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Leblanc XVI: Guess who's back, back again
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Since Shiza has gone missing and the boss is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I'll take charge. The coffee machine got an upgrade. It allows you to get any type of drink in the world. We stole it from a warehouse that had armed guards in it. They kept saying we were stealing something called a "SCP". I don't know what that means. We, also, got arcade machines in the back now. Enjoy.
good job Mono, im glad you guys are taking care of the place in my stead.
Hey, I'm alive! Fuck you!
[Beginning post countdown til bullshit]
(mombiki do you vunt to arr pee)
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He is here! He is back!
*Bows* I guess so. When I am mentioned I appear.
ive been wandering about looking at what you kids were doing all the time....
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I was trying to kill a killer.
*He raises an eyebrow in interest toward Mono* Oh really? You mean Bloodlust, right?
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alright kids, im gonna go out. ive got some responsibilities to be taken care of...
*The drink machine hums nearby. After being "rescued" from those researchers, it is free to operate here.*
(And by responsibilities, you mean PMs you non-rping piece of shit) Yeah, I heard what happened from Yuuya,

(no i mean switchin to an alt you edgy fuck)
(A young girl walks through the doors, raising an eyebrow as she spots Boss on his way out... He's meant to own the place she thinks, but he's never around. Regardless she walks up to the counter and smiles) Hello everyone how's it going today? I see this place is open again... Haven't seen it in a while actually. (she glances to the drink machine and frowns, it's presence here isn't exactly comforting) Oh I see you guys got that thing... Um just a warning it's kinda dangerous.
*Gamma walks in holding a small, rectangular device. He seems satisfied with it and puts it away, immediately catching sight of the arcade machines* Oh no, you.... No one installed one of those things in here, did they? I have not seen a single business do well after adding one of those. I'm starting to think some god put a curse on arcades.
[A rather short robot girl walks through the doors of Leblanc. Looking around at decor and the customers inside.] Hmm... I don't remember a cafe like this in my district. Did I make a wrong turn?
*Gamma turns back to the robot and sighs, scratching the back of his head* I'm afraid I don't know much about your district. But to clarify, you do live in Tokyo, yes? Year 20XX? I hope this all sounds familiar. *Gamma leans back and begins catching and tossing a small shard of ice* I've seen some weird things, so I think I might be able to help you.
*A tired looking girl enters the cafe with a sigh. As usual, the inhabitants were as eccentric as ever, people of all ages and even two robots(?). She quietly takes a seat in a booth and puts her bookbag in the seat next to her, taking a moment to reflect*
... What the hell? (Homura's face is utterly stunned by the girl before her, just when she was starting to get used to it. Now some robot walks in? She shrugs to herself before smiling at the girl and waving) Hello there, are you new around here or have I just not seen you yet? Oh and I'm Homura Akemi! Nice to meet you... (Her voice as usual is entirely too cheerful, one might assume it's false if they didn't know her)
*Fulmin appears outside, and catches boss, chatting inaudibly and then entering, rather suprised by the newer entries to the cacaphony of faces that are usually here. including the "normal" school girl from the park* haha, once again the host has outdone himself with staff!
*Caeser sighs and chuckles, sitting in a booth* It's nice to see this place so busy again...
Oh... It's that knight again...
This is Tokyo? *sigh* What a drastic detour. Though this might be a good change of scenery for now. 20XX? Hmph, I am from the 22nd Century specifically. ...Well, that's just part of the backstory anyway. Not much truth there. Ah, I arrived just today, Akemi-san. Must have gotten distracted and flown all the way to Tokyo.
*the knight sets himself across from Senri, and decides to help her* Madame, do you truly wish to not be normal?
*Gamma waves to Fulmin and the tired girl with his off-hand and briefly chuckles* Sorry to say it knight, but I don't actually work here. I've had many random little jobs, but this isn't one of 'em. *Gamma turns to the robot girl and sighs, scratching the back of his head* Oh great, more time issues. Well, as you may have noticed, being from the 22nd century, this is the 21st, so a lot of the stuff you know may not exist yet. *Gamma briefly bows and gestures to the room* You may call me Gamma, I guess I've become a bit of a Nexus tour guide. And the building you're currently in is called LeBlanc. Think of it as a meeting place for beings of all sorts of times and places. *Gamma makes a show of shrugging, both arms out to his sides* A lot of the stuff that happens here might pass as a fairy tale in your home, but then again, so are robots for me. Obviously it's all some measure of real
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Let's see what I can order with the machine. Let's start with something simple. A Cup of Coffee with Sugar and Cream in it.
*The news station on LeBlancs cafe carries on amidst the conversations...* "In other news, another terrorist attack was claimed last night by the Black Samurai, as the governmental district of Kasumigaseki was plunged into darkness, the entire district being without electricity for approximately 30 minutes. Many offices, including the Diet building were vandalized, with belongings stolen and strange graffiti being painted on the walls. Several copies of the strange "Literature" book were left at the crime scenes, and the area is still under police investigation." *The anchorman continues his speech as a picture of the Black Samurai from yesterdays TV interference appears* "The Black Samurai has been assumed to be a young adult woman. Profilers have described her as cunning, dangerous and disruptive to the peace of the city. If anyone has any information, please call the Tokyo PD at..." *The broadcast continues*
I see. Thank you for the introduction, and for telling me this place is called LeBlanc. I did after all, miss the rather large sign outside the door displaying the name. Will you please hand me the menu next and tell me everything that's on it afterwards? Hehehe, don't worry about me being surprised at anything. I don't think me being from the "22nd Century" is going to be an issue, and I've seen my fair share of wacky things in my own city, not that I can discuss it. Walking so openly in the public might be enough to get me in trouble.
Yeah, this place is always full with cool dudes. *a slightly processed voice rings, and as you look in its direction, zerobeats eyes are lit and all his parts are in a box, he assembles himself and walks over.*
Oh, hello, Knight-san. *Smiles, her eyes glancing to the TV broadcast as she trails off... She then looks back at Knight* ...People with strength are incredible. They can change the world. Like she's doing... ...Being normal and weak is painful... It's like you're at everyone's mercy...
Flown? You can fly huh, well uh I don't think you just flew here. (Homura fiddles with her thumbs for a moment... Before noticing that Gamma has already explained some of it and just shrugging) Yeah Gamma's right, this place is crazy and the best thing to do is usually just deal without wondering too much. Oh and I didn't notice you before Gamma! How's it been since our little hunt? (She grins at Gamma before turning over to Senri with a wave) Hello there miss, um you seem new? Homura Akemi nice to meet you. Hopefully you'll enjoy it here! (She looks back to 44 and tilts her head, clearly she's curious about what exactly this odd girl has seen... This would be an odd form but wishes are odd things sometimes) Oh are you a Magical Girl or something!? I've never seen one who was a robot before but I guess anything is possible.
*Shiz agets up* Well, if you need anything, call me. *He leaves the cafe with a smile*
@Senri_Suzuko Strength comes from your desire to succeed. however, if you wish for power, i can try something to give you a suitable boost, if you wish?
(Uh-oh, early reveal of new character. Shit...)
[ F A T A L I T Y ]
New? You could say that... You seem younger than me... Are you in middle school? *Tilts her head kindly at Homura* *She blinks at Knight with a skeptical expression* You can just... Do that? No strings attached? How?
i would not say, no strings attached...i can do a few things. weaponry, slight immortality, weaponry of gods....its a grab bag, to be honest
(Homura makes a so so gesture and shrugs at Senri) Well I definitely was... I've got bigger things to deal with than learning math or something now though, long story short I hunt monsters. It's not exactly fun but I don't have any choice either so. (She glances at the Knight with an interested look... And also a bit suscpet of him, this sounds all too similar to a certain white creature)
E-Eh? Magical Girl? Me? I don't know what you're talking about, haha! W-What kind of Magical Girl would look like this? [She giggles uncomfortably, hopping into the air. The jets on the bottom of her feet activate, letting her levitate. She does a little spin, to show off her robotic appearance.]
*walking out from behind the counter, Zero goes toward to time traveling robot, and appears skeptical* hey, youre so....advanced. i know youre from the future but not even my creators ever did something like....that.
*Gamma chuckles and searches the counter for a menu to hand the robot girl* Well, glad to see you're taking this well at least. Of course, no need to worry about people seeing you. It's not likely that you could worry people. There's a child who runs around tossing meteors, you can hardly do worse. *Gamma looks over to Homura and smiles, he almost sounds cheery for once* I've been fairly busy with researching into the nature of magic here. It's really complicated, but perhaps I can find s- *Gamma is cut off by the broadcast and sighs* Fantastic, the samurai is using their abilities to abuse the public. *shrug* There's really not much of a difference between them and the order they claim to fight
Well usually I'm sure you wouldn't... But depending on what one wished for their Magical Girl form could be anything. Why so dodgy anyways it's nothing to hide around here! (Light flashes out across the room and the girl stands in black dress and the blue/white coat. Though her shield is absent as Gamma would likely note) Don't worry about it magic isn't that weird around here, and if you need any help with something lemme know I'm always happy to deal with Witches or anything dangerous! (She grins before turning back to normal and hearing the broadcast herself, a sad look crosses her lips as she scoffs. Whoever this "Samurai" is they clearly aren't looking out for anyone but themselves) Yeah... People like that bother me, maybe it's time to do more than just hunt Witches for a change.
hehe, whats that thing people get enraged about online? Knights VS Samurai? looks like we'll see who will win
Weaponry of gods, you say... *Senri looks at Knight with a focused, unusual expression* With that kind of power... The weilder would be almost unstoppable, yes? *Looking to Homura* Hunting monsters...? I guess those kinda things do exist here... How does that change the world though?
[A bit surprised, she lands, ignoring Gamma.] Well, I should have figured there would be Magical Girls in this place to. Should have been more careful. You sure about being so open about it though? Fav would have a fit if he saw me walking around like this so casually, let alone making an announcement out of it.
(Homura simply shrugs at Senri's question, the thought of changing the world had never really occurred to her honestly... It's just about helping people in her mind) It doesn't? I'm not trying to change the world or anything Senri-san. Just make sure people don't get hurt and keep myself and those I care for. Why's changing stuff such a big deal?
*Gamma chuckles and looks back at the Knight* I think it goes Samurai vs. Ninjas. Or was it ninjas versus pirates? *shrug* Oh well, I doubt I'll have the time to deal with an anarchist. Still, I'll wish the rest of you luck. *Gamma glances at Homura, and scratches the back of his head* Just be careful not to underestimate them. Even without magic some people can do amazing things. With it, well, I'm sure you remember. Monsters aren't really the things to worry about.
*the knight crosses his arms, and refutes Senris claim* unfortunately, a weapons strength depends on the weilder, however, yes, their strength is immense. it really depends on the kind of thing you want....
[ Being dragged out of my house, responses will slow for a bit, sorry. ]
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Hm... Let's order something that wouldn't even exist today. The blood of Jesus Christ.
*Enters with a Ya- err, I mean Bang* Wussap, guys? Hey, can I have a mocha?
*Gamma chuckles and looks back at the Robot girl before he gestures to the Knight* You don't seriously think you stand out much more than this guy? Do you? Pretty much everyone you'll find in places like this are familiar with the idea of magic, though I guess you might get weird looks in a more public spot like a mall. *shrug* Most response I've seen was some guy confusing the Knight for a cosplayer at a store I was working. That was great to watch
(She sighs and pauses for a moment, thoughts of a certain version of herself also coming to mind, actually there might be something in common between those two come to think of it) ... Monsters are still dangerous, but yes I know Gamma. She's worrying at best but this is hardly the place for such talks right? (Homura's head shakes as she turns back to 44, the dark look from before being replaced with one of confusion as the name Fav comes up, she's got no clue who that is... Perhaps a local Incubator?) Fav? Is that who gives you guys your wishes and powers or something? He sounds pretty involved though, Kyubey always just wiped people's memories and left us alone for the most part... I've never heard of an Incubator taking to lecturing people.
Well... I guess there are people that need help. That's true. *Looks down* ...I think people can be worse than monsters sometimes... I just think maybe if I could fight back, if this were a world where your power didn't equate to social position or how "different" you are, then... Maybe I could save myself... I have this dream sometimes, where a prince saves me... But that's impossible, right...? Therefore, I have to get strong and save myself... I read that "Literature" thing that the Black Samurai made... It's full of stuff like that. Have you seen it? And... I think swords are cool, Knight-san. Western or Japanese, either is fine. But... Am I allowed to carry something like that?
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"Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." *Mono shakes off the daze* What happened?
Oh yeah you can carry all kinds of weapons! Nobody ever gives me trouble for the guns I keep in my shield or anything. And in fact Emerson openly runs a weapon store, guy sells all kinds of cool stuff! (Homura nods along cheerfully to herself, the oddness of carrying guns and frequenting a weapon store not even occuring to the girl anymore. Seems she's gotten used to the lax attitude of the Nexus)
*Gamma sighs and shakes his head* Way to ruin my moment Homura. I was trying to brag about the spellcard. Those aren't that easy to come up with, you know? Especially for something like Shiranui. *Gamma overhears Senri and casts her a serious, sideways glance* You can have whatever weapons you want, but are you sure you want the responsibility associated with strength? This world DOES have a way to gain some power, one virtually everyone can use. But, it's not just for fun. *Gamma catches his shard of ice and looks at it closely* We have a responsibility to handle it carefully, to avoid doing anything too destructive. I can't stand brats who ignore this.
You didn't answer my question... Oh well... *Looks down* A weapon would be useful though, in case anything happens. People seem so restless lately. It's like a riot is about to happen. *Upon Gammas comment, Senri nods to him* I'm ready... I don't want to be powerless anymore. I know power isn't a toy. It's your very being...
*the knight reaches into his bag, and somehow pulls out three swords of strange make that could never have come out of a bag that small....he places them on the table, one is gigantic and of a shining black metal. it looks like it was made for killing giant things. another is a katana, rather short but still longer than a knife or shortsword. a sort of matte black, meant to be specially weilded by its construction. and finally a straight sword, tempered and engraved on its guard and pommen. shining steel....* the black knight sword, the black blade, and an astoran straight sword. these are wepons i think will fit you.

*walks in*
Fav gave us our powers, yes, though I'm not sure what you're on about with 'wishes'. Never heard of Kyubey either. Does MagiPro have different Mascots for different regions? I never knew.
Spell cards... How does that even work actually? I was really impressed with it yeah, I might need to look into them myself actually! (She smirks at Gamma before giving Senri a worried look... What has this girl been through anyways? Sounds almost like Kyoko in a way, but less sane) Your very being? Power isn't your being it's just a tool to accomplish something... Some chose to use it for things they shouldn't like any other tool, but to call it your being? That seems sad to me honestly. There are far more important things than power, if it's an end rather than a means to one what's the point? (She adjusts her glasses and looks at Senri more closely, the cheerful tone becoming more quiet and calm as she thinks about how a view point like that comes about)
*A man with a strange white mask that covers half his face and a black bodysuit walks into the cafe. Something seems off about him but not in a bad way. A strang warm light seems to come off him as he walks in with a gentle smile on his face. He approaches a booth and sits down with his legs crossed. Suddenly he picks up a cup of tea from seemingly nowhere and begins sipping off it slowly.* A pleasant day as usual in this world where many souls collide and interconnect. I think I'll relax for a while, things have been quite hectic for a while.
If you're sure, then allow resident magic expert Gamma to give an explanation. Shiranui, if you would. *Gamma steps a short ways away from the others as a small, blue flame appears in the air around him. It leaves behind what looks like a scaly body as it weaves through the air, dissipating in a head and leaving the image of an eastern dragon made of blue fire* This, one of the easiest abilities to gain, is what's known as a Persona. It is the power of "Identity" and as such compatible with most individuals. *Gamma chuckles and smiles at Homura* So yes, in some cases it can be described as your being. *Gamma clears his threat and dismisses Shiranui, turning back to Senri* There are a few ways to gain one, most consistently is going into a special area and facing your shadow. One's shadow represents everything you deny about yourself and is never anything pleasant. The other way, the road I took, is to awaken one's rebellious spirit. This method is much less consistent, but likely less stressful. *Gamma then takes a few cards out of his pocket* As for spell cards, these are.... Interesting. Functionally, it's simple. They store magical energy to be released in a more impressive form later. However, there are weird rules. They're rooted in the power of "legends". Stories told about an entity or their existence. For example, my six tell the tale of a dragon god who weaves through the night. One of the old explanations for the ghost lights known as "Shiranui".
(Homura blinks in shock and suddenly realized whoever this girl is she's never met an Incubator before, and is using an entirely different system of magic... Should be interesting to hear about) Mascots? MagiPro? Um no not exactly, I believe our brands of magic are quite different actually... To sum up mine? One becomes a Magical Girl by way of forging a contract with an Incubator, said contracts take the form of having a wish granted. The greater the wish the greater despair one would need to have it granted, the powers one commands are determined by their wish as well. So if you wished to heal someone you would gain strong recovery powers that stuff. Beyond that... Well those Witches I mentioned? They're bad news, but if we don't hunt the things our magic just runs out and then... Well then you'd become a Witch actually, so for us fighting is just how you stay alive. I'm guessing your world isn't like that? (She takes a deep breath and raises an eyebrow, speaking so quickly actually took a bit out of her)
Legends huh... I've got none of those to myself so, (she snaps her fingers as a bad idea comes to her) Wait what about that other me!? She's "myself" in a sense maybe I could make one that draws upon her powers? (Homura hums to herself thinking of how exactly such a skill would work, no telling if it's possible but she'll try regardless)
*Senri examines the weapons carefully. After looking carefully, her eyes lock onto the katana. It's elegant, dangerous. In her mind, it was a blade of rebellion. It resonated with her in all the right ways... Senri carefully picks up the katana, holding it in the way a Sengoku warrior would... Has she done this before, or has she just played too many video games? Regardless, she looked like a different person holding the katana. Her tired, timid expression was focused and determined* I like this... I can keep this, right? If anything happens... I won't be alone. I'll have this to protect me... *She snaps back to normal when she looks at Homura, however, putting the blade on the table in front of her gently* ...If you don't have strength, you're pretty vulnerable... I told Knight-san I was in high school, in my third year... But, I'm actually 19. I've been held back for the last two years... High school is kind of a lions den. It's easy to attack someone for being an "otaku", a "weirdo" or being different... Now that I'm the oldest one in school though, other rumors appear... I'm usually so tired and down from everything I can't study... It's a battle. I think... If I could change the world, with strength, no one will be cruel to me anymore. And other people can be saved from the same fate. There shouldn't be labels... Just the power you hold within yourself. I would like a world like that... That's why I want to get stronger. And this can help me. It can help me... have a place to belong. *She looks down at the katana, glancing at Gamma* Rebellious spirit? Persona? Isn't that what this book talks about...? If I had that, I would be like you guys, right? That would definitely be great.
*Gamma shrugs and puts his cards away* Well, a persona's one's other self, that's what mine are based on, so it might work. But unless there are any stories surrounding her I doubt it would be useful. It's a strange quirk behind spellcards. *Gamma glances back at Homura, as though looking for something* Also they use quite a bit of magic to store and create. If I remember correctly you need to be careful not to overuse it. I had to make mine over the course of a week. But there's no arguing with results
A week huh? I could probably burn up grief seeds if I really wanted but... I have no clue what I'd make one off, stories huh? Geez it's times like these that I hate Magical Girls being a secret ya know? Heh maybe I should try and get a Persona. (Homura shudders a bit at what exactly a shadow of herself would be, doesn't sound very fun but... Might be worth looking into?)
*Gamma looks back at Senri and sighs* It's not nearly as romantic as the samurai would have you think. There's so much going on that you'd probably rather not get dragged into. But if you insist, I can at least make sure nothing goes wrong. *Gamma brings out his phone and writes down his number, handing it to Senri* If you see anything dangerous, or plan on going anywhere as such. Make sure to give me a call. Keeping idiots safe is part of my job.
Shadow walks on in, quickly taking in the scene before going to the SCP drink machine and ordering ice tea. When he gets it he takes a sip and goes to sit at an empty booth. "Hey everyone, how are you doing today? And what's all this about something dangerous? It certainly sounds interesting."
I would offer you my number too but I haven't actually got a phone! Still uh I'm sure I'll be along if you need help. (Homura blushes a bit as she says this, one might expect a teenage girl to be in possession of a cellphone but alas she couldn't afford the rates anyways)
I'm not really strong enough to be getting involved in this stuff, atleast not yet... But, thank you. *She puts the card she got into her uniforms pocket* Nothing dangerous is really happening yet... But people have been really loud since yesterday. It's all because of that broadcast and those books.
And... Thank you. I don't know how to think, relying on someone so much younger than me, but it's appreciated. *Smiles at Homura*
*The masked man continues sipping his tea while observing the people within the cafe. He continues smiling as he closes his eyes for a moment before opening them once again. He seems quite relaxed.* The air feels refreshingly calm today. I had thought this cafe to be a much more energetic place under normal circumstances.
It's been mentioned that Magical Girls get some wish granted right? I imagine there have been at least a few times it's something world-changing. *shrug* Of course, the public wouldn't know a magical girl did it, but there might be something to look into with miracles. *Gamma thinks for a moment before pulling out his shard of ice again* Might not be a good idea to mix types of magic. Spellcards are safe as the energy is stored externally, no chance to interact. Who knows what could happen if you mix magics? *Gamma hears Shadow enter and sighs, shrugging his shoulders* Just some silly anarchist spouting nonsense. But you can't be too careful around here, you know?

*sits down on a booth*
*Gamma finally catches sight of the masked man, seeming to recognize them. He closes his eyes for a moment, as though steeling his courage and sighs* Hello again. You never gave me your name last time. Would you care to introduce yourself in a less-cryptic manner?
*Zero enters the Leblanc and looks around*
He shrugs and lies back, clearly lost in thought. "Why would they try and have anarchy here? God knows it's already messed up enough, I'm just waiting to see what apocalypse comes next."
Hey, Ina-chan... Are you okay in all the craziness?
*Philemon looks up at Gamma with a warm smile. He begins speaking in a calm manner while continuing to sip his tea.* You may call me Philemon if that satisfies you. Though I do not lie when I do in fact say that I am you just as much as you are me. It's pleasant to see you again unharmed. Things have gotten quite chaotic in my absence it seems but for now I am simply here to relax. My job rarely has breaks you see, so I try to make the most of it when I can take time off.
... Hmm maybe so? But it's not like Magical Girls die easy. Although one wonders what the power of the soul does when your soul happens to be kept in a rock. (Homura hmms to herself and rubs at her chin, obviously these things aren't easy to figure out unless one simply bites the bullet... Might be worth trying anyways though. Regardless she thanks Gamma for the advice before going over to Senri and smiling warmly) Don't worry about it alright! Just cause I'm young that doesn't mean I'm less capable or something! Sure maybe I'm not as big as someone older or anything but I can definitely handle things! (She flashes the elder girl a thumbs up, she's obviously trying to reassure Senri... One might think that's a bad idea but Homura certainly doesn't)
*Senri blinks at Homura's sudden gesture... But she soon responds with a shonen-esque thumbs up. In her mind, an ED would play soon... Though that was unlikely*
*Gamma shrugs and takes the chance to sit back in a booth* Alright Philemon, that'll work much better. Yeah, Chaos is kinda the norm here. But it's an orderly Chaos, if you know what to look for. Still, glad you're able to relax a bit.
@Senri_Suzuko You are perfectly free to keep the blade. And please, feel free to call me by my name, Fulmin of Astora. [Sorry for being late, school is dumb and now I'm home]
*A dinosaur enters Leblanc and looks around*

I'm fine with it Sensen. I'm used to craziness. *smiles at senri*
(Homura looks over to Philemon with a curious face... That mask is quite odd, and for some reason he gives off an aura of power. Nothing like the unsettling nature of her older self. Instead she feels as though he's about as trustworthy as anyone could be) Um hello there Philemon... You're here taking a break from work? What exactly is it that someone as powerful as you does anyways? I've never met anyone that feels like this before.
Fulmin of Astora? The whole thing...? Can I call you Fulmin-san? ...There's A dinosaur in the cafe now. *Nods to Ina and smiles* Good... I'm glad... Um, Ina-chan... Can you stay inside tonight?

Yeah, I can. Why's that?
*Philemon looks over to Homura and seems to take on a more serious expression. He continues smiling but there's a certain directness to his words that makes it seem as though what he's saying is important.* Power? That would be the power that all posses within them. It is the power to hold onto ones hope and manifest it into one's own inner power. To explain it in another way, I am made up of such power and thus am the very embodiment of the inner self that resides within all people within this world. My job is to ensure that this world retains a certain balance in this regard though I do this by directing others towards their true paths rather than interfering directly with the world.
*The dinosaur turns into a blonde haired man with blue clothing on* "Hello everyone."
@Senri_Suzuko Of course, and feel free to not use honorifics. My name is fine enough, Sen.
Huh... So if you're the power of hope what's despair? They do balance out to zero after all, or at least did in my home sadly. Um either way thank you, for some reason I get the sense that you're trying your best to help. Anyways I've got lots of questions but I'll ask later rather than bothering you Philemon. (The girl smiles at him and waves before walking to the drink machine and pulling a mug of hot cocoa from it, she casually glances around the room and takes a sip. Things seem oddly calm here today but... She's not betting on that lasting)
*Senri looks at Philemon strangely, like she's drawn towards him for some reason before looking back at Ina* Things are pretty dangerous outside. I think something will happen tonight... So, stay safe? *She waves at the dinosaur before looking a little taken aback by Fulmin* Well... Okay, Fulmin... I mean, you're not Japanese, so it's probably strange hearing honorifics. My apologies.
[ Phew. Finally home. ] [She listens to Homura carefully as she explains, before laughing it off.] Aha, who knew there were different kinds of Magical Girls, with their own rules. Guess in the end the girls in my city got lucky! I suppose since you told me your story, it's fair to share mine. Well, you see there was an RPG that exploded in popularity. Rumor has it certain players would have a chance to become real Magical Girls. Who knew the rumor would turn out to be true? I was one chosen for some reason. Our appearances as Magical Girls, and our abilities are determined by our in-game avatar. Where I come from though, Magical Girls just have to do good deeds to earn Magical Candies, like a game. Glad I don't have to deal with anything like these Witches! [After explaining, she continues giggling for a little while longer.]

*Zero looks at everyone*
@Senri_Suzuko I did not mean to make you feel guilty, Lady Senri. I apologise immensely.... *Fulmin lowers his head in respect, his sense of chivaly coming up front*
*he walks in on all four and his other two arms hold his spear and shrapnel rifle* [Fallen Chatter]
He shakes his head coming out of his own mind, and hearing Gamma. "I wish I could relax. This is the only time I have. After this I go right back into his mind and from there it's a literal war zone. So I'm going to enjoy this as much as possible." With that he quickly downs the rest of his ice tea. "Not bad for a coffee shop with a vending machine."
I'm not guilty, do not worry. *She smiles reassuringly* It feels odd to have friends at all. But it is nice. I hope I can have more experiences like this.
*walks in* hey

OK! I'll stay safe and I'll keep you safe too Sensen! *smiles, tail wagging*

*Zero sat down on a chair*
*The blonde haired man sits at the counter* "Is this another one of those shitty cafes?"
*he continues to scitter about looking for somthing*
*Kuro walks into LeBlanc, sitting down in an empty seat. She waves at a few people, yet saying nothing.*

*waves at kuro*
Oh hey Kuro
Shadow looks up and sees Kuro. "Heya Kuro, how are ya doing?"

*Zero knew that no one knows about him*
... It's not really funny is it? (Homura-Akemi face goes a bit dark as the girl's laughter rings out, perhaps wishing the hell she's seen on someone isn't right. But she certainly is after that reaction) I'm glad your life isn't quite so hard... But I don't really appreciate you acting like it's a joke or something, I've seen people die far more than anyone should have to so mind not giggling like it's all some game? (Her tone is cold as she pulls the glasses off, staring down 44 with a look of annoyance and a bit of disgust, how someone could find this funny she's not sure... But she's sure they're probably not as nice as they're trying to look)
I'm fine, just passed by LeBlanc and decided to drop in. How about you, Shadow?
*sits down at a booth*
"So is anyone going to answer my question?"
He sighs and chuckles. "About as well a Persona can be, living in another persons mind, fighting a war inside it. The good stuff."
I wouldn't exactly call it shitty, but this is indeed a cafe. *Smiles* Maybe I'll be counting on you then, Ina-chan.
*The man turns to Senri* "Thank you for giving me an answer."
[She nervously giggles and waves her hand in front of her.] Aha, don't worry! It's not like that! Just... a bit of an expression of relief. It's awful that you and others are in the situation you're in, so I was just a bit relieved at my situation. Don't take it as me making light of your problem!
*sighs cuddling a decarabia plush*
A war? Sounds fun, I guess. I haven't fought anything in a while, just take strolls around Shibuya. I've been hearing some nice music around there too.
*Gamma sighs as the Cafe becomes more and more crowded, and takes out a small rectangular device* Well, it was nice meeting you all, but I'm afraid I have more business to take care of. *Gamma glances back at Senri and Homura as he makes for the door* Remember, if anything happens don't hesitate to call on me and I'll see what I can do.
... Sorry I just get up in arms about it, I guess that all the stuff I've done has left me... A little quick to act. (Homura bows to the girl for a moment before looking up with a smile. In spite of this however she's not entirely sure about this tale, 44 is one to keep eyes on from now on... Either way she giggles a bit herself, hopefully this is just paranoia and the new girl really is decent)
He smile and relaxes. "It's not much fun. But hey if you are happy fighting, be my guest. You'll have to tell me about the music, I'm always looking to expand my library."
*Kuro shrugs.* I believe it's some classical music, but I couldn't hear it very well. If you like that type of music, you might want to take a listen whenever you can.
It's understandable, with a burden like that. Well, I think I'll head out, scout the area out a bit. Seeya around, Magical Girl. [She walks out of Leblanc, activating her jets and flying off into the sky.]
"Hmmm yeah sounds like I'll have to sometime." He shrugs and smiles. "Remind if I'm wrong but Ain, did promise you that he would hang out with you, right? Want me to get him?"
(Homura walks out the doors with a quick wave, she's got work to do after all and slacking forever isn't an option. As the girl leaps onto a rooftop she considers the new faces, 44 seems sketchy as hell in spite of her best efforts. Senri is worrying but for different reasons... This is getting interesting)
If you want, I almost forgot about that. It would be nice, going around the same area can get fairly boring. *Kuro takes out a notebook, smiling at Shadow while writing something down.*
*reading a book*
He smiles and gets up. "Alrighty, give me a few. I'll go get him." With that he gets up and leaves the cafe, his body beginning to be covered in blue flames.
Aincrad walks in stretching. "So... Heppy why am I here?" He looks around and sees Kuro. "Oooo hey Kuro, what's up? Enjoying the new cafe?"

*Zero watches everyone*
Hello Aincrad. Just relaxing here after a stroll, that's all. *Kuro places her notebook on the counter.*
He smiles. "Fair enough. Whatcha writing?" He smirks and sits across from her. "So what shall we do? I did promise we would hang out."
Hey Ain
"Heya Ikebu, how ya doing?" He grins and waves at him.
O-Oh, I was just sketching a drawing, nothing much. And you can decide whatever, I don't mind anything. *Kuro smiles back.*
Oh nothing much
Aincrad smiles and looks out the window. "Hmm there are quite a few spots to visit..." He then turns to Kuro and leans on the table towards her. "Well besides here where do you like to hang out?"
*A familiar face walks in* I say, another Cafe has opened. It seems this place has a lot of them. Very well, I shall have the finest coffee you have. *Sterling takes a seat*
*Reading an odd looking manga... A copy of "Literature" lies by her side along with her homework*
I haven't explored around much, so its your choice. Any place you want, Aincrad. Unless, you'd like to just hang out here instead. *Kuro looks around the café, taking notice of Sterling.* Ah, good to see you again Lord Sterling. I am sorry for not keeping up with my promise, but I had some things to attend to and left the ball.
"I feel like shooting myself." *He pulls out his revolver from his holster and puts it to his head*
*Drinks coffee*
I... Don't think shooting yourself would be very liberating...
"But..." *He puts the gun back in his holster* "I still have to kill Johnny."
*To Kuromi* I say, Ms. Kuroumi, is that you? I hardly recognized you without the dress and mask! How do you do? If anything, I should be apologizing for allowing such nonsense to happen in my castle...
OOC: Keyboard isn't acting too well right now, sorry for any typos
Aincrad smirks and looks around. "Well since we are already here, shall we just hang out here?"
*He turns to Senri* "It's none of your business."
*She nods.* Yes, you're correct Lord Sterling. I'm doing well, just taking time to relax here. *Kuro looks back at Aincrad.* That's fine, anywhere else is probably in madness anyways.
*he enters in with his newly made Hunters Attire* Hello people.
*He smiles to Kuroumi* I do plan on throwing another gathering at Castle Sterling soon. I would be honored if you would attend.
Very well. *Senri looks up to the worsening news headlines and packs everything back into her bag, bringing her new gift with her* I must be going. I have business elsewhere. This was a lovely place to unwind. Stay safe, Ina-chan... *Leaves the cafe*
Hey Hunter
He smirks and nods. "Agreed. Hell I don't even want to know what disaster is coming next." He stretches his arms up. "So what were you drawing? May I see?"
Say, is there a karaoke machine here? I feel like singing a nice tune that has been stuck in my head for days now.
*he waves to Sterling* I am going to order one soon.
Ah, how wonderful! I've been itching to sing for a while, it has been too long since I've last sung a tune. In return, I can have some coffee and tea imported from my home country to this lovely cafe
My drawing? S-Sure... *Kuro grabs her notebook, flipping to the page of her drawing. It depicts herself sitting down in the grass hugging her knees, staring up at a crescent moon. The setting is of a pine tree forest, and in the grass is a locket, shining in the moon's light. Everything is shaded in color. Kuro blushes lightly, slightly embarrassed.* Is it good..?
*He spins one of his infinite knives*
*Notices the drawing* I apologize for being nosy Ms. Kuroumi, but I must say that is a lovely portrait of yourself. Really captures you perfectly.
Looks at it then looks at Kuro. "It's amazing Kuro, beautiful. Looks like you were hiding quite a few talents from us huh?"
*checks phone*
*He stabs the knife onto the counter* "It's boring here."
T-Thank you, both of you. I don't usually share my drawings, since I'm mostly self-conscious about them. *She closes her notebook, placing it back down on the counter. Her blush fades away, a smile replacing it instead.*
I understand. They are quite amazing, in fact, they are on par with an expert artist's work. A wonderful artist and ballroom dancer, you are quite talented indeed *He smiles and takes a sip from his drink*
"I'll be back." *Gets up and leaves*
"Yeah what kingy over there said. No need to be self conscious about it. It's just... Amazing."
*Sips coffee*
Say, I would gladly pay for some hand drawn art from you. It is very well drawn out.
Both of you are so kind, honestly. I learned these skills only in a year, I'm happy to hear how you think about them. And Lord Sterling, there's no need to pay. I'd be fine with giving my art out to a fine man like you. *Kuro grabs her notebook again, starting a new drawing on the next page.*
Aincrad grins and leans back in his seat. "Only speaking the truth my dear Kuro. And that's certainly impressive learning it in only a year. You must have a real knack for it."
We are simply stating the facts. It is quite the exquisite sketch indeed. Though I do feel like I should give you something for your troubles if I did request a drawing.... I know! How about flying lessons?
Flying lessons? Thank you for the offer, but I don't need flying lessons. *She speaks while sketching, the drawing so far seems to show a being, cloaked with fierce eyes.*
Very well. I can't wait to see how this drawing turns out!
"Yeah it's already looking pretty cool. Who is it of Kuro?"
*he walks out and gives Kuroumi, Sterling, and Aincrad a cup of coffee* Enjoy everyone.
*Flips a coin to Hunter* Here, a tip for you good sir.
"Thanks Hunter, how much is it?" He grabs his wallet. "Gotta support the Cafe somehow."
An old friend. Sadly, he has long abandoned me after an incident. *She sips her cup of coffee, then continuing to draw. Next to the cloaked being is a boy, wearing a fur coat and dark clothing. An eyepatch covers his left eye, a bandanna covers his mouth, and there's a fairly noticeable scar on his eye.*
*goes upstairs*
I see...I'm sorry to hear this, Ms. Kuroumi...
Aincrad looks down. "... Why did he abandon you?"

*Zero was still here*
We disagreed over a problem. It ended up in a fight, and after that... *She pauses, trying to remember anything.* .... I'm sorry, I can't remember anything after the battle. *Kuro continues to draw.*
"It's alright Kuro. If there's anything I could do to help just let me know. It's what friends are for right?" He gives her a small smile.
Same goes for me. A true gentleman, will always help a friend in need.
*sitting in the attic*
*A fool card flies into Leblanc* Minato's voice: Guys, there's a revolution going on outside...
Thank you, both of you are so kind. *Kuro places 500 yen down, finishing the outlines for the drawing. The cloaked being sits on a throne, the boy standing proudly next to him. Behind the throne is a large glass window, where a lightning bolt strikes. In front is a hallway, pillars on both sides of the wall. The cloaked being's eyes feel like they're glaring right into your soul.* I don't plan on seeing that friend unless it's necessary to battle him again. Instead, I'd rather relax and enjoy life.
*Enters, looking around with a box in his hands* This one's official, right? Otherwise... *Rom sets the box on a vacant booth and plugs it in, the "Y" looking logo lights up. He then sits down at opens his laptop*
"Well that's a great idea. Life is so much fun! And if you do need to face him again I'll be there with you." He smiles and looks at the photo. "Looks brilliant Kuro."
*humming Climax Jump*
*walks how and reading his book* ...

*Zero keeps watching everyone without saying anything
So is anyone there?
Thanks. *She closes her notebook, sighing.* That's enough of that, my arm's starting to get tired. *Kuro grabs her cup of coffee, taking occasional sips.* So, have you done anything recently Aincrad?
*Types on his laptop rapidly, smirking*
He chuckles and shakes his head. "I wish. No just been keeping to myself lately. It's been a few... weird weeks. And you know how the Nexus is. Never a normal moment."
*tries to fix COMP*
*Sterling finishes his drink and lays a few gold coins on the table* I shall step away for a few, I will return promptly.
What do you mean by weird weeks? And you do have a point, nothing is normal in the Nexus. You can try to act normal, but it won't work out in the end. *Kuro places her empty coffee cup to the side.*
*A ding comes from Rom's computer as he closes it. Upon further inspection, Rom's bags under his eyes appear darker* Done...
Aincrad sighs and holds his a little. "Just been having time lapses in my memory. That's all." He sighs and passes his coffee to Kuro. "Want it? I don't drink coffee."
Shit! Messed something up!
*he walks back in with his book* So. Having a nice day?
Oh... *She shakes her head no, placing the coffee next to her empty cup.* I'd rather not have any more coffee before I stay up too late.
He nods and puts it on the end of the table. "Fair enough. Never had the stuff myself, but I doubt it would help me. I have insomnia for that!" He chuckles then sighs looking up. "Sorry if this isn't the best hanging out you've had. I'm just extremely awkward right now, if that's even the right word."
*Sterling walks back in after a moment to himself* Hoi! what did I miss?
Pretty much nothing, actually... *Rom rubs his eyes and yawns*
It's fine Aincrad, better than dealing with whatever insanity is happening these days. *She smiles reassuringly.*
Sorry for leaving. I went to Castle Sterling to pick up my old six string. I took lessons when I was younger. I thought a wonderful place like this would liven up with a bit of music...
He smiles back and stretches. "Thanks Kuro, and yeah I guess so. It's just been a bit too long since I actually relaxed and chatted with someone proper."
A man of many talents... *Rom fiddles with his phone*
It's been a while... *He casually strums the guitar, sighing* You fine people do not mind if I play one song for you all?
That would be great! Thank you. Maybe I might pitch later with the piano. *Rom reopens his laptop*
You should relax for a while, don't stress yourself with a bunch of problems. *Kuro turns to Sterling.* Go ahead, I don't mind at all Lord Sterling.
Very well. *He strums for a bit while simultaneously warming up his vocals*
"Heh, yeah I should. That's why I'm here after all, or why I come here. I think I may need to take a page from your book and just take walks some days. Maybe that'll help."
alright, I'm ready! *Sterling begins strumming and soon, singing*
*walks downstairs*
*puts on Apron*
*Diego, THE WORLD, and his army of dinosaurs burst into Leblanc*
Well shit
*Falls in from the ceiling onto Ikebu* OOF! And what's with the Apron?
I was fixing my COMP
*The dinosaurs sit in every booth, and Diego and THE WORLD stand at the counter*
*Pulls out a deagle for no reason*
*One of the dinosaurs try to eat Pika, thinking that he's food*
*Shoots the dinosaur in the head* I am not a simple morsel, demon
*The dinosaur dies* "Hmph, he was the weakest dinosaur anyway."
Control your pets...
"Who ever said that they are real animals?"
"You heard me..." *He pets one of his dinosaurs*
*A wasp buzzes around the room, landing on a wall and looking at Ikebu*
*A dinosaur eats the wasp*
*when the dinosaur attempts to close its mouth on the wasp. The wasp vanishes. Diego soon feels a sting at his neck, and discovers the wasp has instantly moved there*
*The wasp buzzes angrily and once again begins flying through the air inside Leblanc*
*Gets up and leaves with his dinosaurs following him*

*wakes up*

*Casually murders*

*le gasp* A casual murderer!?
*wakes up*
*I'm leaning against a wall looking at cards all of them having a picture of a robotic samurai recently having a loss beyond words, Not in the normal mood as i would*
*Makes coffee*
*He enters Leblanc* I'm done with palaces...
Hey Minato
*He looks at Ikebu* Hello Ikebu...
Need anything?
[A girl with tomboyish clothes enters the café, settling down at an empty seat near the counter.] "This place is much more quiet than anywhere else. Neat." [Her voice sounds slightly monotone.]


*in Leblanc
*drinks sake*
*Raal enters, sitting down at a nearby table* This place is pretty empty. Very good. I despise noise. Now I can edit my plan in peace.
*A swat van drives past Leblanc, with sirens up.* OOC: it's time to get fucced
*John enters* Hi.

*Mario walks up to Machin_Raal* Do you like Jesus
Oh great. Crazies hour. Orochi? *Raal's snake wraps itself around Raal, preventing him from being affected by any incoming bullshit*
*A swat team of four jump out of the van, weapons up. The swats from a line on Leblanc, then kicking it open.* GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND! FUCKING HANDS ON THE GROUND! PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP!

*Mario inquires the SWAT squad* do you like jesus
*A swat turns to Mario, handing over a Christian cross.* Yes, I like Jesus, and GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND!
*john takes out wepon and starts shooting swat guyz but he throws it away leaving 2 guyz left* I must kill fast and bullets too slow. *john snaps the rest of the swat's necks* I am saver of humens.
Your hands can't be up if they're on the ground
ai enters. "..." throws knife at swat. leaves.
*Another swat van arrives, this time with yet another swat team with 10 ballistic shielders jump out aswell.*
[Seeing the sudden arrival of the group of uniformed people, she landed and walked into the cafe with a smirk.] Is this a bad time to come in and order?
I must live up to my family name and face full life consequences! *he starts killing the swat teem 1 by 1 with his bear hands*

*Zero enters like nothing is happening*
*A flyer for a horse race in Shibuya flies into Leblanc*
Still nothing?
*A wasp can be heard buzzing angrily in the corner of Leblanc*
The flyer says: Hey, are you poor and you need some money? Well get off of your lazy ass and put it on a horse! Come join us in Diego Brando's first annual "Normal" Horse Race in Shibuya! The winner wins 3,000,00 yen that wasn't stolen from multiple banks. Now get your ass to Shibuya and start racing!
*The wasp buzzes over to the flyer and stings it, before buzzing around angrily*
[The girl picks the flyer out of the air and reads it.] Hmm. That amount of cash seems appealing, but seems a bit absurd for just a horse race. Whatever, I can earn just fine with my usual business.
So who are you? *looks at Magica*
*Another flyer flies into Leblanc* It says: Ur mum gey, lol.
*After a short while, the wasp flies over to Ikebu and lands on his arm, feelers twitching*
[She glances at the second flyer.] Ah, so this is the fabled wit of the 21st Century. [The small girl turns her attention to Ikebu.] If you are referring to me, I am just a new arrival. A Magical Robot from the 22nd Century. I am Magicaloid 44.

*Zero looks at magicaloid before going to sit down on a chair*
*Yet another flyer flies into Leblanc* It says: I'm actually from the 19th century, so get your facts right.

*is still there*

*Zero pets lna*

*blushes at the pets* C-can you not pet me please?
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