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The op rp
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Ooc: an RP where you can be as op as you want. Have fun.
*OTKs the effing thread*
So I take it you will be RPing as you normally do?
A young woman walks into the area. Whatever it is, its probably going to be rubble in like, 2 posts at most anyways. She smiles and looks around Well, this is certainly interesting. It feels as though I'm more... Connected, somehow. The woman holds her staff closely, at the ends are 4 amulets, each depicting a different being, she holds one of them closely Perhaps I should try it out....
Oh, hi, lady! You wanna duel? I love dueling!
*Fayth pretends to be Laharl and drops a meteor on the area, fulfilling Eris' prediction*
The young woman looks over to RescueCat, she walks over and attempts to pet the kitty with a smile Oh aren't you just adorable!!! Sure, I can "duel" with you whenever you like. What do I need to do? The young woman looks at the approaching meteor and sighs Hold on a moment. She grabs one amulet, depicting a kneeling angel, blade stabbed into the ground and chants And so our prayers become victory. In an instant, a bright light engulfs Eris, out of which bursts a beautiful seraphim, clad in silver armor. The angel dashes to the meteor and slices it in half, causing it to split and crash into the area around Eris and RescueCat. Meanwhile, she turns back to RescueCat Sorry, what were you saying?
*Fayth starts firing arrows from space. Not really any reason he's firing arrows from space. He's just bored.*
You just... need to duel! It's really simple! He proceeds to go into a long, rambly explanation about this "simple" game.
retcons everyone in this thread from being born
*Washington's almighty light causes all of the arrows to explode*

The young woman looks at RescueCat and nods along, pretending to understand exactly what they're talking about Oh yes, that makes sense. However, I don't seem to have a "deck" on me. How do I get one of those. It is at this point the seraphim descends back to the young woman, and turns back into an amulet. The woman catches the amulet as it falls, and fits it back on her staff.
*Fayth, humming Looking Like This, sends multiple meteors down while still being in space.*
*Crashbug summons 5 ancient gear chaos giants ignoring conditions and using banned cards to make them invincible*
*A swat army jumps out and deploys tear gas everywhere, realizing how dangerous the thread is.* PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP!
*teh evil boss is summoned, killing everyone and everything* teh evil boss: everyone is ded lol
*Crashbug summons 10 ancient gear golems*
You buy one! It gets you a way to play, and appeases the gods of capitalism!
*is here* oh boy. *everyone dies, the end.*
*Jiyu and Washington fly up to Fayth while bursting through the meteors*
(edited by Jiyu-Hatanaka)
*Fayth starts firing bullets at everyone from space. He's still bored*

Excuse me? I buy one? I.... I'm unfamiliar with the concept. I've never purchased anything before. How does it work?
The neko expertly dodges every bullet shot at her.
*Jiyu uses Washington's strength to punch every bullet sent at him back to Fayth*
You get money and hand it to the person at a game shop! They may or may not be the protagonist's grandpa. Who knows? Anyway, gotta go! He runs off, dodging the many explosions.
*Begins an ancient gear rampage*
*The bullets simply pass through Fayth, doing nothing. Fayth Pulls out a rusted looking katana and slashes wildly at Kiyu*
*The swats begin tackling people to the ground in lighting fast motions, like the flash but faster.*
*Crashbug plays with a ball and the ancient gear golems and ancient gear chaos giants do a genocide while crashbug is playing around*
*The katana turns into a pillow because of Jiyu's reality changing powers*
*The pllow turns back into a Katana because of Fayth's superior reality changing powers. He continues his assault*
*Ancient gear chaos giants attack fayth*
*You know what, screw it, Jiyu makes the katana disappear*
*FAyth respawns tha Katana and continues his assault*
*Jiyu summons Ultimate Omega Saitama Requiem to one punch Fayth*
*Fayth scatters into multiple white, ghostly orbs only to reform behind Jiyu and back stab him, dark souls style*
*But then, the Bloods and the Crips start a gang war, getting Fayth caught in the middle of the action*
*Crashbug mistakes fayth as his mommy*
*Fayth is in space. The Bloods and the Crips suffocate due to lack of oxygen.*
*Space suits instantly appear on them, and then they get back to fighting*
*Fayth scratches his head as the zombie gangs fight around him, before shrugging and continuing to attack Jiyu*
Finally, a place where I fit in.
*Jiyu grabs him by the throat and throws him over to a Blood member* Blood member: *He notices Fayth flying towards him* Oh shit. *He knocks Fayth to the sun with his mega baseball bat*
Hey look, it's an obvious Bona alt. Ooc: I'm not doing any OOCs in this.
*Fires warheads made by Lucifer at everyone and while listening to a remix of we will rock you*
*Fayth just fades into many ghostly orbs, reappears behind Jiyu and back stabs him Dark Souls style again*
*God himself blows up the warheads*
*God fires warheads all you fools Cause I got a contract with him*
*Jiyu uses King Crimson's erase time ability to stop the stab from ever happening* Stop being repetitive with your attacks.
*Mega god blows up the warheads*

(Appears out of nowhere) well what's going on here?
If you insist *Fayth splits in two. One clone vanishes while the oter unloads Jiyu with a barrage of magic based attacks.* Cymbeline! Thoron! Nosferatu! Rexaura! *A mini sun falls on Jiyu, followed by a beam of electricity, a draining dark attack and a miniature supernova*

(Speaks to himself) looks like some sort of huge battle
*Points at everything that's attack him* Omae wa mou shindeiru.

(Blu quickly dodges)
*Singing* I don't speak weeeeeeb, you loser.

(Draws katana for defense) that was close
It's called meme you dumbass. *The attacks explode anyway*
Don't speak meme's either, you nerd.

Wow y'all sure can't get along
*Super Mario jumps on Fayth*
It's almost friday, why do y'all have to make shit like this. What compelled you to do this. Why
I didn't do this, 04 did.
Hey, 04. Why would you do this

Why are you complaining ( I don't mean to offend I just want to know why)
*The Fayth clone kicks him out of the air before he could land. The first Fayth spawns a minigun and open fires on everything*
Because complaining is my entire gimmick

What the-(barley dodges the bullets)
*Minato enters the thread, blows up everything, and just leaves*

.... What
an omastar appears in the middle of the area and uses surf, drowning everyone.

(Swims up) this is getting rediculous
Thread Creator

Ooc: bomp
OOC: if I had more time I could do a proper edit job, but alas, all I had was 15 minutes https://i.imgur.com/9fYl2cU.jpg
(edited by Bgammax)
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