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A park: A new hangout spot!
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*a park in shibuya has appeared. That's all.*

60 trillion cops all shoot at the park at once*
*Walks in* Cool. *Sits on a bench and drinks... You guessed it. Whiskey.
There was already a park in Shibuya nerd But anyway *sidescrolls through park*
*Looks at Zelda and just waves*
Finally a new hideout
I mean Hangout
Hello adventurer, so you sell bombs?
Hey Ikebu.
Hey Pika
Im gonna build a lil house here
Suit yourself. *Presses a button on the bench, flipping the lot in front of him into a furnished mansion*
Well... Atleast this place isn't burning down. Yet.

*smiles at senri* Yep! I'm happy we can be in a non-chaotic place for once Sensen!
*Continues sitting at park bench and waves at Ina and Senri*
*A huge tower rises from out of the ground*

Umm, a tower? What do you think it is, Sensen?
*Minato enters the scene* Ah, the tower of hell... This is where I'll be staying.

Why are people living here? It's a park!
Welp, ima go now. *Walks into my mansion that appeared out of the ground*
*Mansion turns back upside down and the pavement is back to normal*
Well, people have to live somewhere, I suppose. It's hard finding a place to belong, after all. *Smiles sadly as she holds Ina's hand*
*He walks into the tower*

*blushes as senri holds her hasn* O-oh....Now it makes more sense I guess... *smiles cutely at senri*
Oh...Was I doing that? Sorry... *Lets go, still blushing*

I-Its OK Sensen!
I admit... I'm not used to affectionate nicknames... I never had many friends.

O-oh..... Well, I'm you're friend now! And I don't want to stop being friends with you! *cute smile*
That's reassuring... *Smiles* I'm glad you're my friend, Ina-chan.

Me too Sensen! *cute smile*
I've yet to recommend you any games though... *Blushes*

Didn't you reccomended that one game that you said I looked like one of the characters?
I did... Though, you might find it strange... As I said before, it's um...A visual novel.

A visual novel? Oh, if seen those before. It's kinda like those choose your own adventure games, but more simplified, right?
Yeah, like that. Some of them are more suitable for all ages than others though.

Oh. *tail wiggle*
That's not quite the reaction I expected... *Smiles, watching her tail*

I don't really get any reactions when people say that something is inappropriate. *notices that senri is watching her tails* Hm? Do you like my tail, Sensen?

*sits on the floor, derpily smiling*
*Walks in and sits down on a bench*
Thread Creator

Ooc: bump
*Again, a couple of swats arrive, but they dont yell 'PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP' like normal, they just 'patrol.'*
ooc: this just died, way too fast.

*is still there*
*Arsene is floating around*

Oh hey, a thing. Cool.
*Laharl's castle appears in the park* I live here now, for some reason.
*Still sits there, reading a book*

*is also still there
*Notices Ina* Hello.
*The swats begin drawing their guns, but still not shouting 'Put your fucking hands up'*

Henlo hisato.
Hey swat. Everything under control?
What are you doing, Ina?
*Diego rides into the park on his horse*
*Takes out a comic and reads it*
*is near the pond*
*is siting on bench*
*takes out a shotgun and shoots dark corbin* dark corbin: fuck *dies*
*Pavement flips over and the mansion is revealed* *Walks out of mansion*
*looks at the water*
*bona is walking around, but something feels off about him.....* Ooc: for those who don't get the joke, look at the zombie survivor post
dark corbin: *respawns and pushes my dead body into a portal*
*Walks out of the mansion and it flips back over, turning the pavement normal again* Hello guys!
Hey Pika

I heard a gunshot! *A cop pulls up and shoots Corbin* Die, Nohrian scum!
Hello there, idiotic rat.

It's the school shooter! *Shoots pika*
Hey Ikebu and Bona! And Bona, when did you become psychotic?

He insulted someone! *Shoots DespairBona04*

*Shoots Ikebu*
*Uses power of ignorance and all of cop's actions are completely void against him!*
oh my god... *uses dark corbin to protect myself*
*code cant be shot so.....*
A cat-eared person enters the park. They sigh at the cop, narrowing their blue eyes. "Even in this world, criminals are out and about..." They keep walking, putting a hand into their jacket. They raise an eyebrow at Bona. "Hm?"
What do you mean? I'm perfectly fine.

(( can you please leave us alone ))

*Shoots Dark corbin and shoots corbin again. Another cop appears behind corbin and also shoots him.
"Officer? You seem to be a bit... agitated..." The person reaches for something in the inside of their jacket. "What seems to be the matter?"

(( Sorry, but I don't appreciate godmodding ))

*Shoots Yuri-Nosneko*
ooc: Pot, meet kettle.
*it does not work since no i am not letting you ruin everything*
((yet your the one who is ruining rps and making us godmod))
*Diego enter the scene without his horse with him* Hello, what's going on here?

*Cop uses reasoning repelent and allows the bullet to hit corbin*
Ooc: Enters.

*Shoots Diego*

Oh, it's that person from before. Hi. *waves at the person*

*Shoots Ina*
Ooc: How about you guys I G N O R E him?
The narrator has had enough of Mona's bs. Yuri escapes to another area of the park where no blatant trolls can interrupt.
*still does not work since. i want to have fucking fun!*

*Uses ignoring repelent*
*He waves back to Ina* Hello, fox person.

*uses bullet repellant* Feels bad to have a taste of your own medicine, doesn't it?
For fucks sake Mona, it was funny the first time, but you're not gonna replicate that. Cut it out and leave 'em alone.

Actually I was talking to someone else, but sure. Hi.

I don't aim to be funny
Ooc: I think Hibiki's talking to the cop.

Ooc: I know that lol
Ooc: Yeah, you aim to be an annoying twat.

*Uses bullet repelent repelent and shoots Ina*
ooc: Exactly. You're aiming to be effing annoying.
Ooc: Oh.

Glad to know you're not trying to be funny. I think you might need to have a medical check up if you were trying and thought this was the way to go.
Ooc: So just ignore him guys.
*Sits on the bench* Hey fox/cat person! And other cat person, and blonde.

*drinks some water*

*Shoots Hibiki*

*uses bullet repellent repellent repellant*

*Shoots water*

*keeps drinking it*

OOC: L'm just here to say what the fuck is happening. First the damn cafe and then the park?! Please stop, cop. But I suppose you won't listen will you?

OOC: I'm*

It's Mona, of course he won't listen.

*Goes back in time and stops bullet repellent repellent repellent from being born*
OOC: Can you like, STOP?

*watches a bird fly around*

*Shoots the bird*
So, what's your name, smol person?
*His horse runs up to him, and Diego looks at it* Ah, Silver Bullet, you're back. *He strokes Silver Bullet's mane*
*is currently stabbing the sand*

OOC: God this weekend fucking sucks. I forgot to take my antidepressants, my friends are probably not my friends anymore, fuck. Just stop please. I swear I'm not like this usually, I'm just in a bad mood.

*does nothing*

Honestly at this point I'd consider this bordering on spam.
OOC: Wow, Mona's been doing great at fucking threads up.
OOC: Ouch... IC: *Enters, looking around*

OOC: It is, and cop is Mona? How do you know?
*He gets on Silver Bullet and Silver bullet walks to the group* Today has been boring.
OOC: I'll wait it out and actually do homework
OOC: Because I can trust best lesbian mod to find out people's alts. Maybe not though.

*corbin got up and left*

If you ask me, cop should definitely cut it out. It's overly toxic behavior for no reason.
*is still stabbing the sand* Stabbity stab stab~

*naho is sitting on a tree*

OOC: Why is Mona doing this? It has no purpose at all... Unless they want to see people angry.

There you go.
*He notices Bona stabbing the sand* Hey, let me see that for a second. *A mysterious invisible being grabs the knife from Bona*
Ooc: Once Hazama gets involved, shit gets real.
Ooc: it was actually a stick, IDK why anyone would stab the sand with a knife Ic: Hey! Give that back!

OOC: To do this out of nowhere is strange... Why are they toxic right now?
*The being is running away from Bona with the stick in his hand*

I mean mona basically said so so but yes mod powers also his style is too obvious ...tfw ive been in an RP thread not using any marker for OOC not like it matters
Oh well, it's just a stick. There's plenty of them. *grabs another stick and stabs the sand*


*wounders why bona is dong this*
*the red in his eyes shines in the.....moonlight? Sunlight? IDK, whatever it is in nexus time.*
*Jumps to the right of Bona and joins him in stabbing the sand, with a machete*
*Diego throws a lot of knives at the sand* WRYYYY!!!
The cat-eared eventually circles back, coming to a stop beside Bona. "What... are you doing? For that matter, what are you?" The tips of their two tails sway as they ask this.

*naho notices bona's red eyes* oh god...
Oh, just a normal person stabbing the sand. *smiles innocently*

*naho got off of the tree and walks to bona*
Hey there.*smiles innocently at naho*
*He throws a knife at Bona for no reason*
The person's blue eyes seem to gleam, and they put a hand inside their jacket. "A normal person? What red eyes you have, Mister Cat. Such an innocent appearance."
Yep, just completely normal.

you fell in despair... right
.....*sighs* Well, you caught me, blueberry.
OOC: Dual Knife throw. IC: Ai wanders around the park, ending up where everyone else is, unless it's one of those small ass parks and he just walks up to the said small ass park. He throws a knife at Bona, because that's what this insane asshole does on a daily basis. "Mornin', or whatever time it is. I can never tell."
*looking at the water*
Ooc: So are we just gonna ignore the knife being thrown at Bona?
"I see." The thrown knife is deflected by the cat-person's own. They narrow their eyes at Bona. "What exactly have you done, o mysterious Despair Cat? You shouldn't be vague with Yuri Nosneko."
Ooc: almost forgot that Ic: *ctaches the kindest with ease* Thanks for that.

*naho kicks bona into the water*
*is in the water and snaps out of it*
Heh, I didn't even throw it that fast.
Thread Creator

*climbs out of the water* What.... Happened? All I remember was seeing some weird red eyed zombies and now I'm here.... Ooc: for those who don't know https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=11168
Ai smiles, but he still looks insane nontheless. "You're welcome..." He trails off, taking one step closer to Bona. "Have your eyes always been a darker shade?" Interrupted by Naho being an asshole, he just shrugs and sits on grass, if there is any. Could just be sitting on cement though.

how the bloody hell did i know that would work
"So Despair Cat is no longer himself? A shame. I was hoping to learn something." Yuri twirls the knife, then puts it back in their jacket.
Thread Creator

*shrugs* Wait a second..... Red eyes...... Oh gosh I have a VERY bad feeling I know what happened.....

*naho pats bona's back* well guess your now have something in common with me now
"Oh? Do tell." Yuri crosses their arms. Their icy blue eyes stare at Bona, waiting. Waiting for the truth.
Thread Creator

I guess so..... I just hope he won't take over me that often.... *sits down*

oh please. its going to happen alot... i know it
*looks up at the stars*
*He twirls a knife in his right hand, and then lays down on Silver Bullet*
*Is still stabbing the sand*
"He had red eyes before? That'd make sense for the darker shade of grey then." Ai takes a look at Nosneko, taking notice of his icy blue eyes. But due to Ai's Monochromacy, he sees it as gray. "You have odd colored eyes as well, but I'm just assuming from what I can see."
"Happen a lot? So Despair Cat is another personality..." Yuri puts a hand to their chin and stares at a patch of grass. "I'll keep an eye on them, that's for sure..."
"...I suppose I do. Blue eyes are not incredibly common in humans, nor in fully-grown felines." Yuri smiles a little at that.

*faints due to i need sleep*
*I walk to the park looking beaten up and sit against a tree*
*Pulls out a deagle and violently shoots the sand while laughing manically* AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH
Thread Creator

*bonas eyes turn red for a few seconds* You better believe it, blueberry~! *his eyes go back to normal* Like that?
*Eyes sparkle*
THE WORLD. *Suddenly, ten knives start flying towards Pika*
*Walks into the park, surprised it just... appeared.* "People are already shooting at each other!? Woo!"
"...Exactly." Yuri stares at Bona for a few seconds, as if considering something, then looks away. No sense in acting without cause.
"Ah, so my assumption was correct. I was only curious, in a world where you can only see bland and dark colors isn't very nice. And even better, I can learn about some of the species that live in the Nexus." He smiles back, then tosses a knife at Bona. "Stop with your unfunny magic tricks, doll."
*The knives hit him but he still is laughing* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Thread Creator

It's not a mag8c trick, but I was tricked.
Huh, I though that he'd get his stand out and start punching the knives.
*Pulls out an Ak and shoots the sand* AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA
Ai stares at Pika shooting the sand. "Should I just kill it now? If I recall correctly, it's fairly invincible because of Pikachu shit I don't understand. Eh, I still have plenty of knives to waste." Not caring if Pika dies or not, probably won't, he throws 7 knives at Pika, all in a row aimed at his fatass head.
*The knives hit his head, but he manages to continue laughing and shooting*
*I still sit under a tree*
*Throws a knife in the air*
*He looks at Ai* I have infinite knives.
"I'll take this as my cue to leave." Yuri walks away, their two tails swaying in the gentle breeze.
"Someone place an apple on their head. I want to see if I can kill you." Ai throws a few knives at the tree Ruby sits under, just a little above her head.
AHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHA~ *Faints due to blood loss*
THE WORLD. *30 knives are suddenly flying towards Ai*
"Oh." Ai dodges a fair amount of the knives, a few hitting his shoulder and ankle. He's faster than he looks, probably has some reason that the narrator doesn't feel like adding. "Za Warudo, nice."
*Goes into hiding in the park*
How do you know about my stand?
So beautiful tonight...
*Strains a word* Help... Ahahaha...
"I just happen to know about stands from knowledge I learned from others before. Caesar for example, and that Josuke fellow." He shrugs, finding knowledge about Stands pretty normal by Nexus standards. "Your stand in particular stops time, right? I'm just guessing based on what happened."
*He looks surprised* You mean, there are other stand users here?
*puts on cat ears*
"Yes, some have been here for a few months. Some just appeared in the Nexus a few weeks ago, I think." He pulls all the knives out of his body. "Caesar has probably been here longer than me, you can ask him about the Nexus. I think I've seen Josuke around more places, but all he does is comb his damn hair."
*I'm working on something*
*looks at Ruby*
*I'm putting a tent up being secretive about it*
*Dies, then the body fades away* *Falls out of the tree Ruby's under onto the tent* Ugh... Did I die?
*i look back at the pond*
And I thought I was the only stand user here. *Yawns* I'm getting tired, I'll see you tomorrow. *He falls off Silver Bullet, and falls asleep*
"It's getting boring here. Might as well come back soon, or just stay in the insanity dollhouse." Ai walks away from the park, hands in pockets and the sound of his footsteps slowly fading into nothing.
Thread Creator

*just stares at the sky* ...
*Lays down on the grass*
*Jumps onto Ikebu's stomach and bounces on it*
Hey Pika
Hey Ikebu! So why are we hanging out here again? I'm trying to rebuild Junes.
I dont know about you, im just laying down here
*Lord Sterling approaches wearing a casual bomber jacket, blue jeans, and a nice pair of brown leather boots. His hair gently flows in the park's breeze. The 195 cm nobleman looks at the park in amazement* Ah...it feels good to step out of the castle for once. This place seems nice, and a nice breather after that masquerade would do me nice.
Hey literal edge lord! Finally outside your castle I see!
Yes. After the whole masquerade deal, I've decided the best way to make friends is not only formal gatherings, but as well as interaction outside of the castle. How do you do, little yellow friend?
I'm doing pretty fine. I kinda live in the park, technically.
*A large tower ascends from the ground and Minato exits it* Hello...
Is that so? I must admit, this park is actually amazing. None of the parks in Libertalia hold a candle to this!
Hey Minato
*He looks at Pika* Hey Pika, your weed farm is in the tower...
Thread Creator

Hey Minato....
*Presses button on bench and the pavement flips over, revealing a mansion*
Actually, all of my secret rooms from the cave are in the tower...
Mmk good. At least I didn't lose my vault.
*Minato turns to Bona and Ikebu* Hi...
OOC: I just realized I've been talking the whole time on Ikebu's stomach as he's still laying on the grass
Fascinating. I must admit little yellow friend, this is quite the wonderful abode you have.
Yes it is. It's a lot bigger on the inside despite it already being big on the outside.
*He turns to Royden* Who are you?
*Winter walks around the park humming*
*Covers Ikebu with a blanket*
*To Yuki* Ah, I apologize for not introducing myself. The name is Sterling. Royden Matthew Sterling. Originally from the Kingdom of Libertalia and last living member of House Sterling. I was also an ace pilot in the Libertalian Royal Air Force. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. *Lord Sterling reaches out his hand for a handshake*
*winter closes in on ikebu and chuckles*
*Builds a bunker around Ikebu*
*He shakes his hand* It's nice to meet you...
*Covers Ikebu in a 5 inch thick titanium barrier*
*wakes up*
*Notices the fortification around Ikebu* I say, what are you up to, little yellow friend?
*After a brief puzzled look, Lord Sterling then realizes the current situation at hand* Oh! Oh my!
*He looks at Pika* What the hell are you doing now..?
I'M PROTECTING IKEBU! *Activates the turrets*
Too far with the tanks.. and the titanium barrier
*turrets not tanks
Yeah... *Deconstructs titanium barrier*
I think she may have vacated the premises...
Thread Creator

*is still sitting there*
And Pika, you dont really need to do all of that
I agree, I'm sure whatever she has ready for him, it can easily be dealt with. *turns to Ikebu* Now good sir, might you explain why she is after your head?
She's not after my head, it's something else
*Lord Sterling ponders for a bit* Something...else...?
Yep *points at heart*
Ah I see, she is infatuated with you! And with the little yellow friend's defences, I take it turning her down is not an option, is it?
I see. Quite the pickle you are in my good sir. Lucky for you, she does not seem to be around, at least, not this moment. Though in this case, I do have an evacuation plan ready for you.
*A swat van arrives, sirens up driving over a tree in the park, the swats jump out, weapons up.*
Which is?
Have you ever fancied how to learn to fly an aeroplane? I just so happen to have some from back home at my castle
Just don't mind the SWAT, they're probably just patrolling...
*notices the SWAT team* Interesting weapons. They seem on par with the weapons the Libertalian Royal Guard seem to carry. *To Ikebu* Well then, I think it would be quite difficult for her to be able to chase you in the air. What say you? Fancy a "lesson" from an ace pilot?
Cool, I'll do it
Very well. We've got our escape plan in set. Though it may be ungentleman like of me to do this to a lady, It seems that from the defences, she is rather...dangerous
Wait a minute this was an escape plan? I thought it was free flying lessons
A mixture of both, good sir. A mixture of both.
*gets up* Im in
*Jumps into a cardboard box and activates jet mode* I can already fly.
Thread Creator

*is still there, eventually falling asleep on a bench before teleporting himself home*
*He summons his compendium, and then uses it to summon Thanatos* Me too... *He gets on Thanatos and flies with him*
Sorry for the delay! onto Castle Sterling! https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=11175
*They both fly to Castle Sterling*
*Stretches* well that was fun
*Sits somberly on a bench and looks at the cityscape*
*walks over to Senri* oh hello
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