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Junes! Every day is Great at Your Junes!
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*Seeing the lack of shopping centers and supermarkets in the Nexus, a certain prince has decided to open up a Junes! Come for the low prices! Stick around forever! Throughout the building are floors and floors of anything you can think of! The roof also seems to contain hundreds of stalls serving any kind of food! As S.Yosuke stands idly, waiting for people
*Enters with an excited face* Oh my god! I hope they got some new ramen in here!
*Shaq runs over Yusuke with his car, then points at him* Hello, food?
(Yosuke* damn autocorrect)
*Bursts into Junes* I'll have the shroom shake
*Blows up roof and jumps in and slaps the fatass*
OOC: Pika, you would've loved to be part of what just went down
(Which one, Pika?)
Thread Creator

Yep! Just head to the stalls! Its all free on opening day! Help yourself!
OOC: Yes I would... What happened to the cave?
OOC: Basically, it was a collection of sexual offense and mass murder. Everyone involved in it but BIG FIST and the Kamen Riders died.
OOC: And why did the thread dissapear?
Ooc: I wanted it to get deleted.
OOC: Welp, we're gonna need a new mainstream Cave or LeBlanc... It's bound to happen
OOC: Junes is the new incarnation
Ooc: I'm gonna let the Cave hold off for a while
OOC: Migrate to Junes?
Ooc: I guess.

OOC: I'm totally on board with migrating to Junes, and I hope the phansite agrees! *Mona drives in and transforms into his metaverse form (Because Nexus) and then approaches Yosuke.* Nice place you got here. You lookin' for a new mascot?
Well i needed this clean slate
OOC: Migrating to Junes? Sure, sounds good! IC: *Rom enters the area, looking around with his hands in his hoodie's pockets* Was this place here before?
Hey Ikebu... I went over to the Caffeine Cave the other day and all I saw was a big empty void.
Thread Creator

Mascot? Nah man! I'm the mascot! The fresh prince of Junes!
*Sees the ramen stall* Hey, what kind of ramen do you have?
Yup... Anyways, I think we'll be hanging out here for a while... Shit I lost my entire vault worth of gold and money...
Yeah, a bunch of chaotic stuff happened over there, involving lots of repellent, that I just had to leave before something happened... *Turns to Pika* Don't you have some sort of backup location?
Nope, we'll just hang out here I guess, if it's fine by Yosuke...
I just hope some stuff gets sweeped under the rug

Really? But I even have my own costume and everything... *Mona puts on a costume resembling a Junes brand shopping cart* see.
I meant for the vault, but that sounds fine...
Thread Creator

Anything you can think of! You just gotta meld it to your tastes! *S.Yosuke then begins to throw tons of instant ramen at Ruka, Junes©®™ brand obviously! Beef! Chicken! Udon! Seafood! If you can think of it! It's there!
Thread Creator

Your hired than weird cat thing! The new Junes Mascot is now this creepy cat! Remember the slogan! Because everyday is customer appreciation day! ~Everyday is Great at Your Junes!~

~Everyday is Great at Your Junes~ ...How was that?
*Gets overrun by all those instand noodles* Oh my god, this is paradise! I will buy everything times five!
*Minato enters Junes* *Sigh* Well there goes my cafe...
Thread Creator

That's great Cat thing! Your free to do whatever! Just promote Junes! Also your free to stay here! I've got some things to do so help yourself! Ill be hiring some employees later! At any rate! Toodles! *S.Yosuke then globs into a dark orb and disappears,
*Calls over Minato!* Hey! Comover here! Have some ramen!

Yay! *Mona runs around the store*
*Sees a cat thingy* Oh my god, so cute! *She runs over to Mona, picking him up and giving him a lot of cuddles*
*He walks to Ruka* Hello...
*Gives Minato a bowl* How are you doing? I heard about your cave.

Hey! *Mona cuts Raka_Maaka with his curved sword and back flips out of the way of the attack.* What's wrong with you? You can't pick another person up like that!
*sighs and sits down*
Ow! That really hurt! *Pulls on Mona's cheeks* This is for hurting me!

It's your fault for trying to pick up another human being!
But... you're a... Cat... looking thing? You got cursed or something?

D-don't question it! Just know that i'm human...
*Walks over to Yosuke* Mind if I can live here?
*She reaches her hand to Morgana* I'm sorry about picking you up. Ruka is my name. How about you?
Ooc: Back Ic: *He takes the bowl* Yeah, I decided to delete it from existence for a while...
*Turns her head to Minato* Okay. But why? What's the reason?

*Mona scoffs at Ruka* You can call me Mona.
Nice to meet you. Let's be friends, have some tuna ramen I just bought!

Kinda upfront. Ok, i'll share it with you. *Mona hops up to a nearby table to eat at.*
Ooc: Back again. Ic: It was getting too old...
*Sits to Mona* So, what do you do outside of your job?
*Speaks to Minato* Well, people actually enjoyed the cave. A lot of them have gathered yhere, made friendships and broke them, but it was still fun.

Drink milk, lick my privates, take naps...
Lick your... privates? Are you sure you are human?
OOC: I'm wondering what continuity will return hey Minato, kNow how to deal with a yandere?
*He turns to Mona* Wait, what?
*He turns to Ikebu* I have no idea, Kitsune...
Ooc: DID SOMEONE SAY MIGREATING TO SOMEWHERE!? IC: *walks into junes* Huh. Cool.
Ikebu, I have seen you at the cave when I left.

Huh? *Mona looks at the crowd.* It's like everyone who survived from that explosion I witnessed earlier just went here. Weird.
I needed some hints on how to deal with one
An explosion? What the heck happened?
What the- an explosion?
Yep an explosion
And no one effing told me!?
Ikebu, you want afvices, huh?
Ai walks in, just bored out of his mind. Since Junes is the only place that he can throw knives and S. Yosuke is probably fine with it, he throws a knife at Ruka. "This place is better than the Caffeine Cave. It actually has more than nonexistent coffee."
Anyways bona, you had a yandere right?
And yes Ruka, I'd appreciate that
No, I've never had a yandere.
Damn it...
I could have just snapped my fingers and then the cafe would turn back to normal, but I didn't really care about it surviving anymore...
Well, in general, yanderes are really clingy. But I bet you know best rn. If you want to get some space and free time, throw something shiny. Yanderes love shiny stuff OOC: I am reffering to Mirai Nikki abridged. Watch it, it never ended, but it was funny AF IC: If you wanna break up, you're gonna have time. A Yandere wants you, no matter what. A part of your body is enough. So be prepared to go into offense, if you go into defense, they will think you still have feelings for them and they will fight much harder back. You won't reach a Yandere with your words, you gotta fight. You might even have to kill her for her to understand...
*Wakes up* Ugh... What?
Ok i'll keep the stay on the offensive part
Ooc: oh. That's a thing. Huh.
Hey Ikebu, what's happenings?
Pika, you should already know
I was sleeping...
to the cafe? It blew up
Oh... I was referring to what you guys are doing right now. I know about the cave.

*walks in* *sighs* I hate explosions....
Hey fox girl!
I needed help dealing with yandere girls
So what you're gonna want to do is wear Kevlar and a titanium plate on your back at all times.
Im still not sure if she IS a yandere but i'll keep that in mind
Make sure the titanium plate is at least 1 inch thick.
Ok *writes everything down*
So who exactly are you dating again?
Its not who im dating, its more of who wants me and will stop at nothing for me even kill the one im dating.. connected the dots already?
I hope I wilö find a partner here. I am getting lonely...
So Ikebu, defiantly a yandere, I suggest you hire a bodyguard.
*he walks about the store carrying some items he bought* Move out of the way guys I got some armor and stuff for the Tower.
Too much money

*Enters Junes* This is the new hangout place?
*His phone rings, then he answers it* Hello? Hey sis... Yeah just move it near this place called Junes... Okay, bye. *He hangs up his phone*
So whats going on?

*Sits down, waiting for something to happen*
*Enters Junes* This place is alright, but does it have any coffee? I need it for "something"
So, there's going to be no more cafes for a while...
*enters, looking around*
Oh hey Ruby



Hi Ruby.
*Winks at RubyOfRoses* Hey, babe, wanna go for another round? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
*waves* Hey, Ikebu. Hey, Minato. Hi, Hisato.
I think i got all the ideas i need, thanks
*He looks at Ruby* Hello...
*sits next to Hisato and hums*

*Looks around*
*Gets close to RubyOfRoses and stares at her*

What is it, Ikebu?
*Wakes back up again* What? Oh hey Hisato, Ruby, Ikebu, and Minato.

Hey Pika.
Hi, Pika! *messes with her cloak*
It the usual right now

*Minato looks at Pika* Hey Pika...
*pats Ikebu* You'll survive...
So, who's that creepy middle-aged stalker?

Yeah, you'll manage
*he hits the stalker on his sparrow hover bike while towing a cart of supplies* MOVE OUT OF THE WAY YOU FUCK!
*hugs Hisato*

*Pats Ruby* Winter is not that tough.
Im still scared though

You can't be scared. You need confidence
Umm... For an Atlesian lieutenant, she's kinda weak... So no worries there, then, I guess... Just stay positive, Ikebu!
Uhh... Ikebu... You're targeted by Winter?
Ok *smiles*

Good,no need to be scared.
*he enters into the store* Finally some peace and quiet.
Pika i already told you About this
Hey, I can move her sights onto me if you really want... Or I can try to, anyways. Just need the timing to be right, then bam! Whiterose.
*Sigh* And is Winter the Yandere?
So Winter's in it for you? I thought she just wanted you dead.

*Mumbles* Winter the bitch.
*he walks by holding some bags of food* Winter is nice... though being a stick in the mud sometimes.
*sighs, resting her head on Hisato's shoulder*

*Pats Ruby*
Well *drinks sake*
*smiles and kisses Hisato's cheek*

Everyday is great at your Junes. Damn this is so catchy.
*Drinks whiskey*
Yeah it is
I can tell the future guys...

Ai is going to come in and try to throw knives at me...

Tell the future?
So Ruby. Any luck on ditching your quote on quote fan?
Just wait, he will be here...
*A swat squad arrives in of course, a swat van, sirens on. The swats jump out then, well.* GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND! *The swat team slowly approaches the group.* PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP!
*yawns* I am tired, does this place have any beds to sleep on?
Somewhat, Sunbreaker...
*Touches RubyOfRoses*
"Yep, Minato speaks the true future." Ai's been here since he attempted to throw a knife at Ruka, which ultimately got ignored. "Amazing, that he was able to find out, right?" Ai throws 7 knives at Minato, each one aiming at different limbs. "Thankfully he knows that it's going to happen, so he might as well dodge it." He shrugs. "Maybe not though, Minato probably is suicidal teenage boy who should be dead anyways."
THE FUCK ON THE GROUND EVERYONE! PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP! *The swat team begins resorting to physical force with tasers, then aiming them at the group.* FUCKING DOWN ON THE GROUND!
..... *scoots away from her stalker*
Oh come on... can I just get a break?! *he puts his hands in the air*
*is still there*
*A swat officer walks up to the Sunbreaker Titan.* WHERE IS THE FUCKING BOMB!? WHERE THE SHIT IS THE BOMB!
*Minato blocks one of the knives with his hands making it stab through it* *Sigh* Not again... *He kicks the other six knives at the SWAT members*
What bomb? I don't even recall one.
*uses a silence spell with the keyblade at the swat squad* So annoying...
*A swat officer goes down.* SHIT! IT'S THE KID! OPEN FIRE! *The swats fire tasers at Minato, then charge in with batons.*
*Senri is shopping in the electronics section for... Something. At present, she heard nothing about a bomb* New releases... New releases...
Alright, I confess. *He points to Sunbreaker-Titan.* He met me in the men's bathroom and agreed to let me plant the bomb on his left leg. You'll probably have to take off all his clothes to find it.
*Enters and peeks at the situation, nearly hidden from sight*
*He switches to Yoshitsune to repel the tasers, and then summons him* Do it... *Yoshitsune uses Hassou Tobi on the SWAT members*
Ai blinks a few times at the swat team that entered Junes. Not even knowing that there was a swat team in the Nexus, he just shrugs it off, putting his hands behind his head and leaning against one of the walls of Junes. "I'm innocent, by the way. I have nothing to do with these dolls, I just watch them."
*A swat officer turns to Ronald.* WHAT THE SHIT!? *The swat officer attempts to tackle and handcuff Ronald.*
HEY! Don't even accuse me on that bull shit!
And Ruby, How's Yang?
You can't arrest me, i'm a corporate overlord. I can lie, cheat and bribe my way out of any crime
So, you threw a knife at me...
I've had enough weird stuff for the day, so... *Rom goes to the electronic section and looks around*
*Another swat van arrives, A wall of ballistic shields of 90 form up and make a half circle around Junes.*
*Exits the electronics apartment with her new acquisitions to be greeted by an... Interesting scene* ...Eh?
*A swat officer begins to drag the downed officer to the van, The shields move up.*
*Somehow shoots his revolver at all of the 90 swat members*

*A cop pulls up into Junes* This is so sad. First, I lose 5 billion of my squad. Now... this... a bomb, of all things.
{Pooh gets up on a table and yells to the SWAT team.} Oh bother! You fuckers will never take me alive! The bomb is actually inside of me! You'll have to kill me to get to it you bastards! {He dives off the table and props it on its side like a barricade.}
Good grief. *Throws an explosive spell on the van, causing an explosion that wipes the second team*
I dunno how Yang's been, Ikebu. I don't live with her anymore, for one...

*Leaves Junes*

*Leaves Junes*

*Leaves Junes*

*Leaves Junes*
OOC: {Slow Clapping}

OOC: Yup.

*Goes back to Junes*
OOC: *Gets the camera*
OOC: Oh bother. Ban for span.
*The ballistic shields resist the fire. A swat member turns to the cop. Glad to have you! LETS END THIS! *A helicopter comes and attempts to snipe off Winnie.*
OOC: spam...oh bother.

OOC: Thank you everyone.
HOLY SHIT! *The swats turn towards the van, then retreat to cover, behind the first van.*
*Shoots cop, Hisato even though he left, Minato_Yuki, and Ruka*
*Minato jumps over the ballistic shields and starts shooting the SWAT with his dual elemental M1911s*
*He gets shot in the leg, but it doesn't seem to bother him* Fucking trap!!!
{The shot pierces Pooh's ear and a large hole is left, stuffing spilling out.} You fuckers! That hurt! {Pooh takes out a small mirror and attempts to find the sniper's position. After finding the sniper he'd pull out his own rifle and quickly pop up and return a shot. Quickly diving into cover after he pulls the trigger.}
OoC: Can't enjoy a promising RP without some random troll appearing and ruining everything anymore.
*she leaves in a burst of rose petals*
*Shoots the sniper*
Ooc: That's not a troll, it's Iwai, I think.

*Belép Junesbe* Emberek, mi folyik itt?
Ooc: Not a troll, I just like raiding rps :) *The sniper takes a hit to the knee, but continues to fire.* The swats retreat, though that is definitely not the last of them.

*is still there*
*elegantly dodges the bullet and leaves*
*He stylishly lands on the ground*

Ne szidj le kérlek szépen.
Ai stares at this Mass Destruction. Not even caring, he just leaves Junes, going the other way that the Swat Squad didn't surround. "Yep, it's one of these days again. Just gonna give up, because these dolls can deal with it and their personas."
Ooc: M A S S D E S T R U C T I O N

Ooc: babybabybabybaby.mp3

*The cop manages to sneak behind Minato_Yuki. He takes a tazer and tazes him*
*The swats begin opening fire of course, behind cover. The sniper goes down and the helicopter flees to get another sharpshooter.*
*he puts up a rallying barricade* I didn't do shit!
Oh no...
{Another bullet grazes Pooh's head.} You fuck! I'll kill you! {Pooh rattles off another shot, noticeably angered.}

*is just surrounded by all this chaos* This is fine.
*Repels the electricity because Yoshitsune* Really..?
*Begins randomly shooting at the Swat squad*

Baszki ezek megőrültek!

*The cop sprays Yoshitsune repellent on Minato_Yuki and then casts elec break. He then tazes him again*
*The helicopter is seen driving towards Junes, the rest of the swats continue to open fire, one with a shotgun begins to push up.*
*He dodges the taser and kicks the cop in the face* Mona, I know that's you...
*Starts shooting at the helicopter*
*Also the repellent doesn't work, bitch*

*The cop dodges the kick and then tazes Minato again.* Mona? My name is Albert Johnson. You must be confusing me with another cop.
*The helicopter takes hits, but the pilot is not down, the sniper on the helicopter focuses on Winnie, attempting to pin him down, the rest of the SWATs open fire.*

*Except the repellent does work*
*Ruka rushes back in, looking for innocent-looking people. She runs over an officer and sees Ina* Come with me *Ruka grabs Ina's hand and rushes out of the building*
{Pooh rolls out of cover in a bullet proof vest and assault rifles held akimbo.} DIE MOTHERFUCKERS DIE MOTHERFUCKERS DIE!! {Pooh lets out a laugh akin to that of a woozle and lights everybody up in a hail of bullets.} HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! DIE DIE DIE!!!
*Pulls out a revolver with a scope on it out of nowhere and shoots at the helicopter pilot*
*He gets tased, but is somehow fighting through it* You made one of the worst mistakes in your life, buddy... *He grabs him by the throat*
*Except it doesn't*
*A millitary humvee arrives with a m60 mounted on top, the m60 gunner turns to Winnie, opening fire. The rest of the millitary begin escorting civillians, the SWATs appear to be pinned.*

*Minato's hand just goes through the cop.* Look who's talking... *The cop moves faster than the speed of light and punches Minato in the face one trillion times*
First the cave now Junes... God why
*shoots honey out of the revolver stopping the M60's bullets in air*
*Done fighting you, because bullshit alert*
{Pooh begins to get riddled with bullets, most missing his head but his arms and legs are a mess. Stuffing flying everywhere as the bullets pass through the silly old bear. Pooh is thusly brought to his knees as he pulls out a cellphone.} You....haaa.....fuckers....will never enjoy Junes again. I'm not the only bomb here! {Pooh begins to dial a number on the phone.}
*he pulls out his Sweet Buisness and starts shooting at the corrupt swat* Where the hell is Sae Nijima to unfuck this?!
*A swat operative quickly shoots the phone and Winnie's arm, the rest of the swats just wait and the helicopter continues to shoot Winnie. The m60 well stops firing and drives through the main doors of Junes.*
Thread Creator

*S.Yosuke sits in a little office off to the side, twirling a knife in his hands while sipping on a martini, watching the chaos Ah...this is the life...

*The cops yells at Sunbreaker-Titan* The bear has already fucking confessed to being a bomb and you still play the authorities out to be villains!? Fucking retard!

*is still there, enjoying the chaos*
OOC: Will be off for now.
That doesn't help if you SHOT AT US!!
*Minato breaks through the office wall, by Yoshitsune slicing it* ...
{The dial button is pressed as the phone is shot and Pooh resigns to his imminent demise.} Too late you fools. {He coughs up some stuffing and becomes still. No breathing. No nothing. Pooh is fucking dead.} {Suddenly, coming from the different sections of Junes are massive explosions. Massive holes are appearing throughout the building as it begins to go up in flames. Pooh wears a smile as he too suddenly explodes and takes out everyone in the area.}
*Minato switches to Hell Biker at the last second*
*grabs a repair kit*
*Wakes up, sets up a cardboard box, sits on it, and drinks whiskey*
*he checks up from his barricade* Is it over?

*Cop casts fire break on Minato Yuki*
*Ignores the troll*
Hey Ikebu, why is the FBI here?
*He walks out of Junes, harmed a bit*
Thread Creator

*S.Yosuke then gets rumbled around in his seat, spilling his drink all over himself as he kicks open the door to the ruined Junes, screaming at the top of his lungs WHAT HAPPENED TO MY GLORIOUS ESTABLISHMENT???
*He hears Yosuke's voice* Just snap you fingers, and it will turn back to normal...
*Standing with a Junes bag in her hand amidst the fire* This is fine.

*notices senri and walks up to her* Hi Senri! *smiles cutely*
Yes. This is fine. *Pulls out a cardboard repair kit*
Some crazy swat team shot up the place. *he starts repairing the establishment*
*Pulls out a cardboard wrench and turns a single screw, fixing an entire wall*
*The swats begin retreating into their vans, as well as the military and the swat vans, they are gone, but not for long.*
Thread Creator

Wh-what?!? That's not how it works!!!! I need to pay for repairs you know! It takes allot of Yosuke clones and materials to make a Junes! Grrrhhh! *S.Yosuke then summons a horde of shadows to build up a Junes, this time however it seems to only be 1 floor and everything is condensed into one small room, as S.Yosuke storms back into his office AND DON'T BLOW IT UP THIS TIME OR ILL STAB YOU!
*Pulls out a cardboard hammer and smacks a wall, which turns into a fully furnished room*

*The cop pulls out a bomb and then blows up Junes*
*Eats bomb*
*He looks at Pika* ...
Thread Creator

WELL FUCK! *S.Yosuke then summons Ninja Disco Frog and creates a garudyne tornado beneath him, floating away into the sunset as he drops the deed to this plot of Junes, someone else can fix this
*Grabs the deed*
*Death is banned, so Senri walks out carrying Ina* Well, we can shop elsewhere.
Welp, time to rebuild Junes as my own shop...

*is surprised but is blushing as senri picks her up and carries her* U-um OK!

*Appears out of nowhere and tackles Pika, stealing the deed from his hand* Hahhah, fukur.
*Shoots Hazmad and takes deed back*
*The swats come back, in vans of course, driving near Junes sirens on and well..* PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP! *The helicopter comes back.* GET DOWN, SHITHEAD!
*he desperately continues to rebuild the store* STOP ATTACKING THIS PLACE!!!
Well... Do we go elsewhere or stay and wait for rebuilding, hoping we don't get arrested, Ina-chan?
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