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Hubris of the World Part 2: The Second Sun
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The sun shines brightly upon the City. Not just the one sun but a second one that appeared long ago on the day Superbia died shines brightly with a eerie white light. A local weather station begins an announcement on local television concerning the event. Anyone who happens to be watching the news will see this announcement. It will also be being displayed on any public TV as many consider it to be a subject of importance. News Anchor: And now we tun in to our local weather specialist to talk about the second sun that has appeared over Shibuya recently... Weather Specialist: Thank you, Tom. First of I'd like to start by telling everyone to remain calm. Many people must be panicked by this strange occurrence but there is no need to panic. What many astrologists believe this to be is a strange star undergoing a astrological shift as it proceeds to its next stage within its life cycle. The notion that the star seems to be getting closer is nothing but a rumor. Such a thing would make no scientific sense, afterall. This star should have no effect on people's daily life besides a bit of extra light at night. The broadcast continues on as the specialist continues talking about other topics like how such an occurrence might effect solar energy or the reason as to why it might appear to be getting closer. In the ruins of where superbia died the light of the star is still focusing into a small beam. A figure seems to be contemplating the position of the star as well as the ground around the ruins. The figure is none other then the embodiment of Pride Hubris. Such a strange twist of fate... I suppose the end shall justify the means though...
Parad is busy mopping the lobby of Genm Corp's Corporate HQ, when he catches sight of the TV broadcast. Two suns eh? That sounds pretty dangerous, I'll have to investigate... He hangs up his uniform, donning his black jacket and vibrant pants, he departs from the building.
As soon as Parad departs, he quickly meets Emu Hojo walking on the streets Fancy meeting you here, friend. What brings you out here tonight?
*Fayth forms from a storm of strange white orbs* Multiple suns, hmm? Where's Hou Yi when ya need him?
*Ruka strolls around* Huh. Another sun. Or is it? I need ro investigate this further!
*Minato is watching the news broadcast from the station square* Another sun..? *He looks at the sky* ...
Parad disappears, moving drastically closer to the beam of light. That damn impostor...
Quattro watches the news for a short time from a nearby restaurant, thinking back on the last major event. The report on suns catch his eye, though he had seen them around before, never had he noticed the second one getting closer. Well, I suppose this will serve as good of a debut as any. Its time to show the world what I can really do. Quattro gets up, paying for his meal and stepping out into the streets. He walks closer to the second sun, in hopes of gaining a better look.
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The beam of light emanating from the second sun shines down upon Hubris' location. It seems as though the source of the new sun might be located there. The Ruins of the destroyed temple glimmer brightly in the light. Hubris seems to be staring directly into the light as he smiles with a joy that almost seems unsettling to associate with the usually serious natured sin.
Emu chases down Parad Faker? I think you're the fake Kamen Rider around here! You're comparing yourself to me? HA! You're not even good enough to be my f-!
*Ruka points her keyblade at the sun, a small beam of light gets shot at the star - hitting it in 2 minutes and 46 seconds. After 5 minutes, Ruka shoots again, this time it takes 1 minute and 15 seconds - her face then turns pale* This star! It will consume this world!

*A high school aged girl, dressed in an out of town uniform, wanders down the street. Herself looking up at the sky.* What a strange city Tokyo is... A supposed second sun.
*Fayth is sitting on a chair behind Ruka* Expert detective skills there.
Well, the Nexus does have a lot of weird stuff in it... *He summons Thanatos with his Velvet Compendium, then Minato gets on Thanatos' back* Fly me up to a roof... *Minato and Thanatos fly up to a roof on a skyscraper*
*Ruka jumps up as Fayth talked to her* Kya~~! Mister! Don't startle me!
*Quattro, now wearing sunglasses as staring directly at any sun is a bad idea, observes the beam of light and follows it to Hubris's location, catching sight of the strange man. Quattro laughs cheerily before waving to Hubris* Don't you know not to look directly at a star? I heard it hurts your eyesight after all. More to the point, what's a fine man like yourself doing all the way out here?
Parad stands at a distance, watching Hubris, but not acting. Now that's fishy...
*The boy laughs* Sorry, sorry. So then, Keyblade master. Whats up with second sun?
This sun. I don't know if it is getting closer on itself or if it gets bigger, but it is approaching at a dangerous speed! If we don't stop it, this world will get engulfed by the star's flames!
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Hubris looks down to Quattro with white light in his eyes as he smirks with a look of someone who just won a grand lottery. With his arms crossed he slowly walks towards the Quattro. My eyes can see clearly. More importantly, how do you feel now? How do you feel knowing your salvation is at hand? It's beautiful, isn't it. A true work of art... ...And soon... The whole world will contain such beauty... Hubris stops in place as he lifts his arms to the sky. His enthusiasm grows as he looks back up to the bright white light.
Sounds bad. Ok then. See you there. *Fayth dissipates into a number of balls of ghostly light.*
*Just as he makes it on to the roof, he switches his persona to Hell Biker to repel some of the heat, and then looks directly at the sun* Hmm, this is strange...
Parad crouches down, taken a little back by the conversation. Salvation...? That's cliche villain talk...
PK noticing the 2 suns for the first time is staring at both of them, burning his eyes to the point where he's actually smoking, before looking away and rubbing away the ash, looking around him for a second and noticing the people gathering, shouting out Hello! What seems to be the problem everyone!
Emu completely ignores Parad calling Hubris a villain and steps into the conversation Does Salvation include playing video games, by any chance?

*The girl stops in front of the ruined temple, hearing the commotion inside and looking back at the light...* No, something is definitely wrong here... This place seems almost like another dream. *She looks inside the Temple, cautiously...*
What a weird person. Anyways, lets practise "it"! *Ruka concentrates herself onto her keyblade, as it changed shaped, slowly looking like a modern sailboat ready for space* It looks better! *She jumps in and drives a few laps with it, but the transformation suddenly stopped and she fell head-first into the mud, creating a comedic effect* Not again...
*Quattro blankly stares at Hubris for a little while, he chuckles faintly and is about to speak when Ex-aid pipes up* No, Salvation has nothing to do with video games. Honestly, he sounds like one of those corner-side preachers. Whatever he means, I'm pretty sure I don't want part in it.
...Does such beauty require the sacrifice of life, Hubris? The man in red descends, landing next to him and seeming to ignore the others present for the time being. The life of a child was lost through the actions of your "sibling". I am curious, creature. What is it you hope to gain here, and what will be the cost?
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The second sun doesn't seem to actually admit any heat but rather an almost chilling feeling can be felt coming off it. It feels almost strangely familiar, like something you've felt before but in a much stronger intensity. Any attacks upon it seem to dissolve before reaching it. Hubris looks over to Emu with a grin still plastered on his face. He sets his arms back into a crossed position before answering. Video games? What if I told you that you could be the perfect gamer in this new world? That all video games would be masterpieces as well? Does that sound like a paradise to you?
*Fayth reforms near Hubris and Quattro* So. Extra suns. Anyone need an archer to shoot the bonus one down? I learned form the best.
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Hubris' smile seems to dimmer as the man in red speaks. He meets his gaze with one of regret but his eyes are unwavering as he speaks. I would not consider a monster like that as my sibling. I didn't wish for Superbia's life to end there... I didn't want them to have to face this imperfect world either though. I wish not for death but only... ...Perfection. This world will be perfect... ...I will save humanity no matter what it costs.

Psh, Video Games? Salvation? Something's wrong here for sure. *She stealths with an air of experience over to one of the few remaining benches and sits down upon it. Looking almost concerningly normal for such a strange place.*
*PK hops down next to Hubris and smiles, speaking in his cheerful, obnoxiously loud tone. So what's this "Salvation?" Oh! Are you gonna heal everyone to full and cure everyone's ailments? That's a noble deed! I shall assist you in this task! Helping out people is a Pancake_Knight's duty after all!
*She continues her practice until she finally masters it* Alright! No more long walks!
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Parad looks displeased, if not minorly annoyed. He mutters angrily under his breath. All these morons approaching some crazy guy, expecting to use reason, or planning on instigating him? Gah that's just about the lamest thing I've ever seen! Everyone knows you gotta wait til right before his plan is complete before cutting him off...
The man closes his eyes, looking up at the sun himself. How foolish, to think you alone may determine what defines perfection. Do not play god, sin. You are no deity.
Emu smiles at Hubris Well, as long as it makes me and others happy, quality doesn't matter to me!
*He looks ahead and sees the beam shining on the temple* That place looks suspicious... *He gets on Hell Biker's bike and they both fly towards the temple*
Hey, there is a beam of light *Ruka enters her glider and drives towards the beam*
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Hubris returns to his serious demeanor as he seems disappointed. He walks away from everyone as he climbs up to a heightened platform. This was the same reason I started this in the first place. Nobody understands... That's why they're all dead... My siblings...Their lives were taken simply because they believed in a different world. My own world rejected simply because of what I am. Hubris looks down at the group as the light in his eyes intensifies. A stream of light begins trialing in spirals around his body as his form glows with a furious light. None of you understand this pain! What's wrong with wanting a perfect world? What's wrong with wanting to end the people's suffering? WHo cares if people's will is altered? Is it wrong that I believe in a world dictated by Pride...? Pride is all I have anymore!
Oh great. Another idiot who think he's Lucy. *The by hangs his head.* I'm sick of you guys.

Well you see, mister. *The girl finally stands and makes herself known!* The problem is you're changing the will of the masses, without getting anyone's input on the matter. I get that you've had a bad life, but that doesn't give anyone the right to force their idea of salvation on anyone. And don't even get me started on if you think this is the chosen time for salvation.
*Ruka arrives at some ruins* What is this place? *She notices the bunch of people* What's going on here?
Emu chuckles at Hubris's resolve Wanting to change the world? What a great resolve to have. Well... Emu stands tall and looks at Hubris, eyes wide. He appears quite serious If it will retrieve your smile, then I will assist you in this cause!
PK takes a step back from the sudden shift, surprised at the outburst before recomposing and responding I can understand why you might be upset at the death of your siblings, but that doesn't mean you should take it out on the world! Although the reason for their death is shrewd! I don't believe that anyone should die! I think we have different definitions of a perfect world! My vision is for a world where nobody has to suffer! The evil are brought to justice and reformed for the good! Having free will is something that everyone should have! Pride? I don't understand! How could pride help us?
*Minato and Hell Biker enter the temple* What is this place..?
*Quattro looks at Hubris for a long moment. There's something.... New in his eyes, is it pity, compassion, sympathy? Who knows. He takes a deep breath, and turns back to the man* But is suffering, in its own way, not beautiful? I can understand going to any lengths in order to help someone, to make the world better.... But think about what you're saying. *Quattro looks over to his right arm, focusing on the intricate bracelet that rests upon it. The bracelet is white and gold, like the rest of his coloration, and possesses a large, purple gemstone upon it* To remove anything from the world, even something unpleasant, would be to detract from it. Without this world, with all its flaws and misconceptions, you'd have nothing to base your "perfection" on.
*Ruka sees Minato* And thus we meet again.
The man smiles at Saki's input, and turns back to Hubris. It is just as she says, Hubris. What you desire...perhaps in your mind it does sound just. However, this world is not yours alone, this is a world for all of humanity to take hold of. Living...is making choices. If you take that right away from man, then are they truly living? He falls silent, touching his chin and looking down in thought. Long ago, in a world far from this one...humanity was given a chance to alter the will of the species. To change the world how they saw fit. However, one man chose to create a world where everyone had the freedom to choose how they wished to live. That is what I wish for as well. So, Sin of Pride; while you are free to strive for a world of perfection in your own eyes, I too am free to oppose you.
Parad gets up from his hiding spot, and approaches the group, a smug demeanor hiding his intent. You know, pride can only get you so far! I'd know... a "perfect" world based on pride, isn't the kind of world I want to live in! Parad breaks out into a forced laugh. Man! A world like that would be SUPER lame!
*He looks at Ruka* Heh, yeah...
Here for the light aswell?
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Hubris looks forward as a sudden rage takes hold of them. The glow begins shining greatly in their eyes as their body is enveloped in a radiant burst of light. They face the group as blades of white light begin materializing all around the ruins. So, you will oppose my world, too. I will see this world shine with the light of Superbia. I've come...I've come too far now! I will avenge them all! I-I will get rid of those who would dare oppose a better world! I am humanities savior! The variety of blades and weapons begins crashing down, homing in specifically on Al, Quattro, Saki, Pk, Parad, and Fayth. [Battle Start!] [Player Turn]
*He nods his head* Yeah...
PK reacts too slowly and a bunch of weapons pierces him all over his body, PK grunting and calling out to his companions, Pancake and Syrup striding next to him as the three of them smile, PK reaching backward and spreading out his arms to generate a portal into a Velvet dimension, Pancake, and Syrup entering within and fusing to generate Waffles, who then, in turn, strike the ground nearby PK with a spear, striking him with electricity as his laser blade sparks to life, extending out towards Hubris and striking him with the brunt of the large blade Don't underestimate a Pancake Knight! I can't allow anyone to hurt anybody! Even if it's for a good purpose, spilling blood is not righteous!
Parad inserts his Perfect Knockout Gashat into his driver. [MAZARU UP] A bright blue, and vibrant red box appears in front of him, blocking the blades. The box then glides past him, as it does so, he is soon in a blue and red armor, with a fire and puzzle piece motif. This better not bore me!

*The female backflips, using her seat for support. With a shattering sound, a half a mask, comprised of blue flame, burns on her face...* Aion! *The second part of the mask appears behind her, being worn by a golden, feminine figure. The hours of a clock lazily and without any order floating around her.* Time to put your light out! *With a flick of her wrist, the Persona she commands sends the 7 flying at Hubris. The number morphing into energy as the ground rumbles, foretelling the sudden rise of a stalagmite beneath Hubris' feet.*
Don't you get it?? There's no.... *Catching sight of the weapons, Quattro quickly summons his duel disk and throws the first card he sees on there..... Gimmick Puppet Princess. The doll-like monster emerges just in time to get destroyed by Hubris's weapons. The ones aimed at Quattro now have string trailing along them, unless they simply vanish of course* Can't we just settle this in a card game? No? Very well, Lets go Scissor Hands. *After removing Princess's card Quattro lays down that for Scissor-Hands, the large purple mannequin with, well, scissors for hands emerges from his COMP, "gazing" blankly around the area.*
Wires shoot out from the man's back, blocking a good few of the attacks. He was caught off guard however, and one sword in particular pierces his leg and comes out the other side. there is no blood or usual human innards, but a nebula-like space where he was struck. The man slides back a few inches from the force of the attack, and looks back up at Hubris. So, this is your choice. A shame, the last of your kind remaining, and you wish to throw your life away. The least I can offer you is a dignified end. Come Hubris, Sin of Pride. Let us see who's will is stronger. The man snaps his fingers, and three bursts of almighty energy pop into reality like balloons right where Hubris is standing.
*Fayth looks slightly irritated as the weapon grazes him* Now that's just plain rude. Cool off. *Fayth motions for an ice spike to appear from below Hubris* *Fayth casts Blizzagun. Severe Ice damage.*
*Minato and Hell Biker go to where the battle is taking place* A six on one battle..? Isn't that a little unfair?
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Hubris attempt to jump away as PK swings his blade. Though the blade hits his foot a white flame seems to appear where the blade meets Hubris' body. Though no physical damage appears Hubris still winces in pain slightly. As Hubris lands the earthen spike comes up and seems to pierce through him as white flames rise from his body. The strings attached to the light weapons which now rest on the ground. Hubris seems to float into the air as light surrounds his body as he removes the earthen spike. He stands floating in the air as his feet are shrouded in the light. He's breathing heavily as he stares the group down. That pain...I will return it tenfold! The almighty energy pops and bursts next to Hubris as a cloud of smoke fills the air around him. The ice spike flies up to pierce Hubris from beneath. A pained gasp is heard from within the cloud of smoke before a laughter is beginning echoing from within. Such grand effort but I will not lose... I am perfect! [Enemy Turn]
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Hubris slashes the smoke away with a blade of light in his hand. He holds his hand out towards the party as almighty energy begins culminating within. As the glow intensifies the ground begins shaking and the glow around his body becomes intense. Finally, he unleashes a small sphere of light that floats in between the group. Sparks seem to fly off it before the ball rapidly begins expanding destroying all it touches as it quickly extends.
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MAX DAI HENSHIN! Emu then transforms into his maximum Mighty I'll change Hubris's fate! Emu then jumps between the party and Hubris and speaks Halt this madness! Isn't there another way we can settle this!?
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[Player Turn]
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The man thinks fast, flying backwards and coiling several metal wires around Parad. Please, make this count, Parad. He tosses the rider into the air, out of the blast zone of Hubris' attack, subsequently taking the brunt of it himself. The man goes sliding along the ground, his clothes singed and more nebula similar to the one present on his leg are visibly peppered along his skin. He struggles to turn, and look at Ex-Aid. E-Emu Hojo...I would advise you...to stay...away. This can only end...one way.

*Unfortunantly, there's no real way to respond to that when a rapidly-expanding orb of destruction is trying to... well, destroy you. The girl darts toward the spot where the door was, taking cover behind it and hoping the orb doesn't intend to grow larger than the building. She draws a gun, taking a few shots at Hubris from the doorway.*
Parad, after recovering from the abrupt shock of being flung into the air, summons his Parabragun, and turns it into its gun form. Now this is fun! Time to make this count! He fires a blue laser with a red outline at Hubris.
PK doesn't manage to notice the explosion and it rapidly eclipses him, fortunately for our foolhardy pancake hero he still stands on his two feet with burns all over his body, breathing deeply as he commands Waffles to heal, surrounding all party members in green light which mends wounds and cures ailments Not gonna fall quite so easily! Keep trying!
*Minato gets hit by the attack* HP: 900/999 *Sigh* *He summons Alice with his Velvet Compendium, then she casts concentrate on Minato*
HP: 999/999 Thanks PK...
*Fayth strafes to the side of the orb, but is caught by it expanding, taking damage* Tch. Annoying little... *Fayth fires a stream of flames from the palm of his hand *Fayth casts Firagun. Severe Fire Damage*
*Quattro begins stepping back, following Saki's lead at running behind the door, hopefully safe as Scissor-hands mindlessly walks towards the sphere and is ripped apart* I hope you don't mind me taking cover as well, I'm not much of a fighter miss, that's why I have the puppets to do it for me.... Speaking of which.... *Quattro hastily begins throwing down more monsters* Such an inconvenience to have to merge them, but there's little else I can do, first Necro doll comes out, then Magnet doll follows, and finally...... *A coffin bursts out of the ground near the doorway, from which another small puppet, like that of a children's hospital doll comes out. It is followed by another puppet, this one made entirely of ball-and-socket joints, which manages to get itself stuck to the previous one.* Now, building the overlay, come forth, Number 40. *The two dolls form into a dark, purple sphere that rises a little towards the descending sun, the sphere begins to fade away, allowing a new figure to take form. A new puppet descends and takes the form of a large, roughly twice the size of the average human, green mannequin with a red Roman Soldier's skirt. A single, mechanical wing emerges from its left shoulder, unfurling into mettalic, white feathers and a "40" brand upon it. Its chest splits into two, revealing a series of strings inside as the puppet draws forth a large sword, with a triangle cut-out in the middle * Gimmick Puppet: Heaven's Strings.
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The bullets piece through Hubris' chest as white flames burst through the holds and they begin to close. Next, the laser pierces through Hubris directly causing him to fall as more white flames burst out of him. He stands back up with a grin on his face. The fire engulfs him completely as smoke rises from above and a faint white light can be seen through the flames. This is pointless... I will not be brought down so easily! Nothing you do can hurt me! The white light expands as the flames are extinguished by Hubris' white flames. Though Hubris claims immortality something seems off about his breathing. Not only that but his hands shake slightly. The ball of almighty energy begins recondensing back into a tiny sphere as the ball of energy returns to Hubris' hand. [Enemy Turn]
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The flames around Hubris grow intense as they cluster more and more. The flames burst out of Hubris' body and begin floating around the room wildly as if dancing. The dancing white flames quickly pace back and forth around the room trying to hit anyone they can. My light will never die! Now burn before the flames of Superbia! Hubris' legs begin shaking as his breathing grows heavier. This body...
Ooc: back Ic: If you intend for this fight to continue... Emu glares at Al dishearteningly Then i'm afraid I'll have to stop you right now! Emu jumps directly in front of Al and swings a right hook with his giant bulky fist
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[Player Turn]
Parad changes his Parabragun to axe mode, and continues falling toward Hubris. After getting hit by a flame in his arm he begins batting away the other flames in his way as he descends. Just because you have The Fake on your side doesn't mean I'll go easy! Parad slashes his axe directly at Hubris.

Can't heal fully, can you? Maybe it's time you give up the ghost before you become one. I'll give you this one chance.
*Minato gets hit by three of the fireballs, or whatever he's throwing at us* HP: 850/999 This guy has some serious power... *He switches his persona to Trumpeter, then casts Debilitate on Hubris*
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*Fayth lets the flames pass though him, expecting not to get hurt. He is, though* Spirit fire? Or at least something similar. D-damn it... *Fayth snaps his fingers. A bolt of lightning splits the sky, heading towards Hubris* *Fayth casts Thundagun. Severe electric damage
Too injured to defend himself, the man flies to the left as a result of being hit from the right. Luckily, he is knocked out of the path of the flames Hubris sent out. He struggles to stand, falling over himself as his humanoid body groans in pain. It seems...I must push myself further. The wires engulf their master, coiling in and out in knots over each other. They dissipate, and in place of the man's human body is a cube-like object with ever shifting dimensions, suspended by a square wire frame and floating a few inches above the ground. Now then, let us begin anew. Ominous Star. A green shock of electricity fires at both Ex-Aid and Hubris, afflicting them with a debuff that will zap them for almighty damage every time they take damage from another source.
*As Heaven's Strings is fairly large, and its movements awkward, it finds itself unable to dodge the spiraling flames, getting scorched on its legs, losing a few metallic feathers, it closes its left-hand around air, and in a moment, one can see a few thin strings connecting Number 40's closed fist, to those around Hubris's leftover light weapons. The metallic pull taut as 40 tugs on them Quattro shouts from his place just outside the temple* Alright, lets see how you like a taste of your own medicine, Number 40, strike him down. *40 makes a large, sweeping gesture, pulling the leftover swords out of the ground and swinging them in a wide arc towards Hubris*
*PK seeing his opportunity dashes forward and allows himself to get signed by the flames, taking a few hits but it's not stopping him, as he reaches up to Hubris he holds his laser blade next to him as he attempts to tackle Hubris, letting all of the built up electricity out and conducting it through himself to Hubris if the tackle connects It's true though! You don't have to fight us! I believe that everyone has good in their heart! However, if you plan to hurt people I can't take that sitting down!
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Hubris tries to parry the ax strike with his own blade of light but the blade begins shattering as Hubris jumps away. Debilitate flows around Hubris as he tries to dispell it with his white flames again but the flames simply dissipate as debilitate takes effect. The bolt of lightning strikes him as the flames emitting from his body begin growing large with each injury. The green electricity surrounds Hubris and begins floating around him. The volley of weapons attached to strings strikes Hubris passing through his body as large white flames burst out of the wounds one by one. Afterwards, the green aura begins shocking him as well. Hubris tries to stand as his body shakes he looks at the group as his white eyes begin glowing more brightly than ever but through that light, he looks tired above all else. As he sees PK running at him with the blade and an electric charge. He smiles as he sees his impending demise. He offers no resistance as PK tackles him unleashing all his built up charge into Hubris as white flames Engulf Hubris' body. Finally, free from this fragile form... Hubris lays on the ground breathing heavily. [End of Battle]
That's all, I guess I was right about this being an unfair fight...
Emu flies backwards due to Kids show magic Oh no!
Parad sighs and begins backing away, but he doesn't detransform. I'd stay on your guard people... try and tend to your wounds, but don't get too invested. No way this guy is down for the count, that'd be too lame!

*The girl wanders back into the temple and looks at Hubris* Well, ready to take that chance? This is usually the part where you either unleash some crazy surprise attack or give up and make amends.
PK gets up slowly from the tackle and wipes his brow, healing the party with a bit of salvation before turning to Hubris and lends him a hand with a smile Whew! That was a tough match! I hope you aren't too hurt! You could always change your ways! I believe in you!
The now Septentrione floats in place, turning ever so slightly toward Hubris before righting itself. Parad is right, all of you. There must be more to this than meets the eye, stay on your guard.
That did seem a little easy. *Fayth folds his arms, as if waiting for something*
*Minato pulls out a Bead from his pocket* I'd might as well... *He eats it, Minato's HP is fully restored*
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Hubris looks around while still on the ground. White flames continue engulfing his body more and more growing large and larger in size. No... There is no redemption anymore. I'll miss the body my siblings grew so fond of... It's time to throw out what little humanity I had left. An aspect of myself I had grown fond of... The flames grow brighter as a blue light engulfs Hubris' body. Despite his injuries, he stands upright as his skin begins fading away. In a massive flash, the once formal looking man is replaced by a massive figure resembling a blue humanoid figure with burnt wings. Unlike Hubris' somewhat gentle but serious tone this figure has an echoing voice that neither sounds male or female. Behold... The true form of your Pride! I am Hubris, the sin of Pride. It is through the sins of man that I am born. As long as you hold pride within you I shall never die! I wish for none of your deaths. Now accept fate and be taken by Superbia's light.
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Parad shuffles some tokens around in the air by waving his hands. Y'know that saying "Pride Cometh Before the Fall" probably fits here, but I'll beat you nonetheless. He stops moving his hand, and a large silver coin falls down to him, as he turns into a metallic sheen. Now, count up your sin- that's not right...
*He looks up at Hubris' new form* It looks like that Kamen Rider was right...
Gets up
PK gets blasted back from the burst of flames and he scrambles up quickly, taking a look at his drained laser blade, he decides to put it away for now and attempt to talk Hubris down Pride?!? No! Your wrong! Everyone can have redemption if they simply reach out! Even monsters and demons can work for a just cause! I have to ask you! What is your motive and why!

Oh good. He's bigger now. *Fayth spawns a white flag, waving it sarcastically before turning the flag into a sword.* Whoop de do.
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Hm.... should have seen that coming. You were a bit too calm about the whole dying thing. So, are you going to fight us now, or make us wait?
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The angelic skeleton looks down at PK. Their eyes are empty, only filled with a bright white light. I am above such lowly creatures as Gods and Demons. My motivation has always been a simple one. To bring the worms of humanity to a higher level. I will grant mankind true freedom through enlightenment...Though perfection they shall be saved. Then, I shall be viewed and worshiped as their savior... ...That is who I am... ...The sin of Pride! The mightest of all sins and the one who is above all! Even God themself must bow to before my power!
Saiduq looks up at Hubris' new form, not seeming very shocked. To think I would witness your true self with my own eyes. Truly, I am blessed. No matter what happens however, I cannot allow your world to come to fruition. Hubris, Sin of Pride. I am Alcor, a Septentrione and former servant to the world's Administrator, Polaris. I challenge you, and your desire with my own.
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The skeletal figure looks down before the group with white flames surrounding his body. Fight? No... I invite you to all try as you might but now... You will be unable to even phase me. As long as you hold the smallest bit of Pride in your hearts you shall all burn before the light of the sun.
Parad chuckles. I remember being prideful... it sucked... once confronted with the concept of defeat... it felt like I was drowning... but I moved beyond that now! I live to save lives, for there is nothing more precious! Parad throws a golden coin at Hubris, if it hits it'll shrink him. Let's see how you deal with this! It'll make your body size just as small as your ideal!
Savior.... If what you say is true than who am I to stop you. If nobody is hurt and everyone lives in peace... PK then begins to break down, his mind frail and weak, obviously debates are not his forte as he responds Promise me this! If you are to go through with this then you better not hurt anybody! If you pledge to work for the betterment of everyone I see no reason to stop you! However! I will fight back otherwise!
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As the coin approaches Hubris his eyes shine brightly as his form lights up. Too close to the sun... The coin begins burning up and dissolving as it approaches Hubris. By the time it reaches him nothing is left except white ash. I wish no harm on anyone. Only those who would oppose me shall be harmed but I will only kill as a last resort.
Why wouldn't we fight you when we don't want scum like you walking the earth..?
Parad thinks to himself what could possibly hurt Pride incarnate, when it hits him. You do know that form of yours looks lame as hell, right? It's pretty unoriginal too. Next time don't go off on some goofy god complex, and maybe I'll take you seriously.
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Hubris looks down at Parad as the light flickers in his eyes. A simple worm like you dare speaks to a great sin like that? Perhaps I need to show you just how big the power difference is between us. Hubris begins forming white flames in his hand as they condense into a flickering ball of light. He continues creating more flames and having them condense. The air begins to tremble as the ball shines as brightly as the sun itself. Don't worry... This won't hurt at all. It'll be over before you can even feel any pain and when you awaken you will feel much better.
Parad shrugs his shoulders. Of course it won't hurt... a weak attack like that couldn't hurt an ant! You may be flashy, but I know some guy who has WAY more pride than you do. The guy would die to defend his title!
Saiduq morphs back to his human form, significantly less injured than before. Though, he's far from perfect. Sin of Pride, no matter how futile it may be...I cannot allow you to force your will upon our world. He extends on hand with an open palm, almighty energy forming in his hand. however, he does not fire. If anything, he's hesitating.
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The flames continue condensing into the ball of flickering light as it grows in size. The earth shakes and debri begins falling from the surrounding area. Maybe this isn't really a good idea? A shame but it seems you are not worthy of ascending with everyone else. I will have to get rid of you now...
Parad strolls up to Hubris, not even shielding his visor, and punches him in the face. Stop acting like a child!

This could hurt. *Fayth despawns his sword and snaps his fingers. The light orbs form a different sword, more jagged in appearance. Fayth thrusts it into the ground, hands on the hilt* Heh. Very good.
This won't end well...
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Hubris flinches for a moment as white flames lash out against Parad's hand before he turns back with the fire burning brighter in his eyes. ...How dare you... The light in Hubris' hands bursts into a shining light of destruction that covers the building as a whole.
Chasm! Void! Suddenly a dark void surrounds the building. The light still goes off destroying the building but all within the void take no damage. Damn... That was a lot of energy... A hooded figure falls to the ground within the center of the void.
*He looks at the void around him* What the..?
Parad lands after his strike, and shakes his hand in pain. Damn, that stung you know!
H-huh? *PK then turns behind him, looking at Lux and scratching his head Oh, hey Lux! What are you doing here?

OOC: Need to sleep. Night all.
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The building falls to pieces. Whatever was left off the temple is now nothing but rubble. Hubris stands at the end of the rubble looking down at everyone with glowing white eyes. Perhaps it's best I leave now... My plan is almost complete thus I have no need to do much else but wait now. A white light envelops Hubris as his form turns into condensed light and travels up towards the white sun.
Parad detransforms, a burn mark on his knuckles. Looks like I'll have to keep watch, that guy deserves more than just a punch now...
Lux stays down on his knees as the void shrinks back into the hands of a shadowy humanoid figure with skin that looks like the cosmos. All that just to keep a few people alive... Looks like this isn't the best day for me.
*He turns his head to Lux* Are you OK..?
Parad cradles his arm as he walks over to Lux. Looks like you saved my life, guess that means I owe you one... and by that I mean I'll continue to save lives another day, but that pride guy doesn't mess around. Usually the boss fight is unwinnable, THEN you can beat him straightaway, but that guy just up and bolted. Not that retreating to finish your grand scheme isn't cliche either, but...
Lux slowly gets up as Chasm vanishes in a flash of blue light. I'm fine, that just was a bit more power than I'm used to nullifying. Threw me a bit off guard. Lux looks up towards the white sun. More importantly is how to get rid of that...

A white sun well this is strange
Hehe! A life is worth a million days of work to me! I would go any length to save someone!Thanks for that! I kinda lost myself there! He didn't have a bad goal! But his methods were questionable! I see that now! I have to save the sin of pride!
Lux continues staring at the white sun. He sighs before continuing to speak in a somewhat unmotivated tone. Whatever you want to do... Though if you were to go up there and fight him on his own turf I don't think the flames would treat you well. Of course, I can nullify those flames but I'm not all powerful or anything. I can only use Chasm's power for so long, not to mention getting up there in the first place would be pretty tricky.

How would we get up there exactly
Lux shrugs before looking off into the corner with a bored expression. Beats me. I'm an android, not a genie...
*He looks at the sun* *Sigh* ...
Parad steps forward. I've got flight tokens, but they only work one at a time, so that would get myself up there... I don't think I want to fight the embodiment of Pride alone...

How many you got left
Hmmm... If only there was a way to change his way of thinking! That could solve all of our problems! But that sounds impossible!

Like the metaverse
Well, I'm out of here for now. I have to recharge my batteries. I'll see you all later. Hopefully, by then you've figured something out... In a flash of yellow light accompanied by ticking Lux disappears.
Parad slumps against a broken wall. I'll stay here for tonight, this fight may not have given me much to think about, but I have to rest...

Very well see y'all tomorrow
*Minato leaves*
*Ruka returns to only see rubble and Parad* What happened? *Parad explains the situation to Ruka* I see. I shall look for answers.
Parad lied profusely since he wanted to keep this as low profile as possible. I feel like I didn't even say anything though...
OoC: I read most stuff that happened since I went to bed and basically translated the "reading everything I missed" oart into the conversation.
(well now all of your information is wrong, guess you'll have to adapt.)
ooc: That's ooc knowledge, lass. Not a good thing except with a select few exceptions.
OOC: Well, I suppose I will have to IC: *Ruka, driven in thoughts* His information doesn't align with my intel... O need to investigate more *she enters a gate that leads to the inners of the tunnel*

(returns from the metaverse) well has anyone found anything I searched in the metaverse for clues and I came up empty
What's going on here? A silver-haired person in a school uniform approaches the group. A black snake peeks out of his sleeve.

(Looks at the snake) now I've seen everything
"Good job. A gold star for you." The snake speaks very sarcastically. Quite an attitude for such a small serpent. "Now can you answer this guy's question? We don't have all day."

We're trying to figure out how to get to that strange second sun up there

*Fayth appears behind Blu* Shoot it down with a bow. Worked the last time.

I could use my persona (Seth appears and shoots a bolt of electricity at the sun)

But other than that I don't have a bow
"Yes. Fire a lightning bolt at the freaking sun. A genius idea." The snake sighs and shakes its head.

I have the Fujin Yumi. It's range isn't as good as Hou Yi's holy bow, though. Can't quite reach.

Well I don't have any other ranged spell except for a fire spell
*A man walks into the scene* Hey random people who I don't know.
"I don't think that's the problem here. Just let the sun set so we can get it." I don't think that's how it wor- "Shush. This is magic sun. Magic sun is weird."

Let me guess the snake talks

You'll be waiting a while for that sun to set, me thinks. Can anyone fly? Might make this easier.

Lux probably can but like she said her protection only lasts for so long
"No, I'm just a puppet. OF COURSE I TALK!" The snake hisses. "Enough of this. Let's go do that homework of yours, Aoi." But- "Don't you dare suggest flying into the sun. Don't want your Persona to live up to its name." The two depart...

So even if we can go up there we need something to survive the heat

What a pain. It'd take a ghost or someone who can't feel pain.
What's going on here?

There's another option we could change its way of thinking like pancake knight suggested
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OOC: I would like to mention that I probably won't be able to continue this plot today as I have class for almost the entire day. Tommorow though my schedule will be the same as Monday so I'll be able to continue then.

We are trying to find out how to get to the second sun
The second sun? Oh, you mean that second sun.

No, we're talking abour the infamous game. Honestly... *Fayth shakes his head* Regardless, let's think about this some more and meet back up later. Bye now. *Fayth dissipates in a number of ghostly white orbs*

Very well then (walks off)
*The man leaves*
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