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Just reminding everyone that this server on discord exists. It's fairly active and always welcome to new people. Haven't advertised it on the site in a while so here's the link. https://discord.gg/44jJNPm
Join now and get a lifetime supply of the Official Phansiteâ„¢ Cereal, Mishima-Os! Supplies are limited, so act fast! And don't forget about our latest offer, a Phansiteâ„¢ Coffee Mug! Only 999.95Â¥! Now featuring an imprint of Mishima's ACTUAL face!
Mishima-Os! They're deeeeeeeeeecent!
Tim hoo nook heh thsi gored.
Hi, Anna Mays here! Here with our newest product, Mishima-Branded Phansiteâ„¢ Anticancer! Don't like the cancer of the forum? Buy now to bring a Megidolaon to them, in style! Act fast, and you'll get a Phansiteâ„¢ Mishima mousepad FREE!
I'd buy that for a dollar!
Thanks for giving me more reason to stay away
Yeah can I have like an industrial size of that Anticancer?
Don't oh no the discord. I use that sometimes.
Stop tho.
I can relate to that dog on a spiritual level
Thread Creator

I don't quite understand, do people dislike the server or something? I've been away from internet but if theirs an issue that you want to discuss then I'd prefer bringing the point to me rather than leaving passive agressive comments.
B-♡-U-♡-M-♡-P! Bump!
I don't think anyone has an issue with you, Yu. I think if people have issues, it's with other mods/users.
Thread Creator

Bumping because I think this is preferable to just reposting a new thread.
Perhaps I shall consider joining later tonight when I return home. It would be pleasant to get feedback if possible from others, and it feels rather difficult to get opinions from others on site.
I joined too partially for that reason, also because I wanted to get to know people on this site better. I've only been here a short time but I've grown attached to this place already.
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