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PSA: Don't be racist
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As someone raised in French Quebec I am very offended by the hateful posts made recently I am proud to be French and I invented the jar Please don't hurt my feelings and respect my identity
fuck off baguette sausage
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I'm gonna post on tumblr that Pikadaboi is a massive racist xenophobe and no one should subscribe to his channel
Baguette Faguette
Why are there rear-view mirrors on French tanks? So they can watch the war too!
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You're all just jealous of our fries and gay hats
Fun fact: Before guns were invented, the French used baguettes as swords.
Well, your toast is shit.
>French Quebec Ce serait mieux si t'étais de la VRAIE FRANCE MA GUEULE
I believe I made it illegal to be racist.
You stay outta my clean Ontario.
Racists are the scum of the earth
Did you know there are fidget spinners that have the French flag on them? Yeah, there are white fidget spinners.
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