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TogoSystem's palace
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*The group arrives to a large mansion. In front of the mansion is a field, worked by prisoners that represent those enslaved by TogoSystem's racist tyranny.* ++Player turn++
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*Blows up palace*
Now that we're done with the palace, how about we have a picnic? I brought lotsa spaghetti!
All in a days work.

>not tagged as meme
Nice of Sojiro Sakura to invite us over to his cafe, eh, Luigi?
*Axel walks out of a portal of darkness near the treasure and picks it up.* Ha! Now you'll have to get it memorized! Axel's the name! Get it memorized! *Axel retreats back into the dark portal as it closes and the palace begins crumbling apart.*
This ain't a meme Hazamad, its a masterpiece
*Drops nukes on the palace*
"*Drops meteor on palace.*" ~Laharl.
[Dabs on the RPers.]
I am dissapoint in all of you.
Absolutely terrible, thieves...
Love your screen name though. I wish that was in game.
Um... If the palace is destroyed doesn't that mean the ruler and treasure are destroyed too?
They didn't do it right. My heart didn't change at all. I don't even think they went to the right place from that description.
Never change, TogoSystem. Never change.
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