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Tag Team Quotes
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Continuing the theme of both Yu's and Bona04's threads, what would be your entrance and victory/loss quotes for a tag team. I had forgotten to pose this question earlier, but oh well, better late than never.
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General Entry: "We need to be in sync if we want to win, but let's just do our best for right now!" Tag-in: "Hey! Leave some for me!" or "Got it! Here goes!" Tag-out: "Yeesh! I need a breather!" or "Hey partner, give 'em hell!" Victory: "Haha! We might not be the dream team, but boy did it feel that way!" Loss: "Crap. Well, there's always next time!" Tatsuya Entry: "So what's the plan? I'll follow your lead!" Tag-in: "Alright! They're already preheated!" Tag-out: "Hey Tatsu, gimme a hand here!" Victory: "Hey hey! I'm catching up to you Tatsu!" Loss: "Yikes. They really snuffed out our flames...let's get them next time Tatsu!" Emerson Entry: "Em, you scan them and I'll punch them! Gooooo team!" Tag-in: "Fancy moves, Em. Guess I'm up!" Tag-out: "I better call Saul!" Victory: "Just like we practiced, Em!" (Dramatic pose!) Loss: "I should probably invest in some armor for next time...wanna hook me up with a discount, Em?" Hans Entry: "Let's get this done with style!" Tag-in: "Just tell me where you need me!" Tag-out: "(insert form name here) is more effective in these circumstances. You're up!" Victory: "Hey, we did it! And just as stylish as I had anticipated!" Loss: "They got the drop on us this time. Let's go back to the drawing board and draft up some new strategies!"
(Corbin) Entry: "Let's see what you got, in an honorable duel!" Tag-in: "You need a break, ok then" Tag-out: "I need a snack break!" Victory; "Good fight, but you need to train harder to beat me!" Loss: "That was an honorable duel" (Dark Corbin) Entry: "Let get this over with" Tag-in: "Ok the lazyass want me to fight you now" Tag-out: "Your not killing me now" Victory: "AHAHAHAHHA! you lost to a person who dies alot!" Loss: "Lossing is a normal feeling for me" (Metal Corbin) Entry: "Villains will win. You will get out of the way, no. NOW DIE!" Tag-in: "You will fail from my hands!" Tag-out: "Taking too much damage, Must retreat" Victory "HEH! I told you to get out of the way" Loss: "I will get you someday!"
I still wish we could do a phansite fighting game. XD For Aki lets see. Entry: Alright then, I am counting on you, so count on me to back you up. Tag in: Leave them to me, my dance will wear them out.*Jumps in on Dagonets shoulders. Tag out: *Pats them on the Back* Give them hell for me, will you? Victory: Couldn't have done it without you. *Pats on the Head* Loss: Oh well, we'll just have to get them next time. I'll make sure of it. Alternate: These bastards will pay next time, you'll help me right? Special: Let me help you with this. Lets bring our powers together! I think I add for Clerval later, when I get home.
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(Naby) entry: "Alright person I don't know. Let's fight!" Tag-in: "Put me in, Put me in" Tag-out: "You want to switch. Ok then..." Victory: "and I was thinking you were going to be strong" Loss: "AHAHAHHA THAT WAS SO FUN!" (Naby when fighting Aki) Entry: "Sorry that we have to fight miss" Tag-in: "Let me at her! Let me at her!" Tag-out: "Take care of the lady and try not to hurt her to much" Victory: "I'm sorry it had to end this way. Want to go play some video games later" Loss: "Well a lose is a lose and you are very strong miss"
With anyone: -Entry: Not my style to fight with a partner, but sure. -Tag-in: MY TURN! -Tag-out: They don't deserve me beating their crap. You do it. -Victory: Looks like teamwork isn't all that bad. -Loss: I knew this was gonna happen... With Gamma: -Entry: You know, I've never actually seen you fight. This is a good occasion. -Tag-in: On it! -Tag-out: I kinda need your help over here! -Victory: Awww yeah! -Loss: ... H- Happens to one in five men?... With Akechi-Kun: -Entry: Alright, we beat these guys and then we go back to our normal stuff, ok? -Tag-in: Light 'em up! -Tag-out: Bo~ring. -Victory: Okay, let's go back to bickering like an old married couple! -Loss: And that's why you use actual elements instead of Light and Dark! With Hazama: -Entry: SQUEEEEE! -Tag-in: Anything you say, boss! -Tag-out: I'll let you finish 'em off, boss! -Victory: YEAAAAAH! Hey boss, could you sign my Katana?! -Loss: I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment...
Entry: I must stop you now before you can do anything else Tag-in: I will finish them off Tag-out: Show me if you can handle them Victory: Mission accomplished. Loss: You win but do not walk the path of evil
Oh well I am back and thanks for adding me. Anyway here is Clerval: In general: Entry: As a Velvet resident it's my duty to serve Humanity. So I will support you with all I can. Tag-in: I will provide service to you. Tag-out: Please take care of you. Victory: For my brother, my sisters and my Master, I will do my best to fulfill my duty. Oh and for my customer of course too. Loss: You did very well. I accept defeat here. Aki with Clerval in a team: Entry: I can do this alone Clerval, why do you have to always get in the way. Whatever, just be careful. Tag-in: Alright Partner, I got it. Tag-out: Clerval, just be careful. Victory: Seems my resident still hasn't gotten rusty. Great job. *pats him one the back* Loss: I told you you would get in the way. Next time stay out of this. Clerval with Aki in team: Entry: Milady Aki, would you please stop charging into battle like this. Tag-in: Stay safe there, Lady Aki. Tag-out: I am sorry, but I have to rest. I leave to you milady. Victory: *after the pat* Would you please just take care of yourself. I can't always rush after you. Loss: Her recklessness always does this. My apoligies but we have to leave.
General Entry: So, I guess we're teaming up for this fight. Well, if I give it my all you better to! Tag in: Oh I guess you're going in, give em hell! Tag out: Yeah, no, can't do this, take over for me please. Victory: Oh shit we did it...I mean of course we did it! Loss: D-Damnit...we lost this one... Tidus Entry: We'll be laughing hard after this one buddy! Tag In: Give them an earful! Tag out: Gah! Don't laugh at my pain! Victory: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Loss: I-I'm not laughing anymore... Splat Tim Entry: Alright Mr. President, I'll be taking care of this, don't want you getting hurt after all! Tag in- Guess I can't stop you, so Ink em up prez! Tag out: Crap, I'll be taking a break with some light blue paint, beat them up! Victory: WE DOES IT! Loss: We're going to have to drink this loss away... Makoto Entry: I-I'm going to show you everything I got! S-So please watch ok? Tag In: DESTROY THEM!! Tag out: C-Crap! I-I'll do better next time! Victory: We make a pretty good team! M-Maybe we should continue staying a team...I-I mean if you're cool with it and all! Loss: We may have lost, but you were great at least! Cait Entry: The duo of cats are here to kick some ass! Tag in: Good luck, I know you can do it! Tag out: Welp, I'm pretty hurt, mind taking over? Victory: Heh, mess with the cats and you get the claws! Loss: It seems we lost today, guess we'll have to give them hell next time! I would do more but I am too tired to think of more stuff
With anyone Entry: "Nya ha ha! The local demon swordscat is here!" Tag-in: "On it, nya!" Tag-out: "Sheesh, this is tough... Take over for me!" Victory: "Piece of cake! Who's next?" Loss: "Nyow.... Lost again..." With Gamma Entry: "Who woulda thought I'd team up with you?" Tag-in: "You need a speedster for this, buddy!" Tag-out: "Freeze 'em for me, will ya?" Victory: "Nice! We should do this more often, nya." Loss: "Even the glaciers crumble, I guess... Never thought I'd see you get beat, Icy." With Hibiki (Kuze) Entry: "The perfect team! Let's go!" Tag-in: "Lemme do my part of the contract!" Tag-out: "Sorry, but I can't do much, nya." Victory: "Demon and demon tamer, a match made in, uh... Hell?" Loss: "You'll do better next time, nya..." With Gentaro Entry: "Space Friendship Club, move out!" Tag-in: "I got this, dude!" Tag-out: "Go get 'em, nya!" Victory: "Kinda cheesy, but... the power of friendship prevails!" Loss: "It was fun, but I guess we lost. Let's hope to get stronger, nya!"
(Naby and Cait) Entry: (with) So a cowboy and a cat went into a bar and beat everyone inside (against) This little kitty is about to get pwnd Tag-in: (with) Stay back cat, I will deal with them (against) I am going to take out that little kitty Tag-out: (with) oh crap their strong, I will need your help cat (against) THE KITTY IS ANGRY, THE KITTY IS ANGRY!! Victory: (With and against) The story I told you was true Loss: (With) Fun but could not help the cat (against) I fucked up the wrong kitty

General Entry: I'll try not to drag us down. Tag-in: Guess it's my turn now. Tag-out: Take over for me Victory: That was fun. Let's play again, yeah? Defeat: Heh heh. My bad. Sorry about that. With Sam Entry: Time to show you the might of our cause Tag-in: Thought you were dealing with this by yourself. Tag-out: You're up, idiot. Victory: When we team up, we're unstoppable. Defeat: Woah. That was unexpected. Sam-General Entry: Let's get this over with. Tag-in: I'll finish this myself Tag-out: You're move Victory: The expected result. Defeat: Perhaps I should have chosen a better friend. Sam- With Gin Entry: Only if you can keep up, Snowman Tag-in: 1000 IQ, dumbass. Tag-out: Take this for me, would ya? Victory: They tried, but beating us is an impossibility. Defeat: Gah! Who slipped up this time?
Sure, why not? General Entry: Ah, this might be troublesome. Tag-In: Let me take over for a bit. Tag-Out: Do you mind switching? This is getting rather tiresome. Victory: Ehh, B minus. Defeat: This is...a joke, right? Kazuma Entry: I hope you haven't lost your edge, Kazuma-senpai. Tag-In: My turn! Tag-Out: Your turn, "big bro". Victory: As expected, nicely done! Defeat: Shit... Relius Entry: Let's do this together, Colonel. Tag-In: I'll take over from here. Tag-Out: I need backup! Victory: The NOL sure is somethin', ain't it? Ragna Entry: Let's work together, Grim Reaper. Victory: See, now was that so hard? Gamma Entry: Looks like we're fighting together, Lavvy. Tag-In: Take a break, Ice Age. Tag-Out: Gimme a hand here! Victory: "Power of bonds", right? Hahahaha! Defeat: Tch, we got careless, eh? Tatsuya Entry: Come on old man, just this one time okay? Victory: Not bad, old-timer. Hans Entry: Mind working with a subordinate, "boss"? Tag-Out: Do your job, big guy! Victory: Maybe you really CAN change the world. Aincrad Entry: Ugh, why'd it have to be you? Setsuna Entry: One more fight, for old time's sake, yeah? Tag-In: You really ARE useless! Tag-Out: Take over, you damn dog! Defeat: Damn...useless. Naho Entry: Hope you forgive the whole...killing you thing. Any of the sins Tag-In: Let me help, you mutt! Tag-Out: Gimme a hand here, creature.
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(Naho) Entry: "You will lose this battle. Surrender now or pain will be coming for you* Tag-in: "Let's do this" Tag-out: "I'm retreating, you deal with them" victory: "I told you to surrender and now your wishing you did surrender when you had the chance" Loss: "This cant be possible" (Naho and Hazama) Entry: "I feel strange around you but let's just get this over with and take them down" (reply to Hazama's entry) "I forgive you. We were enemies earlier but were allies for now." Tag-in: "Let me handle them for you" Tag-out: "I'm backing out for now" Victory: "I swear people are going to call me a villain because I helped you" Defeat: "I have failed... you may now kill me for my failure"
General Start: "Oh seems we're working together? Do try not to be a determent." Tag in: "I believe Ignis and I shall step in." Tag out: "Do try not to disappoint me please." Victory: "Ah, so the experiment is a success, good you've managed to be passable. Defeat: "How in the hell could this be possible... Time to retreat for now Ignis!" Hazama Entry "Ah so it seems I've someone useful along, always a pleasure to work with you, Captain." Tag in: "I'll take over now, consider it an order." Tag out: "I'll retreat for now Hazama." Victory: "As expected, now what to do with them? I can think of so much after all..." Carl=Clover(Who isn't on site but Relius would have it regardless) Entry: "Oh dear, time for some father son bonding hmm? Do live up to the name." Tag in: "I'll deal with this for a moment boy!" Tag out: "Don't fail Carl, or our foes might be the least of your worries." Victory: "Hmm, so you do live up to us a bit... I'm somewhat impressed, son." Defeat: "Dammit to hell boy! Gah we need to leave, and next time you will do better." Ragna=The=Bloodedge Entry: "The Grim Reaper hmm? Well I'm curious to see your power up close at least." Tag in: "I'll deal with this swiftly now Bloodedge." Tag out: "Let's see what the power of the Azure can do eh Bloodedge?" Victory: "You might be a brute, but if nothing else I'll admit you know how to fight Grim Reaper."
For Gamma (of course) General Entry: This doesn’t mean anything, got it? Tag-in: Let me handle this Tag-out: show me what you can do. Victory: Not bad, not bad at all Defeat: I... I knew I was better off without you. Tatsuya Entry: So we’re working together again? Try not to melt stuff this time. Tag-in: Yeah Yeah, let me handle it Tag-out: This is what friends are for, right? Victory: You know, that wasn’t so bad. Defeat: Way to go sunshine, so much for your bonds. Hazama Entry: for the record, I still don’t trust you Tag-in: Out of the way or This one’s on me Tag-out: Time for you to show off Victory: You’ve only gotten better, haven’t you? Defeat: That was on purpose, wasn’t it? Aitome Entry: Oh, you’re here. Let’s get this started Tag-in: leave the freezing to me Tag-out: work with it Victory: I don’t get your fate thing, but I appreciate it Defeat: You really are hopeless *snicker* Homura Akemi Entry: Alright, consider this practice Tag-in: Leave it to me Tag-out: Your turn to show off Victory: See, you can count on me Defeat: S.... Sorry, I messed up. Cait Entry: You know, I’ve always been a fan of cats Tag-in: be more careful moron Tag-out: you’ve got this kitty Victory: I knew I made the right choice Defeat: N.... Noted, fighting’s not a strong suit
General: Intro: Alright! Let's do this together! Tag in: Alright, I'm up! Tag out: OK, you now! Loss: Wow, that was a flop Victory: Yay! We did it! With cait: Intro: Cat and coding: An unstoppable team! Tag in: I'll take it from here bro! Tag out: Don't let the cat get your tongue! Loss: *sigh* Guess it's time for a catnap? Victory: Good job bro, we did it! With Hibki: Intro: Alright bro, let's do this thing! Tag in: Let's give that dragon energy a break! Tag out: Go on, give 'em heck! Loss: Well, you're probs tired. Victory: Heck yeah! We shined out there! With Naho: Intro: Alright hon, let's give em heck! Tag in: Take a break, you might need it. Tag out: Shoot, this guys tough. You try. Victory: Haha! Victory is ours, hon! Loss: Ooh.... At least that didn't kill you, I guess. With setsuna: Intro: Still don't completley trust you, but let's still work together! Tag in: Alright, I'll handle this. Tag out: Eff, could really use your strength now! Victory: One step closer to forgiveness for you! Loss: Well, I guess you'll need more training?
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This looks fun! Guess I'll give it a try. General Entry: Why is it always a fight? Entry 2: Let's make this showy! Tag-in: I'll handle it, rest while you can! Tag-out: Running out of stamina...! Victory: Now, can we please deal with this using words...? Defeat: I've...always hated violence. Delta Entry: I summon up the powers of the god hand! Tag-in: Don't overdo it! Tag-out: Make their jaw drop! Victory: C'mon, tell us! Which is better, his fists and kicks or my sword!? Defeat: ...I think we needed more practice. Tatsuya Entry: What a reunion this is. Tag-in: Keep yourself alive, Tatsu! Tag-out: Show them no mercy! Victory: And that is the conclusion! For an old man, you are pretty good. Defeat: I knew I should've slept until noontide...! Raidou Entry: I'll pay close attention! Tag-in: I'll show you my skill! Tag-out: I-I have to return...! Victory: Did you see that, Master Kuzunoha? Defeat: I really have much to learn, don't I...? Ene (w/o Snake) Entry: Ene!? J-Just be careful! Tag-in: Stand back, I got this. Tag-out: Don't let them get you...! Victory: Alright, that's enough "fun" for now. Don't get into this kind of dangerous situation. Defeat: Are you being serious...? Ene (w/ Snake) Entry: I really hate this idea. Tag-in: Move out of the way! Tag-out: This is embarrassing. Victory: You were off the hook because of them, but don't think the battle is over. Defeat: I...I have to use this chance...! Dammit...! Prima Entry: I choose you, Prima! Tag-in: You did a good job, rest for now! Tag-out: Go get 'em! Victory: I still can't believe a creature likes you exists! It feels so magic...! Defeat: I-I can't black out now...! Makoto Entry: I never saw the Road Warrior live. Tag-in: I will protect my wallet! Tag-out: This was unexpected...! Victory: Phew! Now that that's over, I feel like going to the cinema. Defeat: Well....there goes all my money...
General Entry: Pleasure to make your acquaintance, now, lets win this. Tag In: You can count on me! Tag out: Take over for me please! Victory: we made a good team, didn't we? Loss: I'm sorry, I won't fail you next time. Yu Entry: Looks like we'll be working together again, so lets show them what we can do! Tag In: I won't let you down! Tag out: Damn, I need you to take over for me! Victory: We did good, I'm glad we had the chance to work together again. Loss: Damnit, we lost...I'm sorry to let you down... Hans Entry: Well sir, shall we test out your new experiment? Tag in: I'll take over for you Sir! Tag out: Take them down! Victory: It seems the experiment was a success! Loss: I may need some more of that yellow Nexite.... Kazuya Entry: Well Kazuya, it seems we'll be teaming up for this battle. I'll show you I'm not as useless as I once was! Tag In: I'll handle them, take a rest. Tag out: Damnit, I have to back down for now! Give them your all! Victory: It seems we were successful in our fight, but not without a few scratches. Loss: I'm sorry, because of me your wallet will be getting emptier. Hazama Entry: I'm not too keen on this team up, but it seems I have no choice. Tag in: Hang back, I'll take care of them! Tag out: I'm counting on you to do some damage! Victory: It seems we overcame our enemies, I can't say I'm not surprised. Loss: It seems we aren't compatible to fight together.
General Entry: Let's knock 'em dead. or Rips off black band, then exhales. Geez. Never gets easier. Tag-In: Lemme at 'em! or Keep the bench warm, alright? Tag-Out: Shit, tag with me! Victory: I won't run away anymore. or That's all she wrote. Defeat: Damnit... Tatsuya Entry: Let's knock their socks off, Tatsu! Tag-In: I'll show you "strategy"! Tag-Out: Show 'em how it's done! Victory: The new generation ain't half bad, eh? Defeat: I...messed up. Kalib Entry: Spartans riding trains, eh? Sounds like a movie. Tag-In: My turn! Tag-Out: You're up, Kalib! Victory: Does this mean you'll cut my rent? Defeat: How did we...?! Alice Entry: Just stand back, let me handle the heavy lifting. Tag-In: You idiot. Tag-Out: Alice! Victory: God, you're a real weirdo, y'know that? Defeat: Shit...run...! Tony Entry: Mind showing me how it's done, Iron Man? Tag-Out: Tony! Victory: Not bad, moneybags. Sam Entry: You stay out of this, asshole. Tag-In: I knew you couldn't handle it. Tag-Out: W-what the?! I said stay out of it! Victory: Tch, this doesn't change anything. Defeat: Blonde...asshole. Al Saiduq Entry: This...feels weird. Tag-Out: Saiduq! Victory: Potential, huh...? Kazuya Entry: Demons, huh? Right on. Tag-Out: Kazuya! Victory: Glad I'm on your side. Gentaro Entry: Try not to blow ME up this time, alright? Tag-In: Let me lend a hand! Tag-Out: Pompadour! Victory: Rad. Let's go get some grub. Defeat: Damn...spaceman. Raal Entry: Why do I have to work with...YOU?! Tag-In: The only one doing you in is me! Tag-Out: Go get 'em, old fart. Victory: I'm coming for you next, bastard. Defeat: Cut the act, Raal... you lost on...purpose.

With Lowe Entry: I suppose i'll play with you if I must Tag-in: I'd stay out of this, but I know you can't handle it Tag-out: Play with them for a while, would you? Victory: Passable performance, Kid. Defeat: And here I thought you'd do well. With Raal Entry: Do have I have to fight with him? Tag-In: How pathetic you are, Raal. Tag-out: Don't think I need your help Victory: This once and never again Defeat: Of course you would make me lose Raal- General Entry: Show me your worth Tag-In: Worthless imbecile Tag-out: I might as well let you play Victory: Passable. Defeat: A truly worthless partner. Raal- With Sam Entry: Lose and I'll take more than your arm Tag-in: Some genius. Tag-out: This means nothing. Victory: THis was the only time. Defeat: I warned you. Raal- With Lowe Entry: That scrap heap of yours better be worth my time Tag-In: I'll crush them since your unable to. Tag-out: Get to work, slave. Victory: You did well for an brat. Defeat: As worthless as ever, I see.
General Entry: "Two heads are better than one, y'know? Let's go!" Tag-in: "Already? Fine, I'll do... something." Tag-out: "I need a breather... Take over for me!" Victory: "Great job, [Partner Name]. Couldn't have done it without you." Loss: "Sorry... I held us back..." Kalib Entry: "I'll form the plan, you just hit 'em with everything you've got!" Tag-in: "What did you leave for me to clean up this time, Kalib..?" Tag-out: "All right, time for you to burn up the battlefield!" Victory: "Right, just like we practiced!" (Dramatic pose!) Loss: "Maybe I should spend more time training in GYM rather than breaking down its doors..."
General Entry: "Am I forced to do this...?" Tag-in: "Oh, my turn now? Don't expect much from me." Tag-out: "Tag, you're it now. Kill 'em." Victory: "That wasn't so bad. Good teamwork." Loss: "What a disappointment. Probably my fault..."
General Entry: "I hope I can help. Let's go!" Tag-in: "I'll show you how useful I can be!" Tag-Out: "Whew... You can take it from here..." Victory: "Alright, we did it! ...How was I?" Loss: "S-Sorry I dragged you down..."
General Entery: "Is this an Invasion or something?" Tag-In: "Don't expect me to babysit you." Tag-Out: "Your turn to handle this one!" Victory: "Richer the blood, the more Echoes I gets." Loss: "*sneers*... this is going to be a long hunt..."
General Entry- Huh?!? A tag team match? That's a surprise, I'll try not to let you down. Tag in- Looks like its up to me! Get ready! Tag out- Sheesh, they aren't pulling punches, watch out alright? Victory- Whew.. I suppose that's that, are you okay? Defeat- I must've slipped up somewhere, I'm sorry... Gamma Entry- Hehe, are you ready Gamma? I have to uphold my end of our promise! Tag In- Need me to fight? I hope I don't disappoint! Tag Out- Its up to you now! Victory- Nobody can escape from crossing fate! The Wandering Warrior of Fa-oh! I should tone it down.. Defeat- Sheesh... do you have to be so cold? Ive already got alot of cuts, I dont need anymore! Homura Entry- I won't forget what you did for me, so let me help you here! Tag in- Time to show off how much I've changed! Tag out- S-sorry... it's up to you now.. Victory- Mmm! We should do this more often! Defeat- D-damn... I think I need to improve more... Aincrad Entry- Hey! Mr.Carnival! Try not to get hurt alright? I'll be backing you up but you can't be too reckless! Tag in- Let me do this! I can fight as well! Tag out- Up to you now! Give it all you got! Victory- I knew we could do it! Let's keep this up alright? Defeat- W-we lost? D-damn.. I wasn't expecting this... I guess we need to be stronger next time.
For Mal General Entry: "I'd say I'm better off alone, but that'd make me seem petty." Tag-In: Sigh, "You really need my help? What a pity..." Tag-Out: "I need to powder my nose, keep them busy if you can." Victory: "I won't be left behind. I'll keep doing by best." Loss: "Those brutes...I'm sorry. It was my fault." For Keilin General Entry: "Yay! I get a playmate! Let's kill em' all!" Tag-In: "More, more! Gimme more!" Tag-Out: "Come on, it's time to play!" Victory: "Is that all your blood? Bummer..." Loss: "But, we were supposed to do that...to you..." For Angel General Entry: "Ah, how bothersome...no need to despair! I'll assist!" Tag-In: "Ah ah ahhhh, here comes karma!" Tag out: "Impatient aren't you? I'll support you." Victory: "I suppose I've overdone it. Well, you did too." Loss: "Win or lose, it's all the same. Just that we aren't dead!" I would have them say stuff to other people but I don't really think I have friends for that. .-.
In general Entry: let's go! Tag-in: i guess i have to Tag-out:you do it Victory:i guess we really could work together Defeat:fricc With Gamma Entry: together, we can do it! Tag-in: i'll fill in for you Tag-out: take em' friend Victory: i knew we could do it! Defeat:i thought our synergy was good enough for anything, but i guess not... With Hazama Entry: i won't fail you, master Tag-in: i need to prove myself! Tag-out: you're gonna destroy them, master! Victory: have i proven myself yet? Defeat: sorry, i've failed you...
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General Entry: Systems are live. Starting simulation. Tag-In: I'm energized and taking over this test. Tag-Out: DNI is overburdened. Take the reigns while I recover. Victory: Seems these results are... fascinating. Loss: Well then... back to the drawing board. With Sam Entry: Wanna do some testing old friend? Tag-In: I'll clean up this one. Tag-Out: You go finish this one up. Victory: Gotta love the marvels of technology... you still need that arm upgraded. Loss: I swear to fuck don't use me as a test dummy.
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