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Do you guys think that Cuphead is overrated?
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I'm not quite sure what to think...
The game itself is fun, everything else is ok at best.
Not at all
The only thing I like about cuphead is the art and the effort that went into it couldnt care less about anything else
I don't really like hard games, I do enjoy a slight amount of difficulty but I'm pretty weak, cuphead looks cool though graphically, other than that I have no opinion
Hell yes. It's Contra with a new skin. A fine game, but definitely not worthy of all this hype it's getting. At. All.
Meh I haven't played it, it looks fun tho. I fully believe the creators deserved the positive attention too!
You sure are positive
Haven't played it to say. I do think the art style is amazing, though and it does look fun from what I've seen.
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