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Flow Like A River
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The rivers waters rush down a ever flowing stream as the sound of a few people talking to one another can be heard. Next to the river it would seem a small fair has started. There aren't many people attending as it seems to be a smaller event. A young man would be walking around in a thick gray coat as the sun begins to set. His clothes underneath the overcoat would be completely monotone and it seems as though the affect is finally started to phase the coat as well. He would look down at the coat with a sign as he walks around the fair grounds. He almost seemed to be reflecting on something as he absent mindedly walks around. "Seems it's finally about that time...I can already feel it happening. I wonder if I was warned about this. Not like I could remember anyway though."
*Haruko was walking along down the river, looking pretty worn out from the day's training. Watching the water flow, listening to it, relaxing. Before coming upon the small fair, deciding she can stop for a bit to take a look around.* I never knew fighting for justice was so complicated. I wonder, did everyone have to come up with a wish they desired.
(He walks to the river, with his claymore dragging behind him)
Can't believe I can't use my fucking persona...
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Quintus would continue walking without really watching where he was going until he almost walks into Haruko. Of course, he happened to see her in front of him just before and s too for a moment as he tries to move around her not realizing who it is. "Sorry."
Oh, I'm sorr-- oh, you're that guy. The one with the tree!
(He notices the 2 people and walks to them, with his claymore dragging behind him) ay...other people
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Quintus would finally turn to notice who it was. He was a bit suprised to see them but acted oddly calm at face value. "Oh, it's you. I didn't see you there. What are you doing here." Quintus almost seemed completely out of it as his mind was clearly somewhere else. The energy was drained from his voice as he speaks.
Ello?, can ya here me? Orrrrr?
Honestly just kinda resting. I guess more my mind than body, it's been a... weird day. Promises of dreams becoming real, people talking about karma, police...
The police includes me, by The way
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Quintus would actually smile a bit. He still seems drained but it seems like he at least still has a sense of humor. "So, in other words a normal day?" He would look at Zane strangely before looking away. "I'm sorry, have I met you before?"
Yeah, we have, remember that snakipede?, that's me
That's normal, you say? Well maybe you can tell me, then. You ever here of some weird fortune teller woman going around granting people's dreams?
A man not seen in quite some time makes his way down the river... only, he's walking on his hands... on the river by selectively freezing the water underneath his hands. He's moving slowly, with purpose as he balances on the ice. Taking note of the fair going on, he decides a break is in order and pushes himself out of the river, landing on his feet not too far away. Don't they usually announce these types of things? ....Maybe I've been gone for longer than I thought. With nothing else to do, he begins walking around and taking in the sights, not letting any stares about his martial arts gi or lack of shoes bother him.
Ay...other person
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"Granting dreams? Uh, I've never heard of a woman doing that but a man once habe the means to fufill my desire by tossing some weird black ball towards me...actually I shouldn't really talk about that. Uh, but no. I've never heard of a wish granting fortune teller." Quintus would looks over towards Zane one more time as he looks him over, specifically the number of legs he has. "But you only have two legs. Centipede's have like 100 creepy legs." Quintus would notice the man using magic in a way he's never seen before. He would wonder how he could achieve such feets without any visible persona or means of power. "What...kind of magic is that?"
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Basicly, I made a deal with the devil, she made me human, but with the cost of a bloodthirsty persona, soooo
A black ball, huh? .... Sounds like that crystal ball. I don't know why, but that woman gave me some creepy vibes... like walking in a graveyard.
Lowe walks by the river, taking a break from the business of life. He didn't even notice the fair, but he didn't really seem to care either way. He notices the bunch, Delta in particular. "Well, you're a strange one, aren't 'cha? It's nice to train, for sure; but that's some real dedication."
Anyways (he puts the 7'1 claymore on his shoulders) what now?
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Delta glances over a Lowe and nods swiftly. Indeed. To train the body and mind is to better understand the self. I've never seen you around before, although I've been away from most everything for a while now. I'm known as Delta. Who might you be? You haven't reacted with much shock at my abilities, so I can only assume you have some powers of your own. He sticks out one of his hands for a handshake and lets a small smile slip.
Lowe smiles back, and shakes Delta's outstretched hand. "A power? Something like that. You're a pretty interesting guy, I can admire dedication to training, is all. I'm trying to get stronger myself."
*Haruko watches Delta a bit...* Hmm, what's with him? He seems like kind of a showoff.
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Quintus would try approaching the man known as Delta. It almost seemed like he was more energetic than a moment ago as if Delta's entrance distracted him from something that was bugging him. The man's unique talents certainly intrested him. He had seen many different kinds of powers before but he wasn't sure how someone could so easily freeze water the way he did. "Uh, excuse me but what kind of power was that exactly? I've never seen a skill like that used without a Persona."
Show off ay, that mean one or two thing: 1: he's a real deal 10/10 fighter, or 2: a little bitch who thinks he's alll That
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Delta lets loose a small chuckle before ending the handshake. And I can admire a desire to attain greater strength. How do you train? Taking note of both Quintus and Haruko he addresses their question and comment. I look not to show off. That was naught but training to better myself. And to answer your question, I do in fact have a Persona. A few of them. Controlling the magic to that degree is something that takes practice and dedication. He chooses to ignore Rep's remarks.
Course he has a persona, not surprised
Training, huh? You must be a way's more advanced than me. I'm still just swinging a bat at a tree... *Heh hehs and rubs her head.*
Ya may have a small wooden bat, but I have a 7'1 claymore and I'm 7'3 feet long, soooooo, oh i also have a compound bow
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"A few personas? I only have one and all it can really do is stop people from moving around...I guess I kinda got the short end of the stock with Yggdrasil. I can't even imagine what kind of training you'd need to do to use magic without summoning the persona to some degree." Quintus would stare into the river as if he had a new thing to try to think about in terms of his own persona. He hasn't noticed any real power besides the roots he could summon from it. They were useful when used with his parasite but other than that he felt it's power was somewhat lacking.
Lowe nods, stashing his hands in his pockets. "Persona, huh? I've fought a few of those, they're scary man. Especially to someone like me, I hardly know what they are. Maybe something to ask Tatsuya about."
I have a reversed persona call omukade,
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Didn't you get your's taken away?
Sw-swinging a bat at a tree? Delta sighs in slight disbelief before continuing. If you're serious about becoming stronger then you need proper training. A bat and a tree can't take you very far. To Quintus he would flash a look of sympathy before responding. I'm what you would call... a special case, and an accident for Persona users. Being able to cast magic without summoning a Persona is both a blessing and a curse to me so don't worry yourself over it. Just remember that your Persona is a part of you. An aspect of your unique psyche. Understanding yourself, will lead to greater strength to be drawn from it. Delta would raise an eyebrow at the mention of Tatsuya before responding to Lowe. So you know Tatsuya? He's one of those special cases too. Think of any Persona as a part of a person's personality given some sort of physical form. In my experience those with a better sense of self are better at user their Persona than others.
Yeah, I have this bracelet on that won't let me summon my persona
"A reverse Persona? That sounds ridiculous. Either way though, yeah I met Tatsuya. he's what you'd call...my mentor of sorts. He's really helped me out." Lowe pauses, taking a second to watch the water in the river. "A sense of self, huh?" His voice trails off, as he loses himself in his own thoughts.
Proper training, huh? Well I mean I stopped by this one dojo once... but I may have called them a demon cult and left after a few minutes... Apparently demons are a common thing here. Along with these Personas, and Magical Girls, and these weird space belts.
A reverse persona is a persona that 110% bloodthirsty and will not listen to ya
How'd you even get something that twisted, anyway? Better question. WHY did you get something that twisted?
Look, like I said, I made a deal with the devil, alright?
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Part of himself? Quintus didn't quite understand the nature of himself. He had only thought of his Persona as being a method of his own survival rather than some extension of himself. Who he was, was a question he had no idea how to even approach either as he almost felt isolated from himself at this point. To some extent reality didn't even feel quite real to him yet and he desperately wished he would be able to wake up from all this like a bad dream. "I don't know if I quite understand any of this. I feel like those around me have a good idea of who they are but I think I've lost that meaning somehow. I feel like maybe I've been away from home too long..."
*Shino leans on a railing by the river, throwing rocks gently, trying to make them skip across* Man... What a day... At least it's better here than anywhere else.
Deal with the devil, huh....? *Hmmms, thinking a bit....* Maybe that's what that weird guy meant by wishes never working out... *She'd then look back to Delta.* Say, you ever hear of a fortune teller lady offering to grant your desire?
Wait...did ya say..fortune teller..?
Was she a women?
Heh. Yeah that sounds like Tatsuya. He doesn't know how to leave things alone sometimes. He's a good guy, just... try to only take after his good points. To Haruko.... Yes, the demons and Personas are common. The magical girls and... "weird space belts" are new to me however. If you're wary of demons I do have a dojo of my own where I offer to teach my martial arts style. I have a feeling I know the master of the dojo you left. I'd put our martial prowess on the same level. To answer your question concisely, no. But that is an interesting rumor. Tell me what you know about it if you would be so kind. Delta places a hand on Quintus' shoulder and gives him a look of understanding. Understanding yourself is both the easiest, and hardest thing you can do as a person. It's a constant struggle, as we never stay the same person we were even mere minutes ago. As long as you don't stop striving to understand yourself the answers will present themselves one day.
Sure thing. *She looks at Rep as well before responding.* I was training when this weird woman in a cloak approached me. She offered to grant what I desire, and even showed me what it was in her crystal ball... But a friend of mine brought up stuff like hope being repaid with despair... and she told me to think long and hard about what I wanted before making that kind of wish. So I didn't make it yet.
Lowe continues his mumbling, continuing to watch the rippling water. "Away from home, huh? I can relate to that, dude. Still, I don't really miss my old life. I have people here now, I'm someone special. I've met people like Stark, Kalib, Tatsuya..." His voice trails himself off. Seems like he had someone else's name on the tip of his tongue, but he decides to stop himself. "...Yeah, even her. I'm glad to be here. Still, can't help but wonder how everyone back home is doing." He snaps out of his trance, and turns to Delta. "Yeah, he's a really helpful guy. I can appreciate that."
Kid, that fortune teller was the one who gave the wish, and she's the devil
*Shino continues skipping rocks, until a small pixie appears on her shoulder, causing her to let out a sigh* Yeah, yeah... I know. I should go back soon, still have all that programming left to do. Don't worry Pixie, I'll make sure everything gets done.
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Quintus almost seems relieved at Delta and Lowe's reaction. He was glad that he wasn't the only one trying to figure things out. Something seemed to change in him just from their words. He felt almost at peace now. A golden leaf would seemingly fall next to him from no where. The leaf would begin rapidly decaying as it touched the ground until there would be nothing left of it. Finally the sun as setting. The sky would turn a brilliant red that seemed to cover everything in its glow. Quintus would smile a bit as he looked up towards the sky. "Even if I wanted to, even if I could, I know that there's no point. My home, the place where I always thought I belonged, that place no longer exists." In the majesty of the red glow Quintus' skin almost seemed more red than usual. As if it was reflecting the light particularly well. "Sorry, guess I'm in a weird mood."
But, anyway (he slams his 7'1 claymore onto the ground) ah..that feels nice, me shoulder where starting to feel sore
Lowe turns to Quintus, puzzled. The beauty of the scenery is lost on Lowe, he's more focused on what Quintus is saying. "...No longer exists? What's that mean? Where are you from?" A twinge of worry is noticeable in his voice.
*Haruko looks at Quin as well.* Say, you okay. You're being really self-reflective... and you don't look so good...
Um....man you alright?, ya look like a mirror?
*Realizing that she's getting nothing done just skipping rocks, she heads over to the fair to check out the attractions* Maybe something here will take my mind off of things. It looks pretty lively.
Hmm. Well in my experience, it's almost always not a good idea to accept deals like that. They have a history of rarely going as you'd expect them to. If you want to gain power, it should be at your own hands. Without pouring your blood, sweat and tears into it can you really call it your own? Delta clenches his right hand into a fist and has a determined look in his eyes as he continues. Train under me, and learn martial arts! The road is arduous, long and full of pain, but that's the price one must pay to attain strength of mind, body and spirit! Lowe, Quintus, I offer the same thing to you. Become my students and begin treading the path of martial arts. Quintus, for you especially, I offer my dojo as a place for you to call home, at least temporarily. A home is where you can feel welcome and at peace. While it isn't much, I can do my best to at least provide that much.Hmm. Well in my experience, it's almost always not a good idea to accept deals like that. They have a history of rarely going as you'd expect them to. If you want to gain power, it should be at your own hands. Without pouring your blood, sweat and tears into it can you really call it your own?
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"I doubt you've heard of it. It's just small town outside of Sumaru City. The only thing that even put us on the map for a while were the rumors of...uh, never mind. I just...I guess it's hard to explain really. I'm not sure I understand myself but I don't think I can go back anymore." Quintus would almost laugh a little. He felt like he wanted to cry but he held it back. He didn't want to start crying in front of these people who he had just met.
He notices shino and her pixie) ay, women, ya do know there a fly on ya shoulder?
Martial arts training, huh? Well... I don't know if I'm really the martial arts type. And besides, I kind of have a good thing going at school, and helping people with my friends already. Even if I'm kinda.... weak.... *She then looks back at Quintus.* Hey, it's okay. You can always go back, even if it's just to visit. Not like your home was wiped off the map or anything.
Ay, karuko, right?, wanna try to hold my claymore (he let's go, and it flops down tot ground) its not that heavy, its actually pretty light
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Quintus is almost astonished by Delta's offer. He's not sure if he should accept but training sounds like something he might be interested in. Then again the last time he had gone to undergo training he had left out of not wanting to follow a path of self-sacrifice as the teacher had wanted but this sounded different from that. Earning power of his own was something he wanted as he had already realized that even the power of his parasite was limited by his own strength. "I-I'm not sure what to say. I'd love to study under you but I'm not sure if I should accept the offer of a place to call home. I feel like I've been doing nothing but impeding on others since coming here so...I don't know if it'd really be okay for me to take you up on that offer."
*It looks like a Pixie might make a move to retaliate, but Shino stops her* Trust me, she isn't a fly.... And hopefully you don't say something thing like that again, otherwise I won't stop her next time.
A pixie?...and try to hurt me?, HA, bet it can't do shit
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Lowe closes his eyes, taking in everything Quintus said. "I won't make you talk if you ain't interested in sharing. I get how you feel, sorta. I know I lived somewhere, sometime. My memories are fuzzy. Semi-nuclear family, lived in some big city....but it's all hazy. I can't remember any details. I feel a sense of...longing when I think about it. Still, no sense lingering on it, yeah?" He perks up at Delta's sudden burst of confidence. no, confidence isn't the right word, more like...passion. "M-martial arts? Well, I can't deny it'd be a good experience for me. Get stronger, have a place to call home, sounds great. More than anything, maybe I'd find the answer to....THAT question." Lowe clutches his forehead briefly, as if remembering something difficult. Not in the sense that it's a heavy topic, but more like he's struggling to recall it. "I have people to defend. Even a stupid little mutt of a dog. I...I need to get stronger. For them, and for myself. I'll do it, if you'll have me." Lowe struggles, not quite sure what to do. He decides to go for a bow, that seemed respectful enough.
She alot more than what she seems... *Shino adjusts her glasses* But, you're honestly not even worth letting her go all out on.
But, anyways, named Zane, nice to meet ya (he says as he picks up his 7'1 feet long claymore)
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Aaaaand I don't care now
To Haruko. Well, while the martial arts aren't for everyone, they're more accessible than you might believe. Plus, they require plenty of strength training before even the simplest techniques are to be taught. The choice is up to you, and my dojo will always be open. To Quintus. I once had no place to call home myself. It was a trying time for me, and I was almost lost had it not been for my friends. It's the least I can do to try and ease that pain in someone else. Think of it as me being selfish. Besides, what is a dojo without students? To Lowe. Excellent. You may lift your head Lowe. I welcome you as one of my disciples. My dojo can now serve as your home whenever you wish. The training will be tough, but you seem more than prepared for a little hardship. I look forward to teaching you.
Well, that I can certainly agree with. Popping in every now and again couldn't hurt.
*Suddenly her tone shifts to a more pleasant one* Good, just make sure you don't judge a book by its cover next time... Now, back to what I was doing.
Well...it wouldn't be a bad idea..so....have space for another?
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And shino, I'm a dumbass, so, I will
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Quintus would try to look Delta directly in the eyes as he stands up. "Alright, then I guess I'll take you up on your offer. Uh, thank you, Sensei!" He would attempt to awkwardly bow to Delta in a fashion he clearly wasn't used to.
Shino-saaaaan~! Hanami runs up to Shino and sits next to her I found you!
"I look forward to learning, Delta." He smiles, feeling satisfied.
*Shino seems surprised for a moment, but then relaxes* Ah... H-Hana... How did you get here?
To Haruko As long as you keep the desire to help others and lessen the burden you may cause things have a good chance at working out for you. At the very least, stop swinging the bat at a tree and start with some basic push-ups. To Quintus Haha. I like your enthusiasm. Stand tall. There'll be plenty of time for the formalities when we begin proper. Take your time, and come when you're prepared. Delta nods at Lowe before telling the three how to get to his dojo. Now there is a fair here to enjoy.... I suppose your first test could be to see how many fish you can catch at that stall over there. The dojo does need some extra life in it's aesthetics.
No clue! How did you get here? She shuffles her feet as she turns to Shino
Imma just join them at the dojo, k?, k.
Well, that's a really long story... But, as to how I got here now, I walked.
I ran! Cuz I saw you! So...... Uhh..... Ehehe~ I wanted to see you... She fiddles with the blanket around her shoulders
Keep the desire to help others and lessen the burden, huh? And honestly I was swinging the bat because it's all I really have. *There's a slight glint in her eyes suddenly.* But don't think I haven't done a push up in my life!
Really?, not one?, that's sad
Hee~ You're adorable. *Shino pats Hanami's head* And you've gotten really attached to that blanket, huh?
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Quintus would hurry to stand up. He seemed excited about the prospect of training but knew that perhaps wasn't the time yet. "R-right! I'll definitely come when I'm ready but I really do mean it when I say thanks. I've been lost for how to move forward and I think this'll help me do that."
Hau~ She enjoys the feeling of being pat Of course! It's the only thing I have. And it's comfy!
I'm glad you like it... It was my favorite one. So, just keep taking care of it, ok?
Delta laughs at Haruko's sudden spike in intensity. Then I can expect you to be able to make some progress on your own. Don't lose that spark, no matter what life may throw at you. He smiles at Quintus with as much sincerity as possible. It makes me happy to hear that. When you're ready, bring your best, for I'll expect no less.
Of course! I'll always take special care of it! She hugs it tightly to herself It's special after all.....
Don't loose that spark, huh? What if the spark doesn't fit me?
Then either change yourself or mold the spark to better suite you. Although it stems from within you so it shouldn't be an issue. Embrace it and use it to propel/ your growth.
Maybe. Though that spark certainly isn't... what someone's spark is supposed to be. *She looks downriver at Hanami and Shino.* When did they get here?
I see. It sounds like you have your own story. I won't inquire about it, but feel free to consult me if you feel the need to. And are those two friends of yours? The ones you help others with perhaps?
Tatsuya stands upon a cliff overlooking the river, he'd grin as he glances down at a tree in the clearing below. "Well... I guess this is as good as any place to test that trick again, help me out Lucifer!" He'd leap off the cliff face, rocketing downward in a red blur as dark magic flows around his right arm. A shout of excitement, rather than the terror one would expect echoes through the clearing. He then twists forward a bit as the magic takes shape into a hook and rope, launching through the air onto a tree branch before Tatsu yanks it upwards. He'd then shift the magic a bit more, pulling himself around the tree a few times before the darkness vanishes and he lands on his feet. Dusting himself off with a smirk, before he notices Delta and... Some teenage girl he doesn't know. "Delta, geez it's been ages since I've seen you around huh? Well, I'm glad to see you aren't gone from the place or something!" He smiles upon greeting his... Well, they don't know each that well, but Delta's a friend of sorts regardless. He then turns to Haruko and sounds... Far less interested, but still fairly friendly. "And I've got no idea who you are, but the name is Tatsuya Suou! And I guess it's nice to meet you... Unless you've happened to I don't know, make some weird deal with an evil god or something?" He chuckles a bit at that, he's not really feeling any kind of magic coming from the girl. So she's either normal or very good at hiding. "Okay kidding aside, I'm not too worried about that. Anyways, got anything exciting going on out here, or just talking?"
Oh no, not them. I've honestly never seen them before. You have a Persona, so I guess I can tell you one of their names. Her name is Homura, she has a Persona as well. *She then hears a sudden scream of excitement echo over the area and a clearly insane Tarzan land nearby!* Who the, what the, your name is Tatsu? *She then stops the panic and becomes very serious.* Deal with an evil god...? Is that something that's been going on? You're the... second person to mention evil gods or devils since she talked to me...
*Shino notices the two people looking at them, and waves* Hello there! Nice to see others besides us. I was fixing to think this fair was a dud...
Tatsuya shrugs, wouldn't be a shock if that were happening... But he was just fucking with the kid. "Yeah, that's me, Tatsuya Suou! But everyone calls me Tatsu so that's fine... As for evil gods? Well, I haven't heard about it, but I've been on a slight break from this Nexus crap. Hanging around more than doing any work." He'd then get serious, his eyes narrowing and what looks like actual fire dancing inside of them as he continues speaking. "So, you tell me, Miss. Seen anything that might be akin to that? Perhaps someone offering great power or fabulous wishes all for a low price? In my experience such "people", tend to be both not people at all, and quite dangerous."

*She'd wave to Shino after being noticed, before responding to Tatsu.* Well... there was this fortune telling lady. She offered to grant me a desire, in exchange for facing my fears. Uh... that weird guy with the out of control Persona called her a Devil.
Ah Tatsuya, it's been quite some time. I my have gotten too wrapped up in personal training but I plan to show up more often for a while at least. And don't worry, I wouldn't be able to leave if I tried. For better or worse, the Nexus is where I belong. Delta would give Tatsuya a brief smile before continuing. Nothing exciting, which is for the better in my opinion. I've just gained two new disciples and heard a bit about this mysterious fortune teller that grants wishes from this girl here who's name I don't know actually. It leaves me concerned. Besides that nothing noteworthy has occurred.

Oh, um. *She makes sure to speak up so even Shino & Friend can hear her. But loses some of her refined tone in the process.* It's Haruko!
His face goes entirely dark, flames actually starting to burn up around the man as Haruko and anyone nearby would feel heat shooting up their body. The man's voice, however, has gone entirely cold and lost all of the cheer it'd started with. "What did you say about an out of control Persona. Do you know what kind of Persona we're talking about here? It's important to me... I've seen some odd types before, but if it's one I know of then..." He'd trail off, lost in thought besides nodding at Delta for a bit. Is this Persona one of those things? Or just some idiot getting power he shouldn't have gained? Either is bad, but the former is... Well, expected, but worse than the second by far.
Ah... That's a nice name. ... And there goes crazy uncle Tats again...

Well apparently it's out of control, and attacks people, and is really hard to control. I think he called it... negative...? No, that's not right...
Hanami wakes up Uwa~ W-waddimiss?
A snarl of rage would be heard as the flames begin calming down... This is to be expected after all. "Reverse was it not? If so, I guess that I have an old friend to thank for this." He'd then look over at Shino and rub the back of his head, Uncle Tats? That's a new one if he's ever seen it. "Um, Uncle? I wasn't aware I had anyone like that honestly... And I resemble that crazy remark! But, only because the world around me is crazy too ya know! In my case, you'd say it's being sane because I act crazy in response to crazy events."
Nothing much Hana... Although, there's apparently someone going around and granting people's wishes... Which seems kind of off...

Yeah! Reverse! Er... I take it Sayaka-chan was right to tell me to wait and think about it....?
*She turns her attention to Tatsuya* Well... You're not actually my uncle... It's just something I always called you when I was younger... But, that was in a different place and time.
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Danksuya emerges from behind a tree and approaches the group, specifically Tatsuya, as he hears the term "reverse persona" A reverse persona hm? Do you perhaps mean something like this? Danksuya then raises his arms into the air as a blast of dark light shoots out from him, from within his soul a shadowy figure appears behind him on a chariot drawn by 2 horses, the persona however seems incomplete, not yet fully formed however as it disappears as quickly as it appears Tatsuya... Danksuya then pulls a blade out from his coat and points it at Tatsuya, smiling a wicked smile as he speaks with disdain You shall fight me. Not here of course, but elsewhere, you'll know when. Danksuya then places the blade back into his coat and flicks a lighter, awaiting a response
Oh.... I don't mind. I already have my wish! I don't need another one!
*She nods at Hana* Same here... I don't think I need anything more than what I have now.
Confused at the sudden appearance of a younger Tatsuya and his declaration. I'm getting a weird sense of deja-vu from this... Why is there another you that wants to fight you Tatsuya?

*Looks over at Shino and Hanami.* You two must be very happy that way, then. I... I hope to protect you two, then.
The man sighs before a silver revolver takes shape in his hands, he'd flip around and look at the tree for a moment. Bullets flying out and smacking into the wood as Tatsuya just groans before turning back to Haruko with an annoyed face. "Sorry sorry, just Reverse Personas can only mean one thing as far I as know... Nyarlathotep. AKA the Crawling Chaos. He's, well all the world's evil made into a single being of pure hate and everything else horrible is, in fact, a literal way to describe him. So then!" Tatsuya claps his hands, a slight smirk spreading across his face as he laughs a bit. "It's a good thing you told me about it... Whatever your name is, and oh yeah having anything from old Nyarly is a very very bad thing, if someone is giving those out I'd stake my life the bastard has something to do with it!" He then turns back to Shino curiously, another of those other worlds or something huh? Well, she's likely not so bad. "I see, freaking timelines and dimensions and all that crap right? Well, I have no clue who ya are or anything! But it's nice to meet you anyways I guess... He'd then turn over to the boy... That feeling, Reverse Persona just like before. "So you've become a foul servant of Nyarlathotep then my younger self? Congrats, you've just done the one thing you should never do around me." As he speaks a silver revolver forms in the man's hands, the gun aiming towards his younger self as he looks over at Delta for a moment. "Haven't a clue, but that thing came from Nyarlathotep as far as I can tell, which makes him an enemy in need of killing as far as I care. Any servant of the Crawling Chaos isn't worth listening to... Still, I guess it would be rude to start a fight with all these people nearby." He sighs and the gun vanishes, he'll end the brat for daring to work with Nyarlathotep of course. But this isn't the time or the place. "I accept your request, Servant of Nyarlathotep. But know this... You may have cheap power from an evil god, but you don't have the knowledge or more than one Persona... At any rate, go back home to your master and get the hell outta my sight."

Um.... one question, sir. You call this Nyarlathotep thing a guy... but the person who spoke to me was for sure a girl. A really weird one, in a cloak, and she gave off this weird vibe... like a graveyard...
*Shino giggles a little at Haruko's statement* Trust me, I'm very capable of protecting myself and Hana... Although, I do appreciate that you would do that. Not very many people like you around here.
Really? Shino-san can fight?
Yup... I have a Persona, and a mace. And, I'm not afraid to use either of them. Especially when it comes to protecting those close to me.

Huh? You have a Persona? How did you get one of those? Did you make a wish? Did you get it from an orb?
Danksuya gives Delta an irritated expression, always comparing them... It made his blood boil, but he had to focus on Tatsuya for now staring down the barrel of the gun before it disappears Me? Servant? Don't get me wrong. I'm doing this of my own will. Just a small deal will bring me up to your power. After all that's everything that matters in this world. Power. Danksuya then puts his hands into his pockets and begins to walk off, clenching his teeth at how angry Tatsuya made, obviously it wasn't smart to fight here, but his time will come, Danksuya then says a few final words, before walking out of earshot You will know my name, Tatsuya Suou. Danksuya Suou will be your end.
Persona? Like the game? And wishes? Like the Magical girl anime? Orbs? Those sound like things villains in Tv shows try to trick heroes with!

Game? Anime? Wait. You know about Mahou Shoujo?
Ah... I didn't use a wish... Or get it from an orb. To gain a Persona, you must face the truth about yourself. It's not easy... But, in the end its worth it. But... This person you're talking about... She sounds familiar...

Wait, face yourself? So it's like facing your desires? Man, this Persona stuff seems complicated. And here I just wanted to be strong and save people like Madoka, Sayaka, Homura, and Kotori...
Yeah! It's this really trippy anime! It's super cute too! It's how I learned it's ok for me to like girls!
Yeah, it's like facing your desires... But, it's also facing the negativity inside of you. Also... Despite the despair that anime had in it, it was cute at times.
It was super cute! I think Modoka-chan and Homura-chan are kinda like us..... ....................................... Nah.... Shino-san isn't as crazy as Homu-chan.
"A graveyard... Well, Nyarlathotep can take any shape he wants to. But the graveyard is... Not his MO, perhaps she's connected to him somehow? But either way... Nyarlathotep is involved somehow, gotta be." He'd then sigh and pull out his lighter, flicking it absently with an annoyed scowl as his younger self walks off. "Anyways, thanks for the tips... But I think I need to pick up my training all of a sudden, so if you'll excuse me, everyone. I have a fight to start getting ready for." He'd then wander off himself, plans for dealing with this newest threat coming to mind as he wanders away into the night... C4, flashbangs, Personas, magic control, swordplay, marksmanship, how much does the kid know compared to him? The answer is likely not much, and there's the Evoker too... By all rights, Helios or no, he should have a large edge simply from the 20 year gap in their fighting experience.

Homura-chan? Crazy? I mean she's a bit serious, but I wouldn't call her crazy. Oh! Maybe we could start a club for this, and get Kisaragi-sensei to sponsor it. *She realizes she may have slipped into an almost fangirling mode and stops.* Er... anyway.... facing your negativity, huh? I don't know if I'd be able to do that. Though everyone makes it sound like wishing to help people is such a bad thing.
It depends on who's trying to grant that wish... And the more I think about it, the more I believe I know who it is. And Homura huh? I rather not be Satan... But, I wouldn't mind going back in time repeatedly if I had to save you.
(edited by -Shino-)

Satan? You two really need to meet Homura-chan....
Thread Creator

Finally, Quintus returns from catching fish over at the booth. Somehow he caught at least 3 with the paper net that he was supplied with. The fish rest in a plastic bag he's carrying around with him. They seem confused as to how they ended up in this mess but they're also goldfish so they're always confused. "We never had festivals like this back home really but I remember when I was little and we had one. I think I caught five goldfish back then...Oh, getting caught up in old memories, uh, I shouldn't be doing that."
Well, the one you know might be different... Who knows with this place? At least, I hope she is, otherwise...
She shrugs Everyone says rebellion was confusing.... But It makes lots of sense to me..... but.... Guess it doesn't really matter to me. Not like any of that is real....

Heh, not real. Oh if you only knew... *She seems to look down at her hand for a moment, before seemingly flipping four switches in the air. A knowing sort of grin about her as she runs through the long list of things she thought weren't real either.*
Hana, you have to remember most things are real around here... Including anime characters. Different dimensions all converging together kind of makes that happen.
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"I'm not even sure what you people are talking about." Seeing as no one is interested in Quintus' goldfish catching skills he would simply begin walking away. Perhaps he's off to find a place to put these small fish as to give them a proper home.
Hm? Ok. With that simple answer, she just looks forward and hums to herself
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