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1,000 Words
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The snow fell as Senri Suzuko walked the night streets of Yongen-Jaya alone. The snow fell more than usual. More than she was used to. Dressed in layers of clothes, she looked homeless. Though she'd tell you it's grunge. She recalled where she was last time. Almost dying in that underground place. Months of searching for treasure, for answers, for anything at all, putting herself in danger... Was it worth it...? Senri sat down on a bench, weakness in her expression. She held herself. In this weather, she'd surely freeze. Winters come, indeed. Chrismas would come soon as well. She closed her eyes. Christmas alone, without them... It was fine. Or so she told herself. In this freezing weather, Senri was almost ready to accept... Maybe, this is how it has to be. Not even a blunt would change that. The girl sees her own breath as she closes her eyes.
Homura sits on a rooftop, feet dangling from it as she glances downward curiously. "Geez, I guess it's good for me but... Kinda sad how this world's still got so many of em, even though Christmas is meant to be happy, here I am wande-" She cuts herself off as her absent looking catches sight of Senri, she gasps upon seeing the older girl just... Sitting there, looking nigh ready to die all things considered. Grr, reminds her of someone about to go Witch really. "God, what happened to... Guess I'll only find out that if I go ask her." She'd leap down to the ground, landing on her hands and knees lightly before standing up and dusting herself off. Homura then walks up to the bench, sitting down next to Senri without even bothering to return herself to normal. "Um... Hi Senri-chan, I'd ask if you're okay. But I'm not dumb enough to believe it if you said yes, so instead... What's wrong?" She'd smile sadly as she looks up at Senri's face, geez this is one hell of a way to start things right? But, what else can she even say right now...
A black blur is a stark contrast to the pure white powder that falls in a steady flow from the clouds above. The figure tears through the swathes of pedestrians getting their last minute shopping done. His paws were beginning to freeze and his black fur became damp as the snow continued to fall on him. But he still ran. He needed to be there. Wherever she was. His breaths became shorter and shorter, faster and faster as he continued his mad dash after the scent he yearned for. And then... Mreow? "Is this seat taken, my Lady?" The small cat comes to a halt as he finds a young woman on a bench. He brushes up alongside her leg as he mews softly, as if calling her back to reality. Mreooow... "I'm home, Lady Senri."
*A young girl was sitting on a rooftop watching this happen, Urumi sighs and takes out her phone to text to someone that might help the lady down there... or at least give her something to keep her warm*
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Senri looked up at Homura weakly, as if trying to focus her vision after being asleep for a long time. She shook her head upon realizing who it was. Homura-chan...? Hey. Spare a dime? She smiled, but there wasn't any joy behind it. Honestly... Ever since, well... You remember my dream world, right? All I want is... them by my side again. That's why I've kept pushing myself so hard. But... I got into a lot of trouble today. The only thing that kept me going was that hope... Am I a fool, Homura-chan? Senri is surprised to find... A cat, of all things? Strange... This kitten reminded her of someone. He even talked like him. She must be going crazy... She smiled and petted Morgana. Hey there... You sound like someone I knew before. Someone special... But, that's just a dream... ...Wait. What!? Y-You said my name... You're... This is a dream, right? Senri was surprised. He looked different before, but... That was impossible, right? Another of her delusions...
*Urumi sighs to herself as a blanket teleports near her... looks like shes going to have to give the blanket to the women... jumps down from the building* *Urumi lands on the snow, and looks at the women* uhh miss?... would you like a... blanket to keep you warm... and this is not a dream...
Red eyes and a smile. "How..." A laugh and a jump. "Why..." Sailing through the air in confidence. "What the hell happened to me?" Eito wandered alone in the streets,his red coat nearly white from all the snow,soft music emanating from his headphones. "Can-Can I do that again?" His expression was sour,his eyes dark blue. "Did...Did I enjoy it?" "That...I wouldn't be like this." He chuckled,no,he couldn't.Not him. "No..." Memories,long forgotten,surfaced and the teenager's laugh became bitter and weak before dying down.
Homura's eyes burn as the wind seems to pick up around them, she hasn't got a clue what's going on but... It makes her pretty angry. "I'm not entirely sure about any of that, but you're not dumb! I... I'm the same you know, hope was all I had left at all for the longest time." She'd absently glance down at the gem on her right hand, the wind dying down as she takes a deep breath. "Hope and love Senri-chan, it's all I've got to keep fighting for, so if you're a fool... Guess I am too huh? But I'm okay even if we are, being foolish isn't so bad if that's what it is! So um... Let's keep going okay? Even if it's kinda silly or something, I don't think you should give up on your dreams." She grins at Senri, the tinge of sadness replaced with her usual blunt cheer... Before she looks at Mona, she'd tilt her head in confusion upon hearing a cat talk. Not to mention how it's confusing Senri seems to think she's dreaming. "Um, do you know Senri-chan... Talking cat-san? I'm not really sure who you are or anything, but um I'm Homura Akemi and it's nice to meet you? Kinda strange honestly." As she looks at the creature thoughts of... A certain other talking animal comes to mind, hopefully, this one doesn't have anything in common with that red-eyed monster.
The cat purred excitedly as she petted his fur. A shiver of ecstasy running down his spine and causing his tail to flick to and fro. This is how it should be. He was finally by her side once more. Mewhehe~ "If this is a dream then I don't want to wake up, Lady Senri. And I'm sorry I was gone for so long. But I was needed by the others." The cat jumps up into the girl's lap and faces her directly. He continues to purr as he nuzzles against her stomach. Mreowow... "For whatever reason I took on this form, but it's me! Your knight in furry armor, Morgana! Nyahaha~!" Mreow... "It was strange. I always heard your voice calling out to me...and when I responded it was like you really heard me. That's why I came back early, it felt like you were calling me back, Lady Senri. And I couldn't make you wait, that wouldn't be very gentleman-like."
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Not a dream... Then...? Senri looks at Mona. She didn't even feel cold at the moment, more stunned as she quietly stared. Urumi's blanket offering seemed 100 miles away. She looked at Homura and smiled. That's right... I can't give up. That's not what... what he wanted, right? I have to keep going... Hope and love was all I had after my failure, and it... I can't stop... When it's so close... And you're definitely not a fool, Homura-chan... Senri couldn't keep a straight face. She had tears in her eyes as she looked at Mona. Even with Homura and Urumi here, she couldn't help it... Morgana... I... I looked and looked for a way to get you back. I looked so fucking hard... Every day, I hoped by some miracle I'd find you again... The dark side of me thought, I'd never see you again. But I kept fighting for the freedom of this world, looking high and low, using what you taught me... I-I was a good Phantom Thief, right? Morgana... Like I said before; just Senri, please... Just call me Senri... I missed you so damn much...! Senri embraced Morgana. Though a small cat, this was him. Unmistakable. All her emotions poured out at once. Her smile and tears, she looked genuinely happy for the first time in so long
*Urumi puts the warm blanket over Senri to make sure she's warm, soon Urumi looks at Homura* Hey Homura, I need to tell you something...
A black and blonde haired boy exits his house with his blue heavy jacket covering his body. As he exits his house, he looks up at the snow falling down and decides to catch a few flakes "Let's just hope that this snow doesn't get in the way of my work. Well it's not like I'm going to be outside, but I wonder how the snow would make the shadows do." Jiyu then walks into the main streets of Yongen not even looking around because he's already used to his surroundings. Then he decides to look around for once and notices Senri with a strange looking cat sitting on the bench "Now's not the time to socialize, it would waste my time." He quickly walks down the streets, trying to not get noticed
The girl smiles and shrugs slightly, it's not really normal, but who's she to talk about that? As long as Senri's happy well that's what matters. "Hehe, thanks! And um I guess I'll see you around later. I hope I at least helped you a little bit! Anyways, if you ever feel like talking I'll be around, but I don't really think you need a third wheel!" Homura stands up, she'd wink at the older girl for a moment before an hourglass inside her shield snaps closed. The flow of time grinds to a halt, and she dashes off, quickly leaping onto a rooftop and hopping from one building to the next. By the point time's flow has resumed, any evidence of her being there would be long gone.
*Urumi sighs and then leaves*

Continuing to wander aimlessly,Eito runs into the main group,which surrounds Senri...Talking to a cat. "What.The.Fuck?" His anxious feelings are overwhelmed by sheer surprise and weirdness. "Did I take anything without remembering it?"
The small cat was hoisted into her embrace. Her smell was intoxicating, she was the same woman he devoted himself to some time ago. His heart was beating a mile a minute as she spoke. He just purred and nuzzled his small face against her cheeks. Mreooow... "As you wish Lady Senri, I shall call you Senri from now on." Her warmth enveloped him, he was struggling to keep up a cool attitude in the presence of his Lady. Every part of him knew this was where he needed to be. Mreow! "And you were a stunning Phantom Thief! And I can see that you worked very hard. It was rough and I'm so sorry I wasn't here for you La- erm, Senri. But you are so amazing, you didn't need my power because you finally stood on your own two feet. I may have taught you before, but we're going to be equals from now on, okay?" He begins to lick her cheek softly. Mreeoooow.... "There was never a waking second that didn't have you on my mind La- erm, Senri. I missed you so much. It hurt to be away from your side, so much." Tears begin to form in his eyes, but it's when one of her tears land on his nose that it happens. Mreow? "W-What? What is this?" The small black cat begins to glow as the woman holds him in her arms. He shines brighter and brighter as his form begins to shift. And then a flash of light comes from the cat and as it begins to fade everyone can see Morgana's true form. He briefly takes not of his form before nuzzling against Senri once more and returning the embrace. "I take it back, now, I'm home Senri."
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Senri looks at Morgana shining like the perfect neko she felt he was in awe. She smiles, tearing up again as she sees Morgana in the form she missed so dearly... She couldn't help but embrace him again. She held him not like a cat, but as someone she loved. You're right, I did stand on my own two feet... I got stronger, with the power you've shown me... And now, we're together, as equals... Welcome home, Morgana... Senri smiled kissed his cheek. My hero. Senri smiled brightly. It was then, that she also felt a shift in herself... Inside Senri's psyche, something changed. You could see Mania in all her dark and twisted glory, shift forms. She turned into a brown haired woman in a long white dress, blindfolded and holding a graceful sword and shield. Senri Suzuko has had a Persona awakening. Mania is now Adrestia. My power... I feel stronger... It took meeting you, losing you, and meeting you again... But I finally feel stronger and complete. I've wanted to say it a long time, but... I love you, Morgana.
He visibly goes red at Senri's advances. His mind was shot, this was bliss to him everything was gone except for her. She was perfect. Never was there a more celestial being. Her radiance rivaled only by the Sun and even then, the Sun was still merely a candle compared to her. He reaches his arms up and hangs them around her neck before raising his head and pressing his lips against her cheek. "I love you too, Senri. I think I always have. And now I get to stand by your side once more...and I don't plan on leaving you ever again. We're going to make quite the dynyamic duo! Nyahaha~!"
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Senri blushes and giggles. Her gloominess from before seemed like a memory. But this memory would never die. She snuggles Morgana, the sun coming up over a cold early morning in Tokyo. It felt so warm now though. She gently put her smol neko on the bench and stood up. Dynyamic duo, hm? Do I have to wear a tail and ears? I mean, I would for you. Regardless, we're definitely gonna kick the world's ass now! You, me, and a world full of assholes. As always I shall be your faithful companion~ She winks and curtsies. Her attempt at formality seemed more mischievous than anything.
*Urumi soon returns after getting bored of doing nothing in another topic*
"C-C-C-Cat ears and a tail!?" Morgana gets terribly flustered as he is set down by the girl. "Ahem. I wouldn't force you to wear that...but I am not opposed to the idea." He laughs shyly as he gazes dreamily at Senri. The light dancing in her hair was enough to make him fall for her all over again. "You're right! We're going to take the world by storm! The winds of change are finally blowing with full force! Your hand in mine, and my hand in yours. We will make the world a brighter place!"
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I've never been a fan of bright colors. I say paint it black, like you. Senri gently booped his nose with a smile. But yes, corrupted hearts beware! The winds of revolution blow. We'll be like Bonnie and Clyde. She picked up the blanket Urumi gave her and looked at Mona, a spring in her step. To new horizons? Or... my place for a nap first. Then new horizons.
Morgana smiles with a light blush as his nose is bopped cutely. "I wouldn't mind taking a nap. I've been running all over looking for you so I'm positively tir-" A once proudly standing Morgana suddenly falls forward with a blissful expression. Looks like he was that tired.
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Senri giggles and lifts her little prince up in her arms, heading back to her apartment a few blocks away. Home shit home. But, with Mona around again, atleast she wouldn't feel alone anymore. This was a new horizon, indeed.
As Jiyu reaches the train station, he notices that he forgot something important "Crap, I left my gun at home." Jiyu runs back to his house to get said item
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