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Bad fanfics?
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What are some bad fics you've come across? Obviously, this account is based off a character from Starkit's Prophecy, an infamous Warriors trollfic. Terrible spelling, canon out the window, "Tiggerstar"... it's a wild ride.
The Phansite is the worst fanfiction I've ever seen.
Any undertale fanfic on deviant art
Hey! My Sans x Toriel x Papyrus fic is the top rated story on DeviantArt! My OC Water-chan, donut steel.
most stories on wattpad
My Immortal, I still haven't read through it all.
My Immortalz is teh bestu thang ever ya plebs.
That fanfic is god awful, if I find something worse I'd be pretty amazed. And if I ever find out who made that account they're utterly doomed or something! As for utter shit I know of... Not much beyond what's been stated, I don't read much fanfic and if something seems crap I tend to stop right away, wouldn't want to catch the cancer.
Probably all the (Character) x Readers I've seen. Ninety percent have bad spelling and/or grammar. Hoo boy, and many many are cliche, some have terrible plots. For example- meeting ONCE, both falling in love then they start dating after a week of chatting.
My Immortals, hands down is the worst.
My Immortal is amazing, it's legacy is continued from the Phanfic variation on the wikia!
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