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Vanguard Tower: Somewhat normal
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*near the old blown up Vanguard tower is the new Tower and Sunbreaker, and his two fireteam members is pushing some crates* PUSH LADS! PUUUUSH!!!
*he is also pushing the crate* I am pushing it!!
*Cayde teleports next to the fireteam* You need some help there?
*he sits on top of the stack of crates* Hey Cayde. And nope everything is fiiine. We got some new weapons for the Tower defenses.
*He looks up at Nightstalker while following the group* What kind of weapons did you get?
*he takes off his Skull of Dire Ahamkara helmet to get some fresh air* You're NOT HELPING!!!
We got some Cabal cerberus turrets to shoot down air missles, heavy Slug Throwers to mow down Fallen or Cabal. And some rocket launchers.
*he looks at his angry warlock friend* Nah boy. It seems you're doing well.
Hmm, how long did it take you to get those?
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I did all the bulk of getting the weapons. *he continues to push the crates with all his might*
After he got the weapons, I packed them in crates and we made a b-line back to the Tower.
And I modified the guns to make it viable for guardians. *he reads a magazine on some Hunter cloaks*
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And Cayde I got a report on a assault on a Cabal Injection rig! *he finish pushing the crates*
Oh really?
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Some giant angel infused a clam came out of nowhere, picked me up 20 miles away from the rig and dropped me off from in LeBlanc.
And while that thing took Zidrez away, the thing GASSED US!!
And it had a red fleshy eye. Shocking it died when I shot it with my Hakke rocket launcher.
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So that's the report. *he takes a seat*
And I manage to study the body and it's alien in nature.
But to bad it melted away into black sludge when I was looking at the anatomy.
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