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Sun Mall: Now with 100% more Armory!
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The usual Mall stands before you, the open air flowing through thanks to Sun Mall’s lack of a roof, wouldn’t make sense to call it that if it weren’t getting any sun. All the stores one would expect from a mall line the buildings. Along with a fountain around the center, and not too far from there stands a large tree with pink leaves, a calming feeling flows around the tree if one stops to look. For some reason, the usual blue door seems absent as of now, though it comes and goes as it pleases. But as usual Peace Dinner sits off in a corner. The most eye-catching feature in sight, however, would be a large sign reading "Em's Armory: Mikage Branch Grand Opening!". Under said sign a door leads to a storefront filled with various weapons, lining the wall, on inspection one who knows would notice that they happen to be well made. However, no one seems to be at the counter. And in the back room of said store stands Tatsuya, looking over the design of a nifty little device. Namely, a type of C4 infused with hardlight to summon walls as it goes off, containing the blast... Tatsu sighs and walks back out to the front, he is meant to be running the place after all. Not just playing with weapons. So, with that done the man stands behind the counter and grumbles to himself. Waiting for someone to come in. "Tch, hopefully, I'll get some actual customers soon here. The place has gotten nothing but window shoppers and kids trying to get a cheap katana to mount on their wall so far... Is it really so hard to understand I'm running a real shop? I swear, people just see the place and assume I’m selling toys or something.”
*he enters in and his phoenix pet on his left shoulder and with some metal plating on his forearms* Lukas: Hey there sir. Scorch-Mark: *screech* Lukas: Easy there Scorch.
A figure wearing a black hoodie enters the armory, it was covering an inexplicable uniform. They approached the counter. I am aware that this place sells guns and katanas, does it not?
A black haired teen wearing headphones enters the armory Why does a mall have an armory anyway?
At a quick pace I'm running to the armory store to buy enough parts to upgrade my equipment "Gotta hurry!"
*he grabs two weapon repair and upgrade kit and puts it on the counter* Lukas: I like to buy these sir.
A young man enters the armory, looking around. You know, armories and malls generally don't mix. But hey, it's an armory.
After running into the store grabbing A maintenance kit,A new sniper scope, And the necessary parts needed. I pay full price for everything, Question is. Why does a young kid need this stuff? "all this stuff please!"
*he sees Ruby running around* Lukas: Hey Red. Might slow down a bit? It will strain your heart just like using Stim to much. *his phoenix pet cleans it's feathers*
He takes out his flintlock revolver, inspecting it I could probably buy a few parts to make it a bit more powerful.
*As I wait for check out, I read a small handbook and then I leave the weapon shop with what I bought*
*he knocks on the counter* Lukas: Anyone here? I got money to buy the two weapon repair and upgrade kits!
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Tatsu looks up at the sea of people who've come into the building. Quickly ringing the items FM had set on the counter. "Yare yare daze, what a turn out huh?" He smirks at Senri, having already seen the girl enough to know her voice even with that getup. "Yeah, I've got all kinds of stuff in here... Well, really it's owned by a friend of mine, but eh. Either way I'll hook ya up with all your gear needs!" Tatsuya glances at Jiyu, shrugging in response to the question. "Honestly, just seemed like a good place to put it ya know? Our other shop is more outta the way... Bad news is this place gets people who have no clue what they're doing. Anyways, can I help you with anything? Or just curious?" Tatsu nods at Ruby, counting up the money curiously before tossing it in the drawer. It's odd to see a kid with all this, but eh. He's seen much odder. "Fan of sniper rifles hmm? So where'd ya pick up a hobby like that? Or perhaps they're not really meant for a hobby."
My oh my.... a mall this huge, huh? I didn't think those were a thing any more. Outside of really rich cities, anyway. *she takes a moment to admire the open air* Wow, and no roof either!
Arkade walks up to the counter. So if you do sell swords, you sell whetstones as well, correct?
*he pulls out his wallet and drops $400 worth of credits infront of Tatsuya* Lukas: So slow day isn't it? And meet my new pet Scorch-Mark? Scorch-March: *screech*
Aitome heard about Emoson opening up his armoury again, happy that Emoson is back she sets out to the mall carrying 3 swords on her back, getting alot of strange looks as she walks over Eheh... hopefully I never have to do this again... at any rate here it is. Emoson's Armoury: Mikasa Branch? Strange... Ai then steps into the store and sees Red Coat, but no Emoson, strange, wasn't this his store? At any rate she gives a small wave Hey there Red Coat! Where's Emoson? Isn't this his place? Aitome then notices the girl in black, she seemed familiar, but she can't quite place who it is...
Tatsuya...? Surprised, Senri removes her hood, revealing his suspicions to be true. I came here expecting some illegal operation, but to think you're behind it. I'm impressed. Senri smirks, relaxing slightly. After that whole Yomi trip, I think I could use an upgrade to my equipment, if possible... A katana better than what I have, and a better pistol too. If it's not fake, that's a plus.
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Jiyu notices Tatsuya Uhh, yeah. Do you have any parts for this old gun? He walks up to him and shows him his flintlock revolver
Oh? A gear store? Like... actual gear, not just really good replicas? Where's that located? *notices the exotic looking store* Oh....
Aincrad steps in and stretches, looking wall by wall of the merchandise available and grinning to himself. "Say what you will about the state of affairs that this shop will always be busy, but damn if everything here doesn't look incredible." He eyes a few of the dual edged swords, a flickering in his eyes and a smile plastered all over his face. "Yeah I know what your talking about but we both know that design ain't tested." He seems to chuckle to himself and walks to the front still talking to himself. "Yeah I'll ask, but I doubt it's here." Approaching the counter he tips his hat at everyone and nods to Tatsuya. "So you working here as well? And here I thought the GYM was a big enough responsibility as is, kudos to you bud, I could never handle both of them. But to the point right? I'm here for two things, one is that I gave my cane to another branch a long time ago and haven't gotten it back, I seem to miss this store whenever it's around, two is I, well Shadow, has a few designs he would like to make reality. Any chance of that happening?"
Kotori walks in and finds her way to the armory Hey! Is anyone's working here!?
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"No clue Ai, Em gave me a key ages ago though so I figured I'd take a stab at running the place myself for once. Ya need anything or just looking for Em?" He glances at Arkade, nodding casually at the blue haired man, and pointing to a wall full of them. Before taking FM's payment and looking over the Phoenix. "The hell did you get something like that? Hell, I've never even seen one around this madhouse before." He smiles at Senri and chuckles, in hindsight the place sounds shady... But thankfully The Nexus is pretty laid-back about these things. "Yeah, it's not my store but I guess you'd say I'm running it as a favor. Anyways katanas and pistols hmm? I'm sure we'll figure something out." He looks over the flintlock, considering how old it is... Part of him think replacing would be best, but nah. "I've got some stuff laying around sure, what's the deal with using something so old though? Not that there's anything wrong, just a little surprised to see it. And a US model too if I'm not mistaken? Anyways, lemme go get something for that." Tatsuya walks into the back for a moment, quickly digging up the Revolver's parts. Just a simple piece to load it a bit faster. And one to tack on some more stopping power. Senri's request is a bit harder however, he looks around for a while before finally spotting a katana with a few runes written on it. The exact words elude him, but he's sure the thing channels ice pretty well, albeit it can't form any on it's own. The gun on the other hand is simple, a usual Em grade 9 millimeter pistol that happens to be able to use Dust ammo. Once he's done the man walks back out with all in hand, setting Senri's before her. And turning back to Jiyu curiously before placing the parts in front of him. "Alright, you wanna take care of putting this stuff in or should I go ahead and do it? Either way's fine with me. Oh and Senri, that sword I got there is pretty tough, dammed sharp. But for you I'd say it's biggest good point is an affinity for ice magic. And the gun there fires Dust rounds, you know what those are?"
Okay, I'll just be over there.
Senri is surprised. Her request was fulfilled quicker than expected and was past her expectations. She examined the katana and pistol like she was evaluating a piece of art. Sharper is better, easier to cut down enemies. A katana that can use ice magic? And dust rounds...? I'm afraid I'm not familiar.
Jiyu looks at the parts I can probably put them together. Just tell me the price of the parts and I'll be on my way.
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Tatsuya looks over at Ain, rubbing his chin as he considers where... Oh right, that system. He darts to the back for a moment, toying about with something akin to a Demon Summoner's COMP before Ain's cane appears in a flash of light. Tatsu walking back out and handing it to the man with a flourish. "Em finished the work a while ago, I got no clue what exactly he did... But it sure as hell said finished, so if anything isn't done lemme know. As for custom weapons..." He grins and looks the man over, looking entirely too excited by the idea. "That's something we can do here to be sure! Did he want to build them himself or were you just gonna give us some plans to follow? I'm fine with either as long I get to see a neat bit of work!"
Oh! I guess that makes sense, well I came here as I wanted to try doing something with this. Aitome then draws one of the blades off her back, this one however seems twice as long as the other ones, revealing itself to be a katana with strange dents in the blade I found this a while back and it has a special thing attached to it or something, it bursts into flames if I concentrate on it strangely! Aitome then closes her eyes as the blade bursts into flames, lighting up the room before being extinguished, Aitome putting it on the counter lightly So! I was wondering if you could make it work for other elements! Specifically light, ice and nuclear as I use those! Aitome then sees Senri and Aincrad finally perks up, smiling at them and waving I knew I recognized you Seriyu! How have you been! Oh! Mr.Carnival as well! Good to see you again!
Lukas: Someone by the name of Kazuya gave me it. I use to own a eagle before entering the militia.
I will continue to let that slide, as Seiryu sounds badass. Everything's been fine, though. I've taken to treasure hunting and helping the student unions. It's fulfilling. Senri smiled, though something about her expression seemed lonely.
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Tatsu stares blankly for a moment, not entirely used to the idea of someone paying for something in The Nexus. "Price... Um, I'll just say 5000 yen I guess. Honestly Em doesn't even have prices listed, and I'm inclined to go pretty low. Not like money is a big deal to me anyways so eh, if he's got problems with my pricing I'll sort it out." With that the man turns back to Senri with a smirk on his face, been a while since he's gotten to explain anything like this hasn't it? "Mhh hmm, the sword is pretty simple really. Just use same idea as what ya did in Yomi and it should conduct things pretty well. Just know that if you run out of magic, it cannot make up for that. It's a conduit, not a generator. As for Dust rounds... Well they come in quite a few elements, I'll just give ya some of all of it and a rundown of the basics. But to sum up they fire rounds of varying elements. Fire, Ice, Wind, Electric, and some other stuff like Gravity. Keep in mind though, a tiny gun like that isn't gonna do a ton even if it's an especially effective element. But it's still better than nothing!"
Aincrad grins and grabs the cane twirling it around in his hands. "Good to have ya back old friend. It's been a rough ride without ya." He grins, leans on it and turns to Aitome. "Heya sis, and likewise, it's been too long. Probably. Maybe. Most likely. We really should catch up more." Shadow meanwhile appears beside Ain, a welding torch in one hand, and several plans in his other hand. "I probably have enough for both. Sadly there aren't any materials within his head and this I all I could do with what free time I have, and buddy you are going to love them. We got defense, offense, balance, speed, you name it, I'm sure I can find something for it!"
Having selected a few whetstones, Arkade walks over to the counter. How much for these?
Hmm, makes sense. The katana should work well enough on its own even without magic, yes? And can I use regular bullets as well?
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"Well then, I can hook you up with a place to work on it. I'll be looking forward to the results. An uh... Free, I'm not even sure what to charge so uh consider it a special since it's this locations first day open!" With that he'd turn back to Ai, eyeing the sword she place in front of him for a moment. Dents need to be worked out. And no telling how the fire part of it works without some research into it. Still dealing with magic like that sounds fun. "Yeah, Ai, I can take care of the dents in that thing for sure... As for adding elements, the answer is maybe. I'll take a stab it to the best of my skills. But no promises I can do it, or that I can get them all if it's doable. So on that note, which elements should I focus on if I'm unable to do everything? Best to plan ahead after all." He looks back to Senri and nods, there's no reason either of those can't work normally. Perhaps it isn't the best possible use of them. But it will get the job done regardless. After thinking for a moment he walks to the near omnipresent back room. Quickly grabbing a case full of Dust ammo and placing it before Senri. "Yeah you've got the idea, and I got some ammo for ya too. Normal stuff should be in there as well... I should probably ask, how much do you know about gun safety? It's not exactly something you'd think of, but well best to know anyways despite how crazy this world is."
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Hehe.. yeah the dents are a thing, who knew that Leader's metal was so tough, even though it was a fake... good thing it wasn't the real one though! Aitome then begins to think for a second before snapping back into reality, conjuring a ball of holy light fire in one and a crystal of nucleic energy trapped inside a crystal Oh! Well specifically I want it to be able to channel my magic through the handle and into the blade, if you can only get a couple in I suppose light has priority over nuclear then ice, I can't use any other magic so I suppose you can choose whatever after that!
You're selling a firearm to a student and get concerned about gun safety? Senri giggles teasingly before smiling coyly. Honestly, I don't know anything at all about gun safety. I know where the trigger is, but not about anything else. I always assumed the general rule was "Don't shoot yourself in the face".
Shadow smiles and nods, plans dropping to the floor as he starts piling them up onto the counter. "How about anything I make can be sold here, that way I get to do the fun stuff and you actually make a profit. Sounds fair right?" With that he sets his torch on the counter and opens a pretty large plan as well. "This is the one I most want to see happen, as its my most recent. It's an shield small enough to fit on the arm, but houses a retractable blade within it that can pop out! It's versatile and provides both offense and defense!" He is clearly excited as his beaming never stops and his eyes are lighting up like fireworks. Ain smiles and brings out his wallet, putting cash on the counter. "Speaking of profit, this is what I owe him, for the cane of course." He then looks at his cane and Aitome's sword. "May I see that a sec sis? It might work on a similar basis as my cane."
Gamma walks into the mall and sighs. Been a while since he's been there. He casts a wistful glance at the Game Cave's doors, looking in on the poor shmuck who replaced him. They don't seem to be doing too poorly. Regardless, he walks in and sits down by the fountain, silently. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Even this place is starting to change. Must be the seasons. I wonder when it'll snow, and begin to fill the courtyard?
Aitome hands over the katana and shrugs, speaking as she does I dont know, I found it in a weird mechanical place with strange mechs, it might be magical or science stuff. I have no idea!
Zero transports into the middle of the store, "Perfect, maybe this is time I could get new weapons for Cerveau to integrate to my Z-sabers." He then walks through the armory, looking through everything
Aincrad takes it and studies it, popping a disk out of his cane and looking at the hilt. "Interesting... I have no god damned clue how to help." He shrugs and tosses them at Shadow who grabs both, dropping his blueprints and stumbling back. "OI careful! I could get hurt you daft ass!" Sighing he studies the two, placing the ice elemental disk on the counter and studying the edges of the blade, looking for any slight gaps, then places it back down. "Well not to steal words from a douchebag, but interesting is indeed the right word. You said you found it in a mechanical room?"
Lowe was...lost to say the least. He always hated big stores, smaller, local places were usually more his speed. Still, this place was more efficient, plus the dog liked the specific brands here. The dog notably wasn't with him, little guy wasn't too fond of Lowe, as it turned out. He sighed as he planned to leave, but his eyes trail toward a rather conspicuous sign. Em's...he remembered Tatsuya mentioning a place like that, so he figured, what the hell right? Hey hey hey, what's up? His eyes would perk up at seeing Tatsuya behind the counter. Woah, you work here? Were you just trying to promote your business by recommending me to work here?
Aitome snickers a bit at the comedy act and nods, confirming their question Yep! A weird mechanical room with buzzsaws and wires, if I understood any of it I would try to help but I can't, sorry!
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"Well yes, that is the basic idea." Tatsuya sighs and for a moment actually looks serious, wondering when he became concerned with things being safe around here. "Don't point it at anything you don't want to shoot. It's always loaded unless you unloaded it yourself. Don't put your hands on the trigger unless you're getting ready to shoot. Always fire with two hands so you don't lose control. Aim down the fucking sights and not like some movie character. Hmm, oh yeah. Don't touch the barrel after firing either, things get hot pretty quick so give it a while to cool down. After rattling off a series of directions to Senri. He looks back at Ai and cringes upon hearing the word Leader... There's really no good way to say it is there? A dark look appears on his face as Tatsu goes dead silent for a moment, finally speaking up in a quiet voice as he looks away from Ai's face. "... How should I say this Aitome, well... The thing is Lux is gone, he went down fighting Hubris and. Well I'm not sure what to say other than that honestly, so yeah. Sorry to have to tell you about it but um... Yeah I've got nothing to add Ai." With that he'd turn away from the girl, looking downcast as he turns to Lowe and shakes his head. The usual dry tone of his voice comes out a bit strained, if one were to look closely they'd notice one of his hands being clenched into a fist as the heat in the room spikes up a bit. In spite of all that, Tatsu still attempts to sound calm if nothing else. "No, I don't own the place. I'm just running it for a friend, that's why it's called Em's armory. Anyways, you need anything Lowe?"
Shadow nods and hands it back, eyes looking at the handle. "Earlier you said you just concentrated on it to make it work right? I don't see any buttons or mechanical parts on the hilt to activate it and as such I don't think I can help. I work in mechanics not superpowers... Even though I am a super power..." He shakes his head and steps back eyeing it carefully. "But as a test, try either having Tormentation use it, or channel his powers into the hilt. That's the best I can do. And as an added side, was anything on the blade? Ketchup or anything? I don't think it was made in that room."
Lowe didn't really have a way to chime in on the conversation about the passing of someone he didn't know. Hell, losing anyone is rough, even Tatsuya seemed shaken, though Lowe wasn't gonna be the guy to point that out. Still, this Lux guy sounded like a real champ, if he went down fighting something even Tatsuya took seriously. Hubris, huh? Might have to ask about that later. Ah, well you mentioned I should get outfitted, right? Well, now seems like as good a chance as any, so let's get these replaced, eh? He places the old gloves and gun on the counter, hoping to walk out of here with some new toys.
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You're telling me I'm not supposed to hold out the gun and shoot like in a video game? It was hard to tell if Senri was being sarcastic or not, but if so, gods help this girl. I get it though. It's all pretty self evident. I'm not as good with a gun as I am with a katana, but I hope to approve. There may come a time where I will need to be good at shooting... ...Someone was supposed to teach me, but... Senri looks lost for a moment, but shakes her head. But, I'll keep working towards my improvement.
Owain was simply strolling through the mall, browsing wares through their windows. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the words he'd been scavenging for all day. ARMORY. Owain immediately placed his right hand over his face, and extended his left arm out, before proclaiming in a loud voice. Aha! And so it comes to me, the benefactor to my power! A shop which contains some of the most crucial materials of this earthly realm possible, weapons! Owain then begins to grabs his right arm with his left, and it seems begin shaking as if possessed. Augh, my aching blood! Only a truly magnificent vendor could cause my fell arm to act so wildly! I must make haste, lest the bloodlust of my sword hand fulfill it's desire! He then dashes off towards the armory, entering through the front door flashily, posing with his hand over his face once more. Greetings, o' humble provider of steel! I am Owain Dark, Avenger of Righteous Justice, here to sample your wares!
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Tatsuya claps his hands together for a moment, shaking his head as tries to force himself to focus on the task at hand. "Yeah weapons, always a fun thing to deal in so let's talk about it shall we. Now then Lowe! Care to tell me if you just want the same but better? Or to try out something new? Either one could work out, but depending on how much you've put into those I'd suggest sticking along similar lines." With that he'd turn over to the loud entry of Owain, wondering just why the heck this guy has to be so dramatic every freaking time. "Owain right? So then I'm guessing from that shouting you've come here to check the place out, well if you need weapons I can't think of anywhere better around here... Biased though I am, either way though. Anything specific you happen to be in the market for or just taking a glance?"
Ai takes the blade back and puts it back on the counter, thinking back to when she found the weapon Hmm... I've already tried channeling other elements and it doesn't work as well as just fire, that's why I thought it was something to do with it's mechanics or something. As to answer your question it was quite clean, it was locked away in one of those Metanerve palace chests, so that might influence it? Aitome then hears Tatsuya and begins to laugh lightly, speaking softly after as a small darkness creeps into her eyes Haha! Thats a good joke Red Coat! T-theres no way! He... hehe... theres... theres no way... The laughter then slowly turns to sobbing and tears as she wipes them away quickly W-why god damn it! Why couldn't I have been there to help! Grah! Aitome then falls to her knees, as her fist erupts dancing embers, slamming it into the ground with a hard thud D-damn... damn it all! I won't stand for this! I can't! I just... can't... Aitome then slowly gets up from the floor as she returns to relative normality, biting her bottom lip and holding her arms S-sorry.. you didn't need to see that, we all lost something... not just me...
Lowe winces at Owain's loud entrance, dramatically rubbing his ear. Geez man, could you get any louder? He exhales, before tapping the gauntlets with his index finger. I played around with these, I'd like something a tad heavier, I think. Like, brass knuckles. Those are cool. The gun's fine, just right for now, actually. I think I'll just take the same but better, on that front.
Aincrad and Shadow merge back together as they both step towards Aitome and embraces her in a hug. "Its not your fault." He shakes his head and wipes a tear away from her eye. "Don't blame yourself." Shadow then forms besides Tatsuya. "What happened? I want to know." The joy in his eyes now long gone, concern taking over both their faces.
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Tatsu looks over at Aitome and smiles sadly, clearly not doing that well himself. In spite of that, he might as well try to be of some use to the girl with this. Not that he's really a people person. "It's fine... I'm not much for talking but well if you ever need to, I'll be around Ai you know that... I guess this might be the first time something like that has happened to you right? I'm not gonna lie, keep this up and it won't be the last. People like us, well we shouldn't expect to live as long as normal people frankly. And it's not gonna get any better, you might get better at hiding it.. But beyond that? Nah. Even so, I guess all I can say is don't give up or spend your whole life chasing after trying to bring the dead back or something... Nobody would want that done after all." With that less than cheerful done Tatsu nods to Lowe and then walks into the back, quickly searching for a slightly larger and more powerful pistol and a pair of brass knuckles. After he got out he slides them across the counter towards the boy. "Aye aye, the gun's a bit heavier and such. But not by enough to throw off your aim, you want anything stronger than that though and well. It won't be quite as easy to use anymore... So that aside, how's life treating ya Lowe? Been a bit since we last saw each other after all."
Er, uh... I-I'm just looking for the moment. Thank you, though. Owain sighs, before examining some of the weapons around the shop, before picking up a sword from a rack, aa well as a companion sword. Their straight silver blades and red guards are thoroughly examined. Hmm... decent balance, although the centering of the handle might be a smidge off on this one... Aha! I've got it! Your names will be... Scarlet Crossing! Owain poses in victory before setting the swords back down. He then examines a few more, giving each a name, before ultimately heading to Tatsuya. So, um... Do you guys do upgrades or repairs? I've got this sword that's... kind of falling behind the rest. He unsheathes a curved blade from his hip. The wear and tear of time hasn't been kind to it, although the guard, red handle, and pummel seem to be in good condition.
*Aitome doesn't resist and simply closes her eyes for a few seconds, taking a few deep breaths and continuing to calm down T-thanks you two... I.. I.. *Aitome tries to find the words but is left speechless as she turns to Shadow Revenge won't solve anything... I've learnt this the hard way... *Aitome then turns to Tatsuya and stays silent for a second before speaking up, swallowing a lump in her throat Um.. Tatsuya.. I know that must've been hard for you to tell me so... thank you. I mean it. I already carry the guilt of my sin long ago, so I suppose this isn't any different, I just have to keep going right? That weapon your going to improve... I don't think it ever had a name, but I've thought of one now, a blade worthy of carrying ones guilt, the Anguished Blade... *Aitome then jumps back at the sudden entrance of the SWORD HAND, looking quite confused and bewildered Wh-who are you!?! C-cant you read the mood!
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"Hey." Zero says as he walks up to Tatsuya "Do you happen to have good weapons I can use. Futuristic if possible, but mostly melee weapons."
Aincrad nods and steps back smiling warmly at her and Shadow moves to be beside Ai chuckling at the immediate change in mood. "No it's not revenge, I just quite literally don't know what happened. And I can't stand not knowing things some days." He places a hand on her shoulder and turns back to the counter. "As for your sword... Well if Star is still around ask her. I'm betting she would know how to help." Ain then turns to Tatsuya and starts gathering up the blueprints. "Anyways what did you think of his offer? And his latest model. God knows he's excited, and honestly he deserves some time off from me." He chuckles slightly and relaxes against the counter. "Heh, soon you might be seeing more of him then I do with an escape like that."
Lowe picked the weapons of the counter, feeling the weight of both before nodding and stashing them in his pocket and holster. He reaches to produce his wallet as he continues talking. Pretty alright, actually. Have a responsibility now, or half of one I guess. I watch blondie's dog sometimes, just when she's out and about. I like the little guy, but he pisses on my stuff a lot. Aside from that, I guess I'm just trying to get stronger.
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Tatsuya nods at Ai and flicks his lighter, he's got nothing to say at this point... But it's pretty clear he understands what she's getting at. In spite of not entirely feeling like talking he turns back to the others. "Sounds like it'll work out okay to me Ain, I'm always curious to see new work being done. And hello Zero, I'm not entirely sure we've got anything your arsenal would happen to need? That sword already works pretty damm well. Still, I guess I'll try to come up with something if you've got an idea in mind." Tatsu looks at Lowe with a curious expression, Blondie? Hmm. Does he mean Alice perhaps? He can't think of anyone else who's been around that would fit the name. "Alice? Hmm, well good luck with that... Heh, I wonder. Are you doing it for money? Or perhaps just an excuse to talk to her? As for getting stronger, I'm always willing to help with that if I can!" With his bit to Lowe said Tatsu would finally turn towards Owian. Wondering how exactly he's missed the man this long... "Sorry about that, and to answer your question yeah we do indeed deal with repairs and such. How much work ya think that thing needs? Blade looks more than a little torn up, anything you know of beyond the obvious?"
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Oh I see. My bad, I'm definitely not thinking straight... I don't think Tatsu wants to remember that though... as for the blade that's a shame honestly, I'm sure Tatsuya can figure something out though, as for Ster I haven't seen them around for a long time. *Ai looks into the flame in the lighter and nods with a small smile, talking to herself softly as her eyes glow softly A hero can't be setback so easily, they must overcome any obstacle they are faced with, even the death of loved ones... your death won't be in vain! I'll make sure of it!
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Lowe scratches his cheek, obviously a bit flustered. N-not for cash, she's about as poor as I am. Nah, if you want the truth I felt bad for her, figured she could use some help in life. Just the right thing to do, y'know. D-don't start thinking too deep into it, you old fart. His playfulness disappears entirely a moment later. Getting stronger though... It's not easy. I'm...I'm sure there's an easier way than just training, right? There must be. He'd snap out of his little trance, tossing cash, notably almost everything he had onto the counter before leaving for the door. Anyway, seeya. Thanks for the offer, I'll have to take you up on it sometime!
Shadow nods and gives Aitome a quick squeeze on the shoulder before walking over and picking up his plans and torch, then gives Ain a quick nod before disappearing. Ain nods back to the now empty air and looks at Tats and Ai, before handing Tatsuya a card with his number on it and quickly writes, 'for when you want to contact Shadow' on the back. With that he tips his cap slightly at the two and starts leaving.
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Tatsu sighs and looks at the money, he'll have to pay the boy back for it later on. And as he walks out the man off up a few final words. "You need an easier way? Doesn't exist, faster though? Oh I know that all too well, put your life on the line again and again. Either you'll die, or get a hell of a lot stronger very quickly just to stay alive. I'm a result of the latter happening." With that bit said he'd wave to Lowe, wondering which of those choices sounds better to his sort of student.
Lowe stops in his tracks, hearing Tatsuya's words. He doesn't move for a minute even after he finishes talking, but picks up the pace and leaves without so much as a wave.
Ai waves goodbye as she draws her shortblade holding it within her hand as she thinks about a place, cutting open a rift into the wall with a single strike I should be going as well, I trust you to do wonders on the weapon Tatsu! I'll see you later! Ai then steps into the rift and closes it behind her, stepping into the unknown
Well, I've been replacing the handle regularly, but I don't really have the materials to repair the blade. Honestly, I'm considering just buying a new one. This is actually one of my longest lasting swords, so it might just be time to replace it really. He then smirks at Aitome's questioning of his identity, before turning to her. Hark, fair lass, for I am Owain Dark, the chosen savior of this realm! I hail from a far off world ravaged by plight, but fear not, my comrades and I slew the Fell God, Grima, and put an end to it! One day, I shall call forth the aid of my allies, and together we can all save this world from its malevolent evils withi- He then notices Aitome is gone. Er, u-um... A-anyways, back to business... Owain turns back to Tatsuya, looking a bit disappointed.
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"Replace eh? Well that'd work too, So then. What kinda sword ya thinking of in that case? Just the usual? Perhaps some kinda elemental weapon? Ooo, what about a sword that doubles as a gun!?" In spite of less than pleasant talk before, Tatsu still sounds rather interested by his "work". Even he's starting to think this is less of a job and more hobby.
A, um... a gun? What exactly is a... gun? And I actually already have this for a magical weapon. Owain unsheathes a jagged yellow sword crackling with electricity. I'm more just looking for a direct replacement. Same blade style, anyways. Getting used to a new blade with slightly different weight is fine, but an entirely different style isn't what I'm going for.
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Tatsuya nods and casually draws a not too dissimilar blade from under the counter, on inspection one might not that it's a bit longer and heavier, but nothing too major. Even he's not sure what it was doing there. But quite handy to have right now nevertheless. "Something like this then? Oh and guns are... Think of them like bows, only they fire a lot faster, further, and they take much less effort to learn how to use properly."
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