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bug rp: The bugtastic sequel
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*fly flies into room* oh heck
*Pika comes in with a nuke to kill all the bugs*
*Flies in as well*
*collects healthy foods for friends and family to eat with me* hello i am ant
ZA BUGSTER!? *Kills bugster*
*Sets 50 megaton nuke to 1 minute to detonate*
Thread Creator

bug: radiates and HECKIN RETURNS
hoo boi,my ant family sure is screwed!
*The nukes don't happen because of bug magic*
Thread Creator

we need to protect pancake and her family
*Blows up nuke anyways*
*Bug magic throws Pika into another universe where he is eaten by bugs*
nukes sure do hurt ants!
*does anyways*
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*Slaps phansite into the sun*
*The phansite stays but Pika is instead slapped into the sun*
*Slaps the universe into the Yuniverse*
*Pika is instead slapped into the Yuniverse*
*Pulls everything together*

oh heck, is bug
Csóri bogár.
*ants around* wowie i survived
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all ants deseerve to live
*A head appears beside Beuty Thief* Are you sure about that?
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pancake and her family deserve to live
*cockroach emerges from nearby ruins* What did I miss?
*Ant walks up from out of no where* Hi fellows
[fly hovers over the amazing rp] All bugs live. [fly starts to pray]
Bugs never die! *All the bugs get revived*
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