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Welcome to our new students! I'm MonoShadow, and I'm here to ki- To make sure you turn into good little adults!... Aside from those of you that already are adults. You're just here for shits and giggles. ROUND UP, THOSE WHOSE NAMES I CALL! -Corbin, the Ultimate Gamer -Soupicide, the Ultimate Cryptologist -Cait, the Ultimate Artist -Korekyio, the Ultimate Anthropologist -Pancake Knight, the Ultimate Pastry Knight -Bona Jamane, the Ultimate Psychic -Gin Bara, the Ultimate Cryogenicist -Pikadaboi, the Ultimate Crafter -Kenny McCormick, the Ultimate Vigilante -Blu, the Ultimate Problem Solver -Asta, the Ultimate LoudmouthSwordfighter -Van Helsing, the Ultimate Slayer -Goro Akechi, the Ultimate Gourmet -Lanna, the Ultimate Surgeon -Shadowgear, the Ultimate Fate-Breaker Take time to meet each other! Here's a map of the school so you don't get lost: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/372868087487397889/372875461849645076/Map_of_Phantom_High.png
... Why am I here? Who are you guys?!
WhAt In BlAzEs
... ... ...What?

What sort of prank is this?
Where the eff am I?
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Awww, you're gonna break that little hearty-heart of mine! This ain't a prank. This is your life from now on!
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.....who was that?
Wait... that weird color palette... That annoying voice... You're probably infringing on someone's copyright, aha... ha... But seriously, stop joking.
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(A guy looking like Shadowgear but with weird armor comes out of nowhere) Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo EVERYONE!
SWEET SANDWICHES! Bona almost falls over in suprise
Oh Arceus, I was right. Monokuma... Monogear? Monogear.

Don't they all say it ain't a prank until the end? Then the camra crew jumps out from behind the curtains and suddenly "It's just a prank, bro". So, anyway, which whack job put you together?
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I'm Mono-Shadow! I'm your headmaster! And you're staying here for your entiiiire lives! The rules are simple! You live there until you die... Or you kill someone to get out! It's a simple concept!
K-kill someone?....
... Why do you look like me?!
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Eh. Ask questions like this to my creator.
Why us? I don't know any of these people, and I'm sure no one else here knows the others.
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Exactly! None of you know each other! It'll make kills easier!

That's true... Not that I would kill anyone, because that's a deplorable act but, in theory, us being strangers would make it a simpler task.
This is probably a prank... Y-yeah, just a game. Or something. And I guess he gives us o-our motive now?
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I already gave you your motive! You're all stuck here. Forever. Until you die. Watching who outlives who is a lot more boring than watching people kill each other, so please don't make me give you more motivation!

Th-that's crazy! You can't expect us to kill each other... There has to be a way out! ...nonono, this isn't a prank... this is bad...

*Gin flinches at the sudden shouting* Ugh. Don't tempt me...
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There is NO way out! You're all stuck here! I made sure the exists were sealed off! Not even the strongest person on earth could take out my metal-plated anti-exit technology!
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Oh, I forgot to call somelse up! Ferris, the Ultimate Trap!
PK wakes up in his bed and ignores the others, opting to head to the cafe and cook up some food instead, there's no way that somebody would kill PK! He begins to hum and take ingredients out of the drawers
This... This is bad... But we can't just kill like that... She mutters to herself.

Wouldn't it just be easier to kill you, Mono-whatever?
I don't believe in any god... But I might need to start praying... Why does this thing look like me?!

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Go ahead and try! I'm a robot with arms capable of bending steel. You're all made of meat and bones. Do the math!
Nyan Nyan Ferris yawns and slowly wakes up, he begins looking at everyone present K-killing you say, nyan this is kind of bad tho and i hope that Asta-kyun will be alright

A cat girl and someone who yells too much. Urge to kill rising.
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Please do!
Okay, just... Ignore the Monogear... She walks over to Ferris. Catpeople are more comforting than the robot.
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Mono-SHADOW! Not Mono-Gear! Stupid Cat-girl!

ooc: gotta go for a while, so I'ma just continue BSoDing over here

I'm going to get a headache before this shit is over, aren't I? Ugh
PK returns with a plate of pancakes and sits down on the floor, munching on them as he listens to the conversation So! What are we doing here! This is definitely new to me!
Ferris smiles at Cait and then winks over to Asta Asta-kyun how are you? Do you still need help over magic?
... This is a dream! This is all a dream. That's it! I'm just dreaming and all of this is a waking dream. So, being stuck in a school, a weird, monochrome version of someone I don't know... I'll have to look up what all this means online.
OK, there is no way I'm killing anyone here! There HAS to be another way out!

Ferris smiles at Cait and then winks over to Asta Asta-kyun how are you? Do you still need help over magic? Runs up to Ferris and shows him his grimoire WELL, I GOT THIS BOOK BUT IT ONLY GAVE ME A SWORD. THERE'S NOTHING WRITTEN I'M CONFUSED. I DRINK MY MAGIC BOOSTING JUICE EVERYDAY.
(edited by Asta)
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There is no other way out! You've got to kill someone. That's it. Pretty simple, if you ask me!

Likelihood is if there's an exit, it would be in a place easily overlooked. That is, if we really are trapped like monodumb over there says. I'm still waiting for the "it's just a prank bro".
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Every single place in this school is overlooked by at least 2 security cams! Go ahead to check! Oh, and the punishment for so much as touching them is getting thrown in the Trash Room. With the rest of the trash.
People aren't dying on my watch! We will make it out alive if we work together!
he looks for a bit at the book How strange, i don't need to carry around with me a book all the time to use my water and healing magic, if you keep trying you might be able to do it one day for sure, never give up tho alright? He then gives a thumbs up to Asta Oh and should i be worried about this killing game nya?
Gives a smile to pancake knight Exactly!

((I gotta go too i'll just hop back in later.))
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Puhuhuhu! Oh, a speech on ~Friendship~ this early? This is gonna be a fun ride!

Indeed. If anyone were to die there would be complications of trust in the group. If, and I say IF, we are trapped, keeping morale high would be good.
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You are trapped. There's nothing else. Go ahead and try to get out! Try every door or window you want! There's no exist.
Yeah! We gotta stay positive! He holds up a peice of paper with a plus sign. Where he got it from, even I don't know!
(edited by BonafideMonafide04)
I don't think being trapped is that bad! We have food, right? If not I can do some magic to create pancakes! They are a bit tasteless though!

Then I suppose we're starving to death.
Hhhhhm, and even if you get minor injuries i could always heal them nya, or use my water magic to create a shield or prank you if i wish. After saying that Ferris launched a tiny ball of water that almost splashes PK's pancakes.
Gah! Don't splash my pancakes! They are they sacred food of my people! PK tried to get away from the bubble but instead the pancakes get all wet and soggy and PK looks really sad

*Gin sighs and shakes his head* So, which room is this?
Waaah i'm so sorry Nya, thatvwas meant to be a little prank. I won't do it again i promise Ferris makes a cute and apologletic face to PK I have a towel somewhere if that can help.
ooc: back for a bit ic: Cait finally snaps out of her BSoD. Um... Since we won't really get anything out of talking to Monogear, maybe we could explore this place? We'll have to get to know it anyway... And introduce ourselves.
Interrupting his smile, Bonas eyes flash green for a few seconds then stops and has a tone of fear in his voice G-guys.... He's right..... Someone IS gonna die soon!

Oh, your being paranoid. I doubt anyone in this room is a murderer. Anyway, introductions seems to be a good place to start,
N-no.. that's okay... PK then drops his head and slouches, walking over to the corner and staring at it
Oh, to heck with it. I'm sure it's nothing. Anyways, names Bona. Bona Janame. I'm the ultimate psychic.
She smiles at Gin. At least someone agrees... I'm Cait, the Ultimate Artist I guess. Kinda feel like I don't really deserve that title, but eh.

Gin Bara. Ultimate Cryogenicist. In other words, I'm very good at studying frozen stuff. It's good to meet you all.
Oh, alright then. he gives a worried look to PK, then talks to the rest of the group The name's Felix Argyle but most of the people i know call me Ferris nya nya. I'm a knight, a water mage and a healer. Someone called me the ultimate trap, i wonder why.
S... so magic is real? Can I learn it? She seems eager for a change, even with the current situation.

*Genm opens the door and casually walks in* Sup guys what are you doing, the sun is shining and you're all playing pretend in some abandoned school building? Pssh, all right, if you get pneumonia, it's not my fault. *he teleports away*
PK eventually snaps out of it and turns to the group, shouting out PK at your service! That's Pancake Knight! The ultimate Pastry Warrior! Or was it knight? I cant remember!
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... I don't know who that was, but he can teleport so don't go thinkin' there's easy exits! So anyway, you're all in the cafeteria. Figuring out where you are using the map is really not hard. There's your names on each of the rooms. You're not allowed to go out of your room past 10 PM, and have to get here and make sure everyone's there at 7 AM, first thing in the morning. If someone's not there, it means they're dead!

An illusionist, hmm? Interesting. Regardless, if there is truly no exit, like Mono-whatever says, I wonder what we can do while we wait for it to get tired and release us. Anyone know any good games we can play?
That's.... Not good but OK I guess....
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Would you look at that! It's almost time for you people to GO TO SLEEP! Oh, one more thing! The maximum people in a single bedroom is 3!
Yup everyone with some potential can learn magic, the more you study the more you get better at it. It's been almost 10 years since i began and now i can control and use any form of water. He then proceeds to find some water and makes it move a little.
A curfew? Annoying, but I guess it keeps us safe at night. I'd suggest a game of Mafia, but that would be a bit... too relevant to our situation. I have this really long joke though. I'll probably pass the time learning that magic!
(edited by Cait_Sith)
PK then yawns and checks his map, unfortunately, he can't read but he will make do Well! Im going to bed! It's been a long day! Good night! After some wandering PK enters his room and lies in wait, a blue glow emits from his room as he waits...
OOC: gonna sleep for me it's almost 2 AM
Ooh! Idea! I brought a little game to pass the time! He pulls out an Ouija board.

I'm not getting involved with that spiritual crap. I'm a man of science, not of superstition.
Pro-pro-probably the second least appropriate game... I'm going to a room... She walks off, flopping down in an empty room's bed.
.......Well you do realize that I said that I was The ultimate psychic right? Meaning I know this stuff by heart?
(edited by BonafideMonafide04)
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Guess what time it is! It's 10 PM! GO THE HECK TO SLEEP!
Eh, fine. Sleeping in a dream makes you wake up. Next thing I know, I'll be next to my Lahry again!
Oh. 10 pm. Sleepy time! with that, he bolts to his room with a smile, but is still worried about his vision from earlier....

Science vs superstition. Which will win, I wonder? *Gin retires to his room*
Relius stares at the doors from outside, he snaps his fingers and Ignis appears. Slamming her claws into them to no avail, he dismisses the doll and gives the place a curious look. To stand up to such force... There might be something worth researching here! "How strange. These doors are far tougher than I'd have thought... Time to get serious now." The man snaps his fingers and appears inside his lab, the man begins pulling out various chemicals. Relius rather quickly places everything inside of a doll's chest compartment. After he's done with that the man and doll reappear outside of the doors. Relius grinning as he walks back away, at a safe distance he claps and suddenly the bomb goes off. A huge ball... Of something tearing everything in it's path to bits, one can safely assume that was no normal bomb. "Hah! Nothing can stand against the might of my science. Now revel to me your secrets oddly tough building!" Relius walks into the building. Looking around and wondering why in the hell the front door leads straight to a cafeteria... Either way The Mad Puppeteer stalks off in search of research materials.
I hope you're right, uh... Lady. I hope this isn't real... It's so fucked up...
Thread Creator

Notices Relius Oh, hello there, Intruder... Do you know what I do to people who interrupt me? Here, come right there and let me ENLIGHTEN YOU! Relius just disappears, and the hole he made gets fixed up almost instantly
Clockwork components and gears start forming outside the building. In a ripple of temporal energy, the mighty master of time and fate appears. He floats over to an open space and puts his hand out. A shift seems to occur somewhere in the world as the puppet master, Relius appears unharmed from a convergence of reality. You should be careful, puppet master. Your time is not quite yet...
Thread Creator

Ah, so gods have decided to look up how the game unfolds? No matter. The true gods are protecting this place... You guys have no power over this school.
The man laughs at this cut rate try for a Phenomenon Intervention... Does he actually expect that to stop Relius Clover, the man starts to fade for 0.1 seconds before a wave of magic emits from him. A large metal doll shaped vaguely like a woman appearing behind him in a flash. "Do you expect that pitiful crap to work on me? I am Relius Clover and I've dealt with far worse Phenomenon Intervention than this nonsense. Now then idiot, I do believe I'll... Be having some fun with you once this battle is over." THE WHEEL OF FATE IS TURNING! REBEL 1! ACTION! His eyes gleam as the man's voice goes lower. Ignis rushing forth in a burst of claws, aiming to tear into the idiot before her. Relius on the other hand leaps into the air before dropping back down with a metal fist where his left arm was. Slamming it straight for Shadow's head with a vicious smirk on his face.
Gentaro crash lands into the thingy that controls everything holding everyone. Uchuuuuu KITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Gentaro has successfully saved everyone, NEW FRIENDS TO BE HAD!
Thread Creator

OOC: Guys, please don't. This is not the place nor the time for outsiders to interrupt. This isn't even actual RP.
(edited by MonoShadow)
The Clockwork God's voice echoes in such a way that it shifts for only MoonShadow to hear. The voice is booming as it bounces around his head like a record. No power? I think you misunderstand who I am. I am the creator of time itself and am only here to ensure fate is not interfered with. Such an occurrence will not be tolerated by those who lack the will to pull the strings. Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

Hold on. A distorted voice echoes. It's too warped to guess a gender or age. I, for one, want to see what shall happen. Perhaps we can be little... spectators in the metaphorical peanut gallery?
Gentaro flies out to an appropriately tagged thread.
Thread Creator

OOC: Yes, please. Just spectate. That would be way better than Mary Suing your way into the command center.

I realize I am not a Forum Mod, and cannot enforce this, but I noticed this is not properly tagged. Say what you will, but this is RP, a plot twist, I'm sure. Please mark threads properly in the future. When I can later, I'll tell a proper mod.

Anyway... I apologize for the intrusion. My acquaintances just wished to mess with you. It was a bit amusing. Anyway, do not think ill of us... although we'll certainly be watching. The voice fades...
Relius shrugs and walks away, seems like this place isn't worth the effort. And with that The Mad Puppeteer snaps his fingers and vanishes, never to be seen again.
Thread Creator

It's a Forum Game, if anything. It might have hints of RP, but it's a Game at the core.
ooc: On the contrary, I'd say it's a RP with a game system. Either way, it fits both tags, although I'd go with the option of changing it due to mod preference.
Ooc: I agree with Cait.
(edited by BonafideMonafide04)
ooc: And kinda belated, but apologies for the shitposts. I had no part in them, but felt like saying it anyway.
OOC: Oh shit I'm late.
Ooc: just imagine you were here the whole time and just didn't talk.
OOC: Edgy dude. Proof that ima be the next persona 6 protagonist.
(edited by Pikadaboi)

Very well then let's hope everyone's alive at 7 am
*Finally talks due to sleeping on the ground, probably drunk* Uhhh... WhAt?
OOC: is this in real-time? Like do we have to wait until it’s morning for mono shadow before the game continues
Ooc: yeah I hope not cuz I'll only be on for like a few minutes.
Thread Creator

OOC: Doing it all in real time would be a pain, I agree. Everyoooooone! It's 7 AM! You know what that means! Everyone, round up in the cafeteria!
*Kenny goes to the cafeteria* OOC: sorry I was not here earlier. i was asleep
Morning Hey Monoshadow I was wondering if mental shutdowns are a legitimate method of killing in this game?
Thread Creator

Long as someone's dead, yup. Also, Congratulations! We have a killer! Korekyio is... D! E! A! D! What's that spell, ladies n' gents?! DEAD! However! What the killer didn't realize is that, to get out, you need to actually get away with it! You people have some time to find clues until we take it to the class trial, where you'll have to debate to find the killer! If you find them, good job, that person is executed on the spot! If you accuse the wrong person... The killer gets to walk away while you all die! Have fuuuuuun! Oh, and before I forget, you all get the MonoShadow File! Victim: Korekyio, the Ultimate Anthropologist Hour of Death: 5:49 AM Body Found: Grenhouse Cause of Death: Blunt trauma to the Head
(edited by MonoShadow)

Chugs magic-boosting juice that does nothing in cafeteria, he hears about someone already being dead and spews his drink. WOAH-- SOMEONE ACTUALLY DIED?? NOT COOL.
*Kenny goes to where the dead body is... and somehow changing his clothes along the way*
So does anyone actually know how to investigate?
This can't be real... THIS CAN'T BE REAL!
What’s the big deal people die everyday get used to it. We’ve just got to investigate or this game will end early.
(edited by Goro_Akechi_)
What the hell is wrong with you?! Somebody just died! Which means someone is desperate enough to kill! We all could die in an instant!
She regains her composure I... I'll go check the corpse. That way... I can figure stuff out. She goes to the Greenhouse
All we need to do is work out who did it. They’re not going to kill anyone else that will just leave more evidence
Thread Creator

Oh, another rule I forgot to mention! You can only kill up to 2 people! Kill a third one and you get a tailor-made coffin!
the announcement startles him's and wakes him up D-dead!? I guess my vision was right...... with that, he gets out if bed and heads to the greenhouse to investigate.

Ferris wakes up and runs into the Cafeteria. Oof Nyan nyan i'm a little late sorry, can someone tell me what happened?
... He really IS dead... Why? Why did this have to happen?


Ferris seems to be concerned about what Asta just said. 0w0 really nya?, that's really bad i think we should help the investigation too after breakfast ofc He then begans to look for food around the cafeteria.
Cait yawns... Then does a double-take at Monoshadow's words. W-wait, dead? Oh no... She shakily stands up. I... I guess I'll guard the crime scene? Don't want the killer to mess something up... Plus, I don't exactly wanna get too close to the body... ooc: anyway, off to school irl!

Ferris seems to be concerned about what Asta just said. 0w0 really nya?, that's really bad i think we should help the investigation too after breakfast ofc He then begans to look for food around the cafeteria. OH-- IF YOU THINK WE SHOULD HELP THEN, OKAY. BUT BREAKFAST IS SUPER IMPORTANT. IT HELPS BUILD MAGIC. is as useless as a door nail but will follow Ferris no matter the circumstance. He begins to flip through the pages of his blank grimoire in hope something finally shows up.

If we are going to find out who did it we might need to check the scene of the crime first for clues but we should stick together to avoid being picked off one by one
Due to ooc stuff, Cait won't be doing much this morning... But she's standing in the doorway of the greenhouse now, waiting for everyone else. And trying not to look at the body. At least someone will be on watch during the investigation...
(edited by Cait_Sith)
... This is so disgusting. I thought it was a girl, so I took a... Thorough... Look at the body, but... Eww...

*Gin (finally) arrives* Dead, hmm? Damn it. Guess I was wrong then. Well, no time to mope. We've got a killer to catch. I'll check around in other rooms. Maybe there's some clues elsewhere.
Thread Creator

Is everyone's investigation going well?
Well... I found baseballs... But no bat.
After that investigation, he decides to relax a bit
(edited by BonafideMonafide04)

Ferris finished his breakfast and goes over to the greenhouse looking for clues Investignyation? Oh yeah i should probably look for some clues right now he also notices the body and tries not to look at it
Judging by the wound, the hypothetical murder weapon would have some blood on it, but not much. The force put in the trauma is what really caused the death, not any blood loss. I haven't found anything else, however.
Um... I've been standing here the whole time, so no... but I do remember the victim was acting... weird before he, well... Or maybe it was my imagination... She looks away.
It's crazy how many baseballs we got... Yet I couldn't find any baseball bat.
Oh, almost forgot my results. I couldn't find anything, but I have been feeling some strange energy.....
You think that the bat was the murder weapon? Maybe we should search for it!
I'm pretty sure any blunt could have done it, although a bat does seem like a fair candidate. Let's not be hasty, though- We don't want to accuse the wrong person.
So... Before we point fingers at anyone, does anyone have an alibi? And when did this take place, again?
It took place around 5 am.
According to the file, it took place at 5:49. And... I was busy dreaming about my Lahry. So it couldn't be me.
...Right. Perfect alibi, lady. I kind of was holed up in a room, but I don't think anyone can confirm that...
I was asleep the whole time too. Though I did sense some strange energy eminating from another room while I was asleep.
I tried to sleep... But I couldn't. I was too stressed to even close an eye. However, thanks to that, I did hear doors around 5:30 and one around 6. Which means... Korekyio and the killer left around that time... And only one of them returned.
But can't people share a room? Did anyone sleep together last night? ...Not in that way, but you know what I mean.
So Korekyio was one of the energies I felt. I haven't memorized the map completley, but it was around where the people relayed to science are.
... It's a possibility.

Nyan nyan i was the whole time with other two people they can confirm my statement once they talk.
So Lanna, Gin, and... Soup? Is that everyone related to that? So they're our prime suspects... Although by extension, Bona could be lying. Not that I hate you, just being careful.
Thread Creator

Yup! There was threesome last night! And it involved pancakes, a kitty cat, and a large, throbbing sword!
GOD DAMMIT MONOGEAR! ...Anyway, that means PK, Ferris, and Asta were together. I think.
Th-Th-Threesome?!... That's not what that hole is for that's not what that hole is for that's not what that hole is for THAT'S NOT WHAT THAT HOLE IS FOR!
shrugs Beleive me or not, that's the energy I sensed.
Sees Lanna react to the word "threesome" ... Holy shit!

He looks confused at everyone and then speaks woth a worried face Nyo? What is strange about it? I healed PK pancakes and gave Asta some advices on how he could wake his magic powers.

*Gin arrives* Did someone say my name a while back?
Oh, yeah. Uh... Don't panic, but you may or may not be one of our suspects.

Is that so? May I ask on what basis?
Calms down Phew... I'm back to normal... So. What were talking about?
I sensed a strange energy eminating from your room.
That, and you don't have an alibi. Well, the latter applies to most of us here, but still.

You don't think I was the strange energy in my room? As for an alibi, as you say, I don't have an one but that was because I was sleeping at the time, like, I assume, most people were. *Gin sighs* If you wish to suspect me, I won't hold it against you, but, as a scientist, I must trust Logic over Faith.
Well... we really only have one piece of evidence at the mome- wait! Shadow only heard two doors, right? That means the culprit didn't return to his room! If so, then it's probably someone who arrived earlier to breakfast... oh wait, I'm misremembering that. Two at 5:30, and one at 6... but if both left at 5:30, were they planning on meeting?
(edited by Cait_Sith)
I'm pretty sure the one who didn't return was Karekyio. What with being in the greenhouse and all.

Logic dictates that Korekiyo and his killer would have been meeting up which may mean that he and the killer had a plan of some sort. Regardless, it would have to be someone who talked to him before leaving for their rooms yesterday evening, being that we just got here yesterday afternoon.
That leaves me out. I barely even noticed the guy...
Who DID the guy talk with?

Ooh so that means the killer might know or have talked with them before, nya? His eyes shine as he feels like he's closer to the truth, but still not really sure about it.

By my logic, that leaves Me, Shadowgear, PK, Bona, Cait, Lanna, Ferris and Asta in the clear. We all left to our rooms before we had the oppurtuniy to talk to Korekiyo.
(edited by Gin)
Either that, or he had something important to the victim, possibly a bit of interesting info. What's would interest some creepy guy...? And that's seven people out of the way. Good.
(edited by Cait_Sith)
Well... He was into anthropology. Which means science was his stuff... I wish I could have talked to him. It would have been interesting.
*Kenny/Mysterion was still here. not saying a word*
Oh, Mysterion? Didn't notice you. How did the investigation go over on your side?
Well I saw a piece of half-burnt paper in the trash room on it sayed "something something meet me in something greenhouse"
(edited by Kenny_McCormick)
... Damnit. That means the killer and Korekyio didn't have to meet- the killer gave him a place to go!
So... Did anyone find anything else? All we know is that he went to meet the note-giver and was- wait a sec, why is it burnt? Is there an incinerator?
Thread Creator

Well yeah! For trash disposal! That's why it was in the trash room!

I found a bloody Candelabra hidden in the warehouse. Perhaps there was a fight before hand.
Huh... And hold on a second. I'm gonna try something... She runs to the trash room. After a bit, she runs back towards the rooms. Once she's done, she heads back towards the others. G... give or take 30 seconds, about how long did that take?
A Candelabra?... Show it to me. I'll see if it fits with the corpse...
... Eh, about a minute or two.

*Gin tosses the Candelabra to Lanna* Knock yourself out.
Wait where was the Blunt on the head? Was it on the back or on the front?
The back of the head. Very little blood... Let me just examine it.
So the killer had time to spare getting back to his room. He could probably visit multiple places with that spare time...
Shit... The plot thickens.
So now we know that the killer was sneaky enough come up from behind Korekyio to kill (him/her)
(edited by Kenny_McCormick)
Thread Creator

Puhuhuhu! This is getting reaaaaally interesting!
Korekyio was a guy. I found out the hard way, and... Ewwww...
*Mysterion wounders who the killer could be... and also is hoping to not hear his friends say "Oh my god he/she killed Kenny." "You bastard"*

Maybe we should check the trash disposal none of us could leave this place and the murderer would obviously try to despose of the murder weapon
... Gin, where did you say you found that chandelier-thingy?

The warehouse. Why?
Well, the wound on the back of Korekyio's head and the blood stains on the chandelier don't fit.

It's a candelabra. A chandelier is way bigger.

What are you getting at here
It's not the candlestick is what I'm saying.
The bat must have been the weapon, then. It could have been easily burned to dispose of the evidence. Does his body have any other wounds?

I see we have to narrow it down Let's find anything that has blood on it and compare it with the wound
There are, thankfully, no other wounds. Korekyio died from a single hit to the back of the head, with little blood loss.

I can't help but feel like something is glaring at us
Thread Creator

Well it's me and the cameras! At least 2 per room, remember?
OOC: I sleep

No I mean I feel like we are missing something and yet it's in plain view
Thread Creator

Can't help you with how bad you are at this!

The motive, perhaps? Why would the killer bother with killing Korekiyo?
By that logic, that blood... If it isn't his, then whoever did it must have their blood on it! This is kind of an awkward suggestion, but... We should see if any of us has any wounds.

Is there any rooms left unchecked
I can't help but think it was because... We're stuck here. It's horrible though... I really hope there was some deeper motive... I- I mean... Not that killing people is right even with a motive!

All right then we should do that first

Let's check for wounds
That... Or it could mean that the candelabra was here since longer than us. Which has some horrible ramifications... But anyway, everyone let me look at- Actually, Shadow. Look at the boys. I don't want to see more guy-things.
Um... Sure. We check each other for wounds
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No one has any wounds, you're wasting your time.

Then we should keep looking for clues then
*Walks into room* Oh hey, what's this? And where am I? AND WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? WHAT'S GOING ON? WHY IS THERE A CORPSE ON THE FLOOR??? *Mutters: Narcolepsy sucks....*
Soup? Did you happen to find something?
Oh, and, by the way, I went into this huge room while exploring, think it was a warehouse(?), and found this! *Lays bloodstained iron bat on the floor*
!! That's it! Lanna! Check it out! Soup found the bat!
Checks the bat and Korekyio's wound ... It fits. People... We found our murder weapon.
"The" bat? Is this important? I just found it and thought it looked cool...
OH. Well. Now what?
Should we check for fingerprints or something?
With what? We're not forensic scientists. Unless someone is....?

I'm a scientist, but not in that field.

We try to find out the real culprit
Dang it. Wait, isn't there a psychic? Can't we just ask them to commune with the dead to tell us who did... *points to body* this?
I'm a surgeon in training, but without proper equipment, I can't find fingerprints.
That psychic would be me. I might be able to do that, now that I think about it. But what if the spirit doesn't remember?
Can't hurt to try. You did mention having a Ouija board, right?
Well, then, just force them! Show them the evidence! They have to remember something as traumatic as their own death!

Ferrisa was thinking about the whole situation until he decided to explain everything he got so far So the vitcim finds a paper with written go to the greenhouse nya? He goes there and gets killed by the killer with a bat. The killer on the other hand would've had to sneak out of their room, go to take the bat maybe it was located already in the warehouse, kill the victim, discard the bat and burn the paper. How much time do you think all of this took nya nya? And after it they returned to the room or went straight to have breakfast in the cafeteria?
(edited by Ferris)

even if I was an investigator I won't have the equipment since our stuff is gone
Let's go over the hypothetic murder first- Around 5:30, the killer and Korekyio leave their rooms- That's also when Pancake Knight, Asta and Ferris went into a room. Korekyio left because he'd received the note from the killer telling them to meet up in the greenhouse. The killer probably went in the warehouse, found the bat, and ambushed Korekyio... Killing him with a single strike. Then, they dropped the bat in the warehouse, planted the candelabra, and burned the paper- Except it didn't burn quite right. Then, the murderer returned to their room around 6. Have I got it right?

I think that sounds about right, yes. But, what was Farris, Pk and Asta doing at that time, I wonder?
Well, they probably weren't killng anyone. I think there's no benefit to being a culprit's assistant in this twisted game.

Let's question them and see
Ferris said he was healing PKs pancakes..... Whatever that means, and helping asta with magic.

Yeah but there must be something strange they noticed
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AHEM AHEM! If you could please let me speak for one second! The first Class Trial is about to begin. Head to the elevator near the greenhouse to begin.

Nyan, nyan i think i explained a bit before what we were doing inside that room. But, if you missed it here it is again i guess Ferris then illustrated to the group the same thing as how he did before, A.K.A. he told the group he healed PK's pancakes and helped Asta with magic.

How do you heal Pancakes? Regardless, it seems Monoguy's stupid court thing is starting. *Gin leaves*
Class trial? Sounds weird but OK I guess.... Heads to the elevator.

Very well (heads to elevator)

Oh it's going to start in a bit nya nya wait for me! like everyone present he heads to the elevator.
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OCC: It's another thread if someone is wondering.
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