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The Crown of the Sun: Tatsuya=Suou vs Danksuya=Suou
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[It's a quiet dark night in the streets of Shibuya tonight, typically people would be up and about. But tonight? Silent. Even the normal citizens of the Nexus can feel something sinister afoot. Lo and behold. Danksuya Suou stands in the center of Shibuya Square, flicking a lighter as he awaits his opponent...] We'll show him...
A women robed in white with her face shrouded in a hood would walk up behind Danksuya from seemingly no where and begin speaking in a oddly hushed tone. Only Danksuya would perceive her as speaking to him while others would simply see a mysterious women who they cannot identify. "So...it seems you're finally going to prove yourself. If you can grasp onto power then your wish will be granted. Such a glorious occasion it must be. How do you feel, child of man?"
*Haruko had wandered back to Shibuya, as if retracing her day. She notices Danksuya and the mystery woman meeting, and hmms....* I guess I can stay and see if her power really is worth it.
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Danksuya smiles as he closes his lighter, putting his hands into his pockets before responding, not looking directly at Izanami, but identifying her existence with a nod Heh, as glorious as it might be my work isn't done there. I have to gain more power. To keep that seat of strength. There can be no rest. It's an endless battle after all.
*Urumi was jumping to rooftop to rooftops to find out whats going on and soon stops and looks down at the Dank and the mystery women*
A 7'3 wit his claymore dragging behind him, walks by dank and izanmi) if it ain't the devil her self, pleasure to meet you
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Tatsuya stares down at the empty park, about a mile away from it on a rooftop in fact... "Well well, seems like my younger self wants to fight here? Heh, hope the kid doesn't get caught in the crossfire, but I've got this nifty opener so, gonna use it." He'd look through the scope of a sniper rifle, aiming right for the boy's heart with a smirk on his face. This likely won't kill a minion of the Crawling Chaos, but it should be a good way to start controlling the flow of combat. With that, the sound of a 50-cal rings out as Tatsu taps on the trigger twice. Two large bullets flying toward the boy's chest as he watches from afar through his scope. "Man, I love it when I get to pick how I engage!"
(He walks by inzanmi, knowing a fights gonna happen) so....how ya been doing?,
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If I didn't know better, I'd almost say the small, white creature was following Haruko. She can hear his voice once again, it seems to come from a nearby alleyway I'd advise stepping a bit further away. There's about to be a fight here, and with two people of their strength going at it, in the open isn't a very safe place to be The catlike creature looks up at the sound of gunfire, before commenting again Honestly thought he'd go a little flashier, knowing that guy. Guess it is somewhat convenient though
Also, who ya betting ya money on?, I'm betting it on tatsuya
A girl portals in in a hurry I cannot miss another chance to observe Target: Tatsuya Suou's power. She then proceeds to focus all her magic around herself and Haruko in a barrier If I'm correct, we shall be needing this.
Izanami would just give Zane a tired stare before her eyes began gleaming with fierce red light. She would turn away as the light subsides and Zane would begin being coated in a thick cloud of fog. The fog would make them lose their way as they would wander without knowing where they were going until it faded. Once it did fade he'd forget about the existence of the women.
*She does step back from the area, picking up Kyubey* Oh there you are, I was wondering where you went. So apparently that younger guy got power from that Izanami woman. I guess this is a... test of sorts for her power.
Huh...Whaaaa...what just happened?
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As Danksuya speaks to Izanami, he notices the glint of a rifle a little too late, trying to sidestep, only to have a bullet rip through his shoulder, Tch, fine then. Have it your way. Come.... HELIOS! Danksuya then raises his arm into the air and a blast of dark shadows shoot out from him, encompassing the entire area with a dark aura, however it seems to deal no damage, but, it seems to weaken resistances within the area. When the shadows disperse a little a glowing red man in long flowing white robes, standing atop of a chariot made of flames with 2 inferno horses appears beside Danksuya Now that we have those pesky fire resistances out of the way. Let the real battle begin. Danksuya then hops onto the chariot and rides it into the safety of a side of a building, then dismissing it and pulling out his lighter, using the reflective side as a mirror to try and find the sniper
Oh yeah, forgot there was a fight going on...WOOOOO, GO TATSUYA, WHOOOOOOO
Kyubey lets Haruko take him into his arms, checking around their immediate area for any bombs. Of course, as before anyone could see him, but only Haruko can hear I wasn't there when the deal was made, Izanami does a VERY good job of maintaining secrecy. Considering Tatsuya's reputation here, there's a very good chance this fight was part of the bargain. They wouldn't want him to interfere after all.
*Urumi watches the fight, she soon noticed Haruko... and Kyubey* *Urumi sighs*
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[He was feeling curious, and he wanted to see something happen at times and now, not tomorrow or yesterday, but now, quite the event indeed. "Melbourne" soon took notice of this singular point in time and space, in the middle of the vast sea of existence. The man was looking down at the earth, but with his head up as he was upside down in the skies, quietly standing on the sky itself, using nothing but oxygen as his platform. His twitchy fingers were resting inside of the pockets of his classy pants.] "Two points in the world, space collide and create a vortex of emotion. Elimination and creation at the same time. I find it interesting." [Against the boring laws of physics, his cap was not falling and the wind didn't have a single effect on his clothing or messy hair.]
A loud train horn blares as the flying steam locomotive bursts into reality once more. It loops around before stopping a good distance from the fight. Deneb emerges from the cabin. A basket under his arm. "O-Oh is this a show? Far be it from me to pass up a chance to see something some people have put their time into!" Deneb gets on his knees and watches the spectacle from afar.
Tatsuya mutters something about Apollo, and the Persona quietly appears behind him, it'd fly around a building before appearing about 4 buildings to the right of Tatsuya. Flames bursting from its hands in the shape of a large snake, the fire construct would dash toward Danksuya and open it's mouth, fireballs shooting at the boy as it moves before getting close enough to try and pull him and Helios into its jaws. Meanwhile, at the same time as Apollo's movements begin. Tatsuya would dart off, leaping one building to the left before setting up and taking aim again as the snake forms. He'd then begin firing off a pair of rounds, as his serpent reaches Danksuya, two bullets would tear through the air again. As usual, aimed at the center of the boy's chest, trying to strike his heart. "No time for playing nice, so instead I'll pull a two-pronged attack and see which of us he tries to go for."
A cloud of fog rests atop a nearby building. As it dissipates, a single man can be seen dangling his legs over the edge. "Heh. A whelp dares to challenge an alpha? As much as I can't stand the latter, this may be enjoyable."
PLACE YA BEATS HERE, PUT YA MONEY IN ONE OF THE BOXES (one box says "danksuyw, and the other one says tatsuya)
Secrecy, huh? Hmm.... I guess this whole thing does feel shady. The last two people to contract with her end up dying to Tatsuya...?
Kyubey gives Haruko a little nod, and looks in the direction Danksuya ran off before replying to her Technically we don't know that, but they did both end up having to fight Tatsuya, one of the most powerful humans in the Nexus. Its a pattern that indicates that being part of the deal. Kyubey looks back up to Haruko, beady red eyes staring into her own Of course, unlike those two, if you made a contract with me, there's a good chance you'd be able to win. Not like you'd ever need to fight him of course.
Suggestion. Do not contract with the one who has given those power. Lest you evoke that Sol's wrath.
Wow.........surprised no ones doing me beating
*Urumi drops down to the alleyway* *Urumi soon lands on the ground, feet first. She soon walks over to Haruko as a Mask digitizes over Her (Urumi's) face*
Shinji Teleports in right next to Haruko to watch the battle Aww crud! I'm late... Work sucks.....
GV walks by and notices the group that is watching Tatsuya vs. Danksuya "What's going on right now?"
*She actually laughs at the suggestion.* No, no, I don't think I could. He's a way better fighter than me, even if I could beat him in some weird power measurement contest.
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As Tatsuya moves from building to building, Danksu catches a glimpse of the red coat and puts his lighter back into his pocket, thinking about what to do when the snake and 2 bullets ring out Helios. Danksuya summons up the chariot again, this time only be town by one horse, as it charges towards the serpent, eating up all the fireballs with its face, eventually charging straight into the serpants mouth and exploding in an intense fireball of heat On the other hand, Helios forms a set of hard light armour and straps it onto the second flaming horse, Danksuya rolling onto the horse, one of the bullets dink off the armour but the other nicks the side of his chest, nothing vital, but it hurt Danksuya then on the flaming horse up the building and onto the roof, Danksuya hiding behind a bit of concrete and using the lighter as a mirror again, the horse however stays there a little distance away, an easy target, if Tatsuya would choose to shoot it
Deneb briefly glances at Zane, quietly speaking under his breath. Due to his range away it's doubtful anyone could hear his words. "It looks like that boy got some help, that is quite good. Perhaps he would want some candy? Calm down, Deneb. You're here to watch the show, not interrupt it!"
"Is that..." GV sees Danksuya engage with Tatsuya, "What are they doing here...?"
"Are we seriously betting on this?" GV looks a bit annoyed at Reperzel, and then says, "Fine, I'll go for Tatsuya too."
Kyubey briefly glances at the new arrivals before focusing back on Haruko, while his voice in her head has always sounded pretty much the same, he stops squirming in an attempt to look more serious Of course there are many factors, such as the nature of the wish, but you would almost certainly be stronger than him. That's enough to give you a chance if you decided to fight him right out of the gate. After a while hunting witches, you might have enough skill to do it as well. But that's not really that important anyways, since you'd never have to. I'm just giving an example using the current situation. Far more relevant is the number of Witches you could beat easily. Which is well over half of them.
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"Are we really doing this...?" GV says before reluctantly putting 500 yen in the box. "I just hope Tatsuya wins..."
I think nobody is betting because we all know the outcome of this battle.
The blast tears apart the shape of the snake, Apollo, however, is still in control of the now much larger fires, a vast cloud of flames would now begin rushing at Danksuya, passing through Helios as it attempts to engulf the boy. "Trying to lure me into hitting the horse for some reason eh kid? Sorry, but I can see that pretty little mirror too boy." He'd smirk, rather than taking the obvious bait. The man sets his gun down for a moment. He'd reach into his coat and quickly pull a frag grenade from it, he tosses the thing across buildings and aims to land behind Danksuya. He'd then follow up by pulling a flashbang a few seconds after the frag, aiming it to land on the boy's left side and hopefully stun him after the first blast. "Let's see how you cope with some real firepower, I'm quite curious about the blindness too... If they even hit, might just force you into the open. Which is fine too."
Remember, if tatsuya wins, ya keep ya money, he losses, I get alllll the money in the losers box
"But you betted for Tatsuya, doesn't that mean that if he loeses, you lose your money?" GV says rather confusedly. He then looks at Shinji and asks,"What do you mean that we know the outcome of the battle?"
No, I'm not putting my money, hell nah, I'm just saying
*She looks over at Shinji* Um... hello? Yeah, this fight seems like a formality.... *She now decides to go to the mental link thing instead, so as not to freak out Shinji.* I suppose I don't really need to see how this ends to know you're the better option, huh?
Well, everyone who's seen these guys fight knows. And those of us who are sensitive to mana. The power difference is staggering.
"Mana, what are you talking about? There's just some stuff that I don't really understand since entering the Nexus with Joule..." He says to Shinji, still bewildered at the mention of Mana.
(He lays down by the betting stand, and plays his banjo beautifully)
Mana, the base of life. And the..... You know what? Cutting the technobabble It's magic.
Satisfied, Kyubey nuzzles back against Haruko's arm and continues speaking to her I mean, as long as you don't mind getting sent into a fight you can't win, go ahead. Though, technically Danksuya could still win. Then that would be one of many hoops you don't have to jump through. On the other hand, all I ask is that you're willing to make a contract and protect people from Witches. On that subject, have you thought of a wish yet?
"So, mana is techinically magic? Well, I can use Electricity as something, but I'm not familiar with magic at all." He says, wondering for a way to 'sense' their power levels
*Urumi texts something on her phone and soon a bag of popcorn teleports near Haruko*
Well, Mana is a part of magic, the other part is Ether.... If Ether is an empty battery, Mana is a charged one. Use mana, it becomes Ether. Charge Ether, it becomes the usable Mana. Sorta like that. That's the very basics of it.
"Oh, I kinda get it now. It's kinda like my EP. I think I understand now." He says, glad that he is at least enlightened at this and is glad that not everything is different. "Though Tatsuya seems far more powerful than...whomever this person is."
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Danksuya notices the grenades fly over head and curses, at least he knew where Tatsuya was now, so, being the insane person he is, he jumps off the side of the building, having 2 additional horses summoned in front of him, following the original horse while he free falls, then using a bit of excess magic to cast a blanket of flames over the 4 of of them, the blanket then splits into 3 parts, each one covering a different horse as they split off in 3 directions mid-air, flying towards Tatsuya's location, one going left, one going right, and one going overhead How about a game of chance? The serpent on the other hand, is met with Helios, as it moves over to grapple onto the snake, throwing the piece he grabs onto to the building away from the horses, weather or not it works is up to dice
Yeah, well. You'd definitely be right about that. It'd take him laying down and suiciding to lose.
"Well, that guy seems to somehow hold back Tatsuya, but I don't think that'll last long honestly." He sees Danksuya play his "game of chance" and looks back at Shinji, "Still, this person seems to be gambling his way to victory"
"Tatsuya Suou is quite arrogant for his age, intriguing. Simple, and just like a breathing one. Too old though, rusty and soon to disappear." [As the two same individuals struggle without a point, Melbourne simply focuses his eye on the most interesting one of the bunch. He had already seen the unfunctional mind of Tatsuya Suou, however, this Danksuya was a new one, an unforseen posibility that made something inside of him click with interest.] "Young and aggressive, the fire is their soul. Clash and and burn, clash and burn, clash and burn, clash and struggle against the set fate, although you cannot escape it or beat it. That is the nature of the ones under the Great Will." [Melbourne stops watching the uninteresting clash, and simply decides to take a look into the inner turmoil, their battling souls with no much time left. Perhaps he should've proposed to other one a "Contract" already. Shoot. Now would be boring.] "However." [Melbourne finally decides to acknowledge the foggy existence, the fake one. Melbourne stares at Fakelib from above, still upside down on the sky. This man whispers, but his voice could be heard by those who paid attention. Without a mouth, without moving, he could communicate.] "You are the fake one, Fakelib. Copy or rather alternative to the one known as Kalib. You have my curiosity and so I wish to speak to you."
GV suddenly senses someone from afar. "There's someone near by..." He says rather suspiciously.
Huh, trying a thinking game, huh? Guessing he knows he can't win one-on-one. *She then speaks exclusively to Kyuubey* I'm fine with that. And I have thought on it, honestly. Though perhaps now isn't the time for sharing that. Wouldn't want to distract everyone from this duel of fates.
Still here...and still taking beats
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The burn snake of flames is grabbed... Or would be, but as it's simple loose fire it just singes Helios a bit, rather than going on, however. The construct would break down into a pillar of fire upon the ground. It circles under its foe, before bursting up in a huge blast of fire, the display would shoot up into the air high enough for Danksuya and Tatsu to see. "Well, let's see how his Persona likes that little trick... APOLLO, TO ME!" The Persona dashes as Tatsu himself does the same, they'd meet in the middle as Danksuya's horses rush toward them. Lights gather in the hands of Persona and master, they'd push them out toward the horses as a large wall of Hardlight begins appearing, it'd be a few feet in front of the two with large spikes pointing out toward the horses. If they didn't stop fast enough, it'd impale them.
Kyubey stretches a little before curling up in Haruko's arms and closing his eyes before speaking to her Alright, well, just remember, you can call me whenever you're ready, just like we're talking now. I'd prefer to go with a slower method, more formal that way, but if you're in danger the contract can be over with in a matter of seconds
"Hm?" The man senses eyes on him as he looks around. There didn't seem to be anyone from below or on his roof so that could only mean it came from above. He tilts his head up and takes note of the man in the sky. "Huh. You don't see that everyday." He stands up from the edge and dusts himself off as the man begins to speak. "Alternative would be an apt description for me, though I would prefer people acknowledged me as the real Kalib. Asking for the moon, I know." He looks back up at the man with a sly grin. "So what can I do for you, good sir?"
Never said I wasn't ready. Besides, you want to watch this fight too, don't you? Honestly it's a fight between a thinker and a hammer..... okay, maybe it's not that exciting....
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The pillar of flames decimates Helios as it disappears from sight, completely destroyed as Danksuya feels a headache come on, as for the spikes, one of them hits the horse on the left, decimating it, the one on the right manages to survive the assault, but just barely, luckily for the one on the top, Danksuya notices the spikes come from below and commands it out of the way, riding just next to it, when he approaches the the wall he jumps off and desummons the horses Now is the time Vulcanus! Danksuya then brandishes his blade alongside Vulcanus, they both form blades of fire as they slash directly into the wall, trying to break through onto the other side, at this point Danksuya's eyeglasses have fallen off onto the ground beneath them, trying to stare directly into Tatsuya's eyes to read his mind, he has to use everything at his disposal
"weren't you rooting for Tatsuya earlier?" GV says rather annoyed.
Kyubey opens one eye look back up at Haruko before responding I don't have any real interest in this, especially since we all know how it ends. But I can stick around if you'd like. Though, it might be better for me to find more Magical Girls while I wait, Its up to you
"I call myself Melbourne." [The irregular being walks his way down toward the "real" Kalib until he is right in front of him. He doesn't stand on the building, but right above this new interesting creature or living being. His face was as close as it gets to his, making it easy to notice his rather empty and deep black eyes, or maybe, just his left eye, the one that was easier to process.] "I heard about you, and your parasites, despairasites. The power you give to those and how they actually just waste their true potential." [Melbourn keeps walking down, but his face doesn't move a single inch as the rest of his body walks on nothing, until he decides to stand on the building, to not get any unwanted attention.] "I want it. I want to understand and know. I want the knowledge and the trutuh it may bring, dissect and study, break and rebuild. I want all of it here and gone and living."
The wall is indeed slammed into, Apollo and Tatsuya would both smirk as their foes close in... It shatters, but rather than simply going away, the light magic would spread out into the air. Persona and master leap back, trying to buy a bit more time as they focus on the magic. "Shall we close this out soon, my other self?" As the boy tries to make eye contact, Tatsuya would simply close his own eyes for a moment. Sensing his foe through Apollo as the light magic begins darting down toward Danksuya, it'd rush at Dank and try to form a set of hardlight chains, aiming to bind the boy's arms and legs as Tatsuya smirks. "Alright, hope this trick works out." If his chains struck true, he'd dart forward and grab hold of the boy's shirt. Aiming to toss Danksuya down to the ground before sending a bone-crushing stomp into his back, his leg snapping down in a blur as he looks down at his foe.
Ohhhhhh, that's gotta hurt
"I have to go..." GV says as he eventually leaves
Yay (he takes the 700 yen from the box and takes it) free money!
Bye. Shinji doesn't look away from the fight
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Danksuya and Vulcanus touch the ground and notice the light chains moving in, Danksuya taking a step back as Vulcanus moves in to take his place, hopefully tanking the blow for him, otherwise the aforementioned strike happens with Danksuya hitting the floor However if tanked, Danksuya rushes forward and dismisses Vulcanus, replacing it with Helios as they both charge, Helios going for a hardlight spear stab on Apollo, while Danksuya goes for an overhead sword strike on Tatsuya I won't lose! I simply can't! Fighting is the only thing I have going for me! So I'll prove that I can do it!
The man raises a brow at how close their faces are, but decides not to question the man who blatantly breaks conventional logic. "Wasting potential is right on the nose. Hell, I gave this young girl the chance to change the world and she squandered it. So I took away her power, death would've been too good for her." He shakes his head as multiple black orbs appear from a cloud of fog behind him. "You say you want one? I've never had someone approach me before. But I won't say no. Would you like to meet them? Only a couple are mature at the moment but they would appreciate a place to call home." Three of the orbs roll forward and stop in front of Fakelib.
Man, Kotori should watch this fight....
Kid could learn something.
Vulcanus does indeed tank the blow, the Persona would of course vanish. Along with the chains of light themselves breaking down and starting to rush toward their users as raw energy. "Alright, can't get careless now of all times." Tatsuya raises his right hand up, the energy from the chains darting into it to form a hardlight tower shield. Tatsuya would raise it to Danksuya's blade and attempt to block the overhead swing. Apollo on the other hand darts back, the spear stabbing into his chest and slowing him down for a bit. But he'd counter with a glowing white blast of Nuclear energy into Helios head. "I can't lose either... If I get killed, well. There are people who'd be sad, people who'd be let down, and just a whole lotta people I'd have failed. So, I really can't screw around and die here." As he speaks, the man would aim to push Dank's blade backward, a silver revolver forming in his left hand as he tries to push the sword away. He'd then reach around his shield, the sun gleaming in the night as Tatsuya takes aim for the boy's skull, he'd pull the trigger back twice, at this range... It should be hard to evade.
Bullets to head=death...sooo
[Melbourne stays in complete silence as keeps looking at the orbs. Of course, these small orbs will not do anything, or maybe they will. He doubts it very much, it would be like candy. The man talked about them having a home, and perhaps they meant him? It could be the case. Perhaps, he should accept them. It was never a question, he would, he will. He does understand and will go beyond. Otherwise it would be boring.] "I accept, I want to learn. Give them to me in this unending night of hidden destruction in the middle of this eternal chaos. Law does what it must as it is my own sense of curiosity. Does it make me human or perhaps it makes me a monster, what is a heart. Persona, Demons, Magic, Parasites and death of all. Fake, Truth and REALITY. I ACCEPT THEM ALL." [Like some kind of perturbed child, Melbourne finally opens his mouth as the skin covering it melts away into a bloody mess. His teeth are razor sharp, mutiple, far too many for them to fit inside of this limited mouth. Eyes present themselves like the sun or a moon watching over everything, this one orb accepts and acknowledges it. Black veins begin to cover his pale white skin, as if they were trying to break away. However, after this sudden outburst that slowly broke away his mask as he kept speaking, calms down. Now, his mouth is still wide open with a smile in the shape of a crescent moon on the dark night, adorning the forgotten universe. Yet, the veins are gone and his face is completely calm, almost like some kind of corpse.] "I accept it."
Behind the woman's hood she would wear a dismissive glance as she stares at the events unfolding. "If you can lose to this then perhaps you are not truly useful. I had high expectations for you but can you not wear the title of champion of man?"
(He quickly notices the hooded women) ay....ya wanna beat on who's gonna win?
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*Helios gets blasted by the nuclear beam, breaking into little pieces for good as Danksuya stares down the barrel of the gun after being pushed away Heh... People who care for you huh? I wonder how that feels. You both know we never had anybody who cared for us, all throughout school. Not even our own brother. Our grades were average. No friends. No family. What would you do in my position? Not fight? If not, you would be lying to yourself. I only have one regret. One that will die with me, and that's not being as good as you. *Danksuya then notices Izanami, frowning and whispering to himself Champion? I just wanted to prove that I wasn't worthless... That I had a dream to fulfill. I've been so empty... *The shots then ring out, Danksuya falling to the ground, never to get up again
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*Haruko just stares at the ground after the shot rings out...* I... think I'm ready to go now...
(He quickly run to the body, grabs it, and then digs a hole, then puts the body in the hole) there we go....r.I.p danksuya
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Tatsuya sighs as the gun, Persona, and shield all vanish into the air. He'd look down at the boy's body with a frown... "So that's what this was about huh? Tch, dumbass, Lisa... Well, you wouldn't know yet. Geez, you never got to meet any of them, did you? Sad..." He shoos Rep away, keeping the idiot he thought was dead from messing with the kid's body... Instead, waves of fire would flow around the man, glowing blue flame roaring around his arms before Tatsuya points his hands out. They'd engulf Danksuya's body and turn his whole form to ash in an instant... He'd then begin walking away, hands in his pockets and a sad look on his face. "What a waste of life, even with that Reverse Persona, the kid didn't stand a damm chance here..."
Shinji stands up and stretches his back Man that was awesome..... He then notices Haruko and looks at her, then pats her shoulder Hey. Piece of advice. When a warrior enters battle, they do it with the expectation of death. It's a natural part of life. He went into this battle prepared. Death isn't as bad as you think, It's just the beginning of rebirth. Sometimes even the good guys have to kill the bad guys. Kuz if they don't, who's to stop them from doing more bad? So don't worry. When someone dies, just wish them luck. K? He'll give her a reassuring smile before warping away
Well...at lest I got some money here....sooo, win win
A Shadow orb filled with red light would appear in the woman's hand. She would look over the flames as they burn and begin to frown. "Too bad really. They had potential but it seems they couldn't live up to it. Well this shall make a good addition to handle lesser threats at very least. It would also seem I must enhance my methods..."
Fakelib smirks as the shot rings out, but his attention was on the maw of the man before him. An impressed whistle is all the man would receive as a reaction. Fakelib's eyes stare into Melbourne's with intrigue. "Well for the time being I can offer you these three." The balls unfurl and reveal themselves from left to right: a flea, a termite, and a hair louse. All of them about a foot long and with red beady eyes. "The middle one is the only combat ready Despairasite, I have right now. Flea and Hair Louse are both still new to this stage of evolution." The creatures step forward towards Melbourne and look up at him. "Were you previously informed of how they go about feeding and growing? Or do I need to give you quick lesson?"
*Urumi wakes up after the fight ended* well that happened

Yeah, I know that.... still, not something you really enjoy seeing, you know? *She would then realize Shinji is gone. Before watching Izanami for a moment, shaking her head....* Yeah.... I think Sayaka-chan saved me from making a terrible mistake...
[The man simply kneels down and keeps his empty gaze towards nothing at all. All he does is stand there like some kind of statue, not moving a single inch.] "Despair. The bad feelings human refer to and the opposite of hope. It is perhaps that what you mean but it could be something else I yet ignore. I desire to learn." [With this, the man looks up at Fakelib once more.]
Fakelib nods at the man's words. "Well the only one that needs any sort of special attention right now is Termite. He feeds on the despair that comes from destruction. Crush a building or crush someone's fighting spirit and that'll be enough to get despair flowing." The creatures roll back up into balls and leap at Melbourne. They pass through his skin and he can feel them moving to his spine. They lodge themselves there and he can already feel their odd power. "Keep in mind that they are reliant on your life force should you neglect their needs. Granted, we're talking about little more than a litre of blood at most if they go hungry. Now then, allow me to show you armed mode. Termite will manifest himself as a large sledgehammer, you simply need to focus on him and bring forth his power. Give it a shot."
"Crushing and breaking is boring. However." [Whatever this beings were, he could feel them, he could slowly understand every each one of these parasites. Melbourne was never alive, he was not dead either. How he would keep them as nothing but a simple simulation to what he truly wanted. Indeed, it was to understand and comprehend. The creatures would feel at home for the time being indeed. But when it came to this "power", Melbourne couldn't feel. Melbourne wouldn't be interested. "I understand now, I shall use this power now." [Indeed, inside of his body the parasite would be in a simulation, but he could still do it. The materia was there and the instructions were given. Melbourne soon closes both eyes, and opens the palm of his right hand. Indeed his glove shouldn't get dirty this time, he would make sure the sledgehammer was clean. Some kind of energy and element then begins to manifest in front of the man, as it came right out of his own body. Based on the Termite itself, a large sledgehammer of color brown would soon form. It was reather simple, but it was what it was indeed.] "Ah, armed mode. I do feel the power you give me. Interesting, most curious. Perhaps to use in a battle, perhaps should change the world and learn about it all. I thank you, Kalib, for you have given me a tool."
"Golly! You're gonna make me blush!" The man plays up the compliment before grinning. "Well I'll be around when the others reach maturity. You'll have many more toys to play with. And who knows how that mind of yours will affect the young ones." He brings a hand to his chin. "Curious. I do look forward to seeing their evolution."
"I am, too, curious. About it all." [With nothing more to add. Melbourne is simply gone from the scene at the blink of an eye. Indeed, he now had an interesting toy.]
Fakelib blinks as he looks for the man. "Whoa." He jumps up and down in excitement. "How cool is that guy!? With his eyes and thoae gnarly teeth! Haha! Wicked! Awesome! I can't wait to see how my pets grow up around a man like that! Radical!" He continues to fanboy as a cloud fog envelopes him and moments later it lifts with him nowhere to be seen.
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