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GYM vs Phansite!
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Tatsuya walks in the doors with a grin on his face, quickly moving to flick on the lights and turn off the alarm system... And shut down the cameras while he's at it, no sense giving Fakelib more than he needs to after all. "For some reason using this place feels... A bit off all things considered, but I guess it should be fine right?" [i] Thoughts aside he'd then walk around to check everything, wouldn't do to have the place fall apart or something. Satisfied with everything Tatsuya finally walks up and turns the sign to open before going to the counter and leaning against it. His eyes watching the door as he waits for someone to come in.
*kicks the door down then runs away*
*Walks in, propping the door back up on her way.* Uh... some kid just vandalized the door.
"Huh, looks like someone ignored Tatsuya's notice again..." GV walks in, clad in his QUILL uniform and looks to practice a bit
*he enters in with his Long Crusade sword strapped on his left hip* A training hall? This place gets better by the second.
*PK busts in the door, like ya do, and waves to Tatsu, moving behind the counter as he unscrews a giant jug of protein powder and putting it into the table Hello Tatsuya! Goodnight Tatsuya! *PK then dunks his entire head into the protein jug and his body falls limp, probably best to leave the insane Pancake Knight...
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Jiyu enters the GYM and looks around "Huh, so this is the GYM that everyone talks about."
"Eh, um, hello there, Mr. Tatsuya...?" Gunvolt greets him with respect, as he seems to be the owner of the place
[Just one issue after another, if it wasn't Melbourne, then it was Ene running into trouble once again. It didn't matter for now though, Kazuya finally got himself some relaxation time and he figured he should visit the ever lively GYM. Surely someone would be there, it could be cool to hang out.] Here we are! [Stepping through the doorway, Kazuya stand there for a moment. Breathing slowly and with a smile on his face, he walks forward and sits by the empty arena. He seemed somewhat distracted.] I wonder...
A man in a rather formal business suit steps into the GYM holding onto a rather sturdy briefcase. He would look upon the residents within the GYM with a condescending gaze yet each person who noticed his demeanor could tell that he doesn't mean to look down upon all other but rather has a hopeful look to him as well. Carl Icahn only wants for all to reach their proper potential and to do so he believes that at times it is necessary for people to be reminded that they must always strive to better themselves. Carl walks up next to the ring and begins examine it. He would then turn to Tatsuya specifically and begin speaking in a sharp tone. You...You work here correct? I am Carl Icahn. Could I have your name as well? Also, I noticed that there isn't too big of a parking lot to this facility. Would you consider increasing the size of your parking? A cramped parking lot can lead to severe accidents that may damage a vehicle severely.
A short moment after Haruko closes the door back up, a young man bursts onto the scene, kicking down the door and whirling into the place with great gusto.... Or he would if the young knight had not beaten him to it by seconds. Instead, he makes a running kick into where the door was, only to fly past it and land on his rump. After scratching the back of his head, he swiftly returns to his feet in order to boldly proclaim his presence "Agh... What a mess... No matter, greetings mortals, for I have decided to grace you with my presence. You may call me Grimnir, for what time you know me. Now then, who dares to put forth a test upon this glorious field of battle?" Grimnir raises his left arm to point his lance around the area, eyes ever vigilant for a potential foe
Raidou enters the area trailed as usual by Gouto. To Kazuya and Tatsuya he seems relatively normal, but to everyone else he might seem a bit odd. The sheathe at his hip emitts a strange, blue glow, and around his right, and dominant wrist rests a colorful flower bracelet, looking very out of place on his otherwise all black attire. He plops down in a bar stool, tipping his hat to his two previously mentioned friends, and begins drinking the flavored water he had grown a fondness of.
*he draws his gilded long sword* Seems that there are noteworthy warriors here as well. *he walks up to Grimnir* Excuse Grimnir, care to duel with a crusader?
"Hopefully there's another persona user here." He leans on a wall, waiting for a challenger
Oh my, this place is busy. I might have trouble finding a fight here tonight.
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The man greets the people he barely knows or doesn't know at all in one fell swoop, he's happy to welcome them. But he hasn't got a ton to say at the moment. "Hey everyone, uh yeah you could call the place a training hall. Anyways it's nice to meet everyone, feel free to use GYM to your heart's content! That's what we're here for, after all, but uh I see a friend of mine so if you don't mind I'll go over to speak with him." Tatsuya then walks over towards Kaz with a smirk on his face, newbies might make him a bit awkward. But it's nice to see someone he's familiar with around when they aren't dealing with all that Melbourne shit or something... God forbid the mess that happened with Chaos. "Oi Kaz! How's it going? Seems like the last time we got to speak or something was... During all that mess with the other version of your world?" The man's face goes more serious for a moment, it's pretty clear to him something is up with Kazuya at the moment... "Anyways, the hell's bugging you lately? It's been a while, but you seem off man. And given how much crazy we've had lately, I'd guess it's something going on?"
"So, if anyone wants to fight me, I'm open." GV walks to the wall and waits there right next to Jiya
Grimnir dances his way towards the back of the GYM, waving for the crusader to come along with him "So you think you're worthy of me? Ha, I like your spirit. Very well then. If you truly think yourself worthy of facing the Heaven's chosen God of War in single-combat, then I look forward to the attempt" Grimnir waves to Tatsuya as he whirls his way towards the back "Of course, worry not, I'll do my best to contain myself. Would be tragic if I were to break the spot. No matter, if anyone so desires, be ready to lay witness to the greatest warrior in all the Nine Realms." With a laugh, Grimnir suddenly stops upon arriving at the outdoor arena, awaiting his opponent
Jiyu turns to Ganvaruto "You waiting for a fight too?"
"Yep, I'm waiting right now..." He says to Jiyu, facing him, "Do you want to fight now?"
*he steps up in the ring wearing his holy plate, the Zealous Conviction, and gripping the gilded relic the Long Crusade long sword* I am a envoy of the high heavens god of war. I am a bulwark of faith. *he readies his stance* TO BATTLE!!!
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[Kazuya is startled by Tatsuya calling out to him, but he turns to him and waves.] Hey, Tatsu, yeah...it's been a while. [He turns his gaze back at the arena, his expression appeared mostly calm.] And...well, it's about Ene. We are going in again along with the others after we failed to save her last time...and I've been questioning my own capacity to pull through this time. [He chuckles and then shakes his head before turning to Tatsuya once more.] Don't misunderstand me, I won't give up at all, or suddenly stop, even when faced by death but...I just can't this feeling out of my chest, this feeling of failure.
Parad arrives in a cloud of red and blue pixels, his Gashat already in his hand. Well well, that old geezer kept me busy for longer than I thought. I don't care about how his lame ring works, I just want to try it out! Parad stares at the congregation, a childlike gleam in his eye. I need to blow off some steam, which one of you losers in the making wants to take me on eh?
"Eh, sure why not?" He gets up off of the wall and walks over to a fighting area
You? You don't seem too tough.
Grimnir smirks and levels his lance at the crusader, eyes twinkling in the light "In that case, I trust you won't mind if I don't hold back. Ready yourself mortal, to see what a true warrior can do." As soon as the words leave his mouth, Grimnir springs into action, he bounds across the arena in a flash and dances to the Crusader's left. Grimnir takes a grip far down on his lance and uses its full length to slash towards the Crusader's side as Grimnir himself tries to move behind his foe. A faint breeze can be felt, stirred by the warriors large, sweeping motions
Parad scoffs. You talking to me? Don't make noises with your mouth, it's making the air here lame. I don't need some lame looking girl to come and tell me if I'm strong or not, alright? You think you can back your talk? Don't answer with your face, just nod your head, or shake it.
*his holy plate and hauberk tanks the blow as Reynauld stomps on the war god's foot and throws a mighty thrust on Grimnir's right side* I am not easily shaken Grimnir.
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Maya entered the gym with a spring in her step. Hmm, I wonder what interesting things are happening today? Maybe I can pick up a scoop!
*She isn't shaken in the slightest! Nodding at Para before speaking.* I'll beat you easy, goggle freak.
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Tatsuya flicks his lighter... Ene huh? He never got too involved in that, but he recalls something about a snake maybe? "I don't know the details, but I know you're one of a few people in this place I actually trust completely Kaz... If you guys need my help lemme know alright? And whatever happens, I'm sure you'll figure something out." He grins at the younger man walk towards the ring with flames dancing in his eyes. "Anyways! You remember how we met? All those months ago? What do ya say to a rematch, I know you've never been the biggest fan of fighting. But maybe a good practice round will help clear your mind? Works for me anyways." He'd then notice the older woman walking in and wave to her cheerfully from his place at the arena... Although, there are a few things he really needs to say to her, maybe now isn't the best moment? "Oh hey Maya! Well, I'm not sure if this is a good or bad time, but uh I guess I did need to speak with you so there's that. Found some... Interesting things out at Sun Mall last night, come to think of it. Kaz, Raidou, you might wanna hear it too."
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by the time Reynauld is able to bring his foot down, Grimnir's feet have already moved, maintaining his momentum across the field. However, this same momentum works against the god, causing him to whirl right into the thrust. Grimnir goes with this new force, allowing the thrust to push him back rather than pierce his armor "Not bad, not bad at all. But worry not, given time, even the mightiest of trees falls in the wake of a tempest." This time, Grimnir dances much closer to the crusader, on the man's right. As he tries to spins by, he lets loose a single kick aimed at the back of the Crusader's knees "Know your place, or else I'll have to show you myself."
Raidou, not being much of a talker still, stands up and walks to where Tatsuya and Kazuya are. He isn't quite sure who Ene is, but it's bugging Kaz, obviously. he places a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder, giving him a smile and a firm nod. His feline companion spoke from Raidou's shoulder, looking at Kaz with his strikingly green eyes. "Aw come on kid, this ain't like you. Surely you can handle a bit of hardship, I mean look at all the shit you've gone through before. You'll handle it, we know ya will." Hearing Tatsuya call out to him, and assuming the older woman was Maya, Raidou would perk up, and look at Tatsuya with a grim look in his eye.
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"Goggle Freak"? I'm not wearing goggles you idiot, I make it a point to not fight blind people, later nerd. Parad fades out, chortling to himself.
*he gets knocked down by the kick but he is still unshaken* No mercy, NO RESPITE!! *he quickly elbows Grimnir with his elbow and stuns him with the pommel of his blade*
I was there, Ta-chan... It's worrying to say the least... But we can handle it! We beat Nyarlathotep, right? We'll save your friend and beat this shadow. Trust me!
Hey you! Get back--- Ugh! *she stomps her foot on the spot* I'm kicking his ass if I ever see him again! Ah well, anyone less obnoxious want to fight instead?
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While the crusader's elbow is able to connect, Grimnir once more uses it to push himself out of the way of the next blow, this time, Grimnir gains some distance on his foe and begins whirling in location, scarf flapping in the new breeze he has begun to stir "You won't get anywhere at that rate. In fact, I may as well unleash the tempest now. If this is the most you can do that is. Prepare to see the glory of a true warrior." Grimnir begins dancing around the other side of the area, spinning and twirling, the air seems to be bending around him, picking up in intensity in the wake of his motions
"God, what's taking this guy so long?" Jiyu takes out his flintlock revolver and does a few stylish spinning tricks with it
Maybe he bailed on you, too.
*he rises up as light surrounds his blade* I have repented my sins and conquered the heart of evil. I will turn this madness into force and will not succumb to weakness! *he found his mark and lunges at Grimnir his blade now covered in holy flames, and begins his fast and mighty assault*
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He sighs and looks at the 3 gathered before him, well might as well recap. And moreover, explain what happened to the Devil Summoners. "Alright, I'll go into the details of Fakelib then, to sum up? Calling him a shadow is a misnomer. The bastard looks akin to one at a glance, but he's something more than that. In short, if he were to die so would Kalib..." The fire of the man's lighter burn higher as the man grips it a bit stronger than before. His face looking rather tired for a moment, before he shakes it and forces himself to appear calm as the flames die. "Honestly, I'd have killed him about a month ago if not for that annoying fact but here we, some bastard who runs around bragging about how he murders people, spreading parasites that feed on despair, grabbing books of magic from people who are far too generous, And god only knows what else. Just happens to be running around the place holding a friend hostage, oh and he goes through the damm camera footage here. So shut that crap down if you use the place. It's pretty easy I can show you guys before heading out tonight if you want... " Tatsu pockets the lighter and stares off into space for a moment, geez it even feels like too much as he's saying it. But considering the nature of their foe it's best to share everything possible. "And oh yeah he can go through Kalib's memory somehow too! So fun times all around wouldn't you say? And uh, just to be clear he seems especially interested in you Maya. Not gonna lie, I'm a little concerned... Oh! I do have at least some good news however, he's unable to summon a Persona so as long as you see Kalib do that you'll know it's the real deal!" Finally the man would smirk towards Kazuya and place hands on the sword on his back. Tatsuya standing in a ready stance as he eyes Kaz, it's been quite some time since they'd fought. He's sure they've both gotten better, but the question is? Is either of them gonna get serious before calling it quits, and just how much better are they? Well, it's a good way to test considering how long ago the fight was.
[Kazuya just blinks as Tatsuya prepares himself to battle. He raises an eyebrow and stands up as well.] Are sure about this, Tatsuya?
Raidou places a hand on his chin, in thought. He didn't know Kalib well, but he knew his face at least. If the man died, it'd be a major loss for everyone in the Nexus, given how popular he is. The boy nodded to Gouto, and he spoke in the detective's stead. "We can't kill the bastard, but can we apprehend him? He can't summon a Persona right? So, restraining him should be simple enough, yeah?"
Grimnir grins and continues his wide, dancing motions. The crusader's flames flicker in the growing tempest, but do not fade. With the force of a gale Grimnir brings his lance to meet the crusader's sword in a wide, sweeping motion "Not bad, you'll be a great addition to Valhalla, when you die. Your spirit is bright and your will is strong. However..." Grimnir drops the clash and instead slide into the Crusader's legs, hoping to knock him over, regardless, he immediately rolls to the side and stands "You're rather undisciplined, and unbending. While that may serve you against foes your size or smaller, try it against any giant, and you'll be crushed in an instant"
Jiyu turns to Haruko "Maybe he did, but I'll still wait for him."
Well, after being a reporter for so long, it's not unusual to have things like stalkers, so I can handle someone being interested in me. This might actually be pretty exciting! I know we can beat anything if we team up, Ta-chan! Maya fistbumps, waiting for Tatsuya to fistbump her back as she wears a cute, positive smile.

Eito jumps through the empty door frame with excitement. "What's up guys?"
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Hmm, well then keep waiting I guess. *wanders over by the others, looking between them for a moment.*
The soul is resourceful, and it will stand, for my every step sanctifies this unholy earth! *he lunges at Grimnir again and a replica made of light shoots out gaining an extra distance*
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Tatsuya chuckles at his friend and nods, he's entirely sure about this... Besides, it should be fun seeing what the newbies think. "Hey, I said a good fight helps clear my mind right? Trust me you aren't the only one who's been having problems lately!" He'd glance over to Raidou and Gouto for a moment, realizing he didn't explain that detail. "Normally yes, but he's some kinda monster made by a god. Bastard has a whole bunch of shadow parasites under his command with powers like Personas, and the worst part is he's handing them out to people. The more despair those people gain the stronger he becomes, plus even if we held him I bet his master. Succoth Benoth would break him out somehow... Seeing my issue on this case?" Tatsuya sighs for a moment before turning to her with a grin, it's not as though she's unable to protect herself or anything. The man pulls a hand off his sword to return the gesture, before giving her a thumbs up and turning back towards Kaz. "Hell yeah! I'm sure between everyone we'll figure this crap out somehow! Now then... Wanna see how much better I've gotten since back in the day? Oh and which of us shall go first, Kaz?" In spite of asking that question Tatsu's guard is up, he's not about to get hit with his own trick of sucker punching someone after all.

An alarm blares from Eito's pocket. "Bad timing.Bye."
Jiyu notices Eito leaving "Oh, I didn't even notice that he was here."
Satisfied, Grimnir dances away from the Crusader, only receiving a glancing blow for the effort. However, this time the projection actually seems to damage his armor, far more effective than before "Now now, I think I've tested you far enough. I look forward to meeting you at the end of times. Or at least around here again. Normally not allowed to interact with mortals, but this is close enough to a battlefield. Fare thee well." Grimnir twirls and spins again for a moment, Grimnir drops his scarf, which is blown in the gentle breeze and hides all view of his body... When the scarf is gone, Grimnir can still be seen standing there in the open "Just... Uh... Pretend I vanished into thin air, if you would. Much cooler that way." And with that, Grimnir bounds away from the GYM, gazing back onto the place that was
Huh, he left in a hurry.... Shame, maybe he could have put up a good fight. Ah well, maybe I should go see if I can find some shadows wandering about. Honestly may be easier than finding a human to fight.
I usually don't enjoy fighting, it's just not my cup of coffee. However... [Kazuya unshealts his two swords in one quick motion and he stands hi ground. The stance he then takes leaves him open for any kind of attack, as it somehow seemed like it would be ineffective while using two swords.] I feel like distracting my mind for a bit...so sure, show me how strong you've gotten! [A faint blue aura covers Kazuya's body, like flames ready to explode.]
When the day of Armageddon draws closer, I will be waiting. *he exits the ring and sheathes his blade*
Jiyu turns to Haruko again "Yeah, he could put up a good fight. But it would kind of be unfair to fight him since he doesn't have any powers for all I know."
Oh he doesn't? Shame... We seem to be at a dearth of those tonight.
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Tatsuya... Waits while preparing to block and counter an attack of Kaz's own, for some reason he feels like that neat little stance isn't quite as open as Kazuya wants him to think... But after a few moments of waiting for movement, Tatsuya simply says screw it, this counter thing isn't his style. "Ya know, this seems like some clever trick! But even so it wouldn't be my style to just sit around waiting for you to make a move so let's get this show started!" With that a burning red fire bursts from his body, Apollo appearing behind Tatsuya and darting for Kazuya's left side. Tatsu, on the other hand, would move towards the right. Flames grow in the hand of the Persona, forming into a burning whip that it attempts to lash towards their foe's leg. Tatsuya, however, lights up Gram to an inferno, fire leaping off the blade of legend, to form a wave that rushes towards Kazuya's right sword arm.
OOC: sorry, I was busy and so(also, waiting for you now @Jiyu) IC: "Sorry, I was just thinking about stuff, Let's fight now, shall we?"
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Oh, you're back. Well I guess I'll just take my seat in the viewing area or something.
Fire rushing down, I knew you would do something like that! Relentless Fury...! [At blinding speed, Kazuya spins on his place 6 times, slashing at the air and fire coming at him, actually managin to dispel the fire completely, the blades moving at this incredible speed create the illusion of a full moon.] Full Moon Cleave...! [After this move, Kazuya takes a much more regular stance, preparing himself to move forward. The faint blue flames are gone after this, and the young man smiles at the older man, he was honestly not expecting this move to work so well against the flames of an actual Persona user.] I haven't been slacking off though, given my circumstances, I worked hard on this style...created to deal with magic more effectively! The "Relentless Fury" Style, a counter to magic! [After this is said, Kazuya dashes forward with two sword in hand, aiming not to slash at Tatsuya, but to clash his right sword against Tatsuya's, only to follow-up with a quick counter attack that would hopefully make him stumble for a second or two.]
"Alright, let's go!" Jiyu gets in a fighting stance
Also, I call the next person to walk through that door.
"Alright!" He runs towards him, aiming his gun at Jiyu and shoots it
*Shino walks by, and notices the door knocked off* Geez... That always happens to this place. *she then picks it up, and welds it back on with one of her fingers* There we go! Good as new!
YOU! *she immediately sits upright and points at the fixed door*
Jiyu dives out of the way of the bullet, but once he dove, it looked like his outfit changed for a split second then went back to normal "Heh, so my metaverse agility still works in the real world." He then fires two shots from his flintlock revolver at Ganvaruto
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Tatsuya grins back at Kazuya, clashing his blade against the first attack. Before being struck with the second. it's pretty impressive and the older man is indeed made to stumble. Rather than try and hold his ground, Tatsuya dives into a roll aiming to use the force of Kazuya's blow to put some distance between the two of them. "A counter to magic? Well... It's a good thing I've been brushing up on my swordplay don't ya think Kaz! I guess this time I'll have to face you on your terms for a change!" The man would then rush towards Kazuya with a smirk on his face, as Tatsu moves, however, he reaches into his coat and quickly pulls the pin of something. If one were watching closely they'd notice it drop to the ground. Beyond that, he simply sends a quick kick towards Kaz's knee aiming to knock him off balance. Apollo waiting over to the side he had attacked earlier, the Persona gathers magic up in its hands rather than get involved here.
Gunvolt proceeds to dodge both of them, at fast speeds, "You'd have to do better than that to beat me." He says as he tries to land a bullet on to Jiyu
He tries to dodge it again, but he gets shot in the left leg "It looks like I can't use that leg for a while." Jiyu then tries to shoot Ganvaruto... but he misses
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What...!? [Kazuya is taken by surprise by Tatsuya's willingness to go head to head, and so, he falls victim to the kick, and he indeed loses balance, perhaps it was him being distracted what allowed this to happen or just him being careless in fights. Regardless, he kneels down quickly returning both swords to their sheaths. This might have been one second or two, but he was indeed stunned for a moment.] C-Crap...! I need to pay more attention! [In this very small one second window, he closes his eyes knowing he probably won't have time to react, and he wasn't in the right stance for the Full Moon Cleave.]
The leg seems unaffected by the bullet. "Heh, don't worry, this will be over soon." He says as from his body, a glowing blue crosshairs comes to his vision. He then unleashes his electricity, "FLASHFIELD!" He unleashes his electricity, straightly aimed at Jiyu himself
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In the two seconds that pass suddenly a blast of flames bursts out of Tatsuya's jacket, the man himself smirking over at Kaz as the incendiary grenade engulfs them both. Of course, the flames won't hurt with Tatsu with Apollo's help, but it should do a bit to Kaz. "You do indeed my friend, did you even see me tossing that pin to the ground? Either way... NOW APOLLO!" At Tatsu's command the Persona rushes over towards them, the magic it had gathered up before bursting out around the two fighters to form a dome made out of flames. Apollo waiting for a moment from outside as Tatsuya smirks, the familiar heat of his own magic not even causing the man to flinch. "But, just cause I'm gonna fight close up doesn't mean I'll forget to give myself an edge! I've always that fair fights are foolish ya know?"
Ugh, seriously!? *stomps her foot again, still staring at the fixed door Shino had left* Do I have to go be evil to get someone to fight me!?
Just as one of the electricity is about to hit him, a dark figure suddenly appears, protecting Jiyu from the impact "Heh, nice try." As the dark figure fades away, Jiyu can be seen wearing a continental soldier outfit with a brown bandana covering half of his face "Now this is where the real fight begins."
"Well, time to get serious here, aren't we?" He says as he then rushes towards him, but then instead of shooting him, he uses electricity for something else, "Oversurge! Azure Striker!" His hand sparks as he says that, before unleashing a force field of electricity, followed by three orbs of electricity orbiting it, "Astrasphere!"
A simple kick wouldn't leave me open, you fell for it. Relentless Fury! [The granade's flame gets to him, and Kazuya does feel the pain of being burned by some awful flames. However, he was prepared for a next attack, and his act was bought completely. Almost moment after being struck by the flames, Kazuya disappears from view.] Illusory Moon! [Kazuya then appears above Tatsuya, and due to the speed he used to move around, even the flames disappeared from the young man's body. With but sword sheaths on his hands, he quickly slams them against Tatsuya, with a force strong enough to potentially make him bounce against the floor. If the older man bounces, Kazuya will try to follow-up with a quick draw of his sword, and a well placed slash at Tatsuya's left arm, between the upper arm and forearm, as to restrict his movement.]
"You're just right where I want you!" Jiyu rips off his bandana, summoning his persona, Washington, to use Assault Dive on Gan hopefully knocking him back, just before getting knocked back by the electricity
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"Yeah I figured, but don't think it'll be quite so easy." The blow does indeed slam into Kazuya, Tatsuya himself being sent flying backward with an annoyed groan. Even bouncing against the floor for a moment... His Persona, however, isn't stunned in the least bit. The wall of fire quickly shifting into a large sword that Apollo grabs hold of, rushing towards Kazuya and attempting to stab the man in the back with it as he moves towards Tatsuya. Of course, there's no telling if his Persona would actually get there before the slashes. But Tatsu's hoping it'll hurt Kaz more than him either way.
A sudden Broccoli bumps into Haruko. Momma said knock you out, nyu.
Huh? Who are you? Er, did you get lost, little girl?
I have a very firm sense of direction, nyu.
Yes but this is a dangerous place. People fight here.
I've beaten up a diety, nyu. I can hang in any hip joint, nyu.
I mean.... this might be a bit tougher than your playground games.
My playground games are probably up to par with yours, nyu.
The young man known as Quintus walks into the GYM. He seems a little nervous but quickly walks over to a corner of the building and begins smiling mysteriously. This should be a good place for it right, Hook? I'm sure plenty of people get caught up in these fights and...Well, you get the picture I'm sure. We might find the right kind of despair here and I don't have to force it out this way.
*Glances past Broccoli at Qintus.* Mmhm, yeah. I know you're trying to act tough but... it's not really in my moral.... fiber to go fighting kids. Actually, that's a good way to get arrested....
[Kazuya knew about the incoming attack, but he decides in a split second that he would need to make the sacrifice for a quick advantage. Kazuya continues the attack as he tries to limit Tatsuya's left arm movement without actually putting his life in danger by slashing between the upper arm and forearm, at the same time he recieves the flame sword on his back. Kazuya doesn't flinch but the pain really was something else. When it came to the stab itself, he didn't react much, but the fire was the tricky part here, the young man lets out a loud grunt of pain as he tries to end his attack.] Damn it...! [Still not close to falling, but indeed hurt by this sudden attack, whether his attack landed or not, he now had to try out something else. He stood still and prepared his left arm, quickly typing on his mod.COMP.] Demon Summoning Program activated, come! [From three portals, three demons quickly showed up. Given the number he just summoned, he would not be able to do anything for the next few seconds, at all. The demons that were summoned are the God of Rain, Baal. The Lord of Flies, Beelzebub. And finally, Kazuya's loyal Cerberus, Pascal.] I think it was time I moved to the next part of the strategy. [Kazuya's expression is dead serious now. His past carefree demeanor was gone, althought just for as long as the raged on. His eyes showed this burning determination and confidence, perhaps this would intimidate most people do to the sheer intensity.]
How disappointing, nyu. What a humiliation it would be if the edgelord got beat by a little girl, nyu.
Excuse you? I'm not an edgelord. Where did you even learn half these words!?
Quintus notices Haruko's gaze and tries to back away further into the corner. He didn't expect anyone to pay him much mind. After all, to certain people what he's doing could seem incredibly suspicious and he didn't exactly feel like he had the moral high-ground in this situation either. I should really find some clothes that don't just turn monotone when I put them on. I stand out too much this way...
You underestimate your opponent and assume weakness due to appearance, nyu. That attitude will be your undoing, nyu.
Are you saying you're not just a kid?
*Shino gives the door a firm kick and nods* Welp... That seems good enough.
There's that door kicker again!!!
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Tatsuya groans as the blade cuts into him, he's a tad slower... But as one might expect he's not really unused to fighting with wounds. "Gah that frigging hurts, little harder to move too. Oh well, at least my plan wasn't a total waste, right?" The man would then stare at Kazuya toying with his COMP, that look in Kaz's eyes... Heh, someone else might be scared. Tatsuya simply gets up and quickly reaches down for his Evoker. "At any rate, I guess if you're gonna use those bastards I can't really mess around anymore either huh?" The man brings his Evoker to his head and pulls back on the trigger, Apollo vanishing into light as two new Personas form beside him. "I can't match your numbers, Kaz... So I guess I'll have to try something else huh?" Finally the Personas take shape, Sarasvati and Lucifer hovering beside Tatsuya. The first raising its hands up causing a large wall of rocks to form between the two sides, Tatsu moving towards a side of it. At the same time, Lucifer rushes into the air as small blasts of Almighty magic fly from its hands. The demon moving above them and aiming to keep Kazuya's side distracted. Tatsuya pokes out from a side of the wall, a flashbang grenade in his right hand. He'd then quickly pull the pin and toss it into the opposing group before darting back behind his wall.
I've been alive longer than I can remember, nyu. I've met goddesses and faught monsters and dieties, nyu. And don't injure the door, nyu.
Hm? Oh, me? *she tilts her head curiously*

Yes you! Is.... this your small child that wants to fight me so bad?
*she shakes her head, and readjusts her glasses* Nope... Never seen her in my life.

Well this is weird, then....
Everyone is so condenscending, nyu.

[Kazuya does his best to covers his eyes to avoid the flashbang granade, but by doing this, he can't exactly do much, especially from this distance. He is unable to see the almight magic coming to them, but this is where Beelzebub comes in, the gigantic demon begins to counter the almighty blasts with his own, missing some, which manage to hurt him quite a bit, but managing to keep Lucifer's attacks at bay and away from the rest of the team. Baal, however, is slightly more resistant to the incoming blinding light, not enough to move but enough for a quick attack. Baal points his hand at Sarasvati who appeared to be standing still, and uneashed a powerful wave of colossal wind against her, attacking with Panta Rhei.] Alright, like we planned! [Kazuya quickly snaps his fingers as Pascal dashes at Tatsuya at full speed. The demon's three eyes were blinded by the granade, and had to be directed by Kazuya's commands. This doesn't last much time though, as Pascal was now running around Tatsuya, quickly shifting his orientation without even the need to stop to do so. It appeared to be ready to jump in at any time, but something seemed weird. Pascal was wearing a light armor over his already natural exoskeleton.]
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Sarsvati feels the wind slam into her, it's not exactly doing the Persona any favors but she does hold out for a moment longer. The wall Tatsu had been hiding behind changing shape into a series of large spikes that rush through the ground, eventually leaping up to try and impale their foes. With the exception of Pascal. And with that, the Persona vanishes, sadly Tatsuya can't keep that up forever. "Well that two trick is neat, but I can't keep it up forever so... I guess it's just Lucifer and I now!" With that his remaining Persona dashes down towards them, forming a pair of Almighty blades in each of its hands. The Lord of Hell would then fly down through their foes, it's magic blades swinging wildly as it does so. aiming to take advantage of the other Persona's final attack. Once that's done the thing simply attempts to dart back towards the air, but it's a bit open if their combo didn't work. "And as for you Pascal... Let's see how that armor holds up shall we?" Tatsuya himself points his hands at the dog demon, a silver revolver forming in the man's hands as he takes aim with 3 shots, each one covered in a sheen of frost. Tatsu aims one towards both of the demon's front legs, hoping to hit the softer parts of them with his attack and slow it down a bit. The third on the other hand actually flies towards Pascal's tail. The aim clearly being a simple attempt to cause some distracting pain rather than damage.

[Beelzebub quickly moves in to intercept Lucifer, taking the full force of the attacks and leaving him terribly injured and almost out of battle. He then takes the opportunity that could quite possibly be his last attack for now. With its insect arms, he takes a hold of Lucifer, and shoots a Megidolaon at him at point blank with all it has, in a seemingly suicide attack. And so, right after this, Beelzebub returns to the COMP before the damage and injuries become deadly.] You did well...! [Baal on the other hand has been paying close attention to Sarasvasti movement, but even still, he barely manages to avoid the spikes along with Kazuya, only to be hit by one on his left hand. Right after being injured, Baal charges up a magic movement on its own fists and feet. Quickly moving towards Tatsuya, attacking with a kick, quickly followed by a karate chop, and an uppercut, this is Ayamur, and it can make the opponent stumble if all three hit.] Thanks, Pascal...! [Pascal was hit by all three bullets, maing him fall to the ground, unable to move and with some frostbite. The armor, however, it quickly leaves his body as it releases a lot of steam, getting rid of the effect of the ice, however this will only work once. Pascal's whole plan was to be a distraction, long enough for Baal to land some hits. The demonic dog makes a quick fallback to avoid any further damage.] You did great, but don't do something this risky again, not until we somehow get you a new armor...can't think of a way after this battle though... [Kazuya looks forward and notices how Baal finished the attack, be it successful or not. Now, Kazuya prepared his right sword and leands to the front, as if preparing to dash. Magic quickly surrounds him and the sword, as as green aura appears.] Cut through dark and light! [Kazuya dashes forward at an immense speed, inhuman and impossible under normal circumstances. He makes a powerful downwards slash aimed at Tatsuya's right arm, hoping to cut all the way from his hand to the shoulder, although not deep enough to sever his entire arm. However, this would make him more vulnerable.] Lightspeed Slash!!
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The man sees Kazuya flying towards him, it's kind of a pain in the ass but rather than allow his arm to be slashed into Tatsuya tosses his arm upwards in a blur, Kazuya's blade instead sinking into the man's side as he winces in pain... If he's lucky Kaz didn't get anything vital with that. "Come on man did you really think I'd let you another arm? Nah." Lucifer, on the other hand, isn't doing as well as it's master, the Persona flickers for a moment before screaming in rage as a red glow appears in its eyes. The thing rushing towards Baal and darting around, taking two of the blows meant for Tatsuya before quickly trying to slam a claw into the demon's chest. Regardless of if it worked or not the Persona would then vanish in a blast of dark magic. Tendrils bursting around it and attempting to drill into Baal's head. And with that Tatsuya is left alone for a moment. "Anyways I'm outta Personas for a bit, so I gotta try something risky." Suddenly the man dart towards Kazuya in spite of his wounds, aiming his revolver at the summoners COMP and attempting to blast the thing with 2 point blank rounds. This time rather than being covered in frost the shots crackle with electricity, in theory a computer shouldn't like that.

It was worth the shot, you know? [Kazuya laughs as he quickly pulls away from the older man, returning his sword to the sheath. As this happens, Baal is successful in evading a mortal strike to its head, but it instead pierces his chest, as it is severely injured, Baal returns to the COMP to avoid death. Pascal is still holding its place, and quickly moves forward to attack Tatsuya with a powerful blow, using nothing but his head for a nice and simple Megaton Raid.] What the...Pascal look out! [However, Pascal got in the way of the second shot Tatsuya did, and took the damage. He was not stunned, nor too heavily hit by this. But after the ice shots and his recent attack, he was really almost done. Kazuya, knowing that the COMP wouldn't be able to summon any other demon in the incoming attacks, he decided to sacrifice the COMP by activating the Skill Crack and overheating it himself. Pascal returns to the COMP as Kazuya points his left hand at Tatsuya. A powerful, magical Almight force focuses on the palm of his hand, and promptly shoots towards the older man.] MEGIDOLAON!! [The attack slightly burns Kazuya's cloth, as well as it leaves some ugly burn marks on his left arm. The young man looked beat for a moment before regaining his breath. The COMP was not going to be a thing for the rest of the battle, but hopefully this attack managed to deal a good amount of damage, at least enough for Kazuya to use his last surprise if needed.] You...will never see it coming, Tatsuya.
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The blow of the demon does indeed slam into Tatsuya, the man stumbling for a moment as he looks over at Kaz. Whatever the guy is doing with that COMP can't be good... Might as well try to block. "Never see it coming? Don't count me out quite yet!" iUnable to call up any Personas at this point, he instead raises his hands out towards the blast of magic and a small wall of hardlight forms in front of the attack. Sadly for him without a Persona doing the work it's not even close to enough to block this. Instead, the Megidolaon slams through it, the attack loses some force. But it's still enough to send the Persona user flying backward from Kazuya. "Yare yare daze, you've burned up your COMP and I can't summon anything for a little bit huh? Seems like this is gonna come down to an all out melee..." Rather than actually just let that happen Tatsuya begins running the hell away, his revolver pointed behind him as the man wildly fires 4 more electric shots towards Kazuya. At this point he's got no clue where he's aiming, just hoping to hold the swordsman back for a moment till he can summon something again. At this point however his movements are quite a bit slower than normal, seems like the damage is starting to catch up with him by now.
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In fact, Tatsuya. I still have one last ace...I've actually avoided using it ever since I fought Raidou, because you have not seen it yet. [Seeing the bullets coming, he covers his face with his arms, as the rest of the bullets manage to land and deal a good amount of damage. While his armored clothing could take the bullets, elements were still difficult to take. Kazuya takes a deep breath, and blue flames cover his body.] Did you forget? I'm a Persona user as well!! Come...!! [The blue flames explode with ferocity, and expand all around him like some kind of wildfire, as a gigantic sword falls from nowhere and thrusts itself on the floor. Kusanagi was here now, but his Persona began to break away, to separate, transforming into something else, perhaps the true identity of the lone warrior from a struggling world. it takes the form of a mechanical samurai who uses two swords at once. Its face was blank with just one eye on its right side, and hair similar to Kazuya's, but longer. Small details reminiscent of Kazuya's old armor, Takeshi's coat, Yuji's jacket, all in small pieces. Chaos and Law combined into one.] Musashi!! [Kazuya's Ultimate Persona, Musashi, then took the same stance as Kazuya, perfecly mimicking him, effectively creating a slighly bigger clone of Kazuya.] This is my true self, Tatsuya! [Kazuya dashes at Tatsuya along with his Persona. The surround him and move in to attack with two swords in hand, charging up their swords.] Relentless Fury: Sever! [Kazuya and Musashi close in on Tatsuya, and attack with multiple lightning fast slashes at him, aiming to make superficial injures that normally would end up in severed ligaments.]
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The man mutters a curse as the flames burst around Kaz, he knew it was coming but he had no clue... No, it's bad, but he can at least try to match them rather than freaking out. "So that's what you have now huh? Well, I guess it's pretty impressive but... I'm not gonna go down so easily!" As Kazuya darts towards them flames burst around the man as well, Apollo appearing and darting towards Kazuya's Persona. Blades formed out of fire swinging towards the thing at a matching speed. In spite of parrying a few blows, Apollo allows most to strike into it, instead aiming to deal his foe as much damage as possible. By the time it's done the Sun God tosses his blades at Musash before exploding in a huge tower of flames. "I got nothing left but betting it all on one last attack..." At the same time as his Persona appears, Tatsu himself causes his gun too quickly vanish before drawing his own blade out. A smaller sword made of fire forming in his hands as well, thanks to being so slow by this point he doesn't even bother trying to block more than a few strikes. Instead aiming to slam the burning holy sword and construct of magic into Kazuya's body while simply attempting to absorb the attacks with his arms and chest. By the time Apollo vanishes his own magic fades away and the man falls down to his knees. At this point, he's pretty clearly finished. He lets out a few words and gasps for air, clearly that last attack took a lot outta him. At this point, all that's left is to see how Kazuya fared against his final effort. "Geez, you've got a hell of a lot stronger... Hah! At this point, I think you've kinda got me beat Kaz, although. Maybe I didn't do so bad? Either way, it's been an uphill battle frankly. So good match to say the least!" In spite of being both wounded and tired, Tatsuya actually sounds a bit happy all things considered. It's pretty impressive seeing how far Kazuya's come... And that he can even hold his own anymore.

[Kazuya's experiences had made him strong against physical strikes of most kind. Broken bones, flesh cut, blood spilt. Even his Persona reflected this. Despite this, the fire damage he was getting was still significant. And by the time the attacks were done, Kazuya managed to stand tall, although barely, as his Persona evidenced with its static.] I guess I got stronger...I've kind of had the need to get stronger as of late...I pushed myself to hold my own against Persona users without a Persona or Demons, who would've thought it was this much of an improvement...! [Musashi now disappeared, and Kazuya put away his swords. The young man takes one deep breath and looks at Tatsuya with a smile on his face. He felt much more confident now, for some reason. The Snake was still out there, and Ene was still captive, but maybe this time it would be enough to save her along with everyone.]
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Tatsuya accepts the handshake with a grin at his friend. He then pushes his blade into the ground and forces himself back onto his feet, albeit not without serious effort. "Yeah, I can tell... Hah, if we were to fight again I wouldn't fall for those counters ya know? But anyways, ya won this time so good show! Guess I've got put some work in myself to keep up with you... Or maybe not? Honestly, it's not as though we fight alone that often anyways." With that the man focuses in on himself, Hyperion appearing behind him for a moment as the bright light of Salvation covers both Tatsuya and Kazuya... Before the Persona vanishes just as quickly, Tatsu himself rubbing his head in pain. In spite of the magic fixing the man's physical wounds, mentally speaking he feels terrible after tossing all this around... Still, either one of them coulda gone further. If they'd bet their lives on it. Heh, in spite of everything he actually feels a bit better. Sure that dumbass Faker is running around causing trouble and holding a friend's life as a shield. But if nothing else, at the least he's gotten better since he started this mess. "Anyways, guess I'll get ready to close the place down for now. Oh yeah, better turn the cameras back on now that there won't be anything useful on em." And with that he'd walk off to the control room, rather slowly in fact. But regardless he starts everything back up before walking back out into the main part of GYM. The man would then wander over towards the door and turn the sign to closed before walking out... And for some reason, the door is still here, although it seems someone welded the thing back on. Either way, he stands outside the building, waiting for Kaz to head out so he can lock up. And say a few parting words. "Well, regardless of how tough it was... Thanks, I kinda needed to see how much stronger I've gotten ya know? Back at that time we met. Both of us were a whole lot weaker huh? Not gonna lie though, you kinda inspired me to get stronger after that, Kazuya. Anyways, seems like we've both got our issues, but we'll sort it out. And if ya need my help with this Ene thing count me in got it?" After Tatsu stuck around to hear Kaz's final words, he'd then lock up the place finally. From there the man walks with his hands in his pockets, drawing a set of keys from them he'd get onto his motorcycle and begin driving away. Not what he expected tonight, but perhaps the best outcome one could hope for really.

Eito runs back up to the door only to see ther place closed. *Sigh* "This is your fault,don't be a little girl about it,you can just come back another time..." These and many other words of restraint were being muttered by him but he was obviously upset. *Breaths In* "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...!"
A large man pauses as he reaches the front door of GYM. The yelling man was someone he'd never seen before. "Um...you okay pal?" Kalib takes a step closer to the door as he fishes a set of keys from his right pant pocket. "Kinda early to be yelling. But come on in! I'll get you something to drink." The man walks up to the door and quickly unlocks it. He turns back to Eito and waves him inside the building.

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Cool. Eito finally shuts up after the large man speaks to him. "Oh,hey..." Eito's cheeks go red as he realizes how childish he was being.Well,apart from the swearing of course. "Sorry for that.It's just that I came in earlier but somehow managed to time it so that the minute I entered the building I realized I had to do an errand." "I was really excited to come here and see people fight after that but,as you could see:they closed up before I came back."
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Jiyu, who's still in his metaverse outfit, wakes up from being knocked back by that electric attack from last night "D-Did I win?" He then slowly stands up, notices the other two and waves to Eito "Hey Eito."
Kalib grins as he rounds the counter of the drink bar. "No need to worry about it. I'm typically too busy to run my own facility, but I love watching the fights that take place here." He turns to the fridge and grabs a pair of cherry sports drinks before placing them on the counter. "The name's Kalib, by the way. I own this facility." He slides a drink to Eito with a soft smile. "What's your name pal? You're a new face to me." Kalib gets a bit of a start as the other man pipes up. "Someone was in here all night? Yeesh."
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Eito accepts the drink,taking a sip. "Name's Eito." "I'm sorta new here..." "To be honest with you,I sorta came here to watch people fight since I myself,aren't really able to fight." He then notices Jiyu "Hey bro."
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Kalib cracks open his bottle and takes a few sips. He'd look over at Eito, placing his bottle back on the counter in the process. "Anyone can fight if they believe in something, Eito." He proceeds to twist back on the lid, a sad smile forming on his lips. "I know that all too well." He shakes his head and looks back to Eito with a grin. "GYM's purpose isn't just for senseless violence mind you. I run this place with one goal in mind: self betterment." Kalib laughs softly and puts his arms behind his head. "I've seen such amazing growth in those who've trained here."
Jiyu walks over to the bar and leans on the counter "..."

"Well,I guess that's what I need." "I mean,another reason I came here was because I heard that ..." "Ta-tsu-ya guy was here." "I heard he's got a place for weapons or something." "And I sorely need some god damn weapons." Eito takes a couple more sips.
Kalib's eyes are cast downwards. "R-Right. I know him..." He looks back over to Eito with a soft smile, there's something more behind his facade however it's hard to tell what. "So what's your style Eito? I can lend you some training weapons before you shell out for the real deal." Kalib then glances at the other man. "Not keen on talking pal? No need to be shy. The name's Kalib! Pleased to meetcha!"
Jiyu turns to Kalib "My name's Jiyu Hatanaka, it's nice to meet you too." He then extends his hand to Kalib for a handshake
He extends his own hand and accepts the shake. "Jiyu, huh? Good name! So what's your deal? You got any crazy powers?" He pulls back his hand as the shake ends.

Eito notices that Kalib's smile is just a tad bit too frail but decides not to push the issue. "My fighting style?" "I don't really have a fighting style." "Other than a few fights back in middle school I have never fought in my god damn life."
He puts his hand back on the counter "Well, the only power that I have is a persona. But having a persona is common in the Nexus, so I wouldn't really call it a crazy power."
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Kalib ponders for a moment as he scratches his chin. "Scraps in middle school, hm?" Kalib nods and ducks below the counter. Whirring can be heard, almost as if someone was spinning a combination lock. However he quickly pops back up, but he holds a pair of kukri knives. He places them down in front of Eito. "Looking at your stature, and the fact that you've only fought in close quarters before...I feel something up close and personal might be your speed." He shoots him a grin. "If not we got other options. However, this is my two cents is all. Oh! Would you care to test them out?" Kalib lets out a sigh of relief as he turns to Jiyu. "Yup! That is run of the mill around here!"
"Hmm, I figured." Jiyu then looks at what the other two are doing

Eito picks up the knives,feeling their weight. "Hm,nice." "I'd have preferred some straighter knives but these seem great." "Also,while I may have only fought in close combat,I have tried out a gun before."
Kalib scratches the back of his head. "For guns you'd need to talk to Emerson or Tatsuya at the Armory. Though I do have my old hunting rifle that never gets used." Kalib leaves the counter and enters the door to the staff room behind him. A few minutes later and he returns with a rifle in hand. Red stain on the wooden features and a beautiful chrome finish on the barrel, sights and trigger. "I have some ballistic rounds if you wanted to give this bad boy a shot too."

"Maybe later." Eito pulls out the decently sized piece of gold that kushala gave him. "So,the Armory huh?" "I was thinking of getting a pistol and a shotgun along with some extra stuff." "You seem to know the guys,so can you tell me if they sell stuff like that or if this is enough to buy?"
He eyes the chunk of gold and nods. "That should cover you for cost. If not, mention me, they can put the difference on my tab. And as for the weapons?" He flashes a toothy grin. "You're going to feel like a kid in a candy shop! Haha!" His tone shifts rather suddenly as he speaks again. "What do you want to fight for Eito? I'm curious. Is it strictly for your own survival?"

"I don't know." "I guess you're correct but..." "I feel like I have...A higher purpose now." "Like the world brought me here for a reason." Eito finishes his drink. "I know I sound crazy right now but..." "I just have no other way to describe it." "Anyway,how much do I owe you for the drink?"
Kalib's expression darkens further but he shakes it off. "That higher purpose is what I'm worried about." He goes back to his jovial smile. "And no need to pay. First one is on the house! Everybody gets one!"

"Woah woah woah." "Hold up." "You can't just say some shit like that and expect me to ignore it."
Kalib is startled by the callout and blinks a few times. His eyes then grow almost scared. "Look kid. This world isn't what it appears to be. So don't go biting off more than you can chew." He looks around warily. "The god of this world isn't a laughing matter anymore. He's finally enacted some sort of scheme and...I'm scared. I'm scared that people who have nothing to do with this mess are going to get hurt. People like you. Taken from their homes and toyed with by a higher power." He sighs. "Tatsuya knows what I'm talking about."

"Jeez,man." "When I said that I meant that I felt I could just be stronger and actually able to do something." "I'm not going to jump into a dangerous fucking fight with only my bare hands because I think god will protect me or some shit like that." *Sigh* "Look man,i'm just going to give it to you straight:I'm basically useless here." "I don't know how to fight.I don't know how to defend myself.I don't know magic.I don't know anything at all." "At this point,i'm just looking for someone to train me and teach me about this world and a place to stay." "The only reason i'm not so tired that i'm ready to die is that I sleep in the booths in Leblanc." "And I don't know about you but I find that pretty pathetic."
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OOC: sorry for not being able to finish last night, I had to go to sleep that night. "Hey, you ok there?" GV says as he goes up to Jiyu. "Sorry for what I did last night, I think I went a little too hard there"
Jiyu turns to GV "Yeah, I'm fine. That was probably one of my hardest fights I've had in a while."
"Well, if I didn't use Pervasion there, I would have been toast by your attack." GV looks at Jiyu a bit, "But my Luxcalibur attack did do a thing..."
"Heh, I guess it did."
"I guess then you may need some more practice before you can beat me..." He says, he looks at his watch and starts leaving "It's getting late, I need to go cook for Joule." He turns around to him "If you ever want to fight again, I'm available." He says as he walks away in the distance.
"Alright, see ya!" He waves to GV
Kalib lets out a sigh of relief. "You're not a bad kid, Eito. If you want, I can train you and offer part time work. There's a spare room I can lend you for the time being too." Kalib holds out his hand and offers Eito a smile. "Sound like a plan?" OOC; Sorry about that. Had a dental appointment. Pesky adulting. Smh.

OOC:Nah bruh.I should be the one to apologize for all the late responses.Been studying cus i've had three consecutive tests since Monday and would probably have more if they didn't restrict it to three a week at most. Eito's eyes widen at the offer! "Wait,you're actually going to help me!?" "I was just ranting about my problems!" "HOLY SHIT!I CAN FINALLY GET SOME REAL PROGRESS!" "WOOO-*Cough**Cough*I mean thanks a lot..." Eito blushes and grabs Kalib's hand eagerly.

*Well as everyone else seems to be leaving, Haruko walks into GYM again. Weapons in tow, looking about for anyone not currently beaten up or beating up.*
With a firm handshake, Kalib presents Eito a set of keys. "Good to see you're enthusiastic!" Kalib pulls back his hand and looks at his watch. "Hmmm...that late? Well, I gotta go for now Eito. But next time I see ya, we'll start training. Oh and your room is on the left as you get to the top of the stairs." Kalib offers a quick grin and a wave before he heads out of the GYM.
Tch, stupid bus... A dark-haired young man grumbles to himself as he passes by the doors of GYM. After staring at the sign for a moment, he shrugs and walks inside. Couldn't hurt to get some exercise in while I wait, I guess.

Eito waves goodbye. "See ya later Sensei!" As Kalib exits the building Eito gets a cheeky smile on his face.He then looks around him and sees Jiyu,Haruka and Morikazu still in the building. "Oh shit,you guys are still here?
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*Well that's an awkward sight for Morikazu. This seemingly normal Gym has... multiple fighting arenas. And a girl with a pair of chakrams looking rather frustrated with the empty nature of the place.* Huh? Oh! Hey there, welcome to... uh.... "Gym."
Morikazu raises an eyebrow at the strange scene inside. He shrugs. Maybe this is a dojo or something...? What's this place for, anyway? He gestures towards the arenas as he speaks. He eyes the chakrams cautiously. What kind of weapon was that?

"Wait,apparently i'm now a part time employee." "Oh crap.." Eito fumbles around for a moment. "Ahem.Welcome to the GYM." "As you can see,we have multiple arenas for combat so you can practice your abilities and..." Eito then looks down for a moment. "Wait a minute.He didn't even tell my what my job was!" "Shit."
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Oh, this place is... weird. Honestly most people just come here to fight each other, though there is some actual Gym equipment here.
Fighting each other? That makes sense. Morikazu cracks his knuckles, then glances around at everyone here. There's two other guys here... Empty for such a large place. It seems he's not counting Haruko as a potential opponent...

"Well,don't look at me bro." "I'm powerless." "I don't even know how to fight."

Oh yeah, you're the no powers guy, huh? *She looks from Eito over to Morikazu* What about you? Anything special about you?
Nothin' much. But I could probably still take this guy here down easily. Of course, the part about not having no powers is a lie, but it's kind of a pain to explain his so-called "other self" to people.

"What,did I suddenly get a reputation?" Eito hears Morikazu "HEY!" "I mean,it's true but still..."
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Huh, nothing, huh? Man, does the universe think I can't fight or something? All the other Persona users don't seem to take me seriously, either.
*Shino walks by again and makes sure her handy work is still holding up from last night* Huh.... This a surprise. Usually, this door would be destroyed ten times over by now. Maybe people are actually being...... Nah.
W-wait, did you just say "Persona users"? As in, multiple ones? His eyes widen at Haruko. So you have one, too? I guess I didn't need to hide it, then.

"Yeah,buddy.Basically everyone here has at least one." "Except for me..."

*Gin enters the GYM, hands in his coat pockets.* Not everyone has a Persona. Me and my friends don't, for a couple of examples. Hiya, by the way.

Well yeah, I could tell you me and my friend's whole story but it'd take a while. Honestly this Gym tends to be full of Persona users.... or other folks with special skills. Though it's not like the ENTIRE city has them.
Oh. Morikazu seems... incredibly disappointed. He shakes his head and punches his palm with a fist. Anyway, lady, you wanna fight or what? I'd like to see that Persona for myself.
*She finally finishes admiring her handy work on the door, and readjusts her glasses* Trust me, not having a Persona is becoming a popular trend around here, although plenty of us still have em... Just don't really use em as much.

"Well,whatever." "Okay,so even though sensei didn't even tell me what my job was or when i'd start,I feel sorta responsible for this place so,uh I guess I oughta welcome you guys." "So...Welcome." "I don't even think there are prices in this place so knock yourselves out." "Not literally though."

Oh hey, I remember you. Is it really becoming that popular? I mean most of what we're involved in is stuff that you're in trouble with if you're bringing a gun to a shadow fight. Anyway, anyone interested in a fight? Since it seems we have some powered people here.

Yeah, that's right. Just ignore me. Least I can watch if nothing else. *Gin fidgets with his scarf and sits down.*
I'm... right here... Sheesh, is this how rejection feels? Yet more disappointment.

Oh, is this you saying you wanna fight me? *she grins at Morikazu* I'm game, let's go for it!
I've never really fought shadows... Then again, never really had the need to. Although.... I do have a gun for a hand....
Alright, it's settled then! With renewed energy, Morikazu cracks his knuckles and strolls into one of the arenas. A strange energy surrounds his body. Let's do this!
Jiyu snaps back to reality from being lost in thought and looks around "Woah, when did this place get so packed?"
Oooo.... This should be interesting.... *Shino watches in anticipation*

Eito looks over at Jiyu. "Pretty fucking quickly my boy"

*She strolls into the arena, totally forgetting the part where Morikazu technically didn't count her as relevant. Or maybe not. Who knows....*

Eito also sees the oncoming battle and prepares himself. "Ahem...LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!IT SEEMS WE HAVE A MATCH !!!"
Jiyu looks over to Eito "Hmm, really? That aside, did I miss anything while I was thinking?"
So, who gets the first move? Ladies first, I suppose. He smirks a little.
*Shino smirks a little* Yup.... He's definitely going to get his ass kicked....
The frame and whatever is left of the door dissolves as the god of destruction arrives "WARI WA MESSIAH NARI!!!!" He proclaims as loudly as he possibly can, followed by a howling laughter

Eito gives Jiyu a happy look. I got a room,a job,some advice and someone to train me." "All of those are here by the way." "So,pretty cool huh?"

Your mistake. *She grins and sweeps her hand across her eyes, revealing a broken half of a burning mask.* Chiyome! *The kimono-sporting figure with the other half of her mask appears, staring at Morikazu for a moment before lashing out at him with a whip made of water!* Let's start you off easy.
Jiyu nods his head "Yeah that is pretty cool, you're really progressing in the Nexus."
Morikazu crosses his arms in front of himself, flinching as the water strikes him. Note to self: water can hurt people. Loup-Garou! Assault Dive! He points at Haruko, and out of thin air, a humanoid wolf-like beast forms behind him. The Persona howls and springs into the air, shooting downward for a punch boosted by its momentum.

"Yay." "So,what do you wanna do now?"
"Maybe just watch the fights, and probably wait for a fight as well."
Seeing he gets no attention, he slams his Ω-saber on the ground, causing the ground to shake.
(edited by Omega-X)

"Well,i'm gonna be practising with my new knives for now." "Feel free to join in" "Tell me if you wanna fight too." "Despite all the self-deprecation I haven't gotten my ass beaten yet and I want to see where I stand in the spectrum of incompetence." "So if anyone is going to administermy first ass-beating i'd rather it be you than some murderous monster."
"I'll fight you." Ωmega goes to Eito and stares at him with a psychotic intent. "Do you have what it takes to defeat a God of Destruction?"
"You wanna practice with me, Eito?" He pulls out his flintlock revolver

*Quickly puts up her weapons to guard against the punch, but still skids backwards from the impact.* Okay, so we both have Personas. Now that we know that, I guess I can turn up the heat. *She herself goes running at Morikazu, eventually letting a chakram fly, like some sharp frisbee, at her opponent. Element of surprise and all that.*
Loup-Garou vanishes as Morikazu attempts to dodge, although he still gets slashed on the arm by that. That... Is a really weird weapon. Maeiga! The Persona re-forms, and slams its fists into the ground, sending out a wave of darkness to shove Haruko back.

Eito seemingly notices Ωmega's intent. "Yeah,look buddy,that whole "I'd rather it be you than murderous monster"thing applies to you too." Eito turns back to Jiyu with a fiery look and unsheathes his brand new double kukris. "Let's fucking do this man!"
Two fights at once... Today is turning out to be pretty entertaining....
"Bring it on!" Jiyu walks over to one of the arenas

"WOO!" Eito joins Jiyu on the arena and gets into a combat stance. "So,who's moving first?"

Thanks, I find it's easy to get, too. *ends up getting whacked by the wave and flipping over backwards, landing on the ground with an oof* Not bad, but watch this. *Summons Chiyome back, and the Persona seems to do nothing? That is until a spout of water shoots up from underneath Morikazu. Providing cover for Haruko to get back upright.*
"I'll let you have the first turn since you're new to this type of fighting."
WHOA! Morikazu is sent flying into the air. Acting on instinct, he calls for Loup-Garou to come underneath him. With a slightly-painful spring, he leaps off the wolf's back and sends his own self flying towards Haruko to tackle her to the ground.

"Well,allright then." Eito jumps up and down,hyping himself up before suddenly rushing at Jiyu in a zig zag pattern,wich will hopefully keep him mostly safe from Jiyu's ranged attacks until he reaches him.

*Haruko is ready! And attempts to intercept the tackle with a melee swing of her other chakram. It's something of an all or nothing ploy. And honestly, even if it hits, no guarantee it can stop that kind of momentum.*
Good news for Haruko: the attack easily connects, as he isn't able to guard at all. Bad news for Haruko: that doesn't stop the hunded-something pounds of pure Morikazu crashing into her.
"Moving from side to side so that you can prevent me from hitting you is a good tactic and all. But that won't help you for long." Jiyu then fires his flintlock revolver in a random direction, making the musket ball ricochet off of every wall it hits, hopefully hitting Eito in the process "Now try dodging that!"
(edited by Jiyu-Hatanaka)

*Crashes into the ground from the Morikazu. Her... well not really one weakness, just she has to now struggle to get the Morikazu off of her.* Ugh, get off!
In theory, Morikazu could- no, pinning her down would just be awkward. Loup-Garou appears behind him. Batter up, Wolfy! Bloodbath! Just as he leaps off, the wolf leaps in for a few blows with fists full of fear-inducing energy.

"Shitshitshitshit." Eito tries to guess the position of the bullet but has an extremely difficult time with it due to the bullet's speed.Eventually however he finally sees it coming and rolls on the ground in an attempt to avoid it.Thankfully,it passes by next to him.Unfortunately it also grazes his side. "FUCK!That hurt so much!" Eito bites his lip attempts to ignore the pain,taking solace in the fact that he probably got close enough to attack Jiyu,only to look up and realize he only got a few feet closer.With a sigh he continues his zig zag pattern,knowing that even with those tricks,getting closer up,nothing short of a miracle could just stop his opponent from just shooting him like a normal person.

*Takes advantage of Morikazu leaping off her to summon her Persona, letting Chiyome take the hit instead of her, as she rolls aside and gets back up.* Not bad, we seem pretty evenly matched.
Looks like it. That Persona of yours is pretty tough. Morikazu is panting a little from the effort of Loup-Garou's attacks and the damage from earlier, but he's not backing down now. Loup-Garou attempts to grab Chiyome, furry hands pulsing with a terrifying aura. Evil Touch!
Jiyu fires two more musket balls at Eito

OOC:are just shooting me now or are you doing the ricochet thing?
Ooc: I'm just shooting you.

*Upon being grabbed and evil touched, Chiyome vanishes. Haruko shuddering in place for the round....*
Works like a charm. Loup-Garou! The wolf rushes towards the trembling girl, then howls. Mudo! As the wolf's howl echoes, a dark shadow appears beneath Haruko...

*The mudo would seem guaranteed to connect, had Haruko not been able to backflip out of the way. Her little bit of shaking implies she's not wholly out of that woods, though.* H-hey, no skills like that allowed, you hear!?
Fine, fine... Maeiga! The wolf begins its rush once more, obscured by a shadow wave.

As Eito predicted,Jiyuwould take advantage of the range shoot him normally.His sloppy zig zag pattern managed to help him avoid one bullet.Thinking that Jiyu would shoot just the one,Eito somewhat relaxed,whitch proved to be a mistake as the second bullet flew and hit him right in the left shoulder. "OH DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN,IT BURNS!" This,along with many other things were being shouted by Eito as he finally arrived got up close to Jiyu. "Fucking hell..." To say that Eito was mad was quite the underestimation. In his frustration,pain and anger he threw the hand with an injured shoulder into the air and sloppily brought it down hoping to get a good slash into Jiyu. "Shoot this!" However,if one was observant they would see his dominant and uninjured arm heading straing for Jiyu from below.A ruse.His sloppy weak attack would hopefully distract his opponent long enought for his secret attack to strike true.
(edited by Eito)
"FEH, then TO HELL WITH THIS PLACE!" Omega then proceeds to destroy the GYM with all of his might
Jiyu gets slashed in the chest and stumbles backwards "Ugh, damn!" After stumbling backwards, he notices Eito uninjured arm below him and shoots it twice. He then tries to kick him away from him
WOULD YOU CUT THAT OUT? Maeiga! The shadow expands towards Omega.

Can you please not destroy the GYM with all your might? It costs at least 3 kittens to rebuild.
"THEN QUELL MY RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!" Omega slashes at the shadow, with rage and unbeatable strenght, he then pounded the ground, "Rakuhouha!" Then 7 energy blasts that spreaded out in a fan-shape bursted from Omega, decimating those who try to surround him

*Gin shrugs and continues watching the fights, ignoring the destruction around him* I tried.
Oi, quit it! He recalls Loup-Garou, then retreats onto a bench. Just... Gimme five seconds...
"GIVE ME A CHALLENGER, OR ELSE THIS WHOLE BUILDING GOES TO SHAMBLES!" He says, as he stands there, hair flowing upward, as a white aura of rage builds around him, showing his true force of anger

*Gin sighs* You sure about that?
Uh, I'm kinda beat up so... Bye! He rushes out of the building.

One bullet grazes Eito's hand tearing some flesh from the top.Turns out flinching from the pain saved him in that instance as he moved his hand away too fast for Jiyu's second bullet and foot to catch it.He then rolled away. "Damn.That hurt a lot." Despite his talky attitude and rather absurdly high pain threshold for a normal person,it was becoming obvious that his wounds were having an effect on Eito.However,none the less,he smiled and muttered to himself. "He said it was a revolver right?" Eito had been counting Jiyu's shots.One ricoched.Two were shot at him as he ran towards his opponent and another two were shot up close.Jiyu should have had one more shot before having to reload. "I got this." Eito once again ran,slightly slower this time towards his enemy making nonsensical patterns as he moved about in Jiyu's general direction.If he could just get him to waste that last bullet,he could actually have a chance to win this fight.
"I wish to test my power against the Nexus' MIGHTIEST, SO GIVE ME SOMEONE TO CHALLENGE!"
One of the shots from Omega had destroyed the door, allowing a green serpent to poke its head in. Qua... It flies out, then comes back in with some random kid, who presses a gem on their bracelet. The dragon is surrounded in a pink light, then bursts out with a strong gust of wind. Kiryayaya....

Well, I wouldn't exactly call myself the "mightiest of the Nexus", but if it stops you smashing up the place, I'll take you on.
Parad once again fades into the GYM in a storm of vibrant pixels. "Which one of you nerds is making all the racket? I might not be a human, but I still appreciate some peace and quiet!" Parad leans against a wall and pulls out a portable gaming device, which he promptly goes to town in beating whichever game he has loaded inside it. It blips away like an old arcade game.
"Good, now WITNESS, THE POWER OF DESTRUCTION, THAT THE SCIENTIST, DR. WEIL, HAS BESTOWED UPON ME! THE ORIGINAL ZERO!" He goes up to an arena and then takes out his saber, prepared for combat
The random kid starts looking at some red device. Kids these days. Mega Rayquaza flies in circles around them, gaining a purple hue.
A red door appears by.... well the enterance of this place. A man with jet-black hair steps through the door. He fixes his red tie and addjusts the collar of his suit, not to mention his silver buttons shining in the light. Now let's- Upon seeing the.... events before him... he just stared blankly. ... This was more barbaric than I thought...

*Gin yawns as he follows Omega* Come on then. *Gin's coat and eyes become golden due to Shining Force* I'll keep you busy for at least a few seconds.
(edited by Gin)
Kreeh. Mega Rayquaza flies in a circle around Jonathan, bumping him with its snout.
Parad clears a level, made clear by the loud "GAME CLEAR!" emitted from his device, headphones are for chumps. "Oh great, more nerds. Can't ever get a break around here..."
"Come on... just get a little bit closer." Jiyu stands there, waiting...
I'd like to know who brought the animal in... another time I suppose. Now then. He pulls out a sheet of paper from his suit and glances at it. Who is the owner of this establishment?
Parad clears his throat. "I might not be the manager, but I can take a message. It's under my jurisdiction after all." He pauses his game, and approaches the newcomer.
Mega Rayquaza is rather offended. It huffs and begins flying in circles again, strengthening its aura.
The man looks at him. You're... an interesting one. But I believe introductions are in order. I am Jonathan, the master of the Scarlet Room. I've come here to observe the fighters here... though I was not expecting this.
"Then FIGHT!" Omega dashes to Gin, hoping to catch hold of him.

"HOLD UP!! Eito stops his fight with Jiyu as he notices what's going on around him. He then notices the guy in the suit. "The owner left a while back.I'm an employee though."
Ah, someone official to speak with then. I have told you all my name, but what about all of you?

*In a blast of wind, Gin is thrown into the air, flying over Omega. While in the air, he fires a beam of light from a finger gun at Omega's back*
Rayquaza. Even though it's not really involved in the conversation, Mega Rayquaza feels the need to introduce itself.

Eito relaxes as he answers the man. "Well,i'm Eito.Part timer training under the owner.I also live here and will continue to live here for a while IF THIS DICKBAG STOPS DESTROYING THE PLACE!! Eito shojts the last part while giving a pointed look to Ωmega.
So the creature can speak... interesting. As I said before, I am only here to observe.

"Well,you can observe the others.I'm done for now.I'm going to bed.If you want to talk about something important then follow me.If not then write a note and leave it at the drink bar.I'll give it to the owner when he comes back." Eito then looks at Jiyu back at the combat ring. "Let's just call this a tie." "See y'all later."
(edited by Eito)
Jiyu puts away his flintlock revolver "Alright see ya, Eito." He looks at the time on his phone "Crap, I gotta get home! I should leave too." He then runs out of the GYM
Rest well then. Jonathan waves slightly. His attention then switches to the battle at hand... assuming there is one.
Omega attempts to reflect the laser, but is too slow "Gh! I'm impressed, you actually managed to get out of the way without being petrified..." He says this as he smiles slightly, "But unfortunatley, That doesn't do SHIT!" He pounds the ground as pillars of light surround him, "REKKOHA!" They rotate as the wound from the laser suddenly dissapears

*Gin lands, rolling away from the light pillars before turningto look at Omega* Cute trick. Here's one of mine. *Multiple shards of ice appear above Gin and fire, gattling gun style, at Omega*
"Heh, really, that crap?" He gets out his Ω-saber and slashes at all of the shards at lightning quick speeds

*Gin continues to fire upon Omega with his ice shard* The strength in your arm or the water particles in the air. Which will run out first, I wonder?
"Do you really intend to keep me busy with these ice whateveryoucallthems?" He keeps on deflecting them as he runs to Gin, intending to strike him with a slash

*Gin stands, waiting for something as he continues launching ice shards.*
Omega eventually reaches Gin and tries to slash him with the Ω-saber

*Gin ejects himself out of the back of his Ice armour, leaving an Ice clone of Gin to get impaled on Omega's blade. Gin then snaps his fingers, causing the clone to detonate in an explosive blast at a point blanc range, sending ice shards outward towards Omega*
Rayquaza continues his lil Dragon Dance while the random kid watches the fight. An odd duo. However, it seems Mega Rayquaza is keeping tabs on the fight as well...
"GH!" Omega gets hit, but ignores the explosion as he hacks a the ice, and then, feeling like he needs to show more of his power, shoots two charged shots from his Ω-Buster shot, followed by a powerful saber beam

Ha ha ha. So, how'd you like- OH SHI- *Gin gets knocked against back wall by the Saber Beam. As he collapses to one knee coughing, his Ice Armour reforms* Not done yet. Gotcha.
"Heh, so now you get it..." He jumps up and does a rolling slash, unleashing a 360 degree shot of the saber beams.

*Gin vanishes into smoke, appearing behind Omega after the sword beams.' You're such a child, you know that? *Gin places a hand on Omega's back and shocks Omega with 20,000 volts of electricity.*
"GH!" He gets thrown back by the electricity, damaged a bit, but not really affected, "YOU'RE ASKING FOR IT NOW!!" He then rushes to Gin faster than he can react, and draws his Ω-saber. "Ranbuuuuu!" He then slashes at him, undodgable, with 6-slashes, and then finishes it off with a rising slash.

*Gin's ice armour shatters, sending Gin flying across the arena.* Ugh. Have you worn your self out yet? *Gin shakily gets up, before putting his hands into his pockets, pretending to me uninjured*
"Heheheh, you still don't get it." He dashes to Gin again, and then puts himself behind Gin as he places his Ω-saber, blade right next to his neck, "...I am the Messiah." He then howls with laughter as he prepares to slit Gin's neck

*Gin's form shatters like glass as his necks slit. Another one of him appears leaning against the furthest wall away from him* Yeah. Yeah. You are a god. I've heard it all before. That never really works well in the intimidation factor.
Kreeeeh. Rayquaza gives a warning growl/roar/whatever to Omega and flies in a figure eight pattern, regaining its aura.
Parad chuckles to himself, not bothering to look up from his game. Messiah... Psh. Not too long ago this moron was begging to fight, not many gods I know go out of their way to prove themselves... Parad shudders thinking of the "God" he knows. What is that idiot even up to these days?
... I'm starting to consider intervening...
"You idiots better not consider getting in my way." He says to the bystanders without looking at them, "If you do, consider the hell you may walk into."
I could say the same to you. I'd highly suggest not picking a fight with me.
(edited by -Jonathan-)

You two can go at it if you like. I won't complain.
The small child points at Omega, and Mega Rayquaza is more than happy to deliver. With Dragon Dance-boosted strength, it's almost invisible as it charges towards Omega. KAA!
Parad smirks, he retrieves a Gashat from within his jacket. Henshin. [PERFECT KNOCKOUT! MAZARU UP!] A small red and blue screen appears before him, an image of a warrior on the front, it passes by him, leaving the armor featured in the screen on him. Looks like I've been given the go ahead, not that this loser will be any fun, but it's good to vent some stress. Parad sees the dragon charge in ahead of him, and he begins shuffling tokens above him, sorting through them as if solving a puzzle. I've never liked playing support, but I don't want to waste any real effort on this kid. Parad pulls a token in front of him, and throws it toward Rayquaza. [RANDOM! DIAMOND BODY!] Rayquaza would now find itself impenetrable to any attack so long as the power-up was active.

*Gin starts whistling a dynamic tune, raising Rayquaza's attack power with a mysterious power.*
"PFFFT, you guys aren't worth my time!" Suddenly, behind him, a huge reploid teleported, towering Omega in size. Suddenly, it opened it's chest, and Omega jumped inside. He closed his eyes as the chest closes and the giant reploid(the Omega that we knew before revealing his true form) spoke from his mouth. "Time for Omega to go now, see you losers later!"
I feel he should be dealt with at some point...
Omega ignores everyone's comments as he teleports away from GYM, leaving a massive hole in GYM's ceiling
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