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The Caffeine cave 4: Back in action!.......... Again.
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*the caffeine cave is back. Oh boy*
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A tiny, fluffy moth rests on one of the tables. Its wings are folded up, completely at ease.
*walks in* that was a long trip
Really? Where did you come from? The moth speaks. Somehow.
*looks around* who said that?
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LE gasp ITS SO FLUFFY! *pets the moth*
Me! Down here! The moth hops a little on the table.
*The Twins dance in, humming Rivers in the Desert* Both: Yooooo!!!
Parad walks in, holding a small envelope. Endless desires for this worthless prize?
A girl in a simple sky blue and white summer dress walks into the cave. Her hair is tied up into a ponytail. She checks the time on her black wristwatch, then sits down at an empty seat.
*looks at the moth* oh hey a talking moth!
Braza: So.... Irona: Who wants to play... Both: A little game?
Parad shrugs. Depends on what game... It's been too long since I've played a REALLY fun one!
*he walks in with his shiny Trails of Osiris armor* Good day everyone.
*she enters, seating herself at a booth with a sigh* ......damned kelolons....
*The Twins shrug* Braza: Thought you guys would know something fun Irona: Though, I think the idiot is building a thing.
*he turns to Zola* You alright?
Parad sighs loudly. I know plenty of morons... you'll have to specify...
*drinks sake* it feels good being back
Braza: Not moron. Irona: Idiot. Both: It's different. Get it right.
*she looks at Stormcall and sighs, her shadow rippling strangely with her movement* I'm fine... Just a run in with some monsters not too long ago.
Light opens the door and walks into the cave and notices the unfamiliar faces around him. He takes a seat on one of the stools and says confidently "One coffee please, black with no sugar." He then turns around and observes the cave and people around him
(edited by -Light-)
*his Arc copy starts sparking into form* Seems fair enough.
The girl looks at Zola with a confused, yet intrigued look. Kelolons..? She mumbles out, trying correctly pronounce the unknown word. The girl shakes her mind off of what she heard, grabbing a cup of apple juice for herself, plopping in a few ice cubes then sitting back down. She observes the cave while murmuring lyrics under her breath.
Anyways, can I get some water? *she pushes a few strands of hair out of her face*
*he gives Zola a cup of water* There you go. And I need to ask Zavala about making the City available to the Nexus.
*Joseph enters the cafe* God, there's too many cafes! Where are all of those fancy restaurants?
The moth shakes its head. Huh? Guess I dozed off...
Parad looks noticeably displeased. You're planning on giving this place more things to devour? Not a smart move...
*the corner of her mouth twitches upwards in a smile* Many thanks... *she takes a sip of her water before staring into the glass* ......I hope Jiro and Shu are getting along... *she waves at Joseph*
*he looks at Joseph as his arc energy sparks throuhg out his gauntlets* Why do I have a feeling of Arc energy?
Light thinks to himself "These people are quite different from people walking on the streets or have I just not noticed it?" Light starts to ponder his question
*He notices the arc energy sparking through the Warlock* (Mind: H-Huh, a hamon user?) Oh, you can use hamon as well? *Lightining can be seen coming from his right arm*
*she watches Joseph in interest* "Hamon"? Interesting...
*he pulls out a book and skims through the pages* Interesting. Ancient technique like the Stormtrance, similar properties, burns away necrotic flesh, similar methods of enhancing it. *he closes the book* Yes, fits the bill... kind of.
Who are you anyway?
Huh??? The moth is very confused. What even is going on anymore.
*she takes a sip of her water, watching on in interest. She opens a book and begins to write down a few notes* .........this has certainly piqued my interest...
Renox. Vanguard Warlock, and master of the Arc energy aka Hamon or in my terms Storm calling. *he gives Joseph a handshake*
The girl takes notice of the cute, fluffy, white, moth. She walks over to the table its on, placing her cup of juice next to it. Well, aren't you a cute little thing.
*He shakes Renox's hand* I'm Joseph Joestar.
The moth's wings quiver with excitement. Hi! Who are you? Is this juice? The moth flies onto the side of the glass and looks over the rim.
But you can call me, JoJo.
*her shadow ripples violently. She grabs her head with a groan* ....dammit, Bat... Wh-what is wrong with you....?
Joestar? Interesting lineage. Predating even before the Golden Age. Your grand father is a legend among the city. Many warlocks followed the Hamon breathing technique upon hearing it.
Heh, I didn't know that my bloodline was that famous.
The girl giggles. My name's Nirvexera. If that's a little confusing, Nixie works for me too. Nirvexera takes a little sip from her juice whilst petting the small moth. And to answer your question, it is indeed juice. Apple juice, to be exact.
Light then turns around looks at watch and frowns and says out loud "Is anyone manning the counter?"
Shocker to me. Never knew the secret origin on top of the original about Storm calling. *he starts brewing some coffee and opens a bottle of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold Champagne* Champange anyone?
Apple juice! I love apples! Can I have some? The moth hops off the cup as Nixie drinks from it. Oh, and I'm uh... My name isn't important! I'm the fifth element, Heart!
Parad shrugs at Light. You must be new here... Watch this... Parad jumps on the counter and begins dancing. Nobody really owns these places anymore, people show up from time to time and claim ownership, but nobody puts effort into it... Parad stops dancing on the counter, and places a large poster of Dan Kuroto behind it. Nobody really tries anymore.... Not like they ever did... Though legend does tell of one or two places that actually have wait staff, granted one of them is some hobo with weird fashion taste, but it's better than nothing...
I must be going now... Farewell. *she stands, leaving some money on the table before leaving*
*Yang enters, sighing* Ahh, it feels great to be back... So, what'd I miss..?
*he waves bye to Zola as he pours a glass of champagne* So then. Halloween is eighteen days away. Got any plans?
Light was suprised at the sight and was speechless until he regained his composure and said "Legend? This place is legendary?"
*Joseph sits at a booth*
Parad hops back over the counter. Not this place. It isn't legendary moreso it's infamous...
In-fa-mous? "Heart" tilts her head at Parad. Why's that, mister?
*she waves at Joseph before sitting in a booth, flashing a smile at Renox* Yo, Storm.
Sure, you can take a few sips. Heart is a fitting name for something as cute as you, by the way.
*he nods to Yang as he gives both Joseph and Yang a glass* How are you Yang?
*He waves back to Yang*
"Oh I see" Light replied and then he turned his attention to the woman singing and says "I don't think you missed much, but I'm speaking from my time being here so I wouldn't be a reliable source."
Parad looks at the moth. Well, this place has some... "Special" guests sometimes... plus it's supposedly a cafe, but I see more alcohol shipped out than coffee... There was a bar, "Crossroads" I think, but this place sells more alcohol than that!
Thanks Renox. *He sips the drink*

*A ghost Monkey is hanging from the rafters* https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/phansite/images/d/da/Delta_Aipom.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/220?cb=20170816011154
(edited by Sam)
I'm good, Storm. *she sighs* Things in Remnant have been kind of rough, though... *she shrugs* Eh, but what can ya do?
Guess cafes are branching out to sell that stuff? But oh well! Apple juice is much better! The moth flutters onto the cup and takes a tiny moth sip.
*looks at Joseph* So, never saw you around before. *she looks at the liquid in her glass before looking back at Joseph* Who are ya?
(Gotta go)
*He looks at Yang* The name's Joseph Joestar, but you can call me JoJo. (Mind: How many time do I have to say that today?)
Parad walks to the door. Looks like it's time for me to hit the bricks, can't keep the boss waiting. Parad mutters under his breath as he departs. At least it's not Genm...
You like the juice? Nirvexera smiles at Heart, readjusting her ponytail.
A mysterious pompadour clad stranger walks into the cafe, he takes a seat at the counter, awaiting service.
Well, nice to meet you, JoJo. *she extends a hand to him with a smile* I'm Yang. Yang Xiao Long-Zeppeli.
*I Left a note saying "Let this place die already"-Coco*
Mhm! It's delicious! Heart flies around in a circle, then lands on Gentaro's weird hair. And hi new person!
Gentaro remains silent, a grim look on his face. He is determined to receive service.
*He shakes Yangs hand and then pauses for a moment* Did you just say Zeppeli?

*The Monkey is still there. Just watching. And being a ghost Monkey*
*sees Gentaro* Need something?

*Pat enters the Caffeine and sits on a chair*
*she nods* Yeah, I'm pretty sure I said Zeppeli... Is something wrong...?
Gentaro looks up, a drop of sweat rolling down his face. Where... Where is the bathroom!? Gentaro's grim expression is replaced with one of pleading.
*he whispers to Joseph* He and Yang were married.
*he points to the stairs* Just go down and the bathrooms will be there.
Are you referring to Caesar Zeppeli?
Gentaro shoots up and bolts down the stairs, into the bathroom. Thank you!
*a look of surprise crosses her face* You know Caesar, JoJo?
*The sound of minigun going on outside is heard slaughtering Grimm like a one man army grinning and Tearing them to pieces,Burning them,Bashing them to death and call it a day and walk inside with a fashion magazine and relax* I thought this place died....
Of course I know him, he was my training partner.
The moth is left alone with the man's rush to the bathroom... Guess he was in a hurry. And hi you two! Heart flies around to circle Coco and Pat.

*The Monkey is still just... there. It starts leaping from rafter to rafter with it's ghost arm*
Nirvexera turns and looks at both Yang and Joseph, a little confused. Something about Caesar salads? She finishes readjusting her ponytail, taking a glance at her watch then back at the two.
I see... *she taps her chin* He never mentioned you to me, though, and we're married.... *she frowns* I wonder why... Oh well, it doesn't matter. *she smiles* Any friend of Caesar is a friend of mine.
Gentaro returns shortly, this time a much happier look on his face. Phew! That almost ruined my day! Gentaro looks around, confused. Wait, I don't remember any cafe like this around Amanogawa... Must be new! Gentaro takes a seat, styling his pompadour to stand taller.
*he puts out a plate of apples for the moth* Here you go. And hello Ms. Adel.

*Pat just rolled his eyes as he takes out a game boy*
*The Fashionista with a minigun looks up from her magazine to look around minigun in handbag mode not knowing why a cave would be a area for such but i don't bother anyway to ponder adjusting my sunglasses*
(Mind: But, I thought he was dead.) What do you mean he never mentioned me? Did he forget about me?

The moth lands on the plate and tastes the juicy apples. Mmm... Its antennae quiver happily. The moth turns towards Pat and tilts its head. What'cha playing?

*Ghost Aipom steals Pat's Gameboy and plays it itself*
I mean what I said, in the time me and Caesar had been together he has never mentioned you to me. *she shrugs* I'm not sure if he forgot you or not, JoJo.
Now then. Off to Remnant. A Vanguard outpost is getting attacked by grim. *he teleports out*
Gentaro looks shocked as the owner teleports out. This is definitely not normal behavior around Amanogawa! Who was that guy!? I thought only the Cosmic Switch could open up a "warp gate"... Gentaro asks himself if "Warp Gate" was what Kengo referred to it as.

*Pat just sighs and takes out a book to read it*
Nirvexera sighs. She takes a few sips a minute, humming while thinking to herself. Deciding to make some conversation to pass time, the girl pokes Yang on the shoulder. Uh... I'm sorry to interrupt but I've been wandering around this place for a while now, and I'm just curious: What is this place exactly? I don't know many people here.
So how is this place suitable for to live in anyway.....*I ask that question semi curiously not thinking a bit of what is and what isn't even supposed to be like a place of this value totally lost*
Gentaro breaks his train of thought, with some difficulty. That was just what I was gonna ask! I mean this place has too many strangers, and not enough of my buds! It's decided! I'm the man who will befriend everyone in wherever this is!
*she smiles at Nirvexera* Well, this dimension is called The Nexus. People from other dimensions find themselves here regularly. The place we're in right now is a cafe. People just come here to hang out and stuff, which is pretty common.
I TRYED TO RUN THIS PLACE AND THAT BACKFIRED! *I remove my shades for a bit*
Gentaro squats down. The "Nexus", eh? Well it makes it much easier now that I know where I am! So, let's all get along!
OOC: Sorry, I was eating. IC: Well, I guess we'll never know unless he tells you, *He gets up* I have to do something, so see ya. *He leaves the cafe*
Nexus? Boring name, boring concept. She takes another sip from her glass. Anyways, what's your name? I'm Nirvexera, or Nixie. Your choice!
See you, JoJo! *she looks at Nixie* Nice to meet you, Nixie. I'm Yang. Yang Xiao Long-Zeppeli. I hope we get along.

*The Monkey throws the Gameboy out of a window and escapes*

*Pat puts away the book and looks around... bored as fuck*
*I give a good at yang not realizing its actually her a bit still nosing my head in my fashion magazine*
*she sits next to Pat* Hey, Pat.

*Pat looked at yang* Hi Yang
OOC:*Pokes yang with a stick*
*she hugs Pat, humming* I missed you, you little knucklehead~
Gentaro looks around for anyone who doesn't have any company. New buds, new buds, new... buds.

*Sam enters* Y'all bored?
OOC:Yo Yang.

*Pat rub the back of his head*
Nice to meet you Yang. Nirvexera sits back down at her seat. She hums a little, soon starting to unconsciously sing out the lyrics. Shall there be light, do forgive me. Even the act I feign to protect me...
*she purrs, nuzzling Pat, a pair of cat ears popping up on her head* Meow~

*Pat begins to pet yang...*
OOC:Akechi is innocent!
*she purrs as she's pet, sprawling across Pat's lap* Meow~...

What sort of lovey dovey crap have I walked in on here?

*Pat rolled his eyes while smiling. He keeps petting Yang*

The moth curls up and yawns. Such a lively place... And no ill intentions... It drifts off to sleep...
Gentaro is beginning to question his life decisions leading up to this moment. I-I see that everyone here already has their own bud, I'll uh take my leave, and make buds another day!
*purrs, hugging Pat* Fwiendship~
She trails off her singing hearing Sam's words. Somehow, she had not noticed him enter. The girl glances at Pat and Yang, then at Sam. Is that normal of them?

*Pat is just rolling with this...*

Friendsh... Hang yourself, Yang. *Sam portals his booth into the cave, and sits down.* Anyway, anyone else bored as hell?
*she sits up, still hugging Pat* I haven't been here in forever. Missed you, Pat~ *her ears twitch* ....wait when'd I become a cat faunus...? *she seems confused.... She looks at Sam* Oh, I missed you too, friend.

after you sat down and hugged me... also me and Toby had to do some stuff
*she still seems confused* But still, cat ears aren't just supposed to show up like that... *shrugs* Oh well, I'm not complaining..

They did a few months ago.
T H O T ! L E A V E T H I S P L A C E B E ! N E K O S A R E T H E S O U R C E O F O V E R 9 9 % O F T H O T T E R Y !
*looks at Sam* Sam say what now?

*Pat sighs and looked up*

I managed to avoid that plague. I'm sure Bona or Naho or anyone else from back then would remember that. I think Bona still has cat ears from then, actually.
*A young man strolls into the "cafe", checking his wristwatch. Satisfied, he straightens up his tie and sits down at the counter, looking around the room. His eyes linger on Yang's cat-ears, but he seems to think better of mentioning them* Excuse me, can one of you direct me to whoever is working here? at least, the sign said its open so I assume someone is.
*Puts up a blast shield laying around with a "Dont touch me" look*
.....but sometime after that "Nekofication plague" I managed to get rid of my cat ears... *shrugs* Oh well, guess I'll just have to deal with them...
Cat ears? You guys act like you're in some cliché anime where anything bad doesn't happen because of some force that doesn't want it to happen. Nirvexera looks around, spotting the young man. She gives him a small wave, smiling from her seat. Oh, hello there! I'm not someone that works here, I don't think anyone does, but I can get a drink for you.
(edited by Nirvexera)

*Sam shrugs* Cliché is pretty much the game in these stupid cafes. Especially this stupid cave. You get used to it... annoyingly.
*Breaks down front door* WOO! CAFFEINE CAVE! *Drinks whiskey*
*she waves at Pika* Yo, Pika-nerd. Sup?

*The young man turns over to Nirvexa, he looks around the cafe and sighs before addressing her* If no one works here, then who opened the place? That is how businesses work after all, the workers help keep them up and running so they can profit and grow. *The young man seems to flinch as Pika breaks down the door, before turning to the........ Rat? He blinks once, before cleaning his glasses in order to check again. Upon seeing his initial sight was correct, the young man takes a deep breath and addresses them* Excuse me, what brings a demon to this corner of Japan, of course, I've heard plenty about sightings, but I never imagined they would just walk the streets casually.
Anon_Time follows behind Pika through the now broken front door as he looks around in disgust. "Bruh, why the fuck did I come here again? This place looks like Hell. I think I got drunk and lost again." he said out loud before waving at everyone. Anon_Time then proceeded to take out a flask and chug it while walking to an empty table, probably mixed with poison.
*Continues drinking whiskey* What do you mean demon? I am a perfectly normal yellow rat who uses guns and stuff... *Looks over at Yang* Hey!
I have absolutely no idea. I heard something about this just being a hangout place now, which makes no sense. Also heard about something like they sell more alcohol than a bar here. Pretty weird if you ask me. She shrugs, finishing the rest of her apple juice before speaking to the boy again. Anyways, what's your name? You seem like a normal person around here, unlike most of the other people here. Call me Nirvexera or Nixie.
.......zzzzz...... *....it seems she's fallen asleep....*

If your looking for the owner, I think this one was opened by some mentally ill kid in some sort of stupid sock costume.
You mean Minato Yuki?
*The young man just stares blankly at Pika for a moment, before cleaning his glasses, as though still unsure of what he was seeing. Upon placing them back, he clears his throat and adresses Pika again.* I'm not sure if you're aware, but rats don't know how to use guns, and their tail is straighter... But that's beside the point I suppose...... *The young man hears Nivexera and turns back to her, briefly bowing* My apologies young miss, I should have introduced myself sooner. *he hastily adjusts his tie once more, before standing up to speak* My name is Kei Nanjo, heir to the Nanjo group. Its a pleasure to meet you. *Kei holds his hand out to Nirvexera for a firm handshake*
Anon_Time jumps up by the word 'kid', and he soon starts to scowl. "Excuse me, what the fuck kind of kid looks like that? His parents must've not cared about the little shit, or even better, they left his ass." He then rests back on the table, pulling out another flask and drinking it. "Hey, can someone get me a drink? This flask is not doing any good for me."

No, It's Bona as the owner now.
*Throws Anon_Time a whiskey bottle* Are you doubting my abilities?

*Pat puts a blanket over yang*
Anon_Time catches the whiskey bottle and chugs it all down. "Thanks for that you little fuck." After that he soon breaks the bottle and throws it at Pat for some reason. "Can I get another one please? This time it's for the bois."
(edited by Anon_Time)
Nanjo... I think I've heard that name before. Nice to meet you. Nirvexera shakes Nanjo's hand, her hand oddly cold. It feels like touching a metal wall instead of a human hand.
*Grabs an entire 12 pack and throws it at Anon_Time*
Anon_Time soon catches it and opens one of the glasses. "Whoooo, fuck! Man, this shit will last me 1 minute week!" Anon_Time chugs the first bottle before drinking most of the bottles, leaving one. "Bruh I go through these too fast, I might need some mroe of these shits."
*Summons whiskey rain*
*After shaking, Kei quickly lets go of Nirvexera's hand and sits back down* If not, then perhaps you would recognize Kirijo sooner? They were once a part of the Nanjo group, and my family still has close business ties with them. *as for the rain.... We're indoors. Please don't blow up the roof*
Anon Time's table gets overflown by the whisky, as he catches one bottle and chugs it while looking at all of the other bottles around him. Normally, he would thank him, but he's too busy drinking. He's also throwing the empty bottles at a wall. Greaaat.
Hmm... Kirijo doesn't seem as familiar. It must be my imagination. The girl checks the time on her black wristwatch, her look indicating she probably is now in a rush. She looks back at Nanjo, smiling apologetically. I'm sorry to cut this conversation short, but I must leave. Perhaps we'll see each other again, Kei. With that, she fast walks out of the cave, not bothering to even question why the door is broken.
Anon_Time looks at his imaginary wristwatch like all these other people. "Fuck I'm late for my pills, bruh I have to go man, see you all soon or some shit." Anon_Time took out one final flask, chugging it before he passed out. Then disappearing for some stupid reason.

*Pat fell asleep*
*Falls asleep*
*Kei waves to Nirvexera as she walks out, before looking back over the cafe with a sigh* Well, she was pleasant at least. Still, starting to forget why I came here. Something about.... *Kei looks at his phone for a moment, checking something, before sighing and looking back around* Oh yes, noise complaints. Again. Would anyon...... *Kei soon realizes he is now the only awake man an the room.* Well, no one will be complaining now at least.
*Pulls out a pistol in his sleep and starts shooting the roof for no apparant reason*
OOC: They do that, still, if you want to be sane, at least I'm around
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*wakes up*

*Wakes up and looks around the place*
*after briefly knocking on the door, Kei attempts to turn the knob. Much to his surprise, it is unlocked. So, after straightening his tie, the young man turns the knob and walks in* Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice the door was left unlocked, and there are no open times on it, is there perhaps anyone working here now?

*Pat looks at Kei* I think its self-serve here
*Kei shakes his head before checking around the apparently empty place once more* Well then, young lad, allow me to explain. There’s simply no such thing as a self-serve business. Closest is a buffet, but even those have workers to collect the money and direct customers. *Kei briefly adjusts his glasses before continuing* Furthermore, having no staff to talk to completely defeats the purpose of a cafe providing a calm atmosphere and some nice conversation. Can’t talk with a worker that doesn’t exist, can you?
*A uniformed Senri enters the cafe... The customer to worker ratio was as broken as ever. This was normal. If LeBlanc were open, she would have gone there instead, but alas.* *Senri didn't need anything immediately, just a way to relax. She quietly took a book out and sat down. She seemed to be quite into it, though it doesn't look like something a high schooler would read*
A blue figure bolts upright at the sound of customers. RIDE ZE SHOOPUF!? The odd looking blue being pauses for a moment. Zat wash my lasht job. Shorry. What can I get for yoo? The blue man smiles and rubs his hands together, eagerly awaiting a response.
*The young man seems startled by the barkeep’s sudden appearance. It takes him a moment to decipher what the blue man is saying, but he soon straightens himself up and takes a seat at the counter* Well, at least there’s someone. I would simply like a cup of house blend, black if you would. *He then turns to the other customer.... He looks at the book, to see what she is reading, but decides not to address them just yet*
From Kei's inspection, it had an artless cover, with simply the words The Ego and Its Own by Max Stirner on it. Philosophy wasn't something someone her age usually read, but atleast it wasn't a magical book of pure chaos. Senri was startled by the sudden appearance of a unique barista. Surprising, but hardly the strangest thing that's happened. She puts down her book and turns politely to the man. It is quite alright. May I have some tea for now? That would be sufficient.

*Pat put on some headphones and listens to music*
Yesh shir! Right aways! With a meaningful salute, the blue man would turn and head for the drawers behind him. He'd begin searching through them while mumbling. Houshe blend, hooooushe blend! Come out houshe blend! With an "Aha ", the man would return to the counter with a scoop of beans. With a flick of his wrist, he'd empty the scoop into an old-fashioned hand grinder and ground the beans to perfection. Nexsht is ze water. The man puts the ground beans into a filter above a small pot before fetching a kettle from the kitchen. The man would start pouring the boiling liquid over the beans with unbelievable aplomb. After a few moments, he'd set down the kettle and fetch a coffee mug. With a smile he'd transfer the black liquid into the mug before placing it on the counter before Kei. Here yoo go shir! One houshe blend! And next is the mish's order! He'd salute again and fetch another mug and a small container of tea leaves. Grabbing a small metal ball, he'd open it and toss in some camomile leaves and shut it. Plopoing the metal ball into the cup, he would then grab the kettle once more and fill the mug with hot water, the fragrance of the tea soothing those who smell it. With a smile it is placed before Senri. For yoo, mish! Drink up!
*Kei seems to recognize the book, he thinks for a moment before attempting to strike up a conversation* I must say, Stirner makes a good arguement for individualism, though it’s unfortunate the extent some of those who followed took his idea. It’s still a worthwhile read for anyone interested in free thought. *Kei turns back to the barkeep and thanks him before taking a sip of the coffee* How long have you been working in these sorts of places anyways? You’re quite adept at your work.

A fluffy white moth lands on a chair near Kei. Its antennae twitch as it listens in.
The man begins idly washing the counter while thinking of a good way to explain his situation. He'd pause for a moment and look up at Kei. Well, let'sh shee. I ushed to work for ze Gullwingsh as zeir barkeep. But during one misshion a big hole appeared in ze shky! The man would try and emphasise his statement with his arm movements. And ze nexsht thing I knew wash zat I wash in an unknown plashe. But I found zis plashe and zey gave me work. He nods. Zat is my shtory on how I got here. Other than zat, I have been sherving people for yearsh and yearsh!
Senri watched the blue person work with surprising proficiency. It was like watching a performance. She wished she were that handy. Maybe she could be of use to Mona-senpai? Alas she herself had no work ethic. Thank you. Senri smiles with a bow of her head as she picks up her tea with both hands, blowing on it gently before taking a sip... It was delicious. Her expression was peaceful as she enjoyed the tea. It was much better than the instant stuff. It is delicious, barista-san. I believe tea, like knowledge is best when used correctly to make new beginnings. It's something enjoyed differently by everyone. ...When she did speak up, she spoke oddly. As smoothly as her words came out, she speaks in a manner many would seem strange. She turned her head to Kei, who quickly caught her attention in acknowledging her book. Then you have read this as well? ...Truthfully, a lot of what he writes makes sense. Without care for ourselves, are we not just reflections of the expectations of the rulers of this society? I think if more people thought as individuals, in accordance to the "ego", as the singular... This world would be different. A world full of rich, free thinking individuals, shaping the world like an intelligent network of thinkers... I believe that kind of world would be beautiful. I wish I could help make it a reality. Senri's eyes were lit up as she spoke. After finishing however, she stared into space with a lonely smile. Perhaps she was recalling something.
*Kei watches the barkeep’s antics intently. Of course, he couldn’t help but see the man was far from ordinary, but the arrival story was intriguing* So basically, you’ve been working like this most of your life, though not st this place specifically. Then one day you were brought here unwillingly.... *Kei smiles as he cleans his glasses before addressing the barkeep again* Is there anything more you could tell me about this “hole”? It might help in m— *At this point Kei is interrupted by Sendi, and so looks back at her to continue their talk* I’ve not read the full text unfortunately, but anyone with an interest has likely heard of his thought. Rational, Individual thought is important for society to function, and in an ideal world may work on it exclusively, but the question is, where does the limit lie? After all, surely not all actions and desires are beneficial?
The man rubs his chin. I can't shay for shure. But it wash horribibly big! Almosht...alien...like it didn't belong in my world or any world. The man goes silent for a moment. It was ash if shomething wanted to end reality ash a whole... BEEP! BEEP! Oh! My apologiesh mishter, I musht take zis call. With that, the man would wander off to the staff room.
I feel, if you desire it, there must be a reason. And behind every action is some kind of work towards a certain goal. I think humans act in their own benefit in everything that they do. It's just a matter of knowing how to benefit yourself in the best way, to find what you want in life. And the freedom to pursue that without the unwanted interference from others. It is true, not all actions and desires are beneficial. That's why we need the knowledge and wisdom to help us towards that goal. Those who act blindly, without reason, are unfortunately vulnerable becoming distorted and ill... These kinds of people I feel, cause the most trouble in this world. The ones with the distorted hearts. But they are also a product of this society, which is itself built on distortion and contradiction... Senri speaks her mind to Kei before realizing she might be getting carried away. Oh. My apologies... You came to enjoy a drink, not listen to a lecture...
*Kei waves farewell to the barkeep as he continues looking at Senri. He listens intently almost laughing at her apology* It’s quite alright young lady, this is probably the most stimulating conversation I’ve had in a long time. I most certainly don’t mind it. But I do have a few questions. Is it truly society that distorts these individuals? Or are they, perhaps, distorted to begin with, at least, by whatever your definition of distortion is? Second, let’s take a look at a World in which everyone acts in their own best interest, one not too dissimilar to the one we live in now. It’s not hard to imagine in such a world that one’s best interest would lead to interfering with another’s. For example, let’s say there are three apples, one fresh and ripe, one older, but still edible, and one rotten, and three people to go with it. Obviously each of them would want to go for the ripe apple, as it is the best, however, only one of them can have it, resulting in a natural competition.
I don't think it's fair to assume there's any kind of society which there is no conflict at all. Utopias are quick to become dystopias, after all. A lack of a will to fight for what you desire is a world where people lack such things... I find such a thought depressing. I find the battle of conflicting ideals beautiful, myself. I believe that by distortion, the frustration of the individual to pursue their hearts desires or be who they wish because of the limitations of law, leads to an anger, disillusionment, submission and other similar feelings that cause people to become distorted... Those who lose the will to live, or those who become bitter and off the rails. Strangling the ego is the worst thing that can happen to someone... As I know for myself...
Of course, conflict is only a natural part of existing. Even this pleasant conversation we’re having would be consideered by some to be a conflict of ideals. However, I do not believe that makes all forms of conflict beneficial to people as a whole. In recorded history there has never been a true anarchistic society, so there is little to draw evidence from. Tell me then, how do you think people would act if truly free from the shackles of society?

*Pat just looked around clearly not being able to move since a sleeping yang was on my lap*
*he transmat behind the counter with black blood staining his Exiled armor* Sheese... the Grimm doesn't give up.
That is dependent on the people who inherent the world. Everyone is different, after all. I believe that the lack of shackles will bring the best out of people, and the worst as well. However, in a truly free world, I think people are intelligent enough to do what is right for themselves. Whether they dedicate themselves to self pleasure, the welfare of nature, whatever they desire. I ask what would you do, if you no longer were weighed down? Myself... I have yet to discover it. But, I would like to believe I could use my strength freely to protect myself, without any repercussion. Perhaps I would commit myself to travels? As such a world will require the will of many to bring about, not any oligarchy. We all have plenty of time to answer this question. Senri smiles and stands up, her tea now finished. I apologize for cutting this short. I have an appointment with Mon- um, a senpai who is tutoring me... I hope we will meet again. By the way, I'm Senri Suzuko. A 3rd year. Thank you for this wonderful discussion. Senri bows lightly to Kei. (OOC: Duty calls, sorry. Would have liked to keep this going. This was great)

*Pat took out a book about grimm to study up on them*
*he waves to Pat* Hey there.

*Pat looked up from his book to look at @Stormcall_Warlock* hi
*he puts his Origin Story auto rifle on the counter and starts modding it* You got any Golden Age weapons sights? I am wonder about what is a ACOG sight.

No, I dont... all I have is stuff that can keep me busy and my weapons...
(edited by Pat)
Alright. But thanks. *he orders a M512 Reflex sight*

ok. *Pat sighs as he looked back down at his book to read it*
*a little box is transmatted next to him* Nice. My order is here.

I hope someone else comes in and I cant move since Yang is on my lap while sleep
Do you always explain the scene to yourself, kid? *Machin Raal sits at a nearby booth, reading through papers* Foolish.

Sometimes... and you know what im glad your here
*he slides in the new reflex sight on the picatinny rail of his Origin Story auto rifle* Does it look like I care about what he say? Nope.
That's different. Usually people hate it when I arrive.
*his pet Chameleon starts crawling up on his left arm* I got this pet yesterday. Wonder of how to take care of it.

*Pat went back to reading his book*
Thread Creator

*wakes up*
*Rin enters this cave or cafe* Hey.
(edited by Rin-Okumura)
*he walks out of the bathroom* What did I miss?
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*waves, though it's n9t visible under his mimikyu costume* Yo.
*Rin takes a look at Bona's outfit* Nice costume.
Thread Creator


No, it's really not.
Thread Creator

Jeez, THANKS Sam. Sarcasm intensifies

You are very welcome, sock puppet.

*Pat at everyone*
Thread Creator

Umm.... Why are you in black and white Minato?

*Toby enter and instantly begins to give a head nuggy to pat* Toby: How is my little bro doing! God dang it Toby.
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Ooc: oh, right. I remember that Ic: OK I guess.
OOC: *facepalms* To be fair, you kinda deserve the ban for not reading the mod’s warning, ever.

So, your stupid get up is because of Halloween? How old are you guys again?
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Thread Creator


*Pat and Toby just looks at everyone in confusion*
*Rin sits in a booth,listening to music*

The white moth watches everyone. Their body seems to pulse with a strange energy for a moment, but it fades quickly.

Do the words "rhetorical question" mean anything to you two?

*Pat looked at Rin and waved to Rin*
*Waves back at Pat* Sup,quiet boy?

Sometimes im quite... Anyways my name is Pat
*Runs in and slips* hey...
I'm Rin Okumura. Nice to meet you.
Thread Creator

*claps at ibekus slip and fall* Great job.

It's nice to meet you too
No time for Sarcasm *gets up and takes out a journal*
Thread Creator

Jeez, what's happening ibeku?
*jolts awake* DEMONS!! .....oh, it was just a dream... *she yawns, her cat ears twitching*
Demons?! Where? *Takes out Kurikara*
*pulls out a persona card and checks the journal for the arcana* World..

FUCKING! *Pat almost fell but thanks to yang begin on him... he does not fall*
Thread Creator

*notices yang* YANG! *hugs her* You're back!

*Sami was watching everyone... just begin a spirit*
*she almost falls out of her booth* Oh, hey, Bona! *smiles* Sorry for just disappearing on you guys... Stuff happened, and Pyrrha and I had stuff to research.... And I was fighting my inner demons...
Thread Creator

Sounds tough.... *smiles* But you're back now!
*Puts journal and persona card away to go and hug Yang* Hey you're back! *smiling*

... *Sighs* toby: ...
*she nods at Bona and smiles, hugging Ikebu back* Yep! *her ears twitch. She sighs, mumbling* ....but when did I become part cat again....?
*Rin puts Kurikara back in it's case*
Thread Creator

Wait, you became a neko again? Huh. Also, do you like my costume?

The moth flutters after Ikebu. Waaaait!

Yang... can you please get off of me now...
*she smiles, nodding* Yeah, Bona! Your Mimikyu costume is so cool!
Oh, s-sorry, Pat... *she gets off of Pat*
Thread Creator

*giggles* Thanks! I worked really hard on it!

No, it's really not.
*looks at the moth*

*Pat got up and fell due to his legs begin asleep*
.....sorry again, Pat, meow...

What was that card? It felt really intense! Where did you get it? The moth pulses with a white light...
I'm still trying to find out about it
Thread Creator

*pets yang*
*Rin goes back to listening music*
......meow~ *starts purring*

*sighs and uses the chair he was on to get up*
*she sniffs the air* ....I smell something weird... It...reminds me of.....never mind...
So does anyone know where Minato is?

*Sami sat on the table that was near Rin... clearly thinking that Rin cannot see him*

Maybe I can help solve it! The moth flies up to his face. Lemme see it!
Umm...okay? *Pulls out the Persona card*
*Rin looks around the cafe* Is this place always like this?
*looks at Rin* For the most part.
(To those who may concern keep hisato off my thread or else )

The moth lands on the card and tries to see what it is. Let's see... its Arcana is... Wait, that's probably a mistake. How could this be the World? The moth begins to glow brightly.

Yeah... *Pat gets on the chair*
A small Neko, the size an average human's hand walks into the cave. She rolls a ball around double her small body, placing it under a table. She then jumps onto the table relaxing. Hoi people. Guess you all are doing random boring things again.
*nods* yep
*she pokes Pat* Meow~
Thread Creator

Hey chiho. *waves*
*she yawns, her cat ears twitching* Meow...
Chiho waves back at Bona, her head now hanging upside down from the table. Heya Bona. Any weird shenanigans that I wouldn't want to get into I should hear about?
Thread Creator

Well, I fought myself. That's about it.

Wh-what Persona is it? And I can feel another one too... The moth glows even brighter, and the card begins to crack.
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