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GYM: Resonant Mettle
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It's been some time since Kalib last set foot in the business below his apartment. A thin layer of dust coats the counter he'd normally stand behind. With a small smile, Kalib would move over to the register and wipe it off. "Yeesh. This is what happens when I'm gone..." He lets out a small chuckle before turning to the fridge and counting his stock of protein drinks. Satisfied with his count, he'd nod and finally move for the door. Putting out a hand to the lock and twisting it to the side before reaching up to the closed sign and flipping it to open. "Alright! GYM is back baby!" With a triumphant explanation, Kalib would move behind the counter once more and eye the door eagerly.
The mysterious woman walks up to the closed doors of GYM. Her hands shake as she stares down the door. Must... control... urges..! After a few twitches oh her eye, she winds up her right leg, and smashes down the front doors of GYM, sending them flying inward. Standing frozen for a few seconds, she quickly dashes off, her face completely red.
Tatsu walks in... Through the open doors? Who in the hell did this? He looks around the building, preparing for some intruder.... Only to spot Kalib. "Kalib!? Holy shit man you exist... Where have you even been? I've had to run this place myself for a while, but uh haven't been around much lately ya know? Anyways good to see you back." Tatsu waves at Kalib, before wandering about the place looking over everything himself. Nothing seems to be damaged so he guesses it'll do for now.
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He laughs and checks the clock behind him. "Right on time. Glad to know nothing has changed since I've been gone!" Kalib would quickly pull out his phone and go online to DoorsR'Us to place an order for a new door. After ordering the item, he'd slide his phone back into his pocket. Noticing the man enter the building he'd return the wave. "It's good to be back. Sorry for not being around, but hey, stuff happens right? Ehehehe..." With a shy laugh he'd bring the hand he was waving with to scratch the back of his head. "Good to see you're well too! So what I miss?"
Tatsu raises his chin up in thought, quite a bit has happened in some ways. And in others it's the same as normal. "Hubris, Hubris got taken down a week ago or so, not sure on most of the people involved but I know that Nayoa AKA Cain got the killing blow. That jackass called just to inform me... Tch, at least he had the decency to do that for me though, beyond his death. Oh yeah, haven't seen shit from Null so no telling there. Honestly it's been pretty quiet here, before the storm comes a calm? Or is it just getting less interesting?"
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*A similarly new and mysterious woman wanders into the GYM* Hmm... a Gym. We don't really have those out in the country.
At this point it's really hard to keep a door in establishments that pretain to physical improvement, being that a jug of kool aid has rammed into the doors and has spilt his sticky red juice all over the floor, causing severe straining before running away
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Kalib brings his hand from the back of his head to his chin. "I wouldn't say that it's getting less interesting...there must be something lurking just under the surface, waiting for a chance to strike. And Hubris is gone huh? Dammit, I was hoping he'd change his tune at some point..." As he spoke, he'd look over to the woman walking into the building and offer a smile and a wave. "Ah! Hello there Miss! Welcome to GYM! A facility designed to help people train and draw out their inner strength! The name's Kalib, pleased to meetcha!"
From behind the counter, and right next to Kalib's feet, a small cot you might find in a daycare holds a boy in his teen, barely. His feet are hanging off, as are his arms. At least he looks comfy. He rises up from it, and stretches before turning to the new people with wide eyes. Woah, been a while since I've seen people in here. Hey there Kalib. Don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting the girls or tracksuit over there, but it's a pleasure. The name's Lowe. I kinda sleep here sometimes, sorry about that Kalib but I don't really have a place.
(OOC: Just FYI that I do not regret starting this door-busting thing.)
(OOC: Just FYI that I do not regret starting this door-busting thing.) Legend
Bursts through the already broken door......in a mimikyu costume HELLO THERE!
Tatsu stares at Lowe, what in the hell is someone doing living in GYM? He shakes his head and walks over to the boy. "Sup, strange person that lives in our GYM? Seriously man, what's the deal with that? Also Tatsuya Suou I think I kinda run the place, it's a very confusing sort of ownership deal really." He casually leans back on the counter, eyeing Lowe curiously... Something feels different from normal about the kid, but it's no form of magic he knows.
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Kalib looks at the man in the cot through rapidly blinking eyes. "Eh?! You've been down here the entire time!?" Visibly seething with anger he reaches into his pocket. In the next second he brings a balled fist right before Lowe's face. "That's unacceptable!" He'd open his fist and reveal a small key on a chain, his expression softening. "You coulda just said so...there was an unused room upstairs that I had planned on renting out. So ya didn't have to camp out down here!"
Draw out their inner strength, huh? *The woman grins slyly at that comment.* I think I've dug pretty deep before, but this does seem an interesting gathering place.
Lowe's eyes widen, and he looks at the keys for a moment, then to Tatsuya, then to Kalib, then back to the key. Well, if you say so man. He pockets the key, flashing Kalib a grateful-looking grin. I appreciate it, we can talk about rent later, yeah? Anyway, nice to meet you Suou, same to you short hair. It's been rough down here, but it works, right? Still, it's a bit unfortunate that my powers are a bit, uhh... He glances at the black cloth wrapped tightly around right arm. He notably is wearing his blue highschool uniform on only the uncovered left arm, the other sleeve hangs loosely off of the boy's shoulder. ...hard to practice with. Shame I can't do my best unless we're using the outdoor ring.
A booming voice echoes throughout the ears of the people within GYM. Jeez, how much did it cost for you to get a place this spacious, Kalib? Secret basements down below for only the BEST of evil geniuses, and extra space up top too? How many times did you have to sell your soul to afford this place?! ooc: gdi mishima fix ur shit
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Tatsu grins and begins walking towards the back yard, hard to practice with eh? Sounds like an interesting time to him. "Well if you care to practice some then I guess I'll go a few rounds, so then shall we begin or did you have other things to do?" Tatsuya stands on the other side from the build, his sword having been pulled from it's spot on his back as he walked, the man stares at Lowe with burning flames in his eyes. It's always exciting to see new powers after all.
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Kalib smiles as the key is taken from him. He'd quickly turn back to the woman. "Heh! Trust me, we're just scratching the surface at this point! There'll be tons more amazing people!" He'd then grab his ears as the voice comes booming, only releasing when the voice subsides. "Tch. Although amazing doesn't always mean good." With a sigh he would look around cautiously. "My soul huh? Hades, was it? I doubt anyone would buy my soul, so I bought this place with money from a lot of part time jobs and hunting shadows. What's it to you anyway?" He'd cross his arms and tap his foot in impatience.
Man, crazy acoustics, too. You sure you didn't sell your soul to buy a place like this? All it needs is like a giant glass wall in the front and this place would be worth a 10,000 yen membership.
Lowe smirks, looking at his senior fighter with a similar excitement in his eyes. You? Throw down with me? Sure you can handle it, old timer? He chuckles a bit, shaking his head and walking toward the back the door. Aw, I'm just yankin' ya. Sure, I'm down. I think it's better if we take this out back, given how my powers are. I hope you got some stuff to teach a rookie like me.
The voice chuckles. I've told you before, your soul is particularly... juicy, Kalib. I'd hate to have to tear it out of you manually though, it might upset the flavor balance! Mmm, I bet yours is a nice tangy flavor, but with a hint of spice... The overbearing presence seems to almost turn it's attention elsewhere, to Tatsuya. Although, you're not half bad yourself, Tatsy. Not too raw, not to ripe, just an almost perfect balance... And a Wild Card, too! I'd love to take a bite out of one of those... You don't see many of them down the river. That said, the both of you are almost too perfect to eat. Maybe I could display you both in the grand hall! Garnish your souls you a little gold foil and place them in a glass case. That could really spruce the place up, don't you think?
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He laughs softly. "I'd invest in the glass wall if it wouldn't get shattered constantly..." Looking slightly disgusted he'd respond to the voice once more. "Quit talking about my soul like it's just a snack to you dammit! You sound like a creep, knock it off!"
Tatsu glares at the sound of Hades, but isn't willing to acknowledge yet another God with an oversized ego. "Heh, I think I've got a thing or two yeah. First lesson..." The man blurs into motion, quickly darting across the field as flames gather up in his off hand, a flick of the wrist as he's about halfway to Lowe and the blast rushes right towards his chest. "Never let your opponent set the terms of engagement!"
*I walk inside using the door properly but i don't move a muscle to open it but using telekinesis and look at the man in red,The Owner of this combat training center,And the train user* ......Must i fight again?
Well this doesn't seem like a crime-filled area? You really have an issue with breaking and entering?
*Fayth appears, sitting in a corner* Well, this place looks like a fun time.
But Kalib, you don't think that way about how you humans eat the flesh of cows and pigs, do you? Do you think of THEIR friends, THEIR family, what they could've done with their lives, as you do for yourselves? No, you eat them without a care in the world, stuffing your faces with their meat before even speaking a final prayer for their misfortune of ending up on your dining plate, hmm? We're not so different, you and I, now are we?
And how is fate guiding all today? I sense the heat of battle among us all.....
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"You may have a point Hades. But I'll save that for another day." He laughs again. "You have no idea, ma'am! The worst part is that most of the time it's my friends breaking the door...hah...oh well!" With a cheerful grin he would look at the clock. "Crap! That time already! I'm gonna miss the sale!" With that he would wave farewell to everyone and run out into the street in a tizzy.
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*Minato enters the GYM, then kicks down himself*
*Ruka enters cheerfully* Oh yeah, I love the GYM!
Tatsu's face almost lights up with rage. Hade's bullshit clearly not amusing him. "Tch, you act like you're the same as us. But the difference is you don't even need that shit, other gods do just fine without devouring souls Hades so why can't your sorry ass? Things like you are why I'll cut down you miserable so called Divine beings without even a hint of mercy. The world is better off without your kind Hades, and as The Demi-Fiend might say... One more god rejected." Tatsu focuses back on the fight, his little rant aside the man hasn't got any plans of being caught off guard. Or speaking to his newest foe further.
Sale....? What a weird guy he is. Not quite the shape of a gym owner, either. Hmm... well I guess I'm here, I may as well get some practice in. Winter will be here soon!
*Looks for a few challengers* Anyone wanna battle?
*In the corner among the arguments is a woman with a handbag leaning against a wall walked in no body noticing and i assume the man pissed off is talking to himself and look for someone to take on here and i don't look like a fighter mostly, But assumptions can be false at times* .....
*She walks up to Coco* Hey, you're that cafe owner. You wanna fight?
Battle? I'm a pacifist. I'd rather not act violently. *Fayth seems to be lying*
*Minato gets up and leaves*
Was....And I'l take you on...*I smirk my hand bag turning into a minigun and look at my challenger ready to open fire*
Was, huh? That doesn't matter now! *Ruka draws her keyblade and gets into a battle ready stance*
Fighting, huh? So it's one of those kinds of Gyms. Like in all the Western fighting movies. *She snaps her fingers* That explains the broken glass.
*The minigun revs up and unleashes a storm of Armor piercing bullets at ruka*
This looks like a battle to remember. Fight! *Fayth smirks* Every fight needs a ref, after all. Not gonna do anything, but at least I'm here.
*Ruka avoids most bullets but gets strived by a few. She throughs her keyblade with a great swing, covering Coco's sight with dust and charges towards her*
*I am wearing sunglasses and my mini gun turns back into a handbag and swing it at Ruka and adding the fact it turns into a heavy weapon and swing it at ruka landing a successful blow*
*Ruka gets thrown backwards but she can regain her balance. She charges towards Coco again, ready to dodge potential close combat attacks and strikes the glasses off of Coco's head*
*I switch my handbag to mini gun form and open fire using Ice dust bullets to ensnare ruka What attacks i take my Aura protects me*
*she enters in and takes a seat while she wears a hat* Hi Coco.
*I look and wave to velvet While in a fight distracted for a moment enough to have an advantage made my aura down a bit*
*Ruka repels the iced bullets on the floor to create an icey surface, she then slides towards Coco at an incredible velocity and hits her successfully*
*My aura goes in the red from that hit and i retaliate switching my mini gun to a handbag again and swinging it ruka now meaning business fighting more aggressively now*
*Ruka tries to strike multiple times*
*Valentine enters the GYM with a cup in his hand* "Greetings, my citizens."
I ain't your citizen, kid.
*I block a few strikes my aura now in critical i now swing my handbag at ruka in the head* Cheap fighting skills...
Lowe's eyes widen as he places both of his arms in front of his body to prevent himself from being burnt to a crisp. The black cloth that is obviously a bit more than a fashion accessory pushes some of the flames aside, but it certainly isn't stopping him from sliding a few inches back from the blast. Shit, alright then. I see you don't play around, Suou. From what I can tell, I doubt that was even a serious hit, was it? Alrighty then, guess I'll take this seriously! Lowe grabs the buckle latched on to the cloth and tears the thing off, white light emitting from the revealed scars that it was previously covering. The boy seems to wince slightly, but shakes it off and punches his open palm, and smirks. Wanna try that again, pal?
You certainly pack a punch! *Ruka holds one hand at the head* But I can get serious too! *Ruka swings at Coco with more powerful and percise strikes*
*Valentine turns to Fayth* "Why are you calling me a kid, child?"
*My aura is at 0, sunglasses shattered Bleeding and now pissed off beyond belief my clothing is blood stained still going on to wanting to fight and a blood on my face, putting up with the cheep sounding methods of attacks* Y-you made a mistake now.....
You, ya dumbass. And who are you calling child? I'm probably older than you.
I guess I did overdo it... I didn't want to injure you.
"Now, how old are you?"
I'm not losing now....*I glare at her removing my sunglasses*
Ooc: *Valentine turns to Fayth* "WHY are you calling me a kid, child?"
If you say so... *Ruka feels intimidated by her stern look*
Tatsu looks the boy over, he doesn't seem very wounded... So then time to show him what he can really conjure up. "I'll try something else actually, I AM THOU!" Suddenly the fires around him grow into a humanoid figure, wearing red and some sort of mask the Persona hovers behind Tatsuya gathering up an Inferno in it's hands as the summoner begins running at Lowe once more, this time he's nearly into melee range, when the fire rushes right through him towards Lowe. A blast nearly covering all of Tatsuya over takes them both, he however just smirks and keeps running. Sending a quick stab towards Lowe's right shoulder.
Uh... I stopped counting around... let's see... *Fayth starts counting his fingers.* I stooped counting around 500... no that's wrong.. 657, I think it was. That was a very very VERY long time ago. The perks of immortality. Eternal life. Eternal youth. *Fayth scratches the back of his neck* OOC: Not reading things fully is may greatest failure in life.
*I reload my mini gun with anti personal rounds ignoring my injuries having the fight continue anyway*
*Valentine crosses his arms* Whatever you say, immortal child.
Wide open! *Ruka attacks while Coco reloads*
*I finish reloading and open fire point blank at ruka a hailstorm of bullets flying at her*
*Ruka, taking advantage if the ice surface dodge-slides in an almost mocking manner*
*I keep firing landing alot of shots on her*
Lowe smirks, and throws one hand into the air as Tatsuya runs. I don't think so, Leo Border! As soon as he finishes, a subway car adorned with red decals along the sides shoots out of the ground directly in front of Lowe quickly, hoping to send Tatsuya flying. it dissipates almost as soon as it appeared, leaving the field clear again.
*Ruka spits out blood from taking thise hits and outs on her armor, decreasing further damage from the hail of bulltes. She casts a fire spell and shoots it at Coco, thus hitting the MG*
Tatsu slams his blade in it's path, somehow blocking the strike but still flying backwards regardless. Rather than contuine this line of approach the man's Persona blurs into a large winged Demon that he hops onto the back of, stowing his blade as the beast takes flight he circles above Lowe and draws his machine gun. Bullets raining from the air mostly aimed at arms and legs somehow. It's obvious he's taking the boy a bit more seriously now.
Tao strolls into the GYM attracted by the smell of evil people and notices Ruka 0w0 who's this blue coat person? Tao senses she's evil, i guess there is nothing else to do Nyaaa She lunges into Ruka spamming the same exact move to knock her out until she does.
Owo what's this?
*What was actually an evil imposter and the real Ruka is still alive, fighting with Coco*
*My injuries worsen from the continued Fight now only seeing what happened and what she did not worth my time to fight against or fight Alongside ever grabbing my miniguns broken pieces and trying to get away*
OOC: Fuck this Fight I'm not fighting a keyblade wielder unless it's an actual kingdom hearts charecter
Jesus, no thanks! Lowe swipes his hand above him, the same red-adorned train shoots out of the ground and covers him from above to stop the incoming hail of gunfire.
Guess that fights over. *Fayth yawns* Anyone bored enough to fight me?
Nya! Tao notices being an another one there and like before she jumps at her trying to deal damage with her sharp claws This time Tao is not wrong, blue coat person is evil and i will not let them leave.
"I'm up for a fight."
*Ruka leaves before Tao gets a chance to strike*
Of course you are... *Fayth sighs* Yeah, alright then. I'll even play with a handicap. *Fayth puts one hand behind his back*
"And yet, you underestimate my power."
Tatsu glares down at the train, Lucifer rushes for it and slams his claws in. Attempting to rip the thing out of the way so that Tatsuya can leap down into melee. Shadowy hooks grow from the demon's back, assuming he doesn't have enough traction Tatsu has a backup plan.
*Zero walks in out of boredom* Ooc:Before I do anything else, can I join?
I could just like giving myself a bigger challenge. Everyone likes an underdog, after all. I'll play with one hand behind my back for this. You don't mind, do you?
OOC: of course you can join m8, I just don't think anyone's available to fight atm
Ooc: ok Zero sees the events that are currently happening, "What's going on right now?"
"Well in that case," *He puts his right arm behind his back* "I shall do the same."
Before anyone explains, Zero sees the sign of the building, marked in big, capital letters. "GYM, huh?" Zero then sees if there are any worthy challengers
Taokaka stops the attack and quickly gets on her feets. She gives an half annoyed and disappointed look before speaking Nyaa, what a coward. Seems like playtime ended before even starting. Well Tao now will look for the Grim reaper again goodbye She gets on all fours and runs out the GYM thru the door thus breaking it more than already is.
What's the point of a handicap if you do it too? Stupid kid. *Fayth sighs, taking his hand back from behind his back* Ugh. FIne then. We'll fight with both arms, if your gonna be like that. But, you are making the first move.
"Fine, child." *He puts an American flag on the ground* "That was my move, now go."
*he walk in with a new armor* Helllooo everyone.
The demon tears through the metal like paper, revealing Lowe's shocked face on the other side. Gah! H-hands off! Lowe repeats the same motion as earlier, as a train with blue adornments this time barrels out of the ground and hopefully has a head-on collision with Tatsuya. The red train fades away, leaving Lowe with just one to work with as it repairs itself.

You're... fighting me... with the American flag? Gonna throw an eagle at me next? *Fayth shakes his head before launcing a stream of fire at Valentine*
*I sit down injured from my Fight*

Ooc: I'd fight, but work is starting in a few minutes. If anyone's around later tonight, though...
"Oh this isn't a normal American flag." *Another Valentine comes out of the American flag and protects the real Valentine from the fire*
Tatsu leaps up off the demon's back, quickly landing in front of Lowe and sending a spin kick to the boy's chest. Lucifer on the other hand doesn't fare very well with the train crashing into him, and for a bit Tatsu will have to make do without being able to summon as the king of hell bursts into light.
One Healing Rift coming right up Coco. *he unleashes a soft light healing up Coco*

...ok... *Fayth aims at the flag and once again fires a stream of fire.*
I'l kill that bitch.....
*An incredibly average individual sees Taokaka burst out the GYM's door as they walk by* AHA!! That must be what a shadow looks like.... Apparently I finally found my first dungeon. Alright, here we go. *The individual takes out a fairly small, mostly rectangular brown device. They hit a button to turn it on, before hitting the button again. The device plays some loud techno music that can be heard inside before announcing* [Enter the Game!] [Ri-Riding the End!] *After a short time, another series of overly loud announcements plays* [Gachan!] [Level Up!] [Rider Chronicle!] *and in mere moments an individual clad in a brown and black suit of armor, with several silver stripes bursts down the remnants of the door* ALRIGHT, Where is my opponent?

"You..." Zero walks up to Warlock, "Are you here to fight? I'm just bored right now..." He then turns his head to the guy in brown and black armor, "Hmm, you seem more worthy though..."
(edited by Zero-X)
*The flag disappears into thin air* "Not so fast." *Valentine pulls out his revolver and shoots Fayth with it*
*he looks to Zero as he loads a mag into his Nameless Midnight scout rifle* After the two finish then yes.

Uh oh. *Fayth spawns a strange looking blue shield on his arm and blocks* Heh. Want that Handicap now?
A muffled scream is heard in the distance. kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

"Well, after they finish, shall we spar?" Zero takes out his Z-saber, glowing as bright as ever.
*I just sit by my self right now watching the Fights*
"No, child." *Fayth can feel a strange force charging at him*
Wait a second did you just spin ki-UBGFUWFHW!! Lowe has the wind knocked out of him as he collapses to his knees, wheezing shakily. He obviously is still new to blows like that, or just fighting in general. He steadies himself, and starts to laugh a bit. Jeez, you're something else dude. How long have you been at this? Ah, whatever. Even without both trains to work with, this should still work. Valiant! Lowe charges forward, the blue-adorned train barreling out of a portal behind him. Lowe grabs on with one arm, charging straight toward Tatsuya with no real strategy, just pure, unadulterated power. Leo!
*The armored individual pulls out a small, brown and silver knife. They bravely charge Zero and slash at him with the knife* HAHA!!! Foul shadow, I'll strike you down.

If you say so... Kid. *Fayth crouches down, spawns a rifle, places it on a gap at the top of the shield and starts firing forward, aiming at Valentine*
*A yellow light protects Valentine from the bullets* "Nice try."
The muffled screaming begins to rattle the establishments foundation. KITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Generally this is the part where a Persona come out... But he needs just a bit more time, so instead the man dashes with inhuman speed up and to the left, he can't outrun it but he's just trying to hit a certain point. As he runs the man reaches GYM's wall and leaps. Running up for a bit before kicking off and going into the air, assuming he did this right Lowe should crash through the building... Good thing he can py for damages.

Forcefields? That's just cheating. *Fayth stops firing, but continues hiding being his shield, waiting to see what Valentine will do next.

"Hey!" Zero disarms the armored guy with one swipe of his Z-saber. "Not yet." The knife flies as it separates into two
*I try to text velvet*
*Valentine, with the yellow light still surrounding him, casually walks up to Fayth* "Says the person who's using a shield."

You don't use ranged attacks, now do you? Apart from that revolver... Never mind. *Fayths shield is still stuck in the ground, the man behind it.*
*she wakes up and looks around* Someone texting to me?
*The armored individual panicks upon seeing their pitiful weapon destroyed and runs out of the building* Oh come on, what am I even supposed to level up on?
*Waiting for a response*
*A silhouette of a figure that looks like it has bunny ears appears next to Valentine* "Now this is where the battle begins." *The silhouette punches Fayth's shield putting a hole in it*
*Takes a grenade launcher and blows the door down running in* SUP BITCHES!
*she pulls out her scroll and texts back to Coco* I wonder how is she doing.

"Oh well..."Zero is dissapointed at the fact that someone who seemed worthy ran off Zero then sees Kirby come along, "You there, do you think you are worthy to face me?"
(edited by Zero-X)
Lowe's screaming is cut off by the train crashing through the GYM wall, Lowe himself is covered in debris, and he's obviously struggling to stand. Shit, this isn't good. Well, at least I still have- Lowe's train is sadly totaled, ramming into a brick wall will do that. As he is now, he's basically a normal teenager. Also called a sitting duck.
*Cocks a shotgun* I will kill anyone who challenges me!!
*I text to her "where are you?"*

Zero points his Z-saber at Kirby, "Try me."

*The shield breaks into hundreds of ghosty orbs of light, which fly up and vanish into thin air. Fayth, now holding a big hammer about as tall as he is, swings at Valentine with great strength.* Home run!
(edited by Fayth)
*Sucks up zero and gains his badassness and a pink Z-saber*

Zero then jumps out and starts his assault against Kirby. Utilizing his usuall three hit combo
*Does things zero does as "Zero Kirby"!*
*He stumbles backwards* "Since I have better things to do, I'm just going to say that you win." *He walks out of the GYM* OOC: I'm actually getting bored, so yeah.

"Damn it...Pure copy cat, aren't you..." He pulls out his buster shot and fires three regular shots before charging a full charged shot
*deflects it like a badass Jedi*

Tch. Lame. Ditches after a single solid hit. What a boring person. Now then. Theif hunting. *Fayth vanishes into countless orbs of light*
(edited by Fayth)
Tatsu stows his blade and tosses his hands in his pockets for a moment, but it's not over yet as he darts for Lowe... A kick flies for the boy's head, but just before it slams into him Tatsuya's foot stops short. A. Couple inches and Lowe would probably be laying on the ground unconscious. But Tatsu simply backs away and smirks at Lowe. "Well that was definitely Interesting, but you have no form and without those trains your a sitting duck. No weapons, no other magic, no hand to hand skills either... You're a complete novice out here aren't you? But even so you've got a bit of talent, someone without any would have given up earlier after all. So then I guess the question is, what exactly do you want to get stronger for? And how do you aim to do it hmm?" Tatsu leans back on a wall, flipping his lighter out and staring into the flames. First they just burn and go out quickly, not impressive in any way. Then for a moment they grow bigger and the color shifts becoming hotter until it quickly burns out, amazing power but it can't last long. And lastly fire lights again this time again. This time steadying itself at one size and staying lit for several minutes. It's not very stylish but it'll get the job safely most times. "I wonder if you see the meaning in those flames? There's a lesson to be learned here so, tell me what you think if you don't mind."
PK walks into the GYM, smiling at all the people training! He hasn't seen this many people before in the GYM! This must be a sign! Wow! This is great! I should get ready to train! I need to get stronger! PK then runs behind the counter and opens up a drawer, pulling out a tub of protein powder and eating it straight from the tub, dust going everywhere
Ooc: Inb4 BAD END
*Sucks up tatsuya and gets his persona power and now looks edgy* I feel all edgy now....
Given the fact Tatsu isn't some random NPC he bursts out of Kirby, for a moment the man considers making something of it but he'd rather not. "Yo puffball, don't do that again yeah? I'd hate to have any trouble or something and we've got no reason to fight." He dusts himself off and walks away from Kirby back towards Lowe.
Lowe struggles to his feet, in a flash of light the black band from earlier reappears on his arm. He looks at Tatsuya, both his hands resting on his knees as he tries to catch his breath. You aren't wrong about the novice part. Someone with as much experience as you seem to have can mop the floor with me, eh? Damn it all. He punches his knee, clearly a bit frustrated. Why I want to get stronger? I...I don't know man. I just...I know what it's like to be powerless. To sit there just waiting to die; but I got lucky. I was given a second chance, and a way to prevent that from happening to other people. That...that horrible fear. That sinking feeling in your gut when you know everything is about to come crashing down. I'll feel accomplished if I can just prevent one person from feeling that. Lowe looks up at Tatsuya, and tilts his head at his remark. The flames? Uh, I guess they represent potential? You said I'm not hopeless, yeah? Maybe I'm not, but I have no idea where or how to go about getting stronger.
I AM EDGY NOW FIX THIS!! *a pink apollo floats behind me*

"You're boring Kirby..." Zero then sees PK come along, "Hey you, do you want to face me? I'm just bored and no one is interesting to fight except those who got scared away or those who copy my moves." Zero then uses dark hold to stop time and slice kirby in half before going back to his original spot and disabling it.
*Shoots zero*

OOC: Kirby, you're already dead because I used Dark Hold(Dark hold is a weapon that can stop time)
Tatsu makes a so so gesture, not entirely wrong but not totally on the mark. "Sorta, more like styles really. The first is where you are now easily, simple not especially effective and not long lived... But still there's power and it could grow to the other two, the 2nd is a proper focus on power. Burning out fast and taking your foes down before you run out, it's a legitimate style make no mistake.. But not mine, last up is simple yes. But it's got staying power, I don't focus on brute Force so much as fighting well and staying alive till the other guy makes a mistake. There's other options of course, but I think one of those would probably suit you pretty well." Tatsu claps his hands and looks Lowe up and down, hus reason is sound certainly... Perhaps he should teach this guy a thing or two if he'll learn? "I guess the question is, want to try and learn something from me? I'm not gonna be nice about it man, but I can definitely make you better at fighting... I'd prefer people don't get mixed up in this, but if they do then I'll do what I can to help out."
PK smiles at the invitation, a pair of Jack Frosts pop out next to him and he stands up and dusts the protein powder off himself as he jumps into the ring, pulling out his laser sword Always up for a challenge! Let's make this a good one! You can have the first go!

"Hmm, hope your ready!" Zero gets his Z-saber out again, but instead of attacking PK, he attacks the Jack Frosts (as they could be distracting) with a simple blade beam to both of them, but not aiming for PK because he'll save him after the frosts.
Lowe seems to get what Tatsuya is saying, and looks at the older man in the eyes. Lowe's own shine with the same drive as before. Could it be just the thrill of a fight, or maybe it's adoration of sorts? Regardless, he stands up, and offers a fist for Tatsuya to bump. Yeah, you know what? I'll take you up on that offer, Suou.
Upon seeing the person draw near and attempt to slash at his pals, the 3 pancaketeers jump backwards, the blade narrowly hitting them as PK opens a rift behind him, throwing the Jack Frosts into it Woah! Close call! But here we go! Fusion Waffles! The rift crackles as a giant knight in golden armour steps out, carrying a spear, PK smiles as he runs towards Zero and delivers a vertical slash upward, and spinning to deliver a back kick I'm not holding back!
The man bumps fists with Lowe, hopefully he can figure out something... A weapon, the kid needs a plan B ASAP. "Alright then, first step is getting yourself something to fight with, those trains are powerful but you need other options when you haven't got them, or when just need a way to be a little more dangerous. I can tell you've relied on your power alone up to now, but that won't cut it forever, so think about what kinda weapon you want and I'll show you the basics got that? Oh and just call me Tatsu or something everyone does."

"Heh." Zero dodges the slash whilst the kick only rebounded him backwards. "You do seem worthy after all, well, I'm not holding either." He smiles as the Z-saber starts glowing as he starts to throw saber beams from the blade at both PK and the giant waffle knight, "Denarei! Hangeki!"
Lowe stops for a moment, and contemplates a weapon. He's never really thought about it up until now. He's always been pretty good with just his own arms and legs, pre-trains anyway. He shrugs, and decides to stick with what he knows for the time being. I guess I could try a sword or something, but I'm really not too bad up close and personal, I just can't compare to a lot of people here, I guess. All I've ever been involved in are a few fights at school, nothing more up 'til recently. You know anyone who could hook me up, Tatsu?
PK reacts a little too slowly and the slashes strike both PK and the knight, while PK took a bit of damage the knight seems unphased[/I] Woah! That's a cool sword! But I think mine is cooler! Let's go Waffles! Thunder Reign! [i]PK then puts his hand in the air as Waffles throws him the spear, upon contact with PK, a flash of white lightning strikes PK, being absorbed into the laser sword as the blade grows in size, PK sweeping it over the arena in attempt to hit Zero

"The sword increases size, huh?" Zero dodges the sweeping attack with a back flip, "Hmm, I didn't show all that my sword can do" Zero pulls out another Z-saber, and sheaths the other, but the one he pulled out suddenly extended, turning it into a spear, and then Zero twirled it around and dashed to PK, striking him with fast and sharp blows.
Tatsu ponders Em's shop, certainly he'll have something. As for learning. "Well I'm not the best martial artist around but I know a thing or two, you'll probably want something akin to punching gauntlets I'd guess? Likely not anything kick focused though, I can probably find something that'll do for now in the back actually, any thoughts about ranged weapons?" Tatsu walks into a back room, digging out a pair of steel gauntlets with small spikes on the end, he walks out and hands them to Lowe after returning. "Alright then, that'll hook you up for now, but if you want anything else probably head by Emerson's place. He's our main weapons dealer really, guy can build some pretty amazing stuff."
Woah! Too close! PK doesn't expect the random spear out of nowhere, getting struck twice quite badly then backing off, as a pale barrier forms around him quickly, Alright! Just need a Tetrakarn shield and I'm good to go! Have at thee! PK rolls right back into the fray! Pressing a button on his sword as it glows purple, jumping and striking with a downward slash, the force of the blade hopefully trapping zero beneath it with gravity dust
Lowe takes the gloves with a smile, and hangs them off of his belt buckle. It should do, for now anyway. Ranged? Uh, I don't think I've ever shot a gun, I guess I would need something manageable. The boy closes his eyes in thought. Emerson...Yeah, I think I've heard the name. Think Kalib or Alice mentioned him at some point. So he makes weapons, huh? I'll look for him then, thanks.

"Tch!" Zero tries to back off but to no avail. He then attempts to block the slash with his spear, only for it to break apart a bit, revealing something of a laser chain underneath.
Tatsu nods, manageable means pistol so he grabs a standard issue 9 millimeter from his coat and hands it to the boy, seems he just has spares. "Alright this should do it, fairly easy to use but not much stopping power. Now then you want a shooting lesson or just work it from here?"
PK seeing an opportunity to strike smiles, as his blade reaches the laser chain he releases all the built up energy, hopefully frying them, PK then follows the electricity burst with a sweep of his feet, knocking zero onto his feet if it connects A bit more! Fusion! Jack Gloves! PK then opens a rift for Waffles to walk into, fusing into a pair of boxing gloves for PK, as he stands at the ready, awaiting the next strike
Lowe holds the gun in his hand, and looks at it for a second. He certainly isn't a genius with firearms, but he does at least know the basic safety tips. He stashes it in his jacket, and gives a respectful bow to Tatsuya. Nah, that's enough for now. Thanks man, and I'll be sure to take your advice to heart. I'm gonna go check out my new place.

The electricity channels through it, but it doesn't fry it, "Hm, nice try to fry my weapon's circuitry." But then he suddenly gets swept onto the floor, "Gh!" But on his hand, the spear started to disassemble into something like a kusarigama, but the laser tip didn't change shape, just stayed as is.
PK doesn't let up his assault, he rushes almost uncomfortably close and begins to rain a flurry of punches, aimed anywhere that is possible, striking for the arms, legs, chest, head, you name it, PK will try to punch it, Not gonna lose! Your gonna have to try harder!

The moment he saw PK about to rain down punches, he used "Dark Hold" to temporarily stop time, so that he can move to a different position, stepping back 5 feet away, but then stopped it due to energy constraints. What PK was punching was just an after image
PK punches the afterimage but after a few seconds realizes that nothing has happened, confused he stares blankly into space, throwing his gloves into the air Wow! I don't even know what happened there! But I do know what to do! Fusion! Waffles! Heat Riser! PK fuses once again, Waffles carrying its spear casts a cascade of colors towards PK, embueing him with an all stats up

"It seems that all of your power comes from that knight..." Zero says quietly to himself. "Very well..." He puts his weapon away and takes out his Z-saber, but it's glowing even brighter than before, he jumps up in the air and the Z-saber suddenly increased in size by tenfold, "Ittoryudan!" He spins around in the air in one moment, before throwing off two gigantic beam waves that cascade towards Waffles as he says, "Genmurei!"
The energy waves past right by PK, hitting the knight as it falls to the ground, as it begins to fade away
W-waffles? Oh no! PK then begins to backtrack, he reaches for his laser sword but it appears to have run out of energy, out of options, he tries to block with his arms

"Hmm, here's my chance" Zero lands on the ground and dashes forward. He takes a sweep with his left leg to knock him off balance and then thrusts his sword at him, only to stop right before his face(if he is able to knock him over that is)
PK falls to the floor from the strike as he focuses too much on his upper body, raising his hands up in surrender with a smile Whew! That was a good match! You got me pretty good there! Didn't expect you to hit Waffles! Looks like I need more training! I'll be off now! Seeya! PK then runs off into the distance, tripping on the door scraps as he gets up and continues on his merry way

"Hmm, no problem...You actually put up a bit of a fight for me." Zero says before he sees PK leave
Luka sweeps the messy GYM floor, away from the battle zone. It was a messy job, but it was a job in this odd place. Luka contently cleans the area, waiting for the contestants to clear the battle floor. Looks like it's over... I'll head over there soon...

seeing that the day is over and there is no one else to fight, Zero leaves.

*Someone from earlier finds her way back to the GYM, and finds it somehow dusty after just an hour.*
A young man walks by. He can’t help but notice the poor state of the door. After a brief pause, he walks in and catches sight of Haruko Looks like we missed all the fun, didn’t we?

Hmm, seems so. Though it was more weird than fun, from the looks of things.
A man with sunglasses on his face and a coat slung over his shoulders walks down the streets of Shibuya. After some time he happens upon a building that has seen some better days. With a curious grin the man would make his way to the hole where the door once stood. Peering in and noticing the silence, he enters. "Heh. Looks like things got pretty heated here." The man would proceed to take off his sunglasses and clip them onto the collar of his shirt before looking around the building. "I've never heard of a gym with an arena quite like that." Noticing the battleground, the man would walk out into the arena. "Heh. Now this is interesting. I won't be left out of the next race!"
Lowe opens the door, and places the key back under the doormat where it belongs. The boy sits down at the counter, and taps the wooden surface with his finger, bored. Geez, I could use something to do. Maybe someone worth fighting will show up later, who knows.
As if on cue, a boy with a black jacket, and an even blacker pompadour, walks through the door, actually using it like a normal human. Yo! I heard this place was a gym!? I've been to a kickboxing gym before! I even got my butt kicked trying to fight there! Is this place any similar!?

*Sam walks in and sits down* I doubt anyone will show up.

[It had been a while since he had a relaxing moment, he really had to stop re reading that notebook. Without much to do, the young man steps through the doorway and into the GYM, sitting down next to the ring that will probably be used soon.] That always happen anyway. [The young man says out loud, to nobody in particular as he has a nice chuckle.]
Lowe sits up at the sight of Sam, fire in his eyes. Basta- He cuts himself off, realizing he might not have even ever met the real deal. No need to be hasty. He sighs, and waves to the three who entered. Yeah, there's a lot of fighting that goes on here. You must be new, right? The name's Lowe. The blonde one is Sam, and the one in green is...come to think of it I don't think I ever caught your name. You were there when I fought that Raal asshole, yeah? What's your story?
I don't know if you guys have a bad history together, but let's all move forward and be buds! Gentaro takes a moment to survey the building he's entered. These arenas look like they've seen their fair share of explosions!

*Sam smirks at Lowe* Guess you didn't like my joke, huh Thomas?

That pompadour guy sounds too much like Kalib, it's almost funny. [Kazuya was watching the entire scene wtih some interest, eating a chocolate bar he had on him since he walked inside. He knew two of the three guys, maybe the Train Man improved on his really ridiculous, yet effective style? He wanted to see.] Maybe I should summon Pascal so we can watch together.
Lowe's brow twitches, and he rises from his seat. You think you're funny you piece 'a shit? So, are you always this much of an ass, or is it the old man again? He scoffs, and calms down a bit. He turns his head to Gentaro, and points at him. Hey, you said you're into kickboxing? How good are you in a fight?
I don't mean to brag, but I once took out the entire delinquent population at my school alone! It's okay because we became buds after! Gentaro gives Lowe a thumbs up.

*Sam leans back on his seat* I've been told I lack tact. How 'bout you? You always such a hot head or do you just not like me? *Sam glances over at Kazuya* You seem familiar. You owe me money? Do I owe you money? I feel like someone here owes someone money.

I don't think I owe money to anyone, not that I remember anyways. [Kazuya looks at Sam with a raised eyebrow. This meant two things, either amnesia or just a forgetful person.] We fought at that tournament, remember? The one that never continued.
Lowe sighs, and pinches the bridge of his nose. That doesn't answer my question. Y'know what? Whatever. You, pompadour. Let's throw down, I gotta blow off some steam.

Oh yeah. You beat me. Didn't really need a reminder of that. *Sam gives a Lowe a thumbs up.* If you're asking if I'm Raal, I'm not. He has a snake. And he's an even bigger asshole than me, which is kinda hard now I think about it.
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Alright! Let's do this man-to-man! Gentaro steps into the arena. Before we start, is this just a regular fist fight or... Do you have crazy powers that could severely injure me if I wasn't fighting at full power!?
Lowe nods to Sam, he has no real issue with the blondie, it's the old man he can't stand. Uh, if you've got a power I'd prefer you use it. Last thing I want is to fight a normal dude without any kind of powers when I'm going all out. It wouldn't be fair. Lowe steps inside as well, and folds his arms. After you.
A strange omastar with a weird, yet VERY powerful aura walks in
Gentaro pulls out a transparent belt. As he holds it to his waist, it locks into place. He presses all of the switches on the front of the belt down, and a loud voice comes out of his belt. [3! 2! 1!] Henshin! A cloud of smoke covers him, and clears to reveal Gentaro now clad in a pristine white suit, his helmet resembling a rocket. He crouches down to spring up in time with his next words. Space is... AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!

*Sam shakes his head, bringing two fingers to his forhead* Oh dear god.

Okay, so power showcase! [Kazuya makes himself comfortable as he summons Cerberus from his COMP. His companion makes a very loud roar before sitting down close to Kazuya in complete silence, being very calm for a beast like him. The young demon summoner then pets him, paying close attention to what was about to happen.] Persona users and demons will not be our only opponents, Pascal, let's study.
the omastar jumps up on the counter
Lowe's jaw is agape, he's still pretty new to this sort of stuff, but nevertheless this is pretty weird. Yeah, alright. Hope you like trains. He rips the band off his right arm, light briefly emitting from the scars that line his now exposed arm before fading and leaving his arm looking relatively normal. The band dissipates into black smoke, and Lowe punches his palm with his fist. Let's do this! He whips one arm forward, and from a portal behind it, a full-sized subway car comes barreling out and straight toward Gentaro.
Gentaro, not used to having trains thrown at him, flies back with the train, but before he hits the ground, a large blast of steam appears from his back as he levels out. I'll give you that one! I can really feel your heart behind these trains! Let's see how you handle this! Gentaro presses the switch farthest to the right on his belt. [ROCKET ON!] With that his entire right arm is replaced with an orange rocket, which shortly launches Gentaro straight at Lowe.
Whoa, that is so coo-GAH! Lowe flies backwards and slams into the far wall of the arena. He rubs his head, looking somewhat pissed off. He raises one arm, and a train shoots out of a portal on the ground, right below Gentaro.
Used to immense forces, Gentaro begins to ride the train upward! He'd use the extra force to his advantage, were it not for the GYM's roof, which he was promptly slammed into. You're pretty tough! I guess it's time to take the gloves off! Gentaro swaps out his left foot switch, for a brick colored switch. [STAMPER! STAMPER ON!] Gentaro's left foot is replaced with a stamp which he tries to kick Lowe with after flying forward with his jetpack.
Lowe promptly rolls backwards, and whips his arm to the side. From the side comes another subway car, hoping to catch Gentaro as he comes down and pin him between the wall and the train. Not this time!
Gentaro once more is slammed into the wall, crashing through it. I think it's high time I stop fighting by YOUR rules! Gentaro swaps out the switch for his left arm for a yellow switch with a hook on it. [WINCH! WINCH ON!] Gentaro proceeds to fling a long cable toward Lowe in a wide arc, which if it hit would wrap around him and reel him toward Gentaro.
Lowe's eyes go wide as he's reeled in like a fish, but he keeps his head cool and aims a kick for the man's face. You wanna get close, then let's do it!
Gentaro swats aside the kick, and gives Lowe a kick with the Stamper Module instead. Yeah! Let's give it our all!
Lowe is sent flying a few feet away, but he rights himself and lands at a decent distance away from Gentaro. He reaches down to the gloves hanging from his belt, and puts the both of them on. Alright, let's go. He reaches one arm out, and right on cue another train shoots toward from behind Lowe, with Lowe hanging from it with one hand.
Lowe has been imprinted with a stamp bearing a striking resemblance to Gentaro's helmet, though it does nothing at the moment. Gentaro presses in the second switch on his belt. [LAUNCHER ON!] His right leg becomes a missile battery. It fires haphazardly toward Lowe, only three or four missiles actually heading at him. After this Gentaro braces for impact.
Lowe's eyes bug out at the sight of actual missiles, and he kicks off the train as it slams into Gentaro a pins him once again to the wall before fading away. The missiles, if not heat-seeking would hopefully miss him. The thought of heat-seeking missiles hasn't even occurred to the boy, so if they are he has no means to dodge them. Lowe smiles at Gentaro, before laughing a bit. Jesus dude, I didn't see that one coming.
Gentaro is once again pinned to the wall... again, though the missiles fly off in random directions, one lands near Lowe, not close enough to hurt him, but at least enough to startle him. 13... 14... 15! The stamp that Gentaro had recently left on Lowe explodes in time with Gentaro's count. Phew! You almost got me there! I still won't back down though! You're gonna need to learn some variety before you can even stand up there with a lot of the guys I've fought! It's time to end this! Gentaro swaps out the Stamper switch for the yellow switch which was originally in the belt, and presses it down. [DRILL ON!] A bulky drill appears on Gentaro's left foot, and he pushes the lever on the side of his belt inward. [ROCKET DRILL LIMIT BREAK! ] Rider Rocket Drill Kick!

[Kazuya claps with excitement as he watched the entire fight unfold right in front of his eyes. This reminded him too much of the shows he watched as a kid. Over the top, ridiculous and flashy aciton. Good times.] That was amazing, could be it like the Snow Ranger Program...? No, it's similar, but it's completely different...
Lowe is sent upward, and barely had time to react to the first explosion beforehand. He lands hard on his face a few feet away, before struggling to his feet. Alright...fine. let's wrap this up. Come forth! The boy stretches out both arms and two trains come flying out from portals behind him. The first, adorned with red, shoots straight toward Gentaro. The second, adorned with blue, flies upward in an arc and stalls for just a moment in the air before shooting down to cover Gentaro's aerial escape route.
The drill on his leg collides with the first train, though Gentaro holds steady despite the threat of the other train. Rider Rocket BIG BIG BIG Drill kick! Gentaro pushes the lever with his normal hand inward each time he says "big". Every time he pushes the lever in the rocket's strength doubles, and the drill spins twice as fast each time. Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!
Lowe taps his wristwatch, and smirks. He makes a "ding!" sound before looking up at Gentaro with a smirk. Sagittarius... Lowe snaps his fingers, and the two trains glow a bright orange color before detonating violently. The explosions were pretty small, given the fact he didn't focus them for long at all, but with how close they are it should hurt at the very least. NOVA!!
A automaton walks through the door looking odd but armed with a arm cannon fully loaded like a soldier "Location Reached."
Luka had gotten used to the noise at this point, instead choosing to keep a smile as they swept the floor quietly. The strange automaton was a surprise... it was shocking to see such a large customer. Atleast the door was already broken... Umm, welcome! Please enjoy your time here!
"Calling in Hunting hound!" A automaton hound appears
Gentaro's trajectory is altered by the blast, and the drill only grazes Lowe. Just like Gemini... wait Sagittarius!? You have powers of the Stars!? Man if only Gamou could have been like you... No time for memories, I've gotta give you a lump for hitting me that hard! Gentaro then removes the Rocket Switch, and replaces it with a yellow switch, which he promptly activates. [ELEK! ELEK ON!] Gentaro is surrounded by yellow circles, each of which gives off arcing bolts of electricity that flow into Gentaro's suit. The suit then changes color into a bright golden hue, and his orange eyes become blue and a symbol of a lightning bolt goes down both his chest and helmet. In his right hand is now a rod with a cable hanging off of it, which Gentaro puts into a port on the left side of the rod. I won't fight you without at least using a bigger portion of Fourze's power! Gentaro holds the rod up defensively, as he circles Lowe. It crackles with electricity.

Are ya planning on destroying this place like ya did earlier, Tin Man? Cause... don't. Ok?
"Calling in Wyvern!" A automaton Wyvern appears.

["What." was the only word that came to his mind as he saw the apparently new girl and the god damn automaton appearing. This is the Nexus after all, so he shouldn't be all that surprised, but still.] Well...wow. [This escaped Kazuya's mouth, his partner, Pascal, just nods in agreement.]
It would be bad for business if there were any more damage, so... Please use our facilities properly instead?

'Cause if you are, and I'm way too lazy to want to do this right now, but if you are planning on destroying this place, I may have to stand here and not let you do that. So, yeah. Don't do that.
"Term.Destroy:Obliterate and kill and blow up.......I am made for combat"

Yes. Well sone. You know English. *Sam slow claps* You know you can always not destroy things. Combat and destroy are not the same thing. So, again, don't.
(edited by Sam)
Umm... We are a GYM, so there is an arena for combat... But please don't kill anyone...
Lowe drops to one knee, seems that was all he had really. He draws the handgun he received not long ago, and trains it on Gentaro. For some reason he seems to not be bringing the trains out, perhaps he can't?
Gentaro charges straight at Lowe. He's taken worse than a couple of bullets. He punches out at Lowe with his free hand, stopping it right before it makes impact.

[Kazuya lifts his hand and points at the Ancient Gear Soldier with a very casual expression on his face.] You pull any weird thing and/or try to be harmful, and I will personally deal with you. [Kazuya points at his very common, run-of-the-mill katana.]
"......." I stare back with only a blank response.
Lowe stops, and breathes heavily. he looks at the fist and goes silent for a moment. He smiles slightly, before laughing again. Ah, godamnit. Looks like I lost this one, eh? Good match Pompadour, you aren't a pushover, that's for damn sure. He falls backwards, and takes a seat right on the arena floor.
Before I take this off, do you need any medical assistance? I always keep the medical switch on me! If you want I can just get you some bandages! Gentaro retrieves a yellow switch which he swaps out for the Winch Switch. [MEDICAL! MEDICAL ON!]
The boy smiles at the man's kind gesture, and stands up. Thanks, I appreciate it. Lowe holds out a fist, a bit cheesy for sure but a good fist bump after a fight is the perfect bookend.
Gentaro instead of bumping the fist, shakes Lowe's hand and does a fairly simple secret handshake. Now we're buds! Just let me know where you'd need it! You might need some gauze on where the Drill grazed you!
Umm... Can we please not fight at the entrance...? Luka tried to meditate between Kazuya and the robotic figure, but was too quiet to be heard.

[Kazuya claps with a smile on his face, the match was very interesting and educative after all.] You guys did great, good thing you didn't get too injured!

[Kazuya then turned to Luka and kept his smile, trying to communicate that it was going to be okay, he understood and shouldn't worry about this.]
Lowe gives a thumbs up to Kazuya from the arena, and walks back to the bar with a smile. He touches the wound, and examines his hand. No blood, thankfully. Still, Gentaro was right. Thankfully Kalib is smart enough to keep this place decently well-stocked.
Gentaro flips up the switches on his belt, revealing a bruised but smiling face. Y'know with some refinement, those trains of yours could really do some damage!
Lowe smiles, and after patching himself up gives Gentaro a nod. Yeah, I've been told I'm pretty unrefined. I'm working on it, though. Haha.
Luka smiled back at Kazuya with a nod, and a look that said "thank you". If only Luka had more courage in situations like this... Luka then turned to the returning fighters, cleaning the dust off the floor. Welcome back. Umm... Was there a mess?
I gotta split though! I've got some decorations to put up! You're more than welcome to come with me, but if you want to rest I get it!
The boy smiles, and waves Gentaro off. Nah man, I'm good. Have a good one.
Gentaro walks out of the GYM, and heads off in the direction of Genmcade, uncertain of if he'd get there without incident. Later! Gentaro gives a mini salute, and one could almost swear they hear a small "ding" sound.
Tatsu walks up the building, same as always the door is fixed for the 5 minutes before some idiot smashes it. He turns the key and goes in, for some reason it feels like this might be an interesting night, the wall torn out in his fight with Lowe seems fixed as well. Regardless of that he walks behind the counter, staring at the door absently and flicking his lighter... Hopefully someone will show tonight. Not as though he's got anything better to do.
A familiar face seems to walk into the GYM. One that perhaps hasn't been seen in some time. Yu Narukami who hasn't been seen around for a while steps inside the GYM. He looks around passively before noticing Tatsuya at the counter. Oh, Tatsuya. I feel like it's been a long time since I last saw you. I guess that tends to happen with my schedule though lately.
A young child passes by the GYM, whistling. He catches sight of.... A flash? Something. It seems to have entered the nearby building. The child walks over to the recently closed door, and regards it. In seconds, Tatsuya catches sight of a green claw piercing the area around the doorknob, and tearing it out. The rest of the door follows, leaving a small boy to enter the GYM. He looks around, and smiles upon catching sight of the two Oh, it was you two.... Grey-hair. The Child begins shifting nervously between his feet, awkwardly glancing around before turning back to Tatsuya A... And Tatsu too....... S.... Sorry I haven’t seen you much.
Lowe enters the building as well, stretching his arms as he does. Ah, good to see ya Tatsu. Never seen grey hair before, what's ya name? The boy takes a seat at one of the chairs lining the wall, seemingly having no intent to fight tonight.
Tatsu smiles and waves at the two, it's actually good to see them again... Heh, all kinds of old faces are showing up, what's next? "No big deal Yu, that's a new look for ya though what gives? I vaguely think I've seen it... But never really asked about that, oh and you come here to practice or something? I'm sure we'd never had a match so that could be fun!" He turns over to Kuu, the wayward Sin has actually been rather concerning lately. But at least nothing seems to have happened, such as say what they Ver. *And as for you... Yeah you should show up more kid, but I'm glad nothing happened ya know? I uh might not always come off like it, but well I do care so try not to get hurt yeah?"
[Kazuma was bored when nothing cool happened, the entire city had been really quiet as of late. Still, GYM was always a place full of funny people and curious events, like that one time Hazama told him he fought a "damn, white haired dog", what was the name again? Raggedy? Who cares. The young boy went inside the building and looks around with his always smiling face.] Ah, so I see there ARE people inside. Good to know, now I can have some sort of entertainment.
Yu notices Kuu entering behind him. He's never really talked to Kuu much but has definitely fought alongside him as an ally and thus understand the power he holds. I'm surprised to see you here. I never thought of you as much of a GYM enthusiast but I guess that's not for me to judge. Yu hears Lowe's question and decides to answer him not wanting to be rude to the boy. I'm Yu Narukami. Tatsuya and I have been friends for a while here in the Nexus but I guess we've both been busy and haven't seen each other in a while. What's your name anyway? Finally Yu addresses Tatsuya once again. The offer to have a match is one that interests him. His fights had been long and troublesome lately as if he had been holding back. Perhaps he had since he wasn't the same since the day he had to fight against those he once called friends. A match? It might be good to fight someone I know I don't have to hold back against for once. I feel like I've been in such a rut when it comes to fighting recently. I almost lost to something that wasn't even that bad of a fight recently so I definitely have gotten a bit rusty.
Kuu blushes a little and conveniently finds something interesting to stare at near his feet. Like the floor. I.... I’m fine... N... No need to worry about me. Though, I haven’t seen lab coat guy in a while.... The Child looks back at Tatsuya, he seems... Confused? Worried? Or maybe it’s just his nervousness. He’s about to open his mouth again when Kazuma speaks up. He quickly turns to the new distraction H.... Hey... G... Green guy. A.... Are you new? I feel like you’re new.

Zero walks in GYM, hoping to get a good fight today, but instead sees a bunch of people crowding two guys. One looks like a guy with a red hoodie and brown hair that was there before. But then there was this new guy with silver hair. "Hold up, what's going on right now?"
Lowe looks up at the older man, and smiles. Narukami, eh? Well, any friend of Tatsu is a friend of mine, call me Lowe. Good to meet'cha. You two gonna throw down? I'd be excited to see that. The boy turns to Kuu, and the two newcomers. Welcome. I think I've met the kid, and I know the guy in armor's face at least. What's your story, green hair?
He glances at Lowe, the guy seems to live... Oh right he lives here. "Heh, I guess you haven't met Yu Narukami yet Lowe. He's a friend of mine actually, Wildcard, knows what he's doing usually. Anyways assuming he's here ta train I guess you might be in for a show, watch close and you might just learn something from one of us!" Tatsu grins at Lowe, he's clearly curious what the young man will think of a fight between competent Persona uses. Kazuma on the other hand gets a less warm reception, the sudden shift in clothes and attitude... He looked scared before but now? This is hardly normal. "Interesting shift there Kazuma? So found anything interesting lately to warrant it or just looking for a change? You seem happier than before too... Oh well I'm glad to see that." His voice sounds anything but glad. Until he turns back to Yu and smiles again, stepping out from behind the counter and over to a sparing ring, his hands darting up to draw the usual longsword as he smirks. "Well then I'll let you have the first move Yu! I've been suckering punching people a lot lately... But that just doesn't sound right at the moment, so then let's see how this goes." He eyes Yu, clearly prepared for the Wildcard to make a move. It's been a while since he played defense, so should be interesting.
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[Kazuma looks down to see the kid, Kuu. Oh, he knew about him, his real nature and he met him once before, all the way back then with Saeko.] Hey, if it isn't little Romeo, how is it going little pal? Still singing for a dream? [Kazuma simply smiles at him, not showing his eyes. He walks past him and reaches out to a nearby chair, he turns it around and sits on it, resting his head on the back of it. He doesn't even turn to face Lowe.] My story is that I'm here to see someone fight for no reason at all, the name's Kazuma Kval, it's a pleasure to meet you, average teenager "Lowe". [To Tatsuya though? He simply gave him a very dismissive thumbs up.]
{Malloryn looks at the gym for a second before taking the cigarette out of her mouth and throwing it away.} {She then proceeded to creak the door open a bit before kicking it open, intentionally trying not to break anything but seems a bit pointless in the end.} {After stepping one foot forward to look around, she takes a seat waiting for anything to happen, legs crossed as she was some sort of diva.} {Well, she did look like one. As her attire and her hair, almost everything about her was fancy. Though, she was a bit short for her age, only being about 5 ft tall.}
Yu looks around at the other one last time before casually walking over to the ring. Once he enters within he seems to close his eyes for a moment. The first move, huh? I know better to underestimate you so I'll go ahead and start this... In an instant! As Yu delivers this last line a glowing blue card instantly forms in one hand as he draws his katana in another. Izanagi-no-Okami quickly bursts forth in a spread of blue light as a powerful force can be seen blowing away any debris nearby. Yu rushes forward as Izanagi-no-Okami floats up and begins spinning its blade as spark form around it. Yu goes up and immediately tries to sidestep to Tatsuya's side before striking at his left arm. Izanagi-no Okami unleashes a stream of lightning aimed at Tatsuya's front side in the meantime in hopes of catching him off-guard.
Sirens were going off in Lowe's head. This guy seemed dangerous. Though, it might just be his imagination. He props his feet up and turns his head to watch the fight.
Tatsu notes the attempt to get at his side, but rather than focus on the young man's sword he simply steps back a bit. the blade tears into a small bit of his left arm as Tatsu winces. But... Apollo appears behind him and a towering inferno rushes to meet the lightning head on, two forces clashing against each other as Apollo stares at Izanagi. Tatsu on the other hand begins to strike as well, a quick kick aimed at Yu's right foot. He's obviously trying to unbalance rather than wound for now.
Yu makes no attempt to dodge Tatsuya's kick as his foot is hit and he begins falling. Instead, he brings the card back to his own hand and crushes it once again. Before he falls to the ground Izanagi-no-Okami appears before him once more between him and Tatsuya. The persona spins its blade wildly as a torrent of wind blows forth to try and push Tatsuya away as Yu gets back up. Yu repositions himself into a defensive stance holding his blade closely.
Kuu blushes a little and conveniently finds something interesting to stare at near his feet. Like the floor. I.... I’m fine... N... No need to worry about me. Though, I haven’t seen lab coat guy in a while.... The Child looks back at Tatsuya, he seems... Confused? Worried? Or maybe it’s just his nervousness. He’s about to open his mouth again when Kazuma speaks up. He quickly turns to the new distraction H.... Hey... G... Green guy. A.... Are you new? I feel like you’re new. I... I’ve been... Fine. Just bored I guess.....
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>A familiar young man walks out of the staff room with a yawn escaping from his lips. He nurses a steaming cup of coffee in his hands as he moves to lean against the counter. "Noisy...but exciting as always I see. Heh." >He brings the coffee to his lips as he looks on at the fight. The clashing of fire and lightning causing a wry grin to form on his face, however, it was hidden by the mug of coffee. He'd then set the coffee down on the countertop and stretch his arms above his head. After doing some stretches the man would look around at the other patrons. "Kuu, Lowe, Mal, and a new face, huh? Not a bad group by any means. Welcome to GYM!" >He'd finish his words with over the top flair by throwing up his arms enthusiastically, his face however wasn't enthused at all.
Tatsu slams his blade straight into the ground, the strain on his arm certainly hurts... But he only moves back a few feet in fact, gotta keep those elements in mind though... Apollo on the other hand has moved back further. Rather than a blast of flames, fire seems to gather around the two before forming a dome that encircles Yu, Tatsu, and Izanagi. Apollo simply hovers outside keeping the flame going. Tatsuya on the other hand dips his blade into the flames on the ground, quickly lighting it up before he darts towards Yu and tries to slam his blade against the other, hopefully the fire will cause him some issues at this close range. "Not bad at all so far! But let's see how you deal with a cage of flames eh Yu? This little trick is great for anyone who can't null fire after all... Knowing you though you've probably got something that does."
Yu smiles back as he clashes blades with Tatsuya. The fire causes him to sweat as the firey blade draws closer. You know me pretty well. So, let's see how you deal with this. Yu takes one of his hands off causing him to lose his balance a little as Tatsuya's blade draws close before a different card appears in Yu's hand. He crushes it quickly as a giant angelic being with horns appears behind him. Helel punches the ground where Tatsuya stands as Yu reaffirmed the grip on the grip of his katana with his other hand to try and push Tatsuya back.
The blow slams into him, sending Tatsu back... But somehow he seems to have seen that coming, it certainly hurt and he looks a bit worn down. But Apollo's magic breaks down as Tatsuya stands outside of the dome, the energy from his flames quickly turning into Nuclear magic, fire turning to glowing white. And he stows his blade before a silver revolver appears in his hands. On one point the former dome forms a circle that darts under Helel, rushing up in a tower of Nuclear power before vanishing into the air. On the other Tatsu takes aim with his gun, firing off a couple shots aimed at Yu's sword. Hopefully he can disarm, or just land a hit honestly. Nothing magic won't fix. "Yeah that's what I thought! Too bad Nuke isn't as easy to maintain as fire... But oh well at least it'll still do some damage if it hits."
Yu tries to block the bullets with his sword but is unable to move fast enough to block more than a single shot. The other brushes against his face leaving a cut that begins bleeding as Yu narrows his gaze. The nuclear energy burst forth at Helel as the persona tries to hold its ground. It comes out of the nuclear energy with a few burns here and there but fine for the most part. I wouldn't expect any less from someone with your experience...but I'm not about to give up so easily. Suddenly Yu tries to jump up into the air as high as he can which isn't any more than a couple feet off the ground. Helel's fist moves under him as he lands on its fist. Helel raises their fist into the air before swinging it towards Apollo with full force. Yu quickly jumps off as it passes by Tatsuya and tries to land on the other side of him before coming down with his Katana in a slashing motion.
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>Kalib claps at the display of the clashing titans. An eerie smile forming on his lips. "Truly amazing that my friends are this powerful! I'm definitely lucky to have pals like this!" >He then let's out a sharp sigh before grabbing his coffee once more and downing the remaining contents. Kalib wipes his mouth before placing the now empty mug onto the counter. Security cameras begin to buzz and whir from all corners of the facility.
Tatsu on the other hand? Yet again he copies Inferno Divider, leaping upwards and slashing straight towards Yu with his own blade. The downward strike flies towards him, but Tatsu attempts to toss it off course with the technique. Chances are one of them is getting a solid hit with those swords, but he's not sure which. Apollo however takes the blow head on, it staggers for a moment but seems to hold steady, after shaking it's head for a moment the Persona leaps high into the air, crashing down towards Helel with it's legs glowing white, Nuclear magic and simple gravity hopefully allowing the kick towards Helel's chest to do some damage. "I'd expect nothing less of you honestly! You might not have my experience Yu, but you've certainly done some impressive things regardless... Heh, I've kinda been meaning to do this for a while actually, just seems we've finally found the time huh?" In spite of the deadly attacks flying about, Tatsu simply sounds fairly cheerful... He's honestly having fun with this one.
Yu clashes blades with Tatsuya once again as he swings from above and Tatsuya swings from below. Helel holds up its arms in defense as Apollos kick hits it at full force knocking it back as burn marks appear on its arms. Suddenly, Helel vanishes in a blue flash of light as it returns to card form and the card disappears. A different card appears in front of Yu as he clashes with Tatsuya. Time hasn't been easy for me to get lately. I've always been somewhat scared to fight you too. We may both have the power of the wildcard but when it comes to utility you can just summon your persona with no preemptive warning. For me, my personas are tied to these cards so I always tip people off when I summon one but I realized that there's one advantage that gives me... Yu concentrates as he closes his eyes and focuses on the card. The card shatters into pieces in front of him as Izanagi-no-Okami appears behind him floating slightly over both of them. I can easily pull back and resummon my personas, though the no-hand method isn't exactly the easiest. Izanagi-no-Okami begins to spin the blade once more as sparks fly but instead of sending the stream of lightning out it instead puts its hand on Yu's shoulder as the lightning channels through his body and into the blade. From Yu's blade, the lightning travels into Tatsuya's in order to try and stun him to allow Yu to push through his defenses.
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Tatsu grins as the Persona shifts so suddenly, for once he didn't see that coming. Regardless of that however... The lighting courses through his blade, fortunately Apollo offers some defense against that trick. Even so it's doing him no favors and the man leaps back slower than normal, he needs to get done soon so... "Okay time to do something I haven't in quite a while... O can't keep this up forever so without further delay my last trick!" He stows the blade... And reaches down to a holster on his waist, the Evoker he hasn't touched in months darts up to his head and suddenly Lucifer appears in a burst of darkness. The demon glares at Yu and darkness forms on it's claws, quickly dashing over he attempts to tear into Izanagi, aiming for the shoulders and blade arm. Apollo on the other hand remains as well, bursts of fire forming in it's hands as the Persona darts around to the back of the arena. The flames soar through the air right for Yu himself, being large enough to cover him entirely. It's obvious Tatsu isn't sparing any effort at this point.
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>Kalib claps excitedly as the Evoker is drawn. "Amazing! They aren't pulling any punches! This is truly the ultimate entertainment!" >The odd smile on his face only grows as his eyes glisten with wonder at the display. These two behemoths meeting on the battlefield was truly a splendid sight.
Izanagi-no-Okami is taken aback as Lucifer tears into its should with the claw. The flames engulf Yu as he falls through the air. He lands on the ground as the fire begins to die down. His body is covered in small burns but he's still standing just barely. He holds out his hand as Izanagi-no-Okami fades away and he resummons the already wore down Helel behind him. I'll pull out one of my trump cards too then. It's been quite a while since I've seen you this serious Tatsuya. Yu sticks his blade into the ground as a ball of almighty light forms with and begins expanding at a rapid pace around them. The ball forms into the size of a small star as it begins clashing with the roof of the GYM before rising upward into the sky. The star then comes back down to land roughly where Tatsuya stands bursting into a massive explosion of energy when it lands. Yu's legs grow shakier with the amount of energy used in the attack as he stumbles slightly.
Even Luka, who was supposed to be cleaning, had to stop and stare at the spectacle. It was frightening... But that strength was also enviable. If only that kind of strength were attainable... Then... Luka shook off the thought and quietly cleaned up the rubble left by a certain automated man.
Lucifer darts backwards towards Tatsuya, wrapping it's wings around the man Almighty magic slams into the Persona. As the energy clears up Tatsuya stands facing Yu, clearly more wounded and with Lucifer utterly gone. Apollo on the other hand rushes forward, it seems a bit more shaky than normal but nevertheless he can keep this out for now. The Persona reaches Yu and takes up a fighter stance, aiming a kick to his chest before sending two quick jabs at Yu's head. Seems Tatsu hasn't got a ton of energy left either. The summoner himself simply hangs back with a grin on his face, this is the most exciting fight he's had in quite a while really... Now to see how it ends. "Well I'm impressed Yu I'll admit! You've even taken down Lucifer somehow and that's not easy, so then seems we're both on our last legs here huh?"
Yu is barely even able to react in time to Apollos onslaught. Luckily with Helel still out Yu is able to resist some of the physical damage as he gets knocked back and falls to his knees. He struggles to get back up as Helel fades away. Once back up he brings a card to his hand. I definitely don't have much energy left and even the damage I've taken is a bit much. Though, sorry to disappoint you but I've been in plenty of fights this close recently. Things haven't been easy with everything that's happened. That's also why I plan to keep getting stronger though. I can't let down the people who believe in me. Yu crushes the card in his hand bringing out Izanagi-no-Okami. He faces Tatsuya with his sword drawn. This next attack will be my last. So let's settle this match here! Yu runs forward as Izanagi-no-Okami rushes behind him. He readies his blade to slash diagonally at Tatsuya as Izanagi-no-Okami spins its blade to send out a final burst of lightning.
Tatsu smirks, Apollo forming a blade made of fire and darting into the path of Yu, the Persona sweeps straight at him as Tatsuya run towards Izanagi. The plan being to focus his offense on Yu... While The Summoner himself simply tosses his blade towards Izanagi before charging right into the electric attack, Apollo's resistance only does so much. But regardless he does hang on, Spinning up and slamming his left leg into the Persona... Before falling down to one knee, if this little switch didn't do the trick he's beyond done. Apollo finally vanishing as Tatsuya has burned enough power even he can't contuine without risk of death. He pants heavily and grins, win or lose. It's certainly been interesting. "Disappoint? Nah this... Hehe I haven't had anything this close in ages honestly! Even Hazama somehow lost pretty badly, but this... Hell I'm not even sure who's won yet! Good job out here honestly man."
Yu smiles as he drops his blade and stumbles to the ground. Izanagi-no-Okami vanishes into a card as the card shatters. Seems as if Yu has no energy to fight any longer either, let alone to stand. Yeah, it was a good fight. I'm glad I could pose a challenge for you but I think I've gotten stronger recently. I'm not even sure what I would call this result either but I think I'm the one who's more worn out here.
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>Kalib claps once more as he moves around the counter. "Bravo! Bravo! What an amazing bout!" >The man now feigns joy to hide the more disturbing smile. He continues walking until he arrives at the edge of the ring, passing by the maid on his way. "Yu and Tatsuya! Both of you deserve one hell of a pat on the back! That match was exhilarating as all get out!"
An unnoticed girl until now can be heard clapping in the bleachers. Woooo! Ta-chan never misses a beat! Good job Ta-chan!!! ...She is cheering loud enough for all to hear.
Tatsu shrugs his shoulders slightly, putting his blade into it's sheath and forcing himself up with it. "Dunno about that, probably a draw since neither of us can really call emself the winner... I mean, I might be able to do something if I really tried, but not without risking my life so eh." He staggers over to the couch that GYM has for some reason, lying down on it and closing his eyes. Seems like he's planning to just sleep here. "Anyways yeah good fight... And are you feeling alright Kalib? That's not how ya usually talk man. Oh well whatever, guess I'll head home now... Been nice seeing you Kalib, and hopefully we can actually meet properly eventually maid or something I had no clue the place I kinda sorta help run hired!" Tatsu reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a Go-Ho-M. Assuming Yu feels like joining the two would suddenly reappear in his apartment, he's not about to stay here with... Whatever is pretending to be Kalib, hopefully Yu won't either.
Yu struggles to his feet and picks up his sword. A crystal within the guard of the blade begins glowing as he slashes the air opening a rift. Well, guess I'll get going. These Rift blades are pretty convenient for not having to use Go-Ho-Ms... See you all later then. With that, Yu steps through the rift and returns to his own home. The Rift closes slowly behind him.
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Luka felt a chill as Kalib walked by... What's with that smile? Did the owner always seem so... Odd? Luka's eyes narrow at Kalib as his back is turned in suspicion. If Luka learned anything from Kyouma-san, it's when to recognize when something is wrong. With this in mind, Luka relocates to the bar area.
Or he would have left... But then the sudden Maya appearing happened and Tatsu pulls himself up, wondering when in the hell she got here really. "Okay... What is with this place? How'd you even find GYM Maya? Also you have great timing, I kinda can barely move so yeah. Funny how that works out right? Anyways, welcome to one of 3 or so places anyone actually goes here, it's got. Well fights definitely has those." In spite of sounding fairly tired his voice is also a bit more lively than before at least, simply seeming in need of rest soon rather than about to pass out.
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>The man grins at Tatsuya's words. "Oh? Must be under the weather then! Haha! Well then, see you two later!" >His eyes narrow as the pair disappear, his grin fades as he turns to the maid. And then there were two. "Why hello, Luka was it? How are you today?" >He feigns a warm smile.
I've known about this place for awhile, so when I found out that Ta-chan comes here, I had to try the place out myself. Don't underestimate a journalist! Maya winked at Tatsuya with an exaggerated hand gesture. It was very "Featherman". I'm impressed. While I got all rusty and mopey, you've been doing your best all this time... I need to get strong again too. This place is kinda crazy, and I know that anything is possible when we get together! We can wait for that though. You're tired after that, right? Should "big sis" carry you home? Maya smirked teasingly with a playful giggle.
Luka was startled by Kalibs sudden greeting, but maintained composure and returned the smile, hiding her suspicions. Yes, that is me... Were we not already acquainted? I've worked here for some time, if you remember. I uhm, try not to disturb the customers... Luka cowered timidly. Unease was clear in Luka's expression... Or perhaps this was a clever ruse as well.
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