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A relaxing forest stroll
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*bona is just walking through the forest, just taking in the sights*

*Pat was sitting on a tree branch and was watching people*
(edited by Pat)
*A certain neko was in the branches waiting~* Come on shadows, get ambushed by the world famous treasure hunter Morgana~
*sami was floating around... making sure that no corrupted spirits attack anyone*
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Sits down, looking up at the sky Ahh.... It's nice to just kick back and relax in the moonlight.....
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He soon realizes that people are there, but he doesn't know who. Huh? Who's there?

*Pat had well fallen asleep*
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Just keeps sitting

*Pat woke up and drop a water balloon on bona before going back to sleep*
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GAH! gets absolutely soaked ........pat, my gosh....

*Pat smiles in her sleep*
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keeps sitting there
And TS made the first post to not include himself in this topic, but instead kept on.
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is still there
Kei, rather than doing absolutely nothing and hoping this somehow strikes up a conversation, is closely examining a nearby flower. He smiles at the thing, and reaches out to pick it. However, he notices there’s none of it’s kind nearby, and so leaves the flower be.
A moth-winged woman sits beside a small creek. She stares at her reflection in the clear water.
Kei shakes his head and moves on through the woods. He walks along an old, well-worn path, and soon finds the same creek as the woman. Of course, the first thing he notes is her wings, but after all, not all demons are unfriendly, so he clears his throat before speaking up, a ways behind her So, what brings you out to this corner of the world? It’s rare to find one of your kind simply relaxing after all.

*Pat woke up and dropped another water balloon on bona*
*Fayth cuts the tree branch that Pat is sleeping on off the tree.* You're not the best of pranksters, huh?
*Gunshots sound from a distance*

*Pat fell to the ground and now his back hurts a lot* *Pat soon got up and looked at the person* well... i was doing pranks on bona for revenge for turning me into a girl
ooc: My apologizes, was busy with watching Cuphead videos. ic: The woman doesn't answer at first, but once she snaps out of her trance, she flutters her wings and turns around. I simply came here to observe. There's not many visitors to this place, but those that do are filled with curiosity and relaxation. And I see you take me for a demon. I suppose I fit that description.
Weren't you doing that to yourself anyway? You people are so petty.
Kei ponders the woman’s words for a moment, before stepping away from the woman a little, though he still watches her I suppose you could call me curious. Though I was hoping to merely look at the wildlife, it seems something far more interesting has come up. Tell me, do you know how you got to our world?

I was just wondering, I did not want to be a female and what do you mean by that?
Exactly what I said. I'll say it slower so you understand, shall I? You. Idiots. Are. All. So. Petty.

ok then... *Pat get into a sitting position since her back was hurting to much and that means she's not going anywhere for now*
Anyway, I'm looking for a thief. He stole someone's wallet and ran away really fast. And that's horrible because stealing other people's wallet is really bad!

I see... well do you know what the thief looks like, it might help to make a picture of the thief
Some sort of glasses wearing archer and an idiot in a giant sock puppet.

ok then... the first one sounds a bit like me... *Pat took out a notebook and begins to write in it*
ooc: Late but oh well ic: The woman tilts her head and closes her eyes. I've been in "your world" for as long as I can remember. I just remember existing one day, and waking up to the feelings of you humans. It took about a thousand years, maybe more, before I took on a lesser form as a moth... and, later, found a way to make this body. That was when I could actually visit civilization without causing a commotion.
Doesn't it just? *Fayth smirks* How big is this forest?

*Pat nods and puts away her notebook* I don't really know how big this forest is
That's a shame. Don't know if it's worth risking an out of control fire to take down two petty thieves.

That is true... why burn a forest that has a lot of animals in them to take down two thieves
Don't really care about the beasts of this place. The lasting damage it coud do if it spreads is what makes me hesitant to burn the whole thing to the ground.
Kei ponders for a moment, hand on his chin, before speaking up once more Excuse me, what did you say you are again? I must not have caught it the first time. I am Kei Nanjo, heir to the Nanjo group. Can you tell me your name? No need to rush. It’s not like someone’s going to burn the forest down.

Let's not burn the forest... we will have another chance of capturing the thieves
The woman laughs a little. Indeed. I usually tell those I meet to call me Heart, but... I feel like it's only proper to tell someone like you my true name. I am Mot'Aru. A pleasure to meet you. She stands up and bows, spreading her white wings.
I suppose I will have another chance. Later. *Fayth vanishes in a swarm of ghostly orbs of light*

Later... *Pat grabs a long stick and uses it to help herself up*
*is sitting by the pond*
Kei raises an eyebrow, he steps closer and holds out a hand for Mot’Aru Very well then, Mot’Aru, pleasure to meet you too. However, I notice you avoided my first question. Demons naturally reside in their own world, separate from ours. As you only live in this one, it’s unlikely you’re a demon. Perhaps you’re like that man in the gap. Unfortunate I didn’t get to speak to him at length
Ah, sorry about that. Even I'm not sure what I am. I just... am. An... "entity" would be the best way I can put it. Mot'Aru takes his hand and shakes it.
*looks at reflection in the water*

*Pat begins to walk around in the forest*
After shaking hands, Kei smiles at Mot’Aru and cleans his glasses Well, there are all sorts of weird things happening here after all, I’ve been investigating it for a while now. So far the best I have is a story two children told me about a “Nexus”. There’s little else to go on, so that is my prevailing theory
The Nexus... She closes her eyes, and her wings seem to glow for a moment. From what I can tell, it's an amalgamation of different worlds. There's ordinary cities such as Tokyo, while kingdoms of magic such as Nohr also reside here. There's such a variety of people and creatures here, too. I can say for certain that Persona-users such as yourself are not uncommon. There were at least two in a cafe I visited.

*Pat kept walking around*
*Rin enters the forest,looking at everyone* Hello!

*Pat sat down near the tree... in hope that her back would heal up*
*Lines a shot up with a sniper rifle on the poor guy near the tree* one shot and that's all...
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Wakes up
*Shoots the sniper rifle*
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Oh eff- Gets sniped GAME OVER
Another named to my list

*Pat was slowly falling asleep*
*Snipes Pat like I planned to* Fucker needs to be put Down

*Someone shoots at @Kingpin_Kirby's sniper rilfe*
*The squeak squad kills them all*

*Pat and Toby are suddenly gone for no good reason what so ever*
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