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Inokashira Park
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*A lone child walks by the well-known pond. Kicking up rock and dust in his wake. It's rather early, so most of the city is either asleep or at work, leaving the child as one of the few people to be seen here*
*Your overlord arrives in the park* It is I, Overlord Laharl! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!
*A voice comes from somewhere* Who dares enter here?
It's pretty early for you to make so much noise, don't you think?! [The small robot girl, sitting on a nearby bench, yells at Laharl in response to his arrival.] Some of us are still trying to sleep!
I am the guardian of Inoka... Inok...Ina... WHY ARE THESE NAMES SO HARD TO PRONOUNCE!?!
It's only a few simple syllables...
I can do WHATEVER THE FUCK I please!
*The voices sighs* I hate engish...
It's japanese you retard!
I am the very English guardian of this Japanese park. What I say goes.
Well, i'm the overlord of the entire Nexus! What I say goes!
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*The small child glances at the argument, before shaking his head as he walks by. He can be faintly heard, singing to himself* ....ar is just a word they can define. Where I've heard hope and happiness...
*The voice clears her throat. A nearby tree shakes slightly* As I was saying, who dares disturb the peace of Ino-whatever park?
*Sees a rose and picks it up*
No-one's taking me seriously, are they?
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*The child looks up at Rose and stops singing, he seems to be trembling* S... Sorry miss. I... Well.... I thought it was a public spot.... I... I can just go home.... If you want... *The child shifts his weight nervously between his feet as he stares at the ground*
*Takes a nap*
*Yashiro pulls up in his car and speaks to Kuudere* Hey, kid, wanna get in my car? I have candy.
*Rose jumps down from her tree* Nah, I was trying to be dramatic. I need practise though. Sorry for any confusion. *Rose laughs nervously*
Well I'm glad SOME of us can get some sleep. [She gets up, and kicks Laharl's shin as she walks by.] Just ignore the weirdos kid. Honestly this Guardian is disturbing more peace than the ones they're trying to stop.
*Diego "appears" next to Yashiro's car* "Hello sir."
I already said I was sorry for the guardian shtick. Geez. Sam: Maybe you stop doing it then Rose: One strike, Sam. Sam: Dammit.
"I've heard that you have candy in your car, and I want to check it out." *He has a smug grin on his face*
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*The child nervously attempts to laugh* O.... Ok... Good then. I... Well... I spend a lot of time here after all. *The child looks back at the Magicaloid* Yeah.... There are a lot of strange people here.... I used to like it, but well.... I dunno anymore... I guess.
Ok, you want some? *Yashiro opens a compartment filled with a random assortment of candies, such as lollie pops and snickers bars.*
*He looks surprised* "Oh, actually nevermind." *He "teleports" away from Yashiro, and walks over to the other group*
*A flower grows out of Rose's dress. She picks it and begins spinning it in her fingers.*
Strange? I mean I would have called them "Stupid" not "Strange", but that works too.
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*The child bursts out laughing for a few moments... Until the laughter turns to tears* Yeah.... It is pretty stupid.... But it's all I get to know... So.... I guess we just.... Make best of it?
*He hears the Magicaloid's comment* "You just love calling people stupid, don't you?"
*Machin Raal approaches the group* "Make the best of it", eh? Yes, stupid is a very good word for that.
[She offers a shrug as a response.] Love it? Eh. Not my fault most of the people I've met here are idiots lacking common sense. Not that that's a bad thing. Idiots are the best for business.
Raal! *Rose summons a large vine and sends it at Machin Raal.*
*He puts his hand on his hip* "Business? What kind of business?"
Lilac, you need to work on your sense of subtlety. *Raal side steps the vine. His snake omes from under Rose and injects sleeping venom, knocking her out* Now I can stay here a bit more peacefully.
[She chuckles.] Let's just say I make and sell some "useful" devices. Hehe.
"And what are these "devices?""
OOC: now, time to fuck shit up if you don't mind..
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OOC: knock yourself out, I'm done caring.
*A police helicopter arrives, dropping off swats with weapons up, and well..* GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND! PUT YOUR SHITTING HANDS UP! FUCK YOU, GET DOWN ON THE GROUND! *The swats draw their weapons.*
So much for relaxing. *Raal just sits on a bench, completely ignoring the SWAt's request.*
*A swat jogs up to Raal.* WE SAID GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND! *The swat draws a taser, aiming it at the man. The other swats begin to 'secure' the location.*
*He doesn't get on the ground*
I'm fine sitting on this bench, thank you very much. *Raal looks at his mechanical snake that has wrapped itself around his hand*
*The swats resort to tear gas, the swats put on gas masks. The helicopter begins dropping tear gas everywhere.*
Oh no, tear gas, I'm so afraid.
*Diego is suddenly in a tree, trying to avoid the tear gas*
*Raal creates a small field of electricity around him, protecting him from the tear gas.* Lachrymator. How pathetic.
You know what? OPEN FIRE! *The swats begin forcing people who don't go on the ground with guns, and well sometimes they shoot.*
*Raal's snake wraps itself around Raal, protecting him from the gunfire* Am I going to have to get mean?
*A yellow figure stands in front of Diego, blocking the bullets*
[She continues to stand there, sighing as the bullets are ineffective against her metal body.] You have to do this after someone asks about my wares? Honestly, you're just bad for business.
(A young man with hair so ridiculous it can only come from a card game anime walks into the park. He catches sight of the SWAT team and sighs, turning to the rest of the group) Sorry,..... Is this a bad time? It looks like all you people may be a little.... Preoccupied.
Eh, they're only guns. They're not harming anyone.
(The young man nods his head and grins) Well, it looks like an annoyance nonetheless. If you like I could get rid of them. (The young man chuckles and checks a bracelet on his left-wrist) Anything for my fans after all.
*Diego jumps down from the tree* "Are they gone?"
(The young man looks over at Diego and smiles, scratching the back of his head) It looks like it. Sad to say you won't get a show just yet. (The young man vows to the group) No matter, my name is Quattro Vertrix, would you care to give me yours?
"My name is Diego Brando, but some call me Dio."
(Quattro smiles at Dio and holds out his hand) Very well, nice to meet you Dio. I hope we can get along together quite well.
First they show up out of nowhere, then they leave without a trace. Your city sure has some awful authority figures.
"That's what society is these days after all." A voice appeared behind the group. "Pitiful ain't it..?"
(Quattro looks back at the Magicaloid and shrugs) Back home the authorities were quite competent at dealing with normal crimes, but if anything unusual happens they tend to turn a blind eye. (Quattro chuckles and glances st his bracelet) I suppose it's a similar case here. In this other Tokyo.
"It's nice to meet you too."
Pitiful indeed. *Raal's snake returns to Raal's sleeve*
"So is everyone alright? And @Kuudere, you didn't get hurt, right?"
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*The young child was trembling on the ground for the whole ordeal. Now that it's over, he slowly gets to his feet and looks at Atarashii* Y.... Yes... I... I'm fine sir..... I just did what they asked.
Hmph, even back in N-City, police were useless with my kind around. Oh well. I'm certainly fine. I'd be a failure of an android if I was harmed by peashooters like those.
(Quattro chuckles and glances back at Atarashii) Of course I'm fine. I came in at the end after all. Besides, they'd never dare harm an upstanding citizen like myself.
"Nexus could be the best place or the worst place in situations, I want to protect everyone from harm, but I am weak." Atarashii let's out a sigh, "At least you all okay."
Ooc: Oh and he shakes his hand too. Sorry I'm posting so late guys.
*enters the park with an angered face* Jesus...
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*The child glances around nervously for a bit, as though scared he'd be caught* Y.... Yeah.... I... Well... I wish I could leave.... but it turns out Labcoat guy didn't have anything. I bet the outside world is pretty.
"I bet it is too...."

*walks through the park* Wow.....
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