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Last Retrieval
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[There you are.] [The old town is as lifeless as ever. A cloaked man stands near his mansion, looking at the orb and stone pieces in his hands. All it takes is one connection, and the statue is nearly complete.] [There's a bag near the inn door. Grab it and go to the marked spot on the map inside.]
Walks up to the cloaked man ...................................
*Dio exits the inn holding a strange looking golden arrow in his hand* "It's about time I'd use this thing that I found."
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[The man gives her a small nod in greeting. Stella would recognize the "head" of the statue as the orb the group had found last time.] "Ah, you're here again. I hope you're doing alright after..." [He takes a breath and looks down at the statue.] "I suppose there's no need to dwell on that. If you're feeling up to it, I've figured out where the last piece is: in the Weald, deep in the forest." [You can do it, right? You can certainly do this.]
Nods as if she's taking an order from a military official, then walks down to the inn, grasping her scarf
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*Dio notices Stella walking towards the inn and waves to her*
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ooc: of course
Addalme appears from a portal Greetings.
A young girl finds themselves walking down the hamlet road, headed towards the inn. They are accompanied by a long, white, serpent which seems coiled around her head. Although the girl’s mouth seems to be stitched shut, two voices can be heard clearly as they walk along. The first is high-pitched and childish, while the second voice is much deeper and more refined S: are you sure you’re feeling something from here Leviathan? L: Absolutely milady, it doesn’t seem to be a Skullgirl, but you can’t be too careful. Besides, this is the best lead we have. S: I suppose that’s true. Hopefully we’ll be able to learn why we’re awake this time, if nothing else. L: Exactly the idea milady.
Meets Dio with a cold glare, Then nods at Addalme before settling on watching the girl and her snake with curiosity
turns to Squiggly Have we met before?
*Dio turns to the newcomers and greets them as well* "Hello."
S: So all we have to do is fin.... Upon finding the group, the serpent eyes them curiously before the young girl makes a flourished, curtsying motion. The serpent soon follows with its own, dramatic bow S: apologies, allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Sienna Contiello, but please, call me Squigly. L: and I am the lady’s ever loyal companion, Leviathan, at your service. We heard... Rumor of strange things happening here S: And So would be glad to offer our assistance.
Nods at the two, then gestures to the bag on the ground with the moth
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[The moth looks up at Stella, then flutters onto her shoulder.]
looks at the moth Looks like you like him.
*Ruka, still being unconscious in the dark cave, slowly wakes up. She lights her keyblade* Err... I got seperated from the detective. Damned tentacle monster...
Leviathan keeps a careful eye on the moth while Squigly bends down to pick up the bag and see what’s inside S: So, where are we supposed to be going? L: I’m sure we’ll be told soon enough milady. Don’t worry about it.
.................... Looks at Addelme with confusion Him?
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[The moth flutters its wings and snuggles up against the cloak.] [The bag is the same as the one they had last time, with a map that has a place called the "Weald" circled.] --- [Ruka is greeted with the sight of strange markings on the ledge she is on. Faint muttering comes from a tunnel.]
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*Dio looks at the moth for a few seconds* "Why do I have the feeling that I know this moth from somewhere?"
W- what was that? Time to get outta here! *Ruka tries to get away* So creepy. I will never fight giant monsters on a boat again. Luckily I did not land in the water.
looks at the moth This moth... maybe we have to do something with him...
*He pulls out the torn page with the moth on it from his pocket* "Do you think it probably has to do with this?"
Squigly eyes the map for a few moments, before she notices Leviathan staring at the moth S: is everything alright Leviathan? The serpent seems to snap out of something, turning its attention back to Squigly L: Its probably nothing milady. I simply feel something... Unusual is all. We should probably get going. At this moment, Leviathan’s Eye catches the scrap of paper in Diego’s hand and turns to him L: pardon me, what is that page you have there? It looks oddly like present company.
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[The moth's wings quiver upon seeing the page. It flies into the air and towards the outside of town.] --- [Ruka finds that she can get out by going down the ledge. It's a bit of a climb, but she could do it, even with the river below.]
turns to Dio It says something about the moth?
............. Looks at the map, then begins walking to the Weald Tally Ho....
*Dio turns to the serpent* "I don't know, it's just some torn page that I found on the ground yesterday."
Is that the exit? Yes, it is! I am back at the forest! *She looks for a way out of the forest and goes to the town. As she heads for the inn, she sees that bunch again* Huh? Aren't those...?
Leviathan growls and shoots a small jet of flame at the moth once it takes flight. Of course it misses, but the distaste is obvious L: I thought there was something strange going on. Looks like that animal is related S: Really? What should we do next then? Leviathan looks around, now that the moth is gone, their options seem few L: if it is the force we’ll meet it again if we play it’s game. So for now, I think we should follow the map milady. S: good idea Leviathan, with you at my side I’m sure nothing can go wrong. The pair look carefully at the map before heading towards the Weald, just as is notated on the map
*he walks up to the group and ignores the moth* Lukas: Hey Mr. Akechi. Name is Lukas Swisshelm, Frontier Militia titan pilot and partner of Spectre.
turns to FM_Pilot Nice to meet you, I'm Akechi, but you can call me Addalme. follows Stella
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[With the moth gone (especially after being spooked by the blast), the group ventures into the forest. The area becomes dark from the thick canopy. A light will be needed soon, especially since this Weald is almost completely pitch-black...]
*Dio walks next to Stella* "So, I saw you talking to that man at the mansion. What were you talking about anyway?"
claps his fingers and creates a tiny light next to him Be carefull Creates more lights to the others.
Dio's question is met with silence, she doesn't even look at him
Lukas: Got it Addalme. *he follows him*
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[Now that there's a bit more light, the group can see a beaten path through the forest. It's as if someone- or something- has been frequenting this place. The path splits ahead.]
turns to Stella Can I ask you something?
"...What's wrong?" *Dio looks kind of concerned*
Nods to Addalme
*Ruka, being curious what these people are up to, finally follows them secretly*
Could you tell me more about you? I'm curious, if you want, I don't want to force you.
Begins following the path I'm a Grey.
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The pair check their map, and initially turn to the left path L: nothing to do but move forward. We must sta- Squigly, on the other hand, noticed the commotion among the others and stops, petting Leviathan as if he were a prized pet S: now now, I think it would be best to wait and listen. It looks like something is happening with our companions. It would be rude to leave them. Leviathan would be blushing, if the serpent could, instead he simply looks back at the group L: Q... Quite right milady. We should take care of them first
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[Stella soon reaches the fork in the road. Choices, choices.] [Both lead you the right way.]
Keep following Stella. Is that all? I just ask, I know it can be hard to someone to say his true name... I also was meaning your past, why are you here...who created you...things like that.
Takes a moment to think, then follows Squiggly along the left path before respondingto the question I don't know.....
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*Dio goes down the right path by himself*
Seeing Stella run ahead, Squigly soon dollows after. Leviathan perks up and looks around L: There it is again, that presence from earlier. S: What did it say? L: It told us any way was fine, I suppose they share an end. Leviathan looks around at their companions L: Is anyone else hearing that, or is it just me?
Think about it, later. goes with Dio Be carefull, we don't know when something can attack us.
"I already have a few plans for when that happens."
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[It seems the party is split.] [Stella, at the front of this narrow path, is the first to notice the tent. The remains of a fire smolder a few feet away from it.] --- [As for Diego and Addalme, they nearly trip over a strange object in the bushes.]
A large arm canon materializes and she cautiously approaches the camp, expecting hostiles
Stops and looks at the object What is this? Carefully checks it, making sure it is nothing dangerous.
*Dio stumbles a bit* "Woah, what did I trip on?" *He looks at the strange object on the ground* *He then quickly turns to Addalme* "Wait don't touch it!"
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[The tent is eerily silent. No movement can be seen or heard.] --- [The object is a deer skull, tied to a metal ring with multiple strings. It has a mystical aura.]
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.................. She quickly rushes here and there in the camp, looking for any sign of the enemy
Squigly immediately runs towards the tent, only to be jerked back by Leviathan L: we should probably be more cautious than that milady. It could be a trap S: Very well, let us follow our companion then Squiglh And Leviathan slowly walk after Stella, both of them searching the area for anything suspicious us
carefully analyzes the skull Hmmm... I see...
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[The skull seems to hum, and Addalme is filled with a rising dread... Garbled words echo in his head, imbuing him with forbidden knowledge.] --- [The two soon come across a pack. The bag itself is torn to shreds, but a rough map of the area is poking out of a scrap of cloth.]
"I can feel a strange aura coming from it. It kind of reminds me of the aura that comes from other stand users." *He's getting the urge to pick it up, but it's best not to*
*He scans of the area* Lukas: Hey Addalme? Know about this?
Stands her canon up by the fire, then sits in front of it Nn.. Checkpoint Secured....
turns to FM_Pilot This aura... it's probably an artifact, what it does... is hard to tell.
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Squigly, in the meantime, walks over to the torn-up pack. Leviathan lunges forward to grab the map, and sets it in his partner’s hands for the pair to read L: Hipefully this will warn us of anything nearby S: And then we’ll continue? L: of course milady, the sooner we’re out of here, the sooner we’ll see what the voices are about.
"Should we just leave it be?"
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[As Squigly and her loyal companion glance over the map, they find that it shows the fork in the road from earlier. The two paths created by this cross at one point before separating again. The left path has the image of a cannon near what seems to be the deepest part of the forest, while the right has an image of a... pot around that area?]
Mind if I take a look at it? *Lukas becomes interested about the skull*
Picks up the Canon and looks at her ally Tally Ho?
look at the two ways Again? Well. takes the right way again.
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[Addalme's group is making some good progress. In fact, they're going so fast, they're keeping pace with the fungal creatures moving along beside them... wait, hold up.]
Squigly And Leviathan nod before storing the map away L: it looks like there are two separate ends to this route S: we should probably meet up with the others and all go to the same one. L: After we see what’s at the end of one, we can go back for the other if needed. The pair mod in agreement before continuing onward through the forest, Leviathan turns back to Stella and seems to wave for them to follow
Nods and follows
Suddenly stops You look smart creatures, let me tell you this: if you touch us, you will die. prepared for anything he keeps walking
*Dio looks at the pilot* "There's no telling what this thing could do, so I wouldn't touch it if I were you."
Hey Addalme, you said that the skull is a artifact, care to hand it to me? *he catches up with the group*
Turns to FM_Pilot Not now, later. And be carefull this place is dangerous.
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[As the trio approaches the crossing, they can hear rustling from the right path.] --- [The thing is, these aren't smart. They have human bodies, but it's almost unrecognizable under the fungus swallowing them. Two of them lunge forward, groping at Addalme, while a third helps a being with a red mushroom move forward.]
*Dio shoots one of the creatures with his revolver four times*
(edited by -Diego_Brando-)
dodges the creatures and slash them with his light saber Idiots...
Squigly And Leviathan turn towards the rustling noise S: do you think the others are alright? L: Worry not milady, they wouldn’t have come here if they didn’t know how to handle themselves. We should head to the crossing and wait. S: Very well, I have faith in them. The pair continue on towards the fork in the road, intending to wait there
*he pulls out his Flatline auto rifle and shoots at the fungal infected monsters* Well things got interesting.
Continues to follow the path, ignoring the rustling
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[The group decides to wait on their dear companions. They reach the crossroads without delay.] --- [Now that they're situated, the fungus zombies regain their balance and begin to attack.] [Red Mushroom sends a spray of spores onto the soldier and Diego. Not too painful, but doesn't feel that good...] [Two of the greenish fungi strike at Akechi, the latter landing an especially mighty blow to his chest. The third swipes at Diego, but misses.]
(edited by Hundred-S)
casts makougaon on the creatures.
AUGH! What is this gunk!? *he does the 2-3-2 combo on one of the zombies* Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUi53MKmUrM
"This is just wasting our time." *THE WORLD punches the greenish fungus sending it flying back to the other fungi*
At the crossroads, the Canon changes into a sniper rifle. She aims down the scope in the direction of the fighting to check if she can see the scuffle
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[As Addalme casts the spell, he realizes just how battered he is. And something burns in his veins and drains his energy... The spores from an earlier attack? Either way, the spell does subpar damage to all the fungi.] [The fungus is sent sprawling back into a tree. It manages to nick Diego in its crazed flailing as it is hit.] [Whatever passes for a fungus zombie's head is blown off by the pilot's strong strikes.] [The red mushroom sends out dark red spores, which attach themselves to Diego's skin. A zombie notices this, and swings at Diego... but stumbles and misses.] [Stella sees this unfold as she approaches.]
*he looks at the other zombies with ominous blue flames spewing out of his back* Ion: Pilot, your Scorch Core is now at 100%. Ready to see the world burn? Lukas: Let's go! *Lukas punches the ground and waves of fire and thermite is launched out at the zombies*
OOC: I GTG, bye.
*Dio looks at the spores on his skin* "What is this?!" *Meanwhile, THE WORLD looks the the red mushroom. After he notices that it was behind all of the spores on his user, he charges at the mushroom and punches it four times*
Able to see the chaos in her scope from the crossroads, She snipes at the red fungus Low damage, Base 100% stun OVERHEAT: 1.2
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[One of the green fungi is incinerated by the flames, even though a strange force lowers their intensity. The sniper shot stuns the red fungus long enough for an invisible force to splatter it against a tree. The remaining fungus makes a guttural sound and claws at Diego despite its flaming body, digging its nails into his skin.]
Enemy Elimination Confirmed. The sniper returns to a canon, and she sits and waits
*Dio looks pissed off as he tries to hold off the fungus* "You just made a big mistake." *The fungus suddenly flies into the air*
Turns to her companion Question.
Lukas: Hell has no mercy for you or this pilot! *He exucutes the remaining zombies similar to the Titan Scorch Prime* Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7wFSA4ro3o
Leviathan seems to have made a nice chair for Squigly to sit in as they watch the road forward, unaware of their companion's conflict. The pair turn over to Stella S: Oh, so you can speak. I was worried you were mute L: What is it you would like to ask, friend?
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[The last zombie is thoroughly decimated. All that remains to do is continue down the path of the forest. The... burning... forest...] [...] [Maybe that fire shockwave wasn't a good idea.]
The enemy of my ally is my enemy..... But.... what if..... The enemy of my ally..... is my ally....? She doesn't seem to mind the burning forest
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*Dio looks at the burning forest while clutching the claw marks on his arms just as THE WORLD disappears* "Great, now I can't use my gasoline for a while."
(edited by -Diego_Brando-)
*he lets out a war cry as he sees the flames raging on* Lukas: I FEEL LIKE A GOD!!! Ion: Disabling Scorch Core. Engaging cooling protocol on the Vulcan Engine. *The pilot shakes out the adrenaline as the Ion O.S. distributes Stim within his blood* Lukas: That was one hell of a blood rush!
(edited by FM_Pilot)
The pair look at Stella, apparently unaware of the fire so far L: I think I understand, some of the people we're working with have been mistreating each other Squigly looks down for a brief moment before looking back at Stella with a smile S: I find it best not to let someone's past get in the way of their future. Why, if I had held anything against Filia... I never would have gotten to make such a wonderful friend L: And there's some chance we wouldn't even be here, were it not for Samson
................................. I don't understand....
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[Now that the fight is over, the pilot and Diego notice the other two at the crossroads.]
Lukas: Know then everyone... left or right? Ion: Recharging of Scorch Core and Vulcan engine is now on cool down. Approximately, ten minuets until it is ready again.
(edited by FM_Pilot)
Squigly and Leviathan look at each other, before turning back to Stella and clearing their throats S: Well, last time I were awake I met this wonderful girl named Filia, first time we met we ended up fighting L: That was Samson's , Filia's companion, like how I am for miss Squigly, doing. Convinced her that we were puppets, of all things. S: Anyways, it turns out miss Filia was related the group who well, did this to me. Squigly motions towards the stiches in her mouth, which would normally impede speech L: But when push came to shove, the young miss was willing to help us out in our time of need S: And Samson too of course.
*Dio walks over to the crossroads, still holding his wounds*
............................. Nods hesitantly, as if she only half understood
*he over hears of what Squigly said* Ion: You are referring to a infamous mafia called -REDACTED-. Lukas: I had to put a filter on Ion so he won't leak out important info. Apologies if that offends you Ms. Contiello.
Upon the other's arrival, she holds up the map to them and points from the cannon to the left path Elimination of enemy artillery, top priority mission.
Squigly giggles and briefly looks back to FM S: Please, call me Squigly. And its no bother, I hardly have anything against them anymore L: Pardon me milady, but perhaps we should get going? The pair look down the paths, for a moment before they continue conversing S: Which path do we take? L: probably the right path, that map showed a pot at the end, so its likely to be somewhat less dangerous, or more rewarding. S: Well, I suppose that makes sense. Off we go then? Squigly looks at the others for confirmation while Leviathan points at the right path like an arrow
Lukas: You heard the badass snake! We're taking a right! *he heads to the right pathway of the crossroad*
Turns to Squiggly Chances of the target object being held in ration storage is unlikely. Chances of destroying enemy ration storage hindering the enemy is unlikely. The strategic value of the right path is very low. Sees Pilot go right ....... Ah......
(edited by Stella_Grey)
The pair look between each other, before Leviathan pipes up L: Actually, the voice said that either path would suffice, so perhaps there are actually two objects? Squigly looks back at Stella with a smile S: Odds are we shall have to visit both paths anyways, what's the harm in visiting the less-dangerous one first?
...................... Understood. Bows I apologize for my insubordination.....
Squigly giggles before she begins to walk down the right path L: Its quite alright miss, no harm intended S: We're all friends here, no need for such formalities. After all, we're in this together
............................... Follows after Squiggly
*Dio's following the group without making a sound at all*
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[The group's destination is set. They manage to pass through the burning area with only a little difficulty. The scent of something cooking reaches their noses. Pushing aside a few branches, they reach a small clearing, where a woman is cooking something.] [Well, to be more specific, this woman nine feet tall with gnarled, bloody old hands and nails as sharp as claws. Her nose is pointed, and as she leans over a massive cauldron, she resembles a sharp-beaked demon.]
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ooc: Your GM must c o n s u m e food, but will return shortly. Feel free to act as you wish.
Squigly and Leviathan walk into the clearing, and briefly bow to the woman, in introduction S: My name is Sienna Contiello, but please, call me Squigly L: And I am her ever-faithful companion, Leviathan. Pleased to make your acquaintance. S: If I may ask, how long have you been living here? L: Have you heard anything... Strange, for the area?
...................... Not enemy rations storage...... Holds up cannon to the lady Possible hostile located.
*Dio hides behind a bush while peeking at the woman and his other two teammates* "What the hell are they doing?" *He whispers to himself*
*he cautiously walks up to the lady* Lukas: I got a bad feeling...
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[The old lady stares at the cannon, but then turns her attention to the young lady.] "I... It's a pleasure to meet you." [Her eyes dart between Squigly and Stella as she speaks in a raspy voice.] "And I've been living here for... I can't even remember how long... And besides that fire and some pesky troublemakers, nothing strange has happened, serpent." [She dips her ladle into the cauldron and pulls up some of the liquid inside.] "Still missing something..." [She snaps her fingers, and gives Squigly a smile of yellowish teeth.] "I need to keep stirring this, so would you be a dear and grab one of those flowers from that small table over there?" [Said table is lopsided and wooden. A few flowers, some other plants, and even two lizards are sitting on a piece of cloth.]
*he aids the lady and grabs the flowers from the table and gives it to her* Lukas: Here you go ma'am.
Squigly moves towards the lopsided table, only for Pilot to arrive there first. Instead she decides to keep up the conversation S: I imagine you must not get many visitors way out here L: Seems like a lonely little place indeed. What do you do to occupy yourself?
Keeping the cannon on the lady, She tries to discern the contents of the cauldron, making sure not to get close to it
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"Oh, I mostly just observe the wilderness. You can learn many things from watching nature. Such as how plants can grow, and their little functions. For example, I've heard tales of something called a pitcher plant. Do you know what that is?" [The woman chatters on as she takes the flowers, gesturing for the girl with the serpent to come closer to watch.] [The cauldron has an orangish liquid, and some meaty parts and leaves float at the surface.]
(edited by Hundred-S)
*Dio, who's still behind the bushes, just watches his teammates while staying on guard*
Squigly eagerly jogs towards the woman while Leviathan looks between the two with concern L: Are you sure its wise to go so close to them? S: She seems like a nice woman, you know what they say, you can't judge a book by its cover L: Well, we haven't met anything too dangerous so far, but that's part of what worries me milady S: It'll be fine Leviathan, plus this is a learning experience
*he looks into the cauldron* Lukas: What is in that? Reminds me of the MRE that I eat on deployment.
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"Oh, this? It's just a special brew. Pitcher plants are just as inviting. They have the most delicious taste, but once you go in..." [In a flash, a clawed hand grabs Squigly by the wrist.] "They won't let you out." [With a strength that no ordinary human should have, the hag throws the girl into the boiling water. With her free hand, she swings the ladle at the pilot's face to get him to back off.]
Hostile! Stella jumps off a tree into the air, charging 90% of her power and shooting it at the cauldron OVERHEAT: 18
*he covers his helmet now his helmet visor now broken and cracked* Lukas: Hold on Squigly! *he pulls out his serrated combat knife and cuts off the clawed hand*
*Dio and THE WORLD throw about 20 knives at the old woman*
Squigly panics inside the cauldron and starts yelling S: Wait, no, you don't want to eat me, I've got all these embalming fluids, rather nasty and ghastly stuff L: And a parasite. She has a large, Nasty, Bitey Parasite. As soon as the pair hits the water, Leviathan lunges at the cauldron's edge, growing to about three times his normal size and gaining a bony exoskeleton before ramming into the cauldron in an attempt to knock it over.
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[The cauldron is knocked over by the sheer force of the blast, dumping Squigly out with some minor burns.] [The woman is more resilient than expected. She manages to evade or block most of the knives, and she stubbornly ignores the ones that do strike her. The knife striking her hand cuts to the bone.] "You... You little pest!" [She yanks the pot upright and takes this chance to grab the pilot, slamming him into the hot water, armor and all.]
*the pilot screams in pain as a loud beeping is heard* Ion: Scorch Core is now set to Napalm Suicide. Explosive is set for Fifteen second. Leave the vicinity immediately.
Rushes in front of Squiggly and holds her gun in front of her, guarding both of them OVERHEAT: 18
Ion: Suicide bomb is now set. If you value your skin, leave immediately.
*Dio throws a fuel can at the woman then shoots it with his revolver creating a gasoline explosion*
Squigly and Leviathan back well away from the pot, Leviathan grinning as they apparently have an idea. Once they're several feet away from the action, Squiggly drops into a lower stance and begins spinning Leviathan's tail around, faster and faster S: One and... L: Two and.... By now, the tail is rapidly spinning in circles, it seems to be growing a little longer.... Then Squigly throws it towards the hag S: Get Over Here The tip of leviathan's tail opens a little, as the tail stretches to reach the lady. If it connects, the tail would latch down and both Squigly and Leviathan would pull, in an attempt to get the hag well away from the pot
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[The hag has enough sense to run as fast as she can due to the warning, and thus avoids the brunt of Diego's explosion. Leviathan's grab works well for them both- she's even at a safer distance, while his pull is incredibly effective.]
(edited by Hundred-S)
*the dead pilot's body explodes in a mess of blood, bones, napalm and burning flesh*
"THE WORLD!" *Suddenly, a lot of knives start flying towards the old bitch at a high speed, also Dio's position has seemed to change*
Stella rushes in and takes a slash at the hag OVERHEAT: 13
As soon as the hag reaches the pair, Squigly stands back, looking off to the side, while Leviathan's tail rapidly shoots out of her ear to pierce the woman's arm, lashing out about 6 times in total L: Serpentine! S: Well done Leviathan.
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[Our friend has died. This doesn't bode well for the party's mental health...] [Even as her blade slices the Hag's flesh, something breaks in Stella's mind. Another friend died. She couldn't stop this either. Why was she even bothering to fight if she couldn't even stop...?] [The Hag lunges forward, hitting everyone with her ladle in a wide swing. The makeshift weapon falls from her hand as the serpent's tail stabs it.]
(edited by Hundred-S)
*Dio stumbles backwards* "You're in THE WORLD's range." *THE WORLD charges at the hag and punches her in her stomach, possibly making her fly back*
Leviathan attempts to block the hag's ladle with his head, but the pair still receive a bit of a bump, frustrated, Leviathan's head becomes coated in flames and whips around Squigly to strike the hag at the same time as The World, hoping to make her fly back into her own pot L: MORTIS!! S: that one means death, or dead.
......... Gh..... rrrr...... RRRRAAAAAGGGHH! Stella's body begins to change, her cannon morphs into a massive blade, hands become claws, chains burst out of her back one of which connects to a jagged sword in her offhand, And the Blue flame engulfing her eye turns purple DIE! DIEDIEDIEDIE! She lunges at the monster woman and rams her blade at her chest, then the blade opens to reveal 3 small guns hidden inside, which immediately fire at the woman as well
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[The Hag screams, and the invisible force and the fiery snake knock her back... and into the smoldering pot. Only a few gurgles can be heard before the pot goes silent, only steaming a little.] [Good.] [The last piece should be under the wooden table.] [Indeed, the edge of some stone butterfly-like wings can be seen now that the cloth is gone from the explosion.] ooc: And I must go, my family needs me. Good night all.
*Dio walks over to the wooden table and looks under it picking up the final piece* "So, this is the last piece eh? Does this mean that our adventure is over?"
Squigly laughs and walks over to the wooden table, Leviathan swoops down to grab the wings and present it to his partner S: I was hoping we would get to talk to her more L: She tried to eat us, eat you. I don't think we were likely to be friends milady. S: Did you hear the voice again? L: It just directed us to the statue part. Looks like all's clear for us to return. Next, we should be able to meet with the creature itself
*the remains of the pilot which are the lower torso walks to Squigly as a certain relic glows on top of the stump and a disembodied voice is heard* Lukas: My head is killing me... Squigly? Why do I see my torso walking?!
GRRRRAAAAGH! Still raging, Stella swings her blade into the pot, jettisoning more bullets into it as she tries to completely obliterate the thing
Ooc: So did I pick up the piece, or no?
OOC: Yes IC: Lukas: Stella calm down! It's over!
After completely destroying the pot, Stella begins to calm down, then, returning to normal, she passes out
*Dio walks over to Stella and picks her up* "Don't worry, I'll carry her."
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ooc: One last post before my slep [They have gotten the last part.] [Their journey back will be quick and safe.] [It's only a matter of time before the corruption is cleansed by the statue...] [Until then, rest well, young heroes.]
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