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THE GAME! Class Trial #1
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Well, Well, Well! First day and someone dies! I've never seen a class so good at this before! In any case, thsi is the trial for the case of "Who killed Korekyio". The killer will have to find a way to accuse someone else and get away with it... Or Die! Off you guys go!
Shivering in fear, Bona just stands there

*Gin fixes his sleeves* So, for everyone who doesn't know, what's the situation?
Korekiyo: Dead. We gotta find out who the murderer is.
Korekio was killed... from a blunt to the back of the head. The murder weapon is very probably a baseball bat that Soupicide found in the warehouse.

Thank you Bona. I'm glad to see you spiritual types explain things in such great details.
Well hey, we barely have any details other than the time of death, place of death, and murder weapon. Might as well simplify it.
We do have some minor details- Like the fact that some people changed rooms at various times in the night, according to Shadow.
... I don't want to end up as the finger-pointer here, but... I think it was Gin.
Um... It's probably best to go over one little thing at a time. We don't have much, but maybe we can add to each detail of the incident..? A-and hold on! I know he's a suspect, but do you even have conclusive evidence yet?
(edited by Cait_Sith)

On what basis?
You showed up with the candelabra before Soupicide showed up with the bat- which is the real murder weapon- and you were apathetic about the whole "You have to kill" deal.
Ok. First things first. What is the evidence everyone found? Mine was a baseball bat in the warehouse.
I know some people moved in and out of their rooms from 5:30 to 6:00 in the morning.
Do you know who?

Well, at least it's not the whole "The Medium said so" business from earlier. So, because I found one thing over another and I spoke logically about the whole "we have to kill" stuff, I'm automatically the murderer? Is that so? How quaint.
(edited by Gin)
I don't know who it was, I was in my room.
OBJECTION! Cait points her finger at Shadow, probably breaking several copyright laws. There's no way he would have been trying to do that! The thing's covered in blood, and he had no way to do that to it. Furthermore, even if it was like that in the first place, he could have just found it and considered it a legitimate possibility!
Thanks to my expertise, I know that the candelabra isn't the murder weapon. Also, Shadow, Gin, you guys need to chill!
So, because I found one thing over another and I spoke logically about the whole "we have to kill" stuff, I'm automatically the murderer?. No, it's just that your evidence seems falsified, and you seemed to have no regret or surprise at the body. This is not automatically, but it is incriminating. We will not pursue this lead yet. Like I said, everyone, present your evidence FIRST!
... Fine.
Phew... Alright then. Here's a bit of evidence I found myself: I was able to run to the trash room, then to our rooms in roughly a minute. Even when walking, the murderer would easily get back after the murder by 6.

So, the killer could re-enter their own room by 6. Shadow, didn't you say you heard footsteps outside your room? When was that again?
Kenny also found a piece of half-burnt paper telling either the killer or Korekyio to go to the greenhouse. I heard them around 6.
(edited by Shadowgear)
Concerning the paper, perhaps Korekyio was attempting to attack the killer, and the killer simply won the struggle? That could explain the candelabra as a murder weapon.

And where is your room located, Shadow?
(edited by Gin)
Oh, you're right, either one could have arranged the meeting! But that doesn't tell us much... Unless Kory sent it, and the murderer decided to take advantage of this chance! No, wait, that's probably not it. They went out at the same time, so... Wait... Soup, the candle wasn't the weapon. But the bat was.
(edited by Cait_Sith)
I suppose. I'm just brainstorming here, trying to see what could have happened. Can anyone crack a shot at a chronological order of events?
Okay. Okay. I got this. Should I give it a shot?
Go ahead.
Alright... So sometime last night, one of the two got a note. Probably Kory, as I have a feeling this murder was premeditated. The two left their rooms, and Kory arrived first. Either the murderer had the bat hidden somewhere prior, or they dashed to get it. Either way, they snuck up behind Kory, and killed him! This explains the head wound on the back. They then tried to burn the note, but were careless as they rushed to hide the bat, leaving it only half-burnt. They then returned at 6.
Sounds plausible.

So, the two left at the same time. That's the assumption, correct?
I guess? I heard quite a lot of footsteps around 5:30, but I heard some earlier in the night. Might be Pancake Knight, Asta and Ferris, however.

That's what I thought. I think it would be more reasonable to assume it was either Asta, Pk or Ferris who left alongside Korekiyo. The Killer, in my opinion, left before so they could wait in hiding for him. After all, those 3 met around that time.
NO THAT'S WRONG! PK then jumps up from behind a seat and yells out, I was in my room the whole time! I was doing something in there so there's no way that I could be the killer!
(edited by Pancake_Knight)
Hold on. All three were together, remember? We should get their testimony of last night. Wow, I feel like a lawyer...

I'm assuming you three met up in your room then, right PK?
I don't remember! I was busy with my thing! I can't speak for anyone but myself!

Maybe! I don't usually remember stuff! I live in the present, not the past! I have to keep moving forward after all! I don't think she healed my pancakes though! I would remember that!
Are you seriously shattering your own alibi?...

This idiot...
An alibi? Whats that? I never went to school before!

It's what means you don't get blamed for murder. You had one, now your making us doubt it.
Um! Well, there's no way I would kill anyone! You can trust me on that!


Asta, was Pk with you two when you met up? Also, where did you meet up? You're loud, but at least I can trust what you say more than the confused knight over here.
*Wakes up* Huh?
We're in the middle of a trial, Pika. Try to pay attention.

(Still watching trial)
Oh ok... *Pops open a bottle of whiskey and watches*

Asta, was Pk with you two when you met up? Also, where did you meet up? You're loud, but at least I can trust what you say more than the confused knight over here.YEAH, I'M PRETTY SURE HE WAS. FERRIS WAS KIND ENOUGH TO HELP US WITH OUR PROBLEMS.... IT'S RUDE OF HIM TO FORGET FERRIS........ AND MYSELF.
Well at least this means none of them did it. I'm seriously thinking it was Gin. Call it a hunch.

Well at least this means none of them did it. I'm seriously thinking it was Gin. Call it a hunch. IF GIN WAS A MURDERER WOULDN'T HE TRY TO PIN IT ON SOMEONE ELSE? YOU'RE SO HEART-SET THAT IT'S HIM, WHAT IF IT'S YOU?
... I... Yeah, I'm pretty suspicious now that I think about it... But I'm sure it was him!
*Chugs whiskey* So have yall decided the murderer yet?

This again. You can't blame me without evidence. A gut feeling doesn't cut it. Personally, I think it's rather suspicious for you to be throwing the blame onto someone else. Are you sure your not the killer, Shadow? The creature keeping us here does look like you, after all.
Listen, I don't why that bastard looks like me, and I plan on discovering why, but I'm pretty sure it has to be you! It just... Seems like you are!
Actually, I suspect Gin as well. I think Shadow has the wrong approach, however. The way you found the candelabra is pretty suspicious, not to mention the fight that you arrived late to the meeting in the morning.
Thread Creator

Just because I look like a weirdo doesn't mean you have to put me in the same bag as a true blue weirdo!... Actually, he's more a true purple weirdo...
Also, Bona mentioned a strange aura from one of the science-oriented people. That applies to this Laharl-obsessed girl and I think Soup by extent, but you seem to be our best candidate. Plus... we'd need to choose a random person from just a few at this rate, anyway.

How was how I found the candelabra any diiferant to how Soup found the bat? I came in and said I found this suspicious looking thing.
Well, the wound at the back of Kory's head fits with the bat and the bloodstain on it. Also, Mono-Shadow. One question: If there are accomplices in a murder, do they get to go out with the murderer?
Thread Creator

Nope! Only the one that killed gets to go out!

The candelabra was suspicious. Does it matter if- *Gin stops and breathes, calming himself down* If I was the murderer, then why would I help you find me? It makes 0 logical sense.
You haven't done anything to help us. You just found the candelabra.
Also, as stated by Cait, the people with a science-y related field are, as said by Bona, exerting the strange aura. My field is not science. A cryptologist is, in essence, a code-breaker and code-creator, applied both in history and cyber-security. Calling this a science field is a long shot. This limits our field of "strong" candidates to Laharl's Zambie GF, and Gin. And Lahral is proving very helpful to finding the killer, whilst you, Gin, have just been arguing with Shadowgear non-stop. Perhaps it's time for a Bullet-Time-Battle?
(edited by Soupicide)

Have I not been actively trying to say tings to help in this class trial? The whole "the killer and the victim didn't leave at the same time" argument? Hell, even the act of finding that piece of possible evidence and showing that I had it should be enough to show that I'm trying to help you. And then there's that "evidence" provided by the phychic you all keep coming back to. It's nothing but Faith filled lies. It can't be proven. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if that bastard is trying to pin this on me with that. I am actively trying to help you fools, but you seem destined for an early grave and seem to be hell-bent on dragging me down with you.
(Not part of this, but this is getting interesting...)
And then there's that "evidence" provided by the phychic you all keep coming back to. It's nothing but Faith filled lies....Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if that bastard is trying to pin this on me with that.. I am actively trying to help you fools, but you seem destined for an early grave and seem to be hell-bent on dragging me down with you See, it's passages like this take make you all the more suspicious. The more aggravated you get over trivial points, the more suspicious you seem. And getting angry at people who are doing nothing but organizing the points is NOT HELPFUL
(edited by Soupicide)

I'm not getting angry, I'm defending myself. Refuting the points. Like about how trusting a psychic's "visions" is completely foolish.
Ooc: Back Ic: So, it seems alot of us are in agreement, but some aren't.
How about this: let's just take a vote. We have two options, and an uneven amount of voters. Worst-case scenario, we have a fifty-fifty chance. So, we'll either vote the Laharl lover, or Gin.
But I mean, there's still a 50% chance we all die. I'm not willing to take those odds. Also, Gin, may I remind you that this "psychic," as you call them, has been hand-picked as the Ultimate Psychic, best in the country? They seem pretty trustworthy on that note. And sensing emotion isn't even a psychic trait, it's very real. So it is possible, even without the ability.

I swore an oath to science. I don't believe in faith. I don't believe in magic. I don't believe in the supernatural. Always a skeptic. That's me. Ironic that the supernatural means my end, eh? After all, Logic dictates that you vote for me.
(Tbh, I'm on Gin's side.)
S-sorry, but... I'll be voting for you. It's necessary, but... I almost feel bad about it... Monogear, can we begin?
*Sigh* Like I said, this is NOT a purely supernatural occurrence. Even as a self-proclaimed "Man of Science," you should be able to appreciate that. And yes, logic does dictate that we vote for you.
(...Be careful...The trial was certainly quick, too quick)
(K, sorry.)
Ok, I need to calm down. But this is certainly not over.

we need to think this through what if we guess wrong
Why is everyone convinced we're voting now?!?
Is anyone even playing anymore?
Probably sleeping?
Speaking of which, I should probably get to. I have classes tomorrow.
Bump so we can keep playing
ooc: Catto is here because lunch ic: Well... we don't have much of a choice, do we? Unless someone has some other evidence, we can't go any farther... I hate to say it, but this is the best we can do.
Not everyone has even spoken yet! It would be far too hasty to vote right now!
R-right... I guess so. It's just that if they wanted to speak, they should have done it earlier... Either way, if you have something to say, speak up, everyone!
After all, we haven't made a mental comic book of the murder yet! And there was not one "No, that's wrong!" spoken!
Ferris notices that Pancake knight is trying to doubt his alibi and Asta's os he decides to speak up Pancake knight-kyun i really felt guilty about the fact that i ruined your pancakes, that's why i invited you along with Asta-kyun and l tried my best to make them right again, nya. None of us is a killer i can assure you.
Wait who woke up before and who woke up after 7 am
Ok, so It was who who heard the steps past their door? Using their account and name, we locate their room. This will eliminate some people, as they had no reason to go past that specific dorm. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/372868087487397889/372875461849645076/Map_of_Phantom_High.png
(edited by Soupicide)

Shadow said he heard footsteps outside his door.
Ok. And which room is Shadow's?

The room labelled "S", I believe.
Ok. Who has a room beyond that?

He's at the end of a corridor, so no-one. Asta, Lanna and Blu are close enough to be outside his room if they exited their rooms though. Of course, beyond in the other direction is everyone, but those in block 1 and 2 would have no reason to go outside his room.
Then why would he have heard footsteps?

Nyan nyan that might've been Asta-kyun leaving, since his room is near Shadow's.

That is one set of footsteps he heard, but Shadow said he heard two. Who does the other set belong to?
(edited by Gin)
Wait. Are the walls soundproof?

I don't think so.
Now that I think about it, Shadow's account is pretty sketchy. How could he have heard footsteps going by the door if he's at the end of a corridor? Unless our killer can phase through walls, this is impossible.

He's also been blaming me for this murder from the very beginning of this trial. Asta did say that the murderer would try and pin the crime on someone else.
Well the two people who are highly suspicious in my mind are Shadow and Gin.
(edited by Kenny_McCormick)
But...what's Shadow's talent again?
Shadow's talent is Fate-Breaker
(edited by Kenny_McCormick)
So not science

Does that matter?
The psychic evidence.

I see we're still trusting that. Fine then. I'll accept it as valid just this once. Even if it is against me.

I said I'm accepting it. I don't see why your being so angry.
You just keep denouncing him like he's a scammer or some shit. He knows what he's doing, that's how he got here.

A wise man names Thomas Hobbes once said "God has not spoken to me. Why should I believe others who say God has spoken to them?" I simply apply that way of thinking to other so called Miracles. Spirits have not spoken to me and I have seen no visions of the future. Why should I trust those who say that they have? I don't see how you arguing about my beliefs is any different to me applying logic to his. Now then. Can we please get back on topic.
*Sigh* You're still missing the point. It's not a miracle. But I digress.

You're missing the point of my argument as well. Now then, back to Korekiyo's murder. Have we gone over all the evidence?
No, because, as said again, like half the people HAVE NOT TALKED YET. GET ON IT, GUYS!
This is a bit belated, but in theory, Shadow could have heard anyone from blocks 3 and 4. Those are very close to his room. May not be too helpful, but still something to note. And- wait, Kory's room isn't in those blocks, but it's right next to them... I guess that means he could have heard anyone from rooms just by those blocks too. So that still puts Gin on the radar, unfortunately for him.
(edited by Cait_Sith)

Hmm. Mono-shadow never answered Kenny's question on whether the rooms were sound proof or not. Assuming they aren't, we still don't know whether Korekiyo was one of the people who left their rooms around 5:30. After all, do we know which one sent the letter in the first place?
Hmm I wonder if the killer could be using a false clue on us
Out of curiosity... Did everyone enter their rooms last night? And is there any proof nobody left prior to 5:30?

I defiantly entered my room after I left you guys last night. Bona can back me up on that, I think. I saw him enter his room, so I'm assuming he saw me.
He's right about that. He left the cafeteria shortly after me.
Thread Creator

Puhuhuhu! Votes are open to decide who the killer is! Remember! You only get one vote! If someone gets 8 votes or more, they're who the class thinks is the murderer, and if they are, they get executed! Otherwise, the entire class BUT the murderer is executed!

Oh good. It's awake. Yo, Monoguy. Are rooms soundproof? Kenny was asking earlier.
I don't like doing this, but... I vote Gin.
Gives a nervous sigh I didn't wanna do this because it's really risky..... But I vote Gin as well.
Thread Creator

The rooms aren't soundproof, and if you payed attention to the corridors, you might have noticed that the slightest steps echo through from one end to the other!
Do you even have to ask?! I vote Gin.

SInce my vote doesn't matter, I'm voting Shadow.
I... I'm not sure we should vote so soon, but since it seems nobody else will speak... Gin.

With everyone giving this evidence out i might have to vote for Gin too nya,nya.
(edited by Ferris)
Stop voting, please. There is time. We have time. Wait for more evidence.
OOC: May I join as a minor antagonist?
Thread Creator

No. OOC: Eh. At least you're fitting with Dangaronpa so i'm okay with it.

We can't vote right now
r.i.p. game

Hey, I'm in no hurry to get killed off. Take as long as you like.
PK seeing that he finally remembered what has happened responds and shouts Oh! That's right! I was in the kitchen! I completely forgive you! As for the vote I think we should be careful not to point fingers just yet! However if we must vote I say... Gin, you've been pretty shifty!
Ooc: I'm just gonna bump this really quickly
......so are we finished accusing Gin?
Thread Creator

... Okay, so I think I shouldn't even have started this. I kind of did this in the worst way possible. Forget that this thread, game and even that one account existed, because seeing as how it died on the first trial, I don't think it would have held up till the end.
Ooc: Aww man, and I liked this!
Thread Creator

Me too, but I don't think I'd be able to make good murder mysteries until only one person stands at the end. I couldn't even make a good one for the first murder anyway.
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