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Armoy: I haven't done this for a while!
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Tatsuya sits at a counter, looking around curiously as he realizes this is the first time in... Weeks at least, that he's opened the place up again. "Geez, hope we're not so busy I can barely cope or something. It'd be a pain if there's too many people in here at once, but I guess that's the price you pay for being one of two people who has actual weapons." He'd shrug to himself and lean back on a wall. Eyes watching the doors as he awaits the usual herd of people this place seems to bring.
(A 7'3 man walks to the Blacksmith, and drops his 7'1 claymore right is front of him) I need something better
Aitome notices the store open and walks in apprehensively looking around for a while before turning to Tatsuya and walking up to the counter, trying to put on a smile as she greets the old man Hey there Tatsuya! How have you been? Hopefully good? I was wondering if you've completed my little project! Sorry if I didn't give you enough information or something. Weapons aren't my forte hehe...
*Haruko notices a fancy new armory open. Hey, if a bat won't do the trick this is exactly what she needs!* Um... hey? Anyone here?
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Tatsuya smirks at Ai and pulls out a briefcase, he'd open it up and show her old blade. Now covered in various runes and bits of script from languages she surely wouldn't understand. "Yeah... It took a while honestly, but screw around with enough magic runes and bits of spells, well you can get lots of fun stuff. I also sharpened it up for ya, of course, reinforced the metalwork a bit to keep it from getting too banged up easy. The usual really, but most of all it's now able to conduct magic of all kinds... All kinds Personas use, pretty dang well!" He'd push the briefcase in front of her and grin, she'd also notice a sheath for it held inside as well. Finally, Tatsuya looks at Rep and sighs, a weary look crossing his face as he realizes it's that boy who got arrested. "As for you Zane? I've seen your face on the news, and in bounty offices, I'm not selling weapons to someone known for attacking people at random. I'm sorry, but crooks can only buy from me if I got a reason to trust em, and I don't trust you." He'd then smile at Haruko upon hearing her come in, waving for a moment before looking her over... Hmm, what to give that one? "Yup! Me again in fact, and uh sorry about that mess with my younger self the last time met... Not sure what his deal is, but I can assure you, I'm usually a lot more laid-back, when I'm not getting death threats anyways." He then claps his hands and attempts to wave off that intro, clearly not wanting to dwell too much on what happened. "Well, what can I help you with anyway!? I've got plenty of stuff here after all, and uh from what Delta was saying you clearly need something, baseball bats don't cut it in a real fight."
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(He gives tatsuya the "better be glad I'm not gonna whoop ya ass" stare, and grabs his claymore)
A boy with blue hair and blaring red eyes walks in. He wears a red cloak that seems to flow in the wind before he enters. Upon the air a powerful aura can be felt that almost feel impressive but a hint of freedom can be felt as well. "I have come before but the one who helped me in the past seemed unknowledgable of what I needed. Tell me, could you help me? I can tell from the look of you that you are far more experienced than people I have met since coming here."
He notices kanz) ay kanz, its me, the worm, the one ya almost killed at the park
The snakipede?
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Tatsuya looks over at Abel... Whatever that guy is, human ain't the right for it. Regardless, no reason not to hear him out. "Sure, I can at least take a look anyway. Name's Tatsuya Suou, now what exactly are you looking for? Because... With magic like that, who even needs weapons?" He'd raise an eyebrow at the boy, wondering just why someone with such obvious power is looking for well, more firepower.
Abel would simply stare and almost try to look friendly in a way. He naturally was kind for someone with such power and could take on such a look as well. He felt that Tatsuya would understand his request and thus held nothing back about what he wanted. "Most people in this world seem to have weapons that fit with their fighting styles naturally. I want a weapon of such make as well. One that can synchronize with fire, ice, force, and electricity. I'm willing to pay even the highest price for such a weapon so do you have anything that would fit with such a description?"
Woah... That's shiny... *Aitome then takes the blade out of the case and admires it for a second, concentrating as she tries to pump a bit of energy into it as a test, the blade's edge bursts to life with fire then light, ice and eventually nuclear before dying down, after the test Aitome places the blade into the sheath and places it onto her lap, pulling out a large cloth band and begins to wrap the entire thing You did a really nice job Tatsu! I'm pretty thankful! I wish that I could understand why it works, but even if you explain it I probably still wouldn't have a clue. At any rate it works! That's what matters right? This thing will need a name though, ill have to think about it... Although... *Aitome then shuffles around uncomfortably, putting the blade down and looking down for a second Um... Can I ask ya something Tats? It might be a little out of nowhere though. But I still wanna ask it. *Aitome then notices Kaz and jumps back a little, not expecting him to be here, although it might be a little dumb to start something here, so hopefully they won't fight here O-oh! King of Labels! Wh-what are you doing here?
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(He lays onto a wall and whatches everyone) can't believe him...look at kanz, his some sorrta devil for crying out loud, and he gets stuff!....then again, he's basicly a god, sooo
I mean... you're still plenty scary it seems. Though I'll admit I found something scarier recently... And yeah I was looking for something, actually. Well two things, really, but I'm guessing a worthwhile reason to fight isn't something you offer. So I'll just take a weapon.
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"Ah, yeah I can make something like that... Actually, Just got done building something like that for Aitome in fact." He'd nod at the request, the guy seems like... Well, can't judge yet, but he's not wandering around attacking people for no fucking reason, which puts him above Zane regardless. "What type of weapon do you favor then? Or did you have something you want worked on now, I don't see anything, but well when it comes to us magic types, looks can be pretty deceiving." He'd then turn back to Haruko for a moment, chuckling upon hearing the girl call him scary. Geez, is he really that bad? "Aww, you wound me Madame, but I'm pretty tough so I'll pull through! Anyway, like I said to the King of... Bel if I'm not mistaken. Gotta know what kinda weapon you're looking for, I can't just toss you a random thing and say use this ya know." Finally, he looks back at Aitome with a curious expression on his face, it's nice hearing his work praised but... What's she wondering about? "Go ahead Ai, not like I'm one to shy away from answering questions or anything... Sounds like ya don't wanna ask though? But, fire away my friend."
(He pulls his claymore, and spins it around...surprised no one done anything bout him)
Abel would think to himself for a while. He wasn't sure what kind of weapon would fit him as until this point he had simply been using his fists for physical attacks. In general he felt he just needed something to help channel his power with the most accuracy. "Perhaps, a scepter of some kind. Could you make one with a blade on the end of some sort. I would want a decent sized blade. Perhaps what I require is a small spear of some sort of make. Do you think you could fulfill a request of this sort?"
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Tower shield and a lance,
Well I've been training with a sword... though hey, you have anything good for throwing? I... uh... used to be really good with frisbees and stuff. *She'd look around awkwardly after saying that.*
A perfect mix of long range and damage absorption
And for the girl, shurikan, or charakam, with a side of a dagger, perfect for keep away
Aitome nods a little and takes a second to think it over, a somewhat pained expression revealing itself as she speaks Well... Where do I start? I suppose I just wanted to ask, why do you fight Tatsu, and how do you keep it up, I've tried to help people out for a little while now, but it doesn't seem to work. By now 4 people that I care about have died... Aitome then stares back at the blade, gripping the handle as it glows a slight orange, before letting go and watching the aura fade away I've just kind lost the will to fight. If I'm not protecting the people that I want to. Then why should I keep going you know? I'm sorry if its a hard subject to ask you. I know you've probably lost people as well, and remembering might be hard. But! I want yo regain that enthusiasm to defend this place again. Because as much as I might hate it or love it. This place is my home. Our home infact, the Nexus that is. I don't want to run from my issues... So I want to get help, and I suppose your just the one that I found first.
A girl walks into the armory, looking around at all the people, starting to scoot herself to an unoccupied corner
*Upon entering the armory, Shino automatically gravitates towards the mace section, but sees Hana trying to make herself hidden* Oh hey Hana, I wouldn't think that you would like being in a place like this... You seem more like the type to stay out of battles.
Uhh... I wanted to find something... You know... for self defense. But..... There's a lot of people....... She looks around at all the people around the building
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Tatsuya nods at the boy with a smirk on his face, small spear eh? There's something he can work with. "Got it, I should have that done in... Hmm, a week. It'd normally take longer but after all that stuff with Ai's sword? I've gotten a pretty good idea of making stuff conduct magic. So yeah, gimme a week. And as for size, I'm thinking two and a half feet or so?" Tatsuya then looks back to Haruko... Swords? She doesn't seem the type, looks can be off but... Chakrams huh? Needs magic, lots of it to keep em coming back after use. Something with magnets? Or maybe just a summoning type, wait, what about a device that just makes more on the spot? Might be... He'd shake his head, no need to get lost in thought. "Chakrams might work, most wouldn't suggest using them as your only weapon but uh I could cook up something to make the things come back after you toss. That's custom work though, and mystical too, I'd need time to figure it out. For now, I can just you some... And uh, how well do you heal anyway? Might want some blunt ones at first to ya know, not die by cutting yourself." He'd then look over to Ai and sigh... So, someone finally asked him that question huh? Well now there's a hell of a thing. "Why? Lots of reasons honestly, I want to help people sure. Part of it with me? Just a simple love for this crap frankly, I like staying up till 8 in the damn morning building weapons most people don't think exist, I like getting into fights with demons an gods, even if the almost dying part bugs me." He'd then pause for a moment, rubbing the back of his head before looking down. "But the biggest part of all? For the longest time, I didn't have anything better to do, and well I wasn't willing to end myself or anything. I've lost plenty of people, but in the end I just keep on going because it's all I can think to do. Can't talk about you, but I ain't giving up on trying to do some good yet, even if it's just one person, that's worth something." Tatsuya puts his hands in his pockets, pulling his lighter out and absently looking into the flames as he flicks it on... Geez, didn't expect this to turn serious, but if nothing else. It is at least interesting trying to put this in words.
(He grabs his claymore, and atcs like he's gonna throw it) wooooo, ohh no look a swords gonna g-dead, that was some great acting
*She notices all of the people as well* Yeah, I getcha... I usually don't like places that have alot of people either, but my current weapon is kind of cumbersome, even for me. So, I came to see if I can find one that fits me more.
And if ya talking to me bout the spear thing, it was just an idea for mister devil summoner over here
Ah. Lets order them together then. She takes Shino's hand and takes her to the counter Umm..... I don't know what I want yet..... ................................. Do you have a gun that shoots magic?
A gun huh? Well, that would keep you out of range from harm at least...
Guns take Time to learn, magic gun are really hard, cuz the bullets ya get for em are rare, and not very usefull
How well do I heal? I mean... I'm normal, if that's what you mean.... I haven't made any wishes or anything yet.... I don't know if I'd want to given how that fortune teller was probably evil and the things Homura-chan told me....
"Yes, that should be fine. I await the results." With that Abel would exit the armory clearly thinking about the expected result of his order. He certainly had something to look forward to if the man could come through on his order.
Even if it's just one person it has worth huh... Aitome thinks over the words and considers what each part means to her, eventually taking the wrapped blade and setting her finger ablaze with a small flame as she burns a character into the wrapping, that character being 価, value or worth, before turning back to Tatsu Hmm, you and I have very different outlooks then. Or, at least you and me personally, I know I have at least one spirit in here that lives for battle heh. I haven't been able to help anybody, yet. So I suppose I can't sympathize with that last part. All I do just seems to crumble. But I suppose I'll have to wait on that until I actually save someone right? Aitome then picks the blade off the counter and slings it onto her back, bound by the cloth and with a new rune on it. Aitome then sighs a little and smiles I suppose we can't leave on a sad note though! So thanks again Tatsu. I'll try and find the fire of fight again!
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Tatsuya shrugs... Magic? The only gun, wait, would it be possible to make more like that freaking Revolver he uses? Bah, not the time for this. "I got Dust rounds, not quite magic. But they'll fire most elements regardless. If that's what you're looking for, just lemme know what kinda gun ya want." He'd then nod at Abel, hmm what to make it from? He's short on spears of legend at the moment, so maybe just use something more normal? Well, regardless Haruko's still here. He'd walk into the back and return with a case full of discs, about half sharpened to a razor's edge, and the other totally blunt. 30 each in fact. "Here, this should get you started. The blunt ones are for practice mostly, also, don't do anything stupid like trying to pull tricks with them or something got that? You're not that good, I can assure you of that fact. Anyway, I guess I can look into that self-summoning trick at some point, but uh not gonna lie, won't be too high on the list for now... I'm curious what I can build for Demon Boy frankly..." He'd then sigh, Homura? Geez, she must have given her the whole bit about Magical Girls or something. "As for powers, well I'm not gonna say anything on that fact beyond that wishes never work out. In the 20 years, I've been dealing with this crap, I've never seen something give wishes that was exactly as it seemed." Finally, he'd turn back to Aitome and shrug with a small smile on his face. A good fight gets the blood moving, there's just something exciting about the sound of guns blazing or steel clashing against steel, the feel of flames that can't even hurt you rushing across your body... Yeah, it's an uncommon thing really, and likely for the better that it's uncommon. "Yeah Ai, I wouldn't say being a battle freak is a good thing, it pushes me to get stronger sure, but it ain't exactly the best mindset in the world... But lives, yeah to me anyway, even just one is worth it..." He'd then smile and wave at the girl as flames start to dance in his eyes, heh. If he's done her some good all the better, this playing mentor thing is... Weird as hell, but it's kinda fun in some ways too.
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Hmm, yeah, these could work. Hmph, not high on your list? Well what do I do when I run out of these? Buying these alone will probably eat though most of the yen I have... And I know, I know, wishes are always granted by some evil person who'll do something bad. Blah blah blah. I'm not gonna fall for it, don't worry. They'd have to be pretty sneaky to trick me at this point.
Oh.... Uhh.... Like... a pistol or something? I don't want to hurt anything.... Is there a magic gun that shoots.... like.... Healing magic? or protective stuff? .................... If not it's fine! I'll just run away from danger. She looks between Tatsuya and Shino And.. uhh.... Shino-san wanted something too.....
Well, I know someone who can craft the bullets... So, if you still want the gun Hana, I'll buy it for you. Still gotta find a nice mace anyway.
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Tatsuya laughs, pay? Tch, not like he's hurting for cash. "If I were charging something that takes magical research would be... A few million or something? Do you know how much time and effort that crap is when it's not something I already know how to do? No, I arm people because crap happens constantly around here, my cash comes from other work, so don't worry about paying me. On the other hand, it does mean ya can't really complain about what order I do my work in." He shrugs, not like money is any real issue with him anyways. More of a public service to run this place, at least in his mind. At that, he'd walk back and come out with a 9-millimeter pistol... Utterly normal, beyond a few slight adjustments to fire Dust and various other odd types of bullets. He'd then hand it over to Shino with barely a thought. "Here, don't even know if she'll want it but uh just take it anyway. As for maces... What kind are we talking here? Ungodly huge? Something a human can actually use? Weirdo magic? I can work with mace, but more details do not hurt."
Is it really that common? I mean I know Sayaka runs off to find witches all the time, and there's that fortune teller running around.... but it seems pretty safe.
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Tatsuya makes a so-so gesture, things have been getting safer lately... But he can't help feeling like the bubble's gonna burst, gods of sin, Fakelib, Suckmeoff Benoducks, That Yomi mess, whatever Nyarly has planned, the snake, god only knows what else. "Things have been awful quiet lately, but don't let that fool you... A few months ago we couldn't walk outside without pissing off some new God of Sin or somesuch crap. Things used to be a lot more dangerous, and I for one don't believe they'll stay this calm."
(edited by Tatsuya)
Well, I actually have an ungodly huge mace, but I was kind of looking for one that's less cumbersome... And can easily be used in combination with elemental attacks, because my current one sure as heck can't. I literally have to throw it for it to be viable with anything. So, I was thinking maybe a one handed mace would work with my style more.
I dunno, maybe it will stay calm? Heh, that'd be nice.... Though, even then, I'd still have people I... want to protect. For them, peaceful times might be the worst thing to happen...
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"Gah, everyone wants elements... Thankfully, I happen to have something like that this time! Found it in the TV a while ago or something? I don't even know, but swords are my thing so uh I just left it here for now." He'd walk into the back yet again... Returning with an oddly black mace, magic seems to flow around the thing and on close inspection, one might note it's made from bits of Shadows. Regardless, it's one-handed and even a glance would let one know this thing deals with magic nicely, Tatsuya sets it down in front of the girl with a smirk on his face. "Ungodly huge and weapons aren't normally the best mix, unless you're fighting something stupidly slow anyway. For most uses, I'd say this little number is gonna work out a bit better." He'd then look back to Haruko curiously, the worst thing that could happen huh? Well, sounds like Magical Girls then. "Yeah, peace is nice and all. But not everyone can deal with the lack of constant threats... Funny as it sounds, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if we had actual peace."
Heh, I worry what Kotori would do with actual peace as well. She's not in a good mental spot already, and there's plenty to fight as it is... Huh, I guess all my friends would be out of luck if someone just wished all the evil away. *She grins a sarcastic looking grin.* Guess that means I'd better stop anyone from trying to get rid of evil, huh?
Ahh.... Hanami looks at the mace, obviously impressed
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Tatsuya shrugs, Kotori, Magical Girls, lots of people need this crap either to stay alive, or just to keep from going crazy. "Don't think about it too hard, I've been at that for a couple decades and I've so far gotten no closer than when I started. So long as evil is in the hearts of humans, it'll never really die out... Much to my chagrin." Tch, it hurts admitting Nyarly is right about anything, but he's woefully right about that little fact... Oh well, at least the kid likes his toys, it's a pretty good weapon after all, just not his style.
*She picks the mace up and gives it a few quick test swings, finding that it fits quite well. She then smile and nods, pulling a card out of her pocket that's marked with a K* This will definitely work better! How much do I owe you for both weapons? Price isn't a problem, seeing as Kirijo Corp is footing the bill.
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"Ah Kirijo, I've got slightly less money than they do, but I'm not gonna complain about that..." Huh, he'd never thought about pricing, but 60 thousand sounds... Reasonable, by Kirijo standards, not as though he's seen them crawling through dungeons or anything. "We'll just go with 60K, I honestly don't think about actually selling anything... But, a good automatic rifle would run ya more most places, so doubt you could call it too much!" It's clear from the tone in his voice that Tatsu doesn't really care about the money, so much as does having fun with this stuff... He'd then yawn and mutter something to himself. "And uh with that, I actually believe I should close up soon, really need to open the place sooner rather than hide in the workshop when I come out, but um sorry to say, I'm pretty tired now."
*Shino pays for both weapons and grabs Hana's hand* Welp, that's our cue to head out, thanks for everything! I'll be sure to put this to good use.
Goodbye Mister! Hanami follows Shino out of the armory
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