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The Velvet Café: A New Order
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(In one of the alleyways in Shibuya, there is a blue glass door with the sign flipped to open standing there in the middle of the alleyway. You might want to open it.)
This is unnecessary.
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I know.
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Eh, just sink the thread.
OOC:Good choice >:)
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Ooc: Posting is just gonna make the thread rise.
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Ooc: Actually, NAH FAM *Rises the thread*
*Opens the door*
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(The interior looks like a café, and a Velvet Room at the same time.) *Minato looks at Hisato* Welcome to the Velvet Café...
Nice place. *Sits down on a booth*
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Thanks, I somehow convinced Igor to give this place to me...
I see..
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So, would you like anything..?
What do you have in stock?
Rushes into the cafe Ayy! Eh?
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I think Igor told me that we have everything that every other café has...
Igor walks in the door, a rather annoyed and confused look on his face... Why on earth is his former and as far as he knew gone guest in here? Worst of all treating the place like a dammed cafe, PK making pancakes was bad enough but this? "Hello, and welcome to the Velvet Room, you already know the drill Fool Of Death so I'll not waste your time explaining... I'm rather interested in what you're doing with this place. Last I checked you were only a guest not it's master, so care to tell me this tale?" His tone betrays the fact that Igor is most displeased at the room's sudden takeover, That God Of Order was one thing... Heh more of a test actually, but this? He surely did not plan for this takeover in the least bit.
*Walks in and goes up to the attic with Momiji* night guys
What's with the nose?
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*Minato looks at Igor* Didn't you tell me that I could have this place..?
Coffee then. *Looks at Igor* Nice nose.
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*Minato sends a floating card over to Hisato* All you have to do is crush the card, and your coffee will appear...
Goes over to Minato Hey! Got any drinks?
*The swat van arrives, with a turret sirens up and a turret on top. The swats quickly jump out, taking cover behind the van. THe megaphone turns on.* MOST WANTED, MINATO YUKI. COME OUT WITH YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP, WERE DONE WITH YOUR SHIT!
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*He looks at Felix* Yeah, what would you like..?
*Crushes the card,and the coffee appears* Cool.
... "I'm not quite sure I recall this? There have been several versions of myself around the Nexus, more likely one of the others said that."
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*Shiki-Ouji blocks the entrance*
Thinks Got orange juice?
A swarm of golden butterflies begins cluttering in the middle of the velvet room. From within them a man in a mask and black bodysuit emerges. He gives off a warm smile to the guests within the velvet room but something about his eyes seems slightly agitated. An earth-shattering aura can be felt coming off of him. Why hello... Philemon looks over to Igor with a serious look. Igor, can you tell me what these people are doing bringing food into the Velvet room you're supposed to be managing? You know we have a strict no eating in the velvet room policy.
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Oh, well probably one of them told me...
*A different swat member hops out, pulling out a flamethrower, lighting on fire Shiki Ouji.* Burn motherfucker!
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*Minato sends a card to Felix*
*Pops out from under a chair wearing velvet room clothes* Hey Minato! New cafe eh? Who's the nerd?
Looks at the card, then tries to pick it up Uhh, what am I supposed to do? And what's with the yellow rat?
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*Shiki-Ouji uses Riot Gun on the SWAT*
*Looks over at the SWAT team* Oh, those nerds...
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*To Felix* Crush it... *To Pika* I have no idea, and where did you get that outfit..?
*The swat takes a hit to the fuel compartment, exploding leaving guts everywhere, as well as a burnt Shiki dealing heavy fire damage.*
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*Shiki-Ouji shatters, and then is resummoned*
Only a local school shooter can help.
Elizabeth enters, her face twisting between curiosity and confusion at the sight before her. This is... a cafe? I must say, I am quite disappointment my suggestion to create a club in this place was turned down in favor of this... but even so it does seem quite exciting!
Grabs the card and attempts to crush it, but with great effort Like this?
PK steps out a backroom and notices that both of his bosses are there and starts to wave before hearing the no food policy, noticing that his mouth has crumbs and syrup all over himself, attempts to slowly get out of the cafe, before tripping on a chair, which tips over more chairs, which tips over tables, eventually everything has tipped in an domino effect with PK on the floor
*Pulls out a velvet themed Ak and evoker* I have no idea why I became all blue.
Strength has increased!
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Yes.. *A cup of orange juice is summoned in Felix's hand* *Minato turns to Elizabeth* Oh, hello...
*walks back downstairs*
*The swats quickly run past, kicking the door open and well, shit happens.* GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND OR WE WILL BLAS YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF YOU PIECE OF SHIT! *The swats throw in tear gas aswell.*
Looks over at Elizabeth Uhh... Hi?
*Starts gunning the SWAT squad down with his velvet AK*
Jumps on the ground AHHH! DON'T KILL ME!
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*Summons Undertale cringe for the SWAT to look at* I already know their weaknesses... Ooc: Prepare to die inside, Iwai.
OOC:Welp review 0/10
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Ooc: God damn it Sho.
Igor sighs at the madness and shrugs. This idiocy has gone on long enough and as the old man waves his hands suddenly the place becomes blank, just a blue room with no real features in it. "If I'm right some impostor gave our former guest the place, regardless of that it's not as though it's hard to clean up the mess, I'm..." Igor looks at the tear gas and sighs, why on earth are these mortals involved now? He absently flips through a Persona Compendium and Tsukuyomi stands behind him, dark energy gathering around the Persona before suddenly the SWAT team vanishes, seemingly having been teleported elsewhere because Igor had no desire to deal with them. "Right sorry about that, where was I? Ah yes right, The Velvet Room is no cafe and I gave no such permission young guest. Now if everyone bar Elizabeth would either calm down or clear out I'd greatly thank you, Persona fusion shall of course remain offered here but beyond that consider us closed for business. No food no drink and most of all no more SWAT teams, so any questions?"
*THe van just drives away.*
*Grabs some milk and puts it in a bottle*
*Steals his milk* Hah! Also hey Ikebu.
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*He raises his hand* Can I at least keep those cards that summon the food..?
Is still on the ground I AM INNOCENT!
OOC:@-Igor never use my personal again!
Ikebu,hiding from girls? *Points at his outfit*
I guess Ikebu has learned from his pimplord days...
Elizabeth's wonder turns to a look of disappointment as the room returns to its former look at the Masters whim. It was too good to be true, I suppose. It would have been astounding if you had convinced my Master to redecorate, a shame it was only you acting on your own. You say you had permission though? Perhaps this is something to look into. Having impostors of Master running around would be quite... troublesome. She ends the thought with a giggle.
Slowly stands up Are the swat away?
*pulls down hood*
*PK then raises his hand, voice muffled by being faceplanted, speaking or at least trying to Mmmmm! Mmmpph! Mmmph! *PK then notices that it isn't working and pops up, speaking "normally" as normal as a Pancake Knight can be Can we keep the Velvet Kitchen? I used it to mix personas and pancakes!
*Sighs,looks at Felix* You should learn how to fight.
Philemon walks over to a wall of the room and seems to reach out towards it as a golden door appears. Well, it seems I can leave the rest to you, Igor. I'll return to my study for now. If you have further need of me you need only call my name. Philemon opens and enters the golden door which seems to lead into a white flash of light. As he closes the door behind him it melts away into nothing leaving only the blue wall behind.
*Puts ak away and walks over to the corner* Wonder why I'm in these clothes...
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I agree, having multiple Igor's would be horrible...
Also can you give me the milk back?
You're saying I should learn how to fight? I mean I can fend myself with this electric baton of mine, ish
*Hands Ikebu the milk back* So this nerd cannot even fight for himself?
Well,i mean that was a pussy move..
Questions himself Yeah, I should learn how to fight.
... "You'll have to ask Philemon about that, but I think it would be fine as long as you keep to Personas rather than pancakes. As for the complaints about using your 'Personal' Sho? I'm not quite sure which of the lunatics you are but only one called up that being. And as Master Of The Velvet Room I'm quite able to call upon any Persona I wish. So I'll continue using your unique skills as I see fit."
*Goes upstairs and comes back without the bottle* alright... umm *looks at Felix*
OOC:Review now -10/10
*Drinks whiskey* So, no velvet cafe?
And no cave..Coco is the new boss.
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*Minato looks at Pika* Unfortunately, yes...
Looks over at the green suited guy Hey! Who're you again? Name's Felix!
... crap
Thread Creator

Maybe I can open up my tower to the public...
Oh and I'm Ikebu
Oh... *Takes off velvet costume*
You seem to be potent! Teach me how to fight!
Ah, my apologies. Master Philemon was here, even for a moment, and I did not even notice him until it was too late! But yes, it would be quite problematic for all parties involved if a fake existed. Master... Perhaps we should have our former guest look into it?
*Goes downstairs*
*PK then jumps and begins to shout, summoning a giant bowl and his own 2 persona companions Aw but its dual purpose! You see I take 2 personas! *PK then grabs his two personas and the slowly seem to melt into a bright energy, throwing it into the bowl as he takes a giant spoon Turn them into energy and mix it all up! *PK then takes a couple of strange looking arcana cards labelled "Salvation" and " Justice" the justice one looks like it came straight out of a fangane however, as he drops them into the mixture Add a few cards I found into mixture! And cook at 350F for 20 minutes! *PK then takes the batter and dumps it into a baking pan before shoving it into an oven, using a bit more heat then he should it dings rather quickly and Waffles pops out of the oven, standing tall and proud See! It even doubles as a kitchen!
Sure *kicks Felix in the leg* rule 1: expect the unexpected
*Crosses his arms and watches*
Get's hit Ow!
You use an electric baton, right?
Y-yeah? Pulls out a baton, then presses a button which ignites it in a shower of electric bolts and sparks
Alright so I'd suggest hand to hand combat, using the baton as a trap
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*S. Minato runs in with a worried expression on his face* S. Minato: Everyone, the shadows are going to attack this place!
Looks at the other Minato What?!

Felix,time to prove yourself..
OOC:Cheep move minato
This'll be fun! *Pulls out evoker and M60*
*Hands Felix a pair of gloves* good luck
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Ooc: Ignore, I guess.
Puts gloves on Welp, time to kick b-butt!
Thread Creator

*Hibki runs in, his sword in one hand his phone in the other* I heard something about shadows? Whatever it is I'm here to help!
*pulls out knives and gets into battle position* eh this IS just day one
The Velvet Room being attacked would have not been an issue had you heeded the Masters wishes and not dragged in all your friends.
OOC: Uhh, ok. IC: Doesn't have gloves nor is prepared

OOC: Good job
OOC: whoops, it only appeared after I posted, sorry, IC: Hibki just walks in normally.
Thread Creator

Everyone, I think something bad is about to happen...
What? I mean, I'm just a guy in training wheels!
*Despair Minato stands outside.* "Well then, what do we have here? It seems i've discovered the entrance." *He summons Yoshitsune. * Get them.
*The Persona flies through the glass door, and slashes at Minato.*
Thread Creator

*He notices the Yoshitsune* Crap... *He summons Yoshitsune as well* Get that imposter...
*Sho grins and summons Tsukiyomi and megatsu evokes him and prepares a davy Crockett to nuke them all and vorpal blade is casted powered up on them all*
Thread Creator

*Minato's Yoshitsune blocks the attack*
Thread Creator

Igor, do something..!
*Hibki summons his sword in his left hand and prepares his phone in his right hand before getting into a fighting position* Never a dull moment huh?
Chaos sits from a balcony and looks down at the scene. He seems overly joyful as he watches. Time to see how this game will go... He takes one hand and pulls out his blackened blade as he holds it next to him. I might add my own fun if this proves boring too.
Pulls out baton and runs behind Minato Hey! Uhh! Scary things!
OOC:Good luck blocking a god damn Nuke! IC:*The nuke is armed and sho fires it point blank for minato's head*
*Yawns and gives Felix a blank Persona card* going to bed and I hope you awaken, Felix
*Despair Rom walks up to the door with a small blood trinket in his hand. He holds it to the door, and it starts to spread a black goo onto it...*
Thread Creator

Ooc: Also, Yoshitsune has Null Phys, so that's something.
"Corruption process is 25 percent."

Suddenly Apollo appears before the old man, glowing with flames as a series of burning swords form above him. The blades fly right for Sho's Persona trying to cut the thing into bits and burn it at the same time. "Very well then, I shall not allow such foolish to be committed in this place! Be gone shadows lest I grow weary enough to call upon my true power!"
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*Minato gets hit by the nuke and gets sent flying backwards* Y-You bastard...
*The nuke explodes in the velvet room*
Grabs card W-what?
*Despair Minato's Yoshitsune withdraws, and then slashes again at Hibiki.* "Just give it a rest, Minato. This place will be destroyed soon. Corruption percent, Rom?"
Thread Creator

*He gets up* But that was only a cheap shot...
OOC: Sorry, afk IC: *Wakes up and yawns* What's happening?
Minato and Igor, how badly would you care if this place gets destroyed? I have something that can help but it's, destructive. *After saying this he sends an Agidyne at the shadow Yoshitsune*
*Sho fires another Nuke into the velvet room and then throws an incindiary grenade inside*
A golden door appears on the empty blue wall. A powerful aura can be felt from within as the door shines with a strange warm light. A few golden butterflies surround it.

Tsukiyomi appears again, warping Sho's weapons right to the boy's feet as Igor chuckles, honestly doing the same thing again is foolish.
"30 percent, sir." *Rom fires his Luger at Minato. The shots pass through the glass.*
Thread Creator

Nice, Igor... *He switches his persona to Messiah*
*Sho's Tsukiyomi kills the other one easily* Megatsu evoker pops!
Elizabeth politely taps on the shoulder of the figure resembling Rom. I would advise against whatever it is you are doing. The Masters would not appreciate it. With a smile, Elizabeth takes her own Compendium into her hands. Flipping through the pages, she quickly pulls out and flips it, summoning Masakado before her. The summoned Persona draws its blade and makes two quick slashes in his direction.
*After letting the slash hit him Hibki books it for the golden door* Please let this help!
Thread Creator

*Minato swiftly dodges the Luger* Why is everyone going after me..?
PK seeing the imminent destruction runs off to a a side of the velvet room and opens up a door, summoning up a side room with a window as he stares out of it with Waffles behind him, locking the door and munching on pancakes as he follows the action
*Yoshitsune is thrown back by Agidyne.* "Shoot... Thanatos!" *Thanatos appears in a blinding light and casts Door of Hades, dealing Heavy Almighty damage.*
As Hibki approaches the golden door he can feel a warm aura wash over him as his energy slowly seems to come back. The golden butterflies seem to fly around him as he gets closer.
OOC: Pulls out a card and flips it*. Forgive my mistakes.
*Multiple Shadows appear and protect the shadow of Rom*
*Hibki takes a moment to catch his breath feeling somewhat safe as he observes what's happening. He then checks the door to see if it's locked*
"You made a mistake.." *Rom pulls out his lance and slashes at Elizabeth.* "Corruption 75 percent!"
Thread Creator

*Before the Door of Hades could hit him, he runs inside the golden door*
The knob clicks as it turns. It appears that the door is locked but a strange presence can be felt from the other side. Perhaps if the presence was alerted then the door might open from the other side?

Since Igor's Personas are just as strong as the original if not better, that doesn't happen instead his own summons up a blade made of shadow as it appears behind Sho's, attempting to stab the thing right in the back, nothing personal. Kid. Apollo on the other hand darts right for Rom's shadow, the blades forming into small snakes made of fire that lash at him and try to warp around. Hopefully crushing and burning the thing.
Thread Creator

Kuze, open the damn door..! *He gets hit by the Door of Hades*
*Hibki knocks as loudly as possible and shouts to get the attention of the being on the other side of the door* Help ius! We're under attack by strange shadows!
"No you don't..." *Despair Minato sends out Thanatos and casts One-Shot Kill on him.*
OOC: casts one shot kill on Hibiki
*Deploys a MEME SHIELD and sho casts myriad slashes*
OOC: who's being targeted by one shot kill? IC: It's locked! What the hell am I supposed to do? Offer Girl Scout cookies?
Thread Creator

*He does a somersault avoiding the One-Shot Kill* Oh, so now you want to play that game, huh..? *He summons his Thanatos to deal with Despair's Thanatos*
On account of her active Persona blocking Slash, Elizabeth simply shrugs off Rom's attempt at a counterattack. Masakado retaliates by launching a volley of Myriad Arrows at Rom and the Shadows protecting him.
Thread Creator

Ooc: Ignore the part about me dodging the One-Shot Kill.
*Rom sinks into the ground, dodging the snakes of fire. He then pops up again, firing his Luger at Igor.* "Corruption 95 percent!"

Suddenly yet another Persona appears, this time a small Pixie that casts a physical reflecting wall between the attack and Hibiki, hopefully it returns to sender.
*Sho Casts life drain on Igor sapping the life out of him*
OOC: Derp! IC: * Hibki gets hit and drops mid Girl Scout cookie comment, he's passed out but still breathing.*
Thread Creator

Elizabeth, this would be a good time to summon your Pixie...
After a moment a click is heard from the other side of the door. The door opens slowly as a bright white flash streams out of it. Golden butterflies swarm out from within as well. The man from before steps out as the door closes once more. Strange shadows? Perhaps they are unaware of what this place is. The velvet room isn't something so simple that shadows would be allowed in. I should know, for I am its creator and it seems I have no choice but to protect my creation.
"Corruption: finished." *Suddenly, Despair Gamma rises out of the ground. The door, now being covered in a putrid black sludge, breaks, sending pieces of glass flying into the Cafe like bullets.*
Philemon reaches out toward Hibki as a small golden butterfly lands on him.The butterfly turns into a powerful aura and melds with his body restoring his vitality fully. Philemon walks forward towards the entrance to the Velvet room. I'll give you shadows who attack this place a chance. Leave this place be for I have no quarrels with interfering with those who would interfere with me.
"Now, All-Out Attack!" *The group of shadows rushes into the Cafe. Rom makes a slash with his Lance at Hibiki and another one at Minato. Then, they prepare to stun all of them..*
*Hibki gets up and unaware of what happened finishes his comment* Girl Scout Cookies!? Oh crap. *Hibki guards aginst the glass flying against him*
PK sees both of his bosses out in the velvet room and mouthes a small "oh no" as he makes sure that he's completely safe, Philemon should not be underestimated
Thread Creator

I can't believe I'm putting this on, but here I go... *He puts on his armor of light*
*Sho joins the all out attack and does a upper cut against Philemon and summons demons with a COMP and it's the strongest ever to be known*
Thread Creator

*He switches his persona to Shiki-Ouji to block all of the attack* Come on...
*The 3 suddenly morph, turning into a being of pure shadow...* "Hahaha! I've never felt so alive... ah, Philemon. Glad you could show up. Time for the grand finale!"
I suppose it is. Elizabeth takes a step back, the pages of her tome flip rapidly, coming to a stop as a new card floats from the compendium. Elizabeth flips the card with a simple tap, and a small Pixie appears before her. Behold, Almighty! The Pixie raises its hands, casting a high powered Megidolaon. The room is engulfed in a bright light as the room shakes.
Philemon simply takes the hit from Sho without flinching. Philemon breaths deeply as he closes his eyes. An Enormous white light surrounds him as he radiates with power. Yes, It shall be a grand finale... Eternal White... A sea of white light radiates from Philemon's body and clashes against all shadows within the vicinity. After it crashes against the wall the light returns to Philemon as a green aura briefly surrounds him.
What the AH CRAP MY EYES!!!
*Hibki takes the all out attack but is stil standing, barely* I'm not, done yet! *He gathers as much energy as possible and sends out a shockwave of dragon stream energy at the being made of shadow before collapsing, again*
Thread Creator

*He braces for impact against the Megidolaon* Come on armor, work!!
*The attack from Elizabeth does nothing to the black figure. Suddenly, it raises it's arm, and a cloud of shadow flows throughout the room, eliminating all light and covering it in complete and utter darkness.*

*A voice can be heard from the darkness.* "Philemon, your light is not enough to break this shadow. Anyway, now that we're in, we may as well get what we've come for... the shadows of everyone in this room!"
*Summons megatsu satanael and rivals igors power and sho's megatsu izanagi no okami and megatsu Tsukiyomi prove more powerful then Igor and in the end Sho proves himself more powerful*

"Igor, you're a mere puppet. DId you think that anything could hit me in this from? Especially from a mere plaything. You're nothing compared to your creator, and never will be..."
Philemon observes the darkness with curiosity. He looks to the black figure with a calm expression. Hmmm... What exactly are you? A servant of the crawling chaos? If so then you should already know how this will end. The darkness can never triumph over the light. The crawling chaos has never triumphed over the light of humanity.
*Suddenly, the armor of light glows and spreads, covering Hibiki and Pancake_Knight's bodies...* "Ugh... well, we didn't need their shadows. We now have the shadows of 2 of the most powerful beings in the Nexus. I'll be saying goodbye for now."
*The smoke cloud slowly fades away... afterwards, the black figure is nowhere to be seen...*
Thread Creator

It's worked..!
Hm? *PK then checks himself as he continues to munch on a pancake, not really paying much attention to whatever is happening to himself
*Sho fires a megatsu sinful shell into Philemon and vanishes in smoke*
Thread Creator

Ooc: It*
Philemon looks over to the dark figure with genuine intrigue. And who might those people be? My own shadow would only be comparable to the crawling chaos who already exists here. Another shadow from me would be impossible. I'm made up from all the good humanity has to offer.
*Hibki stirs, slowly getting to his feet he takes a seat in a chair to recover* Man, why can't I ever have a normal day? So what was that about Minato?
Thread Creator

I have no idea, it just worked somehow...
Philemon stops the sinful shell with a single finger and nullifies it in a flash of light. Well, if that's all then I shall take my leave. Philemon vanishes in a burst of golden butterflies.
OOC: Unfortunately I must now put my foot down. Your actions are clearly showing you are simply god-moding for the sake of seeming powerful. You attempted to combat some of the most powerful beings in the franchise in their home territory, and expect this fight to play out so easily for you? Beyond this, you have even ignored attacks that cannot be blocked, and are creating Shadows of characters such as Philemon? I am sorry, but whatever narrative you had hoped to form here is lost. I am quite disappointed, I was hoping for something more enjoyable for all parties, but it seems that is not your intention here.
*A note is said saying review:-10/10*
Thanks Philemon! Take care!. *Hibki coughs a bit* now what? Rebuild and reopen?
Thread Creator

Ooc: Were you talking about the shadow attack, or the thing that the armor did?
OOC: I agree with Elizabeth here, the only other time I've seen god moding here there was a plot reason for it. That was fun because it wasn't just random. It was planned and warned about in advance. You just randomly killed and blocked to your hearts content. Sometimes haveing someone fall I combat raises the stakes for a side.

OOC: Indeed Liz, I couldn't have said it better myself honestly. For shame Sho-Minazuki and co... At any rate this has been fun but if anyone needs me I'll be around.
Chaos looks somewhat bored as he watches the end of the events unfolding. What a disappointment... This was such a boring ending that I can't even bother to get involved. I think I'll leave this embarrassment before it stains my mind any further. Chaos walks into the building the balcony is connected to before fading into the darkness.

Hey! I thought my job was to kick down doors! *PK then summons up his own door and kicks it in, standing proudly at his work
Thread Creator

*Minato leans on a wall, and then eventually falls asleep*

Alright I can do that! Just hold on! *PK the runs out of the Velvet room with lightning speed and returns just as fast with a ton of protein shakes, cracking open each and every one, downing them at inhuman speeds, when PK is done there is a mountain of cans behind him as he gets up and kicks another summoned door, this time reaching up into space and hitting a satellite, it's probably on a collision course with the earth now, oops
Please refrain from kicking doors within the Velvet Room.
What did you say? *Trips on a switch, blowing up a door*
Aw! But kicking in doors is great for training your legs! Besides we can always make more!

Thread Creator

*He wakes up* What did you just say about doors..?
*wakes up*
*Fills the velvet room with ramen*
Thread Creator

*S. Minato walks in, then looks at the ramen* S. Minato: What's up with the ramen?
Thread Creator

*He pulls out a bowl from god knows where and puts some ramen in it*
*Eats some ramen* Minato, this place has turned into paradise!
Thread Creator

S. Minato: Just call me Shadow Minato, because I'm not the real one. *He starts eating the ramen*
*A spetznaz arrives at the cáfe, and starts yelling in a really thick Russian accent.* What the fuck is this blue door? Shit door to me! *The spetznaz plants down c4, then blows up the door.*
Thread Creator

*Minato enters the Velvet Room* ...
Welcome to the Velvet Room. It seems my Master is out at the moment. What business have you today?
Thread Creator

I'm just here to relax, I was just in a fight for eight hours...
Elizabeth lets out a soft giggle. Eight hours, you say? How absurd. Are you sure you're living up to your full potential? Perhaps this is a you from a different time, this world works rather strangely. But the you I knew would undoubtedly had no such trouble.
(A black feathered Birb man flies slightly outside the velvet room and shouts through the glass door.) "Weak!"
OOC: I'm so proud of you for not breaking the roof
OOC: I've been practicing hard, Gamma-Sensei.
Thread Creator

But here's the thing, it felt like I was only fighting for about an hour, but when I went to go check the time, it was eight hours... Probably time works differently in the Nexus...
This could perhaps be the case. Time flowing differently than how it is to be perceived... a phenomena that could be quite likely in this place. Unfortunately though, I am inclined to believe the antagonistic bird man outside our window. Even an hour of fighting seems unreasonable for you. It seems you have grown weak since you were last a guest here.
Thread Creator

Yeah, I have been thinking the same thing... *He turns around to Nyx* *Sigh* How did Nyx find this place..?
"Death will always find you wherever you go, door boy!"
Hmm... I should discuss this with my Master. The truth he may tell, but him being nearby may not be a very good sign. This Nexus may be imposing a negative effect within even the Velvet Room.
..."Door boy"? Is this... a nickname? Ah, a nickname. A title bestowed to one by their own companions, a way of showing familiarity among others! I understand. Very well, from now on, I shall remember to refer to you by "Door Boy"!
Thread Creator

Says the person who can't even get past a door... *He smirks*
Thread Creator

Elizabeth, don't...
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