safe, which one is next? There's probably some kinda order, would probably be better if we didn't mess it up, just in case
Black/white, to symbolize the transition from day to night.
Sayaka nods to Kotori before dashing off to the Black/white mask, to take it off of the puddle. The writer would appreciate a relatively swift update if it is correct, or if you'd rather we try a full order in one post to let this go a touch faster Got it Kotori, that would mean black is next, then I guess the grey? If its alright, Sayaka would proceed to grab the black mask third, and if nothing occurred after that, she would finish by dashing off to grab the grey one

The question is what's the silence as night ends....? Is that black?
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Upon approaching the black and white mask a tendrils like appendage would reach out to grab Sayaka's wrist. Sharp thorns would be produced all over the tendrils as from the puddle an orchid would begin to grow before quickly and almost magnetically sticking to the mask to cover the shadowy mass in the center of the petals. Once regaining it's face the shadow would stare at Sayaka while trying to wrap it's thorny vines more and more around her.
"Alright. So you're quick on the draw? I just need to be quicker! Come on Rabbit, Armor Up!" He jumps back from the blob and he proceeds to pull out another black orb. He drops the orb onto the ground and it seperates into two black rabbits with beady red eyes. Each of them nuzzle against Fakelib's legs as they become another bit of armor for him, greaves adorned with a rabbit motif. "What do you thing Flubber? Nifty or what?" With newfound speed and agility, Fakelib rushes towards the blob once more in an attempt to slash at the mask and then leap over the blob to get behind it.

Sayaka! *She drops the white mask and runs over with her book, trying to smash the forming shadow with the book!*
Frick! Kotori rushes to the Shadow and slashes at the mask
Hey, Watch it!! Right-handed as she is, her right hand is caught in the shadow's thorns, though it doesn't hurt much yet, the spreading is obviously something that needs to be stopped Lets see how you like this Sayaka takes her sword out from its sheathe using her left hand, and swings it at the shadow's tendrils in order to cut them off and giver her room to back away from it, she looks over at Haruko and shouts I told you to stay back, I can handle this sorta stuff easily, but you might actually get hurt, ok? Soul Gem: 1% so far
Tatsuya sighs, frigging rushdowns getting in the way of his zoning. Can't use bombs, can't burn across a wide range, can't toss out electric blasts. "Dammit people, don't make me get into melee! I prefer to kill people from a mile away using a high caliber sniper rifle or something!" Despite his complaining, Tatsuya's gun vanishes and the man does, in fact, rush toward their foe. His gun vanishes and he'd pull Gram off his back, the blade burning with flames as he aims to dash at the mask. Assuming he got there, Tatsuya would quickly try to stab his blade into it before putting more magic into the blade and causing its fire to roar up inside the shadow.
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[Fakelibs slash would manage to hit the mask directly as he leaped over it. A crack would form on the mask as the monster began crying in pain. It's tears as most things that come out of shadows would be a repulsive black sludge. Not only that but it's cries of pain would reverberate through the walls as they began to move around more and more in the darkness. Small blobs would drop down to the floor and slowly approach Fakelib. They would attempt to latch onto his feet in order to try and devour the parasites. Haruko's book slap on the shadow would do little more than allow it to wrap it's vines around the book as well and while the sword slash for the Sharon's vines to stop spreading on her skin the sword would soon become tangles in thorny vines as well. Suddenly a fiery sword cuts through the shadows mask directly causing the killer plant to instantly fall over. The thorny vines wouldn't banish but at very least they wouldn't spread or move around. [/i]

Oh no, my new book! I wanted to learn from that! *she tries pulling off the vines* Ugh, someone go put the masks in place. The combination is probably white for day, grey for the transition, then black for silence.
Uh oh..... Kotori backs up, if her sword is stuck, she'll leave it, if not, she'll take it with her and drop it at her feet as she uses both hands to throw two flame enchanted knives at the Shadow
Sayaka grunts and tries pulling her sword out of the mess, if that doesn't work she'd at least work to get her arm out of the thorns, leaving the sword behind, after all, she can always make more. She smiles at the others for a moment Thanks Tatsuya, not that I couldn't have handled it myself, but that was most certainly faster. Oh, and I don't mind if you use guns or something. Just no explosions for..... Obvious reasons. With that, Sayaka would briefly scowl over at Haruko, is she trying to get hurt? I thought I told you to stay back in case somethin' happened. I can't have you getting yourself hurt over nothing y'know? What would I do then, huh?

Look, I can be useful, okay. There's no need to tell me to stay back all the time! *She struggles with the fines and huffs, leaving it for now.* I swear if that thing is unusable now.... *She grabs the white mask in a huff and puts it in the day slot.*
Tatsuya nods, he would, in fact, go over and grab the C4 he'd placed earlier... Teamwork is the trick to mixing guns or bombs with melee, and their's isn't good. "Even a gun can hit you if you're in active melee, that was slow and fairly sedate. Fast-paced swordfights and crap though? Constant movement on both sides makes hitting any given foe a coin toss to an extent. I'm pretty good, but despite that ranged and close combat don't mix." He'd absently flick his lighter open, Apollo appearing in front of him as the man stares into the flames and smirks. "I used to be on the receiving end of that interaction, in fact, wasn't till later on that I realized fire magic is, in fact, best used from range to soften targets down before rushing in with a sword... Long story short, I could probably teach ya a thing or two bout swords, though my style isn't exactly conventional. Works well enough if you can move faster than humans should be able to and swing harder than a person a few times your muscle mass. Oh, and please clear the vines, everyone!" Finally, he'd stow the lighter as flames grow in the masked man's hands. Apollo would dart in front of the vines before a roaring inferno rushes from his hands, the Persona aiming to turn their foe into dust. No telling if it'd still be a threat.
The blobs successfully pull off greaves after an extended struggle against them. Kalib stumbles backwards and falls. "Okay. Neat trick. If I couldn't make more of those I'd be thoroughly annoyed. Now let's continue." Fakelib jumps to his feet and he points his right fist at the blob. The mandibles on the end of the gauntlet quickly elongate in an attempt to skewer the shadow.
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The shadow remains would be reduced to cinders. All the vines would decay before turning to dust. The white mask would fit in the first slot perfectly as if it was ment to be there. Meanwhile, the extended blades would pierce the shadow's mask causing further cracks to form in its face. In response the shadow would screech out as the whole room began to light up with an ominous light. The walls were coated with many distorted faces and masks as they seemed to grow arms to try and reach out and touch Fakelib. The main shadow would simply stare as it's breath grows faster. From it's mouth it would shoot out a sheet of flames towards Fakelib.
Sayaka looks over at Haruko, she puts her foot down and sternly proclaims You can still help by keeping watch to make sure we don't get ambushed and by helping work out any puzzles. If an actual fight happens you could easily get hurt, and no one here wants that. So please, leave the real fighting to me. I don't mind you tagging along as a trainee, but you have to recognize how dangerous it is and actually listen to me!! Her speech over, Sayaka laughs boldly and puts both hands on her hips, its true that her fights are usually a lot faster than that, able to dash around and all, but being grabbed to start limited her options. Still, Sayaka steps away and continues talking I mean, if you accidentally hit me with a bullet I'd be perfectly fine in seconds, thats how it works y'know. I don't really need you worrying about my safety too much. Remember, I'm here to protect everyone, you included. at the mention of teaching her, Sayaka decides to give a brief demonstration of the sort of thing she's used to, backflipping into the air before forming another magic circle to jump even higher off of, while she's in the air, she would produce two similar blades out from under her cape to throw harmlessly against a wall, all in he space of about five seconds All things considered, I don't really think there's anyone who could teach me much about swordfighting. You could say my style's a bit too unconventional. satisfied with her little display, Sayaka decides to let the others work on the actual puzzle part for the time being, after all, that sort of thing's never been her strong suit OOC: Soul Gem 4% for what it matters
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So..... Gray then black..... Sorry guys..... .......... Kotori picks her sword back up and steps back, getting out of the way

It should be. I doubt silence is grey, after all. *She watches Sayaka's demonstration, rather than solving the puzzle. Grumbling to herself about not being able to train if she can't fight...*
Kotori carefully reaches for the mask, hoping to use her sword to hook the mask off the shadow rather than touching it with her hands
Tatsuya looks on at the girl and smirks, hmm... That's not bad, but she's relying too much on tossing the freaking things. "I get that you can make more, but that has to consume your magic right? There's a less wasteful way to fight I'm sure, those things, do they have any magical effects? Or can you add them in? How much testing have you done, can you use magic to control an element of some kind, is it possible to use that energy you form platforms from for other things?" Tatsuya decides to pull out a move not too unlike her own. He'd stow his blade, run for a moment before leaping up. And Apollo bursts to life behind him, a hard light platform forming under him as Tatsu leaps up higher, and finally, a pair of small hardlight knives form in and fly from the man's hands into a wall. By the time he's done, about six seconds have gone by, and he smirks at Sayaka. "It's not like you're the only person who can do weird shit or something, the trick though... Is that crazy stuff has limits, it burns your power, and you can push how much you can do with that stuff when you give it thought. The question becomes, how much should you do to deal damage vs saving magic? And where do the limits of your skills and spells lie? If you don't have answers to those, I can already tell that makes you pretty new to this little business of mine." Finally, he sticks his hands in pockets, simply leaning back onto a wall with a casual smile on his face as he watches the girl curiously.
Fakelib whistles at the ominous light, his attention being drawn by the many faces around him. He smirks as he glares at the main shadow. "Well at least I can see your ugly mug now. But it looks like this isn't a one man job." He pulls out another orb and it unfurls into a large, ornate spider. Fakelib carefully avoids the hands for the moment and fends off any close calls with his blade. "Spider, Armor Up!" At Fakelib's command, the spider latches on to his left wrist and becomes a bracelet with the spider's main body still being present. "Multiply." The ornate abdomen of the spider would rise and begin shaking violently as the flames are shot at Fakelib. The man narrowly avoids being fried by dropping to the floor. As the flames subside, so too does the rattling of the spider. When Fakelib next rises, he is not alone, there are nine other copies of him rise too. "That was a close call. Now it's my, er, our turn to strike back." The copies would all be loaded with the same gear and be almost indistinguishable from the original, except they lack pupils. The copies begin their counter attack by holding off the many wall faces in order for the original to focus on the larger shadow. "You gave me quite the challenge. Tartarus is fun! Haha! Bye now!" The original Fakelib would circle around the blob, though slightly staggered, and launch a final attack at the mask. Keeping the mandibles charged with holy light, he opts to slug the shadow in the face instead of slashing at it.
Sayaka watches Tatsuya's rather similar display, she can only assume that was the point after all, to show its not too far off. She thinks for a moment, before nervously scratching the back of her head Well, I have been able to put a bit of energy into the swords in order to make them cut better, usually best off not throwing those, otherwise it just kinda fizzles out. I... Uh.. Don't really know much about that element stuff.... Sayaka takes a deep breath before calming herself back down and going onto stuff she is more familiar with For the platform energy, I could try using it as a kind of barrier, after all, they're solid enough to stand on and stick around for a bit, but I figured it would probably be best to try dodging attacks instead, especially since there's not much of a risk. as for the limits, well. The young girl would gesture to a small, crescent-shaped gem resting right around her navel, it has only the faintest tint of black visible amongst its brilliant blue This Soul Gem of mine does give me some hint as to that, I mean, Its not like I've tested exactly how much I can do, but as long as its not mostly black I should be fine. I just, well, the only real magic ability I have is healing, which while that's helpful and all, isn't gonna help me stab things. Except that I can keep fighting, no matter how much it hurts. Sayaka decides not to say much more on the manner of her abilities, though with how vague she was he can probably guess a bit, instead she looks over to check on Kotori and Haruko
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The gray mask would come off normally as if the puddle it was in didn't even exist in the first place. The black fluid would seem to drain through the floor before disappearing. With Fakelib's final strike the shadowy abominations mask would shatter causing it to begin sinking into itself. The ground would shake as the shadow desperately tries to grab onto anything to help hold it together. Unfortunately for it there is no helping the shadow now and it soon begins melting away as the shadows on the walls cry out in pain. Finally all at once they would burst into a dark mist. The room leftover woukd be light violet and stone with a light blue panel in the center that glows faintly.
Ok.... She then puts the gray mask in the second slot before grabbing the black mask, and putting it in the third I'll do this.... to make up for my mistake.....
Tatsuya raises a hand to his chin... Hmm, doesn't get elements, projecting then. "Try forcing the energy from your blade to move out, use it as a more powerful ranged attack. Raw energy works better against some things that can't be harmed by physical damage, so having something like that is sometimes needed. As for elements, if you don't know? Good chance you can't, or at least it's not an instinct like with Personas." As for platforms... She's thinking pretty simply for now, but, couldn't it be used to box something in? "Boxing things in, I can create things from hardlight to use as walls, those are good for more than blocking attacks. You could also force someone to move the way you want, depending on how much you can change shape, you might be able to form spikes from them as well? Is it possible to move the stuff they're made from after creating it? If so, you could perhaps create mobile weapons, simple blades or bludgeons, but it'd be useful. He pauses for a moment again, moving on to the topic of dodging with a smirk on his face. "Dodging things is best, but when something is too big to dodge? Or in too large a volume? Too fast moving once it gets started? Sometimes it's not an option, shields are worth having as a backup if nothing else." And the last points... Healing huh? Toying about with that isn't simple but given the nature of Magical Girls... "Do you still feel pain? Might be possible to remedy that, but I'm taking a guess based on what I know of your brand of magic. As for the Soul Gem, I'm sure you know not to ever let it go black, so that's fine." He watches the puzzle with his eyebrows raised, hmm... Hopefully, Kotori's got this one, come to think of it. He should have a talk with her about tactics at some point.
is it to late to join again?

*She is suddenly noticed by Sayaka, and looks away toward the door to see Kotori put the mask in.* Oh good, hopefully we can move on now. *She was quick to deflect her grumblings earlier.*
Fakelib sighs as he goes and picks up the remains of the Rabbit capsule. The copies all begin to fade as the battle has ended. He turns to Zane with a grin. "Way to go pal, keep up the good work or something." With that, he pockets the broken capsule and moves to inspect the light blue panel. "I spy with my little eye, something that looks important. Time to press buttons."
(He walks up to the panel) um....should I press something...orrr?
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Fortunately for Haruko, Sayaka was too far away to hear her mumbling, especially with how focused she is on talking with the old guy. To demonstrate a bit about her circles, Sayaka holds one arm out to the side, palm open. She concentrates and two large circles of music notes, the ones that form her platforms, appear in the air centered around her arm, she seems to be touching something in what seems to be empty space between the circles I know this much, the platform stuff's only around as long as I'm touching it, and I don't think I can really shape it, just make it appear. I'm used to fighting enormous creatures mostly, so I doubt there's anything simply too big for me. Sayaka raises an eyebrow, blocking out all the pain? Admittedly some of the stuff looks like it should hurt more, but feeling nothing? The thought sends shivers down her spine. In spite of this she maintains a calm, confident tone I'm still human y'know. Of course I feel the pain, I just don't let it stop me from doing what I need to. And as far as my Soul Gem is concerned, of course I know not to let it get too dark, that's Magical Girl 101, and I was taught by the best after all. Sayaka mutters something about "for three days" under her breath before looking back at Kotori, nice to see she's making some progress here
Yeah, if I've learned anything bout movies, is that ya should never press random buttons
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Suddenly the room the upper group was standing in begins to turn more red as the air seems to fill with a blood-like mist. The masks would begin to shake rapidly as the substance in the air began growing thicker to the point in which it'd be hard not to breathe in. The panel glows as Fakelib and Zane aproach. It seems much like the panel from the beginning of the tower. Perhaps stepping on it would being them somewhere?
Um....well this is happening (he steps onto the panel)
Did I screw up again? Kotori infuses herself with wind, and if it helps her breath, she'll run around infusing the other's with it to help them
Fakelib shrugs and steps onto the light. "Well, here goes nothing. Come on nerd, onwards!"

*She was watching Sayaka and Tatsu go when the air gets thicker....* W-what's going on....!?
God hope this don't kill us
"Touch range huh? Man that limits it a lot..." Tatsuya sighs, geez she's got a pretty limited set huh? Yare yare. "Well, I'm sure there's something... Ever tried doing the reverse of healing? Not even sure you could, but if energy can fix something, might be possible to make it break things too. Beyond that, gunplay bombs and elements are mostly my thing." He shrugs, her style sounds very unlike his own really. But, he could no doubt figure something out that would help. "If ever feel like branching out into more normal weapons, stop by Em's place or mine sometime. we can hook ya up with all kinds of fun stuff. Besides that, I'd need to put some more thought into ideas... Hmm." He pauses upon feeling the air change, fucking dammit. He'd simply stop talking and focus on control of his breath, geez what a pain in the ass.
Sayaka covers her mouth with her cape, in order to minimize the effects of breathing in the mist, and runs over to the door, checking to see if its still unopenable Alright, I'll consider it, but for now lets try to get out of here alive, that's always a good place to start, right? I'll try throwing energy and stuff when I'm out in the field, stuff I'm familiar with, sometime. After all, that's probably the safest way to test without wasting any of it.

*Haruko, with no idea what's happening, decides to run to the masks and grab the last two, flipping them both around and hoping that does something!*
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Upon breathing any of the mist on the upper group would begin to feel...something. Their vision would progressively grow blurry as images would begin to shift and turn eventually warping into things they love and fear alike and seemingly at random. The door would still not open as the gray and black mask fall to the ground. Of course, Haruko would pick the masks back up and flip them causing the mist to diminish but it's effects would remain for a few minutes. The door was also unlocked now and would be possible to leave through. As for Fakelib and Zane, they would once more find themselves in open air as they reach the top of the tower. A large platform that almost looked like a ritual area would unfold before them as Quintus would stand stilley looking out and over the surrounding area. His skin had grown more pale than before and he looked as though he could barely stand.
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"Oi! Quin! Hook! The hell are you idiots doing alone up here!?" Fakelib runs over to the young man with a sigh. "You okay? I've seen corpses that look more alive than you." Fakelib puts a hand on Quin's shoulder as he speaks.
(He walks up the quin, and is right behind fakekalib) um...this is gonna get werid I bet
After breathing in some of the mist, Sayaka stumbles for a moment, before beginning to softl sway, as though listening to something wonderful Kyo.... Just like that, the vision changes, Sayaka immediately draws her sword and begins slashing in the air around her, seemingly in a panic, though she remains quiet and focused throughout her delusion. It slowly begins to clear along with the mist, and Sayaka begins to slow down, her breathing slows just a little as she continues looking around the area What just happened? I thought I saw...... She doesn't speak any further than that, instead she looks towards the door, hopefully its all over with now... Regardless, its best for her to take point. So, still under a fading effect from the mist, Sayaka stumbles over to open the door
Meanwhile, Kotori sits in the corner of the room with her head curled between her legs

*Haruko almost grabs and pulls the masks out of the door. Suddenly arguing with them as though they could talk...* Quiet! I-I'm just doing what you're supposed to do in my situation! *But instead of ripping them off, she instead ends up opening the door... just about face-firsting onto the floor beyond it.*
Tatsuya sighs as various images appear around him... Maya for a moment, Nyarlathotep the next. That idiot Sudou, hmm. Love and hate? No, meant to be fear but... He'd simply walk toward Kotori and sigh. Despite the annoying effects, he didn't breath much in anyway, and there are bigger issues. "Oi, time to get up Kotori. Don't know what the hell ya saw. But, we got work ta do so let's keep at it."
R-right.... Sorry..... She stands up and follows Tatsuya ...................................... Sorry for almost killing everyone......

W-what are you talking about? *she's caught her footing and looks at Kotori* I was the one who suggested that order. Geeze, yet another thing for Sayaka to say I should never do again.
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The groups would finally meet as the door would lead to a staircase up to the roof. As Fakelib grabs out to reach for Quintus a black mist would block his hand from reaching him. He would turn to face him but his eyes were full of a black haze. He would speak without moving his mouth but his voice was joined by many others. "This...is the end. There is no forward. We can only remain stagnant." finally Quintus would drop to his knees as he seemed to struggle with his hands on his head.
Oh. You did? I didn't hear you. Kotori walks up the staircase
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Tatsuya begins darting after the others, he'd rush upwards and to the roof from that point. No sense waiting around any longer than need, who even knows what's happening.
See?, told ya somethings strange was gonna happen
(He looks over at The other group) ay...haven't seen ya in a while people
Sayaka was too busy running forward to hear the others, much like Tatsuya. She dashes to the top of the roof and finds Quintus there, finally meeting up with the others, she smiles to the older teen, waving at him You doing OK Quintus? I was beginning to worry something was happening to you, but..... That's about the point she notices the black misty stuff and struggle of some sorts... Good news, she's never seen that before. Bad news, she's never seen that before. Just in case, Sayaka stands near the stairs waiting for the others, sword drawn
Idk what happened to him...think it was some sorta ritual?

*Sighs...* There she goes again. Well, think I should stay down here where it's "safe?"
I threw it away back at the entrance, not my fault you didn't grab it back there! She shouts back at Rep as she runs
OH FUCKING HELL MATE (7 minutes layers he gets his claymore back, with its golden hilt and its blade covers in weird carves on and it and it shines with jewels and jems on it) THERE WE GO
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Aaaaaannnnd there she goes, too. *Haruko kicks the bottom step and looks at her now de-thorned book....* Stupid thing, if only you could be more useful...
The man sighs upon seeing Quin's eyes... Almost like a fucking Joker victim honestly, wonderful to see that... His voice, weird as hell. And the frigging Faker's up here as well, amazing. "Well, you got your soul sucked out or something Parasite boy? If so, I'm guessing it's got something to do with Nyx? Oh and Faker, normally I'd shoot on sight, but we both have bigger fish to fry, do we not?"
The man reels as his hand is blocked. This whole situation was fishy and he was going to get to the bottom of it. "The end, huh? I can't believe how stupid you are. Thinking that this is the end." He laughs loudly and flashes a toothy grin. "My mission is the liberation of mankind from the fates and restrictions laid upon them by the gods! So this isn't the end, but the beginning! This is where I'll stake my all for my mission!" The man laughs again as he looks around the area. "HA! YOU HEAR ME, NYX? I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS! I'LL FREE MANKIND FROM YOUR FALL AND KICK YOU BACK INTO WHICHEVER HOLE YOU CRAWLED OUT OF!" Fakelib would then sigh as the others show up. "Yeah yeah. I'm the fake one...sure. Look if you're okay with working with me then, I guess I can live with having you assist me."
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OOC: And I return! Thanka for keeping the tower warm! [The towers roof darkens as a bell tolls from aeemingly nowhere. The moon grows in as Nyx’s Avatar falls to the roofs surface on the other side away from Quintus.] “Impolite as usual it seems but it is the way for humans to cope with their demise. I do not blame you for your transgression. No, I only pity you.”
(He has his 7'2 claymore, ready for a fight) AY...NYX...YA THE ONE WHO DID THIS TO THIS INNOCENT FUCKER?
Kotori stays silent and gets in a fighting stance with her blade
Sword still at the ready, Sayaka looks between Quintus and Nyx... Yeah, this definitely feels like something new. Regardless, she steels her nerves and shouts defiantly Can anyone please tell me why this tower's here, why Quintus felt the need to run up to the top of it, and how exactly we get back? I mean.... How do we get Quintus back to the ground where he belongs? I don't want to fight anyone if I can avoid it, but my job is to protect people, and that includes pale idiots who take midnight walks up creepy towers
Tatsuya sighs as the idiotic bird looking fuck appears, once again he's dealing with some stupid god that thinks it knows best. "Okay sure, say what you will..." He'd smirk at Nyx Avatar, thoughts of a certain boy with blue hair coming to mind. "But, do the words Great Seal mean anything to you Flockface? Cause trust me, I'm sure we can dig somebody up to pull that trick if we must." He then glances over at Fakelib, nodding slightly... Despite his, distaste for the man. Nyx is a greater threat and one they can both agree needs to be stopped. "Yeah, if you're fighting against her, then I shall woefully have no choice but to lend my aid. We both dislike each other greatly, yet despite my distaste, I'll admit that you are not, in fact, an unreasonable person."

*Haruko eventually sighs and heads up, looking rather dejected by that point. She then notices Birb Man has arrived.* Oh, it's that thing from the cult gathering....
"You pity me, huh? Gross. Look pal, I don't need the pity of a trash heap like yourself." He looks around to his rag tag group of companions. "We'll show you the hope of a life that wants to continue!" Fakelib then turns a bit green in the face and spits at the ground. "Gross. I can't believe I said that." He then turns to Tatsuya with a cocky grin. "I may be cruel, but nope, not unreasonable. Still hate you though! But we can deal with that after we fight the goddess of death. No pressure or anything. Do your best or whatever."
So....we gonna fight a god today or what?, let's go (he says he look at everyone there)
[The avatar would stare directly at the group with a utter lack of sympathy as it begins answering their questions with its usual ochestra of voices.] “That boy? He was already close to death so being so much closer to the tower drew him in. It is not by Nyx’s will that he came here but by the will of his own fragile body. Certainly it does him no favors that he only moves because of the shard of Nyx within him. A true child of death and therefore he cannot help but follow along with the fall. I also would advise against sealing Nyx away this time. If you were to seal away Nyx you’d be endangering the life of an innocent. Soon Quintus qould perish as his will to live slowly diminishes. He cannot take his eyes away from death and therefore is abandoned by his life, under normal cicumstances, but thanks to Nyx’s prsence in this qorld auch effects are delayed. So, would you kill this bot off simply for the sake of saving the world? If ao then feel free but know that what you suggest will not be easily done.”

Heh, kill the boy to save the world? Or doom the world to save the boy? What a terrible choice... *She can't help but look toward Sayaka.... let's see what she does now, huh?*
I'll chose kill the boy, save the world... Even though that's coming from a criminal
Sayaka grins and faces Nyx defiantly, before turning to look at Quintus So what? Are you seriously just gonna stand there and take that? I don't really care who you are or what this Nyx is saying about you. Fact is, you know there's more to life, more to you than just death. I thought you wanted to help people, that's why you went to the forest, that's why you saved those kids, not because you wanted attention, not because you were scared of dying, you went out of your way for that. Don't just let some freaky bird-guy tell you what to do, this is YOUR life, Not theirs. With that, Sayaka draws her sword and points it at Nyx Avatar You ask me to choose between one boy and the world, well I say neither. I'll find a way to save them both, or my name isn't Sayaka Miki, Magical Girl and hero extraordinaire!!!
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I might be a nobody who just seems to exist to screw things up. *She looks Sayaka dead on for that part.* But that doesn't mean I'm going to screw this part up. I'm going to change his fate, just like any Magical Girl and Hero should do! *The word choice at the end may have been deliberate and premeditated...*
Tatsuya scoffs, killing someone to save the world? He'll do it if need be, such is the path he walks without a hint of regret. "I'll do it, I'd prefer to find another way. But, if Quin's gotta die that's the price we pay for life, I'd do the same ta myself." He then pauses for a moment, a smirk crossing his face as flames begin dancing around him. "But, I'm inclined to agree with Sayaka, I refuse to believe that your way is the only way! This won't be the first time I've gone against the will of a so-called unstoppable god, and I damm well don't intend to let it be the last either!"
I'll get this over with (and with that, he trust his 7'2 claymore into quins neck) done.
................................................................ She simply looks at Quintus, her blade trained on his figure, steeling herself
(edited by Kotori_K)
Sayaka immediately spins around and tosses one sword from underneath her cape dangerously close to Zane's foot I'm not sure if you were listening to that speech, but I'm saving them both. No need to compromise here, I'd prefer you keep your lovely brand of positivity to yourself, at least until this is over with, got it? Though he literally has two feet's height on the girl, Sayaka give Zane a fierce glare, one of those obvious "don't push it" stares you might expect from someone much older. Fortunately he's spared any more of her wrath by Haruko speaking, prompting Sayaka to turn to the other girl Y'know, there's a difference between screwing things up for others and just risking yourself. A Hero's expected to do the latter, you're just not capable of that right now. Be patient, see what you're getting into, and make a choice. That's all I want to do. Make sure that whatever your decision is, you don't have any regrets. That and keep everyone safe, always has been my job, and always will be
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Quin would look up for a moment as if Sayaka’s words were reaching him. His eyes were full of the black haze but they seemed to be struggling against it all though weakly. Aa he spoke the other voices would chime in but he seemed to be trying to be louder than them. “Can I...even overcome this. Its clear to me now. I’ve been on burrowed tome for a while. This life doesnt belong to me...it was taken and places within me. Given a aecond chance so somwbody else cant have theirs. I’m afraid of uncertainty so I just want to end that void of mystery...I’m already so tired...”
No...imma just do it (this time he trust it into his chest, alll the way so ya can see it on the other side) this ain't a movie kid, ya should know this
"A fragile body doesn't mean a fragile mind, or a fragile soul. All concepts I'm all too familiar with. You say the boy is weak, yet I saw nothing but potential. He was the cornerstone of my work and I won't sacrifice him until he plays his role until the end! And not only will I protect his life, but I'll protect mankind as my plan would have me do!" He looks to Quintus with an uncharacteristically large amount of concern in his eyes. If he had to, he wouldn't hesitate, but to lose a valuable specimen? Fakelib shakes his head then looks back up to the feathered being. "What the hell is a shard of Nyx? It sounds super lame but hey, ya caught my attention."
Oh...oh..shit, he...he was still normal...oh fuckin' hell mate
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OOC: I thought I made it clear but the black haze keeps you from even touching Quintus.
ohhhh...that's helps a lot thanks mate
Listening to Quin speak again, its obvious that he's fighting something, though, she's not sure what, there's not much for it but to try to help "For every bit of happiness you wish someone, someone else is cursed with equal misery". That's what I was told a few weeks ago, before I started all this. Everything in this world is give-and-take. Sure, maybe with your condition, whatever it really is, maybe you did deny someone else their life. But then again, that other person would simply deny a third, or a fourth, you can't spend your life worrying about that. Sayaka grins at the older boy, not entirely sure what to say at this point.... She simply continues saying something.... Sayaka's eyes begin to tear up as she remembers someone.... The soft sound of their playing.... If you really wanted to help those kids, if you REALLY wanted to help others be happy. Then you have to shoulder that burden. That's what it means to be a hero, to accept the misery, accept the pain, accept the death. You take on all the unpleasant things so that the rest of the world doesn't have to... If for every bit of happiness one person has, the greater someone else's misery, then, no matter how bad things get.... I can at least remember, for every bit I suffer.... Someone else is happier for it. There's no time for that now, Sayaka begins to wipe the tears from her eyes, sure, maybe she never wanted to be here, but right now.... It doesn't matter what she wants, that doesn't change what a hero is, so that cannot change her actions.
Sigh....ok time to another thing (he quickly grabs one of the nyxs wings and slams it into the ground, with extreme force) AYYYYYY, I DID THAT
“A shard of Nyx is a shard of death itself but something cannot know death without knoqing life so the shard also creates life as well as death. A weapon and the ultimate salve, for those who have truly expired or never knew life to begin with it acta as a core for their very being. I believe commonly its refered to as the Plume of Dusk and that boy isn't the first to possess his either. No, it was beought about by direct interference that normally shouldn’t be possible. Regardless, I feel it is time to end this idle chatter. Quintus, if you qould be kind enough.” [Nyx’s avatar not only being a infinitely powerful ahadow but also aa tall as a house would not be thrown by Rep but instead would point his giant blade at Quintus. A dark aura qould sureound the boy filling his mind and body.]
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Tatsuya shrugs as he looks over at Quin, he'd speak in a fairly calm and quiet tone for now. "So frigging what? You have a chance now don't ya, take that chance and make something from it, Par-... Quintus, so make something of yourself dammit!" Fire burns around the man, the shape of Apollo glowing behind him as his voice begins picking up. "I'm not one to talk about heroes, wouldn't call myself one and I wouldn't even say I believe in that... But here's the thing! Just because I'm not a hero, doesn't mean I'm some crazy fuck doing whatever he wants! See being a decent person? That's not about being a hero, just trying to do what you think's right and figure out the rest our later!" He pauses for a moment again... Deciding to cut in on Sayaka herself at this point. "And I'm gonna stop you there Sayaka, doing the right thing doesn't mean you have to make yourself suffer or something, just about being willing to stand up for your beliefs when the time comes. Some might call it naive, but... I think you can do good, and still be at least somewhat happy!" He then turns back to Quin, a small smile forming on his face as he holds a hand out to the young man. Can't touch him, but the gesture should be clear enough. "Take the chance you've got and run with it, cause you're here now and that's what matters in the end. Don't ask "What could have been." Or something, instead focus on now. Don't give up, because that mystery you're so tired of? It's just called life, and being scared of it... That's no reason to give up on it, better to get over that and keep going till the end if ya ask me."
Why am I questioning this shit..
Kotori takes the swords aim off of Quintus, and onto Nyx, staying silent
(Then, suddenly, it starts raining like a flood, and thunder booms down)
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Quintus would look down in thought. Something for a moment seemed to spark in him. “What have I been doing this whole time. I-“ He’d be cut off by the dark mist overtaking him as his eyes go dark. He begins struggling again as golden aura would surround him quickly growing darker in color. The entirety of Tartarus begins to shake as roots seem to dig into the ground in the roof of the tower from where Quintus is. A dead and twisted tree begins growing from the ground as all atop Tartarus are forced to wither quickly leave or pushed off by the tree. The tree would soon overtake the roof and begin stretching into the sky. It would raise to the height of a skyscraper reaching towards the moon.
(edited by Quintus_Geminus)
Fakelib looks between the avatar and Quintus. "Alright. So it isn't lame. Next question. What do you mean by direct interference that shouldn't be possible?" Hearing Tatsu's words he grins without thinking and turns to Quintus. "You think whoever gave you this chance at life wanted you to throw it away? Think of all the stuff you're going to.miss out on if you just kick the bucket! You won't be able to see the people you forged bonds with anymore, you won't be able to see my utopia for mankind, and you won't be able to find your own damn purpose! If Nyx thinks you're that weak then prove that asshole wrong! Everybody loves an underdog story, and this is yours!" Fakelib looks a little bit sick from being all cheery, but the message was genuine. He too would reach out a hand to Quintus. "I don't know much about bonds. I don't need them...but I know this much, you aren't alone."
Tatsuya curses to himself as the roots begin shooting toward them, he'd leap off the roof with a sigh as the flames shift into bursts of darkness. "Okay screw you tree! I'll leave when I want to leave not when you want me to!" A winged demon appears beneath the falling man, he'd dart upward as Tatsuya grabs onto his back with a smirk as Lucifer flies toward the top of the tree... He isn't sure this idea is good, but he's doing it anyway.
(He's suddenly in top of the tree to) yay...I'm here
Tch! Kotori dashes off of the tower, enchanting herself with earth mid fall to nullify the damage from hitting the ground
(edited by Kotori_K)
Can ya shut up paper man, lemme have me fun
Fakelib winces at the events unfolding before him. "DAMMIT QUINTUS! DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP!" The spider on his arm begins to shake as he notices Tatsuya take flight. He gives a half hearted grin as he points his left arm at Lucifer. "Up up and away web!" The spider shoots a stream of webbing from its abdomen to catch on to Lucifer's leg as he makes his ascent to the top of the tree. "Hey loser, I'm tagging along!"
Yeah yeah, whatever
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The tree extended in a twisted and crooked way as it reached its branches out to make a platform. Quintus would be held in a cage of roots unconscious from the strain of using his persona in such a unconventional matter. His skin was geowing paler and his breathing was slowing down.
'ANYWAY,HAVE SOME FLIGHT' A couple notes come,as always,from nowhere and start surrounding Reperzel. He starts floating. 'NOW GET UP THERE BEFORE WE DIE'
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Ok (he floats up the tree thanks to the note)
The web would indeed connect with Lucifer's leg... Despite himself, Tatsu has Lucifer hover for a moment to allow Fakelib to climb up to Lucifer's back. "Alright, what's your plan here... I'm thinking we try to get Quin out yeah?" The Persona begins dashing, it'd rush to the cage and begin trying to tear a path through with its claws. Tatsu himself would start hacking away with Gram as this goes on, assuming they broke through the cage. Tatsu would then go in and grab Quin, aiming to pull the kid with Lux's Plume outta this mess... Tch, of course, it'd be connected to him. Who else could be so damned neutral in the worst way?
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Tatsuya would successfully grab onto Quintus but upon attempting to pull him out the trees roots wpuld attempt to wrap around him and try to pull him back in. It was as if the tree itself was trying to hold onto the boy in self defense.
Now atop the beasts back, he awkwardly coughs before responding to the man. "We save Quin if possible and then we go punch that feathery fuck in his stupid looking face. Capisce?" At the response of the tree, he shakes his head. "Alright Ta- I mean loser, let's leave him. That tree isn't against us, hell, it seems to want to protect the brat. So let's go deal with the real issue at hand."
"Sure thing Faker, it's his Persona after all, so I guess it should be okay." With that, Lucifer takes off once more, darting upward and aiming to get at Nyx Avatar. Tatsu himself simply glares and watches the beast for an attack of some kind... Knowing this fuck, he hopefully won't care enough to do anything about them.
imma go to sleep, merry Christmas
[The Avatar of Nyx would simply stay hovering in the air above the tree. Their image would be surrounded by the moon’s light as they seem to smile dorectly at Tatsuya.] “It seems you certainly have the drive. Perhaps if there were more like you the fall could’ve been avoided. In the end though, do you believe your actions here will make a difference? The end is coming regardless of what you do.”
Tatsuya makes a jaw flapping motion at Nyx, his voice sounds utterly sarcastic as he continues flapping his hand at the Avatar of a God. "Blah blah can't defy fate, blah blah end is nigh, give into despair. Ect Ect spout meaningless crap everyone has heard before and knows all too well because we've dealt with this shit long enough." The man grins and stows his blade, tendrils of darkness rushing from Lucifer's hands and aiming to stab into the thing's chest. Tatsu himself conjures up his revolver and begins blasting rounds into its head. A smirk appearing as he looks up at the "God". "You talk too frigging much, dammed right I think I can do something, I would be at home with Maya if I thought this was pointless. Instead, I'm out here trying to keep your dumbass from murdering us all!"
Fakelib puts a hand around his ear and poses as if he didn't hear the avatar. "Wuzzat? Come again? I thought I heard a bull shitting but there aren't any pastures around here!" He glares violently at the avatar before crossing his arms in annoyance. "You're damn right we have drive! And surprise, the whole world has drive! Nobody truly wants to die! That isn't how humanity works jackass! There is always a spark inside of us that drives us forward. That is our base instinct, survival. And we'll show you just how powerful our instincts can be!" The man aims his left arm at the creature and the spider begins to shake. "I'm not ignorant enough to believe I can beat you alone, but we can still change the outcome! This won't be an end, this is our new beginning! The first step towards a world free of the oppression of gods!" The spider would begin firing hairs from its abdomen, and they would grow in mid air to become large needles. All of which aim at the avatar's eyes.
[The tendrils extend and reach out toward’s Nyx’s Avatar’s chest but have trouble piercing its skin. The bullet would hit its mask but the bullet would seem to do little more than cause a small crack in it. The countless neddles would have a similar effect to the bullets only they would help to increase the cracks. Despite these attacks the Avatar would not flinch even once.] “I see. You’ve heard this before. Well I believe I should clarify this all for you then. First of all, I am merely an Avatar of Nyx. My power is limited while there’s is absolute. Second, Nyx is more than a goddess, they are death in a vwry literal sense so do not believe you've faced something like them before. Finally and most importantly, it was not only by Nyx’s will that this world will end. The people of this world, their diregard for life, their apathy towards death, and their desire for destruction. It was these things that brought about the fall. Do not solely blame death for carrying put its duty. It was all the people of the Nexus who made this possible.” [The Avatar would finally react as they raise their blade before swinging it downward towards Lucifer. From the blade a massive wave of almighty energy would spread out attempting to hit the Persona head on.]
(edited by Nyx_Avatar)
Tatsuya sighs as the blast flies toward them, Lucifer rushing downward as the blast scrapes against him, it'd cause a few burn marks to the Persona, but no real damage would be done to it for now. "Blah fucking blah asshole! I know all about Nyx I've read the dammed files and I bugged Minato Arisato about her bitch ass too back in the day." Lucifer rushes up, almighty energy of his own forming in the Persona's hands as it rushes at the Avatar. It'd form the magic into a large sword and close in, aiming to stab into the cracks and continue twisting the sword around inside of The Avatar's skull if it could. "See, here's the thing about you trying to reason with me... I don't care, gods are my foe and I'll hate them no matter what, the moment they move against mankind... I'll make them pay with their death. I will put up with gods existing so long as they're not harming people, but the moment that kind steps out of line, any value their life may have is rendered null in my mind!" Tatsuya raises his free hand up, a wave of fire rushing from it and at the Avatar's head, they'd burn bright blue as the man shouts with a cold fury and glares at his foe.
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