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Phighters of the Nexus: Story Mode
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So, going along with the phighting game concept once again, what would the story mode be about? When I mean story mode, I mean an overarching plot connecting the phighters together. (Such as a fighting tournament for example) (Side note: I believe the story mode and arcade mode would be different modes altogether) One idea would probably based on the concept of the Nexus itself, or the war to either destroy or keep it. Also, based on your idea, what would be your character's role in that story and how would it be laid out? I believe the story's format would be similar to a Samurai Warriors 4-II style, where there may be one or two characters the story is focused on, but there is a group of playable characters focused on a goal, each one possibly having an extra cutscene or mini-arc, and the roster may change throughout that respective story.
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Unnecessary bump
Obviously finally destroying the Yuniverse and the Tatsuverse.
Why not do something like P4A, where a new villain shows up who wants to destroy the nexus? Won't lie, that's kinda my explanation behind Haruko on site anyway. Spinoff title.
I'll be the main character...again. I must destroy the Yuniverse once and for all. To kill what I accidently created.
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